usr13SergeyServer: Did you install build-essential ?00:01
SergeyServerhow can I move back directories00:02
SergeyServerfrom dir/dir2/dir3/dirx to dir/00:02
usr13SergeyServer: sudo apt-get install libgmp3-dev  #Did you do that yet?00:03
SergeyServerofc I did00:03
c|onemanhow can you choose a different desktop environment on a headless server that I connect to with VNC? I think I'm using lightDM as the manager, I'd like to switch between KDE and gnome and unity, how should I go about this?00:03
SergeyServerI installed that thingy that I needed00:04
SergeyServernow I need to install other00:04
SergeyServerand to do so, I need to get to other path00:04
c|onemanAs things are now It autoboots to unity, and if I logout I can't choose other options00:04
SergeyServercd /usr /src/ghost/stormlib/storlib/00:04
INR_Universec|oneman: Have you considered launching your X by command line?00:04
usr13SergeyServer: Did you install libbz2-dev ?00:05
c|onemanI have not00:05
c|onemanI don't know now how, I think vncserver creates it for me if that makes sense?00:05
DextralusCould anyone give me a quick tutorial on how to implement this (http://askubuntu.com/a/363940) from recovery mode?00:05
SergeyServerusr13 yes I did00:05
SergeyServerusr13 no I didnt00:06
SergeyServer just tell me how to go back00:06
SeveasDextralus: all those commands should work in recovery mode00:06
DextralusSeveas: That is good to know; however, I have not used recovery mode before >.>00:07
INR_Universec|oneman: I don't think so. You connect to the X server, not create a X server on your own.00:07
SergeyServerk plz see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7019145/ what do I have to install now?00:07
DextralusI do not have the implied level of knowledge and comfort for the solution. Should I go to "failsafeX" and go to terminal from there?00:08
SeveasSergeyServer: libbz2-dev00:08
SeveasDextralus: recovery mode is a boot option you can choose from the boot menu just before the ubuntu logo appears. It doesn't launch a gui, just a terminal00:09
SergeyServerE: Invalid operation libbz2-dev00:09
SeveasSergeyServer: you missed the word 'install' in the command :)00:09
SergeyServerthis linux :D00:09
SergeyServerI love it00:09
INR_Universec|oneman: Even on a headless computer the X server should be started in order to allow VNC to work.00:09
SergeyServerbnet.cpp:39:32: fatal error: boost/filesystem.hpp: No such file or directory00:11
SergeyServercompilation terminated.00:11
Dextralustrying to load in failsafeX says no screen found! How interesting00:11
SeveasSergeyServer: libboost-filesystem-dev00:11
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
SergeyServerfull mistake http://paste.ubuntu.com/7019160/00:11
SergeyServerok sec00:11
SergeyServerthe more we do the bigger errors, lol http://paste.ubuntu.com/7019171/00:13
arch_rulesthe arch way...hehe00:13
arch_rulesEVEN THOUGH i like kubuntu and xubuntu00:13
Seveas!ot | arch_rules00:13
ubottuarch_rules: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:13
usr13SergeyServer: ls -l |pastebinit00:14
arch_rulessorry bout that00:14
SergeyServerls -l |pastebinit00:14
usr13SergeyServer: You need to do this in /home/00:14
SergeyServerwhat does that mean?00:14
arch_rulesi do like xubuntu and kubuntu. i did say.00:14
SeveasSergeyServer: ok, you're out of luck, you need a specific version of boost and you'll need to ask the people who wrote the thing you're installing which one00:14
SergeyServerlike that thingy?00:14
Seveasno, the library you just installed00:15
Seveasthere are a few incompatible versions, ask the developers of that thing you're installing which one you need00:15
SergeyServerit requires libboost-dev, libboost-system-dev, libboost-thread-dev, libboost-filesystem-dev00:15
SergeyServerdo I install all them like sudo apt get00:16
usr13SergeyServer: Start over and do it in a /home/user-name-here/directory.00:16
usr13SergeyServer: Yes00:16
SeveasI'm calling it quits, you're in far over your head and keep not listening.00:16
indersup guys00:16
usr13Seveas: I don't blame you.00:16
inderi switched to ubuntu after using linux mint for a year00:17
usr13SergeyServer: We assume you'd installed all the dependencies first.00:17
inderand im loving it :)00:17
usr13inder: Welcome home :)00:17
mannnnnyI cant seem to play a dvd in vlc, I am fairly new to this and i tried following a tutorial, to no avail.00:17
inderhahha thanks usr13 , this just seems like a more professional experience00:17
usr13!dvd | mannnnny00:17
ubottumannnnny: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:17
usr13inder: It is.00:18
SergeyServerto be honest I got no idea what im doing know, in windows its all different00:18
inderand i know people hate unity, but thats a big reason why i came here00:18
mannnnnythank you a million-fold usr1300:18
SergeyServerstill error..........00:18
usr13inder: Yea, unity is not bad.  It's pretty nice really.00:18
usr13inder: But the Desktop Environment is a user preference.00:19
SergeyServerwell I got idea00:19
inderi started with 12.04, and i had too many issues so i went to mint00:19
inderim on 13.10 now and it feels good00:19
usr13SergeyServer: When you compile from source, do configure and make as user, only switch to admin for make install00:20
indersaw this thread the other day about people giving other people crap about using ubuntu/mint for being too easy00:20
usr13SergeyServer: And do it in your /home/dir00:20
usr13SergeyServer: Start over,00:20
inderand then this guy was like, "basically they want u to use gentoo or something where nothing works including your wifi coz that makes you hardcore haha"00:20
SergeyServerI wont do anything in my home dir00:20
SergeyServerI got found new guide00:21
SergeyServerits in usr...00:21
usr13SergeyServer: Then we will *not* help you.00:21
SergeyServerI dont know00:21
SergeyServerhow to make it00:21
SergeyServerin user00:21
usr13SergeyServer: Sorry....00:21
SergeyServersorry too but if you tell me how to do it00:21
SergeyServerthen I'll do it00:21
usr13SergeyServer: Sorry....  but we tried to help you, but you refuse to do as we instructed.00:22
SergeyServertell me how to navigate to Home/WE-TrollBot00:23
usr13SergeyServer: cd00:23
SergeyServerI moved all there00:23
SergeyServertell me exact command plz00:23
SergeyServerbash: cd: /home/we-trollbot/: No such file or directory00:23
usr13tar xvf <file.name-here>00:24
staticwarphello again guys, i just installed lubuntu 13.10 on my pentium 4 3ghz 512 mb ram pc. when i boot up, the spalsh screen appears and the little dots start doing their thing, then i get a message below the lubuntu logo: "the disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present." if i hit S to skip at the right time, lubuntu boots up and everything is fine, otherwise it freezes at the boot screen and i have to restart00:24
staticwarpany suggestions or ideas for this? :)00:24
SergeyServerwhat cd00:25
usr13SergeyServer: What did you download, (Give me the file name).00:25
usr13SergeyServer: Type   cd    hit Enter key.00:25
daftykinsstaticwarp: on a system already lacking in RAM, using encryption too is not going to give you a good time00:25
usr13SergeyServer: Where is the tarball you downloaded?  Is it in ~/Documents ?00:26
usr13SergeyServer: Where is the tarball you downloaded?  Is it in ~/Download ?00:26
SergeyServerI dont understand00:26
SergeyServerI just want to die00:27
arch_ruleswould lubuntu work on a pentium 3 t00:27
staticwarpdaftykins: ah, so i should have skipped the encryption bit during install. any way to disable it once lubuntu has booted? actually now the coputer has locked up. maybe this just isn't going to work :/00:27
usr13SergeyServer: The file you downloaded.  Where is it?00:27
arch_rulesat 823 mhz and 256mb ram?00:27
SergeyServerthe problem is00:27
SergeyServerI wanted to install already compiled version00:27
SergeyServernot install, but to run00:27
usr13SergeyServer: So install it.00:27
setrahid, how can I set the .Xautority path in ubuntu, since the ssh user does not have create rights in ~00:28
usr13setra: What?00:28
SergeyServerhow to delete ghost folder00:29
SergeyServerin usr/src00:29
setrausr13: i need to ssh in. but the user does not have rights in ~, only in ~/private00:29
usr13rm -rf ghost/00:29
usr13setra: What user name are you ssh'ing in as?00:30
usr13setra: And what exactly are you trying to do?00:30
SergeyServerthat command does nothing00:30
usr13SergeyServer: pwd00:30
usr13SergeyServer: (Where are you?)00:30
SergeyServerin Ukraine?00:30
SergeyServerat home?00:31
usr13SergeyServer: What directory are you in, (on your computer)?00:31
usr13SergeyServer: pwd00:31
SergeyServerin here00:31
setraI ssh into a server it works -> I'm in ~ of shelluser A. But the directory is owned by root. only the directory ~/private is owned by A and can do in there what he wants00:32
SergeyServerhow can I navigate to home/we-trollbot folder00:34
SergeyServerin terminal???00:34
setranow I try to ssh in with -X in -> therefore it tried to create .Xauthority but A can't since he doesen't have rights to create anything since it is owned by root. Either I can set XAuthority to be created in ~/private or ..00:35
setraI make Xauthority create it regardless of rights...00:36
michaelI need some help with lightdm00:37
=== michael is now known as Guest94566
setraI already tried to modify .profile and it works but only after I logged in00:37
SergeyServerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7019250/ why???00:38
SunkSullenJust bought Lenovo and want to run Win8.1 and also Ubuntu....WIth UEFI what is the best method as for using both OS's on one drive?00:38
Guest94566Hey guys, I'm having an issue with lightdm, whenever Im at the login screen all I get is a black screen, however I can still login by just typing my password in and hitting enter00:39
Guest94566is there a way to fix this?00:39
setraSunkSullen, try Gummiboot00:40
c|onemanINR_Universe: I had to change the ~/.vnc/xstartup file , which has a line "gnome-session ~Vsession=gnome-classic &" which needed to be changed to "startkde &"00:40
rannongahi carlos_00:41
setrahi carlows00:41
SergeyServerei ei00:41
SergeyServerplz tell me how to navigate there00:41
SergeyServerit's all I need00:41
SergeyServerto navigate to my bot folder00:41
carlos_i have one question00:41
SunkSullensetra: k I'll check it out thanks00:42
Danielc1234how would I set ubuntu to default to UTF-8 unicode?00:42
rannongacarlos_: just ask your question00:42
carlos_it's possible the packettracer by cisco is incompatible with ubuntu 14:04?00:42
rannongacarlos_: join #ubuntu+100:43
carlos_in this channel?00:43
setraanybody on the .Xauthority problem?00:44
carlos_i read no much , but packettracer needs ia32libs00:45
SergeyServerok you're tired of me and wont help anymore, right guys?00:46
carlos_but when i install this packet i can't because the packet don't have candidate to install in ubuntu 14.0400:46
rannongaSergeyServer: what happens when you try to go to it?00:46
SunkSullenSO gummiboot is the standard for Ubuntu with UEFI now?00:47
SunkSullenso I can still keep lame Windows 800:47
=== test is now known as Guest5478
setraSunkSullen, Gummiboot is a possibility to boot uefi with anything... ubuntu, osx, windoof etc...00:48
SunkSullenhmmm I wonder if buying another HD and using that only for Ubuntu would do the trick00:48
SunkSullensetra: so its a boot loader just like Grub and Lilo?00:48
setraSunkSullen, no it uses UEFI space and loads before... so Grub can be selected to be used00:49
=== Zachary_DuBois|A is now known as Zachary_DuBois
setraok  guys can we discuss where to set the path for .Xauthority file when using ssh -X00:54
SunkSullensetra: So its unopened box....I assume I setup win 8 and then I can set up Gumiboot?00:54
MrSmurfingAll my proxmox containers seem to have suddenly stopped being able to update, via apt-get or yum. Yet I can still ping archive.ubuntu.com etc from them. Any ideas? I did change the IPs on each container recently so it may be something to do with that.01:00
MrSmurfingWait, I think I know where it might be being blocked.01:01
gustavohey guys, can someone help me to write a script to compile and run my C code on gedit ?01:11
daftykinsthat wouldn't count as ubuntu support, no01:11
freeroutehi, so I'm probably doing something really stupid but, I'm trying to install a software package from backports (I'm on precise, 12.04 I think it is), but when I do aptitude show weechat/precise-backports I get the error : Unable to find an archive "precise-backports" for the package "weechat"01:16
freerouteI do have precise backports in my sources.lst, but I'm not sure how I can install stuff from it01:17
Daekdroomfreeroute, there wasn't any backported weechat update for precise (or any other ubuntu version, for that matter)01:19
=== anonymous is now known as Guest78894
freerouteDaekdroom: oh, so that means there is no later version of weechat in any of the official PPA's other than 0.3.7-1 ?01:20
freeroute(which seems to be the latest in 12.04)01:20
Daekdroomfreeroute, the development version of Ubuntu has 0.4.2, for an example. There might be a PPA (unofficial or official, idk) for a newer version for precise01:21
freerouteDaekdroom: thanks, I guess I'll just wait for 14.04 to come out then :)01:22
Daekdroomfreeroute, I found this weechat PPA, btw https://launchpad.net/~nesthib/+archive/weechat-stable01:22
DaekdroomBut then there's this warning:01:22
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:22
freerouteindeed, I think waiting for 14.04 will save me a lot of headache01:23
nesthibfreeroute: my weechat ppa is officially supported by weechat, it comes in two flavors stable (long-term) or regular for the latest git01:26
LinuxPCHello, I am just a few weeks away from taking my Certification exam on all Windows, MAC and Linux OS'es. Anyone know where I can get some extra study material for Linux exams?01:27
nesthibpackages in ubuntu's repositories are quite old and weechat development it too fast for ubuntu to catch up01:27
freeroutenesthib: oh nice to see a PPA maintainer here :)01:29
freeroutedoes it require a lot of effort to compile weechat btw?01:29
nesthibno, you can even setup your own ppa01:29
freeroutealso, if I choose the latest git version, would I also receive the security updates?01:30
nesthibI update weechat PPA for every commit of the git01:30
CorvetteIsn't Ubuntu so secure that if you should decide never ever to update it you'll still be fine?01:30
nesthiband I update weechat-stable PPA for each major version + security updates in case of vulnerability01:31
freerouteCorvette: I would definitely recommend updating, as updates carry security updates with them01:31
DaekdroomCorvette, nope, but that isn't recommended for any OS either.01:31
nesthibso yes, the git PPA is definitely the most up to date (updates and bug fix almost every day)01:31
AOssiok so i need to install java but every time i google it i get so many ways that just seem too conflicting with the others. what is the correct terminal code to get java01:31
Corvettefreeroute I have always been an avid updater but lately I find that updating only makes things not work01:31
=== AOssi is now known as Aossi
attraperevesI am having a problem where my network connection seems to die. When I try to ping a site, nothing happens. Running ifconfig shows an IP address. It always happens when running torrents.01:32
freeroutehmm, Corvette, you bring a valid point. nesthib, did you experience breakage with the weechat git version?01:32
freeroute(because of frequent updates) ?01:32
DextralusHello, would anyone be willing to help me diagnose a problem with my wireless connectivity?01:33
DextralusSolved the black screen but now I have a different issue entirely.01:33
freerouteattrapereves: is it wifi? if so, try on wired network and see if you have the same issue.01:33
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Zachary_DuBois|A
CorvetteFor instance I know that when I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my machine everything worked flawlessly. And then as time went on and I did more and more updates, progressively less things worked01:33
attraperevesfreeroute, nope, wired.01:33
nesthibno freeroute, the git version is very stable, the dev publishes only tested code01:33
attraperevesfreeroute, I've tried unplugging and replugging the ethernet cable to no avail.01:33
CorvetteSo I speculate that my computing experience would be better if I just turned off the update checker01:34
Dextraluser, nevermind. most basic problem of all. wrong password01:34
nesthibI can't say I will never happen, but I'm using the git version on a daily basis with tons of functionalities and I have no issue01:34
nesthibCorvette: if you initially have a problem, maybe updates are not the solution, and you still need to fix something else ;)01:35
freerouteCorvette: I too have experienced the breakages, but they are all limited to Chromium release mostly (I also have 12.04). Although I'm running Elementary OS, not sure if that puts me in a different position though.01:35
nesthibupdates are not magically fixing problems01:35
Corvettenesthib that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying if initially you have no problems, then why update when you run the risk of creating problems01:36
Corvettedon't fix what's not broken01:36
nesthibto have new functionnalities? to fix vulnerabilities? to fix bugs you were not aware of?01:36
CorvetteYes we would all love to have the latest functionalities and less vulnerabilities but I feel that in our ambitions for such relatively menial things we often sacrifice real, important features01:37
nesthibotherwise I agree, it's not always needed to use the bleeding edge version of every software ;)01:38
MrsDallowayI'd like to know which player is the one you would recommend for someone totally new to ubuntu01:38
Bending_Spoonshi everyone01:38
CorvetteMrsDalloway I recommend Banshee it is very akin to iTunes01:39
MrsDallowayThank you :)01:39
Bending_SpoonsIs anyone in here on the security team?01:39
nesthibMrsDalloway: if you want a GUI, I like Clementine01:40
MrsDallowayThanks again I'm trying for the second time I appreciate the answers I'll google both01:40
nesthibactually, it really depends on what you need something simple of more powerful ;)01:40
mint12tried to upgrade ubuntu studio from 13.04 to 13.10 but know I am froze at start up01:42
sudormrfhey guys!  is there a quick and easy way for me to block a bunch of spammer IP addresses?01:42
mint12any ideas on how to resolve this?01:43
freeroutenesthib: I just installed your PPA, I'll brb with the latest weechat version :)01:44
freerouteany idea how to re-connect to the channels I was already in btw?01:44
nesthibfreeroute: you don't have to quit weechat for the upgrade01:44
nesthibyou can update the packages, and then, from weechat do /upgrade01:45
freeroutewow nice01:45
nesthibto save the list → /layout save01:45
=== le is now known as freeroute
freerouteawesome :D01:46
nesthibfreeroute: I was about to say that it will close the SSL connexion though ;)01:47
freeroutelol no worries, I just reconnected to port 7000 automatically01:47
nesthibif you have more questions, I recommend joining #weechat01:47
freeroutealready there :p01:48
freerouteand now it's time to download some cool plugins01:48
nesthibalso have a look at the changelog, there's a huge number of changes since your old version ;)01:48
antiniousI have made my first install on an amazon ec2 server of ubuntu 13.10. I have installed apache2 php mysql owncloud ecc and i have also installed and configured modsecurity. After the installation of modsecurity i get Forbidden even on port 80 apache01:52
antiniousis there anything i should do?01:52
pooyaany idea about this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=190667401:53
pooyarunning Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and seems like unatteneded-updates is not really running periodically01:53
pooyaalso reported here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/263692/unattended-upgrades-not-running-etc-cron-daily-apt-missing01:54
menturiHello. I can run `python` and `python3` in terminal to start two different versions of python. Is there a way to check if I have other versions installed (or a list of them maybe?)?01:54
sudormrfhey guys, what is the best spam/blacklisted ip blocker? it looks like it was moblock, but that is no longer developed and then that became pgl, but it looks like that is defunct01:54
miksanyone know how to get sublime text to run on an arm processor01:55
miksrunning ubuntu unity01:55
digerati_kudos for getting unity to even run on arm01:55
digerati_i didnt know that was even possible01:55
BillyZanei got a problem with my internet. i don't know if it's ubuntu, but i my internet connection appears to disconnect for 3-5 seconds every minute or so01:56
digerati_BillyZane: can you ping a target for 5 minutes and record the output to pastbin?01:56
BillyZanehow do i do that?01:57
BillyZaneis there a way to keep pinging something with a program?01:57
digerati_in terminal, type ping <address>01:57
miksyes,, on a chromebook.. you can runuity01:57
miksolder version though,.. 1201:57
digerati_miks: you're on a chromebook?01:57
BillyZanewhat address should i pick01:57
digerati_BillyZane: iirc yahoo replies to ICMP01:57
digerati_miks: jealous01:57
BillyZaneok it's pinging01:58
digerati_BillyZane: are you getting replies?01:58
BillyZaneok i recorded the lag spike01:58
BillyZanei caught 2 even01:58
digerati_pastebin the output and link it here01:59
digerati_yeah anything 500+ is bad01:59
BillyZanei got over 500001:59
digerati_i noticed01:59
UBUNTUMAN6hi guys i just got ubuntu02:00
BillyZaneit's fine, it's fine... then suddenly. crazy ping02:00
UBUNTUMAN6i was wondering if someone could help with aircrack02:00
digerati_welcome to the darkside UBUNTUMAN6 :)02:00
UBUNTUMAN6i was here earlier but got disconnected :D02:00
mikssounds like a server error,. timeout..02:00
UBUNTUMAN6im using a linksys600n v1 adapter02:00
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: you should grab backtrak instead of ubunut for wireless pentesting02:00
digerati_it comes already setup "out of the box"02:00
UBUNTUMAN6and im not sure what drivers to get, apparently its got a ralink chipset02:00
digerati_run it from USB or something02:00
digerati_if you're new to linux, patching drivers is going to be a pain02:01
digerati_just grab the distro thats made for what you're doing02:01
UBUNTUMAN6digerati: ubunut?02:01
UBUNTUMAN6oh you mean the distro backtrack?02:01
UBUNTUMAN6i mean aircrack seems pretty simple tho :/02:01
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
digerati_i patched my drivers way back when02:01
digerati_i was new too02:01
UBUNTUMAN6ive gotten pretty far, just unsure what to do02:01
Bending_SpoonsIs anyone on Canonical's security team here?02:02
UBUNTUMAN6what drivers should i get02:02
UBUNTUMAN6plus i couldnt find backtrak02:02
UBUNTUMAN6its officially closed or whatnot02:02
nesthibBackTrack is no longer supported, it's Kali Linuw now ;)02:02
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: this is what i followed to get my drivers to work with the card i had02:02
BillyZanedigerati_, do you have any recommendations as to what i should do?02:02
digerati_BillyZane: are you getting the same results from other machines on the network?02:03
UBUNTUMAN6yea i read that and found it kinda confusing :/02:03
UBUNTUMAN6how do i message you directly like that?02:03
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: hence why i suggested just using backtrak02:03
BillyZanedigerati_, i have only 1 real computer, my other devices are an ipad and android phone. i experience lag on them too. i was thinking i could try doing the ping test on the android phone02:03
UBUNTUMAN6isnt there simply a compatibility list there though02:03
UBUNTUMAN6that would have backtrack02:03
BillyZanedigerati_, when i'm at school, i don't experience as much lag as i do at home02:03
digerati_BillyZane: speedtests also02:03
digerati_BillyZane: latest firmware on all network equipment, power cycling home routers, ect02:04
xjkxJust started using Software Center, I call from command line (openbox, ubuntu 13.10/64 bits), but it says I dont have permission to install things, cant I click anywhere there so it asks my password ? Or I really have to run as sudo ?02:04
=== sallyowens is now known as MrsDalloway
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, my chipset is raliink i believe02:04
digerati_xjkx: apt-get?02:04
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: follow the instructions on patching02:04
xjkxdigerati_: no, its the graphical, type software-center on terminal02:04
digerati_xjkx: it prompts for password when you attempt to install software02:05
digerati_just like the terminal would if you apt-get install'ed something02:05
xjkxdigerati_: so mine must be broken its not asking02:05
digerati_xjkx: anything under the "progress" tab?02:05
BillyZanedigerati_, good idea02:05
sudormrfso looks like pgl it is02:06
digerati_BillyZane: you're tracing it down to the source02:06
digerati_BillyZane: starting with clients02:06
xjkxdigerati_: No, I get this window with this warning, "org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name': ':1.82'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages"02:06
digerati_xjkx: whoa guy02:06
digerati_thats a bit over my head :)02:06
digerati_maybe kill all apt processes?02:06
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Linksys_WUSB600N_v102:06
BillyZanedigerati, i recently updated my computer. if my network card is on-board, do i still need a new firmware?02:06
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, thats the adapter02:06
digerati_one might be bugged up and not letting the software cetner take lock02:06
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: cool02:06
UBUNTUMAN6anyone here familiar with aircrack?02:06
digerati_BillyZane: Check your restricted drivers list02:07
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, seems to be  RT2870, right?02:07
xjkxdigerati_: I'll just try rebooting already lets see brb02:07
digerati_BillyZane: for instance my ATI graphics driver was in there02:07
Bending_Spoonsdoes anyone in here know whether Canonical runs new Ubuntu Touch app submissions to the Ubuntu Software Center through static and dynamic code analysis before approving each app?02:07
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: i dunno, check that list02:07
UBUNTUMAN6it says02:08
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, The entire rt2x00 family: rt2400pci, rt2500pci, rt2500usb, rt2800pci and rt2800usb can inject and monitor. Including PCI and USB chips on b/g/n.02:08
digerati_then it looks like you dont have to patch02:08
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, what do you mean dont have to patch?02:08
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: i have a very old article on getting aircrack running, at the end i run a monitor/injection test on the card02:08
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: http://timashley.me/node/13202:08
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, meaning dont need to download drivers?02:08
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, s of kernels >= 2.6.26 there are mac80211 based drivers which should give better support for almost all Ralink chipsets.02:08
digerati_check your kernel02:09
digerati_its just letting you know it will work better with the mac driver in that kernel02:09
digerati_testing out a new irc client on linux (smuxi) and it auto joined me here02:10
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, ahh i see02:10
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, so youre saying i dont need drivers?02:11
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: not when running that specific kernel with the mac80211 drivers02:11
digerati_i mean it should work in whatever you're running02:11
digerati_try it02:11
Akayllindoes anyone here have experience with FreeNAS?02:11
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, yea im having trouble running aircrack02:11
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, dont fully understand terminal yet02:11
digerati_Akayllin: just recently set up ownCloud on my debian server02:11
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: thats the best part :)02:12
vanishing!anyone | Akayllin02:12
ubottuAkayllin: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.02:12
Akayllinim using unetbootin to create a bootable usb but keep getting corrupt or invalid kernel when booting it. the sh256 checksum is good02:12
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: google up some terminal cheat sheets02:12
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, lol, ive been doing that the whole day02:12
digerati_Akayllin: i use the same and havent had any issues02:12
digerati_Akayllin: i also use Yumi usb boot installer on windows to do the same02:12
digerati_Akayllin: actually Yumi released a linux version with 2.002:12
Akayllincant use the windows machine. it has no internet02:13
xjkxdigerati_: didnt work rebooting but I found out on google I need this on startup (gnome users probably dont need because it comes to already do it, I use openbox) /usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 thanks anyway02:13
Akayllinand no blank cds to test either.02:13
digerati_Akayllin: Grab Yumi, it does the exact same as unetbootin02:13
digerati_maybe it will have better luck02:13
digerati_Akayllin: i also suggest firing up gparted and getting a new partition table created02:13
UBUNTUMAN6anybody been using aircrack lately?02:13
digerati_nice format while you're at it02:13
SecretFirei need some help if anyone is willing, I have Kubuntu 13.10 and my sound is not working, I have tried changing the settings and have been unsuccessful02:15
digerati_SecretFire: im not very good with troubleshooting that, but maybe googling about testing alsa and/or pulse audio on ubuntu would be a good start02:16
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, how do i figure out whether my adapter is wlan0 or wlan102:17
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, is there like a device manager02:17
Akayllindownloading universal usb installer02:17
Akayllini dont need multiboot02:18
SecretFireis there a way that I can change distro's without loosing my current partition setup?02:18
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: ifconfig and iwconfig from terminal02:18
digerati_SecretFire: you can try some out if they have a live-cd02:18
digerati_SecretFire: either burn the iso to a blank CD or load them up on a USB thumb drive02:18
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, doesnt tell me the difference02:18
SecretFireok thanks02:18
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: maybe under lshw02:19
digerati_"logical name: wlan0"02:19
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, well its a02:20
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, its a adapter card02:20
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, and its a laptop so theres 202:20
digerati_yeah thats fine02:20
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, im trying to be sure which one it is02:20
digerati_because you're telling airmon which interface to put into monitor mode02:20
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, cant find where it says02:20
digerati_its in lshw, im looking at mine02:21
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, and i want the right one in monitor mode.02:21
digerati_there's probably an easier way, i dont know02:21
digerati_"logical name: wlan0"02:21
UBUNTUMAN6whats that02:21
digerati_open a terminal, type lshw02:21
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, cant find02:23
basketballhey in windows you can do a screen saver how do i do thagt in ubuntu02:24
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, is there somewhere it matches them with hardware address?02:24
digerati_basketball: under Apperance02:24
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, which im guessing is MAC02:24
legrandinhey guys, anyone know how to get 256 vim colorschemes working in gnome terminal?02:24
Nothing_MuchHi I have an Ubuntu 12.04 server and would like to know how to actually get the VPS's server up and running with the latest kernel in 12.04.02:24
basketballwhen i turn on my laptop it loads then it is a grey screen and i have to type on keyboard then it lets me login02:25
ubottuNothing_Much,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server02:25
digerati_basketball: sounds like you may need graphics drivers02:27
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: lshw -class network02:27
digerati_was a 10 second google answer, just sayin02:27
UBUNTUMAN6i was googling it meanwhile lol02:27
digerati_well we both learned something today02:28
Nothing_Muchcfhowlett: I know, but I'm using the 10.04 kernel and I'd like to upgrade it to the latest, or earliest kernel for 12.0402:28
digerati_i was in the right direction02:28
digerati_just didnt know about the class flags02:28
UBUNTUMAN6digerati_, logically it would most likely be wlan1 anyway right since its the 2nd one, through usb?02:29
basketballdigerati_,  how02:29
digerati_UBUNTUMAN6: yeah thats usually what happens02:29
digerati_digerati_: "Additional Drivers" app02:30
digerati_er basketball ^02:30
slackermanhey guys,  trying to setup a cronjob   where is the cap command binary located?02:30
digerati_slackerman: binaries are usually located in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin02:31
Nothing_MuchHi I have an Ubuntu 12.04 server and would like to know how to actually get the VPS's server up and running with the latest kernel in 12.04. I recently just upgraded from 10.04 and would want to use a more recent kernel.02:32
