rick_h_morning party people12:33
* rick_h_ runs off to dentist, back in a bit13:28
bacwow, atlassian is an aggressive web stalker...14:01
hatchbac they really want you to use Jira14:18
baci wonder if benji will make it back today.14:21
bachey marcoceppi it'd be great if you could look at my charmworldlib proposal.  https://codereview.appspot.com/6943004314:23
marcoceppibac: hey, working thorugh the queue now, will have eyes on today14:23
bacmarcoceppi: thx14:23
marcoceppibac: oh, right, let me look at this now, i think this is something you guys wanted sooner rather than later14:24
bacmarcoceppi: sooner is better14:24
marcoceppibac: how do you guys use charmworldlib? deb? pip? trunk?14:24
bacmarcoceppi: we bundle a tgz downloaded from pypi14:25
marcoceppibac: cool, so you'll need this reviewed merged and released then?14:25
bacmarcoceppi: yes, that would be great.  we *can* make our own tgz for the interim but would prefer not to14:26
marcoceppibac: that's fine, I can roll another release14:29
marcoceppibac: I don't understand removing ez_setup.py14:57
hatchoh I love it when tests pass in isolation and fail when running in the suite14:58
bacmarcoceppi: the ez_setup.py file was not being distributed by the package.  so to install charmworldlib, the target machine would have to already have it somewhere or setup.py would fail.14:58
marcoceppibac: ah, thanks14:59
marcoceppibac: this lgtm, going to merge and release14:59
bacmarcoceppi: i then noticed since cwl relies on python-virtualenv being installed, then python-distribute is guaranteed to be there, since it is a dependency.  so, just relying on py-distribute is all that is needed.14:59
bacmarcoceppi: cool, thanks14:59
marcoceppibac: the only thing that'd I'd comment on is the version bump15:00
marcoceppisince it won't have the -1 in the 1.2.5 release15:00
bacok, so just 0.2.515:00
bacer, 1.2.5?15:01
marcoceppierr, yeah 0.2.5, but I'm not sure if merges are supposed to bump versions15:01
hatchwas it a bug fix?15:01
marcoceppitechnically, in a semantic world, it' would be a 0.3.015:01
hatchsee the first three rules :)15:02
marcoceppithe point is, it seems weird that a merge proposal for a feature would bump software version15:02
marcoceppibut I'm not sure of all the different ways things are done15:02
bacmarcoceppi: so you wish i'd not changed the version and let the package maintainer do it?15:02
marcoceppibac: yes, ideally15:02
bacmarcoceppi: i can do that in the future15:02
marcoceppibac: cool, thanks15:02
bacmarcoceppi: thought i was helping...  :)15:02
marcoceppibac: psh, you are, believe me15:03
bacmarcoceppi: i just wanted to ensure it didn't get merged with the old version number15:03
jcsackettbac: can you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jcsackett/charmworld/bad-average/+merge/209272 for me?15:06
bacjcsackett: sure15:08
hatchMakyo you in yet?15:10
bacjcsackett: qaed_charms is my least favorite name of the day.</rant>15:10
hatchpromulgated is worse15:13
bachatch: promulgated is bad.15:14
bacjcsackett: change looks good.  could you whip up a test to show we're now using the data we want?15:15
jcsackettbac: oh, i suppose.15:15
jcsackettping you when that's up.15:15
bacokey doke15:15
marcoceppibac: 0.3.0 is on pypi15:23
bacmarcoceppi: nice, thanks15:27
hatchjujugui lf a review/qa https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/15715:45
bachatch: i'll look15:46
Makyojujugui call in 1015:50
hatchthanks bac15:50
rick_h_back from dentist ugh 15:50
hatchMakyo I created a bug this morning re the new relation lines that you may want to comment on15:50
hatchrick_h_ feelin good?15:50
rick_h_"oh this is a small thing we can do it now and no anesthetic needed15:51
rick_h_"oh, it's deeper than I thought, are you feeling it yet?"15:51
hatchall that pain and then a big bill at the end15:52
jcastrohey guys, is quickstart available for OSX and windows?15:54
hatchjcastro nope15:54
jcastronot for OSX either?15:54
hatchosx probably woudln't be a -huge- amount of work15:54
hatchbut windows would be15:54
