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thumpercoffee time...02:29
hazmatthumper, wallyworld_, waigani  if any of you are up for user support.. there's a guy having trouble getting started with charm authoring #juju02:45
* wallyworld_ hasn't written any charms :-(02:46
waiganiwaigani: sorry hazmat I don't think I'd be much help yet - still a newbie :/02:46
hazmatwaigani, no worries.. we all start somewhere02:47
hazmatwaigani, and welcome aboard02:47
wallyworld_maybe davecheney is around?02:47
waiganihazmat: thanks :)02:47
davecheneyping, can anyone review this CL ? https://codereview.appspot.com/69980044/02:53
davecheneyis the landing bot working at the moment ?02:53
waiganidavecheney:  wallyworld_ has been wrestling with it, he would be the one to ask02:54
wallyworld_davecheney: sadly not working, i've been landing stuff manually02:55
wallyworld_i can do your review and land02:55
davecheneywallyworld_: ta02:56
wallyworld_davecheney: there's a guy in #juju talking to hazmat about a charm problem, are you able to guess what the issue might be?02:56
davecheneyi'm in that channel02:57
davecheneyi've asked the guy for more information02:57
hazmatdavecheney, thanks02:57
* hazmat returns to customer work...02:58
wallyworld_davecheney: does azure or joyent or maas support the new arches from your branch?03:01
davecheneywallyworld_: maas yes03:02
davecheneyjoyent and azure, no03:02
davecheneythis CL is a clone of thumper s03:02
wallyworld_do we need to update the maas provider?03:02
wallyworld_ah ok03:02
davecheneywallyworld_: in a perfect world yes03:02
davecheneybut we don't have ppc64 maas machines to test on03:02
wallyworld_we really need to fix the "amd64", "i386", "arm", "arm64 ", "ppc64" thing03:03
davecheneyso lets cross that bridge when we get to it03:03
davecheneywallyworld_: i agree, too many constants03:03
wallyworld_it's also a little disconcerting or something that no tests needed to be updated03:05
davecheneyi have no idea how thumper got away with it03:06
wallyworld_i'll file a bug03:06
wallyworld_we can fix the consts and tests all in one go03:06
wallyworld_davecheney: actually I think I modified a lot of that code at some point. i don't think we ever had tests for which arches various providers supported03:08
waiganiwallyworld_: Reset in upgradejuju_test sets the agent-version. This throws  an "agent-version cannot be changed" error with my new code.03:10
waiganishow agent-version be allowed to be changed?03:10
waiganiwallyworld_: okay, that check was brought over from apiserver03:11
wallyworld_it's how an upgrade is triggered03:11
wallyworld_let me check03:11
waiganiwallyworld_: https://codereview.appspot.com/63790045/diff/40001/state/apiserver/client/client.go#newcode79103:12
waiganiI brought that agent-version check over into state.03:12
waiganiso I can just delete it?03:12
wallyworld_waigani: the check from the apiserver client is to stop people changing the agent version manually without going via upgrade03:14
waiganiwallyworld_: right, so it only makes sense in apiserver?03:14
wallyworld_the SetEnvironAgentVersion() methof is used to change the agent version in state for ugrades03:14
wallyworld_only makes sense in client.SetEnvironment()03:15
waiganiwallyworld_: yep. no problem, I'll get it out of state.03:15
wallyworld_but, we want to ensure only thing that can change agent version in state is the proper upgrade path03:15
waiganiokay ...03:16
wallyworld_the check in client.EnvironmentSet() is all we do now i think03:17
thumperoh ffs03:18
* thumper stabs something03:18
waiganiwallyworld_: I'll make a todo and come back to that03:19
wallyworld_waigani: if needed. i'm not 100% across the finer detail03:19
waiganisure, we will revisit it at a later date03:20
wallyworld_thumper: i'm not sure i fully agree with our current upgrade logic. now, if you juju upgrade and don't specify anything, it gets the current agent version and increments the minor version number. i would have thought we would use the version of the CLI used to do the upgrade to determine the desired version to which to upgrade03:23
