belkinsaIs anyone having a hard time connecting to the Ubuntu wiki?15:04
dsmythiesNote just now, but over the last few days somtimes it seems to take forever.15:06
belkinsaThanks.  I need those bot commands.15:07
dsmythiesYa, I'm hoping for help with that, which is why I was looking for jose over on that other IRC15:08
belkinsaSame, it's the first time that I'm teaching a class.15:09
dsmythiesme too.15:09
dsmythiesgodbyk: Are you around? After all of our IRC yesterday, I had an idea.15:10
belkinsaWell, this sucks.  If users can not connect to the wiki then how will they play around while I teach the class?15:17
dsmythiesbelkinsa: I have no problem with wiki access at the moment. (and I printed the class bot stuff, after you remined me.)15:20
knomeoh, doc day15:20
belkinsaSmart move.15:21
knomei can access the wiki15:22
belkinsaNo luck here still.15:22
knomeseems to be pretty snappy for me15:23
knomebelkinsa, did you have a sandbox-page set up for people to edit, or did you have something else in mind?15:24
belkinsaDidn't think of that.15:25
* belkinsa facepalms15:25
knomealso remember that only one people can actually *edit* a page at the same time15:25
knomeso you might want a sandbox page with users creating subpages into it15:25
knomethough if you want some example content...15:25
belkinsaOkay, if the wiki connects for me.15:26
belkinsaThis is not my day.15:26
belkinsaAre you going around when I teach my class, knome?15:28
knomeumm, tbh, i don't know15:28
belkinsaBecause I'm having issues connecting.15:29
belkinsastupid ice storm15:29
knomesurely there are other people around who can help15:29
belkinsaGood point.15:29
knomei can help as well if i'm around.15:44
godbykdsmythies: What was your idea?16:26
godbykSorry I'm late, everyone.16:26
dsmythiesgodbyk: Upon further reflection, it wasn't such a gret idea after all.16:29
godbykdsmythies: Ah, rats!16:29
dsmythiesgodbyk: It was just a way of moving my package install command way up in the schedule, but making it seem as though you and I planned it rather than the "Oh my goodenss" that it was. I have asked Lyz, to ask people to execurte the command in the background at the end of her session.16:34
godbykdsmythies: Ah, gotcha.16:34
godbykdsmythies: I'm planning on starting out by talking about how people can get started with docs in kind of a general way. But if I have time toward the end, I'll try to walk them through the ssh-keygen and bzr stuff. We'll see how it goes.16:35
dsmythiesgodbyk: I have notes on the bzr and ssh key stuff, just in case I need them. You are welcome to them: http://www.smythies.com/~doug/linux/ubuntu-docs/temp-classroom/class_script_alt.txt16:37
godbykdsmythies: Thanks!16:37
godbykCookies for breakfast are okay when you're an adult, right?16:54
* knome just had semlor... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semla17:03
pleia2last night I had alfajores that jose brought me from peru17:04
pleia2they were tastey :d17:04
godbykI have to go shovel a bunch of snow, but I'll be back in a bit.18:04
godbykBack now. There's slightly less snow on my sidewalks now.18:46
GunnarHjGood evening!22:44
belkinsaHey there, GunnarHj.22:44
GunnarHjHi belkinsa22:44
GunnarHjJust reviewed the irc-log from today's event.22:45
belkinsaI just going to ask if you were there.22:45
GunnarHjNoticed two persons who probably should be contacted.22:45
GunnarHjbelkinsa: No, had not the opportunity to be there at the time.22:46
belkinsaBut you were lurking22:47
belkinsaAnd why those two need to be contacted?22:47
GunnarHjbelkinsa: Only the last part. ;-)22:47
belkinsaAh, I have join/part messages off.22:47
GunnarHjbelkinsa: Because they showed an interest in the docs... Prospective contributors.22:48
GunnarHjbelkinsa: Maybe something for pleia2?22:50
belkinsaAh, I see.22:50
belkinsaJose was helping us in the classroom backstage if we needed it.22:50
GunnarHjbelkinsa: Aha, didn't know that.22:51
belkinsaAnd I didn't not know that he wanted to help the Doc Team.22:51
GunnarHjbelkinsa: I don't know either. But he asked a few good questions.22:52
belkinsaI bet he knew the answers but I think it was for the rest.22:52
GunnarHjbelkinsa: Are you basically saying that we didn't succeed in getting more people in?22:53
belkinsaNo, I'm not saying that.22:54
belkinsaI think most people are just quiet/shy to ask questions during the sessions and Jose was doing that for them.22:54
belkinsaNever mind.22:54
GunnarHjbelkinsa: Ok, so we'll have to wait and see, is that what you mean?22:55
knomeso how many people talked in -chat during the day, apart from people who were organizing it?22:58
belkinsaTwo or three, I believe.22:59
belkinsaIt was benonsoftware and two others.22:59
belkinsaNo, it was benonsoftware and three others.  Two of them only said one line.23:01
belkinsaThree, if you include benonsoftware.23:01
pleia2jsjgruber is the guy who maintains lernid these days, so he often lurks during sessions to tests his new things ;)23:22
belkinsaI have looked at Lernid.  It looks useful and more than just using IRC for classrooms.  dsmythies's session is a good example.23:23
pleia2it has a terminal built in for things like dsmythies' session23:25
belkinsaYup, I had an afterthought about that.23:26

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