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JamesFhey, i need some help. It seems that i am missing all of my opengl libs for C++ dev. I have googled the hell out of it and followed all tutorials i can find.00:38
JamesFstill no luck00:38
valorie!info opengl00:39
ubottuPackage opengl does not exist in saucy00:39
JamesFIs there another way of obtaining the libs for opengl?00:39
JamesFshould I re-install with an earlier version of kubuntu?00:41
valorieJamesF: it is usually a -dev package00:41
valorieby C++ dev, do you mean you are hacking ON C++, or *with* C++00:42
JamesFThats what i thought too. I have installed or Re-installed libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut and freeglut3-dev00:42
JamesFlol, no hacking. I have a graphics engine i have been developing for a while now...00:43
valorieif you do  `apt-cache search opengl` you get lots of possibilities00:43
valorieI'm thinking that #kde-devel is probably a more fruitful chan for you00:45
valoriethis is more kubuntu user help00:45
JamesFlol. kk, ill give them a shot. Thanks anyways00:46
valoriegood luck!00:46
valorieoh, if you haven't tried installing `build-essential` that might help00:48
valorie!info build-essential00:48
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.6ubuntu5 (saucy), package size 5 kB, installed size 37 kB00:48
JamesFI figured it out Valorie, i reinstalled my graphics drivers and found that they are not placed in the same directory as it was in 12.04. instead of /usr/libs it was in user/libs/i386-linux-gnu01:35
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DarthFrogvalorie: FYI, regarding my question yesterday about restoring sound devices that KDE had removed: ALSAmixer wasn't the answer, it wasn't even installed.  I had to delete ~/.pulse and delete ~/.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc, then restart KDE.02:02
nani__any body there02:08
marcos_hi people02:50
KAMIDAZe007_hi all03:41
KAMIDAZe007_i want to combinate ubuntu with kali03:45
KAMIDAZe007_should i use kali or ubuntu for the basic platform?03:47
KAMIDAZe007_thanks ;)03:47
rwwKali is based on Debian. How do you propose to "combinate" (what does that mean, exactly?) it with Ubuntu?03:54
KAMIDAZe007_ubuntu is also on debian03:55
KAMIDAZe007_u can install ubuntu and patch there the kali package into it03:56
rwwYes, Ubuntu is based on Debian. There's a *lot* of changes in Ubuntu from the basic Debian packages, and installing Debian repositories on Ubuntu isn't supported specifically because those changes and such repositories don't tend to co-exist well.03:56
KAMIDAZe007_or u use the other way03:56
rwwIf memory serves, on top of that Kali makes major changes such as running as root by default, which Ubuntu is not written to support (e.g. we lock the root account and recommend sudo instead).03:57
rwwso basically, whichever way you choose won't be supported by #ubuntu or #kubuntu, won't be supported by #debian, and may or may not be supported by #kali-linux (I have no idea of their support policies)03:58
KAMIDAZe007_intresting ;)03:58
KAMIDAZe007_i guess i will go the kali way and patch this how i need it03:59
KAMIDAZe007_i really like all the nice optic and features in ubuntu04:00
KAMIDAZe007_many thanks for your help04:01
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VoyageI cant speak by my microphone pluged in. but the built in micro phone of my laptop works. I have toogled the audio settings but no use. any one has a clue?05:12
valorieVoyage: do you have pavucontrol?05:21
valorieyou can check in there device by device05:22
Voyagevalorie,  where can we see that? or get to that?05:23
valorieit isn't installed by default, so you'll have to install it05:23
valorie!info pavucontrol05:24
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (saucy), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB05:24
Voyageok. I am installing it05:25
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Voyagevalorie,  cant work with any drop down option in pavucontrol...  any other way to see if my audio can work?07:57
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VoyageI cant speak by my microphone pluged in. but the built in micro phone of my laptop works. I have toogled the audio settings but no use. any one has a clue?  I used  pavucontrol but  cant work with any drop down option in pavucontrol...  any other way to see if my audio can work?09:02
valoriedang it, bot splitted09:05
valorieubottu: ping09:05
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:05
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions09:05
apacheloggervalorie: don't break the bot :P09:10
apacheloggerthat's my job09:10
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valorieVoyage: those sound links have helped me a lot in the past09:13