thumperwallyworld_: sounds reasonable03:23
thumperperhaps we do the following:03:23
wallyworld_if you use --upload-tools or --version, that sets things exlicitly03:23
thumper* if nothing is specified, use version.Current03:23
thumper* if version.Current == the version deployed, info, and call it success03:24
thumperif version.Current < deployed version, error ??03:24
wallyworld_effectively we do all that and more now03:24
* thumper is trying to work out how to mock something out...03:25
wallyworld_excet for the case where nothing exlicit is secified03:25
wallyworld_a function?03:25
wallyworld_davecheney: can you merge latest trunk into your branch and resolve conflicts? i've got trunk r2375 (tip) and when I merge your branch to get conflicts cause "arm64" changes have already landed04:19
wallyworld_I wanted to run tests and then land it for you04:20
thumperdavecheney: is there a signal to kill go test with to figure out where it has hung?04:26
thumperaxw: ^^ do you know?04:27
axwthumper: umm, I think there is... I forget which04:27
* axw looks04:27
axwthumper: according to a rather old post (2009), killing with SIGSEGV will do04:30
davecheneythumper: axw SIGQUIT04:30
davecheneyor ^\04:30
thumperdavecheney: is the a ctrl+ key for that?04:31
axwah, SIGQUIT works for Go? ok04:31
davecheneythe go command ignores that signal and passed it through to the child process04:31
davecheneykill -QUIT04:31
davecheney^ all da same04:31
thumperthat worked04:31
* thumper goes to figure out what he did wrong04:31
davecheneywallyworld_: thanks for landig that commit04:32
davecheneymuch appreacited04:32
wallyworld_davecheney: i haven't yet - i merged into my local trunk tip and got conflicts cause the "arm64" bit has already landed04:33
wallyworld_once I can merge and run the tests, then I can land04:33
davecheneywallyworld_: the bot said it was landed04:34
wallyworld_is the bot running04:35
wallyworld_it wasn't last night04:36
thumperah found it04:36
wallyworld_i thought it was still broken04:37
* thumper stabs it in the face04:37
wallyworld_hence my offer to land the branch for you04:37
davecheneywhelp, that is just weird04:37
thumperyep, that was it04:37
wallyworld_davecheney: i just checked juju-core - your branch isn't landed from what i can see04:38
wallyworld_mp still says aroved04:39
wallyworld_recent revisions on https://code.launchpad.net/~go-bot/juju-core/trunk doesn't list it04:39
davecheneymaybe I was mistaken04:40
wallyworld_davecheney: i did approve the mp in preparation for testing and landing though04:40
wallyworld_maybe thats what you saw04:40
wallyworld_so the conflict i see is because your branch added "arm64" and "ppc" but "arm64" is already added04:41
wallyworld_hence conflict04:41
davecheneyyeah, thumpers branch is a prereq04:42
davecheneyif you can land that one first04:42
davecheneyi'll redo mine04:42
wallyworld_davecheney: thumpers is already landed04:44
davecheneywallyworld_: ok, i'll redo my branch04:58
wallyworld_ok, i'll look at it after the school run04:58
arosaleswallyworld_: any ideas on this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/128580305:28
_mup_Bug #1285803: [Joyent Provider] metadata mismatch when testing again Joyent Public Cloud <joyent-provider> <test-failure> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1285803>05:28
wallyworld_arosales: i'll take a look and see what I can find06:21
arosaleswallyworld_: thanks.  I had utlemming and curtis take a look and it didn't look related to the streams set up so I thought I would check with you.06:24
wallyworld_sure, i've got a meeting now but will get to it asap06:24
arosaleswallyworld_: thanks06:24
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dimiternjamespage, hey, axw recently added rsyslog-gnutls as a required package and juju-local should have it in its list of dependencies09:14