digerati_Nothing_Much: doesnt the kernel upgrade when you upgrade the dist?02:33
slackermandigerati_: My mistake, cap is a ruby gem.,.... hrm how do I run that any ideas?02:33
cfhowlettNothing_Much, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:33
digerati_slackerman: when im confused i find the file with "find . / -name 'cap'"02:34
digerati_slackerman: hahaha02:34
Nothing_MuchSorry, I forgot to post it in ubuntu-server02:34
slackermandigerati: yeah i just realized i'm a turd hahaha02:34
basketballdigerati_,  i dont have additional driuvers aoo02:36
digerati_basketball: can you run glxgears?02:36
basketballhe program 'glxgears' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:02:37
basketballsudo apt-get install mesa-utils02:37
digerati_grab mesa-utils02:37
basketballthen what02:38
=== [1]Delerium_ is now known as Delerium_
digerati_then check glxgears02:38
digerati_i have a feeling you cant support 3d graphics, and thats why you're getting grey screensavers02:39
digerati_maybe try others that are not so advanced?02:39
basketballdigerati_,  it worked02:39
digerati_ok then you verified you can display 3d graphics02:40
digerati_which screensaver are you using?02:40
basketballhow do i find out02:41
basketballdigerati_,  how do i find out02:42
basketballyes Cont3k02:45
Cont3knothing, wrong manip :S02:45
digerati_basketball: follow this http://goo.gl/13YjxL02:47
digerati_it looks like there are no built in screensavers in ubuntu now02:47
digerati_you have to grab them via package manager02:47
basketballdigerati_,  i am installing additional drivers app should i cancel it02:48
digerati_you said you didnt have any02:49
digerati_let it finish, it will be a better experience02:49
Psil0CybinHey guys I am using Xubuntu 12.04 LTS and I am trying to use xfce4-power-manager in order to dim the screen when it is inactive for 20 seconds, yet when I leave my computer to idle it does not dim the screen and keeps it blaring on full brightness, I was wondering if there is anything i can do to diagnose this issue, I have already posted on the forums and followed all instructions (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2208549&p=129433202:50
Psil0Cybin0) thought maybe someone here can point me in the right direction please :D02:50
basketballdigerati_,  from the software centre i am installing it02:51
digerati_basketball: ok02:52
basketballdigerati_,  what does blank after mean02:57
basketballin xsaver02:57
basketballit wants a time for for blank after02:58
digerati_meaning the screen is off02:58
digerati_i dont know man, just freaking try it02:58
digerati_live a little02:58
UBUNTUMAN6digerati left ):02:59
UBUNTUMAN6anybody kno wwhy im getting03:00
UBUNTUMAN6Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) :03:00
UBUNTUMAN6    SET failed on device wlan1 ; Device or resource busy.03:00
UBUNTUMAN6why so quiet folks03:03
ubottuUBUNTUMAN6,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/03:03
UBUNTUMAN6basketball, you know about aircrack?03:03
ubottuUBUNTUMAN6,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:03
cfhowlettaircrack is not supported here03:03
UBUNTUMAN6cfhowlett, why?03:04
cfhowlettUBUNTUMAN6, because this is ubuntu.03:04
UBUNTUMAN6what happened to digerati ):03:04
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:04
UBUNTUMAN6cfhowlett, aircrack invite only ):03:05
UBUNTUMAN6cant talk on backtrack linux03:05
cfhowlettUBUNTUMAN6, not our topic, not our issue.  please stick to ubuntu topics in this channel03:06
basketballi have a movie dvd i put it in the dvd slot but my laptop doesnt reconize it03:06
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:06
jak2000wich package recommend me install ofr send email? wich MTA? a easy to configure, thanks03:11
basketballcfhowlett,  i did that and when i go to the step about regian set i  did and i got error regionset version 0.1 -- reads/sets region code on DVD drivesERROR: Could not open disc "(null)"!Please ensure there is a readable CD or DVD in the drive.03:12
cfhowlettbasketball, I can't advise beyond the suggestion above.  sorry.03:13
UBUNTUMAN6root@ubuntu:~# iwconfig wlan channel 203:14
UBUNTUMAN6Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) :03:14
UBUNTUMAN6    SET failed on device wlan ; No such device.03:14
UBUNTUMAN6anybody know the reason?03:14
UBUNTUMAN6sorry wrong error03:14
UBUNTUMAN6root@ubuntu:~# iwconfig wlan1 channel 203:15
UBUNTUMAN6Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) :03:15
UBUNTUMAN6    SET failed on device wlan1 ; Device or resource busy.03:15
basketballhow do i mount cd drive in terminal03:16
basketballhow do i mount cd drive in terminal03:17
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount03:17
UBUNTUMAN6cfhowlett, any clues on why i cant change the channel?03:18
cfhowlettUBUNTUMAN6, ???? the command is /join #channelname03:18
basketballmount: special device /dev/dvdrom does not exist03:19
UBUNTUMAN6cfhowlett, no haha, on my wlan1 device03:20
UBUNTUMAN6cfhowlett, the code i pasted above03:20
UBUNTUMAN6cfhowlett, told me the device was busy03:20
cfhowlettUBUNTUMAN6, ah.  sorry.  over my head.03:20
basketballcfhowlett,  my fstab file is empty03:21
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:21
basketballthat doesnt help03:22
Raccoon1400ever since I upgraded to the lastest release, I get a message on startup, a dialog box that says "program problem detected"03:23
Raccoon1400how can I find out what it wants?03:24
basketballbazhang,  how do i fix my fstab file it is empty03:25
UBUNTUMAN6sad ):03:27
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
sross_basketball, are you sure you're looking at /etc/fstab ?  unlikely that you do not have one03:28
basketballsross_,  i have a fstap file it is just empty03:33
basketballsross_,  geany fstab  shows blank03:34
sross_UBUNTUMAN6, if you type lspci can you see the CD-ROM drive listed?03:35
sross_sorry meant that for basketball03:35
UBUNTUMAN6sross_, lol03:35
UBUNTUMAN6sross_, help me with my problem too!03:35
basketballsross_,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7019837/03:36
sross_UBUNTUMAN6, you might want to try 'iwconfig wlan1 down', then 'iwconfig wlan1 mode managed', then 'iwconfig wlan1 up', then try changing the channel again03:36
UBUNTUMAN6sross_, thanks :D03:36
UBUNTUMAN6sross_, do you happen to have any experience with aircrack?03:37
sross_UBUNTUMAN6, sorry no, sounds interesting though :)03:37
basketballsross_,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7019837/03:37
staticwarpBeldar: so i figured out the reason i couldn't get lubuntu to install the other night. it's this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/572868. i had to replace quiet splash with i915.modeset=1. i'm still not sure if the os is stable, since i sometimes have problems booting and freezing when it's running, but it's installed :)03:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 572868 in linux (Ubuntu) "Lucid Live CD/USB freezes shortly after start" [Medium,Expired]03:39
sross_basketball, is the CD-ROM internal or external?  if external, is it connected via USB?03:39
basketballsross_,  built in03:39
ScyllaBusI was unable to get any help from #linuxmint but since linuxmint was based off of ubuntu perhaps there may be an answer here. For some reason when I click on 'Driver Manager', my system completely slows down to the point where it's almost frozen. I'm forced to force restart my computer. This also happens when I tried to install an AMD graphics driver from the official website (installer just slows down my PC).03:40
ScyllaBusDoes anyone know what might cause this slowdown?03:41
cfhowlettScyllaBus, sorry but mint is not supported here.03:41
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:41
judehi i just received a used iphone5, is there a way to reset/upgrade/jailbreak it from ubuntu?03:41
cfhowlettjude, best you ask about that in an apple jailbreak channel/forum03:42
basketballsross_,  what do i do03:42
ScyllaBusWell is there something that might cause it to happen in Ubuntu?03:42
=== RonnieS is now known as QuackQuacker
cfhowlettScyllaBus, you're not running ubuntu.  mint is not ubuntu.  ask mint.03:42
dos000how do i stop the initial graphic login screen on ubuntu 13.10. ? i have ssh access i dont need it03:42
judecfhowlett: well removing jailbreaking from that list, what are my options?03:43
ubottujude,: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:43
judecfhowlett: thanks03:43
sross_basketball, is there a manufacturer name printed on the CD-ROM?03:44
basketballmy laptop is an hp03:46
staticwarpBeldar: just wanted to give you an update and say thanks for the help the other day, you and bashing-1m helped me to eliminate a lot of possible issues. see you round the chat :)03:48
basketballmy laptop is an hp sross_03:49
JordanJ2Is their a precompiled openvpn server package?03:49
Beldarstaticwarp, Glad your better off. ;)03:49
sross_basketball, can you give me the model number?03:50
basketballhp pavilion dv600003:50
staticwarpBeldar: once i finally got lubuntu installed with the alternate installer i found that it was a bit too much for this old system so i actually installed another ubuntu flavor called zorin. it's been a strange, torturous sort of fun trying to sort out the issues and get things running properly XD thank god for the internet03:52
Beldarstaticwarp, Research works, in whatever form.03:53
Bashing-omstaticwarp: Hey, glad to be of some small assistance. I will look at the bug report !03:53
staticwarpBashing-om: hey thanks again! i figured out that it wasn't a pae issue. i finally managed to get lubuntu installed  with the alternate installer and a wired connection. once i did that i was able to start figuring out the boot problems. :)03:54
crazybotsmokerhow do i remove a network mount from a cmd line03:55
crazybotsmokerspecificaly a cfis share03:56
sross_crazybotsmoker, you can just do 'sudo umount' and specify the directory where it's mounted03:57
basketballsross_,  sis you get the model #03:57
sross_basketball, it looks like the device is not being recognized at all. should show up in lspci but it's not for some reason.  thinking...03:57
crazybotsmokerim in the recovery console03:57
PlatzI have chromium installed in a non-standard directory... any idea how to get it to load libflashplayer.so correctly?03:57
basketballsross_,  my fstab file is completly empty03:58
crazybotsmokercause this mount is stoping it from booting03:58
sross_crazybotsmoker, ah ok you can edit your /etc/fstab and comment out the line for that mount03:59
Bashing-omstaticwarp: That is what is called planting feet solid on firm ground, and PUSH !04:01
basketball! no fstab'04:02
crazybotsmokersross thanks04:02
sross_basketball, if you do 'ls /dev/sr*' does it say "No such file or directory"?04:02
sross_crazybotsmoker, np!04:03
basketballsross_,  /dev/sr004:03
staticwarpBashing-om: hehe yes! i came close to quitting, tried so many different isos that i actually ran out of CDs, but i was determined to get it working. i just kept thinking of arnold and didn't give up04:03
crazybotsmokererror writing file system : read only04:04
crazybotsmokerfrom recovery console04:05
sross_basketball, is there a particular directory you want to mount it to?  like maybe /media/cdrom?04:06
basketballsross_,  i just want my fstab file fixed and i want to watch my movies and listen to my cds04:07
Bashing-omstaticwarp: Yeah, once ya get a CLI active, all things become possible. But gotta talk to the operating system to find out .04:07
sross_crazybotsmoker, try 'mount -o remount,rw /'04:08
sross_then try editing /etc/fstab again04:08
basilI can't connect to the Internet on my new Ubuntu 12.04 installaion. Any chnace of some advice please?04:11
=== NotSomeCheese is now known as mozzarella
Bashing-ombasil: Hardwire or WIFI connection ?04:12
basilCat5 - I have some info here - http://pastebin.com/8d6egUY204:12
basketballlsross_,  what do i do04:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:13
staticwarpwhoops :/04:13
Bashing-ombasil: looking at your past gUY2.04:14
basilthank you04:15
basilI'm a bit on the noob side04:15
cyphaseanyone know of a way to check how many windows a process has open?04:15
basketballlwhen i run geany fstab Geany tried to access the Unix Domain socket of another instance running as another user.04:16
basketballlThis is a fatal error and Geany will now quit.04:16
Bashing-ombasil: What release are you running ( the config files differ !).04:16
sross_basketball, ok your device is recognized. do you have a dvd in the tray right now?  should be able to play a movie without mounting it04:16
basil12.04 - need more info? server 32bit04:17
DiplomaticoHello, please help me repair the boot of a pen drive with lubuntu...04:19
basketballlsross_,  mount: mount point /media/cdrom/ does not exist04:19
sross_basketball, what were you doing when you got that message?04:20
=== kermit1 is now known as kermit
Bashing-ombasil: Ya got to have  a working /etc/network/interfacea config file 12,04 -> 1st line: auto lo - 2nd line: iface lo inet loopback .04:20
basketballlomfg how do i watch a dvd using vlc04:20
basilso how would I repair that?04:21
basketballlomfg how do i watch a dvd using vlc sross_04:22
sross_basketball, do you have vlc running now?04:22
mxiiaWhere can I find the latest "stable" build of ubuntu touch for maguro?04:23
shubhamjainHello. Is there anyway I can make "/etc/hosts" completely uneditable even with sudo. Sort of anti-procrastination thing for me.04:23
Bashing-ombasil: My error, you have the file set up as described, hang on a bit and I look at your paste again. ( I see eth0 as working ?) and ya also want eth1 functional ?04:23
xangua!touch | mxiia04:23
ubottumxiia: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch04:23
sross_basketball, not sure but i'm installing it now and i'll try to help you figure it out04:23
basilI want to be able to access the internet from my server. If I go to FF, all sites come up with "Unable to connect"04:24
mxiiaxangua, there used to be a link to build 100 but it is no longer there, is there a new stable? where can I find 100? I have the nightly, 188, right now04:24
basketballlsross_,  why is it so hard to watch a dvd04:24
basilI've trawled Google without any real luck04:24
Bashing-ombasil: The basics, pastbin -> sudo lshw -C network .. then one step at a time to get ya pinging your router !04:26
lickalottBest VNC server......go04:28
sross_basketball, can you click "Media" at the top left, and select "Open Disc..."04:29
sross_lickalott, best for what purpose?  what do you want to do with it?04:30
basketballlsross_,  is is basketballl with 3 ls04:30
basketballlsross_,  ok open disk then what04:31
sross_basketballl, where it says "Disc device", you should type /dev/sr0, then click Play04:32
lickalottreplace teamviewer for all my clients04:32
basketballlBlu-Ray error:04:32
basketballlPath doesn't appear to be a bluray04:32
basketballlYour input can't be opened:04:32
basketballlVLC is unable to open the MRL 'bluray:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.04:32
basketballlYour input can't be opened:04:32
basketballlVLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvdsimple:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.04:32
lickalottI've used RealVNC in the past but I'm not a huge fan.  And i can't go through and set up a VPN for all of them.  Just looking for a simple/easy solution04:33
basilWhen I try sudo lshw -C network I get an error - no tyy present04:33
basiltty sorry04:33
UBUNTUMAN6if i want to execute a script04:33
basketballlsross_,  my bad our input can't be opened:04:33
basketballlVLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.04:33
UBUNTUMAN6how do i get to the directory of it?04:33
UBUNTUMAN6isnt it sudo cd something?04:33
sross_lickalott, well my recent experience has been that only teamviewer, splashtop and steam in-home streaming have very good compression to make streaming graphics nice, but maybe somebody will know of another one that's decent.04:33
Bashing-ombasil: WOW ! how about -> sudo lspci | grep Ethernet ?04:34
UBUNTUMAN6the script is in my downloads folder in the home file04:34
zykotick9Bashing-om: fyi, lspci does NOT need sudo04:34
basilsorry no tty04:34
lickalottI've also noticed lately that teamviewer is a network resource hog.  at any given time it could be "taking' 25 TCP connections.04:35
basilthats from the root directory BTW?04:35
Bashing-om zykotick: thanks, you are correct ! ..04:36
sross_basketball, can you do a 'tail /var/log/syslog' and see if there's anything relating to the dvd player?04:36
UBUNTUMAN6if i want to execute a script04:37
UBUNTUMAN6how do i do that04:37
Bashing-ombasil: Are you at the console or remoting into the server ?04:38
basketballlsross_,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7020026/04:38
basilI have to remote into the server, because I have no interent access to do the pastebin things when needed04:38
basil03:01.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 05)04:38
basil04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet (rev c0)04:38
basilthat was the lspci | grep (originally I used sudo)04:39
dchriswaltersI am learning both C and Bash Scripting. It was suggested that I create a bin directory in my home directory and edit the .bash_profile to include it for execute files. Is this a good idea? So the that will be set every time I sign in.04:39
basilqualcom was the eth I thought I was using04:40
lotuspsychjeim having speed issues on NNTPgrab for newgroups, hangs at 1mbit instead of maxing out 3,5mbit any clues?04:41
Bashing-ombasil: and still no return from -> sudo lshw -C network ??04:41
dchriswaltersI do not even know where the .bash_profile is.04:41
basilno...still no tty present04:42
DiplomaticoHello, I tried to fix with boot-repair my lubuntu pen drive.This is the output,It didn't work :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7020037/04:47
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
sross_basketballl, do you know if you installed the lidvdcss2 codec?04:47
sross_basketballl, if you're not sure, try typing 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'04:50
basilsudo apt-get remove --purge resolvconf04:53
basilsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:53
basilI'd closed the window and couldn't find it before.04:53
Bashing-ombasil: I have no idea why you get that result. I at this point must see what the network command returns.04:54
verses_I have been facing problem with unity. it doesnt start into unity 2d but always in  a plain unity without any effects. for other users on the same machine, it's working fine. but for me it's not working. when I run unity --reset  it gets stuck at "setting udpate run_key"  and nothing happens. what's the problem.04:55
Bashing-ombasil: eth0 was working, just do not know if it is to the outside world. Need to see what "networking: has to say.04:55
sross_dchriswalters, it's a good idea to do that.  you can change the path in your .bashrc file in your home directory rather than creating a .bash_profile.  the difference is .bashrc gets invoked when you open a new terminal session.  .bash_profile gets executed when you log in04:55
basilI ran it from the server console...see if I can grab it04:55
basilgot it - http://pastebin.com/r4WpkXXj04:57
sross_sorry mt04:58
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity04:58
verses_is there any user specific session information file about unity that I should delete and start the session again to get rid of this issue? or is it something else more complex than that?05:00
cecesorry to bother , I am now under tty1, and I want to restart the X , what should I do ?05:01
=== Zachary_DuBois|A is now known as Zachary_DuBois
fwaokdaI recently bought a new monitor and I'm still getting the same max resolution from the old one. How can I get Ubuntu to allow me the 1920x1080 option? Also this is Ubuntu in Vbox05:04
Bashing-ombasil: looking at your 4WpkXXj . brb.05:05
basilthank you05:05
UBUNTUMAN6hi ppl05:06
Maghettohi all05:09
Bashing-ombasil: Welp, the card is recognized, driver is loaded, just not talking to the router (config file somewhere) - see the connection on eth0 returns and IP adredd, eth1 does not.05:10
basilI guess that's the easy part???05:11
basilFixing is where it gets hard?05:11
basildid you see my msgs previously about the cmds I ran (sourced from the web) to fix the problem?05:12
=== AEM` is now known as aem`
UBUNTUMAN6i hate aircrack ):05:18
t3b8Does anyone remember the app or man page for changing your mac05:19
DanaGOdd: I'm getting a panic (or rather, TWO panics!) on shutdown.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7020125/05:20
Bashing-ombasil: looking back, no I must have missed them. (no highlighting my nick ?).05:20
t3b8what ports do you have open?05:20
DanaGNotably, I get the same panic on shutdown when booting Ubuntu on the host.05:21
UBUNTUMAN6i hate aircrack05:22
basilI took a while to find 'em...just in case they have an impact. I followed advice on the web.05:22
basilsudo apt-get remove --purge resolvconf05:22
basilsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart05:22
cfhowlett!ot|UBUNTUMAN6, again - offtopic05:25
ubottuUBUNTUMAN6, again - offtopic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:25
Bashing-omok, do not see how that helps us, but show me now what -> cat /etc/resolve.conf <- returns.05:27
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
lickalottGents, im trying to foward x11 so that i can remotely connect to my ubuntu rig from my phone (android)  Would VNC be the best app to grab or could I do this from an ssh client?05:31
t3b8basil, is that a method to change a mac?05:31
t3b8on UBU?05:32
t3b8Duck Duck Go is great Tor is great... But for total privacy05:34
rwwyou realize that your MAC address is only visible to computers on the same subnet as you, yes?05:34
rwwi.e. not random websites05:35
t3b8Color me educated05:35
SchrodingersScatrww: so what if the MITM is on the subnet?05:35
Cocolabalounegot a question on ubuntu server, anyone can help?05:36
SchrodingersScat!anyone | Cocolabaloune05:37
ubottuCocolabaloune: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:37
rwwSchrodingersScat: they're using Tor, MITM is presumably not an issue (because encrypted)05:37
Cocolabalounei have a fresh installation of ubuntu server (12.04) but I can figure out to use wget command. It's like I can't access to internet with the server05:38
t3b8My real question was answered by rww05:38
Bashing-ombasil: see: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html .05:38
basilyou reckon that will have my answer <bashing-om>?05:41
me137where is the .bash_profile file05:41
t3b8i suppose if the MITM is on the sub-net my first question is a valid one05:42
t3b8an added level of protection05:42
t3b8what is the apt-get for the MAC changer05:43
SchrodingersScat!info macchanger | t3b805:43
ubottut3b8: macchanger (source: macchanger): utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.5.0-9 (saucy), package size 162 kB, installed size 532 kB (Only available for linux-any)05:43
Bashing-ombasil: update: for 12.04 (same same I think) https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html. Then we have commonality to work from.05:44
t3b8thanks ubottu05:44
t3b8its macchanger, thats what i was trying to remember05:45
Bashing-ombasil: see my last, I bet we have to add eth1 to the config file "/etc/network/interfaces/etc/network/interfaces" .05:46
t3b8is tor still safe with ubu?05:46
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl05:46
t3b8tor has updated their browser with a captcha that is impossible ... the old version is better05:48
SchrodingersScatt3b8: yeh, who needs security?05:49
t3b8well, have you tried to read those new captcha images?05:49
t3b8this is getting off topic?05:50
elkyt3b8: we aren't the tor project, so you probably want to take your issue up with them directly05:51
t3b8nor am i, like i said"off topic"05:52
t3b8and thank you ubotto05:53
=== [1]Delerium_ is now known as Delerium_
unstableiirc awhile ago you used to be able to pay money for ubuntu support. Can you still do that?05:54
cfhowlettunstable, yes.  canonical offers paid support options .05:55
unstableWill they be able to help me with a one off problem, involving hybrid graphics, bumlebee/nvidia/xorg stuff?05:56
unstableOr is this more support for a company, like a SLA05:56
cfhowlettunstable, um - ask them?05:56
cfhowlettunstable, usually this is company/enterprise level support05:57
cfhowlettunstable, I suppose you could always offer some coin/paypal to one of the volunteers in this channel, though ...05:57
basil<bashing_om> how do I restart networking - I used sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart and it didn't work...i read it was depracated, but can't fina an alt05:57
Guest821Any idea on how to get suphp on apache 2.4 and php 5.5 , distribution lts 12.04 server?05:58
Guest821Just to make clear the situation, apache 2.4 y php 5. 5 are installed right now. I'm unable to install suphp05:58
unstablehttp://pastie.org/8816284 <-- this is my problem. I basically can't get my external monitor to work after I install nvidia-331 (which also pulls down bumblebee stuff)05:59
unstableI just did a fresh install of 13.1005:59
zykotick9basil: if you removed resolvconf, i believe it suggesting rebooting during it's uninstall.  you can ifdown then ifup devices to restart them, if ".. networking restart" doesn't work for you.06:01
Bashing-ombasil: try it as -> service networking restart <- .06:02
Bashing-ombasil: try it as -> sudo service networking restart <- . sudo !!...06:02
zykotick9Bashing-om: i believe, you still get the deprecated message that way too...06:03
t3b8Basil: Thanks a lot, it was already in my repos. Works like a charm06:03
=== dgfdgf is now known as `MArceLL`
BillyZanehi, i have insane lag spikes06:04
BillyZanehere is a ping analysis06:05
BillyZanei've reasoned the following: it's not my computer, it's not my router, it's not my cable modem06:05
basil<bashing-om> I only added eth0 to that file...do I need to add eth1 too, even though it's not being used. The change with eth0 didn't work06:05
BillyZaneand my ISP is saying it's not them06:05
Bashing-omzykotick, beats me then, I only know the two ways, and 12.04 should be up on "upstart" so my last should work (??).06:05
zykotick9!tab > Bashing-om06:06
ubottuBashing-om, please see my private message06:06
t3b8Basil: I had to add Eth0 to get mine to work too06:08
basilAre you using eth1 <t3b8>06:08
basilI'm using eth0 - so thats all I added <t3b8>06:09
t3b8not to my knowledge----06:09
t3b8it changed for me, but what are you trying to get it to do?06:10
basilI can't connect to the internet!!06:10
Bashing-ombasil: eth0 is working, what we have to do is get eth1 working, and I think if you add eth1 to /etc/netwok/interfaces and "eth1 ifup" should work (??).06:11
t3b8oh...just irc eh?06:11
tejasBashing-om, back06:11
basil<bashing-om> thanks so much...don't want to appear argumentitive, but aren't I connected to eth0???06:11
t3b8did you do an ipconfig?06:11
t3b8i mean ifcinfig..06:12
Bashing-ombasil: so far as I can tell from the outputs, eth0 is a working interface, and eth1 has no IP acquired.06:15
t3b8maybe try the -a and -A options06:15
basilbut if my cable is plugged into eth0?06:16
basilFWIW - sudo service network-manager restart06:16
basileth0 is my onboard LAN - the other is an unused expansion card06:17
Bashing-ombasil: Are you at the console (local), or are you remoting into the server ? .. from local we can ping and see what is going on.06:17
basilI can do either06:17
t3b8yea me too.. mine has no cable. eth0 is the antenna Wmx0 has no activity. maybe your wireless is working06:18
=== wifioregon is now known as SunkSullen
Bashing-ombasil: I bet if ya swap the cable to what you think of as eht1, will have a working interface .06:18
tejaswhy wont steam open06:19
tejasthe library06:19
basilcable swapped...wait for it06:19
SunkSullenIS there a downside to just switching BIOS setting to legacy so I can partition a drive to run Win and Ubuntu?06:19
SunkSullenother than security06:19
t3b8drum roll06:19
SunkSullenlike if it was stolen physically06:19
Bashing-ombasil: I just came through that exact same scene last week end ,, I lost my connection, (eth1) and came back up restored on eth0 !06:19
basilbut if thats the case, how did it get the files for installation?06:20
Bashing-ombasil: think that has to do with what interface the system recognizes first.06:20
t3b8doesn't it auto generate eth1 eth2 eth3 etc as you add new ones.06:21
basilI did tell it during config to use the qualcom interface06:21
t3b8thats just the different wifi points re configuring your path, you can erase eht1 2 3 4 5 etc06:24
basilserver not found error -06:24
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Zachary_DuBois|A
t3b8see if port 80 is firewalled06:25
t3b8or 8080 in our case06:25
basilport is available...06:27
t3b8which ports 80 and 8080?06:29
basiljust port 80 - 8080 isn't being used06:29
t3b8did u login to your router? isnt 8080 default for linux?06:30
basilthat's my router....but not my server06:31
t3b8so you can see your router? like
t3b8but no Internet?06:33
basilyes..I can see my router. I can see my webserver. But no internet06:34
Bashing-ombasil:  t3b8 , can we ping the router, then ping google's server ( ?06:34
t3b8sounds hi-tech haha06:35
Bashing-ombasil: do: ping -c3 ( if that is the IP of your router) .06:35
basilpins are all good06:35
t3b8i'll just watch and learn06:36
Bashing-omping -c3
Bashing-omt3b8: looking at not have DNS set up in /etc/reslov.conf (??).06:38
t3b8or you could try opening your firewall (not as root) for a sec and check your browser.06:38
t3b8ah, DNS. That can cause problems06:39
basilc3 ping worked06:39
t3b8cool! that was google?06:40
basili'd tested that earlier06:40
basilwhen i was examing DNS issues06:40
Bashing-ombasil: OK, most likely we need to set up DNS . I bet now that -> ping -c3 google.com <- fails. try and advise,06:41
basilunknown host06:41
Bashing-omt3b8: yeah, that one and
t3b8do you have your rpc ports open for your router to handshake your machine. it's 443 i think.06:42
Bashing-ombasil: Not surprised, you want to use google as your name server , or your own ISP ?06:42
basilgoogle is fine06:43
CarlFKI need to test some gui apps in a vm.  I have ubuntu-server, I could apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, but that will take a while.  anyone know what meta package(s) will give x and I think I need a window manager06:43
zykotick9CarlFK: "sudo apt-get install xorg openbox" would be 1 of about a million options...06:45
tejasBashing-om, hey06:45
tejasanybody else use steam?06:46
tejasi have the issue that it doesnt open parts of it06:46
tejasjust games06:46
CarlFKzykotick9: xorg, right.  and yeah, plenty of options. doesn't really matter, I just need the app to run, don't even need to interact with it06:47
Bashing-ombasil: "ran into a snag "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN" no longer the way we used to do it !. May take me a while to finger this out.06:49
koellHi i would like to install a bunch of software via apt-get. can i use it like so to get any package starting with "foo": sudo apt-get install foo*06:49
basil        dns-search local06:49
uberlaggydarwin_is there some guide or list of what laptops have good linux compatiblity.06:50
t3b8basil: are those local?06:50
basildon't know...i actaully used
basilwas just a copy and paste from website06:51
uberlaggydarwin_I am intrested in the Gigabyte Q2556N06:51
t3b88888 didnt work for me06:51
basilnor me...as it turns out06:51
t3b8odd that google would be unrecognized06:52
Psil0CybinHey guys I am using Xubuntu 12.04 LTS and I am trying to use xfce4-power-manager in order to dim the screen when it is inactive for 20 seconds, yet when I leave my computer to idle it does not dim the screen and keeps it blaring on full brightness, I was wondering if there is anything i can do to diagnose this issue, I have already posted on the forums and followed all instructions (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2208549&p=129433)06:52
Psil0Cybin thought maybe someone here can point me in the right direction please :06:52
Psil0CybinSorry guys got disconnected if anyone knows please message me :D or mention my name06:55
t3b8Psil0Cybin:  (top left)power button(hold)>system settings>power management06:56
t3b8no (top right)06:57
Psil0Cybinwhat do you mean power button > system settings > power management? Like Xubuntu system settings?06:57
Psil0Cybinand the power manaagement within the settings panel06:57
Psil0CybinI go there I change settings, but nothing actually works06:57
basilhave to run...huge thanks <Bashing-om> - I appreciate it06:58
Psil0Cybinwhen I leave my computer for a couple of minutes the screen never dims, although I set the setting to dim at 12 secconds06:58
t3b8oh, let me look...06:58
Psil0Cybint3b8, my forum post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2208549&p=1294332006:58
basilthanks to <t3b8>06:59
tejaswhy are my nvidea drivers messing everything up06:59
t3b8the settings are somewhat confusing with 'sleep' 'hibernate" etc.. and the % bar. it took me a while to get mine from doing just the opposite. But it was equally as irritating07:01
Psil0Cybint3b8, It sems to work on every other laptop I have just the Lenovo laptop does not work when I want to dim the screen on inactivity after any kind of time limit.07:01
Psil0CybinIt continues to just glare full brightness regarldess of what I set it too...the only thing that works is the screen saver.07:01
