* ahoneybun_ needs a cool hostname for his macbook00:13
valorieMac the Knife00:18
ahoneybun_valorie, MactheKnife?00:22
valorieI sang that song back in high school pop choir; still love it00:22
* ahoneybun_ goes with KuBook00:23
valorieisn't that new K with all the color behind it *gorgeous*!?00:23
ahoneybun_pretty nice00:23
valorieI'm really happy about the new push by the design/art folks00:23
valorieperfect timing00:24
ahoneybun_yea that is something that KDE really needs00:24
valorieI think Nuno is a genius, and stepped down just in time00:24
ahoneybun_I like what I am reading about in the "beyond devices" section of that article00:24
* ahoneybun_ for some reason fails to install kubuntu but can install ubuntu01:11
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Riddellhola chicos08:36
jussihiya Riddell08:38
jussiI think I should steal myself a shirt :P08:38
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agateauI can has review? https://code.launchpad.net/~agateau/ubiquity/kde-fix-cropped-greeter-buttons/+merge/20862809:29
xnoxagateau: does that work with changing languages on the fly? (button is resized / redrawn?!)09:33
agateauxnox: it should09:33
xnoxagateau: i agree that it should =) above meant as a question, whether you tested it and it worked or not =))))09:36
agateauxnox: heh. I believe I tested it, but I don't remember since it was last week and my brain fails me on such info.09:37
agateauxnox: I can test it if you are willing to review it (but isn't it the point of the review to try corner cases?)09:38
apacheloggerwe do have a test case for installation with localization, so we'd notice for beta2 I guess ^^09:38
xnoxagateau: well, that's the only corner case i can come up with, and xml/code looks valid =) and i don't feel like pulling a kde image to test i18n =))))))09:39
xnoxagateau: otherwise, i'd merge it.09:39
apacheloggerxnox: btw, do you know what tech is used to extra the menu data for app-install-data? it used to be archive-crawler, but that launchpad project has disappeared apparently09:39
xnoxapachelogger: there is a magic branch owned by ~mvo that does it, i think.09:40
apacheloggergoing to browse mvo's branches then, thx ^^09:40
apacheloggerxnox, agateau: just merge, I'll put down a card to make sure someone tests it09:41
soeeso 4.12.3 is avaialble for Trusty already ? :)10:42
Riddellsoee: in proposed yes10:46
Riddellbut blocked by strigi10:46
soeeim trying to avoid proposed10:46
Riddellwhich is also bug 1281340 in the sponsors queue10:47
ubottubug 1281340 in strigi (Ubuntu) "Merge strigi 0.7.8-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128134010:47
Riddellsoee: live on the edge!10:47
soeei did ;D and finished with fresh installation 2 weeks ago :)10:47
soeebut are we talking about  kubuntu or ubuntu proposed 10:47
soeeis there difference ?10:47
Riddellno, it's all the same archive10:48
soeeok, thank you10:48
soeeRiddell: and when do you plan to release kde 5 alphas for tests ?10:49
Riddellsoee: there's no such thing as kde 5 (a shame, missed branding opportunity really) but there is kde frameworks 5 up now in kubuntu-ppa/experimental10:53
soeeRiddell: so how it will be called ? just 4.13 ?10:54
Riddellsoee: the next KDE SC will be 4.1311:00
Riddellthe next plasma will be Plasma Next and uses KF5 libraries, it should be out next week11:01
Riddellother applications will be ported to KF5 as they are able11:01
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soeeand Trusty will be released with latest 4.12 ?11:07
apacheloggersoee: 4.1311:09
apachelogger4.13 has nothing to do with frameworks 511:09
soeeuhm im a bit confused ;)11:12
lordievaderHow is the iso size now Krita and Kexi are removed? Hope it is no longer oversized.11:15
Riddellhave they been removed?11:23
Riddellso they have11:24
Riddellbut amd64 still oversized11:24
Riddellamd64 still has it on11:24
Riddellah -meta only just uploaded11:24
Riddelllordievader: need to wait until tomorrow to find out11:25
lordievaderAh I see, keeping my fingers crossed.11:25
BluesKajHiyas all11:57
sgclarkRiddell: kservice is ready11:58
Riddellmorning sgclark :)11:58
sgclarkRiddell: morning :)11:59
Riddellanyone have great ideas on fixing this build? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/strigi/0.7.8-1ubuntu1/+build/561930912:00
sgclarkRiddell: I did more studying on the symbols with the encouragement of shadeslayer, I think I have it figured out now, so doing it the right way now.12:00
Riddellrelevant code hasn't changed since it built in 0.7.712:00
Riddellsgclark: lovely12:01