rick_h_jcastro: it's a todo 15:55
jcastrois there a bug for OSX support or should I open one?15:55
hatchit's on the todo list :)15:55
rick_h_jcastro: we've got ok from the ramm to make it so15:55
hatchyeah... what rick said 15:55
benjiI think a windows port won't be too bad.15:55
rick_h_jcastro: and it's one of the reasons I own an air now to help test/qa it15:55
rick_h_windows is :P15:55
jcastroawesome, do we have a bug report?15:56
rick_h_jcastro: looking, I think it was just something that was in email to get permission to add it15:57
rick_h_jcastro: feel free to add a bug report and I'll update it15:57
bacbenji: how's trusty?  you have a home directory?15:57
jcastroack, I'll make one for each platform then? I just want to track it.15:57
rick_h_jcastro: ok15:57
jcastroI submitted all the docs to use quickstart, and didn't think to think of OSX or windows15:57
benjibac: trusty seems fine; I managed to find my ssh keys on an old hard drive, so I have that goin' for me15:58
rick_h_ssh and a terminal, what more do you need?15:58
bacbenji: i just write mine down on a postit15:58
hatchthat's one big postit15:58
baci write small15:58
Makyojujugui call in 215:59
benjiI seriously need to print it out and put it in a safe deposit box.15:59
rick_h_hah, that'll be a tough day "please enter the characters of your ssh key"15:59
bacbenji: you should rot-13 it so the banker won't impersonate you15:59
rick_h_"crap, one of these is bad...but which one?"15:59
Makyo2fa, one sec16:00
benjirick_h_: installing hangout browser plugin16:00
hatchjcastro is there a install of discourse somewhere that's getting a ton of traffic? 16:16
hatchI'm curious to see how it works with a large number of posts every hour16:17
jcastrohatch, boingboing is probably your best bet16:17
hatchcool thanks16:18
hatchI was just wondering how a user would use it on the scale of something like xda forums for example16:19
hatchrick_h_ did you qa as well?16:37
rick_h_hatch: no, just did a review16:46
hatchok, bac are you still going to qa my branch?16:46
rick_h_hatch: I was curious how much there was, did you still need a qa?16:46
hatchyeah qa is the most important to make sure I didn't introduce any obscure issues16:46
hatchI think I caught them all but not sure...16:46
rick_h_k, will look after I get some lunch made up16:48
rick_h_no breakfast for dental days makes for hungry techie16:48
hatchyup that it would16:51
hatchhmm this converting inspector viewlets to views is a little more challenging16:51
frankbanguihelp: anyone available for reviewing https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/158 ? thanks!16:53
hatchfrankban I can16:56
frankbanhatch: thanks16:56
rick_h_hatch: can you verify you can dupe https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1287819 ?17:38
_mup_Bug #1287819: d3 error when deploying a service from the sidebar. <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1287819>17:38
hatchrick_h_ was this in my branch or comingsoon?17:39
rick_h_hatch: local deploy, on develop17:39
hatchok checking comingsoon17:39
hatchI'm mid branch right now17:39
rick_h_hatch: saw it when trying to qa your branch17:39
rick_h_hatch: all good thanks17:39
hatchhmm not on comingsoon....ok trying my branch17:40
hatchrick_h_ I cannot reproduce 17:42
rick_h_hatch: hmm, ok. Maybe something in my chrome then thanks17:42
hatchyou're still running on beta?17:42
rick_h_hmm, I get it in FF as well17:43
rick_h_hatch: yea, devel17:43
hatchI'll try ff17:43
rick_h_[12:43:31.490] Unexpected value translate(undefined,undefined) parsing transform attribute. @ http://gui:8888/juju-ui/assets/javascripts/d3.min.js:417:43
hatchok I get it in firefox17:43
rick_h_ok, added the bug marked it as high. 17:44
rick_h_thanks hatch 17:44
hatchrick_h_ yeah it happens on comingsoon so it's not from my branch17:45
hatchdoesn't look like it happens on osx chrome17:45
rick_h_hatch: gotcha, yea nothing to do with your branch. I got it on develop as well. 17:45
hatchok cool17:45
rick_h_hatch: did you see the CI failure on your branch? 18:17
