jjfrv8slickymaster, I managed to mess things up nicely so I deleted my MP and started over02:55
jjfrv8I also remembered how to add files so the latest MP should have the new icon files02:56
jjfrv8knome, slickymaster, so that MP is sill missing the menulibre section but otherwise should be pretty close to the final look02:58
jjfrv8if you agree02:58
bluesabreUnit193: finally fixed your annoying bug :)03:39
Unit193Hah. :P03:46
Unit193Did you profit?? ;)03:46
bluesabreuntil you file another bug :D04:01
Unit193So for a while then.04:02
bluesabreok,  new menulibre release tomorrow.  I have just one more thing to fix, but I'm exhausted04:50
bluesabrenight everyone04:50
Unit193Good night, bluesabre.04:51
Unit193knome: Pooke: https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/xubuntu-docs/new-appendix/+merge/207310 also your index refresh so I can propose the second half of my translations fixes?05:10
rebreci am not sure to be on the right place, i have just installed xubuntu 13 and i think i have found a translation error in the Windows Manager Keyboard Settings Pannel. (the line with shortcut (<Alt>F7) is translated in the French version to "Maximiser la fenêtre" which means "Maximize Window" and, it should be "Déplacer la fenêtre" which means "Move Windows". also, the shortcut <Alt> F10 is not visible but works as expected 10:00
ochosirebrec: hm, that part of xubuntu is actually translated upstream at xfce10:00
ochosiso you might wanna tell that to the french translation team in xfce10:01
rebrecha ok ochosi 10:01
rebrecok ochosi thanks i will try to look10:01
ochosirebrec: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/xfce/10:06
ochosiin fact, this should be a more accurate link: https://www.transifex.com/signin/?next=/projects/p/xfwm4/viewstrings/#fr/xfce-4-1010:07
ochosiyou can check, maybe the translation has already been changed there and it just wasn't included yet in xubuntu 13.04/1010:07
rebrecok ochosi thanks for your help i will check that10:23
elfymmm whisker-menu takes a while to show anything on first use 10:47
ochosiyup, depends a bit on the speed of your machine, but it's true10:48
ochosi(on my 4yr old laptop it's quite instantaneous though)10:48
elfyPentium(R) CPU G870 with 4Gb Ram10:49
brainwashbut you get a nice spinbutton 11:12
elfyI see that observation is as pointless as always11:13
brainwashit takes some time to load the icons11:14
Unit193Part of the reason I'll be sticking with Applications Menu.11:14
brainwashunity's dash panel is also slow on first start11:14
elfyI really couldn't give one for what happens with unity - not interested in the slightest11:15
brainwashit's a common issue11:15
brainwashif the menu program does not cache the icon files11:16
brainwashelfy: and I do care about other desktop environments and enjoy all of them :)11:19
elfyI don't11:20
elfythey don't care11:20
Unit193brainwash: LX(DE|Qt), E?11:21
brainwashis the qt version already ready for use?11:22
Unit193Nope. :P11:22
brainwashI got all available DEs installed on my test machine11:22
brainwashand almost all window managers, so my list of available sessions is endless :D11:23
Unit193Wow, glad I'm not you. :P11:23
elfyso am I ;)11:23
Unit193Though, he's got some debugging skills I'd like.11:24
brainwashjust trying my best to support ubuntu :(11:24
elfyyea - nothing wrong with that :)11:24
elfyUnit193: +1 to that 11:25
ali1234unity's dash is slow to open *every single time*11:25
ali1234i can type faster than it can render the text11:25
brainwashwow, unity really does not like you :P11:25
ali1234it takes about 20 seconds to find the thing i'm trying to open11:25
ali1234annoyingly the amazon rubbish loads in about 1 second11:26
ali1234but searching the local drive takes forever11:26
brainwasheven with zeitgeist which tracks everything you do?11:26
ali1234this is with a clean install11:27
ali1234i install it every few months to check if it has got any better11:27
ali1234it certainly looks like it is getting worse though11:27
