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edipsshi, is there any c++ developers?01:11
edipssI am new to programming, I would like to develop android apps using QT.01:12
edipssI tryed pyside for android, but I failed to use android sensors, and python libraries01:12
arayaqedipss: you might be on the wrong channel, this is for Ubuntu development, not Android. But if you are interested in programming Ubuntu apps, you are welcome01:13
edipssmy question: c++ has rich modules like python? is it possible to install c++ modules in synaptic package or terminal?01:13
edipssarayaq: Ubuntu touch uses QML, and my question is actually ubuntu touch development too01:15
arayaqedipss: with modules you mean libraries?01:15
edipsssorry I joined here first time, I assumed this room for general development, but If I can develop android app using QT, It is possible to publish it for ubuntu touch too01:15
edipssI especially would like to use scientific and geographic information system libraries01:16
edipsssuch as numpy, matplotlib01:16
edipssc++ has such libraries?01:17
arayaqedipss: a lot of libraries are already packaged and ready to install with apt-get (or synaptic), all you need to know is the package name01:18
edipssyes that sounds good01:18
arayaqedipss: and if the library if not packaged then is better to refer to their webite for instructions01:18
edipssarayaq: for example there are installed scientific libraries with apt-get.. when they are used in Ubuntu SDK for ubuntu touch project code, they are automatically packaged? or user needs to install them on repositories on device?01:20
edipssforexample it imported numpy in ubuntu touch project, and packaged this, when run the app on device, user needs to install numpy ? or it is automatically packaged by QT creator?01:23
edipsssorry for my bad english01:23
edipssc++ looks better than python..01:28
sarnoldedipss: click packages will need to install whatever dependencies they require01:28
edipsssarnold: I dont know anythink about c++, I was studying about python QML, but it was not enough for me, so I decided to study about c++ with QT Quick 2. I wonder c++ libraries can be automatically install one package (deb)01:30
sarnoldedipss: if you use a ppa or configure your own apt server, yes; if you use click packages so that your app appears in the ubuntu app store, no -- you will have to bundle those.01:31
edipssmy os is Lubuntu, and installed many libraries I need. So I can use some scripts with imported libraries in ubuntu. but when this script is packages, its size may be 20 MB (because of installed packages).01:34
edipsspython scripts with QT can be a few KB but when it is packaged by pyinstaller, it can be 15 MB.01:35
edipssmy question is when creating a ubuntu touch package, this can be install required packages like pyinstaller?01:36
edipssthis can install*01:36
sarnoldedipss: I think some of these documents might help you understand what's possible, what's easy, and what's hard: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/ApplicationConfinement   http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/security-policy-for-click-packages/01:40
edipsssarnold: Thank you!01:42
edipssgood night rom01:45
dholbachgood morning07:55
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Grammar Day!  :-D09:06
aquariushm. In the Music app, once I've picked a genre and it's showing me that list of songs, how do I get back out of it to the front screen?09:39
aquariusIt worries me a lot that I cannot work this out :(09:39
aquariusah, the little tiny bar at the top :(09:40
suhaibMan, this SDK is so cool. Got irc window inside :-O10:43
suhaibIt would be nice if the Ubuntu team would create a youtube account for the developer summit and post all the videos there. it would be much easier to go back to it10:45
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nerochiarooSoMoN: i can't find any FAIL in this CI log, but it seems the app crashed, can you have a quick look and let me know your opinion ? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-mako/5622/consoleFull11:40
oSoMoNnerochiaro, as you can see from the end of the log file, there are crash files, so it looks like something crashed indeed11:42
oSoMoNgallery-app and unity8, apparently11:42
nerochiarooSoMoN: yeah, they were the only things running I guess, so doesn't help much. i'll give it another spin, see if it was a glitch in CI11:43
oSoMoNnerochiaro, you should be able to access those crash files from within jenkins to retrace them11:44
nerochiarooSoMoN: didn't you try that already in the past and it proved to be a dead end because there was not enough info ?11:45
