C|aymoreHi, installed 14.04 beta1 and there is no sound. Is this a known issue?01:59
fred``which soundcard ? :D01:59
ROPAim running 4 installs of 14.04 Xubuntu on 2 different systems, and Im LOVING it!!! Even the wireless hotkey works (on dell laptop) and someone fixed the dell driver problem so the wireless now works without any mods. THANKS!!!!02:06
C|aymorecheers fred. Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)02:08
lotuspsychjeim having issues to login after messing with lightdm.conf disabling guest login and hide usernames, any clues?04:42
karrabluetooth ftp problem is solved in 14.04 ?05:55
ggreerso I have a weird problem. I upgraded to 14.04 and ssh-agent starts up07:13
ggreerand it starts up after gnome-keychain, so it breaks my normal ssh passphrase unlocking07:13
ggreerI'm not sure what starts it. I'll look into it more later, but I was curious if it was a known issue or what07:14
ggreerthe parent process is upstart, so that doesn't tell me much :/07:14
ggreeralso, it seems to be non-deterministic. it affects me about half the time if I reboot07:15
ggreeranyhoo, grabbing coffee07:16
exaltHello i experience lockups, a switch from tty 7 to tty 1-6 and back to tty 7 fixes08:26
exaltso its not much trouble, but can be frustrating08:26
antagomirmy locales are not working properly now after fresh ubuntu 14.10 installation10:22
antagomirtried all sorts of fixes already10:22
xsachaantagomir: 14.10 already?10:34
bekksxsacha: Development for 14.10 hasnt even started yet.10:42
antagomirxsacha sorry 14.0410:42
antagomirhow to edit what i have in /usr/bin/locale10:43
antagomirit seems that some of my settings are without quotes: LANGUAGE=fi_FI.UTF-8 while it seems quotes should be threre. This is probably since these variables were originally missing, and I have tried all sorts of tricks to add them there10:44
nikolamckserv identify komitebeuzetamara10:52
glitsj16antagomir: have you followed instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale to set things up?10:57
antagomirYes. Now I managed to fix it after adding export LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8; export LANG=en_US.UTF-8; export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 in my .bashrc file, then running locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 && sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales.11:00
antagomirThe problem was that previously I tried to use fi_FI in the exports11:00
antagomirthat did not work11:01
xyzaffa1rI have installed Ubuntu 14.04 trusty what ever earlier today, but I noticed I have the saucy salamander art work, is the trusty what ever not out yet?11:03
glitsj16xyzaffa1r: i think the 14.04 artwork will be added soon, things like the wallpaper contest etc. are still moving along so it's normal for you to still see saucy labeled stuff11:10
xyzaffa1rOk thank you11:11
xyzaffa1rI have noticed a lot of improvments all ready over saucy, and even 12.0411:11
xyzaffa1rThinks are running a lot smoother11:12
xsachabiggest benefit for me has been the video drivers11:14
xyzaffa1rEvery thing exept meincraft is better, but that seems to be on the meincraft side11:17
BluesKajHowdy folks12:17
ActionParsnipHey guys is Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 LTS too?14:06
BluesKajActionParsnip, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/01/gnome-3-10-install-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts14:13
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: was thinking default no Unity or Compiz is all14:14
ActionParsnipJust found #ubuntu-gnome :-)14:15
BluesKajright ActionParsnip, that would be the place to find out :)14:21
ActionParsnipAlready there dude14:21
ActionParsnipTimed new hdd for the release, new 2Tb for /var swap and /home and a new 8Gb SSD for /.14:28
ggreer8GB SSD?14:35
ggreerthat's really small14:35
ActionParsnipMy / is currently 4Gb used, so no its double the size I need. Not small at all14:36
ggreersmaller SSDs are also likely to be slower14:37
ggreersince they can't parallelize access across multiple flash modules14:37
ActionParsnipWell its still an SSD over a platter based storage. And its cheap14:40
ActionParsnipGgreer: http://www.techpowerup.com/mobile/196332/mach-xtreme-technology-unveils-postage-stamp-sized-diy-series-ssd.html14:42
ActionParsnipSeems ok to me14:42
penguin42neat; although note it's giving the bandwidth specs there for the largest module14:43
ActionParsnipStill sweet14:43
ggreerno TRIM?14:44
ggreerMax. Read PerformanceUp to 85 [MLC] MB/s*14:44
ggreerMax. Write PerformanceUp to 20 [MLC] MB/s*14:44
ggreerfor the 8GB version14:44
ActionParsnipPlus /var on a diferent drive should make things groovy14:44
ggreerhow much does it cost? I can't find any concrete prices14:45
ActionParsnipEbay was £2014:45
