vinnie_the splash screen is ok when selecting try lubuntu. Its after the splash screen that gives the problem.00:01
wxlvinnie_: did you try nomodeset?00:02
vinnie_wxl: yes. now its all garbled and quadrupled at top and very small00:08
wxlvinnie_: ok, gimme your video card info (lspci | grep VGA)00:09
vinnie_wxl: how can i get a terminal?00:09
wxlvinnie_: try ctrl-alt-f100:10
ianorlinpressing control alt t also opens one up in the x windows00:10
ianorlinbut that may be tiny00:10
vinnie_wxl, ianorlin: from the selection screen where i choose try or install, etc...???00:11
wxlvinnie_: any00:11
vinnie_wxl: wont let me00:13
vinnie_wxl: i dont think its possible from that disks boot screen00:13
ianorlinis this alternate installer?00:13
vinnie_ianorlin: no00:13
vinnie_ianorlin: lubuntu-13.10-desktop-i386.iso00:14
wxlvinnie_: you need to select either try or install. did you do trhat first?00:15
vinnie_wxl: yes00:15
wxlvinnie_: whnat operating system do you have on there now?00:16
vinnie_wxl: xp home00:16
wxlvinnie_: do you know what video card you have? i guess you could kind of get at it with xp.00:17
vinnie_wxl: let me try booting another live linux disk. brb00:17
vinnie_wxl: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Rage Pro Ulta TF00:32
vinnie_wxl: had to use knopix to get that info00:33
vinnie_wxl: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Rage 128 Pro Ulta TF00:44
wxlvinnie_: what driver are you using in knoppix? lspci -vvnn | less and then /VGA to get to the right section00:58
basketballhow do i set my pc up where when i press alt then a letter it types the spanish version of the letter   like in windows01:00
wxlvinnie_: also it would be good to know the id on that (e.g. 1002:4336)01:01
wxlvinnie_: you should need xserver-xorg-video-r12801:02
wxlbasketball: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey01:02
basketballwxl,  i am using 13.1001:04
wxlbasketball: doesn't matter which version you have01:05
basketballwxl,  i dont have a layouts tab ubuntu 13.1001:05
wxlbasketball: read past the parts that aren't relevant to you (e.g. ubuntu, xubuntu, and kde)01:06
basketballthat is confusing what do i do01:07
wxlbasketball: wish i had time to help you out further, but i've got work to do. that's your key to what you want, though.01:08
basketballwxl,  what can i google01:08
basketball!coposite keys01:09
wxlbasketball: you can start here and read until the end https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey#Keys01:09
basketballwxl what is altgr01:10
wxlbasketball: whatever you define it as01:11
basketballwhere do i define it01:11
wxlit's the composekey01:11
basketballi got it wxl  is there a table of ones for spanish01:18
basketballlike shift rightalt tide n for ñ01:19
wxlbasketball: it was linked at the bottom of that page i sent, but https://encrypted.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=compose%20key%20&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&ved=0CDkQFjAF&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hermit.org%2FLinux%2FComposeKeys.html&ei=inwWU6jFIo_uoATkgIKICA&usg=AFQjCNGAyewrI63RtRixAXN_WDE92lZMEw&bvm=bv.62286460,d.cGU01:23
basketballhey does gnome-screensaver actually have a screensaver or does it just turn a grey screen02:31
holsteinbasketball: ?02:36
holsteinbasketball: you should be able to find screenshots of it online02:36
holsteinbasketball: its a screensaver, as advertised.. one can set it to save many ways02:37
basketballholstein,  i want to set up a screenserver without using xscreenserver02:37
holsteinbasketball: go for it02:37
basketballwhat do i do holstein02:38
holsteinbasketball: ?02:40
basketballhow do i set it up02:40
holsteinbasketball: do what you like.. open the package manager of your choice and install what you please02:40
holsteinbasketball: set what up? they will all be different02:40
basketballhow do i add a screensaver02:40
holsteinbasketball: you choose what you want to use, install it, and configure it based on its documentation02:41
basketballwhat are my options02:41
holsteinbasketball: thre are bunch, friend02:42
holsteinbasketball: are you searching synaptic?02:42
basketballyou could have been done already if you told me02:42
holsteinbasketball: i could have been done with what? if i had told you what?02:43
