rsalvetiogra_: seriously?02:54
rsalvetiyeah, quite a few crashes, weird02:56
rsalvetiwonder if it's only broken with phonesim02:56
asacrsalveti: online :)?02:59
asacguess same idea02:59
asacrsalveti: is the other sim still on the table?03:00
rsalvetiactually, just 2 crashes it seems, maybe related with some python 2 specific code still03:08
rsalvetias it's not really ofono03:08
rsalveti dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.ofono.Error.Failed: Operation failed03:10
rsalveti dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.ofono was not provided by any .service files03:10
asacrsalveti: stop working :)03:20
asacnot productive03:20
* asac goes off03:20
bzoltanogra_:  do you know what the hack causes this -> ?06:17
rsalveti2014-03-02 11:34:58,300 DEBUG Copying configuration from /srv/juju/vol-0000011d/var/lib/jenkins/silos/landing-013/config to /var/lib/jenkins/status/landing-01311:35
rsalveti2014-03-02 11:34:58,300 ERROR Last step didn't finish successfully. You need to either ignore that the previous step didn't finished successfully or ensuring that prepare, build and checked passed.11:35
rsalvetimaybe you need to build it again?11:35
rsalvetino, same error11:36
rsalvetinot sure why then11:36
bzoltanrsalveti: thanks for checking it out ... I have no idea what the error means11:48
Laneybzoltan: err, it means that the silo hasn't been published, right?11:54
bzoltanLaney: yes11:54
Laneyso you need to do that before you can do the last step11:54
bzoltanLaney:  So I can not merge to the trunk before it gets published?13:44
rsalvetibzoltan: no, first published, then you merge13:46
bzoltanrsalveti: OK, thanks13:47
bzoltanrsalveti: what does it take to get that MP published?13:47
rsalvetibzoltan: well, you need to publish your silo, once the packages are in the distro, you hit merge & clean, which will get your MR merged13:50
bzoltanrsalveti:  I can not publish the silo as far as I know... or can I?13:51
ogra_wow, that email client works already pretty well13:51
bzoltanrsalveti: I am a low life lander of the SDK :)13:51
ogra_oops, wrong channel :P13:51
Laneybzoltan: you need a core-dev or lander to publish it13:54
Laneys/lander/landing team person/13:54
bzoltanLaney: I know .. that is why I am here :)13:54
bzoltanLaney: I know my chances are low today :)13:54
LaneyI could do it, don't know if I'm allowed to though13:55
Laneymight be best to wait13:55
bzoltanLaney: you know better the rules than me :)13:58
rsalvetibzoltan: which silo, 13?13:59
bzoltanrsalveti: yes14:00
rsalvetibzoltan: did you test and validate the changes already?14:00
bzoltanrsalveti: yes14:00
rsalvetibzoltan: publishing14:01
bzoltanrsalveti: thank you!14:02
bzoltanrsalveti: it is cool that my boys will have clean trunk tomorrow morning14:02
LaneyI was scared by the degraded mode thing14:03
Laneybut good that someone else wasn't :P14:03
ogra_ 7666 phablet   20   0  355452  88588  44532 R 103.6  4.8   2:42.59 ubuntu-email-client14:04
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