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jamespagedimitern, *$!£$%09:15
jamespageits in universe09:15
jamespageI'll look in a bit09:15
dimiternjamespage, cheers!09:16
hazmatjamespage, its in universe because of gnutls?09:45
jamespagehazmat, not sure - looking atm09:45
jamespagehazmat, nah - I don't think this is hard09:46
jamespagersyslog source is in main09:46
jamespagejust not the -gnutls binary package09:46
mgzand gnutls is in main09:46
rogpeppecjohnston: ping09:47
mgzso, it doesn't seem *that* outlandish to promote the rsyslog-gnutls package to main09:47
jamespagemgz, indeed09:47
jamespagebinary re-promotions are not normally that bad09:47
jamespagedimitern, hazmat: is there a bug I can reference please?09:51
hazmatjamespage, https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/128555009:53
_mup_Bug #1285550: juju-local must install rsyslog-gnutls <local-provider> <juju-core:In Progress by sinzui> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1285550>09:53
natefinchdimitern, mgz, jam, rogpeppe: morning10:02
mgzmornin' nate, we'll set you up10:02
natefinchmgz: thanks10:02
jammorning nate: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpjntt2l1bgmremihhnd1pko10:04
jamnatefinch: ^^10:04
jamespagedimitern, hazmat: added and in trusty11:02
dimiternjamespage, thanks11:02
jamespagehazmat, urgh - just hit what might be a bug11:15
jamespagemaas environment, doing some weird stuff but...11:15
* hazmat waits for it11:15
jamespagethe machine agent is installing LXC11:15
jamespageat the same time as hooks for the deployed service are trying to install update stuff11:16
jamespageresulting in #bag11:16
jamespagebang rather11:16
jamespagehazmat, lxc gets installed late now11:16
hazmatjamespage, hmm.. that shouldn't happen.. lxc should be getting installed if a container is being deployed..11:16
hazmatjamespage, this with 1.16.611:17
jamespagehazmat, no 1.17.411:17
jamespageit was OK on 1.16.611:17
jamespageI'm using a mix of lxc containers and stuff running directly on host11:17
hazmatjamespage, ah.. so you do have container scheduled but its executing/being created at the same time as hooks, runtime pkg install needs to be serialized with hook execution to avoid blow up.11:18
jamespagehazmat, yah11:18
jamespagehazmat, its actually just the install install of lxc that's conflicting11:18
jamespagehazmat, I'll raise a bug11:19
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cjohnstonrogpeppe: pong11:58
rogpeppecjohnston: apparently canonistack is in a bad way currently - do you think it might be possible to reproduce the bug (#1284183) on some other provider?12:03
_mup_Bug #1284183: jujuclient.EnvError: <Env Error - Details:  {   u'Error': u'watcher was stopped', u'RequestId': 9, u'Response': {   }} <api> <status> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1284183>12:03
cjohnstonrogpeppe: I can reproduce in HP12:03
rogpeppecjohnston: would the repro instructions be the same for HP ?12:06
cjohnstonrogpeppe: skip the sshuttle part...12:06
rogpeppecjohnston: thanks12:07
cjohnstonand we pinned jujuclient yesterday, so you will need a slightly older code base12:07
cjohnstonlet me figure out which revno12:07
cjohnstonrogpeppe: -r 311 should give it to you...12:07
rogpeppecjohnston: thanks12:09
jamcjohnston: I'm trying to test your reproduction for bug #1284183, but it would seem I need a bit of config12:20
_mup_Bug #1284183: jujuclient.EnvError: <Env Error - Details:  {   u'Error': u'watcher was stopped', u'RequestId': 9, u'Response': {   }} <api> <status> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1284183>12:20
jamcjohnston: ERROR: Missing required environment variables:12:20
jam  CI_OAUTH_TOKEN12:20
jam  OS_USERNAME12:20
jamPlease ensure the novarc file has been sourced.12:20
cjohnstonjam: ./create_lp_creds.py12:21
jamcjohnston: how much access does it need?12:21
jamchange anything ?12:21