holsteinbasketball: just ask if you have a question.. try and be clear as possible, and keep in mind im a volunteer02:43
SonikkuAmericabasketball: Also are you asking about a screen *saver* or a display *server*?02:43
basketballwhat program besides xscreensaver can i install for a screensaver like when my screen is idle it kicks in02:44
basketballand shows like the ubuntu logo spinning like in windows02:44
holsteinbasketball: i stated, there are many, friend02:45
basketballlist please02:45
holsteinbasketball: you should open the application manage of your choice and search, and see what is there02:45
SonikkuAmericabasketball: A couple of examples are gnome-screensaver and light-locker (the latter of which requires a !PPA)02:45
basketballsome of them02:45
holsteinbasketball: that ^ is how to optain the list02:46
holsteinbasketball: using soemthing like synaptic.. or "apt-cache search screensaver" in the terminal02:46
SonikkuAmericabasketball: Open Synaptic or Lubuntu Software Center (or even Ubuntu Software Center if you installed it) and search02:46
cdoublejjwhat version Open GL will Lubuntu 14.04 LTS be running?05:27
ianorlinThe same version as ubuntu05:30
cdoublejjwhat version open gl does ubuntu 14.04 use?05:34
ianorlinI think it is 3.305:41
cdoublejjdamn not even 4.0 yet ?05:44
cdoublejjeven osx upgraded ogl05:44
ianorlinat least not in open source drivers05:45
ianorlinthe binary drivers have a lot more recent stuff05:45
cdoublejjthat makes a big difference05:45
ianorlinbut the open source ones will be the ones on the disk \05:45
cdoublejjmost gamers get the nvidia drivers05:46
cdoublejjand i guess ATI/AMD05:46
cdoublejji hear talk valve help AMD better their drivers some but, in general AMD has shite software, there aren't as big as intel or nvidia05:47
ianorlinI only have intel but don't do that much gaming05:52
cdoublejjfairly sure they have helped intel up there drives, the phoronix benchmark of 14.04 shows a up to a 10FPS improvement on intel HD05:54
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basketballholstein,  how do i sync the caps lock light on laptop and external keyboard21:54
basketballwhen i press caps lock on my laptop how do i get the caps light lock to show up on usb keybopard and vice versa22:09
geniiThat's actually an interesting question to try and solve.22:33
Unit193Getting the LEDs to reflect what's actually toggled in the system isn't as easy as windows, right.  Scroll lock won't even work without fixing, fresh installs.22:35
phillwhmm, mine work fine on my PB laptop... I also have keyboard LED settings installed on my task bar :)22:39
geniiCurrently on my Kubuntu the keys on the external USB make the main laptop ones light but the reverse isn't true22:41
phillwgenii: let me grab the usb keyboard (not even sure if it has LEDs :) )22:43
geniiI just find it one of these intriguing little puzzles.22:44
phillwit has22:45
phillwhello from  usb keyboard22:45
* genii waves22:48
phillwgenii: the keyboard can set itself and laptop to num-lock and cap lock. However, this shows on keyboard led settings module. If I set num-lock on with the laptop, the led on usb keyboard does not light (laptop does) however it is activated. Same as if I set on the usb keyboard.. led lights but not laptop LED.... So, I guess the answer is to add Keyboard LED settings to your task bar, as it reports correctly which ever keyboard sets caps / num lock :)22:50
geniiphillw: I'll add that to my little black book of notes :)22:51
phillwafaik the led monitor actually checks what the system is using, not which keyboard set it :P22:51
phillwI think it is new for 14.04 (i'd never seen it before)22:52
geniiI wonder if the actual lighting of the LED on the keyboard is done in the hardware of the specific keyboard. But then how could BIOS have a setting like NumLock on/off ?22:57
Unit193genii: Throw VNC into the mix, and with the right timing you can de-sync the LEDs entirely.22:59
phillwUnit193: btw, did you get the email okay?23:00
Unit193phillw: Heh, pinged as I was reading it, danke.23:00
phillwi've popped on here as bodhi is doing horrible things to an innocent alternate ISO :P23:01
basketballhow do i sync the caps lock num lock and scroll lock lights on laptop and usb keyboard23:35

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