JoshStroblOut of curiosity, any particular reason why lp:ubuntu-html5-theme Series 13.10 hasn't been receiving backports of the 14.04 series? I get there is an upcoming 14.04 release, sorta loaded up 13.10 with the SDK and ubuntu-html5-theme expecting things to work, only to find out I needed to manually bzr branch the trusty branch and manally move the ambiance 0.1 stuff to /usr/share/ubuntu-html5-theme.02:07
Bending_Spoonshi everyone, is anyone active in here?  I have a question.02:47
encompassHi there.  I can't get the html5 camera totorial to work in the qt-creator  it just shows the loading screen.  I wonder if I am missing some libraries to make it happen.  Any ideas?06:30
encompassAlso, how do I "install" my app on the simulator so I can test it out?  I have a phone running Touch in the emulator but can't figure out how to do the installation.06:31
idebugwhen i run my app on the emulator.The log show:"Are developer tools installed.. 0 ..developer tools are not installed."Which package I show install?07:59
JoshStroblOut of curiosity, any particular reason why lp:ubuntu-html5-theme Series 13.10 hasn't been receiving backports of the 14.04 series? I get there is an upcoming 14.04 release, sorta loaded up 13.10 with the SDK and ubuntu-html5-theme expecting things to work, only to find out I needed to manually bzr branch the trusty branch and manally move the ambiance 0.1 stuff to /usr/share/ubuntu-html5-theme. (Asked this earlier,10:39
JoshStrobljust ended up going to bed so figured I'd ask again now that I've woken up)10:39
aquariusHow am I meant to add a ListView to a page so that it doesn't go under the page header?13:13
aquariusI always, always get this wrong13:14
aquariusand it's really annoying13:14
JoshStroblis the listview wrapped in <div data-role="content"></div>?13:15
aquariusJoshStrobl, QML app, not HTML5 app :)13:15
JoshStroblI'll show myself out then13:16
aquariusQML does some magic handling of Pages and Flickables in them13:16
aquariusbut I can never remember quite how the magic works13:16
aquariuswhich is a reason to not like magic :)13:16
* JoshStrobl is kinda annoyed that ubuntu-html5-theme changes aren't being backported to saucy since the current series now is trusty. gotta manually update my bzr branch and pull whenever there are changes and make sure the symlinks to /usr/share/ are still valid.13:17
JoshStroblIf I knew how bzr worked (I'm more of a git user), I'd help backport and test changes between the trusty series and saucy (which would be fairly easy, since it's just CSS, JS etc.13:21
aquariusI suspect that there's a PPA to add to saucy which covers it?13:22
aquariusthe general rule is that if you're on the dev release the changes are in that release; if you're on an older release, there's a PPA to add which has them13:22
JoshStroblhttps://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme > no changes have been made to the 13.10 series since 2013-11-27. All changes are onlp:ubuntu-html5-theme Series 14.04.13:22
aquariusbut I do not know if the html5 theme stuff follows this rule13:22
JoshStrobl*on lp...13:23
aquariusdaker, ping -- is there a PPA for saucy for the html5-theme stuff?13:23
aquariusdaker will know. :)13:23
JoshStroblI'm going to try again (after my re-install of ubuntu-sdk packages) to add the lp:ubuntu-html5-theme and see what happens.13:28
aquariusmhall119 might know as well13:29
JoshStroblI think they might be idling :P13:31
aquariusin their defence they might be in America and asleep :)14:01
aquariusas is ken, who I need to talk to about the Content Hub stuff.14:10
nik90aquarius: set clip:true14:35
mhall119aquarius: what might I know?14:37
mhall119aquarius: JoshStrobl: the SDK's own PPA has ubuntu-html5-theme packages in it14:39
JoshStroblHe's alive \o/14:39
JoshStroblmhall119: When I installed ubuntu-sdk in saucy it didn't include anything for html5 aside from the definitions in the "create a project"14:39
JoshStroblfor instance, there was no /usr/share/ubuntu-html5-theme/0.1/ambiance stuff, which is suggested in the docs14:40
JoshStroblhence why I needed to manually grab ubuntu-html5-theme14:40
mhall119JoshStrobl: if you run "apt-cache policy ubuntu-html5-theme" what does it give you?14:40
JoshStroblIt says it's installed14:41
YamakasYhe guys!14:41
YamakasYthis channel is new to me14:41
JoshStroblwhen I do dpkg --get-selections ubuntu-html5* is lists all the ubuntu-html5* stuff as install14:42
JoshStroblhey YamakasY!14:42
YamakasYI'm building my own package and that is installed well. Now I want to install openjdk-7-jre with it so I added Depends: openjdk-7-jre but that doesn't install it14:42