Riddellsgclark: looks like solid needs another fix, new file since I changed the build system12:02
sgclarkRiddell: this looks like that error on strigi? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/75512:09
Riddellsgclark: interesting, good stuff!12:18
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger did you upload libkomparediff and kwalletmanager?12:25
apacheloggerI did not12:25
apacheloggershadeslayer: is tomahawk fixed yet btw?12:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: I have a fix, I'll upload it today12:26
Riddellshadeslayer: um not that I know of, should I have?12:26
shadeslayerRiddell: yeah I left you a message yesterday :P12:26
apacheloggerquassel says shadeslayer poked about it yesterday evening12:26
apacheloggeralas, he did not say where to find the dsc12:26
shadeslayerjust run kubuntu-archive-upload12:27
shadeslayerwith the necessary parameters12:27
sgclarkRiddell: solid ready12:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: ping12:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: when you have time, can you help me with kconf debugging12:36
apacheloggerlike I know more about it ^^12:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: is your latest stuff in your branch or did you not change anything yet?12:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: they're not in the branch, but you have to pass the Favorites group and FavoriteURLs Key12:39
shadeslayerthen it reads the right file12:40
Riddellsgclark: uploaded!12:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: moment12:41
Riddellupstream want to change to oxygen by default, that'll finally give us the dilemma of ubuntu or oxygen fonts12:42
sgclarkRiddell: kiconthemes ready12:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: changes pushed to bzr12:44
Riddellhmm new akonadi out12:44
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apacheloggersorry, phone just went a bit crazy12:53
apacheloggershadeslayer: so, what seems to be the problem?12:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: doesn't write new value to file 12:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: I've tried that too12:54
apacheloggerlemme test dat12:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: works for me?12:57
shadeslayerit does? :O12:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: with 12:57
Riddellshadeslayer: I've uploaded strigi wiht a fix for ppc64el so maybe kde will be able to transition when that's in12:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: can you push your upd file, so that we can close the bug?12:58
apacheloggershadeslayer: how did that not work for you? Oo13:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: i really don't know, this was on a clean upgrade from 12.04 to 14.0413:01
apacheloggerwhy don't you simply fumble your kickoffrc into shape such that it contains kopete and rekonq? :O13:01
apachelogger(on a complete related note , we technically need an update script for plasma-netbook....)13:02
shadeslayerapachelogger: Because I wanted to test the upgrader?13:02
apacheloggerno, you wanted to fix the update script, no? :P13:02
apacheloggerthat worked out well :P13:05
* apachelogger gets some tea13:06
shadeslayerit was only after I kicked off the update that I realized that I can also test the latter13:06
Riddellsgclark: uploaded!13:07
apacheloggerlatest numbers: 28 todo, 14 doing, 0 review, 67 done, 17 postponed, 11 abandoned13:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: about that, how do you find those numbers ? :P13:14
apacheloggerno clue, it displays it for me :P13:14
apacheloggermight be a greasemonkey script13:15
shadeslayerwhere? :D13:15
apacheloggerI have no clue13:15
apacheloggerI always install stuff and then I see more than other people xD13:15
apachelogger<- perfect target for malware13:15
shadeslayerno, where does it show for you? xD13:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: on the boards13:15
apachelogger"Oxygen as default font" oh my13:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: what's the output of dpkg-query -W --showformat='${binary:Package};${Version};${Status}\n' | grep -v deinstall | grep -v "install ok installed"13:25
apacheloggerlike for your system13:25
shadeslayerle empty13:26
apacheloggeranyone else around?13:26
apacheloggerI really thought there was another value13:28
apacheloggerinstall ok config-files13:30
apacheloggerno clue what it means ^^13:30
apacheloggerman, the build queues -.-13:34
shadeslayerRiddell: http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/13:35
Riddellshadeslayer: I'm shuffling everything about to tidy it, still working on it13:35