ali1234unity-2d was always fast11:28
brainwashit's not that slow for me11:29
brainwashbut contributing to xubuntu/xfce seems easier, so I just do this instead of bothering with unity/gnome/kde/..11:31
elfyand I for one appreciate that11:32
elfybut I really couldn't give one for Unity ;)11:32
Unit193I for two do as well.11:37
brainwashelfy: do you think that the settings manager menu entries should be directly accessible via appfinder?12:02
brainwashbug 128666112:02
ubottubug 1286661 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "gparted after instalation missing in menu and F2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128666112:02
elfynot at all12:03
brainwashwhisker-menu does not find them either, the user has to open the settings manager12:03
brainwashso we can mark the report as invalid, right?12:03
elfynot got an issue with that tbh12:03
brainwashthe report is now informed where he can find gparted12:03
elfymarked it12:03
elfyadded appfinder comment12:04
brainwashI really think that "we" should clean up some of the launchpad reports, get rid of old ones, try to check if they are still valid12:15
brainwashbut that's not an easy fight :)12:15
ali1234the same needs doing on xfce bugs12:16
bluesabrealrighty, menulibre 2.0.2: https://launchpad.net/menulibre/2.0/2.0.213:44
brainwashnice :)13:46
brainwashwow, that's a rather big changelog13:47
bluesabrenow we just have to wait for Noskcaj to upload :)13:47
bluesabreyeah, started with fixing one bug, then found a bunch of other papercuts13:47
brainwashsadly I haven't tested menulibre yet, I always tend to use the terminal to change the .desktop or menu files13:49
bluesabreit works really well (now), you might find it handy13:51
bluesabreit does everything alacarte is supposed to do, but actually work for each advertised feature13:52
brainwashyes, I should at least take a look at the source and learn some more python this way :)13:52
brainwashwhat's next? catfish or mugshot?13:53
brainwashoh, a new catfish release has been uploaded just recently I think13:54
brainwash 2014-03-01 13:54
jjfrv8bluesabre, so do I need to extract that somewhere and then run that command you showed me the other night?14:00
bluesabrejjfrv8, if you don't want to wait for the new package14:01
bluesabrepython3 setup.py install --user14:01
bluesabreexecute from ~/.local/bin/menulibre14:02
bluesabrebrainwash: working on mugshot next14:02
bluesabreif you want to have some python fun, catfish: CatfishSearchEngine.py plays with generators, and thats one of the cooler python things14:02
brainwashoh, I was about to have a look and try to fix the case bug14:03
brainwashbug 128060714:04
ubottubug 1280607 in Catfish "Case insensitive search for non english file names doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128060714:04
bluesabreyeah, if you can figure that out, that'd be awesome14:04
bluesabreactually, next thing I need to focus on is the greeter14:05
bluesabrethen mugshot14:05
brainwashyou are right, the greeter needs some love too14:06
jjfrv8guess I'll just wait for the package :/14:17
elfyhi zukeprime 14:33
bluesabrelightdm-gtk-greeter 1.8.2: https://launchpad.net/lightdm-gtk-greeter/1.8/1.8.214:48
bluesabreochosi ^14:49
bluesabrenow to work on the ubuntu package for that14:49
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bluesabrebrainwash, you'd be interested as well ^15:19
elfyhi bluesabre :)15:31
bluesabrehey elfy15:31
elfybluesabre: do you think anyone in team would benefit from a page of package tests done with bugs?15:32
elfyeasy enough to go and look - but I've got it in a txt doc15:32
bluesabrewell, that would help me when I'm searching for things to fix15:33
elfyk - it's up to date till the 1st15:33
* elfy assumes he can attach to m/l ... 15:34
ochosibluesabre: thanks a bunch!15:44
elfybluesabre: that assumption wasn't fatal :p15:44
elfyhi ochosi 15:44
bluesabregood news :)15:45
bluesabrebrainwash: looking into the AccountsService stuff for mugshot now15:45
elfybluesabre: I hope it's useful15:45