YamakasYwhat amd I doing wrong here ?14:45
ybonFinally found time to upgrade my laptop to Trusty, and now autopilot tests run \o/14:46
JoshStroblI'd upgrade but stuff like openjdk-fontfix doesn't have a trusty series yet.14:46
JoshStroblNo way am I going to use Java applications with bad fonts :D14:47
ybonwhy do you wanna use java applications? ;)14:48
JoshStroblBecause I'm a big fan of PhpStorm since it is the only IDE on Linux that properly supports Typescript and intellisense-like features for it.14:48
YamakasYI mean when I install openjdk-7-jre... the headless package is also installed with it14:49
* JoshStrobl has no idea about the depends issue. Sorry :S14:51
JoshStroblmhall119: Can you rescue YamakasY?14:51
* JoshStrobl puts the superman cape on mhall119.14:51
* YamakasY likes to be rescued14:51
YamakasYJoshStrobl: and has mhall119 also has some red swimsuite ?? :D14:52
JoshStroblYamakasY: He might. You might want to ask him ;)14:52
YamakasYmhall119: ping :)14:52
YamakasYmhall119: or shall I Pamela you ? :D14:53
YamakasYit's strange as I believed it was working like that14:55
mhall119YamakasY: I prefer the batman look14:56
YamakasYmhall119: that's hot too14:56
mhall119YamakasY: what can I do for you?14:56
YamakasYI'm building my own package and that is installed well. Now I want to install openjdk-7-jre with it so I added Depends: openjdk-7-jre but that doesn't install it14:57
mhall119YamakasY: you're making a debian package then, not a click package?14:57
YamakasYmhall119: yap deb14:57
YamakasYwhat is a click package ?14:57
mhall119YamakasY: new-style packaging for stand-alone apps14:58
YamakasYah ok14:58
YamakasYnope :)14:58
YamakasYit's a server package14:58
mhall119ok, and it's install installing openjdk-7-jre when you install it?14:58
YamakasYagain ?14:59
mhall119what arch are you targetting?14:59
YamakasYI get dependencie messages14:59
mhall119ah, good,what are those?14:59
YamakasYmy package needs openjdk-7-jre14:59
YamakasYit needs it but it's not going to be installed, so a apt-get -f install  fixes it14:59
mhall119does your depend on a specific version of it?15:00
YamakasYI need 715:00
mhall119right, but does it have a sub-version?15:00
mhall119like Depends: openjdk-7-jre (>=7u25-2.3.12-4ubuntu3)15:01
YamakasYuhm hoe do you mean ?15:01
mhall119or just Depends: openjdk-7-re15:01
mhall119can you pastebin your debian/control file?15:01
YamakasYmhall119: http://www.pastebin.ca/265011515:02
YamakasYdon't mention the second depends15:02
mhall119and what message do you get when you try to install it?15:03
YamakasY red5-server-1.0.2 depends on openjdk-7-jre; however:15:04
YamakasY  Package openjdk-7-jre is not installed.15:04
mhall119YamakasY: are you installing it with dpkg or apt?15:06
YamakasYmhall119: dpkg -i locally atm... with be apt when puppeting15:07
mhall119well dpkg doesn't do dependency installation for you15:07
mhall119do you get the same error when using apt?15:08
YamakasYmhall119: can I use apt for a deb ?15:08
ybonwhat is the bzr command to apply a patch?15:09
mhall119YamakasY: if there is, I don't know it15:10
mhall119YamakasY: I usually use gdebi to do that, but I don't think it's a default installed program15:10
YamakasYmhall119: yeah I read a lot about gdebi... so I will do that15:11
JoshStroblHey mhall119, who on the Canonical / Ubuntu team oversees the Ubuntu Developer Portal?15:14
mhall119JoshStrobl: myself, dpm, jono and peterm15:14
aquariusnik90, aha, that's it, yes15:14
JoshStroblmhall119: Then muahaha, bugs! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+bug/1286634 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+bug/128665115:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1286634 in Ubuntu App Developer site "Installing the SDK page | Icon Incorrect" [Undecided,New]15:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1286651 in Ubuntu App Developer site "404 | Community | Developer.Ubuntu.Com" [Undecided,New]15:15
YamakasYmhall119: yeah thanks!15:15
mhall119np YamakasY15:16
mhall119thanks JoshStrobl15:16
ybonthat's quite funny that I'm unable to find a bazaar way to apply a patch15:30
aquariuscan I have a Button with an ActivityIndicator in it?15:32
JoshStroblAaand another bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+bug/128683315:43
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1286833 in Ubuntu App Developer site "UbuntuUI.Toolbar Example Is Not Valid HTML" [Undecided,New]15:43
mhall119ybon: bzr help patch15:44
ybonmhall119: No help could be found for 'patch'15:47
