pranavhow to list the devices that are connected using terminal. I want to change my stdout to LCD instead of serial console ?06:10
pranavi am running kubuntu 12.04 kernel in embedded device using serial console, I want to access LCD. how to approach this ?06:22
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ndechi ogra_, it's been a while since i haven't looked at ubuntu/arm (probably since 12.10...). with all the mir stuff that has happened, what will the situation look likein 14.04 for armhf? does unity desktop use mir by default or xorg? if xorg, is it based on egl or glx?16:45
ndecok, so if we i build an 14.04 image with ubuntu-desktop, it doens't pull mir at all, right?16:46
ogra_it still used gles in raring when we did the nxus7 desktop image ... not sure if that still works though16:46
ogra_i dont thinnk anyone has tested any xorg stuff on arm since raring16:47
ndecwhere was the egl stuff configured/hardcoded for arm?16:47
ndecin which package.16:47
ogra_(all UI arm focus is on Ubuntu Touch ... with is 100% Mir)16:47
ndeci see.16:47
ogra_that was in compiz16:47
ndecwhat happens if i need/want an arm image with 14.04 with unity-desktop. how feasbile (or not) do you think that is.16:48
ndeci don't mean an official image from you guys, but something i build.16:48
ogra_well, you would have to test if there are any new GLES bugs (or if someone perhaps dropped GLES support from compiz/unity7)16:50
ogra_beyond that i wouldnt expect it to be different from 12.0416:50
ndecwhat if i want a GL/GLX solution?16:50
ogra_on arm ?16:50
ogra_you would most likely have to rebuild everything that uses GLES against it16:51
ogra_at least for the build time pieces16:51
ndecwhen was compiz/egl/gles last tested on your side?16:51
ogra_during raring16:54
ogra_a year ago perhaps16:54
ogra_or more16:54
ndecogra_: so, if i make an ubuntu-gnome-desktop image instead it wouldn't pull compiz, but gnome-shell and that would be a GLX/GL not gles, is that correct?16:56
ogra_no idea, you would have to check :)16:56
ndeci was expecting you would tell me that!16:56
ogra_i think back in raring i saw a good bunch of GLES patches to gnome16:57
ogra_and iirc it ran quite well accelerated on the tegra on the N716:57
ogra_so i would suspect there is GLES by default on arm builds16:57
ndecok. thanks. i will check this stuff.. i just wanted to have an idea before starting...16:58
ndecto deep dive16:58
ogra_use Mir :P16:59
ogra_so much easier :)16:59
ndecogra_: well, that's a perspective ;-)17:03
hrwogra_: can Mir be used without binary blobs from android?17:04
ogra_hrw, on x86 it can ...17:04
ogra_it runs on all free drivers and on andrtoid blobs atm17:05
hrwbut no fbdev? D:17:05

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