oSoMoNnerochiaro, not that I remember, if there are crash files they ought to be useful for debugging11:46
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, never did retracing before, any pointers at something doc i can look at ?11:46
sahilguptaI am new to ubuntu app development ...12:48
sahilguptamay i know from where to start??12:48
nik90sahilgupta: welcome12:48
nik90sahilgupta: I suggest you read http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/12:48
nik90sahilgupta: It introduces you to Ubuntu App Development and guides you through the entire process.12:49
sahilguptaWhat device I require Specific Mobile device or I can do it in my laptop12:49
nik90sahilgupta: The development can be done on your laptop12:49
nik90sahilgupta: May I ask which version of Ubuntu you are running?12:50
sahilgupta12.04 LTS12:50
nik90sahilgupta: 12.04 LTS is fine, but I would recommend 14.04 LTS for development.12:51
sahilguptaI read this link first then come back to u...12:51
nik90sahilgupta: okay. have fun :)12:51
sahilguptais it realeased??12:51
nik90the beta is out and is quite stable. I have been using it for the past 1-2 weeks.12:52
nik90It gets updates more frequently to the latest SDK and also the new ubuntu emulator12:52
sahilguptaI heard they gonna launch stable version in April. Is it true...12:53
nik90yes the stable release will be out on April 17th12:56
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nik90kalikiana: I am almost done with the examples. Just need to clean the code a bit. Let me know when you are free to do a hangout12:58
nik90kalikiana: preferable >2-3 hours later :)12:58
kalikiananik90: cool. just ping me when you're available13:05
zsombimhall119: ping13:08
nik90dpm: ready for your session :) ?13:23
dpmnik90, rushing out to finish everything, but essentially, yes :)13:23
nik90dpm: :D13:24
nik90kalikiana: I got a small issue with my advanced example13:30
nik90kalikiana: I created a u1db doc with appDb.putDoc({ "username": userName.text, game: {"level": userlevel.text, "class": userClass.selectedIndex}})13:30
nik90kalikiana: I then created a index with expression expression: ["username", "game.level", "game.class"]13:30
nik90kalikiana: however in a listmodel when I output JSON.stringify(model.contents) of the query, I get {"class":0, "level":20}. It missed the username field13:31
kalikiananik90: lemme see if this may be covered by https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/u1db-qt/wonderiousFields/+merge/20796813:32
nik90kalikiana: it seems I haven't got the rev 113 update from trunk :/13:32
nik90kalikiana: I think it may be https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/u1db-qt/entireContentsInQuery/+merge/20305813:33
kalikianaokay I'll check both13:33
nik90kalikiana: just sent you an email with the examples13:36
GuillaumeQuittetCan someone help me please ?13:37
nik90GuillaumeQuittet: Hi13:37
nik90GuillaumeQuittet: Go ahead and ask your question. If someone knows the answer, they will help you. That's how IRC works13:37
GuillaumeQuittetOk thanks. I want to make a menu with qaction that change the program's interface.13:39
GuillaumeQuittetSo I used QActionGroup13:39
GuillaumeQuittetAnd QAction13:39
GuillaumeQuittetwhen I click the second time the connect doe not work.13:41
jdstrandzsombi: hey-- I think someone told me a while ago that you are responsible for the upcoming theming rework13:50
jdstrandzsombi: is that true?13:50
kalikiananik90: unrelated but how about using image://theme/add and image://theme/save13:51
nik90kalikiana: would that work on the desktop?13:51
jdstrandzsombi: cause I was thinking about filing a couple of bugs, but wanted to talk to you to make sure they are useful instead of just noise13:51
kalikiananik90: yes. there's actually a hack in place in the toolkit now to force that13:51
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nik90kalikiana: oh..sure I will change that then13:52
zsombijdstarand: theming rework?13:53
zsombijdstrtand: ^13:53
nik90jdstrand: ^^13:53
zsombijdstrand: the theming has been reworked, we're no longer use the CSSlike theme anymore... for ~8 months :)13:54
kalikiananik90: so it seems I get the username with wonderiousFields but trunk/ entireContentsInQuery13:54
kalikiana*but not13:54
nik90kalikiana: how exactly do I put it? Should I replace the iconSource with image://theme/add ?13:54
zsombijdstrand: but feel free to talk about your ideas!13:54
kalikiananik90: iconSource: "image://theme/add"13:54
zsombijdstrand: maybe we can find something that is valid on the new theming engine13:55
AndrejPhello all13:55
nik90kalikiana: ah thnx..I can start using this in the clock app as well :)13:55
kalikiananik90: what will the query do, aside from the bug? right now it seems to just yield all docs13:56