apacheloggerI think we may want to introduce some fake desktop files to get stuff to show up in discover13:49
Riddelllike kde sdk?13:50
apacheloggergetting a blanket solution for kcms and plasmoids will require some serious python haxxoring and collaboration13:50
apacheloggerRiddell: already done, colord-kcm comes to mind13:50
apacheloggerI'd like to boot if off the CD for lack of widespread use13:50
kubotuapachelogger meant: "I'd like to boot if off the ISO for lack of widespread use"13:50
apacheloggergrub2 kcm might be another thing13:51
apacheloggerand perhaps the plasmoid-addons (though I think those are on the ISO anyway)13:52
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Riddellshadeslayer: strigi is in!14:01
Riddellshadeslayer: kde4libs is in!14:03
shadeslayerRiddell: yay14:17
sgclarkRiddell: this is weird, knotifications has a bunch of t3 depends now, did they move it to t3 from t2?14:18
Riddellsgclark: yeah looks like they did from http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/List14:25
sgclarkahh ok14:27
Riddellawooga, qt 5.2 appearing https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtdoc-opensource-src14:41
sgclarkRiddell: knotifications ready14:43
Riddellshadeslayer: http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_4.12.3_trusty.html working now14:44
shadeslayerRiddell: cool14:44
Riddellsgclark: http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kf5-status/build_status_4.97.0_trusty.html working again14:44
shadeslayerthough was not required :D14:44
ronnocHi all. I'm sure it's not a high priority at the moment with everything going on regarding 14.04 and KDE F5, but thoughts on bug 1284745?14:47
ubottubug 1284745 in ktorrent (Ubuntu) "Ktorrent and libktorrent need upgraded to 4.3.1 for all supported platforms because of bug fixes " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128474514:47
shadeslayerRiddell: saucy and trusty have 4.3.114:47
shadeslayer!info ktorrent trusty14:47
ubottuktorrent (source: ktorrent): BitTorrent client based on the KDE platform. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.3.1-2 (trusty), package size 937 kB, installed size 3653 kB14:48
Riddellronnoc: ↑14:49
ronnocshadeslayer: as per bug report, I was thinking (hoping) for a backport to 12.04 - not useable in current state :)14:49
Riddellbug report is for 12.0414:49
shadeslayerronnoc: maybe via kubuntu-backports14:50
Riddellronnoc, shadeslayer: I'll look at it14:51
ronnocshadeslayer: that would be acceptable. I think someone installing our LTS would want a working torrent app if it's included by default :)14:52
ronnocRiddell: Thx! 14:52
sgclarkRiddell: not sure what is going on with red on kconfigwidgets, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental/+build/5658277 show success and the manpage in in list-missing is listed in not-installed file14:52
shadeslayeronwards :)14:52
Riddellsgclark: hmm14:55
Riddellsgclark: I don't think the report takes into consideration not-installed14:56
Riddellwhich is a bit of a failing if so14:57
sgclarkok, moving on then :)14:57
QuintasanTis' be queer15:01
Quintasanshadeslayer: We have no 0.7 for raring15:01
QuintasanI'm talking about telepathy-kde15:02
shadeslayerQuintasan: oh15:02
shadeslayerQuintasan: raring be unsupported15:03
QuintasanAnd quantal and saucy arE?15:04
Riddellsupported but not actively updated with backports15:04
Riddellsaucy and precise are15:04
QuintasanI though raring is LTS15:04
Quintasansilly Quintasan15:04
shadeslayerQuintasan: plz be testing saucy ktp backports15:04
shadeslayerin staging15:04
shadeslayeror Riddell ^^15:05
QuintasanCertainly, I'm planning to reinstall Kubuntu on muh laptops once trusty comes out so I might as well as turn it into testing grounds15:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: do you have that fancy thing that allows you to test slideshows15:06
* apachelogger blogs http://apachelog.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/kubuntu-testing-and-you/15:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: so do you?15:08
shadeslayerapachelogger: I don't know what it's called15:08
shadeslayerthe ubiquity slideshows I mean15:08
* Quintasan reads15:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: ls15:08
apachelogger ~/src/bzr/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu  ls *kubuntu*15:08
apacheloggeru so noob15:08
douglmy plymouth splash does not work on my 14.04 when I test it virtually it works fine and 13.10 on same machine works fine too - any suggestions?15:13