Psil0Cybinbut this is the kicker, the hot keys work for brightness change....so07:02
lickalottany particular reason being able to hold down a button and have it repeat (i.e. hold down backspace to remove a line) isn't working anymore.  (like within the last 15 mins)?07:02
t3b8if you are dual booting you might want to look @ your windows driver / power settings on your other partition, it might just be limited.07:04
VlperXis there something like speedtest.net for ubuntu server?07:04
t3b8ubu can only mount what is available right?07:05
jamman2110@ViperX https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli07:07
lickalottVlperX, http://askubuntu.com/questions/104755/how-to-check-internet-speed-via-terminal07:07
goodwinhow to disable screen saver/login?07:08
Psil0Cybint3b8, it is not a dual boot07:09
Psil0Cybinstraight xubuntu 12.04 lts partition only :D07:09
goodwini don't want screen locker everything i need to login07:10
goodwinhow do i disable it?07:10
crazybotsmokerreally stuck, in ubuntu recovery console, everything hangs when I try to run07:12
crazybotsmokerstarts to mount sda1 and then just stops07:13
crazybotsmokerget a blinking curosr07:13
rizalwhat your ubuntu version, crazybostsmoker ?07:13
crazybotsmoker12.04 lts07:14
rizalfinal version ?07:14
rizalso what happen before ?07:15
crazybotsmokerthe video card died07:15
crazybotsmokerand i replaced it07:15
rizalvideo card driver ?07:15
crazybotsmokerno the video card07:15
rizalwaw, never happen to me07:16
rizalmaybe you must reinstall your ubuntu07:16
rizalyou have tried startx07:16
rizali mean, sudo startx07:16
crazybotsmokerfrom the recovery console?07:16
crazybotsmokerthats a picture of my screen07:17
crazybotsmokerwhere it just hangs07:17
tejashow to disable07:17
tejasdifferent wlan?07:17
rizalwait, i will googling frist07:17
rizalcrazybotsmoker, what happen if you choose continue ?07:19
rizali mean yes07:19
crazybotsmokeri did choose yes07:19
crazybotsmokerthats where it hangs07:19
crazybotsmokersame with fsck07:20
crazybotsmokercould it be fstab07:20
rizali cant see the error message ..07:22
rizal>o <07:22
crazybotsmokeri dont get one07:22
crazybotsmokerit just hangs and the cursors starts blinking07:22
crazybotsmokeris there a ubuntu restore that i could run07:23
crazybotsmokerfrom the installation07:23
sadihello I need help07:24
rizali'm not sure ...07:24
sadirizal hello07:24
lrcaballerosadi: go ahead tell us what do you need07:25
rizalsadi ya what happen ?07:25
crazybotsmokeri saw something aboout that, but nothing concrete07:25
rizaltry restart, maybe that will be help07:25
sadiwell I has using huawei e173 modem07:25
sadibut nowadays I can't connect it from ubuntu07:26
sadiI have tried everything on forums and solved issues but somehow it's not connecting07:26
rizalsadi, type this on terminal : lsusb07:26
rizaland see, the modem still detected or not07:27
sadisadi@sword-lite:~$ lsusb | grep Huawei07:27
sadiBus 001 Device 004: ID 12d1:1436 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E173 3G Modem (modem-mode)07:27
rizalsadi, you have try install wvdial ?07:27
sadiI already tried07:28
rizaland then what happen ?07:28
sadi--> Modem initialized.07:28
sadi--> Configuration does not specify a valid phone number.07:28
sadi--> Configuration does not specify a valid login name.07:28
sadi--> Configuration does not specify a valid password.07:28
rizalsadi, where do you come from ?07:28
sadiI am from Bangladesh07:28
sadiwhy? O.o07:28
rizalouw, that just wrong configuration in wvdial07:29
=== Thubo|away is now known as Thubo
rizalfind the correct configuration ...07:29
rizali have tutorial for wvdial configuration ..., but i come from indonesia .., the configuration its different07:31
sadiit was correct even months ago07:31
sadirizal nice to meet you :)07:32
sadiOMG!! :O Your blog is in malay language @rizal07:33
=== anshul_ is now known as anshulk
rizalsadi, ya sorry ..., that indonesian language07:33
rizaldifferent from malay language07:33
sadiya I got it's indo basha :/07:34
sadithanks any way07:34
rizalsadi, but when i see the error message is wrong configuration07:34
rizali don't know what wrong .., that so confused .. >o <07:35
rizalsadi, what card are you using for your usb modem ?07:37
bipulHi any one know how to get a static IP on TOR on Ubuntu, any idea?07:37
tim_Where am i?07:38
sadiI am using teletalk 3g sim07:39
tim_any body in?07:39
=== msx_ is now known as msx
rizalwait, i will googling for wvdial configuration, and could you show to me your wvdial configuration07:40
rizalon the private message please, sadi07:40
Dos_XX_manhello everyone!07:49
=== AndChat144384 is now known as loredan
MarkDaviesHave you experienced the application update-apt-xapi starting on its own? Can I turn off it  without exposing my system at any risk?07:59
ROPAI created an extra panel, but can't figure out how to put a link in the panel that will take me to the home folder when I click on it??08:00
MarkDaviesCan I simply remove it? I know that it's possible, but I'm asking if I will not do any harm.08:00
Dos_XX_manlooks like they're all z.z.z.z.z08:01
duoiim trying to download the ubuntu 13.10 torrent however the tracker is refusing my connection08:16
duoihttp://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce gives "hostname could not be found"08:16
duoiSorry, that's the one thats refusing the connection08:16
Dimtreeduoi: it works here08:24
cristian_cHow can I use dbus-monitor to check if devices are announced?08:24
cristian_cAny ideas?08:24
Beldarduoi, http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10/08:37
=== duoi is now known as duoi_afk
eerMy KDE Calender (right bottom corner) shows the holidays for the US. However, I live in Switzerland and want to see the holidays of Switzerland. How can I change this?09:01
=== ExtreGhost is now known as Extreminador
elly_Hello Helmut09:06
elly_hello tombatone09:06
elly_how are things? @Helmut09:07
xjkxHow does paid softwares in Software Center work ? I mean, what if I reinstall my system, do I lose it ? Do I get free updates ? How does it all work09:12
bekksxjkx: oud ont have to purchase it again - but it a decision of the vendor wether updates have to be paid.09:16
xjkxbekks: yea but what if I format ubuntu, how do I get it back without paying again09:17
bekksxjkx: Then you just redownload the software.09:18
xjkxbekks: how do they know I already paid09:20
yellabs-r2hi there, in unity , how do i delete history ?09:21
bekksxjkx: You have to enter your credentials for buyong and paying.09:21
yellabs-r2ah , never mind its gone09:22
xjkxbekks: that being the ubuntu one account ?09:22
bekksxjkx: Yes.09:22
xjkxbekks: ah, does the software go to ubuntu one folder ?09:22
bekksxjkx: No. That would makle sense for installing software.09:23
xjkxbekks: alright thanks09:23
xjkxbekks: one last question, they accept paypal right ?09:23
bekksxjkx: I dont know.09:23
xjkxbekks: ubuntu one does, so I guess it accepts, anyway thanks a lot09:24
bekksxjkx: I never bought software there :)09:24
xjkxbekks: not sure I will either, I'm just curious, through all these years using linux/ubuntu I never ran the software center, just apt-get, I didnt know we had paid stuff in there09:28
eerMy KDE Calender (right bottom corner) shows the holidays for the US. However, I live in Switzerland and want to see the holidays of Switzerland. How can I change this?09:30
Senordo i need to do a nat for  that  virtual ip through  a  router?09:35
Senorfor  lvs09:35
Senorvirtual ip09:36
bekksSenor: Please clarify your issue.09:38
bekks!ask | KaCTuS09:39
ubottuKaCTuS: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:39
Senori  am   wondering  that  in lvs , how  could  client  connect  to the servering virtual  ip09:40
KaCTuS<---- Needs help with configuring, permissions, PHP works on myPHPadmin and noplace else, I cant update some files and cant get wordpress running... Help or URL help?09:40
bekks!details | KaCTuS09:40
ubottuKaCTuS: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:40
bekksSenor: What is "lvs"?09:40
Senorlinux  virtual  server09:41
bekksSenor: Never heard of it being a specific product. Which virtualization technique do you use?09:41
SergeyServerHello guys, is here anybody familiar with warcraft3?09:41
Senorbekks:  linux virtual server09:42
NeonCoreHi, I have a grub/dual boot question. I installed Windows, then installed Ubuntu on an another partiton on the same drive. I installed the bootloader at /dev/sda. When I restarted after the installation, Windows booted, no sign of grub. I'm quite confused now, how do I fix this?09:42
bekksSenor: Thats no hypervisor. Which hypervisor do you use?09:42
SergeyServerI need help with how to run program I  got09:42
SergeyServerit is code in Node.js09:42
DomaldelHello, I'm having some problems with a localised version of Ubuntu, I'm trying to follow a guide (in english) but apparently some of my software don't seem to work. Anyone know any good channels to get help with that kind of things?09:42
bekksDomaldel: Which Ubuntu version do you use then?09:43
llutzbekks:  lvs is not a virtualization like vmware/kvm/vbox, it aggregates real servers in a LAN to a virtual server appearing on one host09:44
KaCTuSI  having problems with... configuring, permissions, PHP works on myPHPadmin and noplace else, I cant update some files and cant get wordpress running. I am running version 13.10, my SQL errors and WordPress wont run, PHPmyAdmin09:44
SergeyServerhow to join other channels?09:44
bekksllutz: Something like failover service?09:44
llutzbekks: http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/whatis.html09:44
KaCTuS... /join#(chan name)09:44
Domaldel12.04 LTE09:44
DomaldelIn norwegian09:44
bekksllutz: Right. Thats called a "cluster" :)09:45
bekksDomaldel: It's 12.040 LTS, and its supported in here.09:45
Senorllutz: how could the clie t connect to lvs virtual ip ?is there a nat   ?09:45
llutzSenor: sorry no idea, i never used lvs, only heard about years ago09:46
DomaldelPerhaps, but I'm using the norwegian version, and unless you're good in ubuntu *and* norwegian you might run into some problems, non of the programs are named in anything english ;-)09:46
DomaldelNor are any of the commands.09:46
bekksSenor: The "virtual" IP visible to the client is the external IP of the load balancer. The "LAN/WAN" behin that is seperated from the client.09:46
DomaldelAt least not as far as I can see.09:46
DomaldelI'm trying to follow this guide: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu09:47
bekksDomaldel: Then you might ask in #ubuntu-no? :)09:47
Senorbekks: ok  ,so  when is that virtual ip used for  service?09:48
bekksSenor: Thats one possibility of a setup. The other one is a flat network, where the loadbalance just redirects to IPs visible to the client, and just dispatches services.09:48
DomaldelThanks, *that* was what I was asking for, if such a channel existed, didn't find one at first search =)09:48
bekksSenor: So which network setup do you use?09:48
DomaldelAnyway, thanks for the help bekks =)09:49
bekksDomaldel: You're welcome :)09:49
Senorbekks: LAN09:49
bekksSenor: http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/how.html09:49
bekksSenor: It's explained there.09:49
Senorbekks: do you mean the balancer redirect data to that virtual ip?09:50
bekksSenor: you have three different setup methods, described in the link given.09:51
DomaldelDamned, looks like they're all idle/afk atm :-/09:51
DomaldelYou guys know any other #ubuntu-no channels on other servers I can try?09:52
=== vlad003_ is now known as vlad003
bekksDomaldel: On other servers, those channels do not exist. Why not just starting to ask your question, and translating from english to norwegian and vice versa yourself?09:52
DomaldelWell, on the surface level I have been, but I suspect that this program still have some code or something that haven't been translated or that for some reason got a command just left hanging without anything actually doing stuff in the other end...09:54
DomaldelAh, wait, just got some activity there =)09:54
bekksDomaldel: And whats the actual issue?09:54
bekksDomaldel: I didnt understand a word from what you just said, and which problem may arise from that.09:55
=== linuxlite1969 is now known as xzynth
DomaldelJust got someone replying in the #ubuntu-no channel =)09:55
xzynthguys need help here09:55
bekksxzynth: Ask a question first, please :)09:55
xzynthwhy i cant open my other partition..it says not authorized09:55
xzynthafter i updated09:56
bekksxzynth: Then you dont have permissions to do so.09:56
xzynthbut before the update i can open it..i cant mount it09:56
xzynthi cant open09:56
xzynthcan anyone help me10:00
ubottuxzynth,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:03
MarkDaviesis it possible to log in as mysql user providing that this account doesn't have any password set?10:04
GodSlayeryou mean login the mysql server?10:04
bekksMarkDavies: If your mysql users do not have passwords, it is open to every attacker.10:04
xzynththe problem is i can't open/mount my partition..the authentication bar is blinking and after a while is says error and not authorized..what will i do???10:05
MarkDaviesbekks: I mean in /etc/shadow in the password field ! is set10:05
bekksMarkDavies: That file has nothing to do with mysql at all.10:05
MarkDaviesbekks: I am speaking about   mysql    user on my Unix box10:05
bekksMarkDavies: And /etc/shadow has nothing to do with mysql. On every linux/unix box.10:06
bekksMarkDavies: So do your mysql users have passwords set or not?10:06
MarkDaviesbekks: ok, more generally: is it possible to change user ID to Unix user abcdef providing that abcdef has ! in the password field in /etc/shadow10:07
bekksMarkDavies: The mysql user in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow is for running the mysql processes. Not for logging into mysql.10:07
bekksMarkDavies: General answer: sure.10:08
MarkDaviesbekks: and I need to log as it10:08
bekksMarkDavies: You cannot.10:08
MarkDaviesbekks: and it exactly what I wanted to know, thank you10:08
bekksMarkDavies: There is no "mysql" database user, and the mysql system user is disabled.10:08
MarkDaviesbekks: forget about that mysql, I'm all the time speaking in pure Unix terms10:08
MarkDaviesno databases so far10:09
bekksMarkDavies: generally, you should never ever allow system service users to log in, for security reasons.10:09
MarkDaviesbekks: I know it. But mysql manual recommends to do it in case you've forgotten mysql root password. That why I'm asking.10:10
bekksMarkDavies: Allowing that, attackers are only one papssword away from controlling your service and possibly your server.10:10
bekksMarkDavies: Then why dont you state THAT problem instead?10:10
bekksMarkDavies: We just wasted time here now.10:10
dwarderi have an ssh box, and i want to run a browser from this box, how do i do this?10:11
bekksdwarder: use ssh -X10:11
dwarderi want a browser from remote box on local box10:11
dwarderbekks: thanks10:12
Senorbekks: the virtual ip is used for the local netwok  to forwading  packets?10:12
bekksSenor: Depends on the setup.10:12
bekksSenor: It is basically explained on the page given.10:13
Senorif there is no vip  ,how is that?10:14
bekksSenor: All possible (sane) implementations are described on that page given.10:14
bekksSenor: And in a very detail, it is described how each setup works.10:14
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biledemonwhois biledemon10:20
dwarderbekks: i sshed to my box with -X run chromium and i don't see it here10:20
CapprenticeNeed help here. I have recently purchased a 1TB Western Digital's Advanced Format Hard drive. Now I'm having trouble creating the partitions with proper 4k alignment.10:22
CapprenticeI want to create Partitions for Windows, Hackintosh, Ubuntu and Fedora. If I want to equally divide the space between them,then how do I do that?10:22
dwarderbekks: oh, i see it10:22
dwarderbekks: thanks10:22
CapprenticeHey any one using Advaced Format HDD here ?10:24
MarkDaviesbekks: well, you're right, I've just realized I misunderstood what SQL manuals says.10:25
CapprenticeMarkDavies, Hi ! sorry to interrupt u here. But can you help me on ^ that ?10:26
MarkDaviesCapprentice: I would be glad to do so, but I'm not even sure what you're speaking about. Is it a tool provided with system?10:27
tarta8I'm having a PROBLEM that i'm unable to fix, even looking thru google so i hope someone can help me10:27
tarta8when I start my xubuntu and i get to the splash screen it just stays there "thinking"10:27
tarta8any ideas10:28
Capprentice@ MarkDavies , This will give you the idea what Im talking here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_format10:28
fragenderhey guys, what is the german irc channel for ubuntu?10:28
CapprenticeLet me repeat my question here: Need help here. I have recently purchased a 1TB Western Digital's Advanced Format Hard drive. Now I'm having trouble creating the partitions with proper 4k alignment.10:29
CapprenticeI want to create Partitions for Windows, Hackintosh, Ubuntu and Fedora. If I want to equally divide the space between them,then how do I do that?10:29
NeonCore!ask | Capprentice10:29
ubottuCapprentice: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:29
CapprenticeIm not well familiar with Parted. So far I only have used Gparted. So my question is, will it be possible to create partitions on a Advanced Format HDD using Gparted. If the answer is yes, then how ?10:31
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Capprentice@ NeonCore , Do you use Advanced Format Hard Disk ?10:32
=== jack is now known as Guest71089
kernalhello, I was testing out a pptp VPN, then I decided to remove it. Now I have ppp1 network, evne though "pptp-linux is not installed"10:34
=== Guest71089 is now known as jack
=== jack is now known as Guest46841
kernalwoops nvm10:35
kernaltoo many pptp packages in the repo10:35
llutzCapprentice:  http://rainbow.chard.org/2013/01/30/how-to-align-partitions-for-best-performance-using-parted/10:37
NeonCoreCapprentice: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5655/~/how-to-install-a-wd-advanced-format-drive-on-a-non-windows-operating-system10:38
CapprenticeNeonCore, Already read those. But they are quite complex for me as I tend to do things in GUI way. Is there any GUI way of doing that ?10:40
jackargHi, I'm trying to run "wine DirectX10/DXSETUP.exe" from within the skyrim directory to try and activate sound. but i get the error "an internal system error occured" towards the end. any help?10:40
omarHi all.10:40
omarHow do I find out the name of an event (i.e the name for "Brightness Up" is XF68MonBrightnessUP)..?10:42
jaedoubleuhey guys, i need some help on booting! Recently, i have installed elementary os on my brother's computer, i selected the install along with windows. Now my brother is back and i have to uninstall elementary os so i use gparted to take away the partition with elementary os however now i cannot boot into windows. Is there any way i can fix this? :\ T10:42
jaedoubleuhanks in advance!10:42
llutzjaedoubleu: ask in ##windows how to rewrite the bootloader10:43
jaedoubleuokay, thanks!!10:43
Capprenticejackarg, If you are trying to install DirectX, then you can use PlayonLinux to do that - http://screencloud.net/v/BAWi10:44
NeonCoreCapprentice: you just have to copy the command into the terminal :)10:44
Ben64!appdb | jackarg10:44
ubottujackarg: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:44
CapprenticeNeonCore, The whole partitioning has to be done in Parted right ?10:45
jackargCapprentice: the highlighted dll is the one I need? Can you just pass me a command do just do that?10:45
tuturHello, when i enter on my ubuntu for some reason i just enter on fluxbox desktop and can't change it on logm screen theres no unity/xfce there10:45
tuturyet they are installed....10:45
tuturany help please?10:45
Ben64Capprentice: just use gparted, it defaults to MB boundary for partitions, works for 4k10:45
Ben64jackarg: you really should check the appdb before installing directx10:46
NeonCoreCapprentince: "Use minimal or optimal for Advanced Format drives."10:46
MarkDavieswow. Seems like at last I succeeded (not in a way that would be preferred by me though). It was a nightmare10:46
jackargCapprentice: actually it's fine thanks. So do I just install that highlighted package in the "Steam" playonlinux directory?10:46
jackargben64 why?10:46
Capprentice@ Ben64: I tried that in the first place. Here, this is what I have got: http://screencloud.net/v/ozQI10:46
jackargBen64: skyrim is not listed10:48
Ben64jackarg: it sure is10:48
Capprenticejackarg, You should install that version that your game supports. Check the games specification10:48
jackargCapprentice and Ben64, I'm just following this. http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29082#c710:49
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 29082 in winealsa.drv "No sound in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in WinXP mode, but work in Win7 mode" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:49
jackargbut i encounter an error10:49
Ben64jackarg: thats from years ago...10:49
jackargyet he still says to use dx10 Ben6410:50
jackargBen64: so can I just install it,10:50
Ben64jackarg: i wouldn't10:50
Capprenticejackarg, Is Skyrim is the Steam game you are trying to play ?10:50
jackargCapprentice: yes. it's a steam wine game10:51
CapprenticeSorry, I dont do much gaming over wine.10:51
jackargBen64: so how do I solve the sound problem then?10:51
Ben64read the appdb10:51
The_Stuntman1so I'm having some issues, I'm trying to write a bash script in linux here that goes and grabs the most recent version of a minecraft plugin from http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/coreprotect/files/ unfortunantly, for some odd reason bukkit changes the url slightly with each upload of a new version of the plugin10:51
Ben64and join #winehq for more help10:51
The_Stuntman1I'm trying to do this completely within bash, as I'm trying to expand my knowledge on it. If anyone could give me a hand. I just need to figure out how to get the most recent jar for this plugin.10:51
The_Stuntman1this is what I have so far for everything else I've done10:51
Ben64The_Stuntman1: probably a better question for #bash10:52
tuturwhen i do ls -l /usr/share/xsessions/ only 1 desktop appear but it keeps saying "total 4"10:52
jackargBen64: the steam version is platinum10:52
The_Stuntman1they just gave me a lecture on how they probably don't want automated jobs done and that I should ask bukkit lol10:53
Capprenticejackarg, Okay, here i can see ShadowWalker said - Just install the DirectX version from the Skyrim directory. so Im guessing you have to install the DirectX 10 from Skyrim directory. You can use the "d3dx10" package in PlayonLinu.10:53
jackargCapprentice: so I install that in the steam tab, and it should work?10:53
CapprenticeYes, probably.10:53
jackargCapprentice: even if i'm not using playonlinux for any of this?10:54
CapprenticeI think yes, that will work.10:54
tuturoh well... i'll have to find the fix myself ti seems D:10:55
CapprenticeI use this instead of Steam - http://screencloud.net/v/CL76 :)10:55
KaCTuSI  having problems with... configuring, permissions, PHP works on myPHPadmin and noplace else, I cant update some files and cant get wordpress running. I am running version 13.10, my SQL errors and WordPress wont run, PHPmyAdmin10:55
jackargchat's desurium?10:56
nikolamOne thing about Ubuntu that was always intrigue me is that applications and system bugs are almost never fixed during distribution support lifetime. It is always waiting for a new distribution release and new versions of packages for that to happen.10:57
nikolamLike it is strongly forbidden to fix a bug if it is non-security and non-essential10:57
KaCTuSyeah, but the x.02 updates are supported for 9 years10:58
nikolamI mean, what wrong would be to fix a userspace application bug, during distribution lifetime, but to let users suffer all the 9 years.10:58
Ben64KaCTuS: no and no. there are no .02 releases and there are none supported for 9 years10:59
xyzaffa1rI have just installed ubuntu 14.04, trusty what ever, and Im not sure if this is intentional, but I have all the Saucy art work. Is the trusty what ever art work not done yet or something?11:01
Ben64xyzaffa1r: 14.04 is not released yet. 14.04 = 2014.04 = april 201411:01
jackargCapprentice: doesn't work!11:01
xyzaffa1rBen64, But I still have it, you can get it....11:01
llutz!14.04 | xyzaffa1r11:02
ubottuxyzaffa1r: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+111:02
Capprenticejackarg, Can you post me a screenshot of the error !11:02
xyzaffa1rTHat doesnt mean you cant get it....11:02
Ben64nobody ever said you can't get it11:02
llutzxyzaffa1r: that just means your questions better go to #ubuntu+111:03
nikolamxyzaffa1r, report bug and on #ubuntu+111:04
xyzaffa1rnikolam, Meh11:04
cristian_cThen, another question:11:04
jackargCapprentice: no the installed work, but there's still no sound11:04
jackargi'll pass you the error for installing it directly with wine11:04
cristian_cHow can I fill with one color a sheet in inkscape?11:04
cristian_cAny ideas?11:05
nikolamHow do you boot from GRUB2 to multiple BTRFS system subvolumes (@) on same disk?11:06
jackargCapprentice: this is one of the error logs: http://pastebin.com/y0bdg9rn11:06
nikolamLike I make a snapshot of current subvolume and update, and then want to be able to boot to older and new ssytem11:07
jackargCapprentice:  this is the other http://pastebin.com/suQXbv8311:07
nikolamBen64, thing is bugs don't ever get fixed if they are non-security and non-essential11:07
thedoctarwhat's a good alternative to iTunes that I can sync my ipad mini 2 with?11:07
jackargCapprentice: should I try to install skyrim with playonlinux instead of steam?11:08
Seveas!iphone | thedoctar11:08
ubottuthedoctar: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod11:08
Capprenticejackarg, It seems the DirectX plugin failed to get installed, thus no sound. http://www.dedoimedo.com/games/wine-directx.html11:09
nikolamthedoctar, maybe site like alternativeto dot net could help you searching11:09
Ben64!appdb | jackarg11:09
ubottujackarg: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:09
Capprenticejackarg, Yes. try that as well.11:09
jackargCapprentice: ok, though I may encounter some problems with that11:10
jackargBen64 what do you want me to do with appdb?!11:10
Ben64jackarg: actually read it, skyrim is one of the easiest things to get working11:10
KaCTuSI  having problems with... configuring, permissions, PHP works on myPHPadmin and noplace else, I cant update some files and cant get wordpress running. I am running version 13.10, my SQL errors and WordPress wont run, PHPmyAdmin11:11
Ben64jackarg: also, see that bit at the end of what ubottu said where it mentions #winehq for application help11:11
cristian_cThen, another question:11:12
Nosophorusi've installed gawk from source and the update manager wants to downgrade it to the repo's gawk version. why is that happening?11:13
cristian_cI installed qtconfig-qt411:14
thedoctarhave any of you guys tried aTunes?11:14
cristian_cI found that when I open the configuration tool of qt, I make a change to the font and save, the new value is written to Trolltech.conf11:14
streulmahello, Is there a way to do setpci default in grub? which file can I edit?11:15
cristian_cwhen I open 'Qt Configuration', the old settings always appear as if the GUI were to load the configuration from somewhere else, rather than recover from Trolltech.conf11:15
cristian_cHow can I make sure that the Qt configuration tool applies the settings contained in that file?11:15
cristian_cAny ideas?11:16
ArmoHi all. I am trying to remap some keys, but they loose their new function as soon as I reboot (etc.), how can I make the change permanent?11:17
hawt-usercan anyone tell me whats the problem i cant run programs as normal for example vlc : http://pastebin.ca/2650079 and software-center : http://pastebin.ca/265008011:19
hawt-usersoftware-center starts only when i start it as root11:20
Nosophorusi've installed gawk from source and the update manager wants to downgrade it to the repo's gawk version. why is that happening?11:20
bekksNosophorus: did you create a .deb?11:24
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User123Question about Ubuntu Touch: Can I attach the upcoming devices with Ubuntu Touch with a monitor to make use of the desktop modem?11:34
User123modem = mode11:35
SergeyServerhello Where I can edit "putty" server dates etc11:37
bekksSergeyServer: In Putty.11:37
SergeyServerbut where has it got installed?11:37
MarkDaviesto log in as root in Ubuntu is not really impossible. /usr/bin/sudo su11:38
bekksMarkDavies: sudo su is nonsense.11:38
goodwinhow do i remove screen locker login?11:38
MarkDaviesbekks: why?11:38
bekksMarkDavies: use sudo -i or sudo -s11:38
SergeyServerI installed putty with terminal, now I need to get into the folder it is to configure it, help please11:38
bekksSergeyServer: Just start putty.11:39
Nosophorusbekks: i installed from the source using configure+make+checkinstall11:39
SergeyServerhow to start it? sorry I am a very newbie11:39
Nosophorusbekks: checkinstall, by the way, does creat a .deb file11:39
bekksNosophorus: I know11:40
Nosophorusbekks: so, that's may be the reason for the downgrading?11:40
MarkDaviesbekks: I don't understand why it would be a nonsense11:40
SergeyServerbekks how do I start putty?11:41
Ben64MarkDavies: its not the correct way to get a root shell, it can cause problems. do not suggest it in here11:41
bekksSergeyServer: I never used Putty on Linux - I used it on Windows only.11:41
bekksNosophorus: The reason is, that you package management system doesnt know anything about this deb. If you want to keep it, you have to pin that version.11:42
bekksMarkDavies: http://us.generation-nt.com/answer/sudo-su-sudo-help-203477842.html11:42
MarkDaviesBen64: perhaps, but I can't see why11:43
Nosophorusbekks: but pin-ing it may break the system in future upgrades that need the pin-ed package, isn't it?11:43
bekksNosophorus: Yes.11:43
SergeyServerim trying to enable my hostbot11:43
SergeyServerso I need to configure putty11:43
SergeyServerand the next step is start my hostbot11:43
bekksSergeyServer: On linux, you do nont need Putty. Just use "ssh".11:43
Nosophorusbekks: yeah. . . that's a difficult situation. but thank you for your help. =]11:43
SergeyServerI need putty11:44
Ben64SergeyServer: what exactly are you trying to accomplish11:44
bekksSergeyServer: Why?11:46
niuniuhi  good eve11:53
niuniui wanna touse vm make a xp11:53
niuniubut failed  canyou help me >?11:54
SergeyServerbekks aha I got it now11:54
SergeyServerbekks how can I conenct to my server using putty ?11:54
bekksniuniu: Can you define "touse", "make a xp" and "but failed", please?11:54
bekks!details | niuniu11:54
ubottuniuniu: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:54
bekksSergeyServer: Start it, enter the IP, connect.11:55
SergeyServerbekks its not enough, the IP11:55
=== metamorpy_ is now known as metamorpy
bekksSergeyServer: It is enough. I am doing that for more than two decades now.11:55
SergeyServerbekky I get error11:55
bekksSergeyServer: you need the username and password, too, which is obvious.11:55
SergeyServerit says: connection refused11:55
bekksSergeyServer: Then your server refuses the connection.11:56
bekksSergeyServer: Thats not a putty error, but the server refuses a connection with your.11:56
llutzSergeyServer: make sure the server runs ssh-server (sshd) and check what port it uses11:56
SergeyServerhow I can know that11:56
niuniuo  sorry   but i give the wrong words11:56
llutzSergeyServer: ask your admin to check11:57
bekksSergeyServer: Well, is it your server you are trying to connect to?11:57
SergeyServercan we go private with one of you guys and you tell me what to do11:57
SergeyServerI am the admin11:57
SergeyServerI am sitting next to server11:57
bekksSergeyServer: You should call someone professional then :)11:57
Seveasllutz: bekks: SergeyServer was in here yesterday as well, trying to get "help" but not actually cooperating. While I applaud your attempts to help him further, I fear the effort is futile.11:57
bekks!ssh | SergeyServer11:57
ubottuSergeyServer: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)11:57
llutzSergeyServer: "pgrep ssh" "sudo lsof -i :22"11:57
llutzback to my coffeemug, tks Seveas11:58
SergeyServerthanks llutz you're very nice guy, not like Seveas11:58
SergeyServerpgrep is 156411:59
Ben64SergeyServer: you really need to give more information to get proper help. we cannot see your screen, we do not know your setup11:59
SergeyServerwhat is it?11:59
SergeyServerYesterday I offered them to go logon onto my screen ^^12:00
llutzSergeyServer: btw, never ever do that again12:00
SergeyServerdo what?12:00
llutzSergeyServer: never give someone you don't know access to your systems. </ot>12:01
SergeyServerI can always reinstall my system12:01
cgtDo I really need to install Unity to install Lightdm?12:01
Ben64SergeyServer: until you explain what it is you're trying to do, i don't see how anyone can help you12:01
Seveasllutz: hmm, maybe I should have teaken him up on that offer and remove his irc client :)12:01
SergeyServerllutz: so my pgrep ssh is 1564, what now?12:01
llutzSergeyServer: missed the beat12:02
SergeyServerBen64: as far as I got it - putty is like teamviewer, so currently im trying to get it to work12:02
SergeyServerllutz what?12:02
Seveascgt: no. but it has a Recommends: on unity-greeter, so you'll want to install with apt-get --no-install-recommends install lightdm12:02
Ben64SergeyServer: putty is not at all like teamviewer12:02
cgtSeveas: ok, thanks12:02
Ben64SergeyServer: also, putty is a windows program, nothing to do with #ubuntu12:03