valorieI must have affronted his dignity09:14
Voyagevalorie,  hm09:14
valoriepoor thing09:14
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BluesKajHiyas all11:57
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BluesKajHey mydogsnameisrudy12:28
jarkko_has anyone idea what 9.871349] init: ureadahead main process (211) terminated with status 5 means?12:35
BluesKajjarkko_, did you notice any problems after the message ?12:39
jarkko_BluesKaj: i cant confirm...12:39
jarkko_BluesKaj: network manager doesn't start i have to use widget to connect internet (i think it's knonw issue)...ALSO if i use safe mode to boot, there is some kernel issue with something and i think it's network related...i can bypass the issue by ctrl+c12:41
BluesKajyou have installed the NM widget in the panel ?12:42
jarkko_BluesKaj: yes12:42
jarkko_BluesKaj: only way to connect as far as i know12:42
BluesKajjarkko_, and it doesn't auto-connect ?12:43
jarkko_BluesKaj: it works correctly, but the thing which i had before that widget doesn't work12:43
jarkko_BluesKaj: what's the default? it's not that widget12:43
BluesKajthe widget is part of network management, some ppl don't use the widget12:44
BluesKajif the widget sets up your connection then there's really nothing to worry about12:45
jarkko_BluesKaj: i know, but i think the original program doesnt work like it should12:47
jarkko_just upgraded kubuntu packages btw.12:47
BluesKajjarkko_, if you are connecting to the internet without any problem, then you don't have one...let's not work on a problem that's already solved12:48
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jarkko_BluesKaj: but  i am not sure if someone would make clean install, would the network manager work like it should12:49
BluesKajjarkko_, perhaps you could search launchpad for a similar bug, that might help your curiosity12:49
jarkko_BluesKaj: when i boot into safe mode 3.13.4, trying normal boot there is some problem..is just loops, which can be interrupted by ctrl+c ( i dont have this issue on normal boot)12:50
jarkko_BluesKaj: don't remember exact errros12:50
BluesKajsafe mode?12:50
jarkko_into grub --> safe boot or something similar12:51
BluesKajrecovery kernel12:51
jarkko_is it worth trying to figure what's not working and report?12:53
BluesKajjarkko_, like I said look in launchpad for a similar bug first, no point in duplicating an existing report12:54
jarkko_BluesKaj: do you have direct link?12:55
jarkko_BluesKaj: i find it hard to find kubuntu related issues sometimes12:55
BluesKajthere is a searchbar in lauchpad, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad12:57
jarkko_BluesKaj: was it march when kubuntu has final versio?13:00
monkeyjuiceBluesKaj:  you running 14.04? if so is opengl running desktop effects?13:02
BluesKaj14 stands for the year. 04 stands for the month, jarkko_13:03
jarkko_BluesKaj: didnt know that13:03
jarkko_BluesKaj: i thought they just increase in time13:03
jarkko_BluesKaj: very clever actually13:04
BluesKajmonkeyjuice, yeah, 14.04 OpenGL and raster13:04
monkeyjuicehmmm ok i must have a driver problem i guess13:04
BluesKajdesktop effects are ok , still have few artifacts like blanking parts of the screen etc13:05
BluesKajmoving the cursor usually restores13:05
monkeyjuicewell its working just not right so ill keep waiting for now13:05
BluesKajno crashes or segfaults , just that annoyance13:06
monkeyjuicetouch pad pointer was locking up yesterday seems to be good now13:06
BluesKajlooks like X has some problems, hard to tell if they're driver related13:11
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ronnocapachelogger: Already sent your newly-minted blog post to G+, FaceBooger, and Twitter :)15:20
apacheloggerI am internet famous :)15:22
Riddellapachelogger: but it doesn't have the kitten on planet!15:22
apacheloggerpoor planet15:23
ronnocuz an interwebz celebrity! (along with JR, of course)15:23
ronnocand JR has some shiny new office things it appears15:24
Riddellnot shiny but warm at least15:25
jonnyw2k-workRandom question, does Compiz still exsist/get used15:25
ronnocRiddell: warm > office bling15:29
apacheloggerjonnyw2k-work: it's been somewhat merged with unity, but yeah it technically exists in some capacity15:29
jonnyw2k-workapachelogger, I was more on about integration with KDE for some eye candy, the only useful links I can find are from 2010, and I know things can change alot in that time.15:33
* genii gets nostalgic for KDE 3.1015:35
Riddelljonnyw2k-work: KDE has the market leader compositing window manager kwin15:35
apachelogger^ that15:36
geniijonnyw2k-work: Pretty much all the eye candy that Compiz/Compiz-Fusion did like cube, wobbly windows, etc is built-in  to the compositing of kwin15:37
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shadeslayerso, extremely stupid question, how does one execute a root command with su17:43