elfythe qa trackers are not good for getting reports out at all 15:46
bluesabreoh wow15:46
bluesabrethats awesome!15:46
elfyoh good :)15:46
ochosithanks elfy, great mail!15:55
elfyoh good :)15:56
elfyalways good to work out something useful for people :p15:57
ochosielfy: if it isn't already, why not put it on a wiki-page?16:00
ochosithen we could add some colors to it (e.g. green if all passed and no bugs, etc.)16:00
knomei'd imagine it's easier to get that information out of the tracker than the wiki16:00
ochosiand get a good overview of how things are standing and what we should try to fix16:01
knomewhy not track them in a blueprint?16:01
ochosii'm fine with anything that is easy to keep an overview on 16:01
elfyknome: the tracker is really not good to get reports out 16:01
knomeblueprints are some work for starters, but it's the best to track progress after that16:02
ochosiblueprints have the disadvantage of not being colored or anything16:02
knomesince it tracks *actual* bug statuses16:02
knomeochosi, you got to be kidding me.16:02
knomeochosi, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-t-qa16:02
knomeochosi, see the "related bugs" section16:03
knomein what way are they not colored?16:03
elfyand I'm not sure about using blueprints for it16:03
knomei don't know why we wouldn't link bugs that we are about to fix in a blueprint.16:03
elfyanyway - no-one would actually ahve it today if I'd not manually dug it all off the tracker for something I'm writing for the blog16:05
knomewe can argue over it, but my opinion is that it would be best to track them in a blueprint16:06
elfymmm possibly - but which one :p16:07
knomewe can create a new one16:07
knome [xubuntu-qa] Set up a list of applications we want to look at for automated package testing: INPROGRESS16:09
knomethat done?16:09
knomeelfy, if you are wondering why i have been dropping some -qa work items, that's because they exist as bugs already16:11
knomeand because both a bug and the work item create one item in the work items tracker, the percentages get skewed unless we only track one item per... item16:11
ochosiUnit193: i have a somewhat different idea for xubuntu-core, since micahg had concerns, we could simply create a seed file that has everything except apps, something like xubuntu-noapps16:11
ochosiUnit193: that way micahg's concerns would be addressed i presume and this would still help against ppl nagging "why do you ship $app?" or "why don't you ship $app?"16:12
ochosihmpf, light-locker-settings is still stuck in the upload-queue...16:14
knomewhat's the bug for that?16:14
elfysorry - was afk 16:15
ochosii monitor it via https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+queue16:15
elfyknome: ok - understood16:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1281536 in light-locker-settings "[needs-packaging] light-locker-settings" [Wishlist,Fix committed]16:15
knomeelfy, yep, i thought it would be a non-problem, but to not look like we're arguing over it and dropping/adding/dropping/adding...16:16
elfyknome: as far as a blueprint to track things - not sure whether to bother now - but we could do - might be worth doing it for Unreal Unicorn16:16
knomeand we can do it for T if people think we need a better way to track16:16
elfymight well be a useful thing though longterm16:16
knomeit's a trivial thing to file the blueprint and add the bugs16:16
knomejust some work16:16
elfywell up to now - no-one has even mentioned it 16:17
knomethen just get it approved for T, and it'll show up in the status tracker with the next update16:17
elfywho approves blueprints - you for us? 16:18
knomerelease team16:18
elfyok 16:18
knomebut they basically just approve what we ask them to16:18
elfyoh hang on - our release team or the big one? 16:18
elfynvm - you answered me :p16:18
knomeyeah, the ~ubuntu-release16:19
knometheoretically we should have a xubuntu member in that team16:19
knomebut since the situation is what it is... we're not obliged to :P16:19
elfybrb 16:19