ybonbut thanks :)15:47
ybonI've used patch command line anyway15:47
ybonwas just expecting some "bzr patch" or "bzr apply" command15:47
JoshStroblybon do you have the .patch file?15:50
ybonJoshStrobl: you mean the file containing the diff to apply?15:51
JoshStroblybon: If you got a patch from upstream or something, you should just be able to merge it into your branch. If you made a patch, use the bzr send functionality, outputting it into a .patch file, which can later be patched with bzr patch15:52
ybonMy plan was to apply my own patch (from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1279933 )15:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1279933 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Event starting at 0:00 displayed also the day before in day view" [Undecided,New]15:53
JoshStroblLiterally the limitation of my knowledge. I'm more familiar with git15:53
ybonto be able to send a proper MR15:53
ybonwell, same for me, I use git all the day long usually15:54
ybonI've used "patch -i file" at the end15:54
ybon(I've no "bzr patch" command it seems)15:55
yboncan someone run this test for me calendar_app.tests.test_yearview.TestYearView.test_show_next_years ? It's failing for me, just want to know if it's linked to my env or not before digging into it15:56
aquariuswinner. First app for the showdown almost done, except for the bits I can't do because they're dependent on undocumented new APIs like the downloader or the content hub :)16:58
=== Willy is now known as Guest15421
aquariusmhall119, ping: if you load developer.ubuntu.com over SSL, the CSS doesn't work.17:18
aquariusmhall119, also ping: are "web apps" (that is: pure web things which integrate into Unity) not supported any more? d.u.c doesn't seem to talk about them17:19
aquariuscan I get some sort of a device name from QML? On a computer I'd get the hostname. This is to add to a U1 key so that when people review their list of U1 keys they can see which one applies to which device.17:24
aquariusdaker, do you know about the Unity webapps stuff?17:57
aquariusignore me; I've just found it on the d.u.c site :)17:58
dakerNi :(17:58
aquariusit's OK. I couldn't find anything under Apps, but it's a whole section, Web, on its own :)17:59
JoshStroblAre there more stock icons for use on Ubuntu Touch applications aside from the few available via ubuntu-html5-theme/0.1/ambiance/img20:51
aquariusA question I would also like to know the answer to.20:53
aquariushttp://design.canonical.com/2013/12/the-new-ubuntu-icons/ suggests that there are a whole bunch coming20:55
aquariusbut I don't think they're released yet20:55
aquariusI am assuming that when they get released, there'll be documentation naming them all.20:55
JoshStroblHmm, which they would've timed this Ubuntu App Showdown with the release of the necessary resources to make a well designed application that fits in with the Ubuntu HIG.20:59
JoshStrobl*wish they would've21:00
aquariuspart of the goal of the showdown is to get people building apps precisely so it becomes apparent what's missing. :)21:01
aquariusfor the moment, I'd copy icons that you want into your app21:02
ybonseems that console.log() is not outputing anymore on my QtCreator "Application Output" window since I've upgraded to Trusty. Any hint anyone? :)21:02
nik90ybon: let me guess calendar?21:13
ybonnik90: yep :)21:13
nik90ybon: it is an EDS issue -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtorganizer5-eds/+bug/128458721:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1284587 in qtorganizer5-eds (Ubuntu) "crash when exiting the application" [Undecided,New]21:14
nik90ybon: it is causing calendar and clock to crash21:14
nik90ybon: and also block console output :(21:14
nik90ybon: luckily there is a fix https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-1284587/+merge/20879121:14
nik90ybon: should land hopefully soon21:14
ybongreat :)21:15
ybonnik90: do you know any workaround?21:15
ybonI'm using a field to log for now :p21:16
nik90ybon: add a qml label and output stuff to it :P21:16
nik90ybon: trust me I am affected by it as much as you are :D21:16
ybonI trust (tahr) you :)21:17
nik90ybon: how's trusty?21:18
nik90I myself made the upgrade 2 days ago21:18
ybon'till now perfect :)21:18
ybonme too!21:18
ybonFriday night :)21:18
ybonI was on Berlin for work two days ago, and working for a client this week, so not time for UT sadly21:19
nik90oh man I am seeing some really cool apps being developed for this showdown...looking forward to it21:19
ybonlike what? :)21:20
ybon(btw, I've seen that MapBox is yet joining the party, which is good)21:20
