SCR1845-6357APleasant night to all southafricans, regardless their operating system00:42
SCR1845-6357AI have read about the existence of a weird distro called "apartheid linux"00:43
SCR1845-6357Abased on ubuntu, and seemingly identical in all senses except some far-right decoration...00:44
SCR1845-6357Anever tried it myself, though00:45
Private_Usergood night SCR1845-6357A00:52
SCR1845-6357Agoodnight to you too, Private_User01:10
Kilosmorning superfly not_found et al10:37
Kilosoh sorry afternoon10:37
Kiloscant believe they have banned grenadillas as an alien plant in za10:38
theblazehenHey Kilos 10:39
Kiloshi theblazehen 10:39
charl_hi Kilos 11:02
charl_hi theblazehen 11:02
charl_Maaz: coffee on11:02
* Maaz puts the kettle on11:02
theblazehenhey charl_ 11:02
Kiloshi charl_ 11:02
KilosMaaz coffee please11:03
MaazKilos: Sure11:03
KilosMaaz rusks please11:03
Maazbehind the calender on top of the fridge, but dont tell everyone Kilos11:03
KilosMaaz ty11:03
MaazYou are welcome Kilos11:03
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!11:06
Golynxhi Kilos 11:13
Golynxhi charl_11:13
Golynxhi theblazehen11:13
Golynxhi not_found11:13
Golynxhi Maaz11:13
theblazehenhi Golynx 11:13
* Golynx agrees with Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko "MTN, Vodacom is standing in the way of SA's future" http://techcentral.co.za/mtn-vodacom-standing-in-way-of-sas-future/46705/11:22
not_foundand Telkom isn't?! >.<11:22
theblazehennot_found, lol11:23
Kilostelkom is much cheaper not_found 11:24
Golynxnot_found: that maybe true in the fixed line arena, but its about mobile that reaches many more people in the country11:24
not_foundat least there is the possibility for competition in the mobile area... but it is still ironical for Telkom to make statements like that..11:25
Golynxnot_found: Telkom wants payback of its R50 billion it had to subsidise MTN and Vodacom since 1994. 11:38
Kilosyay maybe theyll drop 8ta data even more11:39
GolynxKilos that will happen , how soon ? depends on the court case of MTN and Vodacom has against Icasa11:43
Kilosthey big money okes so it can hang in courts for ages11:44
Golynxya true11:46
Golynxbut even them agree that mobile tarrifs must come down, but they want it to come down slowly at their pace11:46
Kilosthey want it cheap from telkom but dont want to lower their price to comsumers11:48
Golynxya , its hard to get out of any kind of comfort zone, even for the big babies lol11:50
Kilosyou cant live in a mansion and drive the latest merc and live on peanuts11:51
Golynxthey have to ditch the expensive peanuts for the cheaper ones 11:53
Kiloswho wanted to root a tablet here the other day?12:02
Kilosjust got a mail with instructions12:02
Private_Userafternoon all12:22
Kiloshi Private_User 12:22
Private_Userhi Kilos12:27
charl_hi Private_User 12:45
charl_hi Golynx 12:45
Private_Userhey charl_12:51
not_foundberoot, reboot12:57
not_foundevery make of tablet / phone may have a slightly different method of rooting...12:58
not_foundso if it was for the right device it would be all good :)13:01
charl_beetroot ?13:03
charl_sounds delicious !13:03
Private_Userwith a side of steak or roast?13:04
charl_i'm getting hungry now13:08
theblazehencharl_, I just had a nice lunch :)13:08
theblazehen2 toasted sandwiches, 3 slices of bread each, cheese + mayo13:09
Golynxcan Maaz cook ?13:12
Kiloswe tried once to teach and ibid. but that is only possible for python experts13:13
Kilosan ibid13:13
Private_Usermaybe its a good thing, virtual food may make us even more hungry13:13
Kiloshey kbmonkey you not away13:13
Kilosjust lurking13:14
kbmonkeytrying to figure out update-alternatives here13:17
Kilosmy monkey dont pull the lurker stunts you gotta greet13:17
kbmonkeyalways forget the command13:17
Kiloswhat you wanna update13:17
kbmonkeyit is hot today Kilos 13:17
Kiloscold here13:17
Kilosand wet13:18
Kilosdrizzled all night13:18
Kiloswbb later14:09
kbmonkeyback, phone net was too slow14:19
Golynxhey SCR1845-6357A16:25
SCR1845-6357Ahello Golynx16:25
Golynxhow is my fav password doing today16:26
SCR1845-6357Areally fine16:26
Golynxah that always good to hear :)16:26
SCR1845-6357AI hope the same applies to you16:26
Kiloshaha hi SCR1845-6357A 16:26
SCR1845-6357Ahi Kilos!16:27
Golynxsure always got to keep the shiney side up :)16:27
SCR1845-6357Aglad to know that!16:27
kbmonkeyhe he hello16:33
Kilosstuttering my mon?16:34
Kilosmonkey too16:34
Kilosinetpro ping16:35
Kilosohi superfly 16:35
SCR1845-6357Asuperfly... isn't a curties mayfield album or somethin?16:36
SCR1845-6357Ai like curtis16:36
