ypwongwuxiaoyi, FJKong, happyaron: ping02:31
FJKongypwong: ping02:32
happyaronypwong: pong03:00
ypwongibus pinyin on 14.04 has some serious problems..03:58
ypwongcandidate list does not show up03:59
freeflyingypwong: Replace it with something else04:41
ypwongfreeflying, how are you?04:41
freeflyingypwong: Good :)04:41
ypwongfreeflying, i don't think apple can ship to macao04:43
freeflyingypwong: Seems no04:44
freeflyingypwong: still in hk?04:44
ypwongfreeflying, ya04:44
freeflyingypwong: It's rainy and cloudy here, was expecting to see the blue sky04:45
ypwongfreeflying, you know, the dirty air from the north migrated to the south04:46
ypwongand spread around the world04:46
ypwongtoday beijing is excellent04:46
freeflyingypwong: Are you implying whole world gonna be conquered soon lol04:48
ypwongfreeflying, absolutely, dirty air is the best shield against foreign invasion04:48
freeflyingypwong: Maybe export fit better04:49
ypwongdoes 14.04 still use empathy as default chat client?04:51
freeflyingypwong: For which protocol04:53
ypwonggoogle, msn04:53
freeflyingI havent touched it for a while04:53
freeflyingOnly use hangout in chrome04:53
ypwongdo you use chrome-unstable?04:58
happyaronypwong: what?06:12
happyaronypwong: what's wrong with ibus-pinyin?06:13
happyaronbtw, bug 1284976 shall be fixed in next iso.06:13
ubot5bug 1284976 in Ubuntu Kylin "配置面板和皮肤菜单报错fcitx-qimpanel-configtool未安装" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128497606:13
ypwonghappyaron, candidate list does not show up, happens when using pinyin, google pinyin and sunpinyin06:28
ypwongmozc is fine06:29
JackYuypwong, :( 我们马上到北京站了06:43
ypwongJackYu, great06:43
ypwongbut why :( ?06:43
JackYuypwong, 中文化以及一些其他事情。。。06:44
ypwongtake care06:47
ypwongi don't feel very well recently06:47
ypwongwuxiaoyi, i pushed a small change to haidian, now is revision 4007:10
ypwongwuxiaoyi, remember to bzr pull before you commit/push, otherwise there will be conflict07:23
ypwongnext time I will submit merge request07:23
ypwongwuxiaoyi, then that's fine :)07:27
wuxiaoyiyowong   ok07:28
JackYuypwong, hi08:02
ypwongJackYu, hi08:02
JackYuypwong, 晚上的conf call我应该会上线。08:02
ypwongJackYu, great08:02
ypwongJackYu, no need for dinner?08:03
JackYuypwong, 我们速战速决:)08:03
JackYuypwong, 半个小时内放倒Aron.08:03
freeflyingJackYu:  lol08:23
JackYufreeflying, aron酒量超好的08:23
freeflyingJackYu: 东北银,必须的啊08:27
JackYuypwong, 关于“Ubuntu帮助“,我们需要增加一些UK相关的信息,需要改软件包,你看如何弄比较好?08:52
ypwongJackYu, ack09:03

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