apacheloggerdefine: does not work15:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: how do you call it :S15:17
shadeslayerI keep getting ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section: 'Slideshow'15:17
apacheloggercannot reproduce15:18
shadeslayerhuh works now15:19
douglapachelogger, sorry when I test I see the animation full screen and when I boot I see some ugly default kubutu 14.04 with 4 dots underneath15:20
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://i.imgur.com/JSy7Q7L.png15:22
apacheloggerI dunno15:22
apacheloggeryou see the slides15:22
apacheloggerif it looks as big as the others then it's perfect :P15:22
shadeslayeryeah looks fine15:23
douglapachelogger, says kubuntu 14.04 with 4 blue dots underneath15:23
apacheloggerdougl: your graphics driver does not support kernel mode setting, so it cannot use the fancy splash version15:24
apacheloggernothing we can do about that15:24
apacheloggerthere are some workarounds to force mode setting regardless which might work, or might not work for you, google should help15:24
douglworks like a charm in 13.10 and yesterday in 14.04 - thanks15:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: dude, changing a language takes way too much time15:49
shadeslayerit's been going on for 25 minutes now15:50
geniiWhat, there's a fancy splash version?15:50
shadeslayergenii: yeah :D15:52
shadeslayergenii: kubuntu logo with a glow that fade's in / out15:52
geniishadeslayer: I used to have that in 13.04 but for some reason it stopped after I upgraded to 13.10 ( and now 14.04). I figured it was just something with plymouth15:54
genii( and got used to watching the dots blink by.... )15:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: perhaps your intartubes is slow15:55
apacheloggeror qapt is broken15:56
apacheloggerit should take exactly as long as it takes to download stuffs15:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: no, it's stuck on the thing where it says "Applying changery"15:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: screenshot?15:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://i.imgur.com/LBV4dPj.png15:56
apacheloggerthat's not mine15:57
apacheloggerthat's upstreams thing15:57
apacheloggermight be that kbuildsycoca crapped out or something, I am not exactly sure what the dialog does15:57
shadeslayerdoesn't matter, broken http://i.imgur.com/nn7ypbB.png15:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: it does matter, because I do not know how to debug this :P15:58
apacheloggerperhaps gdb attach to systemsettings and try to see if there is a thread lingering15:58
apacheloggerthough I doubt it15:58
apacheloggeror check your startkdelog for possible output15:58
Riddellakonadi 1.11.80 going up, first part of 4.1316:00
shadeslayerwhat am I supposed to be looking for?16:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: and can you try and reproduce it on your machine?16:01
apacheloggershadeslayer: I cannot16:09
apacheloggerI do recall this happening since kde3 though16:09
apacheloggercompletely randomly the reload dialog will get stuck16:09
apacheloggerdoesn't happen all this often either16:10
apacheloggerhave seen it like twice ever16:10
shadeslayerRiddell: libkomparediff2 still not updated16:13
Riddellshadeslayer: where do I find it?16:16
* Riddell uploads a new kcm-touchpad snapshot to fix kde bug 33128516:25
ubottuKDE bug 331285 in daemon "Touchpad kded does not work well with Touchpadenabler from KDE Workspace" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33128516:25
apacheloggerRiddell: ----> cherrypick <----16:26
shadeslayerRiddell: one just uses kubuntu-archive-upload :)16:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: fyi language kcm sets language for dpkg but then forgets to unset it16:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: change language to catalan -> log out -> log in -> use apt/dpkg -> change language to english -> log out -> log in  ->  use apt -> apt still outputs thingums in Catalan16:30
apacheloggeroh la la16:31
apacheloggercheck yer .kde/env/setlanguage.sh16:31
apacheloggeralso file a bug16:31
apacheloggeralso I was under the impression that sometimes setlanguage is not written16:31
apacheloggerI could not actively reproduce it though16:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: 16:32
apacheloggermight be that I guess16:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: get debug logs and report bug plz16:32
shadeslayerwhat do you want?16:32
Riddellshadeslayer: libkomparediff2_4.12.3-0ubuntu1_source.changes uploaded16:33
