gingis there any documentation on post_scripts for maas?02:32
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Lord_SetI haven't found any. There doesn't currently seem to be much public documentation on a lot of the scripting and aspects of MAAS.04:51
gingi just need to be able to run a single command as sudo / root after all the packages have installed, adding the line to post_scripts in the generic preseed file seems to get it trying to run it, but it fails with error code 127 which is command not found, which is odd because the package should be installed at that point05:14
gingsome of the commands in the normal post_script say in-target before the command05:18
Lord_Setwhich command are you trying to run?05:19
gingtrying to get it to enable puppet05:20
gingpuppet agent --enable05:20
gingah adding in-target was what i needed05:42
gingit now runs05:42
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Lord_Setmorning everyone13:16
sv2241_hi following https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/install.html on a Ubuntu 12.04 vmguest21:25
sv2241_root@ubunt1204LTS:~# maas my-maas-session node-groups import-boot-images21:25
sv2241_Unknown command: 'my-maas-session'21:25
sv2241_Type 'django-admin help' for usage.21:25
bigjoolssv2241_: the docs are for trunk; we are aware of the mess22:35
bigjoolsuse "maas-cli"22:36
bigjoolswhere it says "maas"22:36
bigjoolshello Lord_Set.  We are all in Australia this week doing a code spike, so we are unlikely to be particularly responsive to questions22:36

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