manjiricurtin experts: What mod to curtin_userdata will have the same effect as "d-i     base-installer/kernel/image     string  linux-image-3.8.0-29-generic" in preseed_master?00:06
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Lord_Set2What fixes were in the maitenance release a few hours ago?02:33
jtvDaily builds are a bit fine-grained to track...  one thing you can do is look at the revision log for trunk.02:36
jtvSee https://code.launchpad.net/~maas-maintainers/maas/trunk02:37
bigjools"release" is a strong word.  It's an autobuild of trunk.02:38
Lord_Set2I will test the IPMI changes02:44
Lord_Set2Well, test everything that I run across02:44
jhobbsLord_Set2: let me know if you have any IPMI issues :)02:46
Lord_Set2I will02:47
Lord_Set2I am tired of having to manually use ipmipower lol. Though I kind of have it down to a science now with notepad and my hostname list and username and password.02:48
jhobbsLord_Set2: why do you have to manually use ipmipower?02:49
Lord_Set2Because MAAS enlistment wasn't detecting IPMI at all previously02:49
Lord_Set2On my servers02:49
jhobbsin that case, let me know if it fixes it :)02:51
Lord_Set2I will for sure02:51
Lord_Set2It worked!02:55
Lord_Set2You rock jhobbs02:55
Lord_Set2Oh, I am also super happy to see with 14.04 my 10g Brocade CNA are working flawlessly and are being detected by MAAS.03:21
Lord_Set2My MAAS controller is using a 10g nic as its primary currently.03:21
Lord_Set2jhobbs: So I have bad news... MAAS does detect the IPMI controller but still won't power the servers on or off.03:37
Lord_Set2Also have another new shitty bug... there is no timer on the grub boot selection screen. It just stays there until you manually select an option such as Ubuntu or memtest86, etc...05:24
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marcoceppiroaksoax bigjools you guys around?11:21
marcoceppimaas createadmin doesn't seem to work anymore, it seems maas is now pointed to maas-cli11:22
marcoceppinvm, sudo maas-region-admin createsuperuser11:24
Lord_SetYeah things have changed11:24
marcoceppineed to update my scripts11:24
Lord_SetI am trying to get Virtualmin and Cloudmin to deploy with Juju and properly install on trusty right now11:25
Lord_SetNot fun at all11:25
marcoceppiLord_Set: so you're charming both up in addition to trying to get themto deploy with maas and juju on trusty?11:26
marcoceppiYou are a brave soul, that's a lot of moving parts ;)11:26
Lord_SetToo many11:27
Lord_SetIt is making me drink11:27
marcoceppiLord_Set: why not target precise for the time being?11:27
Lord_SetBecause trusty has features I need11:27
Lord_SetLike support for my 10g CNA11:27
marcoceppiLord_Set: ah, in that case, carry on11:27
Lord_SetAnd some of my SSD11:27
Lord_Setand various other server components11:28
Lord_SetIt has been fun trying to get production ready with trusty, maas dailies and now juju development11:28
Lord_SetOh yeah, and I am learning python as we speak11:30
marcoceppiLord_Set: well, I'm in the process of spinning up my MAAS cluster so if you've got questions about maas+juju+charms feel free to let me know11:30
marcoceppiI can't seem to get my servers to register in the DHCP server for MAAS11:54
marcoceppiIs nodegroup the same as the physical zone?12:54
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matsubaramarcoceppi, nope, node group is the same as a cluster controller. See http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/physical-zones.html and https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/128745213:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1287452 in MAAS "API has methods like "node-group" instead of "cluster" which is confusing to users" [High,Triaged]13:17
marcoceppimatsubara: I ended up just saying screw you and doing autodetect_nodegroup13:18
marcoceppiscrew you, being node-group, not you in particular13:18
matsubaraheh ok13:19
marcoceppithings are looking good in maas on trusty13:20
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: here now.. what's up?13:42
marcoceppiroaksoax: I've been able to power through, I messed up a few things along the way using older "automatically set up maas" scripts13:43
marcoceppiroaksoax: the last piece I need to do is virsh stuff,but that seems pretty straight forward13:43
roaksoaxok cool13:43
marcoceppiroaksoax: do you know if this is still the correct proceedure for virsh? http://askubuntu.com/a/295976/4113:50
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: yeah pretty much13:54
marcoceppiroaksoax: cool13:55
marcoceppiwhen doinng virsh, will it pxe boot the KVM?14:39
matsubarajhobbs, roaksoax: bug 128829715:08
ubot5bug 1288297 in MAAS "MAAS ipmi auto detection defaults to 2.0 in the lenovo lab" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128829715:08
jhobbsmatsubara: ok, i'll look into that15:12
matsubarathanks jhobbs. Let me know, if you need help testing in the lab15:12
marcoceppiSo, trying to get a virtual machine commisioned in maas, I created one using ubuntu-create-vm , I can verify as the maas user that virsh can see it, but it never moves from commisioning or starts up the VM15:36
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bigjoolsmarcoceppi: http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/nodes.html#virtual-machine-nodes22:38
marcoceppibigjools: yeah, I did that, and I tested the virsh command from the maas user on the maas master22:39
marcoceppibigjools: I'm going to steal a bunch of the scripts in maas-libvirt-utils to see if that simplifies things22:40
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gmbjtv https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/128822223:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1288222 in MAAS "test_macaddresses_are_sorted is flaky" [High,In progress]23:50

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