SergeyServerBen64: I actually don't know myself what I am doing exactly, but the point that it has to end == I must get my hostbot working12:03
SeveasBen64: actually, putty is cross-platform12:03
Seveas!info putty12:03
ubottuputty (source: putty): Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.63-1 (saucy), package size 330 kB, installed size 815 kB12:03
llutz!info putty | Ben6412:03
ubottuBen64: please see above12:03
Ben64ew, why12:03
SergeyServerI got installed putty onto my windows laptop, and I am trying to connect to my ubuntu server using it12:03
SeveasBen64: very good question :)12:03
Ben64SergeyServer: ok, thats a good start. make sure you have ssh running on the server12:04
SergeyServerhow can I check it?12:04
Ben64pastebin the output of "sudo lsof -i :22"12:04
SergeyServerand do you write names and add : to send it red text to the reciepent?12:05
onltyor "sudo lsof -i :22 | pastebinit"12:05
SergeyServerit doesn't write anything except going on next line12:05
Ben64usually any line containing someones name comes up as red for them, depends on client12:05
Ben64then you're not running an ssh server, explains the connection refused12:05
SergeyServerso I dont have ssh y?12:05
SergeyServerok so how can I run it?12:06
Ben64sudo apt-get install openssh-server12:06
Ben64really? what did it do12:06
SergeyServernow I got that ubuntu console12:07
SergeyServeron my laptop lol12:07
onltyMY PRESSURE12:09
onltynot pleasure12:09
zagibuanyone got a recommendation for a good laptop with hw 3d?12:10
bekks!hcl | zagibu12:10
ubottuzagibu: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:10
SergeyServerBen64: thanks very much, you helped me with what I needed.12:10
AlanBellzagibu: you would be pushed to find one without hardward 3d accelleration these days12:10
Ben64SergeyServer: no problem. just remember next time - more details!12:10
zagibui am talking about hw accel in ubuntu with best possible opengl support12:11
zagibualso, those certified lists are terrible for searching, you have no idea how old a laptop is, etc.12:11
=== UKn0Meh is now known as UKn0Me
bekkszagibu: Then look out for the model of your choice, and check the graphics adapter support afterwards.12:12
AlanBellzagibu: yeah, the lists are hard to do, they keep being outdated, and hardware support varies over time, generally everything you could possibly get now, will work perfectly fast enough for the accellerated compiz powered desktop12:12
AlanBellzagibu: going forward, things with an intel chipset will work with Mir and stuff with AMD or nvidea chipsets will probably also work with the open source drivers (which are fast, are accellerated, but arguably the closed ones are a touch "better")12:14
AlanBellzagibu: on a laptop, the screen consideration to concentrate on is the resolution you want, not the graphics chipset12:15
zagibuno, i want to do opengl dev, so I need good opengl support with recent capabilities, not something that's stuck on OpenGL 2.1 or something12:21
bekksThen you need to look out for some hardware thats supporting it.12:23
bekkszagibu: And after finding it, you hav to check the Ubuntu support for that hardware.12:23
zagibuit's a pain in the ass, maybe I'll just by from one of those linux laptop vendors12:24
bekkszagibu: Which will not change what you have to do.12:24
kostkonzagibu, start from system76.com12:24
zagibuthe problem with system76.com is that the smaller formats have really lackluster GPUs12:25
zagibuand I don't want a 17" monster12:26
bekkszagibu: Then search the website of your preferred vendor.12:26
bekkszagibu: It isnt an Ubuntu issue, entirely :)12:26
zagibuyeah, it's true12:26
porksaucezagibu: the dell spx 13 developer edition comes with ubuntu 12.04 pre-installed, which might be a good option12:27
porksaucezagibu: sorry xps 1312:27
zagibuyeah, but it has intel hd graphics12:27
bekkszagibu: What do you expect?12:28
pikarendo u guys prefer dock or taskbar12:31
paultrokeI would like some help with understanding the install of LibreOffice on 1212:32
bekkspaultroke: Define "12" please.12:32
jillhi all12:32
gamoholicpikaren: I use Lubuntu, so taskbar :)12:32
jillnew user12:32
paultrokebekks: how do I find out my version as I cannot remember it12:33
bekkspaultroke: Version of what?12:33
paultrokebekks: Ubuntu12:34
bekkspaultroke: "lsb_release -a"12:34
gamoholicInstalling LibreOffice should be as simple as "sudo apt-get install libreoffice"12:35
gamoholicWell, unless you want a newer version than what's in the repo12:35
paultrokebekks: OK. Version 12.04.4 LTS. It has installed Libre Office, but also offers it to install via the software centre. I don't understand why?12:35
bekkspaultroke: Because it is installable via software center, too?12:36
paultrokebekks: I understand that, but other sp12:36
paultrokebekks: other software installed at setup shows as installed in software centre?12:36
gamoholicMaybe 12.04 ships with a minimal install of LibreOffice?12:37
bekkspaultroke: And why i that a reason for concern? Two applications show the same spftware as being installed.12:37
gamoholicpaultroke: Which version is the software center offering? Also, which version do you have installed? "soffice --version"12:38
kostkonpaultroke, some parts you have got to install yourself and do not come as part of 12.04, e.g. libreoffice base12:39
paultrokebekks: Sorry, I'm not being clear. I got the message that JRE needed to be installed for LibreOffice to work fully. I went looking for it on software centre. I found JRE, but also saw LibreOffice listed as not installed. This confused me.12:39
paultrokekostkon: Thanks. How do I find out which elements are installed?12:41
bekkspaultroke: dpkg -l | grep libreoffice12:41
paultrokebekks: thanks.12:43
paultrokebekks, kostkon: Which JRE package would you suggest?12:44
bekkspaultroke: I suggest the Oracle Java JDK.12:44
kostkonpaultroke, openjdk7?12:44
paultrokebekks, kostkon: Thanks to both of you for your help - and patience with a newbie :-)12:45
gamoholicFor LibreOffice you should be fine with openJDK12:46
gamoholicIf you are going to do something more serious with Java like run a MineCraft server then I would definitely suggest the Oracle flavor of Java :)12:47
onltyI play MineCraft w/ openjdk12:48
paultrokegamoholic: Thanks very much.12:48
paultrokeI use irc so rarely, how do I leave a chat room politely?12:49
gamoholicopenjdk is probably fine, but I feel better with the official Java for running an MC server12:49
gamoholicI never leave, so don't ask me :P12:50
bekkspaultroke: Just say "see you later" or something :)12:50
paultrokegamoholic: Ha Ha!12:51
ArmoHi all. I am trying to remap some keys, but they loose their new function as soon as I reboot (etc.), how can I make the change permanent?12:51
paultrokebekks: Thanks.12:51
netameta__hey all, i've just installed curl, and now as i restarted my fpm-php5, it doesnt work any ideas ?12:51
paultrokeThanks everyone for your help. See you later.12:51
netameta__also when i tried to restart it, its says stop: unknown instanse. when i do ps aux, it doenst seem to load12:52
Markspicologychi, i have a question on ubuntu kernel under grub, somebody speaking spanish?. Sorry. my english level is low. :-(12:55
llutz!es | Markspicologyc12:55
ubottuMarkspicologyc: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:55
netameta__anyone with a clue ?12:59
bitbeeHi all13:14
vee-trevhi guys...IDK what I did but when I use sudo it doesnt require a password anymore..please help13:19
gamoholicHave you closed your terminal and re-opened it?13:21
gamoholicSudo remembers your password for a while13:21
vee-trevgamoholic:  yes...even switched the pc off and on again....and its been a while now13:22
gamoholicHuh, that is weird13:22
gamoholicSo running something like "sudo apt-get update" no longer asks you for a password?13:23
vee-trevgamoholic: nop...it just runs13:23
porksaucevee-trev: only thing i can think you might've done is to modify your sudoers file or created a file in /etc/sudoers.d -- does either of those sound familiar?13:24
vee-trevporksauce: uhm.....nop they not fam13:25
gamoholicWhen you run "id" it doesn't show "root" as one of the groups, does it?13:27
vee-trevno...theres no root , only sudo13:28
po1lhey everyone is there a way  to make a program to connect to the internet only through vpn? i mean...when you use firefox the traffic will go through the vpn and when you use xchat not?13:29
TimmyLearn programming or make apps. Hack Ruby, Go, Java, NodeJS, PHP, C, and Python.Install Wordpress, Laravel, Django, and Bootstrap. Play with MySQL, Mongo, and enjoy root access.Sign up now and join the fun! https://koding.com/R/nixmd (actually use suggested url so you'll get 1 GB more storage and i'll get too :D )13:31
JoshStroblBugger off Timmy.13:32
gamoholicvee-trev: I guess make sure you don't have NOPASSWD somewhere in /etd/sudoers http://askubuntu.com/questions/334318/sudoers-file-enable-nopasswd-for-user-all-commands13:33
porksaucenice ad spam, way to improve the rep of your site Timmy13:33
vee-trevgamoholic:  let me chek13:34
TimmyHaters will hate13:34
JoshStroblJust go Timmy...just go.13:34
spoutnik16hi guys13:35
spoutnik16i'm encountering problem while installing ubuntu on my desktop, and i'm totally lost in doc, with absolutelly no idea how to deal with it13:36
vee-trevgamoholic: thers a lot of NOPASSWDs....13:36
vee-trevspoutnik16: wats the prob13:36
JoshStroblspoutnik16: Could you be more detailed on what issue you are encountering?13:37
gamoholicvee-trev: That's probably not good. I wonder where they came from? What do you use to manage users?13:37
spoutnik16when i boot under ubuntu, the screen keep refreshing, with a weird remain of windows interface (all blured)13:37
spoutnik16when i hit ctrl alt f1, console keep saying me three things :13:37
spoutnik16GPU lockup CP stall for more than 10000msec // radeon ib ring test failed  // radeon fence wait failed13:38
gamoholicSounds like it doesn't like your GPU13:39
vee-trevgamoholic: the gnome thing , not sure what its called , but the defaut in gnome13:39
spoutnik16yeah, but i like my gpu :/13:39
gamoholicvee-trev: Ok. I have never used that, so I don't know what it does to the sudoers file13:40
vee-trevspoutnik16: it doesnt care13:40
spoutnik16is there any solution but to change my gpu ? like, some weird drivers voodoo ?13:40
gamoholicspoutnik16: What is the model number of your GPU?13:40
spoutnik16radeon hd 3600 series13:41
gamoholicAh, an old one13:41
vee-trevgamoholic: will see wat i can do , thanks13:41
gamoholicThose aren't supported any more13:41
=== Thubo is now known as Thubo|away
netameta__i've just installed curl , and now fpm doesnt seem to work at all. any ideas ?13:42
porksaucevee-trev: you're right to be alarmed, that's not good.  you might think about re-installing. no trustworthy app should do that to your sudoers file, and you clearly would not have done that by mistake13:43
spoutnik16it means, if i take an old distrib it will work ?13:43
gamoholicspoutnik16: I would recommend against that.13:44
bekksspoutnik16: supprted versions are 12.04, 12.10 and 13.1013:45
spoutnik16gamoholic: so, what would you recommend ?13:46
gamoholicHonestly, a new GPU13:46
gamoholicThe Intel GPUs that are built into newer processors work really well13:46
gamoholicEspecially if you aren't trying to do high-end gaming13:46
edcosmosbom dia alguem que fale portugues13:47
gamoholicBut that requires a whole new computer13:47
spoutnik16i took that gpu because it costed 20 bucks and has in-build bi-screen13:47
vee-trevporksauce: yeah....you right , maybe i shud jut re-install but will try to fix first....its very scary13:47
porksaucevee-trev: yeah i'd want to do some forensics before wiping too to see if i could figure out how it got that way, but please no online banking while it's like that :)13:48
spoutnik16but if the problem is the gpu, does it mean i can run a linux with no graphical interface ? with an old graphical interface ?13:49
gamoholicspoutnik16: What do you want to use Linux for?13:50
vee-trevporksauce: man u starting to scare me , Ive done a lot of online banking with this situation...is it bad?13:50
spoutnik16little bit of office, funny python-django dev, easy ssh without puty, being the cool kid with linux, easy home server13:52
gamoholicYou will need a GPU then13:53
spoutnik16and, when i wanna make thing like testing rails, no more saying myself "shit, the windows install tutorial takes two hours, the linux one is two command lines"13:53
=== cornel_ is now known as meriutacornel
netameta__No one wil a small hint really ?13:53
gamoholicnetameta__: What did curl install as deps? Maybe one of them got updated and no longer works with fpm13:54
porksaucevee-trev: well, something has compromised the basic security on your box.  without knowing how it got that way it's impossible to know.  first thing i might do while it's like that is check my router logs to see if there's traffic i'm not initiating. but yeah i wouldn't trust it in its current state13:55
netameta__gamoholic: not sure, but i've removed curl and the error stil there13:55
JoshStroblnetameta__: did you install curl or php5-curl?13:56
JoshStroblwhat is the error?13:57
netameta__JoshStrobl: i've installed php5-curl13:57
JoshStrobldid you restart the php5-fpm process after install php5-curl?13:57
netameta__JoshStrobl: yea got stop: Unknown instance:13:57
netameta__php5-fpm start/running, process 729413:57
JoshStroblI'm guessing you're trying to roll with nginx rather than apache2, correct?13:58
netameta__i have to use nginx, for node.js + its pretty nice yea13:58
netameta__JoshStrobl: about the error in/var/log/ php5-fpm.log and php5-fpm.log.1 both are empty. so unless there's another place that logs the errors there isnt any14:00
netameta__i dont know what else to uninstall to try and fix this14:00
JoshStrobldo you mind using pastebin and copying the output from dpkg --get-selections php5* ?14:01
vee-trevporksauce: ....leme just back up n re-install...14:01
jenenliuhi guys, are there some *nix tutorial for beginner ?14:03
jenenliuI want to learn some basic commands, in order to familiar linux14:03
netameta__JoshStrobl: doing so now14:04
JoshStrobljenenliu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:04
JoshStrobljenenliu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommandLineResources14:04
netameta__JoshStrobl: http://pastebin.com/GZgPnXZ914:05
netameta__BTW i've just removed both php5-fpm and php5-curl so the show as deinstalled14:05
jenenliuJoshStrobl: thanks a lot ;)14:06
YamakasYmhh building my own debs but my dependency is not installed14:07
JoshStroblnetameta__: Might be worth adding the nginx PPA to see if it is anymore up to date than main. Add deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/stable/ubuntu saucy main to your /etc/sources.list, do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall nginx && sudo apt-get install php5-curl php5-fpm14:10
JoshStroblAfter that, check whether php5-fpm or php-fpm (as well as nginx) is listed in /etc/init.d. If so, restart those services using sudo service php5-fpm (php-fpm) restart and sudo service nginx restart.14:11
JoshStroblCheck your nginx configuration files to make sure they are appropriately configured. A good reference / example is http://wiki.nginx.org/PHPFcgiExample#FastCGI_Example_.28with_PHP_FPM.2914:12
JoshStrobljenenliu: No problem, glad to help.14:13
netameta__josh what you mean by add deb http://....14:13
JoshStrobl"deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/stable/ubuntu saucy main" - add that line (without the quotes) in your /etc/sources.list file. it will fetch nginx from a different source (this one being the stable branch of nginx, which may differ from the repo.14:15
netameta__in/etc/ i cant find a file or a folder named sources.list to add the above14:15
JoshStroblsorry, /etc/apt/sources.list14:15
netameta__ah :-)14:16
JoshStroblyea, my bad :D14:16
ActionParsnipJoshStrobl: why not use the real way to add PPAs which also imports the GPG key too.14:16
ActionParsnipsudo add-apt-repository ppa:nginx/stable14:17
ActionParsnipsudo apt-get update14:17
netameta__so should i do this ?14:18
netameta__or the add line ?14:18
ActionParsnipFar far easier than having users open config files, yesn14:18
ActionParsnipnetameta__: use the command, its a tonne easier14:18
=== ricardo is now known as Guest67096
JoshStroblversion difference between saucy repo and ppa: http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/nginx version 1.4.1 meanwhile PPA is 1.4.5-1 :D14:19
ActionParsnipWhats new in 1.4.5?14:20
netameta__josh will --reinstall, will complately restart everything ? including the configs ?14:21
JoshStroblI'd recommend backing up your configs. Usually purge will delete the configs and --reinstall will just re-install the package, but still worth doing a backup incase.14:23
DiplomaticoHello, I have lubuntu installed on a pen drive, I've heard swap partitions wear out pen drives, so, can i format the swap partition?14:28
ActionParsnipDiplomatico: sudo swapoff /dev/swappartitionname14:29
DiplomaticoWhat would that do?14:29
ActionParsnipDiplomatico: you'll also want to remove the swap line from fstab. Y14:29
ActionParsnipYou need to make the swap not be used, you can then get rid of it14:30
DiplomaticoAll right, got it...14:30
ActionParsnipDiplomatico: you will only use swap if you max your ram14:30
DiplomaticoThank you!14:30
ActionParsnipDiplomatico: how much ram do you have?14:30
DiplomaticoI think 1 gb14:30
netameta__alrighty so, i've done the above,  both nginx/ php5-fpm are in ini.d, when i do sudo service [service] restart for nginx, i get ok, and for php5-fpm i get stop: Unknown instance:14:31
netameta__php5-fpm start/running, process 1133914:31
netameta__and it doesnt work14:31
netameta__when i do ps aux, php5-fpm doesnt seem to run14:31
netameta__do i need to config php maybe ? or its suppose to work out of the box ?14:34
JoshStroblnormally it's already pre-configured in /etc/php-fpm.conf and /etc/php-fpm.d/*14:37
YamakasYmhh my set dependencies for my build package are not installed14:37
JoshStroblAlso make sure you follow the configurations at http://wiki.nginx.org/PHPFcgiExample#FastCGI_Example_.28with_PHP_FPM.29 which apply to nginx.14:38
YamakasYanyone experience with that ?14:38
MonkeyDustYamakasY  try #ubuntu-app-devel14:41
YamakasYMonkeyDust: ah nice14:41
netameta__josh the ngxinx is configured correctly . its something else.14:42
netameta__that's weird14:42
netameta__i have 2 servers almost identical14:42
netameta__one i practiced on14:42
netameta__and the second one was the "real" one14:42
netameta__when i did the practice one, i followed some tutorial(which i cannot fine)  that had some kind of package to install including php5-fpm sql and some other stuff.14:43
netameta__and it also has curl installed and its all working14:43
netameta__is there a way to check the difference ?14:44
femguyhi, i just got rid of my ubuntuone account, all my personal files are now gone, right? I mean I didnt delete the files before cancelling the account14:46
netameta__How do i purge install a package ?14:46
femguycancelling alone means they delete all files... right?14:46
ArmoHi all. I am trying to remap some keys using xmodmap, but they keep going back to their previous function after I reboot the computer. How can I solve that?14:48
llutzArmo: make your changes in ~/.Xmodmap14:49
SM411Hello! Anyone bother giving me some help on getting Wlan drivers work on my laptop? I have been googling for a while, but I have got stuck.14:49
Armollutz, This is a file?14:50
llutzArmo: yes, if its not existing, create it14:50
Armollutz, Thank you.14:51
Armollutz, What should I do after that?14:52
llutzArmo: "xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap"   once at runtime to make changes active. next X-start it should be read automatically14:53
netameta__fixed !!14:53
ixioanyone aware of a commericial backup software / provider that I can use to take a full system image of a linux box to a cloud server/service14:53
netameta__darn i hate linux and anything related to servers14:53
JoshStroblnetameta__: So what was the issue? :P14:54
Armollutz, Okay. But then, they also would come back to their old functions even after the computer comes back from a sleep.14:54
netameta__joshStrobl, Thanks, what i did was purge everything, nginx/php5 everything that was there.14:54
netameta__joshStrobl, then reinstalled it. and its working14:55
JoshStroblStill not sure why it derped in the first place.14:55
netameta__no idea what ecactly was worng14:55
netameta__but :-)14:55
JoshStroblYea me either :D14:55
netameta__thanks for sticking with me and helping.14:55
netameta__back to code14:55
AzizLightHi everybody14:59
crunch-chocoDo you think goobuntu will switch to 14.04 as soon as it will be released?15:00
AzizLightI am using tmux and zsh, and all keybindings are broken. ie: Crtl-p sends ^P... any ideas on how to fix the problem please?15:00
=== forcefsck is now known as chth0n
ActionParsnipcrunch-choco: 14.04 is offtopic here15:03
=== chth0n is now known as chthon
ActionParsnipcrunch-choco: its also not supported in any of the Ubuntu support channels. It has its own community and support15:04
=== vitimiti is now known as chicabisex23
=== chicabisex23 is now known as vitimiti
Armollutz, Is it possible to make that command execute automatically after resume from suspend/sleep?15:07
=== marc_ is now known as Guest31867
=== chthon is now known as forcefsck
ActionParsnipArmo: you can set commands to run on wake up / thaw, yes15:07
=== owner is now known as Guest70441
=== DJCLOO is now known as PSYCLOO
llutzArmo: somewhere in /etc/....pm/resume.d  is a place to put ascript for that iirc15:08
MarkDaviesWell.. I've installed elinks browser and I must say that for the time being I'm completely lost15:09
VoyageIs there a native way to open/extract isz files in ubuntu?15:09
crunch-chocoActionParsnip: oh oops ok, i didn't know15:09
MarkDavieslinks provided me with all the functionality I needed but one: it doesn't allow to copy links15:09
ArmoActionParsnip, Could you please help me do that?15:09
ActionParsnipArno: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=204406615:10
MarkDaviesUnfortunately it seems like elinks has the same flow15:11
ktosiekhow should vim plugins be packaged?15:24
ktosiekI have a package that can provide a syntax plugin, but I'm not sure where to put it15:25
=== hategrin is now known as atlsjk
=== atlsjk is now known as Hategrin
ktosiek(or is there more development-oriented channel for Ubuntu?)15:26
cfhowlettktosiek, #ubuntu-devel if I recall correctly15:26
HategrinQuick, what's the name of the default Ubuntu font?!15:28
Codingfreehi there. I heard that there is a way to do a clean installation of Ubuntu that allows to reduce in the future the Windows partition and to expands the UBuntu partition. Would you know what kind of installation I'm talking about?15:28
teroany ideas why is ma battery life on my laptop almost half shorter on ubuntu?15:28
terothan on windows?15:28
HategrinCodingfree, it's been a while since I've tried to run that type of install, i'm not even sure it's still supported.15:29
CodingfreeHategrin, do you remember how is it named?15:30
HategrinBut I do think I remember it trying to shrink my backup drive when i installed lately, if I'm correct in my thinking it was the default option.15:30
=== owner_ is now known as xcute
HategrinI'd strongly suggest you pickup an extra hard drive though and just dual boot. Install the bootloader on your Windows drive and the Ubuntu system on the new one15:31
HategrinIt would automatically detect the windows partition and setup a grub (bootloader) loader for it15:31
=== tbarlow is now known as Hategrin
AnupkumarHi, I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop15:36
AnupkumarIF I want to remove the above panel then what should I do?15:37
AnupkumarI mean I want a Mac look for my system15:37
ActionParsnipRaring is EOL and not supported in any way15:38
cfhowlettAnupkumar, 12.04 for Long Term Support or 13.10 for --- a couple more months of support.15:38
Anupkumarcfhowlett: 13.0415:38
cfhowlettAnupkumar, as actionparsnip stated: 13.04 is dead and no longer supported here or anywhere else.  consider your options.15:39
Anupkumarso you mean I need to install 12.04 on my PC?15:40
Anupkumarcfhowlett: ^15:40
mannnnAnupkumar: or wait out for 12.0415:40
cfhowlettAnupkumar, or 13.10 - your choice;;15:40
=== makije|away is now known as makije
mannnnAnupkumar: or wait out for 14.0415:40
Anupkumarcfhowlett: with 13.10 there is a Issue for me15:40
cfhowlettAnupkumar, or put 12.04 on now and upgrade directly to 14.04 next month.15:40
AnupkumarI am not getting the graphic driver installed in that15:40
Anupkumarcfhowlett: I got a ATI radeon 7670M hd graphic card15:41
cfhowlettAnupkumar, GPU is over my head.  sorry.15:41
Anupkumarcfhowlett: ok15:41
Platzrejoice!  Firefox 29 with the spiffy new appearance is finally filtered down15:43
node539onward to glory!15:46
bublik007If I install ubuntu 14.04 will I be able to update to final when it comes out simply by doing apt-get update apt get upgrade or is it advisable to do a clean install?15:47
cfhowlettbublik007, possible to update but I prefer clean install.  YMMV15:47
bublik007Even from 14.04 to 14.04?15:47
cfhowlettbublik007, although I'm not 100% "upgrade" is the correct command15:48
cfhowlettbublik007, "personal preference"15:48
bublik007Any other opinions15:48
cfhowlettbublik007, ask in #ubuntu+1   the "next release" channel should know all about that stuff15:48
JoshStroblbublik007: I believe sudo apt-get dist-upgrade would be the appropriate command :)16:00
bublik007Even if it's from 14.04 to 14.04?16:01
JoshStroblbublik007: If you are running something like 14.04 beta and want it to jump to stable, you shouldn't have to do anything since it is already pointing to the trusty repo. That said, I'd also recommend asking in the ubuntu+1 IRC.16:02
bublik007Yeah that was my original question16:03
ActionParsnipbublik007: Trusty isnt supported here, ask in #ubuntu+116:06
bublik007I did. Thanks. The channel is pretty dead though :(16:08
tomreynin ubuntu 12.04, can you make a system connect to the default (configured in NM) access poiunt even when the user hasn't logged in, yet?16:09
ActionParsnipbublik007: doesnt mean its supported here16:09
tomreyni'm trying to diagnose problems on a remote ubuntu _desktop_ and it would be helpful to be able to access it even without X running16:10
cfhowletttomreyn, don't think so but - but why would you even want to do that?  sounds quite risky.16:10
bublik007Alright sorry. Didn't want to upset you16:10
tomreyncfhowlett: how's that risky?16:10
kostkontomreyn, yes, just enable the "available to all users" options16:10
ActionParsniptomreyn: what are you connecting to the remote system to do?16:11
tomreynActionParsnip: all kinds of system management tasks16:12
tomreynfsck of /home in this case16:12
tomreyn(that's a partition)16:13
ActionParsniptomreyn: you can do that over ssh, you dont need the full desktip for that16:13
ActionParsniptomreyn: you are opening a terminal in the desktop session, right?16:13
tomreynonly when the system is connected to the network, though16:13
tomreyni'm ssh'ing to that remote desktop16:14
tomreyncurrently i cannot ssh in unless the local user there logged in, since only then the wireless network link is established16:14
tomreyni think waht kostkon said is exactly what i needed . thanks!16:15
ActionParsniptomreyn: ahh i see, weird. Id have thought network manager would start at boot and use the configs16:15
chevalHey guys i have a question about ubuntu server? anoyone there?16:16
tomreyni think ti starts during boot, but did not (hopefully it will now) bring up the wireless interface until user logs on to desktop16:16
ActionParsnipCheval: wassup16:16
stefgBTW, there's #ubuntu-server16:16
jmooreHello everyone. Hmm.. so we are all using Ubuntu  that are here I take it?16:16
chevalActionParsnip: hey16:17
cfhowlettjmoore, safe to assume.  what's your support question.16:17
cacamielg2g i will be back later sorry16:17
gordonjcpjmoore: maybe16:17
rajvi tried to install ubuntu 13.10 in my recently bought  ASUS F102BA-SH41T16:18
* gordonjcp isn't using Linux at all at the moment16:18
* cfhowlett thinks "heretic!"16:18
gordonjcpI dual-boot between Linux and OSX or Linux and Haiku, depending what machine I'm on16:18
gordonjcpcurrently I'm working on Haiku16:18
jmooreIm good I ended up here by default. I love Ubuntu though.16:18
rajvi am getting low resolution graphics card error unable to proceed with install16:18
rajvcan someone help me16:19
gordonjcpcfhowlett: :-D16:19
chevalActionParsnip: When i create an ubuntu server, i wanted to set up a Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM, the problem is that it fails and doest lets me to install grub on either sda or /boot. I done it before but also guided on crunchbang os. I tried ubuntu server 12.04, 13.10 weird any help?16:19
ActionParsnipRajv: sems to be an ATi GPU16:19
ubottucheval,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server16:19
ActionParsnipRajv: try thebboot option: radeon.nomodeset=116:20
rajvhow do i try that16:20
rajvsorry for the dumb question16:20
chevalubottu: ah a special channel for special folks lol16:20
ubottucheval: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:20
ActionParsnip!bootoption | rajv16:21
ubotturajv: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.16:21
rajvthank you16:21
=== yash069_ is now known as yash069
rajvthanks ActionParsnip and ubottu i will try that16:22
* cheval READING TIME16:22
* cheval Hasta Lavista16:22
ActionParsnipcheval: why an encrypred server?16:22
ActionParsnipcheval: does /boot need to be unencrypted?16:23
jhutchinsActionParsnip: From the fact that some people do whole disk encryption, I gather that there are ways around it.16:23
narcislinuxWhat is the purpose of this comic? http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/1995-06-24/16:24
bublik007Any difference in installing x ubuntu and then adding unity then just installing ubuntu to begin with?16:25
cfhowlettbublik007, funny but off-topic for this channel.16:26
ActionParsnipbublik007: none, you will just have an extra session to log in to in LightDM16:26
Bug8fWell I know it's not really the right place because it may be a problem with fedora, but I'm just asking in case someone has an idea : My computer is : Athlon 3500+ / ATI 4550 -> It doesn't boot anymore past the fedora logo since yum update installed Kernel 3.13, if i boot in verbose i get : started accounts service as the last line before it get stuck. Does anyone has any idea ?16:27
ActionParsnipbublik007: you can install as many desktops and shells as your drive can hold and you will make the choice when you log in16:27
ActionParsnipBug8f: ask in #fedora please. This is ubunt support only16:27
Bug8fActionParsnip: I didn't but I didn't get any answer, I'm asking there because i was wondering if anyone had the same problem with this kernel in other distribs.16:28
Bug8fI did*16:29
ActionParsnipBug8f: its offtopic here16:29
Bug8fActionParsnip: Ok sorry.16:29
jhutchinsBug8f: The boot structure of Fedora is quite distinct from Ubuntu.  You're trying to buy Ford parts at the Chevy dealer.16:29
Bug8fjhutchins: Sorry, I just thought as both could be using the same kernel the problem could be there too.16:31
cfhowlettBug8f, no apology needed.16:31
=== makije is now known as makije|away
ljv4i have host machine with a lot of new firefox tabs open and about 60 "vino-serv" processes opened from an IP found on this bad list (https://www.dragonresearchgroup.org/insight/vncprobe.txt). although mathematically i'm surprised if they could crack a 120-bit random alphanumeric pwd, what's the best means of autopsy after i have disconnected internet connection?16:32
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
jhutchinsljv4: Are you trying to figure out what happened, or just trying to fix it.16:33
ljv4curiosity wants the first, pragmatism the second, so both but mostly the first as i'd like to know before i potentially reinstall ubuntu16:34
=== owner is now known as Guest29771
cfhowlettljv4, shouldn't have to reinstall - I would think locking down the vulnerable points would sufficient16:35
jhutchinsljv4: If the system has been compromised you can't really trust any part of it, so yeah, reinstall is required.16:35
ActionParsnipLjv4: do you have a web facing vnc server?16:36
jhutchinsljv4: One of the most common tricks is to replace "logon" with a program that does other things as well.16:36
* cfhowlett considers himself properly chastised.16:36
ActionParsnipljv4: please tel me you are using an SSH tunnel for VNC and not port forwarding port 5900 and 5800 on your router.16:37
ljv4actionparsnip, i have no portforwarding from router to those vnc ports (hence my surprise as i naively thought that meant vnc only locally available)16:38
ActionParsnipljv4: strange indeed16:38
dragonslayActionParsnip, please suggest some data compression proxy you might know of?16:38
ActionParsnipdragonslay: no idea. Sorry16:38
=== Guest29771 is now known as jin19
ljv4jhutchins: i don't know what "logon" is, or if you mean the adversary may have replaced my "logon" program so they can get my logon pwd16:39
ActionParsnipDragonslay: seems there is an extension for chrome for it16:40
ActionParsnip!info ziproxy16:41
ubottuziproxy (source: ziproxy): compressing HTTP proxy server. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.2.0-2 (saucy), package size 110 kB, installed size 339 kB16:41
ActionParsnipDragonslay: run one on your own pc16:41
=== monica is now known as Guest45672
dragonslayHm, ActionParsnip. TX :)16:43
llutzwhat's the point of running a compressing proxy on local machines? *wonder*16:44