jam(a bit scary to run your random scripts with full access to my LP account :)12:21
cjohnstonjam: we use it for uploading to a pa12:21
cjohnstonyou probably won't need much access since I doubt you are going to be actually playing with the system itself12:22
cjohnstonYou may even be able to put in dummy info, I'm not sure.12:22
cjohnstonev: ^12:22
cjohnstonOS_USERNAME would need to be valid tho12:22
jamcjohnston: it also needs locally installed cheetah ?12:23
mattywrogpeppe, do you have a moment - just need you to double check a test for me12:23
rogpeppemattyw: np12:24
jamcjohnston: apparently it also wants the rest of OS_AUTH_* stuff (is it running nova/swift directly)? but it doesn't preflight check them12:24
evjam: you can get away with feeding it largely bogus Launchpad credentials as the bug you'll hit happens during deployment - it doesn't validate the LP data until you try to do something with the instances.12:24
mattywrogpeppe, I made those changes we discussed with william on friday - including moving that error to the juju-core/errors package. now I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038224/12:24
mattywI'm guessing that's expected and I just need to add errors to that list to make it pass - but thought I should check12:25
rogpeppemattyw: which package is failing there?12:25
mattywrogpeppe, juju-core/cmd12:26
rogpeppemattyw: ok, yeah, just add errors there12:26
jamev, cjohnston: you also need "import yaml" is this just "python-yaml" ?12:27
mattywrogpeppe, thanks very much12:27
rogpeppemattyw: np12:27
jamcjohnston: and now websocket12:28
jamcjohnston: well, python-websocket-client, but right now it has been running and seems to be happy on HP clound12:33
jamcjohnston:  Service 'ci-juju-gui' does not need any more units added.12:33
cjohnstonthat should be on 012:33
jamI do see:     agent-state-info: '(error: cannot get started instance: failed to get details12:33
jam      for serverId: 368101912:33
jam      caused by: Maximum number of attempts (3) reached sending request to https://az-1.region-a.geo-1.compute.hpcloudsvc.com/v1.1/17031369947864/servers/3681019)'12:33
jamin "juju status" though the script hasn't finished yte12:34
jamcjohnston: I do see: "Connection Timeout: disconnecting client after 300.0 seconds" which IIRC is the message Bazaar gives when you've connected to Launchpad for more than 5 minutes without any actual requests (internally the bzr client *should* reconnect after that)12:38
jamcjohnston: presumably we're stuck at " Waiting for units before adding relations" but that won't ever complete because of failures in provisioning due to rate limiting12:39
cjohnstonjam: which limiting12:39
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jamcjohnston: sorry, was out for lunch. HP cloud rate limiting how many requests you can send to Openstack (describe instances, start instance, etc)13:44
cjohnstonhrm. interesting13:45
evhazmat: shouldn't conn.connect take arguments in jujuclient? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038687/14:19
evseems like that was always the case for websocket-client: https://github.com/liris/websocket-client/blame/master/websocket.py#L42214:19
sinzuiHi natefinch I would like you to review my branch that changed the deps in the makefile.  https://codereview.appspot.com/7154004314:26
natefinchsinzui: sure14:26
natefinchsinzui: uh... looks good to me.  I'm going to trust that your regexes work correctly :)14:31
sinzuinatefinch, yeah, they were nasty to write. well it was the finding which packages are available that was hard. the regex was easy14:33
natefinchsinzui: yeah, that's generally my experience with regexes too14:34
rogpeppecjohnston: i think i might have a solution to the issue15:06
hazmatev.. ugh15:10
hazmatev.. got a new toy to show..15:11
evwhat is it?15:14
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hazmatev, introspection15:22
hazmatev, okay back to the fubar15:24
evoooh, nice!15:24
