rick_h_anyone have java on their machine and can help out https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/bookie_bookmarks/-dBjgd0hLR8 ?13:43
brouschrick_h_: What does Java have to do with it?13:47
rick_h_brousch: that irc thing is java driven13:52
rick_h_did you check out the image?13:53
brouschBah, tell him to get a new client13:53
brouschYou're coddling too much if you want to troubleshoot his IRC client13:53
rick_h_so I should send the reply "your applications has been filtered...good luck"13:54
brouschIt's really not your problem, and if he can't figure out how to connect to IRC there's little chance he will make the cut13:55
brouschIdeally all GSoC applicants have enough knowledge to help, but I've found out some of them know just enough to get through their classes13:56
brouschAnd of course they consume more of your resources trying to help on the project13:57
brouschKillerCode sorted it out I see14:43
rick_h_and still can't listen. Had to tell him 3 times to use the public channel and don't PM me14:44
rick_h_can't all be winners :/14:44
rick_h_for brousch http://goldensnowglobe.com/current-top-10-snowiest-cities/15:35
rick_h_I think we're being displaced. I hardly recognize any of the names https://bmark.us/recent15:55
jrwrenits a lot of test links.16:15
jrwrenbookie123, qwerty98311, anuraag, saienthan why would you bmark google or bmark.us?16:17
rick_h_meh, it's new users trying it out16:27
rick_h_yea, have to see how many are real users vs just those doing what GSoC told them to16:27
rick_h_first thing they do is click the "add bookmark" button and manually enter a url16:27
cmaloneyMaybe that can be a project: figuring out active users. :)16:27
rick_h_heh, yea16:28
rick_h_do we know https://twitter.com/0x241 ?16:28
cmaloneyThat's ColonelPanic00116:28
ColonelPanic0010x241 is such a jerk16:29
rick_h_play hidden much?16:29
cmaloneyApparently he plays that more than Go. ;)16:29
ColonelPanic001I forgot about that. The phone hasn't been reminding me of that.16:30
* ColonelPanic001 goes to the Go site16:30
cmaloneyNo worries. :)16:30
ColonelPanic001there we go.16:31
cmaloneywoo woo!16:32
cmaloneyYeah, I usually check it once a day.16:32
ColonelPanic001not sure if train or juggalo16:32
rick_h_huh? I'm confused16:32
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: hah16:32
cmaloneywoo woo <- train or jugallo16:33
cmaloneyWhatever. :)16:33
ColonelPanic001I'm not a stickler for ICP terminology16:33
cmaloneyI get disappointed when I realize they're not metalheads.16:33
cmaloneythen I get relieved that they're not metalheads.16:34
cmaloneyLike finding out someone shares the last name but isn't related, then you're happy when you realize they're kind of a dick16:34
ColonelPanic001"oh look some black metal fans with corpsepa... wait a second"16:35
jrwrenwicked clowns gonna get you if you disrespect their terminology16:35
cmaloneyDon't care.16:36
cmaloneyI'll just explain magnetism16:36
jrwrenMAGIC you mean?16:37
ColonelPanic001miracles all up in this bitch16:38
ColonelPanic001my neighbors probably think I'm a lazy bastard. I am, but still.16:39
ColonelPanic001Everytime it snows, my wife shovels. Right now I'm sitting under a blanket on a laptop in a warm living room drinking coffee16:39
ColonelPanic001my wife is out shoveling and scraping cars16:40
cmaloneyMy wife is doing her accounting homework16:40
ColonelPanic001it's only because she says it's just a bit of exercise and actually prefers to do it, but at least one neighbor has to have thought "doesn't that guy do anything?" by now16:40
cmaloneywe've cut off the out side world16:40
ColonelPanic001cmaloney: mercy killing is the only reasonable option there.16:40
ColonelPanic001I had one accounting class, and the main thing I learned was I never wanted to do accounting again16:41
rick_h_ColonelPanic001: ++16:41
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Well, she's learned never to take it at OCC Royal Oak because the head of the department is pretty psycho when it comes to technology16:41
cmaloneythat and the whole class is online16:41
ColonelPanic001it was the third of the three "foundation classes" I took before I could start the "core" classes for an MBA. That class was the last one. It's not a coincidence16:41
jrwrenColonelPanic001: does she mow the lawn all the time too?16:42
ColonelPanic001no :(16:42
ColonelPanic001I do that one.16:42
ColonelPanic001We just bought the house in August, I'm re-learning habits I lost from apartment dwelling. like ever having to do anything outside ever.16:42
ColonelPanic0012013 was eventful. heh.16:43
rick_h_welcome to the out of doors16:43
ColonelPanic001is scary. someone turn down that light.16:43
jrwrenColonelPanic001: same here. condo to house. this was my first year shoveling since I was a teenager.16:43
ColonelPanic001I don't mind shoveling much, it's the lawn stuff. and fixing stuff. and everything else.16:44
jrwreni'm moderately handy. who knew?! :)16:44
ColonelPanic001I... am less handy. So far anyway.16:44
ColonelPanic001learning as I go.16:44
ColonelPanic001for example, now I know how to hire a company to replace a roof. There's something I'll need to do all the time.16:45
cmaloneyNah, get out there with hammers, nails, and shingles and do a little dance up there. :)16:46
ColonelPanic001I have to climb up there as it is and pop a piece of siding back in place, it's sticking out a little. I suspect my wife expects this to be certain death16:47
ColonelPanic001to be fair, I have the balance and grace of a drunken fish out of water16:48
ColonelPanic001but still. bad enough16:48
jrwrenColonelPanic001: lol, I'd not tackle a roof. that does not make you not handy17:12
rick_h_I'm not going to be doing my own roof any time soon but I think I'm partially handy17:14
ColonelPanic001I can snake a drain.17:14
rick_h_just have to do some faucets, outlets, light fixtures, etc. All good17:14
ColonelPanic001oh, and I did replace and wire an exhaust fan in the bathroom. took me all day but I didn't electrocute myself, so that's good17:15
ColonelPanic001I was holding onto the ground wire, literally, when I heard a crash of thunder though. heh17:15
jrwrencan you rebuild a toilet? want to come do mine?17:16
jrwrenelectrocuting yourself isn't bad. I did it all the time when replacing outlets with the power on :)17:17
rick_h_:) same here17:17
rick_h_freaks my wife out but it's a good buzz17:17
ColonelPanic001I cannot replace a toilet. or at least, haven't done it yet17:19
ColonelPanic001I can't even get in mine. the counter is all one piece, and goes over it. I have no idea why someone thought that would work out17:19
ColonelPanic001so I can't even get the top to seat on top again. ugh17:20
rick_h_yea, I had mine replaced but mainly because it wasn't that much to have them do it and they took care of disposal of the old one17:21
ColonelPanic001disposal? I figured it'd be a chair.17:21
rick_h_lol, needed another reading chair in the library!17:21
ColonelPanic001use the tank as a beer cooler17:27
jrwreni wrote a book review: http://jrwren.wrenfam.com/blog/2014/03/02/book-review-beaglebone-robotics-projects/18:23
jrwrenomg, i just moved snow and over did it. my lungs hurt for a bit there.18:24
jrwrenthis snow isn't even that heavy18:24
jrwreni guess I'm outta shape18:39
jrwreni need muh bike!!!18:39

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