nik90kalikiana: it is just supposed to display the username as the title and the userclass and userlevel as subtext in the Subtitled ListItem13:56
GuillaumeQuittetMy bug is fixed now !! :)13:56
nik90kalikiana: it is basically a ListView which displays the players in a organised manner13:57
nik90kalikiana: This bug doesn't happen if I change the document structure to a single level. Something like  { username: "default", userclass: 0, userlevel: 0 } works as expected13:57
kalikiananik90: strictly speaking you can do that by just putting the database in the ListView13:58
mhall119zsombi: pong13:58
zsombimhall119: about the session tomorrow about the Layouts13:58
nik90kalikiana: true I can13:58
zsombimhall119: anything special you guys would like to hear?13:58
nik90kalikiana: but I was thinking of extending it to later filter only those fields with class "Foot Soldier"13:58
jdstrandzsombi: ah, well, I hit these issues within the last couple months13:59
zsombimhall119: I don't really have time to prepare any extra code other than the ones we have in the tutorial...13:59
kalikiananik90: that was my question. what you're doing is fine, it just doesn't show query "in action" :-D13:59
jdstrandzsombi: basically, it all comes down to I'd like to support a 'light' theme for an app13:59
jdstrandzsombi: but it seems like I can't control the theming (maybe I haven't found what I need) enough14:00
mhall119zsombi: the one in the tutorial should be fine14:00
nik90kalikiana: true14:00
zsombimhall119: so I'll use the tutorial for the session, I'll go thru it quickly and then leave Q&A time14:01
kalikiananik90: since I doubt the fix branch would land in time even if it lifts off today, maybe it's best to just go with single level here14:01
mhall119zsombi: it's really meant to introduce the idea and answer questions14:01
zsombijdstrand: yeah :) the tutorial it's not yet done for the theming14:01
mhall119zsombi: yeah14:01
kalikiananik90: it would resolve it… but nobody will see it :-]14:01
nik90kalikiana: actually if I use the database as the model, it also shows the deleted documents as {}14:01
zsombimhall119: ok, so an extra burden for me to create sample apps in such a busy time is taken away :)14:01
jdstrandzsombi: for example, OptionSelector - I can get in situations where the text color and the widget are too close14:01
nik90kalikiana: sure I will use a single level document for the session14:02
jdstrandand I can't seem to change it14:02
dpmsessing will start in a minute, sorting the hangout details...14:02
jdstrandzsombi: or being able to adjust placeHolderText color for TextField14:02
dpm(hi everyone! :)14:02
zsombijdstrand: so you managed to get the app specific theme?14:02
kalikiananik90: aaaaah there's that bug with deleted stuff in database as a model, I bet you're hitting that. sometimes I wish the database was not separate code path14:02
jdstrandzsombi: or changing the color of the background of a focused TextArea14:03
jdstrandzsombi: I probably did it all wrong14:03
kalikiananik90: please stick to the * query then14:03
nik90kalikiana: I will use a Index and Query with a single document structure. This way I wouldn't hit either of those bugs14:03
zsombijdstrand: well, unfortunately not every component's style is made so that by overriding it you can alter colors or so...14:03
nik90kalikiana: but this is what we need to fix once people start using u1db more and more14:03
kalikiananik90: totally agree.14:04
jdstrandzsombi: usually I'm changing individual components' colors if the component has a 'color' or 'backgroundColor' available14:04
kalikianaI'm hopefully on to resolving the last failure in the branch soon14:05
jdstrandzsombi: but for OptionSelector, I actually did something horrible:14:05
jdstrandOptionSelector {14:05
zsombijdstrand: and we don't have the API fixed for the styles...14:05
jdstrand  style: TextAreaStyle {14:05
jdstrand    background: UbuntuShape {14:05
jdstrand    radius: "medium"14:05
jdstrand    color: ...14:05
jdstrand  }14:05
zsombijdstrabnd: omg... starts bad! :D14:05
jdstrandyes :)14:06
dpmanyone can hear/see the live stream?14:06
candelibasdpm: Yes14:06
jdstrandI don't even know why that works. I have a comment in the qml:14:06
nik90dpm: we see you14:06
zsombijdstrand: remember, the styles usually use something from the styled component, so if you use TextAreaStyle, that may use the TExtField or TextArea properties :)14:06
dpmthanks guys14:07
jdstrandzsombi: what was weird was that I got the TextAreaStyle to work with OptionSelector14:07
jdstrandhonestly, I tried to go through the api docs on theming, but came away very confused14:07
jdstrandperhaps I'll wait for the tutorial and then revisit14:08