lordievadershadeslayer: I thought it was: su root -c <command>17:44
shadeslayerlordievader: at which point it asks for a password17:44
shadeslayerand if I put in my user password it gives me an auth error17:44
lordievadershadeslayer: Ah right Ubu doesn't have a root pw. So you have to use sudo or give root a pw, though the last isn't recommended.17:45
geniisudo su .. ?17:49
lordievaderOr that ^ ;)17:52
Manuela_excuse me, I need help. I've installed Kubuntu 12.04 on a mac powerbook pc g4, but I can't load the operative system. There's only the black login screen. Excuse me for my ignorance, but I'm totally new to this world. How can I load the operative system? Thanks a lot18:01
lordievaderManuela_: I have no experience with Mac but let me give it a shot. What black login screen are you talking about, can you perhaps show a screenshot?18:04
Manuela_no, I can't. I'll try to describe it18:05
Manuela_it's a login screen. I put my username and my password, but I don't know what to do later18:05
lordievaderManuela_: On the top does it read "Ubuntu <some version> <host-name> tty1"?18:06
Manuela_ubuntu login:18:06
Manuela_then, I put username and password18:06
Manuela_and appears18:06
Manuela_last login: bla bla bla18:07
Manuela_welcome to ubuntu 12.04 lts18:07
lordievaderManuela_: Ah ok, then I know where you are. It is very probable that the display driver fails to load. What happens when you login and run the command 'startx'?18:07
Manuela_fatal server error: no screens found18:07
Manuela_failed to load module "fglrx"18:07
Manuela_it's only a bit of what I see18:07
Manuela_failed to open framebuffer device18:08
* genii sips and ponders ATI/AMD18:08
Manuela_starting pbbuttonsd OK starting mouse emulation daemon mouseemu fail18:08
Manuela_What do you suggest me to do?18:10
lordievaderManuela_: As I figured the display driver fails. Did you manually install the fglrc driver?18:11
Manuela_Can I do it through install dvd?18:13
lordievaderManuela_: Could you pastebin the output of: lspci -k|grep -A2 VGA18:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:13
Manuela_I simply did the boot by dvd and installed the operative system18:13
Manuela_1 minute18:13
Manuela_vga compatible controller: advanced micro devices [AMD] nee ATI Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02) Subsystem: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x Kernel modules: aty128fb18:15
Manuela_that's what I see18:15
lordievaderManuela_: Hmm, there seem to be more people with problems with that card.18:19
Manuela_Can I do anything to fix it?18:22
lordievaderManuela_: I'm looking around to see if someone fixed it.18:23
Manuela_thank you! :) you're very kind18:24
geniiI wonder why it doesn't use the non-proprietary driver by default ( radeon).18:24
lordievadergenii: The Ubuntu docs/wiki doesn't list it as supported.18:25
geniilordievader: What I find curious... is if they didn't manually install fglrx driver, then why does it want to try using it? Unless maybe there is some xorg.conf trying to load it or something18:26
geniiBecause normally all non-free/proprietary drivers are not iinstalled on a clean install18:27
lordievaderHmm, the ATI/AMD site doesn't list the card either.18:28
lordievaderI.e. I cannot find it...18:28
Manuela_:( it's probably too old18:28
geniiManuela_: Does:  lsmod | grep fglrx   ...show it?   If not, then does: lsmod | grep radeon    ...show a result?18:29
Manuela_thank you, I try18:29
lordievaderManuela_: You might try 10.04 (though it is EOL :( ) Here (->) someone says puppy linux 5.2 which is based on 10.04 appearantly works for them: http://askubuntu.com/questions/117510/install-lubuntu-12-04-on-an-old-dell-c600-video-issues18:29
lordievadergenii: It loads some frame buffer driver: aty128fb18:31
lordievaderWorst case: the card being too old and Precise dropping support for it.18:33
Manuela_so I have to reinstall mac os x tiger again :(18:35
Manuela_it's too slow18:35
lordievaderManuela_: Or try Ubu 10.0418:35
Manuela_where can I find it?18:36
Manuela_thak you18:36
geniiIf I had more time today I would help you poke at it with a stick18:36
Manuela_*thank you18:36
lordievaderHmm, 10.04 server edition is supported till 2015. So you do get those updates.18:36
lordievaderManuela_: Here you can download 10.04: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04.3/18:37
Manuela_thanks a lot!18:37
Manuela_mmm there's only th eintel version18:38
Manuela_I have a powerbook18:38
Dan_DWhat is the command line way of running a .deb file to install the program?18:38
Manuela_it doesn't matter. thanks for the great help18:38
lordievaderManuela_: Oh hey, hold on.18:39
lordievaderDan_D: sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb18:39
