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xnoxteward: yeah, jcastro definately jumped the gun on the announcement. Just because a MIR is filed, doesn't mean it will be approved as is, partially, or rejected.00:45
xnoxstgraber: i always thought that apache would stay default, the one and only in main, simply by sabdfl's heritage (first debian maintainer) in that package.00:47
tewardxnox, that's what I told him.01:02
tewardthe same day he made that post01:02
* teward hasn't let him forget it, yet.01:02
tewardinfinity, sarnold: the nginx MIR is going to be blocked by Lua, upstream has said basically they can't support 5.2.01:03
tewardthey *have* suggested linking against LuaJIT 2+ but... I haven't investigated that path01:03
tewardinfinity, so either someone who understands the module more than I needs to test this, or we drop the Lua module... :/01:03
tewardunless you've had any progress on your porting?01:03
tewardrbasak, in case you're curious... ^01:04
debfxNoskcaj: I don't know, those changes don't look very important to me.01:18
Noskcajand as always, please sponsor stuff :)01:20
saiarcot895How hard would it be to create a personal port of existing packages to the i586 architecture?04:22
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infinityteward: Dropping the lua stuff seems less than ideal.  I made a tiny bit of progress on porting to 5.2, but that was in the wee hours of the morning before hopping a plane.10:37
infinityteward: Sitting in the Hong Kong airport now, and not really much interest in porting random packages I don't use to new language versions while I wait for a ferry. :P10:38
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maxbjamespage: Hello, you are assigned to bug 894302 since 2011, are you still involved with it?12:23
ubottubug 894302 in apache-log4j1.2 (Ubuntu) "log4j jar files do not include OSGi metadata" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89430212:23
jamespagemaxb, indeed13:14
jamespageI'll try to get that fixed this week13:15
maxbThat would be nice :-) I had an "interesting" time with jitsi until I found the true problem13:20
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ktosiekis this the right channel for questions about creating Ubuntu packages?15:27
ktosiek(I hadn't had any luck on #ubuntu, and was pointed here)15:27
ktosiekanyway, how should vim plugins be packaged?15:28
ktosiekok, found how it's done by python-jinja215:33
cjwatsonktosiek: http://pkg-vim.alioth.debian.org/vim-policy.html/15:45
LaneyThe files should be shipped as a file and directory tree isomorphic to what you want to see in a runtime Vim directory.15:46
Laneydefinitely written by a cs academic15:46
ktosiekand is there any guide to make Launchpad build from git? I'd love if it could rebase my "debian" branch on external branch, and build from that15:55
mitya57You can import a git branch into a bzr branch15:55
ktosiekso, I'd do "bzr init", then import, and then push that to Launchpad?15:58
* ktosiek has never used bzr before15:58
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tewardinfinity, yeah, well, upstream's not going to port to 5.218:20
tewardthey even said that for that module18:20
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ahoneybunis their any official trusty artwork?22:52

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