jdstrandthough, iirc, OptionSelector in particular didn't seem to have what I needed to change things14:08
jdstrandanyhoo-- if the theming is all in place, I'll just wait for the docs14:08
zsombijdstrand: perhaps it doesn't use things from TextArea14:08
zsombijdstrand: yeah, OPtionSelector is not the best component what comes to styling...14:09
jdstrandzsombi: well, the TextArea is just a total accident-- I copy/pasted something and forgot to change the TextAreaStyle to something else when I reloaded and noticed something changed14:09
jdstrandzsombi: so I went with it for now14:10
KHendrikAnyone else really having problem with the sound14:10
zsombijdstrand: yes, the theming is up to date, it's the one we will use for sure, and yes, there will be a tutorial for that, hopefuly by 14.04...14:10
nik90KHendrik: nope14:10
jdstrandbut, I actually don't have my light theme enabled cause there are a lot of things that don't work quite right14:10
KHendriknik90, hmmevery second work is just cracking noise for me ...14:11
nik90KHendrik: tried refreshing the stream?14:11
KHendriknik90, multiple times14:11
KHendrikhmm seems its actually buffering14:12
KHendriki don't understand why my connection is definetly fast enough14:13
dpmany questions on the concepts?14:22
nik90dpm: QUESTION: Can't we use QtCreator to generate POT files which for projects without CMAKE file?14:30
nik90dpm: QUESTION: Will these slides be available later for easy opening of the links mentioned in the slides?14:33
nik90dpm: QUESTION: Is there also a Google+ group for Ubuntu Translators?14:45
nik90dpm: QUESTION: Do you just need one CMAKELIST.txt file in the po folder? Or Do we need to convert the entire project to CMAKE?14:47
nik90dpm: thnx for the session14:58
dpmnik90, you're welcome, thanks for listening in and for participating with your questions :)14:59
nik90dpm: np...I now have an idea on how to translate my flashback app14:59
dpmnik90, as I said, have a look at the weather app, which I had to fix after the port to cmake (other core apps will follow). You can grab just the cmake bits you need15:00
dholbachsorry, it's #ubuntu-app-devel15:02
dholbachnot #ubuntu-on-air15:02
dholbachnevermind :)15:03
nik90dpm: will do15:03
SKillyThe focus of the screen share isn't great ...15:07
KHendrikSKilly, looks good to me15:07
KHendrikmaybe look at it directly on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsW52Iq2aPQ#t=17415:08
dholbachSKilly, do you feel the font should be bigger?15:08
dholbachany questions so far?15:08
SKillyno, it's just a bit fuzzy15:09
KHendrikwhy not use the template with backend and tabbed ui?15:09
SKilly(was better earlier?)15:09
KHendrikyeah thats true fuzzy even though its 720p15:09
SKillythanks chaps - I'll give YT a try15:10
dholbachcan you guys prefix question with QUESTION next time? just so I can pick it up more easily?15:10
KHendriksure thing15:11
mhall119QUESTION: can mzanetti increase his video quality settings? His screensharing is unreadable to me15:16
mhall119dangers of live coding :)15:20
dholbachmore questions? :)15:21
KHendrikm_nam not m_name15:25
dholbachmore questions for Michael?15:39
mhall119mzanetti: are you returning m_position from your position() method, or still the hard-coded QGeoCoordinate?15:44
KHendrikmhall119, he just fixed it its now dynamic15:44
mhall119yeah, video lag :)15:45
upsidedownyou check to see if the bool is true so you do not have a mem leak on the signal15:45
upsidedownaka the notify15:46
upsidedownthe function15:48
dholbachupsidedown, which function?15:49
upsidedownthe bool one because when he emits the signal15:49
dholbachmzanetti, ^15:49
dholbachany other questions? :)15:49
upsidedownif (m_bool === someProperty) {m_bool = someProperty; emit somePropertyChanged(); }15:50
upsidedownso when you run in qml onSomePropertyChanged{   }   <<  it will check15:51
AlanOThank you. Nice demo15:51
KHendrikthanks a lot nice tut15:51
Skillythanks - will we be able to watch video again later?15:52
mrjazzcatQUESTION:  can you share an example, like this one?15:52
upsidedowngreat tutorial all around thanks15:52
mzanettihey o/15:52
mrjazzcatmzanetti:  Awesome session.  Do you have an example for pulling json somewhere?15:53
mzanettinow I'm free to type15:53
mzanettimrjazzcat: thanks. well, that's what this does, no?15:53
mrjazzcatmzanetti:  ok, cool.  It's just hard for us Qt newbies to keep up :)15:53
mhall119QUESTION: maybe the same as mrjazzcat, but can you publish your example code somewhere we can download it?15:54
mzanettimrjazzcat: yeah, I guess so... It's a bit much if you've never seen C++ before15:54
mzanettiI tried to target people that have an understanding of QML already and have some very little C++ at least15:54