hatchyeah I re-triggered it18:17
hatchnow I have to wait :)18:18
rick_h_or try to run it manually from your machine and see if you can dupe :P 18:19
rick_h_ APP_URL=http://yourip:8888 PORT=8888 JUJU_GUI_TEST_BROWSER="ie" make test_browser-mocha   18:20
hatchehh I'm lunching18:22
bachatch: sorry i got delayed.  i see rick already did your review18:35
hatchyeah he picked up your slack :P18:37
hatchrick_h_ looks like it was a CI failure, it's running properly now18:38
rick_h_hatch: that was a different branch, frencesco's18:38
hatchit's still running18:39
hatchhis landed18:39
rick_h_hasn't runthe IE tests yet18:39
rick_h_but yes, I'm watching18:40
rick_h_frankban's landed ok. Your's is now running again. this will help tell CI or branch18:40
hatchohh I thought IE was first18:40
hatchI forgot we changed that18:40
hatchooo safari is in our ci now18:42
hatchcool well looks like it was a CI failure18:43
hatchcrazy java18:43
rick_h_looks like it's ok and from the exception it looks like some selenium issue java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer.doAcquireSharedInterruptibly18:43
rick_h_so glad it's all good18:43
rick_h_thanks for rebooting your branch18:43
jcastroI either found a bug in the GUI or deployer or bundles18:43
jcastronot sure18:43
jcastrojorge@jilldactyl:~/src/bundles/hadoop-cluster$ juju bundle proof18:43
jcastroE: hadoop: The requested relation jobtracker to tasktracker is incompatible between services.Hint: if order of the relation were reversed it would be valid.18:43
jcastroE: hadoop: The requested relation namenode to datanode is incompatible between services.Hint: if order of the relation were reversed it would be valid.18:43
jcastrohowever, the entire thing deploys and works fine18:43
hatchjcastro relations are directional?18:44
jcastrolp:~jorge/charms/bundles/hadoop-cluster/bundle is the bundle 18:44
rick_h_jcastro: the deployer doesn't validate the order but we do. It's legic18:44
hatch"" if order of the relation were reversed it would be valid"" this doesn't really make any sense 18:44
hatchat least as far as I understand it18:44
rick_h_jcastro: they should be reversed to be correct. Relations are directional. We checked on this as we hit it when we added the proof18:44
jcastroyeah I don't get why they are directional18:44
hatchthey are directional? what???????18:45
rick_h_adding a nagios relation between a nagios and the app, which side is which matters18:45
rick_h_bac: was there any docs to link to on this matter from when you added the check? ^18:45
hatchoh requires/provides matters you mean18:45
rick_h_hatch: right18:45
rick_h_exactly, one thing requires something that the other provides18:46
hatchI thought it meant, dragging from one to the other worked haha18:46
bacrick_h_: i think benji did that work18:46
rick_h_bac: ah sorry18:47
hatchI was pretty sure the GUI parses the charms properly18:47
rick_h_benji: you up and running today? 18:47
* rick_h_ worried benji has been swallowed up by trusty 18:48
jcastrosorry couldn't help it18:48
hatchthey are pretty looking cables18:48
rick_h_good thing relations aren't ethernet cables18:48
rick_h_or I guess per that pic they are :)18:49
jcastrook so literally I should just switch them in my text editor and I should be good18:49
rick_h_jcastro: +118:49
hatchohh right in the GUI we just say 'can these relate' whereas proof actually checks that the directions are proper18:49
hatchthe GUI basically half-asses it :P18:50
jcastrook this isn't as simple though18:50
jcastroin the bundle18:50
jcastro relations:18:50
jcastro    - - "hive:jobtracker"18:50
jcastro      - "hadoop-master:jobtracker"18:50
jcastro    - - "hive:namenode"18:50
jcastro      - "hadoop-master:namenode"18:50
jcastro    - - "hive:db"18:50
jcastro      - "mysql:db"18:51
jcastro    - - "hadoop-master:jobtracker"18:51
jcastro      - "hadoop-slavecluster:tasktracker"18:51
jcastro    - - "hadoop-master:namenode"18:51
jcastro      - "hadoop-slavecluster:datanode"18:51
hatchoh poo18:51
hatchso if you invert the jobtracker and tasktracker relations it doesn't fix it?18:52