ggreerah, neat14:45
ggreerthat's from an intel x25-m G2. it's about 4 years old14:53
xsachai have that same ssd14:54
ggreerI like it14:54
xsachame too!14:55
xsachai ran the intel ssd toolkit and it says health: 98% which is pretty nice after 4 years of heavy use14:55
xsacha5800 hours it has logged14:55
ggreerI got a first-gen 80GB x25-m back in 2009. since then, any computer without an SSD has felt broken14:57
xsachawhat benchmark app was that?14:58
ActionParsnipThe drive will rarely change once setup. Its largely just a file server and SSH endpoint for tunnels14:59
ggreerjust the disks util that comes with ubuntu15:00
ggreermake sure you have write benchmarking turned off15:00
ggreerotherwise you'll totally ruin your partitions15:00
ggreerseriously, that program shouldn't be installed by default. not only does it not let you format USB drives, but it makes it really really easy to corrupt your disk (including windows partitions or whatever)15:01
xsachaoh ok15:02
xsachawell no windows drives or usb drives here so should be fine15:02
xsachawhy does it want to unmount the drive to test it? :(15:04
ActionParsnipXsacha: so that it isnt used, for accuracy15:22
bublik007If I install 14.04 beta can I update to final when it comes out simply by doing apt get update apt get upgrade or is it still advisable to do a clean install?15:50
jtayloryou can upgrade15:51
bublik007Without any issues right?15:52
jtaylorthats not guaranteed15:54
bublik007How stable is the current build?15:54
penguin42seems ok15:54
jtaylorok, been using it for a few weeks with only minor issues15:54
bublik007What kind of issues?15:54
stefgbublik007: /IF/ you have issues (after upgrading to the final release) , it's wise to reinstall from a known good point (release).  If everything works fine -> no need to worry. A release is nothing more than a given point in time at which all packages should be in a usable state.15:56
xsachaminor issues like: it gives me a popup saying something crashed every time i login after a reboot15:57
xsachathe crash reporter sometimes goes in loops15:57
bublik007I understand I just know it's recommended to do a clean install every time a new version is released. I was wondering if the procedure changes if I use beta15:58
stefgbublik007: the betas evolve into release as the release evolves over time with its updates. The only thing could be that a buggy package has broken pre-install/post-install script in it  that breaks something that the fixed package doesn't repair.16:00
bublik007Wasn't ubuntu thinking of switching to a rolling distro. I'll miss the not having to do clean installs every time coming from debian :(16:01
stefgBTW, i'm looking for an official trusty beta one... why is there none?16:02
ActionParsnipbublik007: i dont think it will be rolling. If you want rolling then switch to Debian16:10
bublik007Wow you're an asshat in both channels.16:11
ActionParsnipbublik007: how is maintaining channel policy being an asshat?16:11
ActionParsnipbublik007: and how is advising an alternative distro if you want a rolling release being an asshat?16:12
bublik007I just asked about it because I read it could be heading that way16:12
bublik007I realize I can just use debian.  Thanks for the insightful responses16:13
ActionParsnipbublik007: sobwas i being an asshat?16:13
ActionParsnipSo was*16:14
xsachayou could use any source-based distro too16:14
xsachawhere you build each component from source as you go, .. rolling :)16:14
ActionParsnipxsacha: its deb based so will be familiar, but yes absolutely16:14
ActionParsnipbublik007: can you answer my question please?16:16
bublik007I already did16:16
bublik007Are you going to ban me now for being honest?16:16
ActionParsnipbublik007: im not an op16:16
bublik007I wonder why16:17
xsachaergo, chanserv will ban you for being honest instead :P16:17
ActionParsnipbublik007: next time you get flustered. Try calming down before throwing insults around.16:17
ActionParsnipbublik007: youll look less foolish16:17
bublik007Flustered? Why don't you just try helping people without sounding like an arrogant prick16:20
bublik007If you have nothing informative to say then just don't type16:20
ActionParsnipbublik007: i wasnt. I was upholding channel policy. No prickness there16:20
ActionParsnipbublik007: then I suggested Debian which was informative16:20
bublik007I mentioned earlier that I already do run debian16:21
ActionParsnipbublik007: ok then16:21
bublik007Thanks for chiming in16:21
ActionParsnipbublik007: if i can advise i will :-)16:22
mattvcant get steam installed on a fresh install of 14.0416:43
mattvgetting error Couldn't set up the Steam Runtime. Are you running low on disk space?16:44
mattvand You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:16:45
mattv<mattv> libc.so.616:45