mzanettimhall119: yep, will put it up15:54
mrjazzcatmrjazzcat:  The C++ I could do fine with.  It's the Qt classes I don't know yet, so an example would be awesome15:54
mhall119video must have a long lang15:54
mzanettiupsidedown: sorry, still not following... everything you say seems correct, but I still don't really see where it should leak something15:55
upsidedowncool yeah what I was saying is in your bool function you are setting a private bool property . If you do not check to see if it has changed then it will not know15:55
mrjazzcatmzanetti:  thanks again for the great demo15:55
mzanettiupsidedown: aaah. now I get it. you wrote that before I added the changed signal15:56
upsidedownlike emit somePropertyChanged()    whta if it still thinks that it is false or true15:56
upsidedowngreat tutorial have a good one15:57
AlanOmzanetti: Thanks for the demo.I'll pull the code down later and experiment.15:57
mzanettimhall119: mrjazzcat: AlanO: here's the code now: lp:~mzanetti/+junk/wheretheissat15:58
mhall119thanks mzanetti15:58
AlanOThank you15:59
mrjazzcatmzanetti:  sweet, thank you15:59
AlanOYes, it looks good16:04
balloonsmhall119, looks fine on the video too16:04
mrjazzcatmrjazzcat:  yup, good16:04
aquariusyou are live16:05
KHendrikmhall119, pad is not accessible "Either you have not been granted access to this resource or your entitlement has timed out. Please try again."16:06
balloonsKHendrik, I can add you to the etherpad team if for some reason you are not. What's you lp id? feel free to pm it to me if you wish instead16:07
KHendrikballoons, didn't know i had to be in the team kbehren is my id16:08
balloonsKHendrik, you should be all set, skilly you too.. Simply reload the page16:10
KHendrikballoons, thank you works fine now :)16:11
balloonsfeel free to ping a question at any time :-) I'll interrupt mike :-)16:11
aquariusQUESTION: hey, I've never noticed that Outline pane. Do you actually use it?16:12
chocolateThunderballons can you repeat the url please?16:13
balloonschocolateThunder, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad?16:13
chocolateThunderthe other one :)16:13
chocolateThunderto the actual link16:13
balloonschocolateThunder, http://summit.ubuntu.com/appdevweek-1403/meeting/22145/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-tips-and-tricks-for-beginners/16:14
aquariusQUESTION: how do you clear a saved state while debugging?16:21
aquarius(because I can never work it out and have to adjust the app to "save" an empty value :))16:22
aquariusI do not know either. :)16:23
aquariusYa, if a Page has one child and it's a Flickable, the header works automatically. Mostly.16:24
aquariusThe rules of this sort of thing are not very well documented, so it's always confusing :)16:24
aquariusnote for example that you do not have clip:true on the listview which means that sometimes it will scroll *under* the header16:25
aquariusit's dead confusing :(16:25
aquariusomg my eyes horrible gradient ;)16:25
t1mpaquarius: the "rule" is that the first of the children of the Page which is a Flickable that can flick in vertical direction, then that's gonna be the automatic value of page.flickable16:27
t1mpaquarius: if it is documented bad, that's probably my fault. Suggestions for updates are welcome :)16:28
mrjazzcatQUESTION:  any hints about using Ubuntu design guidelines?16:29
htamayogreat presentation, congrats16:29
RafaelMvery helpful for the noobs. Thanks Michael16:30
balloonsapi website again: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.04/16:30
AlanOThanks Michael, great demo.16:30
mrjazzcatmhall119:  yup16:31
micah2QUESTION: Is there any advice or tips on how to come up with good gradients for our apps?16:31
balloonsnavigation: http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/global-patterns/navigation16:31
mrjazzcatNice, thank you!16:33
balloonsask a designer :-)16:33
balloonsand if nothing else peer review will help shape your design16:33
micah2cool, thanks16:34
Mark_KInformative presentation, thank you.16:35
micah2thanks, mhall11916:35
mhall1191w 8316:35
elopioping oSoMoN: can you top approve this one so it lands on next release? https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/webbrowser-app/copyright/+merge/20507516:57
oSoMoNelopio, I can surely top-approve it, but it’s not as simple as that, a landing needs to be requested for this MR16:58
mhall119video is going live now16:59
mhall119let us know when you can see it16:59
elopiooSoMoN: aren't you doing releases weekly or something like that?16:59
aquariusI can see it16:59
marcinellomhall119: we can see you17:00
oSoMoNelopio, no, it’s an on-demand thing17:00