nik90Project Dashboard -> https://plus.google.com/117574309170420884411/posts/6dDpF2P64fw21:22
ybonwoa :)21:26
ybonnik90: https://gist.github.com/yohanboniface/da9a397c22334cf93b8b :P21:30
nik90I just found out that one can use qtcreator's device to easily enable/disable RW of your ubuntu touch device. No unnecessary terminal commands :D21:31
aquariusIf I used Ubuntu SDK's option to "Install on device" (rather than just run on device), how do I uninstall the app?21:35
popeyaquarius: does it show up if you ....21:36
popeyadb shell21:36
popeysudo -u phablet -i21:36
popeyclick list | grep <name>21:36
aquariuspopey, it does21:37
popeyhold your finger down on it in the dash21:37
popeytap "uninstall"21:37
aquariusthe Dash doesn't like showing a preview for it21:37
aquariusI tried that, of course :)21:37
popeysudo click unregister com.ubuntu.developer.foo 0.121:37
aquariusI get "open" and "close" buttons. No uninstall21:37
popeyafter  sudo -u phablet -i21:37
aquariuswhat's phablet's password?21:38
aquariusnice, thank you :)21:38
aquariushow do I get the Dash to notice that it's gone?21:38
popeypkill unity821:38
popeyor reboot phone21:38
popeyor search for the app21:39
aquariusah, search, that would have worked.21:39
aquariusI don't like rebooting because it reboots into android and then I have to reboot again :)21:39
aquariusafter pkilling unity8, how do I start it again? ;)21:39
popeyit should autostart21:39
aquariusit has not21:40
aquariusI can still see unity on the screen21:40
aquariusbut it's unresponsive...21:40
* aquarius kills it agian21:40
aquariusthat worked :)21:40
popeykill it with fire21:40
aquariuswinner, my icon works now. Cheers :)21:42
aquariusoh! haha21:42
aquariusthere *is* an uninstall21:42
aquariuson the preview for installed-from-ubuntu-sdk apps21:42
aquariusit's just below the scroll fold.21:42
nik90aquarius: where is the uninstall again?21:44
nik90in qtcreator?21:44
aquariusnik90, there isn't one in Ubuntu SDK21:44
aquariusbut you can do it on the device21:44
nik90popey: I am guessing you have seen Flappy Popey :P21:45
ybonaquarius: I was about to suggest you to check if you have scrolled down but I refrained ;)21:46
nik90aquarius: so you open the preview of the app and then scroll down to see the uninstall button is it?21:46
nik90because I had the uninstall issue as well :P21:47
aquariusnik90, yeah21:48
nik90aquarius: ah thnx..silly me21:48
aquariusthe preview pane throws a big inappropriate wobbly saying ERROR because it can't find the app in the click store21:48
popeynik90: yeah ⍨21:50
ybonah, popey while you are here, one question: I've worked on adding UT datepicker on the calendar, and then the "all day event" thing has been added, I'm merging now, but now I have three date fields21:51
ybonone for the day date21:51
ybonone for the start date21:51
ybonone for the end date21:51
ybonwhich seems a bit weird to me21:52
ybonso I guess the start/end ones are only time21:52
ybonand then one even cannot start on one day and ends in another day21:53
ybonDo I understand well?21:53
JoshStroblanyone have a recommended save icon they use in Ubuntu Touch applications that fit with the current designs (http://design.canonical.com/2013/12/the-new-ubuntu-icons/) / HIG22:02
popeyybon: hey..22:04
popeyybon: that's odd.22:05
aquariusJoshStrobl, what are you saving? In general, things ought to be saved automatically without someone having to push a button, although your use case might be different22:05
ybonpopey: yep22:06
JoshStroblthe individual will be saving a task. it shouldn't be automatic since the user may or may not want the task to be saved (say, if they go to create one but change their mind). The user will be prompted however on the back navigation, if they haven't saved a task, if they want to or not.22:06
ybonpopey: have you tried the trunk?22:06
JoshStroblWhile I agree that in most cases it should be automatic, this isn't one of them.22:07
ybonhere is the commit that add "AddDay" event thing: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/trunk/revision/20822:07
aquariusJoshStrobl, that may make it a bit awkward to find a Save icon, mind :)22:08
JoshStroblyea :\22:08
JoshStroblwas thinking about just creating one in Inkscape22:09
aquarius$ locate symbolic | grep save22:09
aquariusshows a few possibilities22:09
popeyybon: no, but I will in the morning when I am more awake22:10
ybonI will push a date + startTime + endTime version in the meantime (not sure to get time to work on this tomorrow)22:11
