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karthika small help ?09:54
karthikanyone ?09:55
karthiki'm on the final stage of installing ubuntu touch UI09:55
ogra_cyphermox, we need to look into manta (N10) bluetooth together at some point, i can see it being powered in dmesg once i rfkill unblock it, but i dont manage to get the Ubuntu side to work at all13:14
RodrigoAlmeidaHi there.. I am always reading about ubuntu phone.. I want to install it on my nexus 4 but before do it i want to know if the description about "what to expect after flashing" will really work on my phone. After flashing can I use it day by day?13:48
RodrigoAlmeidaI use Ubuntu since 6.04 in my computer and in my company.. I am big fan13:49
RodrigoAlmeidaI want to use it in my phone.13:49
ogra_RodrigoAlmeida, the features that are there work well ... but there are still many things missing ... it really depends what you usually do with your phone ...13:50
RodrigoAlmeidaI use everything like email, sms, hangout..13:51
RodrigoAlmeidaThose apps works on ubuntu phone? Like google hangout?13:51
ogra_no hangouts, no email yet13:51
ogra_calls, sms and the like work well13:51
RodrigoAlmeidaHmmmm I see13:52
ogra_calendar, alarmclock etc too13:52
ogra_there is a G+ app that kind of works but isnt comparable with the android one at all13:52
ogra_facebook and gmail are there as webapps (which is essentially their mobile webpage)13:53
ogra_if you can live with such limitations the phone is usable on a day to day basis ... if you cant ... well, then it isnt13:53
RodrigoAlmeidaHmmm nice.. I guess i will it today. My 4g or 3g works? Mobile data?13:54
ogra_(someone just started work on an imap client)13:54
ogra_yep, that stuff works fine13:54
RodrigoAlmeidaWoow.. So this is perfect for me.. I really do not use social network a lot..13:54
ogra_location doesnt work so well yet (maps etc)13:54
RodrigoAlmeidaHmmm ok.. Are you using it now?13:55
RodrigoAlmeidaOn your phone?13:55
ogra_(it works but only via GPS (which needs up to 40min to register toi a sattelite) not via AGPS (the fast variant))13:55
ogra_i usually only read some news, do some G+ and phone and sms with it13:56
ogra_for these it works fine13:56
ogra_i'm missing email a lot though :)13:56
RodrigoAlmeidaNice! I am going to flash my phone right now..13:56
RodrigoAlmeidaI will try it and see what's happen13:57
ogra_just dont put to high expectations in ... it is still a very young system :)13:57
RodrigoAlmeidaThank you a lot and sorry for bug you!13:57
RodrigoAlmeidaAll right. :)13:57
ogra_heh, nobody forced me to answer you ... enjoy :)13:57
Tassadarogra_: does adding google account in system settings -> accounts do anything? I mean, does it sync with it somehow or something like that?14:12
ogra_it does *someting* ... no idea what :P14:12
ogra_i dont think the gmail app uses it14:12
ogra_and i know for sure G+ doesnt14:13
Tassadarit wants me to log in again)14:13
ogra_it is supposed to be used by apps ... but i dont think there are many that mke use of the accounts API yet14:13
ogra_that email app is in an astonishingly good state already, wow14:14
* ogra_ is just playing around with it 14:14
Tassadaris it on the "store"?14:15
ogra_the click is at http://ubuntuone.com/4TfdZdBSpLuR7DEwn8MPc314:15
Tassadarby the way, how do you call your "app store"?14:16
ogra_udo -H -u phablet pkcon install-local /path/to/downloaded/click14:16
ogra_i call it "frank"14:16
ogra_i dont think it has a name yet :)14:16
ogra_i usually call it the click store14:17
Tassadarhuh, it's enough to type in the address and password, it'll figure out the rest by itself, nice14:20
ogra_i guess that only works if your server has the right domain14:20
ogra_i had to set it up in the detailed settings later to work properly14:21
TassadarI used gmail account14:21
ogra_it also eats cpu like crazy when syncing14:21
ogra_but for a first preview its really good14:21
Tassadaryeah, it's also not very smooth on n514:21
ogra_neither on n714:22
TassadarI guess because it has a lot of objects on the screen14:22
ogra_well, it syncs in the background14:23
* ogra_ has 30000+ mails in his Inbox alone ... about 3mio in total across all folders 14:23
Tassadarit isn't eating any cpu anymore, I think it already downloaded everything14:23
Tassadarwell, like 8% now14:23
ogra_ah, nice14:23
ogra_it goes that low for me as well and then it is actually responsive14:24
ogra_changing to another folder nearly kills it though14:24
Tassadar(keep in mind that I'm still a bit biased by Android, which made it it's goal to get stable 60fps last year)14:25
Tassadar(and has years of development behind it)14:26
ogra_well, i think we are not to far if it comes to the shell itself14:26
ogra_apps are still lagging a lot14:26
ogra_especially the browser sucks ... cant wait til the new one comes14:26
Tassadaryeah, the "homescreen" is fine, but for example calendar isn't, especially with the "yearly" view14:27
ogra_we'll switch to Qt 5,2 next week14:27
ogra_that should improve things a bit14:27
Tassadarby the way, it seems to me the landscape orientation detection is a bit too sensitive - like, it is enough to shake the phone a bit and it starts the portrait -> landscape animation already14:28
ogra_i have that on android too14:28
ogra_but you are not the first to mention it14:29
ogra_probably needs some "de-sesibilization" :)14:29
Tassadarthat's weird, the screen dims a bit when I don't touch it for a while on N5, but brightness setting does not work on N5 Oo14:32
ogra_popey, bah, when was planet ripped out of the defaults from shorts ?14:33
Tassadarhmm, powerd-cli brightness works too14:38
Tassadarindicator-power doesn't use powerd, wonder why14:48
Tassadarit tries to search for the sys file in /sys/class/backlight/, but hammerhead doesn't have any in there14:48
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popeyogra_: long time back, for 13.10 release iirc15:36
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bob__do we have any concept as to supported date for nexus 5?21:46

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