SCR1845-6357Aand the 70s in general16:37
SCR1845-6357Ahey, is there good music stores left in jozi?16:40
SCR1845-6357AKilos, do you know any?16:40
Kilosnope i dont go anywhere16:40
Kilosall music is online now16:40
SCR1845-6357Abut man, nothing like the pleasure of a old vinyl of your most loved albums16:41
Kilosi only listen to old time music16:41
KilosSCR1845-6357A you been here?16:46
SCR1845-6357Abut would like to one day16:47
Kilosi wondered about you asking about music stores in jozi16:47
Kilosjozi has everything16:48
Kilosthe fly is in capetown16:48
Kilosthey have everything too16:48
Kilosexcept money16:48
SCR1845-6357Awell, as far as I know jozi no longer has many of the things it once had16:48
SCR1845-6357Aso that's why I asked it16:48
SCR1845-6357Awhere are you from?16:49
Kilosim from pretoria and durban16:50
Kiloshi not_found 16:53
kbmonkeyhi not_found 17:14
kbmonkeyare you the third boolean state?17:14
Golynxhi kbmonkey 17:15
Golynxwb not_found17:15
not_foundthanks all17:16
kbmonkeyhi Golynx 17:16
* not_found watches some Smite... the one game that I can't get to work outside windows no matter what :'(17:16
kbmonkeyI am about to make dinner before it is too late17:17
Golynxnot_found: sad to hear hey17:17
not_foundif I didn't suck so bad at the game it would keep me on windows...17:17
Golynxi mis Tricky Truck on windows, used to be in the top 3 on most of those tracks17:17
not_foundtourney starting in 3 minutes17:18
Private_Userevening people17:24
Kiloshi Private_User 17:24
Private_Userhey Kilos17:25
Kiloshey Private_User have you worked on thew desktop pc yet?17:25
Private_UserI have been reading above see you were also from Durban, originally or just lived there for a few years?17:26
Kiloslazy man17:26
Kilosi went there just before i was 21 and left about 25 years later17:26
Kilosbut left natal that is17:27
Kilosspent time inmaritzburg and utrecht17:27
Kilosabout 20 years in toti working in durbs17:27
Private_Userlol yeah I am, was actually gonna try the vacuum but after the news I heard this morning I forgot all about it will make sure I do it tomorrow17:28
Private_Userok cool stuff Kilos17:28
Private_Userbut were were born and grew up in GP17:28
Kilosborn in pta17:28
Private_UserI am also a KZN boy born and grew up here then moved up to GP lived there for almost 10years before times got hard and I had to move back home17:29
Kilosoh you in durbs now?17:30
Private_Userbeen back now almost 2 years17:30
Kilosnuvo and vince are also there17:30
Kilosand lots of the dbnlug peeps17:31
Kilosoh and the monkey too17:31
Private_Userah cool stuff17:31
Kilosare you on our mailing list17:31
Private_Useryeah my nick is on the mailing list :)17:32
Kilosthere are other guys with labs and things there17:32
Kilosi forget names now will inform as memory serves17:33
Kilosthey got groups17:33
Private_Userok cool will have to register myself on there so I can get invlolved17:33
Kilosvery clever linux peeps down there17:35
Private_Usermiss GP a little though many friends there and also my sisters are there as well but my consolation is getting to wake up everyday and get a great view and whiff of that beautiful sea and its breeze and also spending time with the folks17:37
Kilosi miss the sea17:38
Kiloswas a lifesaver at warnerdoone for 3 years17:38
Private_Userlekker always wondered what its like to be a life saver on a full time bases. Must be a great job, getting paid to swim and have fun on the beach17:40
Private_Usercause majority of the week the beach isn't that full17:40
Private_Useronly weekends, holidays17:40
Private_Userand public holidays17:40
Kilosyeah i did it weekends and leave time17:41
Private_Userwarnerdoone? is that like in the South Coast?17:41
Kilosin toti for my leave everyyear17:41
Private_Userok cool17:41
Kiloswarner beach club ya17:41
Kiloslekker in hols , all the holiday chicks17:42
Private_UserI bet17:43
Kiloshi captine wb18:00
captinehi Kilos 18:00
captineHow you doing18:00
Kilosgood ty and you?18:01
Kilosim smiling, running 12.04 64bit18:01
captinedoing good. 18:01
Kiloslekker fast18:01
captine12.04.  nice. last night I managed to get 13.10 installed on macbook18:01
captinevery happy18:01
captinelove the keyboard on this machine18:02
Kilosyeah only prob is the support is only for 6 months18:02
captineI will wipe it with 14.04 when released.  13.10 supports my macbook much better18:02
captineper the wiki18:03
Kilos14.04 is out in 2 months then you can upgrade and get 3 years support18:03
captineam looking forward to it.  Really liked 12.0418:03
