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Hornetbloody thing06:13
Hornetanyone tried to install ubuntu server from a usb stick?06:13
Hornetno luck whatever I do06:13
Hornetlet's try yet again with unetbootin this time...06:15
Hornetboth pendrive linux and linuxlive won't work with server, latter did with desktop ubu06:23
Hornetonly have one stick so can't keep messing around with isos constantly either06:23
Hornettakes ages to reset06:23
Hornetnor can I boot into desktop, then create a server usb from there06:23
Hornetwon't have it06:23
Hornetunetbootin is whiting out, looks like its installing at a rate of a meg a minute06:25
Hornetthis is going to take a bloody yea06:25
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:58
marxjohnsonAny Lovefilm/Amazon Prime subscribers had any luck getting Amazon Instant Video working with Silverlight?11:20
marxjohnsonI just get "Service Error (1002)" when I try to load a video11:20
popeymarxjohnson: i had it working once, then it broke, i fettled with various things like the user agent string and couldn' make it work again (this was netflix, but similar)12:26
marxjohnsonpopey: Hmm. I've had Lovefilm Instant working fine up to now with Pipelight and a Windows user agent (occasionally had to reinstall pipelight when they updated something), but no joy at all with Amazon yet12:27
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marxjohnsonIt doesn't block me entirely, so it accepts the user agent, just fails at actually loading a video12:34
foobarrylol @ piersmorgan13:12
foobarrywhats the ultimate image switch to do between PM and jez clarkson13:12
foobarryHornet: i dd'ed an image last week to usb for ubunt server13:28
BigRedSHornet what happens when it doesn't work?13:37
* jussi installs ubuntu touch to see how progress is going...13:57
foobarryjust tried using the overdrive plugin for calibre and my local library. hope i didn't just accidentally check out a load of books :S14:22
foobarryan excess of "for dummies" and a lack of "oreilly"14:25
nigelbHello popey15:16
daftykinshow goes it?18:08
DJonesNot bad, just back from a christening18:08
DJonesNow to get on with something useful and try to work out how to add nvidia on this laptop18:08
daftykinsoptimus tech is it?18:09
DJonesI assume so, not described as optimus, but it has both builtin intel and an nvidia 75018:10
DJones00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)18:11
DJones01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107M [GeForce GT 750M] (rev a1)18:12
daftykinsyeah that'll be it18:12
daftykinsnvidia prime for you then i guess :)18:12
DJonesThats what I thought18:13
DJonesI found a webpage with instructions last night, just trying to find it again18:14
DJoneshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics Seems right18:15
DJonesbigcalm: How did you get on with installing nvidia on your new laptop? Is that optimus or just straight nvidia18:16
daftykinsyou put 14.04 on, yeah?18:16
daftykinsi think it's meant to be a lot easier to get prime going on that18:16
DJonesNumber 4 on here seems hopefull http://www.webupd8.org/2013/10/8-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu.html18:17
daftykinslooking good :>18:19
daftykinsthere may be newer than the 319 driver by now 0o not sure if it's supported with prime though18:19
DJones60FPS with the intel driver runnning in glxgears18:20
daftykinssounds vsync capped 0o18:21
DJonesAh well, built and installed18:25
DJonesTime to reboot18:25
DJonesSee you on the other side (hopefully)18:25
DJonesAh well, rebooted ok18:28
DJonesWTH..... 18038 FPS with nvidia18:29
bigcalmDJones: things have settled down. Have been playing Portal 2 with the intel drivers without problem :)18:29
DJonesRight, nvidia seems to have installed without any issues at all18:30
DJonesJust going to try minecraft18:30
bigcalmDJones: be careful with putting the laptop into sleep while running from the nvidia drivers18:30
DJonesMight even consider installing steam now18:30
bigcalmYou might want to look at using profiles in x-settings18:30
bigcalmDJones: run intel for every day use and then switch to nvidia when you want to do something graphics intensive18:31
DJonesHow do you switch between intel & nvidia18:31
bigcalmVia profiles in x-settings18:32
DJonesminecraft is really smooth18:32
bigcalmI have to go for tea now. davmor2 will be able to help more :D18:32
DJonesGreat thanks, missed that just having a quick glance18:32
DJonesThanks for the tips18:33
DJonesI guess I should make the effort to copy my user data off my old laptop now18:33
AzelphurAccidentally washed USB stick...still works \o/18:40
penguin42nice clean bits?18:44
Azelphurindeed \o/18:45
hazrpgAzelphur: \o/18:47
daftykinsAzelphur: did you use flash detergent? \o/18:54
Azelphurhaha, bold I think xD18:54
penguin42Azelphur: Well that's 2-in-1 - perfect for data18:54
DJonesow do I stop alt-t when running irssi through ssh from terminal grabbing catching the Terminal menu, rather than changing irssi channel18:58
daftykinshrmm i only use alt+n19:01
popeyDJones: i had that recently19:01
popeyDJones: there'a a menu option in the terminal to turn off menus19:02
DJonesI changed it on my last laptop, just can't remember how to change it now19:02
popeyright click properties?19:03
popeyI use terminator these days now focus follows mouse works nicely with locally integrated menus19:03
DJonesCan't seem to find anything to set it, I thought it was in keyboard shortcuts, bu even with menu access keys disabled it makes no difference, that could be a bug though19:04
DJonesI think thats what I changed last time19:06
DJonespopey: What was that system/speed check website you mention now and again19:17
DJonesIt was a list of peoples computers that had run a script/command19:33
popeyhugos random benchmark19:33
DJonesThats it19:33
DJonesdave@Mobius:~$ time perl -e 'for($i=0;$i<1e8;$i++) { }'19:34
* penguin42 can't be bothered wiring his P90 up19:35
popeywhat cpu?19:38
DJonesi7-4700MQ @2.40 Ghz x 8 accoring to About this computer19:38
daftykinsmobile haswell quad19:39
MartijnVdS^ non-mobile haswell quad :)19:39
DJonesThats pretty dammed good19:40
MartijnVdSyeah the mobile one looks amazing19:40
Laneyperl -e 'for($i=0;$i<1e8;$i++) { }'  6.92s user 0.16s system 99% cpu 7.138 total19:41
MartijnVdSLaney: what kind of PCU?19:41
Laneycore 2 duo i think19:41
DJonesHave to say I was impressed with the ease of installation of Trusty on this machine19:41
Laneymodel name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     P8600  @ 2.40GHz19:41
MartijnVdSIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz = mine19:41
penguin42DJones: Trusty Unity is DOA in a kvm guest for me19:44
shaunoheh, I tried it on my appletv for kicks and giggles.  it's still going ..19:45
daftykinsi got 8 seconds from this VM atop a non-VT pentium dual core19:50
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bigcalmAnybody had this happen in Portal 2 on Linux? https://twitter.com/bigcalm/status/439904822347563008/photo/121:11
bigcalmEven better :) https://twitter.com/bigcalm/status/440233670402523136/photo/121:14
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