elopiooSoMoN: well, next time you have something to release, can you please add this one too? It would be a lot of effort to make a release just for this branch.17:01
oSoMoNelopio, sure17:02
ubot2`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:03
mhall119suhaib: do you need help?17:03
suhaibmhall119: ya, just wants to know the url for the live video17:03
mhall119suhaib: http://summit.ubuntu.com/appdevweek-1403/meeting/22148/html5-ubuntuui-components/ should have it embedded17:03
mhall119if you have a question for the presenter (Kyle) ask it here starting with "QUESTION:"17:04
suhaibmhall119: Thanks, How come the website sends me to the 11-13 summit ?17:05
TooLmaNAre these sessions being recorded for later viewing?  I missed the last one  :(17:05
mhall119suhaib: because that's happening next week17:05
mhall119TooLmaN: yes17:05
aquariusQUESTION: you say that grid units will be available in CSS. That is, I'll be able to say: h1 { height: 8gu; } ?? Really? That'll break the ability to have my html work anywhere else17:05
aquarius(perhaps you didn't mean that it'll work in css?)17:05
TooLmaNmhall119: ty17:05
suhaibmhall119: aha17:06
aquariuskyleN, mhall119, please, please don't patch the browser renderer to magically understand gu in CSS for Ubuntu only :(17:09
mhall119aquarius: I *think* they were planning on using a CSS pre-processor to convert gu to pixels17:09
aquariusI don't know how to say this more strongly. If I'm writing a dialect of HTML which doesn't work in any other browser at all, then it is *not HTML*17:09
aquariusIt means I can't test in a desktop browser.17:10
aquariusIf I'm doing that I might as well just use QML.17:10
aquariusthere is one web for a reason. :)17:10
mhall119aquarius: like I said, I think they're going to use a pre-processor so you as a developer can write in terms of grid units, but the browser will ultimately only see pixel values17:11
aquariusmhall119, still means no testing in browser :(17:12
mhall119aquarius: sure you can, it just means you have to run the process first17:12
aquariusand Ubuntu's just never going to have as complete a set of tools as the whole rest of the world put together.17:12
t1mpaquarius: how would you propose to support GUs in html then?17:13
aquariust1mp, I wouldn't.17:13
aquariusthat's what you get for inventing your own unit. :)17:13
mhall119aquarius: you don't *have* to use grid units if you don't want to, they're just there to make your job easier17:13
aquariusI don't think you need grid units in HTML anyway.17:13
aquariusNote that the whole rest of the universe is doing responsive design and coping ;)17:13
mhall119does HTML/CSS provide a way to accomplish the same thing?17:13
ogra_em ... isnt it ?17:14
aquariusNo. An em is the size of an "m" character.17:14
t1mpaquarius: and what about other ubuntu-specific stuff, such as launcher online accounts, contenthub, ...?17:14
aquariusHTML has vw and vh and vmin viewport units, which are useful for this.17:14
aquariust1mp, those are APIs, which are fine -- no problem with calling APIs, because you can do those in JavaScript.17:15
aquariusI'd be happy if the "preprocessor" that was used was, for example, a SASS plugin which was released as JS17:15
aquariusrather than inventing some brand new tool17:15
aquariusthere's a lot of prior art in this field, and I'm worried that it's not being looked at17:15
t1mpaquarius: but if you use anything from here http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/html5/sdk-14.04/UbuntuUI/ then it would not work in another browser?17:16
mhall119vw and vh are non-pixel values?17:16
aquariustalk to web developers17:16
aquariust1mp, it should do. That's JS.17:16
aquariusmhall119, a vw is 1/100 of the screen width17:16
t1mpaquarius: so you would copy the JS libs and include with your app?17:16
mhall119aquarius: physical width? pixel width? what?17:16
t1mpaquarius: I know nothing about html app development, so I'm asking out of curiosity17:16
aquariust1mp, yep, and that's exactly precisely what I did with wordbits.17:17
aquariusit's convenient that they're shipped on the device, certainly, so I don't have to ship them in my click package17:17
t1mpaquarius: ok. so in qml we have units.gu(5) for grid units. The same would work if we provided a JS function that does the same17:17
aquariust1mp, except that CSS can't run JS functions, sadly.17:17
aquariusif I'm building an HTML app then at least part of my motivating reason for doing so (rather than non-portable QML+Ubuntu.Components) is that I want to be on Android and iOS as well17:18
mhall119for those watching the video, kyleN has mentioned pending changes to the header and toolbar, there will be a session on that Friday at 1400 UTC if you want a preview of what's coming17:18