shadeslayerRiddell: thx16:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: get debug logs and report bug plz16:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes, what debug logs do you want :P16:33
apacheloggerkdebug debug logs16:33
soeei see updates are available now :)16:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: too unspecific16:34
apacheloggerza kitten16:34
apacheloggerkdebugdialog -> activate all16:34
apacheloggersystemsettings -> regional settings -> language -> change language, change language back, change language, change language back....16:35
apacheloggerget stdout and stderr of systemsettings16:35
apacheloggersave to file16:35
apacheloggerreport bug16:35
apacheloggerattach saved file to bug16:35
apacheloggerassign bug to ~apachelogger16:35
shadeslayerwill do16:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: btw any clue where one can find the dpkg exit codes?16:36
apacheloggershadeslayer: in $?16:37
apacheloggerdunno, need context16:37
shadeslayerno, all possible dpkg exit codes16:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: apparently qaptworker calls dpkg manually internally16:37
apacheloggerwhy are you looking into that?16:38
apacheloggerit's like the least high profile bug ever16:38
apacheloggerand the problem isn't dpkg, see my comment16:39
apacheloggerit's qapt16:39
shadeslayerreally? I think it's quite important when debs don't install ? :S16:39
apacheloggeryou didn't even manage to confirm the bug until i told you how to16:39
apacheloggerbesides, the solution is non-trivial16:40
apacheloggerand we'd not want to mess with it past FF16:40
shadeslayeroh :S16:40
apacheloggeressentially the client application would have to pass the locale to the worker, via dbus16:41
apacheloggerand that then raises the question what happens when more than one client is on the worker16:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: got any TODO's for me then16:43
apacheloggeron the note of trello16:44
apacheloggertodo for trello about trello on trello: poke people to trello along their cards16:44
apacheloggerthere's cards in doing that have been there for like a month16:44
shadeslayerwill do pokery16:45
shadeslayerapachelogger: rm -f /tmp/dump.tar.xz <- that should not happen, the dump name should be dependent on whatever mktmp created > Why?16:50
sgclarkRiddell: did you see knotifications was ready a bit back? or did it fail again?16:55
shadeslayerapachelogger: mind uploading kwalletmanager? so that Riddell can approve from source new then16:57
sgclarkshadeslayer: mind reviewing knotifications? I think Riddell stepped away :)17:00
Riddellthanks shadeslayer, I must have missed your ping sgclark 17:02
shadeslayersgclark: looks fine to me17:02
sgclarknp :) bunch of these only nneed a retry on build, just have to be done in order due to depends17:02
shadeslayersgclark: assuming it was just the last commit17:03
sgclarkneeds push then, I can't do that :)17:03
Peace-:) dolphin asks me to install stuff but it fails on 14.04 http://wstaw.org/m/2014/03/05/plasma-desktopOO2341.png17:06
Peace-=> http://wstaw.org/m/2014/03/05/plasma-desktopZe2341.png17:07
shadeslayerRiddell: mind uploading http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/tomahawk_0.7.0+dfsg1-0ubuntu2.dsc17:12
Riddellshadeslayer: onto it17:13
Riddell"kubuntu_fix_plugin_install.patch" does not comply to policy!17:13
Riddellshould be kubuntu_fix-plugin-install.patch :)17:13
Riddell"Forwarded: not-needed"  I always think that should have an explanation17:14
sgclarkRiddell: or shadeslayer mind uploading knotifications, it is holding up progress17:16
shadeslayerRiddell: uploaded , plz dget again17:18
Riddellshadeslayer: pardon? what's uploaded? what should I dget?17:23
shadeslayerRiddell: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/tomahawk_0.7.0+dfsg1-0ubuntu2.dsc17:23
shadeslayerfixed as per your suggestions17:23
Riddelldpkg-source: warning: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but there is no XSBC-Original-Maintainer field17:25
Riddellshadeslayer: I'll fix that17:25
Riddelloh no it's not needed17:25
sgclarkRiddell: kio is ready, minor fix to dev package17:25
Riddellshadeslayer: you onto knotifications or shall I?17:26
Riddellshadeslayer: tomahawk uploaded!17:26
shadeslayergo ahead, I have to fix some other stuff :)17:26
Riddellshadeslayer: like the tomahawk build failures? :)17:30
shadeslayerand meh, ppc64el17:32
sgclarkRiddell: kwallet-framework ready17:33
sgclarkI am at a standstill until knotifications, kio, and kwallet build :) I will be back in a few!17:35
Riddellsgclark: uploaded!17:39
Quintasanshadeslayer: update werks.18:48
soeePeace-: you are using gstreamer backend ?19:11