elfynot sure if we need to worry for this cycle tbh - but it's probably a good tool to use 16:25
elfyfor the moment we could add them to the -qa blueprint if we really need to track them16:26
knomethat works for me16:27
elfywhich does lol - one is do it now, the other is don't bother now :p16:27
knomeeither, but was referring to the last comment, eg. put them under -qa16:28
elfyok - well I can do that - though I won't be amused at my 84% getting hammered :p16:29
knomethat's partly why i proposed a new blueprint16:29
knomethat would also make us able to track the progress of fixing bugs separately16:30
elfyok 16:30
knomeand so far, the scope of -t-qa hasn't really been bugs we need to fix16:31
knomebut more focussed on the "meta" qa, eg. how to make the qa stuff run and what do we need to do on the background16:31
elfywell yea - if we want qa to be fixing stuff then someone else can take over :)16:33
elfyright so how do we build a blueprint? Add dependency at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-t-flavor-xubuntu ?16:34
knomeand use the same naming scheme16:35
knomeand make me the approver, drafter/assignee can be -team16:35
knomeor bugfixes16:36
knomebut we can also just notice that in the title16:36
knomethe exact blueprint name doesn't really matter at all...16:36
elfydon't think I did that right16:36
knomeso what's the blueprint you see? :P16:36
elfyregister a blueprint and then fill that form in?16:37
elfythen add as a dependency?16:37
knomei can do that if you think you are lost :P16:38
elfyno I think I'm ok :)16:38
knomeok, goodie :)16:38
knometell me when it's up and i'll take it up for accepting for trusty16:39
bluesabrebrainwash: let me know if this works for you: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mugshot-dev/mugshot/trunk/revision/7716:42
micahgochosi: that sounds good (re: xubuntu-core)16:43
micahgbut isn't it just Xfce without the apps?16:43
elfyknome: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-t-bugs16:43
elfyknome: needs adding to the main one still 16:44
elfyonce it's up I will work through the bug list and add them to it16:45
elfyhi micahg 16:45
elfyno I won't it's chucking it down ... 16:47
elfyknew this was going to be a pita - need to check which are testcase bugs 16:49
micahghi elfy 16:59
bluesabrehey micahg, just around for a bit17:00
bluesabrecan you refresh xubuntu-meta?17:00
micahgbluesabre: sure17:01
micahgshoot, I meant to do that before the beta17:02
micahglet's see if ppc64el fixed itself17:02
elfyknome: then the other question is, which bugs :p I'd guess not those we don't have anything actually to do with as a team - eg xchat17:09
knomeanything that we are committed to try to fix17:10
knomeelfy, ygm17:10
knomepleia2,  [lyz] Engage with other social media admins for flavors on wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/SocialMedia: INPROGRESS17:11
knomepleia2, plz finish it :P17:11
knomepleia2,  [xubuntu-team] Extend website with "recommended system resources" -specs: INPROGRESS17:11
knomepleia2, let's take some time to work on that in the following days17:11
pleia2I am running off to a class, will try to chat later17:12
knomeno problem. just poking and reminding about stuff :)17:12
elfyknome: what's ygm ... 17:14
knome"you've got mail"17:14
elfyknome: think I got rid of all the ones to get rid off17:29
Unit193ochosi: 1. Define "applications"?  Drop xfwm? xfce4-panel? etc, etc... 2. I'm not terribly fond of the idea, and the bugs are actually in the repo not in my seed, so I still think it could be merged as is.17:39
ali1234drop everything except xfwm, xfce4-panel, xfdesktop, xfsettings + dependencies17:49
brainwashbluesabre: ok, I'll test it asap17:59
brainwashbluesabre: the catfish 17:59
bluesabrethanks brainwash17:59
brainwashlet me write the sentence :)17:59
brainwashthe catfish insensitive search issue seems to be caused by python vs. python318:00
brainwashpython3 handles it fine18:00
bluesabrethats good to know18:01
