studio-user715wow, I01:10
studio-user715wow, I'm impressed. I can joind this while installing ubuntu studio, nice job!01:11
Unit193Well howdy.01:11
studio-user715hidiho =)01:11
studio-user715well, while i'm waiting.. are there some people here who use Ubuntu Studio to run FL Studio in Wine?? I did this 4 years ago and it worked great.. but maybe there are some new experiences with the new versions ..? ;)01:15
Unit193I'd recommend you simply check the wine appdb for that, see if it's good for whatever version you'll be installing.01:17
studio-user715ok, thank you =)01:17
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:17
Unit193(Of course I haven't or I'd respond with my results.)01:17
studio-user715ok, it seems to still work with some small issues. I'll give it a try by myself.01:22
studio-user715kk, installation is ready goodby/good night ;)01:23
mint12got big problems.  Tried to upgrade to 13.10 now cannot boot into system01:34
mint12any help on this?01:34
mint12rather not reinstall if possible01:36
mint12The upgrade and installation went ok.  Just at restart the problem showed.01:38
Unit193First try an older kernel, and I'd say to try removing  quiet splash  from the boot options so you can see where it's getting stuck.01:46
mint12how do i do that?01:49
Unit193At the grub prompt, hit e01:55
mint12that didn't work02:02
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Guest80308is there absolutley NO WAY that a Lexmark x2350 will work with Ubuntu ? anyone ?15:28
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu15:30
MungerHi. Just installed US 13.10 and can't start JACK. Error message is D-BUS: SetParameterValue('engine:verbose', 'false'):  Did not receive a reply....16:32
MungerMaybe this might help http://pastebin.com/Z55XYCey17:08
MaynardWatersMunger: any other audio like apps running?17:12
MungerNope. Just booted a brand new install17:14
MungerWorked just fine on 12.04 (or whatever version I tried yesterday - can't recall)17:16
MungerTried turning off dbus support and still no joy17:24
holsteinMunger: troubleshoot17:35
holsteinMunger: remove whatever device you have plugged in.. try the internal card without the dbus17:35
holsteintry "gksudo qjackctl" to troubleshoot permissions.. *dont* run JACK as root all the time17:36
holsteinMunger: also, 12.04 is still supported if you prefer it, and its working for you17:37
holsteinMunger: there is no reason to run a version behind in ubuntu17:37
holsteinMunger: its not a more stable practice to run a version behind17:37
MungerYes, I know, but my touchscreen doesn't work in 12.0417:38
holsteinMunger: the current versions are always getting the most attention17:38
holsteinMunger: does jack start as root?17:40
Mungerjust installed gksu17:40
MungerMight need a reboot. Looks like it's in a weird state. Are you thinking I might not be in audio group?17:41
holsteinMunger: im not thinking anything17:42
holsteinMunger: im suggesting that you troubleshoot17:42
holsteinMunger: i assure you, i nor anyone will have a way of just telling you what to do to "fix" anything17:42
holsteinMunger: since, nothing is broken.. and you really need to learn to configure around whatever issue you are having17:42
MungerDoesn't start as root17:42
holsteinMunger: you dont need to restart to run "gksudo qjackctl"17:42
holsteinMunger: you run that, then, if jack doesnt start, you know its not related to user permissions17:43
holsteinMunger: its likey related to choosing the incorrect audio device17:43
MungerI realise that, but I had an instance open that wouldn't quit gracefully. Took a few minutes to time out17:43
holsteinagain, i still suggest removing any other devices, and use the internal device to troubleshoot17:43
holsteinMunger: JACK wont "time out"17:44
holsteinyou can reboot, or use "ps aux" or "ps aux | grep jack" .. or sudo killall jack or whatever you like17:44
holsteinMunger: if you have instances of jack runing in the back ground, or hung not running, that can cause the issue you are seeing17:45
holsteinMunger: do you have a usb or external audio device you are trying to configure?17:45
holsteinMunger: are you paired down to only trying to configure one audio device? just the internal device?17:46
MungerYes and yes17:46
holsteinMunger: then, make sure jack is not running in the background, issue "gksudo qjackctl" and try *all* combinations for hardware settings there17:47
holsteinMunger: should be less than 8 or so17:47
holsteini cant say what the settings should be, since they are specific to your hardware17:47
MungerOK. Starts with USB device disconnected17:48
holsteinMunger: there are typically 2 dropdown menus there for the device17:48
holsteinMunger: ok. so now you know, jack is fine17:48
holsteinMunger: you can stop trying to fix jack17:48
MungerIt's an M-Audio Fast Track BTW17:48
holsteinMunger: you can move on now, trying to properly setup jack to use the USB device17:48
holsteinMunger: what would i do? basically the same thing17:48
holsteinopen qjackctl, and look in *both* dropdown menus for the fast track17:49
MungerUsing the same settings I had on 12.04.417:49
holsteinif/when i didnt see it, i would try *all* combinations til the fast track worked17:49
holsteinMunger: why?17:49
holsteinMunger: no one can or has promised you that would work17:49
holsteinMunger: you will need to learn how to configure the fast track *now*.. and that may not be the same as it was17:50
MungerJust making the point that it worked on 12.04. Wondering what has changed17:50
holsteinMunger: anything could have chagned17:50
holsteinMunger: and, maudio is not working with this, or the jack, or alsa communities to make certain your experience is consistent17:50
holsteinMunger: though, they are always welcome and encouraged to do so17:51
holsteinMunger: you are the entity responsible for providing that support.. you take the commitment on to support that device in linux17:52
holsteinlinux cant, and is not allowed to.. and maudio is not interested in doing it17:52
holsteinso, you utilize whatever the community has come up with.. which is likely included in the kernel/alsa17:53
FeDeericoPlease Help me How to install "Eyeon Fusion" ?18:03
holsteinFeDeerico: http://www.eyeonline.com/Support.html18:06
holsteinFeDeerico: i'll usually look for a PPA as well.. though they are not officially supported18:07

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