ljv4any suggestions on autopsy? if i create the same setup after a reinstall, the same vulnerability would likely exist. the math is not in their favor, i'm stumped. but notification window asked about setup.exe from ...cldsvr311.com and playhe.com tabs open on firefox, etc, etc16:45
=== krabador is now known as Guest57471
nikolamHow is this possible: I linked a program from /opt/ to /bin and It won't run, http://pastebin.com/z2SQaRga16:49
llutznikolam: as yo see, it searches for other dirs/files in $PWD which don't exist in bin/16:49
nikolamllutz, so it's a program problem, not linking it?16:50
Phil42it looks like /usr/bin/aooffice is complaing that /opt/openoffice4/program/aooffice.bin is not there16:51
nikolamYes I see that, Phil42 but since aooffice is just a symbolic link to /opt/openoffice4/program/soffice16:51
llutznikolam: it works, if you call "/opt/openoffice4/program/soffice" directly?16:53
nikolamyes, llutz16:53
nikolamI just made aooffice to be a script, that does 'cd /opt/openoffice4/program/ '  and then './soffice' . And it works16:54
nikolamEven /usr/bin/soffice (that comes from LibreOffice is actually a script16:54
nikolamOnly thing that wasn't done was installing AOO menu icons, because .deb provided by Apache does not work on Ubuntu. Must report that to them to fix that16:55
llutznikolam: yes, because those change $PWD into the /opt/openoffice.... where other needed files are found. your simple symlink doesn't, so it fails16:55
=== Guest57471 is now known as krabador
=== Stew_ is now known as Guest25599
nikolamllutz, yes, it is application's problem. Application expect same-named other files on same location, e.g. it is specific to name of executable. Suppose AOO and Libreoffice share that problem, and are for that named soffice still16:57
llutznikolam: a lot of application have that problem. just use the script they provide to start,not a (non-working) symlink16:58
=== makije|away is now known as makije
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
rajvinstalling ubuntu 13.10  on my ASUS F102BA-SH41T  unable to install due to low graphics resolution problem17:24
rajv<ActionParsnip> Rajv: try thebboot option: radeon.nomodeset=117:25
rajvbut i am unable to enter this option17:25
rajvcan some one help me17:25
cfhowlettrajv, what do you mean you can't do the nomodeset?17:27
humbagrajv: have a look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 under 'How to enable kernel options on the livecd'17:31
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
jhutchinsrajv: Why can't you enter the option?17:39
rajvwhen i try uubuntu17:40
rajvit directly goes to low screen resolution17:40
rajvshould I the grub file17:40
rajvhi jhutchins can you help me17:44
jhutchinsrajv: How have you tried to enter the command?17:45
rajvI  tried radeon.nomodeset=1 in the grub loader17:45
jhutchinsrajv: The usual method is to go ahead and install with the low resolution, but then reconfigure the graphics.17:45
rajvstill get the same issue17:45
rajvbut it is not responding to keystrokes17:46
rajvany other alternative is there17:46
jhutchinsrajv: So system is not responding to keyboard during boot?17:48
rajvonce it reaches the low screen resolution dialog it does nto respond17:49
jhutchinsrajv: That's not very clear, but if you can't edit the boot command, look for USB options in your BIOS.  Something like "Legacy USB".  Whatever it's set to, change it and see if that works.17:50
rajvi can edit the boot command17:51
rajvi added radeon.nomodeset=1 after quiet command17:51
rajvbut then also it goes to low resolution screen and after that the system does not respond17:52
rajvhi jhutchins - is the option radeon,nomodeset=1 correct17:54
levois it possible to use linux command line (fdisk) using minimal ubuntu disk?17:54
jhutchinsrajv: If you have radeon hardware and it does not boot to a graphics screen then yes, but you might want to do a text mode install.17:55
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate17:55
rajvhow do i do that17:55
jhutchinsrajv: It's hard to have a lot of knowledge about the installer unless you do a lot of installs on a lot of different hardware.  Most of us do one install on one system.17:56
rajvr u suggesting text based install is not easy17:58
rajvthe alternative I have is to live wiith windows17:58
jhutchinsrajv: No, but to get the details you should read the documentation ubottu linked to above.17:58
rajvsure thanks17:59
FeDeericoHow to Install "Eyeon Fusion"18:02
FeDeericohelp please18:02
Phil42Do you have all the compatibility libraries installed?18:03
Phil42Did you follow the install guide?18:04
daemonicusis there any command that i can soft "fake" that i plug in the power source of my laptop18:05
daemonicusand then plug it off?18:05
Guest23858since i had setup openstack . when i type localhost . i get openstack dashboard . Now , how would i setup a website to run on my local machine18:06
Guest23858any help ? :(18:06
FeDeericobut "Fusion" is a software for editing videos18:06
jak2000wich package recommend me install ofr send email? wich MTA? a easy to configure, thanks/j nullmailer18:06
jak2000error...(invalid message) lastest18:06
daftykinsGuest23858: i don't understand you, are you asking how to make 'openstack' available from outside your home?18:06
daemonicusdaftykins,  why was for me??18:07
Guest23858daftykins: no18:07
daftykinsdaemonicus: yep18:07
jak2000FeDeerico what is Fusion? is for?18:07
llutzjak2000: just to handle outgoing mail? via a smarthost or direct delivery? look at ssmtp/msmtp18:07
Guest23858daftykins: how would i make my browser to open a site i setup in apache when i type localhost18:07
FeDeericoIts like Adobe after effects18:08
daemonicusdaftykins, sometimes, since boot, i have a higher power consumption , about 3W more. If i plug in the cable and instantly unplug it , it gets back to normal18:08
Guest23858daftykins: bcoz , when i type localhost i get openstack dashboard18:08
jak2000llutz, i want send an receive emails a friend recommend me null mailer, its ok?18:08
daftykinsGuest23858: either buy a web domain and point it to your home IP and port forward, or edit your hosts file to fake a website at your LAN IP (192.168.x.x) instead18:09
FeDeericofor post production18:09
daftykinsdaemonicus: that's weird, no ideas unfortunately18:09
llutzjak2000: nullmailer cannot handle inbound mail afaik18:09
jak2000llutz wich recommend me? easy to install? dovecot? postfix? sendmail?18:10
llutzjak2000: postfix18:10
llutzjak2000: well documented, support in #postfix18:10
Guest23858daftykins: how would i edit my host file ? what ip should i point to ?18:10
jak2000i know that in google exist some tutorials, but... you know a good? tutorial?18:11
jak2000for install postfix, need have bind installed on my server?18:11
llutzjak2000:like https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/postfix.html18:11
Guest23858daftykins: i use a netgear router18:11
daftykinsGuest23858: your system's LAN IP would work, you edit /etc/hosts and add an entry at the bottom18:11
daftykinsGuest23858: although what's really so hard about visiting http://localhost/ ? :)18:12
jak2000llutz what about bind?18:12
llutzjak2000: not really needed18:12
Guest23858daftykins: thats what i told i use openstack , so i get openstack dashboard when i type loopback address18:13
jak2000llutz thanks, friend, i continue working on my site...18:13
Guest23858daftykins: and i am testing another website . so i asked18:14
daftykinsGuest23858: oooooh so you want to run that and apache at the same time...18:15
daftykinsGuest23858: ok you want to reconfigure openstack to run on a different port than 80 then. try changing it to 808018:15
Guest23858daftykins: ya u got it18:15
mjaykhaya I need help setting the MTU on my wireless card cana anyone help ?18:15
daftykinsGuest23858: then you will have apache on http://localhost/ and openstack on http://localhost:8080/18:15
zgwhat is so different between `upgrade' and `dist-upgrade'18:16
zgwith `apt-get'18:16
llutzzg read man apt-get (upgrade won't install new packages)18:16
Guest23858daftykins: i dont want to reconfigure openstack . i want to change apache to other port18:17
daftykinsGuest23858: hrmm that's probably the backwards way to go about it, but ok. just installed apache and reconfigure it in /etc/apache2/apache.conf18:17
zgUsed to install the newest versions of all packages currently installed on the system from the sources enumerated in /etc/apt/sources.list(5).18:17
jak2000how to see all commands typed?18:17
zgllutz: you lie18:17
daftykinsjak2000: 'history'18:17
zgjak2000: look at `~/.bash_history'18:18
llutzzg: keep reading that chapter18:18
jak2000ok, thanks18:18
zgllutz: oh ok18:19
nick__italians around ? ;)18:19
Guest23858daftykins: i dont see any place to change the port in conf file18:20
daftykinsGuest23858: ok it might be in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/default18:20
daftykinsGuest23858: at this point though i would recommend you google and use apache's own docs to discover how18:20
llutzGuest23858: sudo vi /etc/apache2/ports.conf -> Listen 801018:20
llutzor what port ever18:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:27
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/18:27
jak2000how to open a port?18:30
llutzjak2000: start a service listening on it18:30
jak2000llutz yes.. vsftpd18:31
jak2000OR recomend other FTP server?18:31
=== Draco is now known as Guest72199
llutzjak2000: check if you can use sftp instead of ftp.18:32
=== Guest72199 is now known as Drac0_
jak2000mm ok, googling18:32
=== Meshkus is now known as Wii
* jak2000 googlilng ubuntu sftp tutorial18:33
jak2000mm proftpd + sftp ?18:34
=== Zachary_DuBois|A is now known as Zachary_DuBois
jak2000llutz confused links on google, can recommend me one? for start?18:35
jak2000llutz nned Install openssh-server?18:36
llutzjak2000: sftp bases on ssh, not ftp.18:36
llutzjak2000: yes, needs sshd18:36
jak2000mmm ok, apt-get install openssh-server: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.18:37
usr13jak2000: Do you need to test to see that it works?  ssh localhost18:39
usr13(you'll either get a login prompt or "Connection refused")18:40
jak2000usr13 but if i move the ssh config i cant connect remotely... remotely i can do a ssh to my server(its a vps) i have fear...18:41
llutzjak2000: so you already have ssh up and running18:41
vuWnated to upgrade from 12.4.3 to 12.4.4 but the upgrade took me to 12.10...hmm18:42
jak2000i am reading: http://articlebin.michaelmilette.com/setting-up-openssh-sftp-on-ubuntu/  for try connect from a windows PC18:43
jak2000but i think first of first need open the port on my ubuntu server18:43
usr13vu: What command did you use ?18:43
usr13vu: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  ?18:44
YamakasY_ah startup script18:44
usr13vu: cat /etc/issue  #Are you sure it's 12.10?18:46
usr13vu: What did you do?18:46
abhinav2hdhey guys18:48
usr13abhinav2hd: How can we help you?18:49
usr13jak2000: To do a secure shell connection from a Windows PC, you can use putty.18:50
=== rm___ is now known as Guest20155
jak2000usr13 i use winscp for connect, itsok?18:51
bekksvu: did you run do-release-upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade18:51
bekksjak2000: using winscp, you dont get a terminal.18:52
usr13jak2000:  I don't know about winscp18:52
vubekks: Good point....need to check18:52
usr13jak2000: iptables -L   #See what that says18:52
SergeyServeryo guys again18:53
SergeyServerI almost done18:53
usr13jak2000: sudo iptables -L |pastebinit  #Send us the URL and well will look as well.18:53
SergeyServerCould someone help me with webservers?18:53
SergeyServerI need to edit mysql.18:53
SergeyServerand sqlite318:53
usr13jak2000: (By default, no ports are blocked.)18:53
mikemonkhi guys... got a question... does anybody know if I install an Ubuntu 14.04 image, can I keep it upgrading with apt so that at the time the final version is released, it would be the same that the one I would have installed at the beginning?18:53
SergeyServeris here anyone who can help me with it?18:53
jak2000usr13 yes18:54
usr13mikemonk: yes18:54
jak2000i want to connect with winscp to a remote server via ssh (i have a certificate/key)18:54
mikemonkusr13: good thanks!18:54
ubottuscp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/18:54
ActionParsnipHmm no guide18:54
yeatsjak2000: http://winscp.net/eng/docs/start18:55
ActionParsnipjak2000: http://winscp.net/eng/docs/public_key18:55
ActionParsnipYeats: i see you have access to websearching too18:56
mikemonkdo you guys know how stable is 14.04 by now? would you consider it a daily driver for a personal workstation?18:56
ActionParsnipmikemonk: ask in #ubuntu+1 please18:56
mikemonkActionParsnip: ok thanks18:56
SergeyServerHello guys anyone can help me with mysql???18:57
yeatsActionParsnip: :-)18:57
usr13SergeyServer: What is your question?18:57
ActionParsnipSergeyServer: installing it or using it?18:57
SergeyServerI need to create database, account and password on my server18:57
ActionParsnipSergeyServer: somebody may know but ask in #mysql too18:58
SergeyServerwhat is it?18:58
SergeyServerI cannot send messages in that chat18:58
bekksRegister your nick.18:59
SergeyServerI dont know how to register18:59
SergeyServerthis bad program18:59
SergeyServervery bad18:59
llutz!register | SergeyServer18:59
ubottuSergeyServer: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:59
bekks!register | SergeyServer18:59
usr13SergeyServer: mysqladmin -u <user-name> password <yourpassword>18:59
bekksSergeyServer: You have to register your nickname to send messages in the mysql IRC channel.18:59
SergeyServerI write in terminal sudo mysqladmin -u hostbot18:59
usr13SergeyServer: And as llutz suggests, you should just register your nick.19:00
mikemonkSergeyServer: first information is for you registering, second one is for mysql19:00
usr13SergeyServer: ... and join the mysql channel19:00
SergeyServer#mysql :Cannot send to channel19:01
SergeyServercannot register19:01
buntu|boog new here19:01
bekksSergeyServer: You did not even try. :)19:01
usr13SergeyServer: Register your nick19:01
bekksSergeyServer: Please read the link given, and register your nick.19:01
SergeyServerbekks I tried19:02
usr13!russian | SergeyServer19:02
SergeyServerwhat link? o.O19:02
ubottuSergeyServer: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:02
mikemonkSergeyServer: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml19:03
p3rrorI need to draw some network architecture19:03
p3rrorfor that I use Dia19:03
SergeyServerI cannot write in russian channel too19:03
p3rrorhow to get something like this http://nefertiti.crdp.ac-lyon.fr/wk/_media/cdch/dmz1.jpg19:03
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
cfhowlettp3rror, best to ask Dia channel for support.19:03
SergeyServeraha /msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com19:04
LopeI tried to mount a NFS share and I got a message: "access denied by server". do I need to mount the NFS share as user bob... having a bob user on the server with a matching password with permission to access the shared dir? even with 777 permissions on the dir I get the same message.19:05
p3rrorcfhowlett, I'm looking for an alternative19:05
p3rrorcfhowlett, So I can not ask on Dia channel19:05
ScyllaBusHello, Ubuntu 13.10 user here (running MATE desktop env). Currently trying to install AMD graphics driver, but every time I do, my computer slows down by A LOT, making it almost impossible to do anything (like continue with the AMD driver installer). I ran 'top' and sure enough, XOrg was using 104% of my CPU. What can I do to fix this? This also happened on other distros such as Linux Mint.19:06
usr13Lope: You must set user or permissions on the server so that it can be accessed19:06
cfhowlettp3rror, got it.  wait 119:06
PengunCSCLibreOffice 4.2.0 RC4 Calc crashes when changing a group of cells format to Currency. on Ubuntu 12.04.4 with LibreOffice 4.0 PPA19:06
=== Guest73663 is now known as JZTech101
usr13Lope: Or, you may need to adjust your fstab entry.  You can show us what you have, maybe we can give you some specific advise.19:07
llutz!info lanmap19:07
ubottuPackage lanmap does not exist in saucy19:07
daftykinsScyllaBus: install it with X stopped?19:07
ScyllaBusdaftykins: How?19:07
usr13Lope: mount | pastebinit  && pastebinit /etc/fstab19:07
ActionParsnipPengunCSC: contact the PPA maintainer to report the issue19:07
daftykinsScyllaBus: depends if you're comfortable at doing the install from command line19:07
cfhowlettp3rror, see linux options:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagramming_software19:08
CarlFKI need to cd and run a script when a user logs in. basically this  "Command line or programmatical approach for 12.04" http://askubuntu.com/questions/30931/how-do-i-make-a-program-auto-start-everytime-i-log-in  only this doesn't work: Exec="cd dvsmon && ./stream_test.sh"19:08
ScyllaBusdaftykins: But why is this happening though?19:08
usr13Lope: ... and sent a couple URLs19:08
PengunCSCActionParsnip, Thanks!19:08
daftykinsScyllaBus: i have no idea19:08
buntu|boogI forgot ubuntu19:08
KiltedMetalheadI'm confused.19:08
SergeyServernobody wants to help me in mysql19:09
daftykinsScyllaBus: which AMD card is it?19:09
ActionParsnipCarlFK: use the full path to the folder to cd to.19:09
daftykinsSergeyServer: perhaps you should try a mysql channel?19:09
ScyllaBusdaftykins: AMD Radeon 7770GHz Edition19:09
SergeyServerdaftykins I  wrote there, no1 helps me19:09
CarlFKActionParsnip: ah right. thanks19:09
ActionParsnipCarlFK: or make a script to run the commands and add that to the startup19:09
daftykinsSergeyServer: then i guess you're done beyond researching yourself online19:10
ScyllaBusI've looked online on google and still haven't found a solution yet, but a vast majority seem to think it has something to do with a nVidia driver?19:10
ActionParsnipScyllabus: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:11
daftykinsi sincerely doubt it19:11
ScyllaBusout: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l19:11
Lopethanks usr13: checking it out19:12
ActionParsnipScyllaBus: if you run: sudo lshw -C display ,do you see 2 GPUs? Whatbis after 'driver=' for it/them?19:12
jak2000usr13, llutz i am connect via Certificate (ssh) and only ask me a user. but wordpress ask me ip/user/password how to solve this?19:12
=== Sereill is now known as Sereil
ScyllaBusActually yeah I do see two GPU's. One is my Radeon card and one is my Intel integrated graphics.19:13
llutzjak2000: what does ssh to do with wordpress?19:13
ActionParsnipScyllaBus: is the system a laptop?19:13
ScyllaBusNo, custom built desktop.19:13
ScyllaBusradeon: driver=radeon     integrated intel gfx: driver=i91519:14
=== Sereil is now known as Ser|Away
ActionParsnipScyllaBus: have you tried disabling the Intel GPU?19:14
usr13jak2000: So you have it set up for passwordless login?19:14
jak2000llutz i installed wordpress on my server, i need install a captcha plugin, when try to install ask me a user/password of my FTP server.19:15
jak2000usr13: only add a user: adduser myuser ?19:15
ScyllaBusActionParsnip: via bios?19:15
ActionParsnipScyllaBus: yes19:15
usr13jak2000: Make your question specific.  (Or more specific)19:15
jak2000usr13 for create a user, (sftp user), i need adding the user with command adduser?19:16
llutzjak2000: for that you need a real ftp- not sftp-server i'd guess19:16
ScyllaBusActionParsnip: I sometimes use it for dual monitor though (don't have a second monitor compatible with the DVI-D input).19:17
jak2000llutz yes i think19:17
Lopeusr13: sorted, just had to refresh my config.19:17
llutzjak2000: well, i stay corrected: http://wordpress.org/plugins/ssh-sftp-updater-support/19:17
usr13Lope: Very good.19:17
usr13jak2000: You might also want to /join #wordpress19:17
ScyllaBusBut its strange because I don't even have my monitor plugged into that port, its plugged into my graphics card DVI port.19:17
ActionParsnipScyllaBus: worth a try, just to test19:18
ActionParsnipScyllaBus: the Xorg is still trying to use both to form the X server19:19
usr13Lope: And remember to restart the nfs server if you change /etc/exports19:20
smacktalkI'm having trouble extracting an xz file19:20
ScyllaBusActionParsnip: Let's say it were to work, what would I do in the future when I need to use my integrated graphics again?19:20
as222Hi. I've got a laptop which Win doesn't come up at all. So I'm trying to boot the laptop by UBUNTU 13.10 and after booting it with CD/ROM, then I'll try to copy all my data, but only after a few mins -in the middle of copying- then everthing stops! Any idea how can I copy all my data?19:20
jak2000arghh  usr13 and llutz: http://postimg.org/image/lpu08xb5d/19:20
smacktalktar -Jxf FreeNAS-
smacktalk  says this isn't a tar file...19:20
jak2000no place for give the certificate :(19:20
usr13smacktalk: So what kind of file is it?   file  <file.name>19:20
usr13smacktalk: tar xvf FreeNAS-
llutzjak2000: ftps is not the same as sftp19:21
usr13smacktalk: (it will auto-detect)19:21
jak2000llutz then for solve this issusue need isntall vsftpd? by sample?19:21
=== JZTech102 is now known as JZTech101
ActionParsnipScyllaBus: not sure tbh19:21
Lopewill the latest linux kernel generally perform significantly better than Kernel 3.2?19:21
usr13smacktalk: Oh it says it *isnt* a tar file?19:21
llutzjak2000: yes,19:21
smacktalktar: This does not look like a tar archive19:22
flashramhow want to help me restore my ubuntu to full gnome instead of wallpaper only gnome ?19:22
usr13smacktalk: So what is it?19:22
ScyllaBusHow do I run the AMD graphics driver installer via terminal?19:22
ActionParsnipsmacktalk: install unp and use that to extract the file19:22
llutzsmacktalk: unxz file.xz19:22
ScyllaBusie, how do I run the AMD graphics installer without it using XServer?19:22
frank1ehey guys19:22
flashramhi ActionParsnip how do i restore gnome ?19:22
flashramim on 80419:23
flashramCANT UPDATE :(  pc to old19:23
usr13ScyllaBus: You probably need to turn off the GUI first.  Right?19:23
jak2000llutz ok :(19:23
usr13ScyllaBus: ./file-name-here19:23
ActionParsnipflashram: 8.04 is no longer supported in any way19:23
flashramnot even on chat ? i use old repos19:23
ScyllaBususr13: I'm not sure how to do that.19:23
frank1eIm trying to copy some folders with files in them to /usr/bin on ubuntu. googled and people always say to use gksudo nautilus, which opens a new window after the entered pass. but the new window is the Home folder.19:23
frank1eanyone can help me on that?19:23
buntu|boogwith my graphic card?19:23
ActionParsnipflashram: Lubuntu 14.04 is great on old systems and is lTS19:23
usr13ScyllaBus: sudo service lightdm stop19:23
ricksebakI'm trying to install ubuntu server in a virtualbox VM. I tried to push F4 at the install screen so I can use the "install minimal VM mode". but F4 isn't responsive at all in the guest. However, if I hit F1 for help, then F4 to go to the fourth menu page, that works, so I know virtualbox is sending the F4 key. anyone have an idea how to get into the F4 "modes" menu of the installer?19:24
flashramhow do i install it without a reboot is ther a level stage4 tarball ?19:24
frank1e(I'd like to do that within the GUI, not the terminal)19:24
usr13ScyllaBus: ... and then login to console mode ...19:24
ActionParsnipfrank1e: what folder do you want to open?19:24
flashramActionParsnip:  so what are the ways used without cd install ?19:25
smacktalkthanks so much llutz...that worked!19:25
frank1eActionParsnip I need to copy several files to the folder /usr/bin with the GUI of Ubuntu.19:25
flashramto update or fresh install from 80419:25
llutzpeople are enabled to use sudo but don't know how to change directory in a filemanager.... uupps19:25
ActionParsnipflashram: you can boot usb, or use the mini iso and install from the web19:25
flashramisnt there a wubi for inside old linuxes ?19:25
usr13!eol | flashram19:26
ubottuflashram: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:26
flashramnative-wubi ?19:26
ActionParsnipfrank1e: gksudo nautilus ,copy the files then navigate to /usr/bin and paste19:26
frank1eActionParsnip I tried, but it still says I don't have the permissions19:26
ActionParsnipflashram: wubi ois native, its just stored in a file which represents the disk in NTFS19:26
usr13frank1e: gksudo nautilus ?19:26
frank1eusr13 yes?19:26
usr13frank1e: I don't know then....19:27
ActionParsnipfrank1e: you need to do it all in the nautilus running with gksudo19:27
frank1eActionParsnip Nautilus is just some kind of invisible thing that gives permissions within the gui?19:27
ActionParsnipflashram: wubi also has not been developed for a long time. Its garbage19:27
PengunCSCActionParsnip: isn't it gksu?19:27
ActionParsnipfrank1e: why not just use: sudo cp file /usr/bin19:28
ScyllaBusOkay well I stopped lightdm service but I couldn't get a terminal when I pressed CTRL ALT T....19:28
frank1eTried everything for about 30 minutes19:28
usr13flashram: Best to just do a regular install.19:28
ActionParsnipPengunCSC: same difference in this case19:28
PengunCSCflashram,: wubi was discontinued19:28
usr13ScyllaBus: Just login19:28
frank1eAction Parsnip okay, the files are sitting in my download folder. how would that cp command look like?19:28
ScyllaBususr13: What's the hotkey to login?19:28
jak2000how to check if a port is opened (or blocked) ? i am interested in port 212119:28
usr13ScyllaBus: There is no terminal, (it is console mode).19:28
ScyllaBusCTRL + ALT + ?19:29
usr13ScyllaBus: Just type in user name, hit enter, type in password, hit Enter19:29
ActionParsnipflashram: Lubuntu is a great fit for low end systems19:30
llutzjak2000: sudo iptables -vL19:30
PengunCSCjak2000: try nmap localhost in a terminal19:30
flashramwhats Lubuntu again ?19:31
flashramokey what about i do a manuall install chroot etc ... howto ?19:31
ActionParsnipfrank1e: sudo cp ~/Downloads/filename.ext /usr/bin19:31
ActionParsnipflashram: you dont need a chroot. You need a fresh install19:31
usr13jak2000: Example:  nmap -p22 localhost19:31
flashrammanuall chroot install on usb disk and maker it bootable in grub all man,ually and lts ?19:32
ActionParsnipflashram: i dont know what you mean19:32
flashrami can just use the lts stage2 tarball a sprite it over the current ? is ther a guide ?19:32
usr13jak2000:  nmap -p2121 localhost19:32
frank1eActionParsnip: Thanks! Last question: How do I delete a hidden folder quickly within the terminal? (folder name starts with a "." infront of the name)19:32
ActionParsnipflashram: where is this stage 2 tarball from?19:33
flashramfrom hackers who got tired to use cd installers19:33
ActionParsnipfrank1e:  rm -r .foldername19:33
flashramits actually generated from a cdinstall19:33
flashramstage2 tarball generator19:33
jak2000PengunCSC, usr13: nmap -p2121 localhost     gave me these result: 2121/tcp closed ccproxy-ftp19:33
ActionParsnipflashram: whybwouldnulyou use something to install your OS other than the official source?19:33
jak2000then is closed, right? how to open?19:34
ActionParsnipflashram: who knows what they have put on there....19:34
flashrambecuz i still use the offical install but in another format as it dont always boot the cd19:34
ActionParsnipflashram: boot usb.19:34
flashramActionParsnip: its actually part of generator remastersys19:34
flashraminternal working what it generates from cd19:34
llutzjak2000: using ufw? sudo ufw allow 2121/tcp19:35
flashrami want to add bootusb to grub19:35
ActionParsnipflashram: sounds dubious but its your system19:35
usr13jak2000: netstat -pantu19:35
jak2000llutz this command: sudo ufw allow 2121/tcp     is permanently? what happend if restart the server?19:35
flashramActionParsnip: good that u say that ... my system is dubious ... 804 ... no gnome only background and option to create dir19:35
flashramhelp extraction of malware19:36
llutzjak2000: doesn't ufw store rules and reload on boot?19:36
ActionParsnipflashram: if you have a floppy drive, there are floppy images on pendrivelinux to make usb boot if the bios doesnt support it19:36
flashramgrub can do it without bios19:36
ActionParsnipflashram: dubious as in, anyone could put any keyloggers or backdoors on the file19:36
ActionParsnipflashram: yes grub can boot usb, that is what the floppy is for :-)19:37
flashramindeed since im not here during the week19:37
jak2000llutz reading...  but the command: netstat -pantu not show me the port 2121 (strange)19:37
flashrami have a windows virus on disk without quarantine19:37
flashramon my linux partition that is19:38
flashramthe virus just restored the files u just deleted in windows19:38
llutzjak2000: you started vsftpd, listening on 2121? sudo lsof -i :212119:38
flashrami formated the usb in linux19:38
flashrambut its still on there as it still acts funny19:38
ActionParsnipflashram: i dont see how a windows virus is anything to do with installing an OS.19:39
ActionParsnipflashram: windows viruses dont affect ubuntu.19:39
jak2000ahh ok, need restarted the vsftpd daemon thanks19:39
flashrami have wine and mono19:39
ActionParsnipflashram: then it may affect wine but again, nothing to do with installing an OS, is it?19:40
flashramActionParsnip: just saying ther must be a reasen my gnome is gone and background only and right mouse only things working19:40
flashramno nothin to do ? happy ? thanks19:40
ActionParsnipflashram: the community will not and cannot support old releases.19:40
flashrami saying is ther a way to install lts into any kind of linu!x as a sprite tar injection ?19:41
ActionParsnipflashram: id imagine a few will.19:41
flashramhow ?19:41
=== LDX|Laptop is now known as LDX
Minty_Hi guys. I'm finally making the switch to linux - my day job is windows applications heavy but more of my time is spent building applications and doing web development and i can't take it any longer! I'm looking for improved workflow and so here I am. I have a couple of queries ahead as I've not used linux before. 1) do drivers auto install (assuming linux has a more generic set that work for a range of hardware and peripheries)?19:41
ActionParsnipflashram: or just boot a Lubuntu install CD and install Lubuntu after removing the current install. Job done19:42
flashramwhat about keeping home and just install the base ?19:42
Minty_2) is Wine the best thing of it's kind?19:42
ActionParsnipMinty_: if the drivers are in a default install then yes, same as in Windows.19:42
flashrami prefer cedega19:42
ActionParsnipMinty_: there is no single best solution for any one situation19:43
jak2000llutz by moment all is ok, thanks19:43
flashramor the wine-office19:43
=== makije is now known as makije|away
Minty_ActionParsnip: ok, well my criteria for best is "widest supporting"19:43
usr13Minty_: Some do, not all.  Or I should say, most do.19:43
LDXJust want to say, Ubuntu is by far the best OS I have ever used. 8D19:43
ActionParsnipflashram: if you want, yes. Id delete the hidden configs so that new ones are generated for the newer versions of programs19:44
usr13Minty_: Wine is good.  WOrks for most apps, just depends though.19:44
Minty_Ok cool19:44
ActionParsnipMinty_: it varys. Each solution like wine has an appdb of compatibiloty19:44
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
Minty_Thirdly, I'm thinking of giving my pc a total refresh either by installing a new hard disk or by using data destruction software to tally wipe this one. Am I able to burn ubuntu onto a dvd and install from a barebones system with relative ease?19:44
usr13Minty_: YOu might also be interested in VM19:45
usr13!vbox | Minty_19:45
ubottuMinty_: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox19:45
Minty_usr13: performance sucks via VM, i'll only run that if I have to19:45
ActionParsnipMinty_: just because one has more apps doesnt make it better. Wine may not cover the apps you want but cedega (for example) does. Is wine therefore better?19:45
flashramso thers no restore or staging install into an existing system then ?19:45
usr13Minty_: Yea, it depends on how much horsepower you have.19:45
ActionParsnipMinty_: in your case, no as wine will not run what you want but cedega does. You seem to not understand how wine works19:46
ActionParsnipMinty_: it is nothing to do with how many apps run, its the apps YOU want to run and if the solution works for YOU19:46
Minty_ActionParsnip: you're coming from a very objective way of answering a subject's question. I provided criteria so that you could have a standard as a way of assessing your objectified view of my question. My criteria was "widest support" which should be objectively read as largest # of support, nothing to do with my list of apps.19:46
frank1eActionParsnip: Thanks19:47
ActionParsnipMinty_: what if one solution supports every app except the one you want to run?19:47
ScyllaBusJust installed AMD graphics driver via Ubuntu 13.10, but now my computers are slower. I also cannot use dual monitors correctly. I looked online and was told  I needed to use amdcccle, but when I launch catalyst control center, I get "System Problem Detected".19:47
ScyllaBusHere is the fglrx-install.log: http://pastie.org/882421219:47
Minty_ActionParsnip: then when my provision of criteria is "widest support", that premise would be irrelevant19:47
ActionParsnipMinty_: i think you need to look at the application databases, then make a call. Look to see how well each runs the application you want to use19:48
usr13Minty_: An auto mechanic picks and chooses the tool he heeds for the specific task, (so do we).19:48
ActionParsnipMinty_: again, there is no best.19:48
Minty_ActionParsnip: sure but that was never my question. Thanks all the same.19:48
Minty_I'm thinking of giving my pc a total refresh either by installing a new hard disk or by using data destruction software to tally wipe this one. Am I able to burn ubuntu onto a dvd and install from a barebones system with relative ease?19:48