natefinchmgz: not rushing you, just planning next steps - how's the bot looking?15:57
mgznatefinch: I'm deploying some things now16:00
natefinchmgz: cool16:01
sinzuimgz, you are replacing the lander?16:13
mgzmgz: our current one got screwed, I'm just putting it back up as a stopgap16:14
natefinchsinzui: yeah, the last one blew up16:14
mgzI don't need to be telling myself...16:14
sinzuiI saw. jcsackett confirmed that the charmworld lander is fully operational. I can offer you that jenkin's based lander if canonistack has issues16:15
sinzuimgz, the juju qa team can always add a developer branch to Juju CI. We can add a separate job that does the proper merge too.16:16
sinzuimgz, also, I shutdown all the Juju-CI instances in canonistack and stopped canonistack testing. I hope nova is happy that we left16:17
mgzsinzui: ooo16:17
mgzsinzui: I think for now I'll try this, as I want to do some experimenting with how our tests get run to deal with flakiness/isolation16:18
mgzbut moving to jenkins sounds like a good plan16:18
sinzuimgz okay, since we are moving to git, I can help setup a jenkins instance when you are ready16:19
rogpeppenatefinch: i think you need to push the changes to https://codereview.appspot.com/69600043/16:19
natefinchrogpeppe: they were pushed but not proposed. I'm proposing16:21
rogpeppevoidspace, wwitzel3: code.google.com/p/go.tools/cmd/oracle16:45
rogpeppevoidspace, wwitzel3: http://godoc.org/github.com/fzipp/pythia16:45
rogpeppevoidspace: lp:~rogpeppe/juju-core/511-instancepoller-aggregate17:13
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mgzsoooo.... the bot was up briefly, but is no longer18:06
mgzI shall redo later18:06
natefinchmgz: dang.  Good luck.18:06
thumpero/ natefinch20:22
waiganithumper: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/FAQ#Why_does_df_show_incorrect_free_space_for_my_RAID_volume.3F20:31
thumpero/ wallyworld_20:35
* wallyworld_ is inhaling caffeine20:38
waiganimorning all :)20:56
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cjohnstonhazmat: any idea about: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7040757/ ?21:29
davecheneythumper: ping21:39
davecheneyis now a good time for a chat ?21:39
thumperI have waigani here, but other than that, yes21:40
davecheneythis is about the gccgo stuff21:40
davecheneyi don't think it's private21:40
davecheneyi'd like to strike while the iron is hot21:40
* thumper just did "juju add-unit -n50 ubuntu"21:41
thumperon the local provider21:41
thumpercpu approaching 100%21:41
davecheneynice computer you had there21:41
davecheneyshame if anything happened to it21:41
thumperI'm testing btrfs cloning21:42
davecheneythumper: just emailed you a url21:42
davecheneysee if that works21:42
thumperalmost all up21:42
davecheneyotherwise send me a hangout invite21:42
hazmatcjohnston, yeah.. a foobar compounded by a ci branch with merge from ev that didn't fix the issue22:01
cjohnstonhazmat: I see.. any workaround?22:02
hazmatcjohnston, yes.. in 3hrs.. post call and post customer check-in22:05
stokachuhazmat: do you know when/if the decision has been made about the manual provider?22:09
hazmatstokachu, no word.. the thread stopped, probably gotten taken to team hangouts..22:09
stokachuok ill bring it up tomorrow during cross team22:09
stokachuwe rely on it as well22:09
hazmatstokachu, yeah.. that's a good spot for it.22:10
cjohnstonhazmat: ack22:11
bigjoolsthumper: is there a bug anywhere about juju's LXCs in maas not having DNS entries?22:53
hazmatthumper, do you know if axw's revno 2373 completes the automatic upgrade for rsyslog to tls when upgrading juju?23:02
hazmatsinzui, are there any automated upgrade tests for stable (1.16) to dev (1.17)?23:03
sinzuihazmat, yes, for each environment23:03
hazmatsinzui, awesome23:03
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wallyworld_hazmat: yes, the rsyslog upgrade will do the tls stuff23:34
hazmatwallyworld_, thanks23:36

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