jcastrofor hadoop-master you mean?18:52
rick_h_jcastro: so what's not as simple. I feel like I'm getting half the info. 18:52
rick_h_ E: hadoop18:53
rick_h_the error states the service, then the interfaces, and tells you what to fix. Does that not work?18:53
jcastroI don't see where to map what the error says to the bundle18:53
jcastro"The requested relation jobtracker to tasktracker is incompatible between services" 3 things mention jobtracker, which one do I switch?18:54
rick_h_hadoop service is related jobtracker to tasktracker18:54
rick_h_jcastro: the one in the hadoop service related to the tasktracker18:54
rick_h_that's only in the 3-4th from the bottom lines18:54
rick_h_you have to pull together all the info18:54
rick_h_the first is hive to hadoop relatoing jobtracker to jobtracker18:55
rick_h_relating *18:55
rick_h_only one tasktracker in here18:55
jcastroso when proof says "reversed", does that mean I put the tasktracker line in front of that one?18:56
jcastrothe 2nd error was easy, that one I fixed18:57
rick_h_Makyo: when you get to a break point can I bug you about this bug please?19:14
MakyoNow's good, prepping lunch.19:15
rick_h_Makyo: k, invite otw19:16
rick_h_https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjtb1s2ev44ajjv1g1gmoj8?hl=en Makyo 19:17
bacjujugui charm review?  https://codereview.appspot.com/7123004319:21
bacrick_h_: when you're done with Makyo can we chat for a second?19:21
rick_h_bac: sure thing19:25
rick_h_bac: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpipat9od2quu1p2qqjti45k?hl=en19:25
jcastrorick_h_, if I only want to look for bundles that are official, aka owned by ~charmers, I look at: ?19:34
jcastrohttps://code.launchpad.net/charms/bundles has all of them19:34
jcastrobut lets say I only want to see the "official" ones19:34
rick_h_jcastro: when you search for bundles all of the ~charmers ones should show up in the top search result for recommended19:35
rick_h_jcastro: since they're promulgated19:35
jcastrowas pushed 2 hours ago19:37
jcastroso I am assuming you haven't ingested it yet?19:37
rick_h_jcastro: it's ingested. Checking to make sure it's promulgated then. 19:38
jcastroyeah I still see Recommended (0)19:39
rick_h_yep, the gui isn't setting it. We've got it supported in the back end but not the front. 19:40
rick_h_jcastro: will get it updated tomorrow19:40
jcastrook but it's ingested in the store right? aka I can keep submitting?19:41
rick_h_jcastro: yep19:41
rick_h_jcastro: it's purely a gui issue and a small fix19:41
jcastroswapping around the relations now breaks hadoop-master19:48
rick_h_breaks it in what way? Does it not deploy? Give an error? 19:49
jcastrotasktracker-relation-changed hook fails19:49
rick_h_benji: ping, around?19:57
benjirick_h_: yep, running tests even19:58
jcastrorick_h_, well, at least I am passing proof!19:58
rick_h_benji: can you help jcastro out with this bundle? he's hitting the issue where the relations required order and it's giving him trouble getting it to work now19:59
jcastrois there a case where proof might be wrong?19:59
benjiit is possible19:59
rick_h_jcastro: it's possible. This was a more recent change but I know benji had to do some research and got some confirmation from core on what it's doing. 19:59
jcastrook so, rev 4 works, but fails proof19:59
jcastrorev 5 passes proof, but tasktracker-relation-changed hook fails20:00
jcastrobbiab, daily standup20:00
hatchjujugui looking for a review for the charm-details viewlet to view conversion https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/15920:00
benjijcastro: let me know when your call is over20:01
rick_h_hatch: can look in a bit20:02
hatchI need this one to land because it has some extra fixes20:03
rick_h_ok, make sure to call those out please20:04
hatchrick_h_ reviewer notes added20:08
rick_h_hatch: thanks20:08
rick_h_heh, thinkpad ran out of battery, now onto the air20:09
rick_h_forget a power cord, just grab multiple laptops20:09
hatchrichy rich20:09
rick_h_just have to buy smaller cheaper laptops :)20:10