JoshStrobl /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/actions/document-save-symbolic.svg looks promising22:11
ybonand we will discuss further22:11
aquariusJoshStrobl, yeah -- there's a reasonable set of symbolic icons shipped with Ubuntu, which are generally under convenient licenses22:12
ybonJoshStrobl: maybe this can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/289747/are-there-any-standard-icons-for-qml-app-development22:12
JoshStroblybon: Indeed it did!22:13
aquariusthose icons are available on the device?22:13
* aquarius makes an annoyed face22:14
aquariuswell stone me22:14
aquariusthey are.22:14
ybonyes, I'm using them for OSMTouch22:15
aquariusare these guaranteed to hang around?22:15
aquariusif so, I think the SDK docs should include them?22:15
ybonno idea :)22:15
aquariusmaybe mhall119 or popey know22:16
ybonI think in any case a common set of icons is a must have for the SDK22:16
mhall119aquarius: ybon: they should be in the devportal docs yes, if someone gave me an official list of them I can do that22:18
ybonmhall119: btw you are running the dev.ubuntu.com site, right?22:20
mhall119aquarius: a lot of our media on dev.u.c is references with a full URL, so it tries to load them over http even when you load the page over https, which the browser rightfully objects to22:20
mhall119ybon: I'm one of the people running it, yes22:20
ybongreat :)22:20
ybonI've seen that you may switch it to Django?22:20
mhall119aquarius: http://developer.ubuntu.com/web/ is the "webapps" stuff22:20
mhall119ybon: we're evaluating options, since WP is showing it's limitations22:21
ybonin case you go the Django way, if you need a hand, just ping, I do Django very often for years now :)22:21
ybon(And I really like it :) )22:21
mhall119ybon: we always need django devs in our community, and at least the /api/ part of developer.ubuntu.com is already django22:22
mhall119ybon: I can already use help on that, see http://mhall119.com/2014/02/ubuntu-api-website-teardown/ for lots of info about it22:23
ybonah, nice, the bzr link is also included :)22:24
ybonI will have a look, and try to take time to help22:24
mhall119thanks tb22:24
ybonmhall119: what is your time zone? Just to know when it's best for me to take time and get you online for feedback :)22:25
aquariusmhall119, ya, I worked that out eventually, sorry :) webapps support isn't excellent, though...?22:33
aquariusbased on my testing of stuff in preparation for talking about it tomorrow ;)22:33
mhall119ybon: US/Eastern22:34
ybonmhall119: ok :)22:34
mhall119UTC-500 currently22:34
ybonmhall119: btw, do you know Chris Glass?22:34
mhall119aquarius: it's always been flaky with the browser plugins, it should be better when it's using just our own browser on the desktop, but that's not working yet22:35
aquariusmhall119, yeah22:35
mhall119ybon: doesn't sound familiar, does he have an IRC nick?22:35
mhall119ah, that does sound familiar22:35
mhall119not sure from where/when though22:35
ybonis working at Canonical22:35
ybonand he is Djangoist :)22:35
aquariusmhall119, and the Unity javascript stuff doesn't work in the phone container either :(22:35
ybonand he is a friend of mines :)22:36
mhall119ybon: hmm, surprised I haven't worked with him on something yet then22:38
ybonyep, strange22:39
ybonmhall119: but he is more on Juju22:39
mhall119ah, that would explain it22:40
aquariusstupid network22:40
mhall119aquarius: I thought youwere just running away from me22:41
mhall119aquarius: none of the Unity APIs work on phone yet, it's not just the webapps part22:41
aquariusmhall119, so, sorry, I may have missed your response22:41
aquariusmhall119, yeah22:41
aquariusTomorrow I shall talk about the theory22:41
aquariusand then explain the gaps that need to be filled in :)22:42
mhall119aquarius: as long as you document those gaps as work items or bugs so they can be followed up on22:42
aquariusmhall119, well, I can file bugs, certainly22:42
aquariusthey'll be high-level bugs, though22:43
aquarius"Web app integration does not work in the web-app container on desktop"22:43
aquariusthat sort of thing.22:43
short_samI have a question for anyone that can help... Do I need a provider and service file in my app in order to allow authentication with google?23:44
ybonFor everything related to authentication with Google, ask NSA23:46
short_samOh gosh haha nice but i'm just trying to figure out how authentication in ubuntu touch works... I don't get how account management works haha23:46
short_samAnyone used google in their apps before? I could really use help if you have!23:50

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