usr13Minty_: Yes19:49
ActionParsnipMinty_: absolutely. Are you throwing the old drive away?19:49
Minty_If you need an objective criteria in order to understand "relative", you can imagine explaining it to an average grandma (would that need standardising too?)19:49
Minty_ActionParsnip: not sure, why?19:49
gordonjcpMinty_: if you want to wipe the drive, a single pass of /dev/zero will do it19:49
gordonjcpMinty_: once the data is overwritten with anything even once, it's gone for good19:50
ActionParsnipMinty_: if so, drive platters are very brittle and hammers are very hard19:50
Minty_gordonjcp: that's not true19:50
gordonjcpMinty_: yes, it is19:50
Minty_gordonjcp: military standard for disposal is 6 writes of 1s on every bit and then 0s.19:50
gordonjcpMinty_: waste of time19:50
gordonjcpMinty_: that might have made sense 30 years ago, but not on any drive you're ever likely to encounter19:51
ActionParsnipMinty_: once is ok now. You information is outbof date.19:51
Minty_gordonjcp: ok, odd that military still use that same process - at least in the UK19:51
Minty_fair enough, i've learnt something today - thanks!19:51
gordonjcpMinty_: yeah, stupidity mostly19:51
gordonjcpMinty_: squaddies are cheap19:51
Minty_out of interest, how easy / long would it take to do that in windows on a 1tb hdd19:51
gordonjcpMinty_: no idea if it's even possible on a 1TB hard disk.  1TB is a useful size, though.  Why dispose of it?19:52
ActionParsnipMinty_: http://www.howtogeek.com/115573/htg-explains-why-you-only-have-to-wipe-a-disk-once-to-erase-it/19:52
Minty_gordonjcp: i would want to reformat after19:52
gordonjcpMinty_: sorry, incoherent.  Don't know if that's possible on *Windows*, obviously it's possible on a 1TB drive19:52
gordonjcpMinty_: I wouldn't bother zeroing it out then19:52
metamorpyseem to remember it took about 6 hours wiping a 1tb drive using dban on single run.19:52
Minty_metamorpy: thanks19:53
gordonjcpMinty_: do you actually *care* what's on the drive?19:53
Minty_gordonjcp: i want ubuntu to run on a fresh drive, i don't want to make the move but still have clutter on the disk and a free space that reads far less than 1tb19:53
ActionParsnipDoesnt a long format in windows zero it out?19:53
gordonjcpMinty_: if you're nuking everything on the drive, just create a fresh partition table19:54
metamorpyalso remember that wiping a disk wears it Minty_, so more likely to fail sooner then later.19:54
gordonjcpMinty_: zero out the first block, and I bet you can't tell the difference :-D19:54
Minty_metamorpy: guess so19:54
Minty_maybe i should just buy a SSD19:54
Minty_currently on a mechanical drive19:54
usr13Minty_: It would take a while but you can speed it up a bit if you specify 1M, or more. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx bs=1M19:54
ActionParsnipDo it overnight while you sleep :-)19:55
Minty_ok, if i compromised and didn't do a full wipe, what would be the best process to give me the 'freshest' ubuntu install?19:55
usr13Minty_: You can also use  dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdx bs=1M19:55
Minty_usr13: sorry, i have no idea what that is19:55
ActionParsnipMinty_: install from CD from a non partitioned drive19:55
usr13Minty_: But if you're going to  use it yourself, why bother?19:55
gordonjcpMinty_: just follow the prompts, it'll say something like "erase everything and install Ubuntu"19:56
gordonjcpMinty_: man, stop overthinking this ;-)19:56
usr13Minty_: The installer will delete the partitions for you.19:56
Minty_gordonjcp: ok, so just use the ubuntu windows isntaller?19:56
usr13Minty_: Boot to the CD or USB, yes19:56
Minty_was just slightly wary because windows installers suck, they don't delete any partitions and they just move the old system into windows.old leaving you with 100% of the clutter19:57
usr13Minty_: ... and tell it to wipe clean which ever drive you want to use for the install.19:57
gordonjcpMinty_: make a USB installer19:57
Minty_how do i "make" that gordonjcp ?19:57
gordonjcpMinty_: don't use WUBI, it's dead now anyway19:57
gordonjcpMinty_: dd if=path/to/iso of=path/to/USB/stick bs=1M19:58
CarlFKhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7023783/  .config/autostart/dvsmod.desktop  doesn't work.  If i switch to gedit it works.   if I copy it to ~/Desktop and click the icon, it works. why can't I get stream_test.sh to autorun?19:58
Minty_gordonjcp: no idea what that means sorry19:58
=== pcdummy is now known as Fast[BDC]
flashramActionParsnip: what about a binary shellscript plus ubuntu cd image to make an update forced install ?19:58
usr13Minty_: Just follow the instructions on ubuntu.com19:58
gordonjcpMinty_: so (having just done this) I just did (at a prompt) $ dd if=Downloads/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdf bs=1M19:59
flashrameven on non supported system (non ubuntu)19:59
flashramits possible19:59
gordonjcpMinty_: what you need might be slightly different, depending on what you're running just now and where your USB drive appears19:59
gordonjcpthis will clobber anything on the USB drive20:00
usr13Minty_: There are instructions as to how to set up the install media for specific needs, see:  ubuntu.com20:00
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate20:00
BeldarMinty_, For the record windows installers have a manual install option that allows you to delete and build partitions.20:00
usr13Beldar: I thought so...20:01
usr13Beldar: I don't know about Win8, haven't been there yet.20:01
Minty_hang on, i'm getting contradictory information. It looks like the ubuntu installer for windows can replace windows - are people saying this isn't properly supported and i should create a bootable usb stick instead or not?20:02
Beldarusr13, I have it on a student purchase, really, really cheap, hehe. ;)20:02
usr13Minty_: Forget "installer for windows"  Just do a regular Ubuntu install.20:02
usr13Beldar: IC20:02
jhutchinsMinty_: Yes, there has been an installer for WIndows (wubi).  No, it's not in good shape right now and if you can you should go with USB or disc install.20:03
usr13Minty_: Are you going to do a 64bit or 32bit install?20:03
Minty_jhutchins: ok thanks20:03
Minty_usr13: looks like i'll be creating a bootable usb stick with 64bit install20:03
Minty_usr13: guess this is what I want? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows20:04
jhutchinsMinty_: We generally recommend the netinstall image, that way you only download what you actually use.20:04
usr13Minty_: Next choice is LTS or 13.10?  (I would choose LTS.)20:04
usr13!LTS | Minty_20:05
ubottuMinty_: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)20:05
michagogo|cloudThe next LTS will be 14.0420:05
Minty_usr13: LTS yea20:05
michagogo|cloudIn just under 2 months20:05
_gypsy_anybody invested in bitcoin?20:06
Minty_jhutchins: what do you mean by netinstall image? compared with what?20:06
Beldar_gypsy_, Read the channel topic.20:06
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: I feel certain the answer is yes20:06
usr13Minty_: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows20:07
Beldar_gypsy_, There is #ubuntu-offtopic if you like20:07
jhutchinsMinty_: Should be labeled as such.20:07
Minty_usr13: yea i was looking at that20:07
gordonjcpof course, you shouldn't be using 13.10 like I am20:08
_gypsy_michagogo|cloud thanks and Beldar i was just wonderin if ubuntu had any bitcoin apps available20:08
gordonjcpnot until it's out of alpha test20:08
michagogo|cloud!info electrum20:08
ubottuelectrum (source: electrum): Easy to use bitcoin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8-1 (saucy), package size 116 kB, installed size 491 kB20:08
Beldar_gypsy_, Oh apps I believe so, not sure which myself.20:08
gordonjcpit's not really ready for release yet, it's full of crippling bugs20:08
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: It would appear the Electrum client is in saucy20:08
Minty_usr13: does it need to be the only thing on my usb?20:08
OneKoreaI have one ELF binary I'm trying to migrate, I need to find out on which ubuntu distro has been compiled, can someone take a look at it with ldd or something? I uploaded it here: http://rghost.net/5278024220:08
michagogo|cloud!info multibit20:08
ubottuPackage multibit does not exist in saucy20:08
usr13Minty_: It's pretty easy.  Once you get your USB stick prepaired and boot it up, you'll see.  Come back here and ask questions as you install, (if there are any), it's pretty straight forward.20:08
_gypsy_and i heard about this gsr sec kernel or something that locks down ubuntu even more for security purposes?20:08
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: If you want a bitcoin wallet on Ubuntu, you can install electrum20:09
Minty_usr13: thanks, i appreciate that, cheers. My PC is not exactly recent so I may find i need to interrupt boot to ensure it will auto try and boot from usb20:09
usr13Minty_: Yes, you'll wipe the USB20:09
_gypsy_what?! super chill im going to look it up right now thanks!20:09
bekksOneKorea: Pastebin "ldd yourbinary" please.20:09
bekksOneKorea: And tell us, what we have to look for.20:10
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: If you'd prefer to run bitcoin-qt, the reference client and full node in the network (warning, this involves downloading and indexing the entire blockchain, which takes time and ~17 GB) you can add the bitcoin ppa20:10
michagogo|cloud`sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt`20:10
OneKoreaI just need to find out which ubuntu vers compiled it....20:10
bekksOneKorea: Thats impossible.20:11
_gypsy_ive done that already just very curious in other types of wallets/clients20:11
OneKoreaso I can download install that one o virtual machin20:11
flashramwhy must i pay for c on android ?20:11
flashramwhat about gnu ?20:11
jhutchinsOneKorea: That info should be in the .deb package.20:11
OneKoreabekks why impossible20:11
bekksOneKorea: All you can get to know which lib versions it was compiled against.20:11
_gypsy_didnt know there was another20:11
ActionParsnipflashram: not all apps in Linux are free or opensource20:11
OneKoreathere is no .deb package, I got only  binary20:11
flashramc4droid that is20:11
_gypsy_im stoked lol im gonna tell my friend right now20:11
bekksOneKorea: Which doesnt change what I just said.20:11
flashramit uses gcc so it should be free20:11
jak2000how to disable firewall?20:11
_gypsy_michagogo|cloud did you go to SCALE?20:12
bekksOneKorea: Having the lib versions, you have to look up which release fits best.20:12
OneKoreashouldn't you somehow see which version of libs has been linked against?20:12
bekksflashram: thats a wrong assumption.20:12
ActionParsnipflashram: doesnt have to be free because its based on gcc20:12
jhutchinsOneKorea: I'm used to aptitude show <paclage>20:12
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: hmm?20:12
bekksOneKorea: Thats what I just said.20:12
flashrambytheway i have never fiugured out how to buy an app on android20:12
_gypsy_linux convention20:12
flashramokey when its a phone and u got value but what if u dont use sim and use wifi20:12
ActionParsnipflashram: you can charge people for Ubuntu if you want. Its open source. You are free to do with it what you want, including sell ot20:12
Minty_usr13: how easy would it be to setup ubuntu on a separate partition and then delete the windows partition after?20:12
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: No.20:13
flashramu can but its still free in the first place20:13
bekksflashram: wrong.20:13
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: Also, the version of Electrum in Ubuntu's repo is not the latest, it seems20:13
usr13Minty_: I prefer xubuntu, (it is a more conventional type desktop environment), but that is just me.  See:  http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/take-the-tour  (for ubuntu)  vs http://xubuntu.org/ (for xubuntu)20:13
_gypsy_michagogo|cloud its the southern california linux convention and brought it up because they should have mentioned this in the ubuntu lecture20:13
michagogo|cloud_gypsy_: If you want the latest version, see https://electrum.org/download.html20:13
flashrambekks: whats wrong ?20:13
jhutchinsMinty_: Most linux installers will set a system up to dual-boot either Windows or Linux, so yeah, easy to do that.20:13
usr13Minty_: Not hard, "to setup ubuntu on a separate partition and then delete the windows partition after"20:13
bekksflashram: the only information you get by knowing it was compiled with gcc, is the fact that it was ompiled with gcc, on a platform that gcc supports.20:14
ActionParsnipflashram: yes but the guy who has put it on the marketplace wants to charge for it, which s/he is free to do20:14
flashrami figured i can install cd to a boot partition and boot install from there20:14
Minty_jhutchins: ok, i guess what I meant was when i boot from USB, the installer can wipe windows for me - will I be able to do that as effectively once it's installed on a separate partition?20:14
bekksflashram: I'm sorry, I mixed up your comments onto two issues.20:14
ActionParsnipflashram: so 'its based on gcc' doesnt mean t should be free in any way20:14
jhutchinsMinty_: Yes, you'll have a bit more complication if you want the Linux partition to take over the windows space, but it can be done.20:15
flashramin no way ?20:15
bekksflashram: In absolutely no way.20:15
usr13Minty_: But you would have to make a couple changes to Ubuntu's configurations. What would be easier is to just shrink the other partitions to only a meg or so each, (then you won't have to make any config changes).20:15
ActionParsnipflashram: again, you can charge for free software if you so desire20:15
Minty_usr13: guess so, just quite like the idea of it being fresh!20:15
flashramthen whats keeping me from building my payment ubuntu ?20:15
bekksflashram: Nothing.20:15
flashramexpertise !20:15
ActionParsnipflashram: ability and your own resources like time and effort20:15
Minty_usr13: ubuntu feels a little nicer looking that xubuntu (i don't use desktop icons in windows as it is!)20:16
flashramand the fact i know just nothing or nops20:16
ActionParsnipMinty_: have a look at Lubuntu too :-)20:16
usr13Minty_: You can eaily shrink the Windows partitions down and leave enough free space for the Ubuntu install and deal with them later.20:16
ActionParsnipMinty_: or Kubunti20:16
Minty_usr13: yea guess so20:16
Minty_usr13: ok will try that first20:16
Minty_ActionParsnip: i looked at a brief comparison of ubuntu and all these others. Feel like ubuntu is the prettiest and the most social-friendly20:17
usr13Minty_: Yea, the Desktop Environment is a matter of opinion, or user preference.20:17
jhutchinsMinty_: Do you have an xubuntu installation already?20:17
Minty_jhutchins: no20:17
usr13Minty_: There is also lubuntu and kubuntu20:17
ActionParsnipMinty_: cool, glad you looked around a little :-)20:17
majodyou can take a look at "elementary OS" too, but its built on 12.04...20:18
ActionParsnip<3 lubuntu20:18
jhutchinsMinty_: You can install as many desktop environments as you want on any of the flavors, it's just a matter of which DE is installed first by default.20:18
ActionParsnipmajod: the elementary community isnt that large though20:18
Minty_I guess i want to minimise the transition, i'm used to windows 7 which despite all it's faults is quite pretty and seamless (at least from a UX perspective)20:18
usr13Minty_: There are a number of other Desktop Environments as well, and you can install one and switch to another later on if you want.20:18
Minty_i'm looking forward to getting down and dirty and much more comfortable with termional20:18
ActionParsnipMinty_: kde is quite Windowsy20:18
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Zachary_DuBois|A
Minty_but i'd like to retain some fancy desktop environments for a short while!20:18
usr13Minty_: The learning curve is very steep.20:18
Minty_usr13: for what? any?20:19
ubuntuaddictedtrying to write a file to a smb mount and I get an error about not being able to set permissions. can anyone help me?20:19
bekksubuntuaddicted: smb/cifs does not support linux/unix permissions.20:19
jhutchinsubuntuaddicted: Just ignore it.  THe permission structure is different on an smb share.20:19
Minty_usr13: i get the impression that on linux, my pc performance and my personal workflow can be greater with more seamless transition between applications and tasks20:19
usr13ubuntuaddicted: You have to set the permissions on the mount point.20:20
jhutchinsbekks: Actually, it does support them if you use the extension, but easier to ignore.20:20
usr13Minty_: Correct20:20
ubuntuaddictedbekks, jhutchins usr13 i never used to receive this error though that's whats weird.20:20
Minty_usr13: but when you said steep learning curve, did you just mean the transition to linux fullstop?20:21
ubuntuaddicteddid something change with cifs?20:21
ubuntuaddictedmy fstab entry is as follows: //,nounix,username=daniel,password=,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=07770020:21
usr13Minty_: Yea, the transition, (leaning the linux ways of doing stuff, learning your way around the new Desktop Environment(s)20:21
Minty_usr13: ok, well i reckon i'm ready! formatting usb stick now20:22
usr13Minty_: Very good.20:23
Minty_usr13: oh quick thing, when i get ubuntu up and running, what's an easy irc client to use?20:25
Minty_i've heard irssi is nice20:25
gordonjcpMinty_: irssi is a command-line client, which is pretty simple and reliable20:25
gordonjcpMinty_: it's particularly handy if you run it on a server in tmux or screen20:26
DJonesMinty_: Irssi is nice, but has a fair bit of a learning curve, if you want something with a typical gui interface, there is xchat which is quite nice20:26
Minty_gordonjcp: i'm just going to be on desktop ubuntu, still a good choice?20:26
usr13ubuntuaddicted: So what error do you get?20:27
gordonjcpMinty_: I'd say so20:27
usr13Minty_: Oh yea, I use irssi20:27
ubuntuaddictedusr13, https://picasaweb.google.com/107176979245466375817/Public#598628858563578438620:27
Minty_DJones: ok thanks, i might download the 2 and see how I get on!20:27
gordonjcpMinty_: I have it on my server so I can disconnect from this machine here20:27
Minty_gordonjcp: usr13 thanks20:27
gordonjcpMinty_: and then reconnect from this other machine here20:27
Minty_gordonjcp: think irssi has built in bouncer anyway?20:28
gordonjcpMinty_: not sure20:28
ubuntuaddictedi'd also like to just have it auto mount, i used to just use fstab but i was getting issues with it actually halting boot up because it couldn't be mounted. so i changed it to user, which i believe means i have to manually mount it after the machine boots up20:28
Minty_ubuntu iso taking 12 hours to install :O20:29
Minty_something wrong with download server atm?20:29
gordonjcpyou might have a crappy mirror20:29
gordonjcpget a torrent20:29
bekksan iso inst installed. Just use another mirror to download.20:29
usr13ubuntuaddicted: What is that supposed to be?  (The URL you just sent.)20:30
Minty_yea sounds like a badddd mirror20:30
ubuntuaddictedusr13, that's the error i get. it's a picture20:30
Minty_the iso's don't seem to be easy to find from the ubuntu site, am i being blind?20:30
bekksMinty_: cdimages.ubuntu.com20:30
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Oh, down at the bottom?  (Where it says "Error getting permissions" "no such file or directory" "Do you want to skip it?")  ???20:31
ubuntuaddictedusr13, yes20:31
ubuntuaddictedsomething with smbfs or cifs must have changed.20:32
ubuntuaddictedcause it started happening after I switched from 12.04 to 13.1020:32
Minty_i'm on 64 bit intel, is this what I want usr13 http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/release/ubuntu-12.04.4-dvd-i386.iso ?20:32
bekksMinty_: No.20:32
Minty_bekks: oh, which one do I want?20:32
bekksMinty_: you want the amd64 flavour.20:32
usr13!paste | ubuntuaddicted20:32
ubottuubuntuaddicted: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:32
Minty_bekks: how come?20:33
jhutchinsMinty_: Again, netinstall iso.  The DVD is going to take a long time to download.20:33
bekksMinty_: Because you have 64bit hardware.20:33
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Yea, smbfs has been replaced by cifs20:33
Minty_jhutchins: i'm not sure what that means20:33
ubuntuaddictedusr13, pretty sure i had cifs in 12.0420:33
llutzMinty_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-6420:33
Minty_jhutchins: i'm just going to format usb stick so i can boot from it with the correct ISO on it20:33
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Yea, it was changed some time ago.20:34
usr13ubuntuaddicted: mount | pastebinit   #Show is the URL20:34
ubuntuaddictedusr13, so that can't be it. something else must have changed because i never used to receive the error before. it's annoying. its still writing the file at least20:34
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Yea, show us the output of mount20:35
ubuntuaddictedusr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7023964/20:35
Minty_bekks: what does jhutchins mean about netinstall vs http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.4/release/ubuntu-12.04.4-dvd-amd64.iso20:35
llutz!mini  | Minty_20:36
ubottuMinty_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:36
bekksMinty_: He told you to not download the dvd, but the amd64 netinstall iso.20:36
usr13ubuntuaddicted: ls -l /mnt/circle20:36
Minty_bekks: was i ever downloading the dvd? is http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.4/release/ubuntu-12.04.4-dvd-amd64.iso what I want?20:36
usr13ubuntuaddicted: ls -ld /mnt/circle20:36
ubuntuaddictedusr13, drwxrwxrwx 2 daniel daniel 0 Mar  2 14:18 /mnt/circle/20:37
bekksMinty_: Read the name of the iso carefully, and noticy_ the "dvd".20:37
Minty_bekks: ah i see20:37
Minty_bekks: all the other 64bit files have mac in their name20:38
ubuntuaddictedusr13, sorry, those results are from the wrong client20:38
usr13Minty_: You don't find  ubuntu-12.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso   there?20:38
ubuntuaddictedusr13, this is from the correct client. the current machine i'm sitting at. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7023975/20:39
Minty_usr13: no that's not there20:39
Minty_usr13: unless 12.04.4 is mac / win 32 bit only20:39
ubuntuaddictedusr13, and here's ls -ld drwxrwxrwx 2 ubu ubu 0 Mar  2 14:18 /mnt/circle/20:39
Minty_usr :| could you helpm me find the correct version please? http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.4/release/20:40
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Looks the same.  Accept for the mount point.  Is ubu  the correct user name?20:40
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Are you logged in as ubu?20:40
ubuntuaddictedusr13, yes20:41
usr13ubuntuaddicted: pastebinit /etc/fstab20:41
usr13ubuntuaddicted: ls -l /mnt/circle/ |pastebinit20:42
ubuntuaddictedusr13, ubu is the username for my main workstation. daniel is the username on my server. the smb mount which is giving me issues is a western digital my book world edition NAS.20:42
Minty_bekks: is this what I want? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso20:42
ubuntuaddictedusr13, not sure why you need to see the contents of the folder.20:42
usr13ubuntuaddicted: So is this share on a Linux server?  Or a MS Windows server?20:42
Joshunanyone found any issue printing landscape in libreoffice?20:42
Minty_eugh, why is this so difficult to find the right file to put on the usb stick20:42
jhutchinsMinty_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:43
ubuntuaddictedusr13, the share in question is on the Western Digitial  NAS20:43
usr13ubuntuaddicted: What OS is running on the server?20:43
ubuntuaddictedusr13, no idea, it's a NAS by western digital20:43
ubuntuaddictedusr13, the first results i gave you were from the wrong machine, that's when i  was ssh'd into my server. just forget about that20:44
Minty_jhutchins: thanks20:44
nszcetaI would like to build a server cluster that serves 100 PCs with Windows 7 x64 instances served over the network to rdesktop terminals. I would appreciate any suggestions or insights on this matter. I have 10 years of experience with Linux but not so much experience with cloud deployments.20:45
usr13ubuntuaddicted: You do not know what operating system is running on the server?20:46
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Is the server running Linux?  Or, is the server running MS Windows? Or is it something else?  (Do you know?)20:46
ubuntuaddictedusr13, i've said 3 times. it's a western digital  my book world edition NAS20:47
Minty_jhutchins: i downloaded mini.iso but for some reason the file doesn't show up in the file explorer under ISO files (using the uiniversal usb installer)20:47
Minty_when i downloaded it windows disc burner loaded, do i need to burn it?20:48
usr13Does anyone understand what ubuntuaddicted is trying to say?  (Sorry, but I'm lost here.)20:48
Minty_that would be stupid of me...20:48
ubuntuaddictedusr13, do you know what a NAS is?20:49
nszcetaI didn't know Western Digital made NAS20:49
llutzusr13: his NAS has an embedded OS, most likely a special linux on it20:49
usr13llutz: It's linux ?20:49
ubuntuaddictednothing has changed on the NAS20:49
ubuntuaddictedsomething changed from xubuntu 12.04 to xubuntu 13.10 as far as cifs mounts20:50
Minty_jhutchins: usr13 any ideas why i can't browse the ISO? http://screencast.com/t/bQK8MJEs20:50
usr13llutz: So why is it a samba share?  Why wouldn't it be using nfs?20:50
llutzusr13: you'd better ask WesternDigital20:50
helloHello guys. I'm new to ubuntu and today I decided to install it, using USB drive. First I checked if it works fine as LiveCD and it was good. I liked it. So I decided to erase my windows and install ubuntu. At some point installation crashed and now I don't have any OS... I still want to use Ubuntu, but I have no idea what to do. Any help?20:51
usr13!grub | hello20:51
ubottuhello: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:51
ubuntuaddictedusr13, because western digital sells a product that can be used with many different OS's where as NFS is not that common for windows users20:51
gordonjcphello: start installing again20:52
Minty_Guys, would really appreciate some help here, just wanting to get this iso onto the usb so i can boot from usb20:52
gordonjcpMinty_: well, what OS are you running just now?20:53
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Without more information, I can not tell what the problem is.  Should work but I don't know how to fix it, (because I don't know what is wrong, not enough infomation).20:53
ubuntuaddictedusr13, ok, thanks anyway20:53
Minty_gordonjcp: windows 7 but that's what the guide on the ubuntu help page for using this universal usb installer is20:53
hello<gordonjcp>  Tried installing few times; doesn't work20:53
gordonjcpMinty_: oh, no idea then, I've never used it20:53
usr13hello: Did you allow grub to be written to the MBR?20:53
gordonjcphello: what sort of "doesn't work"?20:53
helloit crashes and says sorry20:54
bekks!usb | Minty_20:54
ubottuMinty_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:54
usr13hello: What happens when you try to boot?20:54
helloI'm using LiveCD now and it's pretty fine20:54
hellobut I do want it on my HDD20:54
llutzMinty_: doesn't the usb-isntaller have an option like "not listed distribution iso" instead of ubuntu?20:55
Minty_bekks: that what i am doing20:55
usr13hello: Did you go through the install process?20:55
llutzMinty_: also look "local iso selected"20:55
Minty_bekks: look at http://screencast.com/t/bQK8MJEs20:55
hello<usr13>  yes, but it crashes as some file is corrupted20:55
usr13Minty_: "Select your ubuntu *desktop*.iso"20:56
usr13Minty_: Did you click [Browse] ?20:57
Minty_usr13: mine is called mini.iso because i was advised to download the netinstall20:57
usr13Minty_: If you have a fast internet connection, the netinstall is fine.20:57
Minty_usr13: renamed it to desktop.iso and no change. don't see how the universal usb installer could stop certain named files appearing from a windows explorer window anyway - the only filter is .iso files which this is20:57
usr13Minty_: And looks like it's in Downloads/20:57
Minty_usr13: yes i clicked browse and nothing comes up20:58
Minty_usr13: yea that's where i'm looking20:58
Minty_usr13: did you see the screenshot showing the file when i look in windows explorer but then not appearing in the browse option of this universal driver. This is madness :|20:59
usr13Minty_: Well, we can't see the rest of the window. But if that is it where it says "No items match your search", well, I dono what you searched for... so...20:59
Minty_usr, that is the window opened by the browse button... the screenshot shows it is there but it can't find it20:59
llutzMinty_: scroll down the step1: list  to the end "not listed iso"20:59
usr13Minty_: I dono.  Close it all down and try again.21:00
Minty_llutz: genius, thank you21:00
Minty_llutz: should i tick format drive?21:00
llutzMinty_: no idea21:00
inad922How can I list the running services with supervisorctl?21:00
ubuntuaddictedusr13, if you're curious i have this model., http://www.wdc.com/en/library/usb/2779-701026.pdf?wdc_lang=en21:01
usr13Minty_: Not being windows users, we may not be the best ones to ask.... ;(21:01
Minty_usr13: ok no worries - hopeully i won't be for long!21:01
Minty_hurray installation process complete21:01
Minty_here goes the boot... brb wish me luck21:01
usr13ubuntuaddicted: pastebinit /etc/fstab  #Show us the resulting URL21:02
ubuntuaddictedusr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7024094/21:03
hellohey, does anyone know what do I do?21:03
bekkshello: No, our glass orbs are on weekend vacation, still.21:04
hellobekks that's sad. I did describe my problem though21:04
bekkshello: And we still dont know what you are doing. ;)21:05
bekkshello: And you have to describe "dont work" - still.21:05
hellobekks doesn't work means I go through all phases of installation process, except for the last, where it crashes with no explanations21:06
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Ok, not being able to see the output of ls -l /mnt/circle  I do not know what is what or how it is really mounted, (kind of like being in the dark here), but if you just look at it yourself and see if you can tell something about it...or relay to us what to you looks out of place.  Wait, I know... try this:  touch /mnt/circle/test.file;ls /mnt/circle/test.file21:08
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Tell us what that says...21:08
usr13ubuntuaddicted: ls -l /mntycircle/test.file21:09
usr13ubuntuaddicted: ls -l /mnt/circle/test.file   typo...21:09
usr13ubuntuaddicted: DO you get an error of some sort?  Or....?21:10
ubuntuaddictedusr13, no error. only an error when using thunar21:11
macpoolhow can i restrict access to all but one page in nginx21:11
usr13ubuntuaddicted: No error?  Well, it is working then, It is mountable and readable and writeable.  Right?21:11
ubuntuaddictedusr13, i did touch /mnt/circle/test1234.txt and this is the result. -rwxrwxrwx 0 ubu  ubu           0 Mar  2 15:10 test1234.txt21:11
ubuntuaddictedusr13, yes BUT i get the error when I paste a file using thunar21:12
usr13ubuntuaddicted: So, I guess you have a problem with thunar?21:12
ubuntuaddictedusr13, guess so21:12
sv2241_hi. I'm installing MAAS in 12.04 LTS by following the official documentation (https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/install.html). I'm getting an error while importing the boot images --> maas my-maas-session node-groups import-boot-images OUTPUT: Unknown command: 'my-maas-session' Type 'django-admin help' for usage. Help.......21:12
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Try drag and drop21:12
usr13ubuntuaddicted: (from one thunar window to another)21:12
ubuntuaddictedusr13, same error. can't set permissions21:13
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Or from the main window to the share on the left bar.21:13
hoiheIs there anyone who played Mount and Blade Warband using Wine?21:13
hoiheI'm trying to find out how to make the launcher recognise a module I'm intending to play21:13
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Ok, well that doesn't make any sense.  Maybe ask in #xfce21:13
ubuntuaddictedusr13, ok21:14
ubuntuaddictedusr13, thanks for trying21:14
jak2000i follow this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/postfix.html when try (on same server) telnet itsol.mx 25 i get these results:    http://pastebin.com/F76Af4kZ   any advice?21:14
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Well, the part about "can't set permissions" makes sense if it is a nfs filesystem or vfat21:15
usr13ubuntuaddicted: See, I don't know what the OS is on the server... so...21:15
ubuntuaddictedusr13, as llutz said it's basically linux.21:16
YamakasY_can I add my own packages to my local apt-mirror ?21:17
usr13ubuntuaddicted: I meant ntfs not nfs21:17
ubuntuaddictedusr13, it's just an embedded linux21:17
ubuntuaddictedusr13, similarly to what runs on routers21:17
sv2241_anyone familiar with MAAS?21:17
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macpoolhow can i restrict access to all but one page in nginx?21:18
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Well, it could be linux but the files could still be on vfat or ntfs file system.21:18
ubuntuaddictedusr13, i believe it's vfat but i don't know. as I said, i never used to get this error with thunar in xubuntu 12.0421:19
Minty_Hi, i'm at the early parts of the boot from usb install. Configuring the DCHP network failed. How can I troubleshoot this?21:19
demianbWifi or cable?21:20