mattvany ideas?16:45
penguin42do you have the 32bit libc installed?16:46
mattvwhats the exact name of the file? ill look16:46
* penguin42 doesn't have them installed - try installing libc6:i38616:47
penguin42(or is it :i686 I cna't remember)16:47
mattvdell@olddell:~/Downloads$ apt-cache policy libc6:i38616:48
mattv  Installed: 2.19-0ubuntu216:48
mattv  Candidate: 2.19-0ubuntu216:48
penguin42sounds right16:49
mattvso thats not the culprit16:52
penguin42mattv: Find the stream binary, use ldd on it to see what shared libs it's missing16:53
mattvyou mean the steam.sh?16:54
penguin42no, the actual binary16:55
mattvso this is weird17:04
mattvlibc.so.6 => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.617:05
mattvif i look there it shows it17:05
penguin42ok, that's good17:06
penguin42does ldd show any other things?17:06
mattvyeah ill have to pastebin17:07
penguin42yeh that looks all good17:10
penguin42(wth does it want libXdmcp for?!)17:11
mattvwhat are the permissions on those steam files supposed to be because i couldnt look at it from gul17:11
* penguin42 doesn't steam17:12
mattvsays owner is user #100217:13
mattvheres the permissions of the steam folder17:20
siavoshkcI downloaded x86 image17:33
siavoshkcuse unetbootin to put it in a flash17:33
siavoshkcnow pc says boot error17:34
siavoshkcmy pc has no cd-rom17:34
siavoshkcso I have to use USB flash17:34
BluesKajEFI mode ?17:36
penguin42you can write the image direct with dd these days - just be careful to get the right device17:38
siavoshkcYour warning just reminded me how I ruined my hdd last time17:40
siavoshkcEFI mode? ME? no17:40
BluesKajdo you have the USB as first in the boot sequence, siavoshkc ?17:41
* penguin42 peers closely at a tiny rendering oddity on the progress bar on the installer - and it's gone17:45
BluesKajsiavoshkc, what about secure boot , enabled or disabled ?17:47
siavoshkcAs suggested I used w32di17:48
siavoshkcit worked17:48
siavoshkcnow i look stupid because it was gentoo17:48
siavoshkcwrong image17:48
BluesKajoops :)17:51
penguin42current trusty Unity image is broken in a vm - compiz reliably crashes on login starting a terminal18:02
siavoshkcMade it right now installing, thanks18:09
penguin42bizarre, doing ubuntu-bug on the crash file complains I don't have enough free memory in my vm to report it18:32
penguin42still doesn't with 4GB RAM18:33
penguin42oh it's a core dump limit issue18:36
penguin42hmm maybe not18:36
penguin42https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1055166  is apparently what I'm hitting18:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1055166 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in memmove() from drisw_update_tex_buffer() from dri_set_tex_buffer2() from operator() from compiz::opengl::bindTexImageGLX() from ... from unity::UnityWindow::DrawWindowDecoration" [High,Triaged]18:44
penguin42apparently it was set as High in 2012 - but now makes Trusty DOA18:45
mdikhi. i was about to install the beta, but then read the known issues and several would apply to me. would you say it is reasonable to wait for beta2?18:56
mdik(i can't assess how straightforward the fixing of these bugs will be)18:57
mikemonkhi guys, do you know how stable is 14.04 by now? would you consider it a daily driver for a personal workstation?18:57
mdikmikemonk: have a look at the already known issues18:58
mikemonkmdik: good point... not yet in detail.. should have done my research18:59
mdik(also this decision is dependend on how well your backup strategy is and how depended you are on certain pieces of software (say, the printing system breaks, would this be a show-stopper for you?))18:59
mikemonkmdik: right... let me check it in detail decide from there, and be back if I have any questions, thanks!19:01
mdiknp (just here to ask questions myself C-: )19:05
=== ryanakca_ is now known as ryanakca
Bublik2002i tried right clicking on an app to switch move it to a different workspace but its not working for some reason20:36
Bublik2002anyone else having bugs in 14.04 with workspaces in unity?20:47
DJonesBublik2002: Just tested that and it worked ok for me20:48
Bublik2002weird it wouldnt switch programs from one workspace to another for me20:48
Bublik2002when i clicked on the workspace switcher to drag it over the computer froze :(20:48
Bublik2002anyone know how to make the unity panel auto hide?22:08
DaekdroomHm. Does anyone know what are the necessary gstreamer packages for H264 support in Trusty?23:55
DaekdroomI found info that gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg was necessary for 13.10, but that package no longer exists in Trusty.23:56
DaekdroomHm. There is gstreamer1.0-libav but no gstreamer0.10-libav, that must be why.23:58

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