rick_h_you spent on yours what I did on my desktop with 32gb of ram20:10
hatchyeah but I can take mine on a plane :P20:10
hatchthat would be hilarious seeing someone using a desktop on a plane haha20:10
hatchlong powercable running from the overhead bin20:11
rick_h_to a car battery in their carry on20:12
hatch'sorry sir you are over your weight limit'20:12
rick_h_doh, qa will take a few min hatch. VM on here is way out of date20:21
rick_h_curse you air!20:22
hatchno problemo20:24
bacrick_h_: by "way out of date" you mean a day or two ago?20:26
rick_h_bac: heh, probably a week at this point on trusty so the big thing is the nodejs update we nee20:27
benjijcastro: I think I figured out your problem.  In r4 you had20:46
benjiIn r4 you had20:47
benji    - - "hadoop-master:jobtracker"20:47
benji      - "hadoop-slavecluster:tasktracker"20:47
benji    - - "hadoop-master:namenode"20:47
benji      - "hadoop-slavecluster:datanode"20:47
benjiIn r5 you changed that to20:47
benji  - - "hadoop-master:tasktracker"20:47
benji      - "hadoop-slavecluster:jobtracker"20:47
benji    - - "hadoop-master:datanode"20:47
benji      - "hadoop-slavecluster:namenode"20:47
benjiBut that just moved the relation names, not the service names.20:47
benjiInstead you need this:20:47
benji    - - "hadoop-slavecluster:tasktracker"20:47
benji      - "hadoop-master:jobtracker"20:47
benji    - - "hadoop-slavecluster:datanode"20:47
benji      - "hadoop-master:namenode"20:47
hatchthe bundle relation syntax is so confusing20:51
rick_h_thanks benji, hopefully that gets him setup. 20:54
* rick_h_ runs away see you all later. 20:54
benjinow, if I can just figure out why "make devel" is dying for the GUI20:55
rick_h_benji: trace?20:55
rick_h_benji: you have to have the latest nodejs from the ppa to get all the deps. We hit this issue last week though you should be set if you followed the hacking docs as it says to install that20:55
benjiyeah, I was copy-pasting from HACKING, so it should hwave worked20:56
benjiI don't have the error at-hand because I decided to nuke it from orbit and try again20:56
jcastrobenji, OHHHHHHHH.21:09
jcastroI get it now21:09
* jcastro tests21:09
hatchrick_h_ async stack traces are now available in experimental 22:21
rick_h_hatch: woot22:42
rick_h_hatch: ethernet adapter arrived today so will try to update tonight hopefully :)22:43
* hatch is hoping for good things22:43
hatchI'm finding all sorts of bugs doing this conversion heh22:43
_mup_Bug #1287959: sidebar doesn't open after viewing charm details twice <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1287959>22:43
hatchoh man do we ever need to set up pagination on the search results23:38
hatch'rabbitmq-server' search locks the gui up23:38
rick_h_yea, we might have to do some optimizations after all. Had been hoping to EOL charmworld and not put time into it23:39
hatchI thought we fixed this https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/128797723:50
_mup_Bug #1287977: searching for rabbitmq locks the GUI up until all 400 results are loaded and rendered <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1287977>23:50
hatchwe send ALLLLLLLL of the charm data then make more requests for it lol23:50
hatchrick_h_ is charmworld going Go?23:50
rick_h_hatch: not currently, python. Things will be moved to the juju core store in go23:51
rick_h_hatch: huh, not sure on that. Will have to look23:51
hatchI think that this could be fixed by fixing the db query23:52
hatchit shouldn't be requesting/returning so much information23:52
hatchthat in itself will probably solve 80% of it heh23:53
hatchcharmworld moving into juju-core? 23:53
hatchhow's that going to work? Or do you mean it'll be a project in juju-core written in Go but not part of juju-core?23:54
rick_h_sorry, cooking dinner at the stove 23:54
rick_h_we can talk it over during 1-1 tomorrow23:54
hatchhaha np :) yeah sure23:55
hatchoh crap it's almost 623:55
* hatch is EOD'ing23:55
hatchhave a good night23:55

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