shadeslayerQuintasan: mind copying over the packages?19:22
QuintasanTo PPA?19:22
Quintasanshadeslayer: urgh, kubuntu-updates or backports?19:23
* Quintasan can't never remember19:23
Peace-soee: yep19:26
Quintasanshadeslayer: Done.19:29
sgclarkRiddell: did you upload kawallet-framework as well? still showing same failed log19:35
vgezerapachelogger: hi. I have been discussing about localizaiton of .desktop files "Install Kubuntu" and "Kubuntu Documentation" on desktop after fresh installation as you could remember. (https://trello.com/c/Tym1s4IP/4-l10n-review-2). Why did you guys decide not to include it? Is it due to deadlines?20:24
soeePeace-: switch to VLC and should work 20:34
soeei had the same message in Minitube20:34
soeecouldnt sove this :/20:34
soeeafter switch to VLC backend all worsk fine20:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/107719620:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1077196 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "klipper does not save contents from closed windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/128103620:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1281036 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "Why is kdm still depending on consolekit?" [Undecided,New]20:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: please follow up20:40
QuintasanScottK: FYI, I will sign your key if I manage to tidy up mine first.20:52
QuintasanI'm trying to get rid of unused UIDs in mine and GNUPG docs says it's better to revoke uids instead of deleting them since keyservers won't process the deletion.20:53
QuintasanCurrently I can't see any gpg server saying my uids are revoked.20:53
shadeslayerMamarok: Have you seen something like this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/1285729 20:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1285729 in amarok (Ubuntu) "amarok unable to transcode" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:54
shadeslayerI left my iPod back home20:54
shadeslayerQuintasan: did you do a source copy of the packages -.-20:56
Quintasanshadeslayer: not sure20:56
shadeslayerQuintasan: you did :(20:57
Quintasanshadeslayer: How is that bad?20:57
shadeslayerQuintasan: cuz now people will get common internals before the rest of the stack20:58
* Quintasan recalls Launchpad rebuilding the packages if one copies them20:58
shadeslayerQuintasan: you can do binary copies20:58
QuintasanIt doesn't rebulid them?20:58
QuintasanLike. Uh.20:58
QuintasanWhy'd you do that. I can copy stuff from Trusty to Saucy or even earlier.20:59
QuintasanThis is potentially broken20:59
shadeslayerQuintasan: prevents situation that I outlined earlier20:59
QuintasanHmm, my bad anyways.20:59
shadeslayerand since PPA's don't have a -proposed pocket ...20:59
QuintasanNot going to argue about that.20:59
shadeslayerQuintasan: I'll send the grumpy users your way :P21:00
QuintasanScottK: Okay, seems like the servers finally registered my changes, you probably want to see them. If that breaks the chain of trust then I'm probably better off not signing your key.21:02
ScottKQuintasan: Your call.21:09
QuintasanI'm not an expert on this whole stuff but it looks like I rekoved my signature on the uid so theoretically that should not break it.21:10
QuintasanChrist this is too complicated21:14
ScottKQuintasan: The question is if you trust my signed mail enough to sign the new key based on it.21:20
ScottKYour key status shouldn't matter.  You just sign it with your current key if you chose to.21:21
QuintasanScottK: No problems on my end. I'll just get my key sorted out first and sign yours.21:22
Mamarokshadeslayer: thatis a packaging isuse: we depend on ffmpeg, that should be automatically dragged (or its replacement libav) when the user installs Amarok21:23
Mamarokonly reported on Debian and its spinoffs, as they don't use ffmpeg but libav instead IIRC21:23
Mamaroksince that is in our readme, the packagers should package accordingly if the distro doesn't use ffmpeg21:24
Mamarokso definitely not an upstream isuse21:24
shadeslayerMamarok: gotcha21:24
Mamarokyou are welcome :)21:24
* shadeslayer gets cracking on a fix21:25
shadeslayerAmarok's bug entries on Launchpad are just a tiny bit cleaner now :P21:25
Mamarokwhy are they actually reported on Launchpad? Shouldn't those go upstream by default?21:27
Mamarokexcept this one, of course :)21:27
shadeslayerMamarok: because, humans21:28
Mamaroktrue, that, especially when it comes to bug reports :)21:29
shadeslayerScottK: how does one solve this :P21:31
shadeslayerScottK: transcoding libs required by amarok are in multiverse21:31