Minty_I'm not sure which information is necessary so a brief overview; this is a home desktop pc that is connected via ethernet to a router which is connected to another router.21:20
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Minty_The router my pc is connected to has a reserved ip and so does the computer itself21:20
demianbIf you have two routers, problem could be that you have both acting as DHCP server (which is not allowed in a single LAN)21:20
usr13ubuntuaddicted: And you are on what now?  12.10?21:21
Minty_demianb: how can i tell the router connected to my pc not to act as a dchp server?21:21
demianblog onto it by its IP web interface and go through settings, it should have the option to disable DHCP21:21
Minty_demianb: ok thanks21:21
ubuntuaddictedusr13, here's the permissions of the NAS. http://imagebin.org/29673721:22
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Is it fully updated? (I'm thinking its a bug in the newer version of thunar, maybe?)21:22
Minty_demianb: i wonder if that might explain why my wifi keeps dropping out but ethernet is fine21:22
demianbMinty_, Could be. So just make sure one of the two has DHCP. Doesnt really matter which one, in most cases.21:23
ubuntuaddictedusr13, must be and yes, i'm running the latest thunar. well, whatever thunar is in xubuntu 13.1021:23
AckisI think I messed up quite a bit, I read somewhere that for NFS you want to try and make your uid/gid's match, so I went through and manually edited me /etc/passwd file and now "shit is broken".. my headless server is hanging for no apparent reason (I can't even ssh into it), and I'm not seeing anything obvious in the error log file21:23
Minty_demianb: ok great thanks, will leave the "main" router as dchp and turn dchp on mine off21:23
demianbThe one closest to your ISP connection I suppose.21:23
Minty_demianb: the only reason i had my router dchp on is so that i could set reserved ip for my pc because there are port forwarding rules that are set in both routers for my specific pc ip21:23
Minty_router 1 (nearest to isp) currently has reserved ip for my router and then my router has reserved ip setup for my pc with port forwarding rules for my pc on router 1. Am i doing something wrong there?21:24
usr13ubuntuaddicted: So you re-installed with 13.10, (and before that you have 12.04). Right>?21:24
demianbMinty_, Because each device has their own IP, you should be able to reserve IPs on the 1st router. The 2nd router (with dhcp disabled) should only act as a switch.21:25
Minty_demianb: ok great, will do that now, thanks21:25
demianbgood luck.21:25
usr13ubuntuaddicted: So this is a fresh install of 13.10?  Is it fully updated?21:25
ubuntuaddictedusr13, i did a fresh install of 13.10 and started getting the problem. i was previously using 12.04.421:25
ubuntuaddictedusr13, yes and yes21:25
raj_I wasn't getting any logs written to log files under /var/log on my fresh 12.04 install & figured out that rsyslog was not installed .. after install.. logs are getting written.. does this mean that I need to manually install rsyslog inorder to get the logs written ??21:25
sit0Ubuntu - An african word meaning can't install Debian21:26
ubuntuaddictedusr13, i have a thread started here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220720321:26
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Well, you might try pacman21:27
raj_do I need to manually install rsyslog to get the logs written on 12.04 server ?21:27
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Did you ask the folks on #xfce ?21:27
Minty_demianb: dam :( network configuration still failed. would i have needed to reboot pc too?21:28
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Or konqueror21:28
demianbMinty_, Always worth a shot to reboot. I would even try and give the routers a reboot, after saving the new settings... just to make sure they all read eachother properly.21:29
usr13ubuntuaddicted: See if you can get along with pacman or knoqueror until someone figures out what the deal is with thunar.21:29
Minty_demianb: well i made no changes to router 1 but rebooted router 2 and the pc. fingers crossed21:29
Minty_demianb: thanks for the help so far!21:30
usr13ubuntuaddicted: I know what;  Run thunar from a terminal and maybe you'll get some errors in the terminal window that will tell you something more about what the problem is.21:30
demianbShould be okay. The PC asks for IP and the dhcp server gives a response. The now inactive router will not give such a response (previously you had a collision of dhcp servers).21:30
ubuntuaddictedusr13, that's a good idea.21:30
Minty_demianb: sucks :( still failed21:31
ubuntuaddictedusr13, nevermind, it doesn't remain running, it just opens thunar and starts a fresh line21:31
=== ws2k3 is now known as ws2k3__
demianbMinty_, is the PC configured to receive IP by dhcp or is it manually set ?21:31
Minty_demianb: hmm, not sure. damn i think i set it manually actually. do i need to boot back into windows and change that to auto-get?21:32
usr13ubuntuaddicted: Yea, well, I guess you'd have run strace and write to a file but that may not tell you anything either21:32
gamoholicWindows has nothing do with your settings in Ubuntu :)21:32
demianbMinty_, no. If you're talking about Ubuntu installer, it should be set to dhcp.21:33
Minty_demianb: i'm running the install from bootable usb21:33
usr13ubuntuaddicted: You could try though.  strace -o thunar.log thuna21:33
ubuntuaddictedusr13, it's just annoying but doesn't prevent me from writing to the share21:33
demianbPossibly your router has the PCs MAC address reserved.21:33
demianbCan you check for that?21:33
usr13ubuntuaddicted: I left off the r21:33
Minty_demianb: yea, i'll check. it was previously reserved from router 2 but i removed that rule and then disabled dchp on that router.21:34
llutzdemianb: even the MAC won't change when booting the installer-cd21:34
demianbMinty_, Find out your PCs LAN card MAC address, then search for it in your router settings to see if it has an entry somewhere.21:34
ubuntuaddictedusr13, ok. gotta run for now. thanks for trying to help21:34
demianbllutz, Aye. MAC doesnt change by itself.21:34
Minty_demianb: the only reserved rule in router 1 is my router221:34
usr13Minty_: What's the problem?21:35
Minty_demianb: my pc is connected to router2 (in windows, i had it set as fixed ip). I'm now trying to install from bootable usb drive but all this network configuration etc. is before choosing a partition so could my windows fixed-ip setting be affecting this?21:35
usr13Minty_: Not getting a network connection during the install?21:35
Minty_usr13: network autoconfiguration failing21:35
demianbusr13, His PC isnt getting a network connection during Ubuntu install from CD.21:35
demianbMinty_, Only thing that could be 'stuck' is the router holding onto the propogated IP (that was set by Windows).21:36
usr13Minty_: Ctrl-ALt-F6   #Login or just hit enter, and set up the network with ifconfig21:36
Minty_just to eliminate the chance, i'm just booting into windows now (my only partition) and i will remove the fixed ip21:36
Pinglessevening all21:36
Minty_demianb: usr13 do i need to create a new partition in windows or will the installer have that capability?21:36
demianbInstaller does that pretty well.21:37
llutzMinty_: that makes no sense at all. windows network settings doesn't affect linux installer21:37
PinglessI'm having trouble with Radeon HD4550 drivers on a fresh 12.04 LTS install21:37
usr13Minty_: ifconfig eth0 192.168.x.x ; route add default gw 192.168.x.x21:37
Minty_usr13: hold up, too fast for me, 1 sec just rebooting21:37
PinglessI can't find any matching drivers when I select "additional drivers", but the live CD had them21:37
usr13Minty_: Problem is that you don't have DHCP server running on your router?21:38
odiumI cannot seem to get a usb jump drive to work as my installation media and I am to poor to buy blank dvds. Can I copy my working system over to my new drive somehow?21:38
Minty_usr13: no i do. i previously had it running on both (i have router 1 that is nearest ISP) then i have a second router in my room and my pc is connected to that second router21:39
Spynxicanyone have experience developing visualizations specifically for music?21:39
Minty_usr13: demianb suggested that there was a dchp collision which was causing the problem21:39
Minty_so i disabled dchp from router 2 and problem still persisting but i'm jusdt rebooting everything to be sure21:39
demianbYeah, and keep in mind Im only trying to help from a network perspective as I dont have enough knowledge of Linux.21:39
usr13Minty_: Oh yea, you can only have one dhcp sever running on a network.21:40
Minty_usr13: demianb ah hang on. now that router 1 is the dchp server, does my pc need to have the ipv4 default gateway pointed at router 1, not 2?21:40
usr13Minty_: But if you trun off the dhcp server on the gateway router, you'd have to plug it into a LAN port of the other one.21:41
Pinglesshas anyone managed to get an ATI HD4xxx running on 12.04? I've been struggling all day, it looks like Ubuntu isn't even seeing the card21:41
demianbMinty_, Aye. Point it to the active dhcp.21:41
Minty_hold up guys, which 1 is it?21:41
Minty_usr13: my pc is ethernet connected to router 2 which in turn is ethernet connected to router 121:41
Bashing-omPingless: AMD has relagated that series of cards to lagacy, and no longer supports them. 2 options, stay with open source, or install ubuntu legacy release 12.04.1 (other solutuons are NOT recommended).21:41
usr13(The one whith the dhcp server off), In other words, leave the DHCP server running on the gateway router, turn it off on the second one.21:42
Minty_i'm in a shared house and router 2 is in my room just for my stuff so it must be router 1 that is the dchp server otherwise i'd cause other people problems21:42
PinglessBashing-om: I'd love to stay with open source, but at the moment all I have is the default graphics driver which gives me 1024x768 and duplicated screens21:42
Minty_usr13: in light of what i just said, would i need to find another solution?21:42
cloneGhello would anybody know how to fix this?:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216443421:42
PinglessBashing-om: I can't seem to get the open source driver installed21:42
Minty_demianb: so is it possible for my pc to have it's default gateway pointed to router 1?21:43
usr13Minty_: I don't know what you have. At any rate, you just need to plug into a live internet connection.21:43
Minty_my pc has internet access at the moment btw if that has any implications21:43
demianbMinty_, In settings it should point to your dhcp router.21:43
Minty_i'm currently in windows on my pc and it connects fine21:43
demianbNevermind the cabling sequence. The 2nd router is only an extension of your cable.21:43
Bashing-omPingless: If you want to use the proprietary AMD/ATI driver, install Ubuntu 12.04.1: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.1/21:43
cloneGgoogle earth posts this when trying to reload a blank picture in the map: 404. That’s an error.21:44
cloneGThe requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know.21:44
bkfitzanyone know a good free web proxy...21:44
Bashing-omPingless: If ya want to use the present install, we can work on getting the open source driver properly installed, your call.21:44
demianbMinty_, Can you check in windows what the settings are? Is it automated, or is it manual? And which is the default gateway?21:44
usr13bkfitz: squid21:44
usr13!squid | bkfitz21:45
ubottubkfitz: squid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org21:45
PinglessBashing-om: I'd appreciate help on getting the open source driver installed. I'm not intending to do any 3D gaming.21:45
Minty_demianb: so i'm not sure if this has any implications but i've just booted into windows on my pc and i've ensured that both ipv4 and ipv6 are obtained automatically. My pc re-resolved and it is currently identifying21:45
bkfitzis that a sudo-apt get install?21:45
bkfitzppas included in 12.0421:45
usr13Minty_: Check to see what IP address it is using, (and what gateway IP).21:46
demianbMinty_, Thats fine it tells us the routers are set OK. Now you need to make it work in your Ubuntu installer..21:46
Minty_demainb: right it re-resolved and now it's connecting to the internet and shows as all connected but can't access the web, i guess this means it's looking for an ip from the default ipv4 gateway; router 2 and not getting 1, right?21:46
Bashing-omPingless: I run an old ATI card on my box, open source driver, runs 3D quite well. ! .. We work on yours !21:46
macpoolhere is my nginx config file http://p.ngx.cc/ea966ff6d501743921:46
macpooli need to allow access to home page21:46
Minty_demianb: usr13 default gateway is blank21:46
usr13Minty_: ... but if the MS Windows PC connects, there is no reason the Ubuntu one wont.21:46
Minty_usr13: it doesn't now that i removed the static ip rule21:46
PinglessBashing-om: I've got a Windows install for my gaming needs ;) Where do we start?21:47
demianbBlank is not good. default gateway should be your dhcp router.21:47
Minty_usr13: previously router1 and router2 had dchp enabled. router1 had reserved ip for router2 and router2 had reserved ip for pc. pc also had static ip set in network adapter settings21:47
Minty_i have now turned dchp off on router 2 and i have removed static ip from pc and it now shows as connected but i have no internet access and default gateway is blank21:47
Minty_what next?21:47
gamoholicMinty_: Why do you have 2 routers?21:47
Minty_gamoholic: shared house - but that's really not my #1 right now!21:48
usr13Minty_: Yea, why 2 routers?21:48
Bashing-omPingless: To start, let's see what is pastebin -> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga ; sudo lshw -C display <-.21:48
Minty_demianb: ipv4 connectivity: internet. ipv6 connectivity: no internet access21:48
demianbMinty_, open cmd and do a 'ipconfig /renew all' to fresh things up a bit. OMG windows support in #ubuntu :p21:48
gamoholicWhat is connected to #1? I think #2 would be the better choice for the DHCP server21:49
Minty_demianb: "The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissable for this operation"21:49
demianbiconfig /release all21:49
Minty_gamoholic: can't do that because everyone else is connected to router 121:49
Minty_ipv6 is that lan?21:49
PinglessBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/H5b17B7021:49
usr13Minty_: If you plug the gateway router into the secondary router's WAN port, leave secondary router's DHCP server on too.  If you want to turn off the DHCP server on the secondary router, plug the gateway router into one of it's LAN ports.21:50
demianbTwo routers is sometimes a solution because of lack of a switch21:50
bkfitzusr13, is that a proxy that I can use, or run?21:50
usr13bkfitz: yes21:50
demianbIPv6 is not really necessary. You can turn that off if you want to troubleshoot stuff.21:50
Bashing-omPingless: looking at your H5b17B70 paste.21:51
Minty_demianb: well currently ipv4 connectivity says "Internet" but ipv6 says "No Internet Access"21:51
usr13Minty_: You do not need ipv621:51
bkfitzusr13, so if i wanted to make my ip look like I'm in another state, that would work21:51
demianbIPv6 is cute but almost nobody uses it.21:51
Minty_ok so ipv4 says internet and control panel shows me connected to a network, allbeit "Unidentified" but i have no router access21:51
Minty_ipconfig /all reveals a blank default gateway21:51
bkfitzusr13, trying to access something that is geoip restricted21:51
llutzMinty_: your network setup worked before, ubuntu-installer in same setup gets no IP. i'd checked if the installer has any issues with your network-device before rearanging all your routers21:51
Minty_llutz: but dchp server active on 2 routers within 1 network is harmful anyway right? so i might be just fixing 2 problems here21:52
usr13bkfitz: That's not really the purpose for a proxy21:52
llutzMinty_: as you see, you're fixing nothing atm21:52
demianbMinty_, Assuming you know your way around windows, you should be able to open your ethernet settings and configure dhcp to either manual or automatic. Automatic should have it find your dhcp router by itself, and it should not be blank as such.21:52
Minty_demianb: I do. ipv4 and ipv6 are definitely set to obtain ip address automatically21:53
bkfitzusr13, what is the purpose of a proxy21:53
usr13Minty_: Read what I said before.  If you plug gateway router into the secondary router's WAN port, you can leave the DHCP server on.21:53
bkfitzusr13, route traffic21:53
bkfitzusr13, in my case so that the referrer is somewhere else21:53
usr13bkfitz: yes21:53
bkfitzusr13, yes21:53
usr13bkfitz: To do what you want to do, you need to  use a proxy elsewhere.21:54
bkfitzusr13, right...21:54
Minty_usr13: just to confirm by rewording it in a way i understand! if i move the connection coming into router2 from the lan port into one of the wan ports, i can leave dchp enabled on router2?21:54
demianbSomething just occured to me.. Your static IP settings for those two routers could be wrong, resulting in bad subnet on your 2nd router. Do any of the other PCs connected to your 2nd router have internet access?21:54
usr13bkfitz: http://www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list/421:55
Minty_demianb: yes, the laptop that i'm currently typing on21:55
Minty_demianb: this laptop is connected to router2 via wireless21:55
Minty_demianb: so what should i be doing right now? my pc's default gateway is blank21:55
Minty_demianb: shall i try rebooting router1?21:55
demianbIm thinking.. :p21:56
Minty_ok :P21:56
Minty_my laptop never had a reserved ip but it's working fine now even since router 2 had dchp turned off21:56
majodhmm does anyone know why ubuntu firefox plays only 360p html5 on youtube and windows shows 720p on the same video?21:56
Minty_so the problem seems to be a combination of my pc and it's previously reserved ip.21:56
usr13Minty_: If your gateway router is set up properly, (and is giving out proper IP inforation to it's clients), you should be ok to just run a cat5 cable from one of it's LAN ports to the WAN port of the second router and leve it set to dhcp, (for both LAN and WAN).21:56
demianbMeanwhile you could give usr13 s method a try, and enabling dhcp on the 2nd router again.. elbeit unorthodox IMO, but I am curious to see what happens..21:57
Bashing-omPingless: Open source driver is loaded, is the only problem you are experiencing a resolution issue ?21:57
Minty_ok, i will reboot everything once first just to make sure21:57
raj_" kernel: Cannot read proc file system: 1 - Operation not permitted. " getting these messages repeated, unstoppingly million times every minute in my syslog21:57
Minty_then i will try that if still failing21:57
bkfitzusr13, yeah... not once have i had any luck with proxies listed on that site21:57
gamoholicmajod: It is probably a driver thing. What is the model number of your GPU?21:58
agopasI'm using X2go to connect to a remote Ubuntu 12.04LTS desktop. I was using Firefox, but accidentally dragged it out of view of the X2Go client window. Since I didn't turn on alt+tab in X2go by default, I don't know how to get it back!21:58
usr13Minty_: But if you know of an IP address that is not being used yet, you can set your PC to it and see if you can ping the router.  If you can set it as the default gateway and then see if you can ping, if you can set that as your nameserver.21:58
majodgamoholic: do you think its about x264? im in vmware :)21:59
PinglessBashing-om: lol, just as you asked that I got a message that there was a segfault in /usr/lib/gnome-desktop3/check_gl_texture_size. Other than that, my main problem is that the "Display" settings won't let me select a resolution higher than 1024x768, and won't let me dual-screen.21:59
gamoholicVirtual machines do not have very powerful GPUs. I don't think you will be able to watch HD video in them.21:59
basketballhow do i open my fstab file using geane22:00
majodnah, 1080p mkvs run just fine, but i guess its not hw accelerated22:00
gamoholicmajod: Do you have the VMWare tools (or whatever they are called) installed? They are called Guest Additions in VirtualBox22:00
usr13Minty_: You need an IP address, (that is in the subnet the router uses). You need a "default gateway IP", (that is the router's inside IP), and you need a nameserver IP, ( will do).22:00
majodgamoholic: even google earth runs smoothly22:01
gamoholicDoes it not give you the option for 720p at all?22:01
majodwell, i enabled the html5 option on youtube in firefox 27, this video for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CACbekH2RrY22:01
Bublik2002how do i make the unity bar on the left hand side hide?22:02
majodshows only 360p option in ubuntu....in windows there is also 720p22:02
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wjtayloranyone using calibre?22:02
gvowjtaylor: yes22:02
agopasIs there a keyboard shortcut that can restore the window to a visible location?22:02
gvoread lj with it.22:02
Beldarwjtaylor, Works better here if you ask the question. ;)22:02
wjtaylorgvo: have you successfully installed the ios reader plugin?22:02
Guest96983i use calibre22:03
Minty_demianb: so i rebooted everything. laptop has reconnected fine connected to router 222:03
gvoios is apple?  I don't use anything that has to do with apple22:03
wjtaylorI installed the latest calibre via PPA and cannot install the ios reader plugin.22:03
Minty_pc won't connect to internet (via ethernet)22:03
Bashing-omPingless: Well, shoot, adjusting reso;ution is a long way out of my experience, but, what returns from -> xrandr <-, to show what the card supports.22:03
wjtaylorgvo: Apple has gone the way of microsoft22:03
Minty_it appears that my pc can't get local ip22:04
gvowtaylor: they had a head start on MS.22:04
Minty_subnet mask looks odd; (isn't it normally and default gateway is blank22:04
BeldarBublik2002, Right click the desktop there are buttons there.22:04
basketballhow do i open my fstab file using geane22:04
gamoholicmajod: I think you are out of luck. It is probably a limitation of the virtual machine.22:04
majodgamoholic: i agree. thanks anyway22:05
Bublik2002Beldar, when i right click desktop it lets me change wallpaper thats about it22:05
gamoholicbasketball: the fstab is located at /etc/fstab22:05
PinglessBashing-om: It all looks reasonable: "Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 768, maximum 8192 x 8192"22:05
basketballhow do i open it in terminal gamoholic22:05
gamoholicsudo geane /etc/fstab22:05
usr13Minty_: Doesn't matter, is just a sbnet wider than
BeldarBublik2002, No other buttons to other controls, I though unity hid from the start.22:05
agopasWinkey+D didn't work, neither did ctrl+alt+numpad 7.22:06
usr13Minty_: You could u se if you want22:06
Bublik2002Beldar, maybe it behaves differently in 14.04.. not sure havent used unity in a long time22:06
agopasI hope I gave enough information.22:06
gvoDo you wonder why I don't use Unity?22:06
BeldarBublik2002, Ah, 14.04 has aits own development channel #ubuntu+122:07
basketballgamoholic,  i bought a monitor yesterday that has a different resolution as my laptop how can i remove the black border of laptop22:07
Bublik2002Beldar, i know but i dont think this has anything to do with 14.0422:07
Bashing-omPingless: well,,, lemme think on this a bit, the system should pick up on that higher resolution. presently do not know.22:08
BeldarBublik2002, That is the is all ,does not matter, that will be the rhetoric on trusty22:08
Beldarchannel is all*22:08
gamoholicbasketball: Are you using both the monitor and your laptop's screen?22:08
PinglessBashing-om: I've managed to use xrandr to set the resolution of my primary monitor to something more sensible22:08
PinglessBashing-om: Now I need to figure out how to a) persist this and b) get dual monitors working22:08
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=== chalcedony` is now known as chalcedony
usr13Pingless: What video driver are you using?22:11
usr13Pingless: Is it Nvidia?22:11
User1Hi Guys, need some advice. I prepare to step over from Mac OS X to ubuntu, but I have some problems finding a good alternative for data encryption. Can somebody give me some advice about it. I used to .dmg files to encrypt en decrypt. Can somebody advice me which encryption-software to use for Ubuntu/Linux, that is user-friendly and yet secure too.22:11
Pinglessusr13: See my earlier paste http://pastebin.com/H5b17B70 . The card is an ATI Radeon HD455022:11
gvoUser1: check out bcrypt22:12
gvoman bcrypt22:12
=== Zachary_DuBois|A is now known as Zachary_DuBois
gvoUser1: and gpg22:12
usr13User1: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory22:12
gamoholicUser1: I recommend TrueCrypt22:13
Bublik2002Beldar, figured it out. you have to download and install compiz config manager22:13
gvohowever truecrypt isn't in the 12.04 repos.22:14
BeldarBublik2002, Cool, good job.22:14
usr13Pingless: http://askubuntu.com/questions/63681/how-can-i-make-xrandr-customization-permanent22:14
agopasRepeating my question: I'm using X2go to connect to a remote Ubuntu 12.04LTS desktop. I was using Firefox, but accidentally dragged it out of view of the X2Go client window. Since I didn't turn on alt+tab in X2go by default, I don't know how to get it back! Is there a keyboard shortcut that can restore the window to a visible location? Winkey+D didn't work, neither did ctrl+alt+numpad 7.22:15
User1gvo: usr13 gamoholic, thank you for your sugestion22:15
gamoholicagopas: It sounds like you may have dragged it to a different virtual desktop. Is there anything on the taskbar that lets you switch between them? (I use Lubuntu, so I don't know what Unity looks like :P)22:17
usr13Pingless:  See:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1875771 & http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187577122:17
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kapadFacing a problem where a folder added to PRUNEPATHS in updatedb.conf still shows up in search.22:18
agopasDo you mean workspace?22:18
agopasBecause I only have one session of X2go up.22:18
kapadeven after running updatedb22:18
usr13Minty_: Did you get it yet?22:18
kapadany suggestionon the issue.22:18
Minty_usr13: nope, demian is helping me troubleshoot22:19
thetravwhat does —fix-missing do for apt-get?22:19
Bashing-omPingless: That is making progress, I have no idea how to get a 2nd monitor working with that card, as it only shows one output - per "-C display (??).22:19
usr13Minty_: PM?22:19
usr13Minty_: Ok22:20
demianbLooking at the routers, so I thought we'd take it outside the channel22:21
PinglessBashing-om: How strange -- usr13 linked a forum where someone suggested unplugging and reconnecting the monitor22:21
PinglessBashing-om: that magically worked.22:21
usr13thetrav: attempts to correct a system with broken dependencies22:21
Pinglessusr13: Thanks for that link22:21
Bashing-omPingless: as a thought, try this in /etc/default/grub -> GRUB_GFXMODE=1600x900 // where 1600x900 is what I have my display set to.22:21
PinglessBashing-om: Thanks for your support, I hope this now works22:22
usr13thetrav: --fix-missing = -f22:22
Bashing-omPingless: well, will wonders never cease ! .. Wonderful litttle operating system here.22:22
agopasgamoholic: it's not unity, it's gnome.22:24
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Bashing-omPingless: Good deal, I am returning to ubuntuforums for a spell or so, I will be back here.22:24
agopasgamoholic: and i'm about to pull my hair out because every option i've tried has failed. i can't get the firefox window back.22:24
PinglessBashing-om: Thanks again, will reboot to see if settings stick22:25
gamoholicHow about closing the x2go session and re-opening? You should be able to get the page back in firefox.22:25
agopasi was uploading videos, and i don't want to lose my progress.22:26
agopasgamoholic: i can still see the firefox process running through top. is there an ssh command that can get the window back?22:26
jamesdagopas: unless you make plans before hand, you can't.. you can run somethnig like vnc  and reconnect22:27
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gamoholicagopas: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/5694222:30
majodis there something like simple changelog between kernel versions?22:30
agopasgamoholic: i get a "cannot open display"22:33
gamoholicWhat exactly did you run?22:34
agopasgamoholic: wmctrl -a firefox22:34
CarlFKapt-get  install ubuntu-desktop installs something that will run things in .config/autostart.  I don't need all the apps, so I tried just xorg and lihtdm, but I guess I am missing something cuz autorun isnt running.  anyone know what else I need to install?22:34
gamoholicI bet that isn't the window title22:35
gamoholicIt will be something like "Youtube bla bla bla"22:35
gamoholicOr wherever you are uploading22:35
gamoholicI would recommend trying the script in that page22:36
gamoholicYou can find the pid with "ps -A | grep firefox"22:36
agopasgamoholic: PID is 2363522:36
usr13Minty__: Did you understand what I was trying to tell you?22:36
Minty__usr13: i disconnected part way through, don't think I saw it, can you copy and paste it to me again?22:37
gvowmctrl -l22:37
gvolist the windows might give you a hint.22:37
gamoholicwmctrl -i -a $(wmctrl -l -p | awk '/^[^ ]+ +[^ ]+ +'"23635"'/ {print $1}')22:37
usr13Router2 as to be a different subnet (from router1).22:37
gamoholicWhat gvo said would be simpler :)22:38
Minty__usr13: even as it stands now?22:38
agopaswmctrl -l also gives me a "cannot open display"22:38
Minty__usr13: they're currently the same but i get connectivity fine in windows22:38
agopasthis is a mystery22:38
gvoagopas: echo $DISPLAY22:38
usr13Minty__: If router1 uses 192.168.1.x for it's DHCP pool, you can use 192.168.2.x for router2, (it *must* be a different subnet).22:38
agopasi get one blank line. then i tried wmctrl -l again...it didn't work22:39
Minty__usr13: router1 uses 192.168.0 for it's dchp pool22:39
usr13Minty__: If they are the same, you will likely have IP conflict.22:39
Minty__router 2 uses - 25422:39
Minty__so there should never ever be conflicts22:39
usr13Minty__: Ok fine.  use 192.168.1.x for router2's dhcp pool with subnet mask of
Minty__also, router1 reserves .0.2 for router 2 yet router 2 gateway is 1.122:40
Minty__usr13: is that the difference between reserved wan / lan port?22:40
Minty__usr13: ok yea, that's what it is at the moment22:40
gvoagopas: You aren't connected to the display.  Are you running a gnome-terminal or xterm or something on the desktop or did you C-A-F1?22:40
gamoholicgvo: They are using X2go22:40
usr13Minty__: Ok.  And router2 connects to WAN via DHCP?22:40
gvogamoholic: Ah22:40
Minty__usr13: yea22:41
gvoSo they lost the display variable.22:41
Minty__usr13: so as things stand, my pc connects FINE via ethernet. i'm now running installer22:41
usr13Minty__: Ok and router1's DHCP server is ON?22:41
Minty__usr13: yes both are on22:41
usr13Minty__: Yea, it should work.  Let me know if it doesnt'.22:41
Minty__it works22:41
usr13Minty__: Good.22:41
Minty__usr13: but can i just point out22:42
Minty__the ONLY thing that has changed between now and the very start of this22:42
Minty__was i rebooted into windows and removed the static ip from pc and changed to obtain from dchp server22:42
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agopasi solved it22:42
Minty__all the messing arond with dchp server was in the middle of all of this troubleshooting22:42
agopasi changed the resolution to 800x600, which revealed the GNOME dock at the bottom.22:43
Minty__usr13: will installer give me option to create partition or should i have done that in windows beforehand?22:43
gamoholicagopas: Nice!22:43
usr13Minty__: We thought you had just plugged in the second router, (in which case you would need to configure it to suit your needs).'22:43
agopasthey don't teach you that kind of ingeneuity in school22:43
usr13Minty__: Yes22:43
usr13Minty__: The installer has it's own partitioning utility.22:44
Minty__usr13: thanks22:47
Minty__usr13: the screen of installer has been 'blank' so to speak for about 2 minutes now22:47
Minty__usr13: after the network configuration bit, screen is just purple22:47
Minty__can i tab into a CLI from here to see what is going on or?22:48
usr13!nomodeset | Minty__22:48
ubottuMinty__: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:48
usr13Minty__: Ctrl-Alt-F622:48
Minty__usr13: can i type something from there?22:48
usr13Minty__: But give it some time, it may be still loading up.22:48
usr13Minty__: Yes22:48
Minty__i hit ctrl + alt + f6, how can i get back out now :P22:49
Minty__usr13: been loading for close to 4 minutes now, so think i may have the problem you linked me to22:49
usr13or F7  (Not sure which)22:49
Minty__ah download mirror failed22:49
usr13Minty__: Check your IP configuration.22:50
Minty__changed mirror and all good - not having much mirror look today22:50
Minty__usr13: joker ;)22:50
usr13Oh ok22:50
Minty__encrypt home directory? worth doing? any cons?22:52
CpuIDhey ppls - is it just me or is the EC2 ubuntu S3-backed mirror in us-west-1 broken?22:53
usr13Minty__: No22:53
gamoholicYou will get less performance. Whether it is noticeable or not depends on how powerful your computer is. Do you have stuff you want to keep hidden from other people?22:53
Minty__usr13: ok22:53
usr13Not in my opinion....22:53
gamoholicCpuID: Yes, it is broken. I am very sad :'(22:53
gordonjcpMinty__: not really worth the bother22:53
CpuIDdamnit, getting a ton of 403's here22:53
Minty__gordonjcp: ok thanks, have skipped that22:53
gamoholicI switched to mirror.tocici.com, but it isn't as good22:53
gordonjcpMinty__: it's more secure, it will cause you to lose data22:54