aquariust1mp, there are CSS preprocesors already, and some are in JS so they can be used on the fly, and that'd be great17:18
mhall119aquarius: ask alex-abreu for more specific implementation details about GU support in HTML517:19
aquariusbut I don't know if anyone on the team implementing this is doing enough web dev to know about this stuff :)17:19
aquariusmhall119, will do.17:19
mhall119again, I think they're going to use one of those CSS preprocessors that you seem to be happy using17:19
aquariusthat way I can just include sass.js and use it like a normal web app I'd build.17:19
mhall119aquarius: daker surely does enough web dev to know "the right way" to do this17:20
aquariusand then preprocess in the build step for production17:20
pablukQUESTION: Can we mix the 2 types of layouts on the same app?17:20
aquariusmhall119, cool -- I wasn't sure what was going on because I don't get to see much of this work17:20
aquariusanyway I'll shut up now :)17:20
mhall119pabluk: you mean PageStack and Tabs?17:20
pablukmhall119: yes17:21
t1mppabluk: it is possible but not recommended17:21
aquariusDon't mix them in the same app; the design guideliens specifically recommend against it. http://design.canonical.com/2013/03/app-patterns-explained-navigation/ has the details17:21
pablukt1mp: ok17:22
pablukaquarius: thanks for the link17:23
t1mpaquarius: thanks. I couldn't find the link :)17:23
aquariust1mp, the reason I know is that I myself asked a question on G+ about it for the design team to answer, about a week ago ;) (https://plus.google.com/u/0/+StuartLangridge/posts/G8Yr3dmvVnJ)17:24
t1mpaquarius: weird, I cannot see answers from katie on that page, although you seem to reply to her comments17:27
kenvandineStateSaver is amazing!17:29
aquariust1mp, I think she was speaking from her Canonical account, which has since been deleted.17:29
aquariuskenvandine, it is, isn't it? I love it. ;)17:29
t1mpaquarius: oh :( makes sense. but now some useful information is missing17:30
t1mpwell.. I can only guess that it was useful17:30
aquariusI concur. Don't know what can be done about that :( The conclusion basically was "this is a use case that we just flat out don't cater for now, so we the design team need to think about that and work out what to do" :)17:30
t1mpaquarius: how is it done in desktop apps?17:32
mhall119btw, all of these components he's showing off are documented on http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/html5/sdk-14.04/UbuntuUI/17:32
aquariust1mp, most platforms don't have specific design guidance saying "don't do this". (They may be wrong to do so; it might be a bad pattern. Hence me asking for a better one. :))17:33
aquariusQUESTION: can I put data-role="button" on anything? Specifically, a <button>? Or do I have to use a div? 'Cos that's not good for accessibility...17:46
mhall119http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/html-5/tutorials/meanings-app-html5-tutorial/ is the tutorial he mentioned17:46
aquariusAh, good. It should use a <button> ;)17:50
mhall119aquarius: file a bug :)17:51
mhall119to update the API docs17:51
aquariusalready doing so :)17:52
aquariushttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme/+bug/1287826 filed17:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1287826 in Ubuntu HTML5 UI SDK "Button docs should call out that an actual <button> should be used" [Undecided,New]17:54
aquariusI don't think I have any more questions immediately based on the video :)17:55
aquariusAh, there was one more17:55
mrjazzcatQUESTION:  will there be a roadmap for features and releases post-14.04?17:56
aquariusQUESTION: are UbuntuUI-decorated elements reacting to click events or to touch events? Touch events don't have the 300ms delay, so they feel more native17:56
aquarius(nice, the theme is using SASS. Coolio.)17:58
pablukQUESTION: Can we use CSS media queries with the UbuntuUI to make more responsive layouts?17:59
mrjazzcatthanks kyleN17:59
aquariusone other QUESTION, because it bit me a while ago: why does Shape use a png image rather than, say, SVG? It didn't seem to look right when I used it :(17:59
aquariussession over. thank you kyleN! Interesting stuff.18:00
kyleNmrjazzcat, you are welcome18:00
kyleNaquarius, and all, thank you18:00
mhall119aquarius: I believe daker is working on changing UbuntuShape to use SVG18:00
aquariusmhall119, ah, good, OK :)18:00
aquariusI deliberately didn't use Shape in wordbits (and felt guilty about it) precisely because it looked weird :)18:00
aquariusI wish border-radius could do unbalanced borders, then it wouldn't need anything at all18:01