Mamarokinstall libav?21:31
shadeslayerMamarok: multiverse21:32
Mamarokthat should be in universe, no?21:32
shadeslayer!info libfaac021:32
ubottulibfaac0 (source: faac): AAC audio encoder (library). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.28-5 (saucy), package size 37 kB, installed size 109 kB21:32
Mamarokwhat about ffmpeg?21:32
shadeslayernot sure we have those21:33
Mamarokindeed, but it is not libaac you need but libav21:34
shadeslayerthough isn't libaac something that would required at runtime to transcode things?21:35
MamarokI don't think we transcode to that21:36
shadeslayerreadme mentions it :P21:36
Mamarokwe transcode mp3, ogg and flac AFAIK21:36
shadeslayerI reckon we can ship libavbin021:37
Mamarokhm, I didn't even check readme right now, stated from memory21:37
Mamarokwhich is treacherous :)21:37
QuintasanScottK: Would you like your signature to be sent to all of your emails or the first one?21:42
ScottKQuintasan: All.21:52
QuintasanScottK: done.21:53
ScottKshadeslayer: Is it needed in build-deps or just at runtime?21:53
shadeslayerScottK: runtime21:53
ScottKshadeslayer: Make it suggests in the package and then add the needed package to kubuntu-restricted-extras (if we still have such a thing)21:54
shadeslayerScottK: so the libs I can figure out from the readme are : libvorbisenc2 libvorbis0a libavbin0 ( probably) libmp3lame21:54
Mamarokisn't lame only needed for writing to CDs?21:54
shadeslayerMamarok: just following the README :D21:55
MamarokI know, just surprised that we would need lame21:55
shadeslayerI also see something for wma, but can21:57
shadeslayer*can't find a package for that21:57
Riddellhow's this? https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/calligra-2.822:37
* Riddell publishes kubuntu.org/news/calligra-2.822:45
Quintasanyofel, shadeslayer: can has p-n meeting this weekend?22:46
yofelyou may want to invite apachelogger as he's been doing most of the kf5 stuff22:47
Quintasanapachelogger: feel invited22:47
yofelshadeslayer: btw. debian bug 729203 for your entertainment22:47
ubottuDebian bug 729203 in wnpp "ITP: ffmpeg -- complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/72920322:47
Quintasanis that22:48
yofelin case you didn't see it yet22:48
Quintasan>The only way to prevent endless discussions would be if you close this 22:49
QuintasanRFP and instead send a bug to the Debian Technical Committee [1] for a 22:49
Quintasantechnical decision whether jessie should ship with libav or ffmpeg.22:49
QuintasanOH MY GOD22:49
QuintasanI like can see it happening.22:49
QuintasanTell me it did22:49
yofelnot sure what'll happen, I think the security team was against it at some point22:50
yofelthey don't want to maintain 2 copies of (not really) the same thing22:50
Quintasanand users don't want inferior software22:51
yofelthe plan so far is to at least get the binaries back so 'ffmpeg' etc. work again - statically linked maybe or whatever22:52
Quintasanyofel: Truth be told I didn't know Debian did sth like this and I've been thinking ffmpeg is really deprecated.22:58
yofelheh, it's confusing really :(22:59
ScottKQuintasan: Thanks.  Accepted and uploaded to the keyserver.23:01
Quintasanyofel: It sucks to be honest.23:02
ScottKyofel: When libav was forked from ffmpeg, the Debian maintainer was one of the proponents of the fork, so it's no surprise that's the one we have.23:02
Quintasan>Also Debian's very own ABI checking program icheck has some bugs, ironically, on testing FFmpeg23:04
QuintasanComedy level - libav.23:04
QuintasanScottK: Why did the split actually happen?23:04
ScottKThe story as I heard if (from the libav side) was that the lead ffmpeg guy was blocking stuff going in, so they finally said "screw it, we'll fork".23:05
ScottKOf course, as soon as they announced the fork, he started grabbing patches from the fork.23:05
ScottKBut they weren't exactly anxious to work with the guy anymore.23:06
Quintasanoh wow.23:06
ScottKAIUI, anyway23:06
RiddellScottK: "The current PyQt5, PyQt4, QScintilla and SIP snapshots are all release candidates. The final releases will be in about a week. In the meantime any testing would be greatly appreciated."23:15
Riddellsays pyqt man on the pyqt list23:15
ScottKRiddell: I saw that.23:15
ScottKFirst let's get Qt5 5.2 landed with pyqt5.2 updated.23:15
* ahoneybun installs kubuntu-desktop package in Ubuntu 23:47
valorieweeee, I haz 4.12.323:54
valorieapachelogger: your "you need more language stuffs" looks and works great23:54
* ahoneybun knows nothing of this23:58

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