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themonkmarcoceppi, i wrote a charm localcharm/precise/mycharm i can deploy it in local now i want to deploy in AWS, I configure environments.yaml and make defaults : amazon now what will be my next command to deploy mycharm in AWS00:45
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hazmatthemonk, there's also juju switch for  changing environments without modifying your environments.yaml00:46
hazmatwithout args it tells your current env.. -l to list all..00:46
hazmatthemonk, and then juju deploy --repository=localcharm local:mycharm.. ie exactly the same as local provider00:46
pkhatch: thanks for getting back to me on askUbuntu. I'm having issues trying to debug the hooks00:47
pkthe debug-hooks command doesn't seem to do what it's purported to do00:48
themonkhazmat, so i need to bootstrap again for amazon env then juju deploy --repository=localcharm local:mycharm00:48
hazmatthemonk, yes00:48
hazmatpk, how so00:48
hatchpk sorry just running off for supper... hazmat  see http://askubuntu.com/questions/429541/why-are-my-juju-relation-hooks-not-running/42956500:49
pkhazmat: every command in the tumx session is followed by "The program 'relation-get' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: \n apt-get install juju"00:50
hazmatpk, you have to wait till a hook actually runs00:52
hazmatpk, it will open up in a new window in tmux00:52
hazmatpk, window 0 in tmux of a debug-hooks session is not actually a hook context/environment00:52
hazmatpk, for example.. after doing juju debug-hooks in one terminal.. in a separate terminal do juju set myservice someconfig=value00:53
hazmatand you'll see a config-changed window open in the tmux session of the first terminal00:53
hazmatthere you can do config-get / relation-get etc00:53
pkoooooooh, thanks. I'll give that a shot00:54
hazmatpk, the hook needs to be an executable01:10
hazmatpk, chmod +x and your missing a shebang line at the top ..01:10
hazmatpk, like #!/bin/bash01:10
hazmatpk, re looking at https://github.com/peterklipfel/firesuit/blob/master/charms/flask_charm/hooks/amqp-relation-changed01:10
pkyeah, I had changed the hook to executable, but haven't pushed. I suspect the shebang might be it01:21
hatchback.... pk hazmat got you all going?01:29
pkhatch, I understand things a bit better, but I still have nothing working01:32
pkI just got done testing the adding of the shebangs01:32
hatchpk so when you make the relation you get the debug-hook instance up?01:32
hatchbasically I wan to make sure that the hook is actually getting fired when you make the relation01:34
pkit seems like the hook is not firing. When I add the relation, I get no new windows in the tmux session, and the log output doesn't contain what I would expect01:37
pkand the side effects aren't happening (touch /var/i_was_here)01:40
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hatchhmm this is very odd01:41
hatchpk when you run a juju status after the add relation does it show the relation?01:43
hazmatpk, also when your developing you have to deploy with -u or you get cached versions01:43
pkyes, here's the full output http://pastebin.com/T8YBGdQu01:44
hazmatyou sanity check your charm from the tmux window 0 if your in debug-hooks already01:44
hazmatpk, also you can turn up the default logging level01:44
hazmatpk, juju set-env logging-config="<root>=DEBUG"01:45
pkhazmat, is there an INFO level?01:48
hazmatpk, yes01:50
pkaha! at the end of my flask log, I'm getting permission denied01:51
pksee if that takes me anywhere01:51
pkhazmat, the permission denied error is coming from the destroy-relation command. I have no hook for amqp-relation-departed or amqp-relation-broken, so I don't know if the permission denied is meaningful02:05
hazmatpk, huh.. you don't use the client cli from charms.. there's a separate hook cli02:18
pkhazmat, I don't think I understand. Are you talking about the 'relation-get' commands in the charms?02:20
hazmatpk, no.. i'm just not clear where you getting the juju destroy-relation getting permission denied errors.. and seeing that in flask log02:30
pkhazmat, when I run juju destroy-relation flask rabbitmq, the flask log (~/.juju/local/log/...) displays "2014-03-05 02:04:12 ERROR juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:117 permission denied"02:32
Xiaoqianshang: ping02:41
hazmatpk, aha02:41
hazmatpk, when its executing a hook?02:41
hazmatinteresting no hook02:42
pkhazmat, right. I wasn't sure whether it was a meaningful error because there's nothing for it to be executing02:44
pknazmat, as an extra data point, I got the same error on the rabbitmq side when I added and destroyed the relation while the services were still pending02:55
davecheneypk: can you post more of the log from the unit agent ?02:56
pkdavecheney, all I get after the relation joining is the following output from the flask log03:15
pk2014-03-05 03:12:23 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:314 got unit change03:15
pk2014-03-05 03:14:58 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:322 got service change03:15