t1mpaquarius: I don't know if your question was answered in the video, but the components use mouseareas for events18:11
t1mpaquarius: but I think using touchareas would be a welcome update18:11
aquariust1mp, not in HTML they don't ;)18:11
t1mpaquarius: oops, I forgot about html18:12
aquariusunless I have completely underestimated how much work you lot are doing18:12
aquariusheh :)18:12
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dakeraquarius: bug #124339618:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1243396 in Ubuntu HTML5 UI SDK "Ubuntu Shape does not scale" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124339618:40
aquariusdaker, sweet,thank you :)18:41
dakeraquarius: i am still waiting for the SVG shape18:41
aquariusdaker, can you border-image an svg?18:41
aquariusI've never actually tried :)18:41
dakeri don't think so :(18:41
dakeri am using :after18:42
dakerthe design team is recommending me to use a simple border-radius18:44
aquariusthen it's not the ubuntu shape, though18:44
aquariusI wish css could do properly unbalanced borders and it can't :(18:44
aquariusno arbitrary beziers for us18:45
dakeryeah :(18:45
dakerhere is the actual result http://i.imgur.com/nl4beub.png18:45
aquariussvg border image18:46
aquariusworks in chrome at least :)18:46
aquariusalthough border-image is a problem because you can't set its colour18:47
aquariusunless you use a dynamic svg or something equally horrible18:47
* daker is assigning‎ bug #1243396 to aquarius :)18:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1243396 in Ubuntu HTML5 UI SDK "Ubuntu Shape does not scale" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124339618:47
aquariusif the design team are suggesting using border-radius, I bet you could get pretty close to the Ubuntu shape just by using two radii for an ellipse18:49
aquariusit wouldn't be perfect18:49
aquariusbut offloading all the hard work to the rendering engine is a really good idea :)18:49
aquariusdaker, hrm18:54
aquariusthe "ubuntu shape", from http://design.canonical.com/2013/10/indented-styles-and-the-ubuntu-shape/ is REALLY close to just being a shape with perfectly rounded corners ;)18:54
aquariusis there a better example of the Ubuntu shape?18:54
dakeraquarius: example ?18:57
dakerthis is the one i am using http://design.canonical.com/wp-content/themes/design-blog-theme/assets/img/team-squircle.png18:57
aquariusdaker, see the jsbin18:59
dakeri see but how about scaling ?19:00
aquariusborder-radius can be a percentage...19:01
aquariusI think19:01
* aquarius checks ;)19:01
aquariusdaker, http://jsbin.com/taliqapu/1/edit updated to have both squircles, with one single border radius (rather than two for an ellipse)19:03
aquariusand percentage sizes.19:03
aquariusta daaaa19:03
aquariusit's not totally perfect; the Ubuntu Shape bulges a tiny bit more on the curve19:04
aquariusbut it's a really tiny bit :)19:04
aquariusactually, using ellipse radii works even better19:05
dakeraquarius: can you comment on the bug report ?19:05
aquariussee http://jsbin.com/taliqapu/1/edit again :)19:05
aquariusOK, I shall add to the bug report19:06
* aquarius adds comment to the bug report19:11
aquariusyay no png background image horror required :)19:11
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dakerwill ask Anthony to review it19:21
m-b-ohello, does anyone know how to get a decent load on a device while running autopilot tests at the same time?19:29
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candelibasHi everyone.I have installed Ubuntu SDK then I created HTML5 App.When I try to run projects it says me Starting ubuntu-html5-app-launcher --www=/home/can/projects/myfirstapp/www --inspector Failed to start program. Path or permissions wrong? ubuntu-html5-app-launcher exited with code -119:59
candelibasI searched for the problem but I can't get the solution20:00
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cffCan I use PyGTK App indicators in KDE? I want to port a GTK app indicator to KDE and it has an gtk.StatusIcon http://www.pygtk.org/pygtk2reference/class-gtkstatusicon.html#signal-gtkstatusicon--activate which when its activated in the system tray it just closes, however if I click on it and don't release it works.  Activated = 1 click with release22:00
cffI have self.icon.connect("activate", self.show_menu) when self.icon is an gtk.StatusIcon() and show_menu calls self.menu.popup(None, None, None, 0, 0) and self.timer = gobject.timeout_add(100, self.check_mouse)  which calls if not self.menu.get_window().is_visible(): return22:03
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cffhmm the problem seems to be with self.menu.popup(None, None, None, 0, 0)22:22

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