brainwashit can be simply changed here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~catfish-search/catfish-search/trunk/view/head:/configure#L618:02
brainwashor any drawbacks?18:02
bluesabrethere shouldn't be18:05
bluesabreI do all of my dev and testing with 318:05
bluesabrejust making sure that python2 continues to work18:05
brainwashso python still refers to python2 in ubuntu18:06
brainwashwhat a slow transition! :D18:06
bluesabreno joke :D18:10
knomei rather watch that slow transition than a rush to upload new packages after FF for an LTS release and break everything.18:13
bluesabrethat rush was before FF18:14
bluesabreanyway, all of my python apps are made to work correctly in 2 or 318:15
bluesabrekeeps everybody happy18:15
knomebluesabre, i'm not referring to the xubuntu team :P18:20
brainwashbluesabre: installed mugshot rev77, changed my profile pic, deleted ~/.face and switched to the greeter -> new pic is shown, so the accountsservice integration works here18:23
brainwashit's not possible to unset the profile picture, right?18:25
brainwashvia mugshot I mean18:25
olbihi guys. I have installed Xubuntu 14.04 Beta 1 on VirtualBox and have only 800 x 640 resolution. What could be the problem? :P18:40
olbisorry, only 640x480 :D18:42
bluesabreolbi, probably missing virtualbox-guest-dkms18:42
bluesabrebrainwash: not currently18:43
bluesabrebetter make it a good one ;)18:43
brainwashis there a roadmap? or should I file a lp report to keep track of new ideas and features?18:44
bluesabrefile a bug, mark it as wishlist18:47
olbiis there a more easly way to translate the docs added to cd, not from launchpad? :-)18:48
bluesabreknome ^18:50
olbiI was trying to translate that files in system, but it could be problem with adding this later18:51
Unit193knome: Did you by chance see pings?19:07
olbifrom which repo you get translation files for system-config-printers and Additional drivers?19:25
Noskcajnew menulibre is packaged, waiting for upload19:26
Noskcajbluesabre, When are you going to apply for access to the PAPT19:26
bluesabreNoskcaj: probably tonight or tomorrow19:27
bluesabreits been hectic trying to get everything fixed and released19:27
bluesabrefinally catching up to all of the bug reports19:27
Unit193olbi: The desktop files for "Additional Drivers"?19:29
olbiUnit193: I want to check the translations files but can't find where it is :-)19:30
olbiUnit193: in Preferences19:31
Unit193The desktop file for that is in src:xubuntu-default-settings.19:31
bluesabrebrainwash: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mugshot-dev/mugshot/trunk/revision/7819:38
bluesabrelet me know if that works for you19:39
bluesabrebut please make a bug report for that so its more of a bugfix :)19:40
Unit193But, you didn't like it last time I did that! :P19:40
* bluesabre hides19:41
brainwashbluesabre: ok, testing in some minutes19:47
bluesabregreat, thanks19:47
brainwashali1234: so thunar reports that the trash is empty (still shows the files), if xfdesktop is not showing the trash icon19:51
ali1234works for me19:51
elfyworks for me too19:51
brainwashwork for me too, if I tell xfdesktop to show the trash icon19:51
elfyI don't have any of that stuff showing19:52
ali1234i never use desktop icons19:52
brainwashok :(19:52
brainwashelfy: how did you test it?19:53
elfytest it?19:53
brainwashmove a file to the trash, relog and open thunar19:54
elfywhat do you mean - I've nothing on the desktop - I had stuff in the trash - I emptied - the icon changed19:54
elfyI don't need to relog - I know that it works here :)19:54
brainwashnonono :D19:54
elfy[19:50] <brainwash> ali1234: so thunar reports that the trash is empty (still shows the files), if xfdesktop is not showing the trash icon19:54
elfy[19:51] <ali1234> works for me19:54
brainwashbug 88053319:54
ubottubug 880533 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Thunar reports Trash Empty when it is not" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88053319:54
brainwashhere is my upstream report: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1065519:55