pk2014-03-05 03:14:58 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:523 no new charm event03:15
pk2014-03-05 03:14:58 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:338 got relations change03:15
davecheneypk: is that the wholelog03:17
davecheneyit looks like parts are missing03:18
pkdavecheney, that is all the output after the relation-add command. The full log is here http://pastebin.com/yugfcNYc03:20
* davecheney looks03:21
davecheneypk i can't see the original error in that log03:23
pkdavecheney, right, so the error is present when I do the relation-destroy. I get03:25
pk2014-03-05 03:25:08 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:338 got relations change03:25
pk2014-03-05 03:25:13 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:322 got service change03:25
pk2014-03-05 03:25:13 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:523 no new charm event03:25
pk2014-03-05 03:25:13 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:338 got relations change03:25
pk2014-03-05 03:25:13 ERROR juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:117 permission denied03:25
pkand that's it03:25
davecheneypk: this sholnd't be required, but are all your hooks executable ?03:28
davecheneyie, chmod +x ?03:28
pkdavecheney, this was happening when there was no hook03:31
Lord_Set2Where can I find a list of the trusty charms?03:31
pkso my question was primarily whether or not it was helpful to my ultimate question of why my hooks aren't running03:32
* davecheney looks at the source03:33
davecheneypk: still looking for where the permission deines are coming from03:57
davecheneyis your charm online somewhere ?03:57
pkthe charms I'm using are at https://github.com/peterklipfel/firesuit/tree/master/charms04:02
davecheneypk: thanks04:06
davecheneyyou should remove those dummy relation-name-* hooks04:07
davecheneyand all the other dummy hooks04:08
pkdavecheney, ok. Do you think those are causing the other deploy hooks to not run?04:11
davecheneypk: it shouldn't04:14
davecheneybut we are talkinga bout bugs here04:14
davecheneyso they will just cloud the issue04:14
davecheneyremove any hooks you don't need04:14
davecheneyany any that charm create added for you04:14
pkdavecheney, totally. I'm waiting on the environment to be up and running, but I'm testing now04:17
pkdavecheney, I got rid of all the dummy scripts, and redeployed and added the relation. As far as I can tell, the hooks didn't run04:26
davecheneypk: ok04:28
davecheneyso is there still an issue04:28
davecheneyi'm a bit confused04:28
pkdavecheney, ok. The issue originally was that my hooks aren't running, and I don't know why. Juju status shows that the relation was joined, but none of my hooks seem to be running. I'm not seeing any output, and when I ssh into the lxc's, I'm not seeing the files that I put there (as a dummy side effect for testing)04:29
davecheneypk: can you get the unit log for that unit04:30
davecheneythere will be lots of likes 'HOOK: ...'04:30
davecheneythat is the output of the hook04:30
davecheneyi see in your code you call a few other commands that will be outputting04:30
pkthe log that I posted before is that unit log04:30
pkThere is no debug output that I would expect from my hooks04:31
pkso I put the `touch /var/i_was_here` in the hook to see if maybe there was an issue with the logging. But when I ssh in, and check /var, the file isn't there04:32
pkdavecheney, I'll be back shortly, I have to switch venues04:39
davecheneypk: protip04:42
davecheneyset -xe in all hook scripts04:42
davecheneythen you get output04:42
pkdavecheney, are you still around?05:04
davecheneypk: just05:10
pkdavecheney, ok, I'll go work on it and hopefully be back with better, more relevant questions later05:19
pkthanks for your patience05:19
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maxcanoops, wrong window.  apologies07:57
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prathamesh875i wrote a charm in which i need to put some fines in the hooks/ directory11:13
prathamesh875and use those files11:13
prathamesh875but when deploying the charm it says it cannot find the file11:13
prathamesh875 HOOK cat: queries.sql: No such file or directory11:14
prathamesh875in my install hook i have executed the command11:14
prathamesh875cat queries.sql | mysql -u root -pPa55w0rd11:14
prathamesh875but its not able to find this file11:14
prathamesh875i have also tried chmod +x queries.sql11:15
prathamesh875can someone help me please11:15
bloodearnestprathamesh875: heya - hooks run from the charm root directory - not from the hooks directory11:16
bloodearnestprathamesh875: so cat hools/queries.sql | mysql ...11:16
prathamesh875so i need to put that file in my charms directory?11:16
prathamesh875i had also tried that11:17
prathamesh875still it says no such file11:17
bloodearnestprathamesh875: it needs to be in the root or a sub dir of the charm yes11:17
bloodearnestprathamesh875: the usual conventions is to have a files/ directory11:17