captinehad tried arch linux which was fun, but like the quick install and little effort to get a good looking machine with ubuntu18:03
Kiloslts is lekker it gives next lts time to stabilise before support drops18:03
Kilosyeah installs are getting quicker18:04
captinewas actually wanting to try PC-BSD10 but struggle to get it installed on my acer18:04
Kilosonly hold up nowadays is the upgrading via internet18:04
captinetrue that18:05
captineI managed to mirror almost all the 12.04 64bit repo's to make vm installs etc faster, but still need to get it working properly18:05
captinehate waiting for downloads18:05
Kilosthats why its good to save downloaded packages then if you need to install again you have them on hand18:05
captinedo you watch the linux action show at all?18:05
Kilosmirrored where?18:06
captinemirrored it on a home vm18:06
captineon my lan18:06
Kilosi rsync everything to an external18:06
Kilosn pe i dont watch shows18:08
Kilosdata dont allow vids etc18:08
captineI hate the cost of data here18:10
captineanyhow.  what can you do18:10
Kilosyeah but getting better with telkom mobile18:10
Private_Usernot too bad on cell c captine check CellC giga packages18:15
Private_Userprepaid data options18:15
Kiloshi Proxima_Centauri 18:20
Golynxhi Proxima_Centauri 18:21
Golynxhi Proxima_Centauri 18:21
captinePrivate_User, thanks.  Am on Cybersmart 70 gig during day and 1000 from midnight till 718:21
captineor something like that18:21
Golynxmy second fav star18:21
captineon ADSL18:22
Private_Useroh wow, whats the cost of that?18:23
captineon a 10meg18:24
Private_Userthat is not too bad is there any additional costs or catches? is the data renewed monthly?18:26
captineR544 per month for 20gig + line and then 99 extra for the additional 50gig + 1000 night gigs18:28
captineafrihost may be cheaper.  but I have been with cybersmart for many years and like their support18:28
Private_Userok and the data is renewed every month?18:29
Golynxthats like data for the gods wow18:31
Golynxhi captine18:31
Kilosthats adsl captine ?18:32
captineyes renewed each month18:32
captineyip.  adsl18:32
Kilosus on farms dont have telkom lines18:32
captineso must pay trelkom for the voice portion18:32
captineKilos, i would give up adsl to have a nice farm ;-)18:33
Golynxis fibre expensive, or are they just slow in rolling it out in SA18:33
superflyfibre is hectically expensive18:34
theblazehenHow Long is a chinese guy18:34
superflybut, if you can afford it, the ROI is brilliant18:34
Golynxhi superfly18:34
superflytheblazehen: is his brother's name "So Long"?18:34
theblazehensuperfly, lol, nope18:35
Golynxoh wow so its really that expensive to produce some light carrying tubes18:35
Kilosnope the cost is not in the production18:35
superflyGolynx: it's actully quite expensive to manufacture, and then it can be more maintenance than copper18:36
captinecybersmart offer 100mbps fibre uncapped in rosebank  for R10 000 per month18:36
superflybut, the long term benefits and better - fibre is worth nothing, compared to copper18:36
superflycaptine: considering I pay around R1000/month for 10Mbps, that's actually pretty much the same cost18:37
Golynxah i didnt know fibre were such high maintenance18:37
Golynxbut alot of stuff goes in there18:37
superflythey both translate down to R100 per Mbps18:38
superflyGolynx: they also have to redo their infrastructure. it's all based around copper right now18:38
Golynxoh that makes sense, thanks superfly18:39
captinesuperfly, yip.  it might be comparable in terms of price per mbps, however, it is a lot of cash for a home user to pay18:40
superflycaptine: absolutely18:41
superflyhence why I said it's well priced, but that doesn't mean that I can afford it! :-D18:41
captinenot a bad price though if a complex bought it and split it through 30 units or more.18:42
captinebut that is probably against terms and conditions18:42
superflycertainly if you're on cybersmart18:42
superflyI might know the MD, but that doesn't mean I agree with their T's & C's :-)18:42
captineI must say, i didnt like some of their terms around using only them etc way back, but can understand it in terms of reducing their cost base on support etc18:44
* Golynx likes the irc logs19:02
Kilostoo much to read19:03
Golynxyou find some interesting info there :)19:03
Golynxyeah but fun19:04
Kilosinetpro ping20:25
Kilosspose he is sleeping already20:26
Golynxyeah almost everyone got a long Monday tomorrow20:29
Kilosyeah shame20:29
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. see ya morrow time20:53

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