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10655 in general "Thunar reports Trash Empty when it is not" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]19:55
brainwashso it works fine, if xfdesktop is showing the trash icon (and therefore does some calculations or whatever)19:56
brainwashali1234: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=900619:59
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 9006 in General "Shows empty trash icon first time it's opened even if trash isn't empty." [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:59
brainwashwhat the heck20:00
elfyshows as full when it's got stuff in it as well - works properly for me 20:04
brainwashin the thunar side panel?20:07
brainwashthanks for testing it20:08
elfyI didn't actually test it - I just know it works ok :)20:08
brainwashit does not for me (and at least a handful of other people), so I'm trying to find out why it fails20:10
elfywell for a start I don't have numerous DE's installed :p20:12
elfynot looked on a live session 20:12
olbiguys, it is possible to add by default plugins for openvpn into networkmanager? :)20:49
brainwashbluesabre: rev 78 works + bug 128689720:49
ubottubug 1286897 in Mugshot "Add option to remove current profile picture" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128689720:49
bluesabrebrainwash: good to hear20:50
pleia2knome: oh, hm, it's not easy to find our social media on our website anymore21:26
knomepleia2, http://xstaging.lallinaho.fi/21:26
knomepleia2, the idea was to have a "social media" page, but not done yet21:27
pleia2ah, good :)21:27
pleia2I can probably add them to marketing resources for now21:27
knomebut nonetheless, shouldn't one find the xubuntu facebook page on facebook by *searching*?21:27
pleia2there are a few of them21:27
pleia2only one is blessed :)21:27
knomeyeah, but if there are 1 or >1, in any case, why one more?21:27
pleia2I don't want more :) people just keep making them21:28
knomepleia2, i wasn't asking you, i was asking the person who created yet one more :)21:28
knome(still empty, but if you drop the things in there, i can drop that page into the navigation21:29
pleia2I shall make one on our real site21:29
knomesee the link? :P21:30
pleia2on staging21:30
knomethat's a "Social media" page, on the real site...21:30
pleia2oh, neat :)21:31
knomejust drop in the content, and i'll add it in the navi21:31
pleia2then I shall populate it! soon21:31
pleia2right now I need a nap, on account of my cold21:31
knomehehe, sure21:31
knomeget well soon21:31
pleia2thanks :)21:31
knomelet's see if i'll get that done before you get back then21:31
knomepleia2, page published and in the navi21:46
olbihttp://docs.xubuntu.org/ - if I translate docs for 14.04 LTS into my lang, can you add theme on this site? :-)22:08
knomeolbi, that'd be the plan.22:17
bluesabreNoskcaj: you've probably had quite enough of me but...22:44
bluesabreMugshot 0.2.1: https://launchpad.net/mugshot/0.2/0.2.122:44
bluesabretranslators are probably sick of me as well22:47
brainwashbluesabre: didn't you want to become a package uploader yourself? :)22:48
knomewho isn't? :)22:48
bluesabrebrainwash: yeah, but since Noskcaj is already on the PAPT, he can move it along quite a bit faster than I can22:49
bluesabreI'm going to work on my application for that tonight most likely22:51
* bluesabre needs to do a bunch of release announcements22:51
brainwashI'll test 0.2.1 tomorrow, also have some minor improvements in mind22:54
brainwashbut I'll try to fix/implement it myself22:54
bluesabrecool, thanks!22:56
pleia2knome: thanks, my plan had been to add the cute little social media icons next to each one ;)23:46
pleia2but I can do that later, best to have basic page in place, it looks good23:46
knomeyep, that's what i was thinkig as well23:47
knomerelease early, release often23:47
pleia2emaild other social media admin types to finish up this collaboration work item23:52

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