bloodearnestprathamesh875: and then from a hook you can do "cat $CHARM_DIR/files/myfile" or whatever11:18
prathamesh875ok thanks bloodearnest11:20
prathamesh875will try that11:20
bloodearnestprathamesh875: to debug, you can also juju ssh <name>/0 and examine the files in /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-<name>-0/charm to si if the file is actually present on the unit11:22
prathamesh875i had this in the unit11:26
prathamesh875but queries.sql was not in executable11:26
prathamesh875somehow permissions not got pushed11:26
prathamesh875now  i have this11:27
prathamesh875cat $CHARM_DIR/files/queries.sql | mysql -u root -pPa55w0rd11:28
prathamesh875and i have this in my install hook11:28
prathamesh875will deploy this again11:28
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snazy2000Wonder if anyone can help me, im trying to install juju on windows but keep getting "This app cannot run your pc" i am using windows 8 x64 am i doing something wrong? :)12:12
marcoceppisnazy2000: not sure, doesn't sound like you are12:15
snazy2000hmm ive tried to install it on two pc's and says same thing12:16
marcoceppisnazy2000: you may want to run the install in compatibility mode for Windows 712:16
snazy2000tried that, wont even let it get to admin mode12:17
marcoceppisnazy2000: huh, I've not heard of people having issues before :\12:18
marcoceppisnazy2000: I don't have a Windows 8 machine, only Vista, so I can't really even help replicate12:20
marcoceppisnazy2000: if it's still giving you grief, we have a Vagrant box you can use to try Juju out12:25
snazy2000Last thing im going to do it make sure file has downloaded correctly12:26
snazy2000are you running 32bit or 64?12:35
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marcoceppisnazy2000: I've got a 64bit machine iirc12:46
marcoceppisnazy2000: It's an older laptop that I keep around in case I need to test things on Windows12:46
snazy2000ok thanks.12:47
marcoceppisnazy2000: I can certainly try, but it's Vista12:52
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mbruzekWhen I run juju bootstrap -e local  I see:  ERROR cannot use 37017 as state port, already in use.14:52
marcoceppimbruzek: check for upstart jobs14:53
marcoceppimbruzek: sudo initctl list | grep juju14:53
mbruzekI see 2 upstart jobs running.  I know how to stop them with the kill command, is there a "better" way to stop them?14:54
marcoceppimbruzek: sudo stop <job>14:56
marcoceppimbruzek: then you'll want to rm -f /etc/init/juju-*14:57
marcoceppithen try bootstrapping again14:57
mbruzekThanks marcoceppi, I ran sudo initctl stop juju-db-mbruzek-local14:57
mbruzekThat seemed to do the trick.  I will re-run my clean script (which deletes that stufF)14:57
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bloodearnestjcastro: so juju talk went well last night, thanks for you help15:39
jcastronice, did you try the hadoop demo?15:39
bloodearnestjcastro: I tried it locally but didn't get it working, so I decided not to in the end15:46
bloodearnestbut people seemed impressed with jujucharms.com despite it's fakery15:46
bloodearnestjcastro: interesting contact - the new UK+RoI AWS evangelist was there (he's local), he was nodding sagely throughout the talk, and we had a good chat after about CloudFormation, and our plans for SaaS support via virtual/proxy charms15:48
bloodearnesthe twitched a bit at the "Democratization of the Cloud" slide :D15:49
mbruzekjcastro, I know "set -e" is recommended for Bash scripts, but I can't find it on the authors-charm-best-practice.html page.16:01
jcastroI don't think we have that written down16:01
jcastroadd it perhaps?16:01
mbruzekjcastro, Is that recommendation located elsewhere?  A google search only turns it up on our getting started.16:01
jcastroI think it's only in marco's brain16:01
mbruzekjcastro, Yeah I will add that to my list.16:01
mbruzekThanks jcastro16:02
marcoceppimbruzek: unless the author is checking $? of every command, it's pretty much a requirement for bash charms16:03
mbruzekmarcoceppi, I know16:03
marcoceppijust not really documented anywhere16:03
mbruzekmarcoceppi, I was just checking for documentation to point him to16:03
mbruzekI found the document that I will update after the review.16:03
evilnickveitchmbruzek, marcoceppi, jcastro, set -e is used and explained in authors-charm-writing.html page (the walkthrough one)16:14
mbruzekevilnickveitch, I saw that, but I think it should be a recommendation in best practices.16:15
mbruzekthere is a Bash section and everything.16:16
mbruzekThat mention is hidden, I had to do a google search to find it.16:16
mbruzeksearching our docs for "set -e" did not turn the page up.16:16
mbruzekon the juju.ubuntu.com search, I mean.16:17
evilnickveitchmbruzek, cool, I think that page is more a style/process guide, but if you think it should be there, be my guest and add it16:17
jcastrohey marcoceppi, I need to do this community weekly videocast thing; what's the TLDR on amulet and testing in general?16:18
evilnickveitchthere is an open bug about search not working16:18