Dan_DI got dependency issues, is there a command to install the dependecies?18:40
lordievaderDan_D: sudo apt-get install -f18:41
lordievaderManuela_: Whoo found it: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04.3/18:41
lordievaderWait that should be: http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/mirror/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/lucid/release/18:41
Dan_DIt said it will remove the program I am trying to install, help?18:41
Dan_DI may just try some other way.18:43
lordievaderDan_D: Hihi, that is one way to resolve the dependency. What are you trying to install?18:44
Dan_DCorewars, the version for linux from Sourceforge18:44
lordievader!info corewars18:45
ubottuPackage corewars does not exist in saucy18:45
Dan_DI tried literally sudo apt-get install <dependencies here> and it said it could not find them but they are referred to by another thing18:45
Dan_DAlso tried sudo apt-get install 0f and that did not work18:46
Dan_DI mean -f not 0f18:46
Dan_DI could use Wine to run the Windows version I guess.18:47
lordievaderDan_D: Whoo more old stuff. Perhaps a version from (->) installs: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+package/corewars18:47
Dan_Dlordievader, that apparently needs the ungettable dependencies18:51
lordievaderDan_D: Hmm, I guess you are out of luck.18:52
Dan_DTime to try Wine and the windows version18:52
Dan_DWell, Windows version appears to work.18:57
Manuela_lordievader: thank you, I'll try to download it18:58
lordievaderManuela_: Hope that works out for you.18:58
Dj_FlyByso when using sudo, as kUbuntu does, how does one use root with password (Example. I am trying to access mysql and it needs the root password, of which i do not know)19:35
lordievaderDj_FlyBy: In Ubuntu the root user doesn't have a password. However the mysql root password is not linked to the root user password, it is something else.19:37
Dj_FlyBylordievader, so then it would be safe to assume that mysql implements one by default when installing via Muon?19:39
lordievaderDj_FlyBy: Err, never done an install through Muon, through apt-get it explicitly asks for one.19:40
Dj_FlyByyea....  starting to think i will remove and reinstall a couple things that way instead of through Muon... maybe just remove Muon together if that wont hurt anything.19:42
lordievaderDj_FlyBy: You did install the server? Not the client? Client doesn't ask for a password.19:42
Dj_FlyByI don't mind removing and re-adding things if needed as this is a very very fresh install of kubuntu...19:45
lordievaderDj_FlyBy: Hmm, odd. It might work to reconfigure the package, try in a terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server19:45
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moses__Um hello20:46
moses__Is any one there20:46
moses__Sorry im new at this20:47
geniimoses__: People are around, just quiet :) If you have some question, just ask and see if there is a helper which responds20:47
moses__How old are you20:47
geniimoses__: Ancient. :) The appropriate type of question for this channel would be something like "How can I get my Kubuntu to do <fill in blank>" or so. This is not a channel for social talk20:49
lordievadermoses__: For offtopic we have #kubuntu-offtopic ;)20:49
moses__Oh well then how do yu make WH wave edit work20:50
* genii slides a mug of coffee into #kubuntu-offtopic for lordievader20:50
moses__Never mind ill just go to off topic20:51
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laurent_i am looking for doc / tuto for dev kde app21:01
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geniilaurent_: http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Programming_Tutorial_KDE_421:02
laurent_thanks. i am new to linux dev, i come from windows dev.21:03
TrackingGot to go Bye21:04
geniilaurent_: You may also want to enquire in #kubuntu-devel for more resources21:07
geniiAlso, alternately, #kde-devel21:08
laurent_thanks. Lot of stuff to read21:12
TrackingHello how do you get radio tray to work21:23
TheFakeazneD525Polo shirts!21:24
TheFakeazneD525the only kind of shirt I ever wear21:24
TheFakeazneD525hai Tracking21:27
TheFakeazneD525I just saw the title21:27
TheFakeazneD525er... topic21:27
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douglif I switch to nvidia drivers how do I change back go nouveau if I dont like it?21:41
wxldougl: modprobe is your friend. you can uninstall the nvidia drivers with your package manager of choice and then modprove remove them and modprobe add nouveau.21:43
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douglwxl, thanks I will give it a try21:48
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ronnocis Alex now he top maintainer for Muon?22:47
TrackingIs anyone hear23:18
Riddellronnoc: yep23:28

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