Minty__does anyone use a U partition for ubuntu?22:54
CpuIDgamoholic: same as you?22:54
Minty__that considered a cool thing to do?!22:54
usr13Minty__: What is a U partition?22:54
CpuIDdo they know about it? :)22:54
Minty__gordonjcp: tbh i use dropbox for all my files anyway, nothing really personal. all work stuff is kept on a separate server22:54
Minty__usr13: just driver label :)22:54
CpuIDalso gamoholic, have you tested any other regions?22:54
gamoholicCpuID: No, I have not. I think they probably took it down, but I don't know where to find out22:55
usr13Minty__: I use 3:  swap  (size of ram or little more), #2 for /   #3 for /home/22:55
usr13Minty__: I like a separate partition for /home/22:55
CpuIDyea weird, im just testing us-west-2 now22:55
usr13Minty__: How much RAM do you have?22:55
Minty__usr13: 8gb22:55
usr13Minty__: Set your swap partition to 8G22:56
usr13or so ...22:56
usr138G+ a little22:56
Minty__usr13: the partition menu is weird as well, will need some advice on my selection... i currently have c which is windows and then some other partition that is reserved, primary and just 100mb, i think windows creates that too22:56
Minty__usr13: should i leave that one as is but resize c and then create another partition? what is this 'swap' partition that you are referring to?22:56
usr13Minty__: for /  about 40G maybe.  How big is the HD?22:56
Minty__usr13: 1tb but there is loads of "lost space" so to speak - at least within how windows reads the HDD from past os reinstalls etc22:57
Minty__but i'm still only using like 80gb or something22:57
usr13Minty__: You familiar with "virtual memory"?22:57
gamoholicMinty__: Do you want to keep the Windows stuff?22:57
Minty__gamoholic: for now, until i'm comfortable with ubuntu, yea, then i want to fully wipe all of that crap22:57
usr13Minty__: how much will you set aside for the Ubuntu install?22:57
Minty__usr13: i don't mind, 200gb?22:57
usr13Minty__: swap 8G,  / 40G, the rest for /home/22:58
Minty__usr13: what is swap?22:58
usr13Minty__: You familiar with "virtual memory"?22:58
cuddylierIs a CPU wait time of 4% spiking to 25% on an E3 - 1240v3 (4 cores) a bad thing?22:58
gamoholicIt is called a pagefile in Windows22:58
Minty__usr13: not sure. is that the result of paging?22:59
usr13(MS Windows Lingo = "virtual memory")22:59
usr13Minty__: yes22:59
m1sf1they :) quick, question. i'm running ubuntu server, and accessing the web just isn't working. the apache2, samba, and ssh servers all work fine though :S any thoughts?22:59
Minty__usr13: so what does swap do? just sets that side apart so you only ruin a small part of the HDD?22:59
daftykinsm1sf1t: run "nslookup google.com"22:59
daftykinsm1sf1t: and "ping google.com"22:59
usr13Minty__: I woudn't put it that way, but your "paging" is on it's own partition, that's all.23:00
Minty__usr13: how does ubuntu know to only page that partition?23:00
m1sf1tit timed out :(23:00
Minty__and can i set that partition and my ubuntu partition up from the installer? or will i need to do that later?23:00
daftykinsm1sf1t: which?23:00
m1sf1ti've tried ping, no luck23:01
usr13Minty__: So set a swap partition to about 8G.   Another one of about 40G for /  Another one for the rest of the space for /home/23:01
daftykinsm1sf1t: ok edit /etc/resolv.conf to read "nameserver"23:01
daftykinsm1sf1t: then try again23:01
Minty__usr13: what about windows?23:01
m1sf1tspecifically or my actual dns?23:01
gamoholicm1sf1t: Is this a new server?23:01
Minty__usr13: and can i do all this from the installer or will this just allow me to do the 1 partition configuration that is needed for the install23:01
m1sf1tyeah, i set it up two days ago23:01
usr13Minty__: Ubuntu knows what partitions to use for what by what is written to /etc/fstab file.23:01
usr13!fstab | Minty__23:01
ubottuMinty__: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions23:01
gamoholicm1sf1t: Static IP or DHCP?23:01
Minty__usr13: ok great, i'll configure that after then23:01
Minty__usr13: when you say /home/ you mean the default ubuntu partition yea?23:02
usr13Minty__: It will be done for you.23:02
m1sf1tstatic ip23:02
usr13Minty__: /home/ is the user space. (Where all your user's files go).23:02
gamoholicm1sf1t: How did you set it? /etc/network/interfaces ?23:02
Minty__usr13: ok. So i currently have windows partition and some other shitty 100mb partition. Am I creating 3 more?23:02
m1sf1twhat command should i use to restart my netoworking service?23:02
usr13Minty__: Right.23:02
gamoholicsudo restart networking23:03
Minty__usr13: in terms of my options in the installer do i "resize scsi6" or "resize scsi7"23:03
usr13Minty__: What do you have now?23:03
m1sf1tthe interfaces file is set to iface eth0 inet static23:03
usr13Minty__: If you have partitions of the sizes you want, there is no need to resize anything.23:04
Minty__usr13: ah looks like 1 refers to my usb stick23:04
daftykinsm1sf1t: do what i said (:23:04
Minty__usr13: i have no partitions set up yet. that is what i mean - can i set them all up from within the installer?23:04
Minty__or does it just want me to worry about the 1 for now23:04
daftykinsm1sf1t: no network restart command really works properly anymore so i wouldn't recommend it23:04
m1sf1ti set the dns to
Minty__usr13: i need to resize my windows partition anywya bceause that is currently like 1tb23:04
usr13Minty__: If you have yet to set aside any free space, then resize the MS Windows partition, (to a smaller size).23:05
m1sf1tshould it work now? ill try23:05
daftykinsm1sf1t: and what happens now?23:05
m1sf1tnope, still not working :(23:05
daftykinsm1sf1t: timeout with DNS?23:05
daftykinsm1sf1t: as in nslookup google.com ?23:05
usr13Minty__: ... and then use the resulting "free space" for the new [Ubuntu] partitions.23:05
m1sf1tin firefox, it's saying server not found still23:05
m1sf1till try ping and nslookup23:06
daftykinsm1sf1t: i thought you said it was a server, why does it have firefox? :P23:06
usr13m1sf1t: ping
m1sf1tbecause it's also the computer i use lol23:06
m1sf1tit's not a busy site23:06
gamoholicm1sf1t: So which version of Ubuntu is it?23:06
Minty__usr13: ah this is scary :P ubuntu isn't very clear on which partition is which23:06
daftykinsit's totally clear!23:07
m1sf1terrm... the latest LTS23:07
m1sf1t12.04 i think23:07
usr13Minty__: Well, you could have resized the partition while still booted into MS Windows.23:07
usr13Minty__: But what do you see?23:07
Minty__yea i should have, oh well sorting it now23:07
gamoholicUse the network manager for the desktop version23:07
Minty__oh for goodness sake, "the resize operation is impossible"23:07
m1sf1ti have the lxde desktop installed, can't find any network manager :(23:08
CpuIDgamoholic: us-west-2 and us-east-1 look OK apt repo wise (s3 backed, testing precise specifically)23:08
daftykinsMinty__: did you defrag your Windows install like you're supposed to?23:08
usr13Minty__: The biggest one is obviously the MS Windows one that needs to be shrunk down to a [much] smaller size.23:08
Minty__daftykins: not sure what that means but no one told me about that so nope23:08
Minty__usr13: yea, not possible to resize apparently23:08
daftykinsMinty__: you aren't familiar with defragmenting?23:08
Minty__daftykins: but i run defrags all the time23:08
daftykinswait what23:09
Minty__daftykins: yea, always running - i think this is more likely due to the junk left from previous reinstalls of windows23:09
daftykinsyou just contradicted yourself...23:09
zztwI'm trying to install ubuntu on an asus xenbook and after I select the volume to install on it's giving me this window that just has "???" for both title and message. any idea? It's a striped raid 0 of two ssds; does that make a difference?23:09
Minty__daftykins: yea my bad, i misread the first time23:09
usr13daftykins: I think Win7 does that automatically from time to time, so it's not a big issue.23:09
daftykinsusr13: only on mechanicals23:09
usr13Minty__: Why can't you resize the partition>?23:09
usr13daftykins: It is a 1TB drive.23:10
Minty__usr13: no idea says it is impossible23:10
gamoholicCpuID: This is what I get when I open http://us-west-2.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com.s3.amazonaws.com/ubuntu/ in my browser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7024615/23:10
basketballlgamoholic,  i bought a monitor yesterday that has a different resolution as my laptop how can i remove the black border of laptop23:10
usr13Minty__: It should show how much space is used and how much is empty. Right?23:10
Minty__usr13: in the partition disks installation menu, i have only 4 options now "guided - use entire disk", "guided - use entire desk and set up lvm" and "guided - use entire desik and set up encrypted lvm" and "manuaal"23:10
Minty__the entire disk options give me warnings that "all the data on this partition will be erased"23:11
Minty__maybe i should just go for it and erase my windows partition...23:11
usr13Minty__: I suppose "guided" would be best, but I always use manual.23:11
Minty__when i use manual, it won't let me resize partition23:11
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usr13Minty__: Yea! Go for it!  :)23:11
Minty__so i feel pressured to wipe windows altogether now!23:11
Minty__usr13: ahhh!23:11
gamoholicbasketball: Are you using both the new monitor and your laptop's monitor, or just the new monitor?23:11
Minty__am i going to love ubuntu?!23:11
Minty__convince me, quick!23:12
Minty__what is "set up lvm"23:12
usr13Minty__: What most of us find is that we rarely boot to MS Windows any more.  (Let's face it, we can only use one OS at a time anyway.)23:12
usr13Minty__: LVM is good.23:12
usr13!lvm | Minty__23:12
ubottuMinty__: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto23:12
gamoholicI just use 2 computers with Synergy :P23:12
Minty__usr13: i know but anything that doesn't work with wine might make me cry23:12
usr13Minty__: LVM is Large Volume Management (or something like that), and what it means is that you can resize your partitions on the fly23:13
gamoholicMinty__: What are the specs of your computer? CPU, RAM, etc.23:13
Minty__gamoholic: 8gb ram ddr2 and some quad core 2.4ghz processor23:13
usr13Minty__: Then just resize the MS Windows partition and use free space.23:13
Minty__not that great, i am in the process of saving for a new machine and when i do, will probably convert this to a media server anyway23:14
usr13Minty__: CHoose the Manual option23:14
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gamoholicThen you can use VirtualBox to run Windows for the few programs that you may need that don't work in Wine :)23:14
Minty__would want to use ubuntu for that but plex doesn't currently support it23:14
Minty__gamoholic: i guess!23:14
=== Discovery is now known as Guest46599
Minty__usr13: i can't choose manual because it says resizing is impossible23:14
Minty__usr13: if i use guided - use entire desik and set up lvm, i can just overwrite everything. right i'm scared but i'm going to go for it23:15
DaekdroomIs indicator-power a default indicator in Ubuntu 12.04.4?23:15
usr13Minty__: If you have your Win7 install CD, you can do a VM for it.23:15
Minty__usr13: yea i do23:15
Minty__ok, i'm going to use the guided option and set up lvm23:16
usr13Minty__: Or you can back out and resize the MS Windows partition (after booting back to Win7).23:16
Minty__it says "After the LVM is configured, no additional changes to the partinioning scheme of disks containing physical volumes are allowed during the installation"23:16
pac1Minty, make sure you've backed up your personal files.23:16
Minty__pac1: dropbox23:16
usr13Minty__: Yer good to go.23:16
Minty__ok done it23:17
zztwis there any issue with installing to a raid 0 volume of two ssds?23:17
basketballlgamoholic,  i bought a monitor yesterday that has a different resolution as my laptop how can i remove the black border of laptop23:17
Minty__usr13: what was the purpose of the 40gb partition?23:17
saethhello, I need some help with xubuntu and kwin ... I installed kwin on xubuntu and it works great with one exception - all my workspaces disappeared and I only have one 3: I believe there is some way to fix it, however I have no idea how.23:17
gamoholicbasketballl: Please answer my question that I have already asked you twice.23:18
Minty__it's asking me how much space to give to this installation - this is the 40gb bit right?23:18
usr13Minty__: For system files, (applications and configuration files).23:18
basketballlyou didnt ping me gamoholic  i dont know what you asked23:18
gamoholic[03/02 16:11:53] <gamoholic> basketball: Are you using both the new monitor and your laptop's monitor, or just the new monitor?23:18
pac1Minty,  40gb should be plenty.  I usually get away with 10 or 15.23:19
basketballlgamoholic,  both i have side by side set up23:19
pac1you'll probably want to configure a separate partition as /home23:19
usr13Minty__: Like I said before, I would use about 8G or so for swap, about 40G or so for / (root directory where application files and config files live), and the rest for /home/23:19
saethbasketballl, there should be a button on your keyboard that lets you switch between screens - usually it's fn+f6 and once you do that, it should automatically adapt the resolution. If you use just the display and don't use your laptop display at the same time, there should be no problem23:19
Minty__can someone explain how this LVM works. i now have LV root of 31.5gb and LV swap_1 of 8.6gb23:19
Minty__then in addition to that i have SCSI2 of 1.0TB which consists of #1 primary 254.8mb (what is this?) and 999.9GB logical23:20
basketballlsaeth,  i use both like in the movies23:20
saethohh, so try pressing this key combo anyway and see what happens23:20
saethif it doesn't work then try messing up with display settings and there should be an option for 2 display mode23:21
gamoholicbasketballl: Since they are different resolutions you will either have the black borders or you will have to stretch the resolution, which won't look very good. I recommend just leaving the black borders.23:21
basketballlsaeth,  ok i dont have second monitor with me right npow23:21
usr13Minty__: LVM = Logical Volume Manager23:21
=== on247 is now known as Guest15290
pac1Minty,  LVM works sort of like a regular partitioning scheme,  but its more flexible.  It doesn't store partition info on the MBR.23:21
Minty__so lvm is a breakdown and manager of the physical total space?23:21
usr13Minty__: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_Volume_Manager_%28Linux%2923:21
basketballlgamoholic,  why do they need to be same resolution when seperate they are great23:21
pac1Minty__, you can think of it that way.23:21
Minty__and then 254.8mb has been auto allocated for /boot23:22
Minty__is that normal?23:22
usr13Minty__: "Managing large hard disk farms by allowing disks to be added and replaced without downtimes and services disruption, in combination with hot swapping."23:22
pac1That's one way to do it.  I gave up on the /boot partition a long time ago.23:22
saethoh, once we are talking about hdds, I have one more problem: I have 2 disks - one is system drive which is ssd and the other one is a normal 250gb hdd with one ext4 partition on it23:22
Minty__pac1: shall i just delte it?23:22
Minty__pac1: it's confusing as that is in addition to the 999.9gb LVM23:22
usr13Minty__: That's ok.  (The kernels go in /boot/)23:22
Minty__ok, i'll leave it as is23:23
saeththe disk doesn't mount automatically - It appears gray on the desktop and I have to double-click it to mount it. Is there a way to do that automatically on startup?23:23
gamoholicbasketballl: Hmmm, true. You should be able to have them at different resolutions. Open the display manager and mess around.23:23
Minty__just submitted partition changes23:23
Minty__goodbye windows installation23:23
usr13Minty__: It is LVM so it can be resized later if you want (allows for resiging on-the-fly)23:23
Bublik2002anyone set up their ubuntu box as a dvr and tv server?23:23
Guest15290hi im using vsftpd with local users and i kepp getting 55023:23
pac1If you install more than one version of linux on the same machine, you can get away without the /boot.23:24
usr13!mythtv | Guest1529023:24
ubottuGuest15290: mythtv is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV - For discussion and specific support, try #ubuntu-mythtv23:24
gamoholicbasketballl: On my system it is called "Monitor Settings"23:24
Minty__uh oh23:24
Minty__i removed usb stick23:24
Minty__will that cause problems?23:24
usr13Guest15290: Try proftpd23:24
Minty__or is everything left in the process network-related?23:24
saethxD did you unmount it?23:24
pac1grub v2 is more flexible about where kernels go.  you don't have to put them all in one partition.23:24
pac1grub 2 will find them on any mounted partition.23:25
Minty__i just pulled it out, did it like 10 mins ago when i was first at partition screen because it was confusing me as a listed device, didn't even think23:25
usr13Minty__: Wow, I dont know.23:25
Minty__uh oh, fingers crossed23:25
saethubuntu doesn't like pendrives so always try unmounting them...23:25
gabrieleciao, qualche italiano?23:25
Guest15290thats about it ? id rather know whars wrong23:25
Minty__i doubt putting it back in now will help unless it remembers the path23:25
usr13Minty__: Are you in the habit of unplugging a drive that is mounted?23:25
Minty__usr13: no, i was a virgin until now23:26
basketballlgamoholic,  i have display settings23:26
usr13Minty__: :)  NOt any more....23:26
Minty__just plugged it back in and pretended nothing happened, lets hope ubuntu falls for it23:26
usr13Pretend all you want ..........23:26
gamoholicbasketballl: You should be able to choose the resolution of each monitor in there23:26
Minty__optimism please23:26
gabrielehelp!!! no italian?23:27
usr13Minty__: Since it is a network install, your prolly ok.23:27
Ben64!it | gabriele23:27
ubottugabriele: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)23:27
Minty__usr13: that's my hope! 85% through base system installation, i feel this is probably the important bit23:27
usr13But I dono....  But I think the installer is all loaded into ramdisk23:27
Minty__usr13: i'm just wondering how it accesses the next stage of the menu...23:27
pac1Minty__, if your installing, and still have drives you want to preserve, you may want to turn them off.23:27
pac1Minty__, so why LVM?23:28
Minty__pac1: probably too late but as i'm doing a full partition wipe, can't imagine there's anything i can preserve23:28
basketballlgamoholic,  what do i select23:28
Minty__pac1: sounded good23:28
pac1Minty__, do you have just one disk drive?23:28
Guest15290no one here got vsftp to work ok with local users23:28
Minty__pac1: yea23:28
pac1ok,  have you written the partition table?23:28
Minty__pac1: not sure what that means! i think!23:29
usr13Guest15290: Yes.  But you will have to edit the config file23:29
pac1part of the installation process runs a partition manager.23:29
Minty__yea, done that bit23:29
Minty__i said "Guided - Use entire disk and setup LVM"23:29
Minty__i'm fairly sure that wiped the old partition setup and replaced with this new one? now installing the system23:29
pac1the partition manager reads the partition table from the very beginning of the drive.23:29
pac1you're then presented with a list of partitions you can edit in memory.23:30
usr13Guest15290: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man5/vsftpd.conf.5.html23:30
Minty__pac1: yea did all that23:30
pac1you can completely wipe them out, or just change one or two.23:30
Minty__pac1: yea wiped them all23:30
pac1nothing happens to the disk until you're all done and have things the way you want them.23:30
pac1When you finish it re-writes the partition table.23:30
Minty__so, "Install security updates automatically" or "Manage System with Lanscape" i'm swaying towards the first unless anyone has any advice?23:30
Minty__pac1: yea i did that, was all deliberate and slightly through through23:31
Minty__thought through*23:31
Minty__a Canonical service23:31
usr13Guest15290: vsftpd works just fine but is set  pretty secure by default.23:31
pac1Go ahead with install automatically.23:31
Minty__pac1: great cheers23:31
pac1every day or so, you'll get the opportunity to update.23:31
pac1So what step are you at?23:31
Minty__pac1: when there is a new LTS, can i update from CLI23:32
usr13Minty__: Yes23:32
Minty__pac1: 'Select and Install Software' roughly 18%' just been interrupted by 'Software Selection' stage23:32
Guest15290i can login and dl just fine it just wont mkdir23:32
Minty__goodness me, lots of additional selections here... is there a best practice for addons for just desktop use?23:32
Minty__"Ubuntu desktop" sounds good. How about "Ubuntu desktop USB"23:32
pac1Ubuntu Desktop USB is probably for installing on a memory stick.23:33
Minty__oh rubbish, accidentally skipped past that stage23:33
Minty__what a disaster23:33
Minty__can i access that list at a later stage?23:33
pac1if you picked ubuntu desktop you should be good to go on.23:33
Minty__didn't select anything23:33
Minty__was about to select postgres database, hit enter but think enter bypassed selection23:34
Minty__i should really pay more attention23:34
usr13!dist-upgrade | Minty__23:34
ubottuMinty__: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.23:34
Minty__usr13: how about just installing the packages when they're not installed23:34
Minty__are these things just available through apt-get?23:34
usr13!apt | Minty__23:34
ubottuMinty__: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)23:34
pac1several ways to do it.23:34
Minty__pretty excited to use apt-get23:35
Minty__looks flipping amazing23:35
pac1apt-get install package23:35
pac1sudo -s23:35
usr13!synaptic | Minty__23:35
ubottuMinty__: A Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto23:35
Minty__pac1: is the value very sensitive? could i install latest google chrome version through sudo apt-get install chrome23:35
Minty__GRUB boot loader? do i want that?23:35
pac1yes.  probably grub-223:36
pac1no boot loader, no os.23:36
gamoholicMinty__: Chrome is not available in the repos, you have to install the .deb23:36
usr13Minty__: Yes, let it write grub to MBR23:36
Minty__gamoholic: ok i'll learn that one when i come to it i guess!23:36
tomreynthere's chromium-browser, thugh23:36
usr13pac1: Not probably, definately23:36
pac1to get chrome, just go to google and download it.  when it comes in, open it with the package manager and it will install.23:37
gamoholicTrue, but I like the extra features in Chrome23:37
pac1try chromium.  same thing without the googleness.23:37
Minty__i like chrome23:37
Minty__+ need for web development testing23:38
gamoholicBiggest thing I don't like about Chromium is the lack of a built-in PDF reader23:38
pac1nice thing about linux.  You want it, you go get it.23:38
pac1free beer.23:38
usr13try firefox, Like googleness without googleness23:38
Minty__ok so i didn't install ubuntu desktop or anything other than the core23:38
Minty__i've inadvertedly jumped into the deep end and i've just logged in via the biggest CLI i've ever seen23:38
Minty__i'd like a desktop please :)23:39
gamoholicMinty__: Which version did you download?23:39
basketballlhow do i install Catalyst Control Center23:39
Minty__sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop23:39
usr13Minty__: Well, if a server is what you want, yes.  But if you want a desktop OS with a GUI, install the Desktop23:39
Minty__gamoholic: 12.0423:39
majodbasketballl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD23:39
Minty__usr13: yea i had fully planned to but... it didn't go quite to plan23:39
gamoholicYes, but did you download the desktop version or the server version?23:39
Minty__gamoholic: i'm hoping the desktop version23:39
gamoholicWhat is the name of the iso that you downloaded?23:39
usr13Minty__: Thats' ok. YOu can install it afterward.  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop23:40
Minty__mini because it was the net thing23:40
Minty__usr13: ok running that now23:40
usr13Minty__: or sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop   etc. etc. etc.23:40
usr13Minty__: Did you reboot already?23:40
gamoholicAh, yeah, that is just the bare essentials necessary to get a system running. For a beginner I would recommend either Ubuntu Desktop or Lubuntu.23:40
Minty__usr13: yea currently downloading ubuntu desktop23:40
Minty__pretty cool to see a 32" screen filled with GET commands23:40
gamoholicBut as previously stated, you can install it with apt-get :)23:41
Minty__gamoholic: yea 52% through23:41
basketballlmajod,  can i use that with intel graphics23:41
pac1swift machine!23:41
usr13Minty__: You have a fast pipe23:41
Minty__usr13: what does that mean? net speed?23:41
majodbasketballl: catalys control center is for AMD/ATI graphics23:41
pac1yeah, but you have to pay the piper!23:41
Minty__pac1: 120mb fibre optic, can't complain too much ;)_23:41
basketballlmajod,  i want to get rid of black border with dual monitor set up23:42
pac1that's fasst.23:42
Minty__i live in a house of 9 though23:42
Minty__but then i'm the only ethernet linked device :)23:42
Minty__so i get a good 85mb priority23:42
majodbasketballl: i cant help you with that, sorry, i dont have experience with intel graphics23:42
basketballlmajod,  do you know someone who does23:43
Minty__does anyone use spotify with ubuntu'?23:43
majodnope, but just try asking your question and someone will maybe answer :)23:43
majodMinty__: i do23:43
Minty__majod: is it alright?23:43
majodyes, just like windows23:43
basketballlmajod,  how do i find out what graohiocs cARD I HAVE'23:43
Minty__i know they plan to have sychrnonised updates but heard it's a little far off as of yet majod23:44
pac1Minty__, every use linux before?23:44
Minty__pac1: na, i'm a virgin23:44
jhutchinsbasketballl: lspci | grep -i vga23:44
pac1from what you've said today, you're going to do fine.23:44
Minty__pac1: imminent deflowering happening as soon as it finishes selecting and unpacking the billion files involved in this ubuntu desktop installation...23:44
Minty__pac1: cheers :) appreciate the confidence boost, i feel like my performance has been pretty terrible if i'm honest but i'm looking forward to the learning curve. i've been programming long enough but loyal to windows due to my day job and need for compatability...23:45
usr13Minty__: ... and all this time we thought you were a guy...23:45
Minty__apparently my perception was outdated and also, i'm sick of the hampered workflow when i'm using text editors / web developing etc. so decided it was about time to port over23:45
basketballli want to get rid of black border with dual monitor set up  Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)23:45
majodMinty__: could be, i seldom use spotify...actually isntalled it on ubuntu just today23:45
Minty__usr13: haha i am, just thought i'd get a bit of inuendo in there23:45
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Minty__majod: what's your alternative weapon (player) of choice23:46
Minty__i'm hoping itunes isn't too bad with wine either... it better behave23:46
pac1sudo ls -lR /|wc23:46
majodMinty__: i got my mp3s :)23:46
pac1no idea on itunes23:46
tejasey guys23:46
jhutchinsMinty__: Could we get the conversation back to support questions/answers please?23:46
usr13!itunes | Minty__23:46
ubottuMinty__: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee23:46
Minty__jhutchins: yea sorry - i've fuelled the off topic, my bad23:46
jhutchinsMinty__: THere are other places for social chat.23:46
tejasanybody know how i can identify if my chipset can inject?23:46
usr13tejas: What?23:47
usr13tejas: cat /proc/cpuinfo23:47
Minty__ok... so support question; if something isn't available through apt-get install (i assume this means it's in the ubuntu software centre?), how would i go about manually installing a .deb file or whatever they are23:47
majodMinty__: you will double click it23:48
daftykinsMinty__: you don't do that, you look for an official PPA23:48
mnemonMinty__: dpkg -i file.deb23:48
Minty__daftykins: PPA?23:48
usr13!ppa | Minty__23:48
ubottuMinty__: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge23:48
gamoholicMinty__: sudo dpkg -i "package name".deb; sudo apt-get -f -y install23:48
daftykinsPPA > .deb > compile23:48
majod.debs are compiling?23:48
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usr13Minty__: BTW, your first support question is free.23:49
gamoholicmajod: No, dafty is saying that PPAs are greater than the other 223:49
tejasanyobdy know the user starcannon?23:49
majodoh i see, sorry23:49
tejashe used to be here a long time ago23:49
tejasrobby cannon23:49
Minty__usr13: meaning only free stuff is avilable through apt-get install?23:49
daftykinsyep order of preference/sanity23:49
Minty__daftykins: can you recommend a good PPA??23:49
gamoholicMinty__: Yes, you cannot buy anything through apt-get23:49
usr13Minty__: Was a hopeless attempt at humor....23:49
Minty__gamoholic: but spotify client is free23:49
Minty__usr13: oh i see, sorry - getting late, brain stopping23:50
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majodtalking about hardware, has anyone idea why my last installation of ubuntu 13.10 kept my cpu at constant 800mhz, no matter what? intel i5 444023:50
pac1Minty__, http://ipod.about.com/od/advanceditunesuse/f/Downloading-Itunes-For-Linux.htm23:50
Minty__this ubuntu desktop is taking ages to install23:50
gamoholicMinty__: If something isn't available through the repo google '"thing you are looking for" ppa'23:50
Minty__gamoholic: i see and that will be a file or?23:50
usr13Minty__: Yea, it's a LOT to download.23:50
pac1Soup's on... gotta go.23:50
Minty__pac1: take care,thanks for the help23:51
gamoholicMinty__: No. It will be a command that you run. "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:/something"23:51
usr13Minty__: Having all that stuff on the install media is [obviously] faster.23:51
mnemonhmm, are universe, multiverse etc. enabled by default on desktop ubuntu? if not, enable those before going for random ppa's23:51
daftykinsMinty__: it doesn't work like that, you find PPA's specifically for the software you're after23:52
Minty__by their very natures, aren't files available through PPAs always going to be less up to date than the provider's .deb files?23:52
=== whoever is now known as Guest48577
Minty__or do i need to see PPA providers more like 'indexers'?23:52
mnemonMinty__: no, usually people use ppa's because they have a custom or more recent build of the application23:53
gamoholicMinty__: PPAs are extra repos. If you install .deb files you may have to update manually23:53
usr13!restricted | Minty__23:53
ubottuMinty__: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats23:53
mnemonor something that's not in the official ubuntu repos23:53
Minty__gamoholic: but how does the PPA keep up to date?23:53
usr13Minty__: Only use ppa's if you really need them.23:53
gamoholicThrough apt-get23:53
Minty__gamoholic: or am i just trusting them to provide updates frequently?23:53
mnemonMinty__: they have a maintainer.23:53
Minty__so when i want something not available through apt-get, even if i find the .deb file from the provider, i should still search for a PPA?23:54
Gotoleiis there a way to change horizontal scrolling speed for both mouse and touchpad?23:54
daftykinsMinty__: yes.23:54
daftykinsMinty__: but why do you think this situation is going to arise?23:54
usr13Minty__: ONce you get a package installed, where by ppa or normal repositories, when updates are available, you will be notified and asked if you want to upgrade to newer version.23:54
Minty__daftykins: ok and launchpad is an example of a PPA procider?23:54
Minty__daftykins: there's loads. spotify is just 1 quick example23:54
Minty__daftykins: seems odd though because spotify is a free client, it's only the additional service that isn't free23:54
usr13Minty__: free is not the issue.23:55
majodbut spotify for linux is still in development, not oficially released23:55
Minty__what's the reason for dropbox then? https://www.dropbox.com/install?os=linux23:55
Minty__that's a .deb file so i'll be looking for a PPA for that too23:55
mnemonproprietary software rarely is even in the non-free repos.23:57
usr13Minty__: The difference between PPAs vs the main repositories is un-official vs official so-to-speak23:57
Minty__usr13: yea that's why i can't understand going direct to PPAs over the provider23:58
usr13Minty__: agreed23:58
jhutchinsMinty__: PPAs can be anybody's personal project, and the quality can vary from better-than-ubuntu to wreck-your-system.23:58
usr13Minty__: Well, waitl23:58
Picijhutchins: well put23:58
Minty__jhutchins: how does 1 go about finding the good ones?23:58
usr13Minty__: If you install via the package manager, you are a lot better of.  For one thing, the package manager resovles dependencies.23:58
Minty__also, when i boot ubuntu, it's all great but mid way through boot the screen goes weirldy pixelated with random patterns of broken looking pixels23:59
Kavkazsomebody highlight me in a few seconds please and thank you.23:59
Minty__it's completely fine once the login screen is reached but  should i be worried about that?23:59
usr13Minty__: There are other reasons to use the package management system.23:59
jhutchinsMinty__: One listens carefully.  One reads the mailing lists.  One always thinks twice before deviating from the standard repos.23:59
Minty__jhutchins: but things like spotify and dropbox should be so available in standard repos!23:59
jhutchinsMinty__: One potential problem is that a release update might fail if you've installed from ppas.23:59
Kavkazthanks Gotolei23:59
usr13jhutchins: Well said.23:59

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