mbruzekI want to learn the new documentation process.16:18
mbruzekAnd I do think it should be in our best practices document as a great idea16:18
marcoceppijcastro: automated testing is in it's finaly stages, amulet had a big release which introduced post-deployment commands and bug fixes16:18
jcastrombruzek, I wrote down the new doc process in this readme: https://github.com/juju/docs16:20
mbruzekjcastro, after this review is done I am all over that16:20
mbruzekjcastro, When following the juju-docs process I encountered a problem17:05
mbruzekI searched github for juju-docs17:06
jcastroit's juju/docs17:06
mbruzekI found juju/docs and when I forked it the command to clone juju-docs did not work17:06
mbruzekI will fix this in the README then.17:06
jcastroOh I see what you mean17:07
jcastroactually, when you fork it you can call it whatever you want17:08
jcastrobut you're right, it makes sense to match it17:08
* mbruzek is fixing that now17:11
mbruzekjcastro, the clone uri was not correct17:15
jcastrohow did I mess that up?17:16
mbruzekgit clone git@github.com:{yourusername}/juju-docs.git17:16
mbruzekIt looks correct in other places, except that one17:16
mbruzekI will fix it in my commit17:16
jcastrohey also17:16
jcastroone thing I try to avoid is the inline editing in github17:17
jcastrothat way it forces me to learn the workflow17:17
mbruzekinline editing?  Like from github.com's web site?17:17
jcastroI still have to reference the README everytime I want to fix something, but I am getting better at it17:17
jcastroyeah, you can just click on a file and do "edit" and fix it, then hit a button and it will PR it.17:18
mbruzekOK yeah I want to learn git too so I am following your READMe17:18
jcastroright, better in the longrun17:18
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jamespagehazmat, around? I'm looking at a race in deployer which is killing our automated testing20:38
jamespageand I know time.sleep(20) is probably not the fix :-)20:39
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jcastromarcoceppi, dylan's use case to try an older revision worked21:00
jcastroso I wrote it down21:00
jamespagehey jcastro21:01
jcastrohey jamespage21:01
rick_h_jcastro: sweet answer21:03
jcastropersonally I think it's silly to have 2 totally separate revisions of something, but whatever. :p21:05
rick_h_meh, every code thing has it. apache  2.4.7 isn't where you go get the changelog for that. It's in the vcs revisions before it21:07
jcastrojamespage, where you waiting to ask me something? or just saying hello?21:25
jamespagejust saying hello21:25
hazmatjamespage, around now22:01
jamespagehazmat, right22:01
jamespagehazmat, we're using deployer in the OpenStack lab to bootstrap and deploy test environments22:02
jamespagehazmat, seeing two things22:02
jamespage1) dns-name not appearing straight away in status22:02
jamespage2) the websocket connection to the environment after bootstrap failing22:03
jamespageguessing its not quite ready22:03
hazmatjamespage, will you be around for 30m22:05
jamespagehazmat, most likely in bed by then22:05
jamespagebut it can wait22:05
jamespageI'm working around it with hacking loops and sleeps right now22:06
hazmatjamespage, are you bootstrapping with deployer? or separately?22:07
jamespagehazmat, with deployer22:07
hazmatjamespage, ok meeting done..22:08
* hazmat src dives22:09
hazmatjamespage, that's strange since the entire cli should be running through the api now... and we use the cli22:11
hazmatjamespage, do you have a traceback on the timeout?22:11
jamespagehazmat, yeah one sec22:11
hazmater.. use the cli to determine the api endpoint22:12
jamespagehazmat, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7040964/22:12
hazmatjamespage, i can add some sort  of loop around connecting to the env..  is sleep 20 working reliably for you?22:12
jamespagethe codebase uses deployer internals directly - we might be doing something wrong22:12
jamespagehazmat, yeah - 20 secs seems to work OK22:13
hazmatjamespage, except in the traceback you sent ;-)22:13
hazmatjamespage, re use directly.. yeah.. that might account for it. depends on how your constructing env22:15
jamespagehazmat, that was pre-hack22:16
hazmatjamespage, if the  api endpoint url isn't in the env.. deployer calls out to the cli, which blocks22:16
hazmattill the api endpoint is ready.. and then deployer uses the api endpoint it calculates from that.22:16
hazmater.. from that cli output22:16
hazmatjamespage, there's a sleep(20) in the traceback22:17
jamespagehazmat, lp:openstack-ubuntu-testing22:17
hazmatjamespage, yeah.. that usage should be fine22:22
hazmatjamespage, easy fix though.. there's already a loop around connect that's catching timeout errors, i'll add in conn refused22:23
maxcanis rackspace openstack still unsupported?22:52
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hazmatmaxcan, yes.. unless you use it with the manual/null provider (ie you do provisioning and point juju to the machine via ssh)23:16

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