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ulkeshminimec: thanks, sadly I just tried and didn't...instead I just downloaded the daily ISO and installed fresh...keeping a /home separate makes this a pretty easy reinstall01:52
minimeculkesh: --> separate /home ... I agree ;) Don't know why my upgrade passed... Well.. I do not use any tcltk based software.01:59
AussieUpOverxubuntu 14.04. Sometimes when I go afk & it locks the pc, when I come back & move the mouse or bash keyboard buttons it just stays irresponsible, can't unlock it or even get the monitor to turn back on, can only force restart.04:13
AussieDownUnderxubuntu 14.04. I think I figured out what causes my pc to crash when the screen is locked. Putting usb devices in or out.05:20
cdoublejjwhat version open gl does 14.04 LTS use?05:44
cdoublejjoh it depends on the driver05:45
AussieDownUnderHey guys, Is there a lib32stdc++ pre-release/saucy in a ppa somewhere for xubuntu 14.04 that I can install, I need it for a printer?06:06
ThomasBi am incredibly happy with 14.0406:59
ThomasBit's going to be such a terrific release06:59
Lorith[Alpha]i know right07:13
Lorith[Alpha]the gnome ver is awesome too07:13
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nikolamI just reported bug about find util, started from (ana)cron jobs, does searches within BTRFS snapshots (that are exposed as readwrite(!) or read-only and mounted in file system mount point.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/anacron/+bug/128810608:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1288106 in anacron (Ubuntu) "Regular 'find' searches of cron jobs, should not search BTRFS snapshots " [Undecided,New]08:18
nikolamI just wonder how that will affect LTS release, not to include this kind of Ubuntu distribution and system utils bug, not recognizing File system specifics. (file system snapshots exist for a long time)08:20
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AlanBellhi all10:52
AlanBellI wonder if anyone agrees/disagrees with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/128816310:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1288163 in unity (Ubuntu) "window z-order not intuitive when mouse wheel scrolling over launcher icon" [Undecided,New]10:52
AlanBellor if anyone could create a video to illustrate it, my screencasting seems to have *horrible* audio at the moment and I can't figure out why10:53
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BluesKajHiyas all11:57
kblinhi folks12:00
BluesKajhey kblin12:02
* kblin hopes the updated network manager will perform less abysmal12:17
k1l_wait, i got 2 NM indicators o_O12:18
kblinintersting. I've only got one, but once in a while the network connection just freezes until I restart network manager12:20
kblinand sometimes I fall off the WiFi and can't reconnect, again until I restart network manager12:20
k1l_i got 2, one regular indicator and one with just 2 switches for wired and wireless and settings entry12:21
k1l_its working all fine for me. but i got the intel n 6205 wifi card, which is unproblematic at all12:22
NikThAny problems with grub lately ?12:40
xsachahaven't had any here12:41
xsachaby default, from a fresh install, the grub is 'silent' and just shows a black screen with ubuntu purple around the edges12:42
xsachabut that's probably by design12:42
NikThI cannot configure the 40_custom entries.. don't know/understand why.12:42
NikThRemoved the x bit from 30_os_prober and update-grub, will result only with Ubuntu as an entry when reboot, despite..12:42
NikTh..that /boot/grub/grub.cfg lists the 40_custom script entries correctly.12:43
k1l_works here and on my netbook which got some custom grub scripts12:43
NikThk1l_: what's the version ?12:44
NikThHere it's 2.02~beta2-612:44
k1l_erm, havent got my netbook here but i just upgraded that yesterday to 14.0412:44
NikThOk, then probably we have the same version. (I've installed today the 14.04 - again )12:45
k1l_are you sure your grub scripts work right? my older scripts from last versions did work without a problem on the netbook12:46
NikThI will try again.. with -v option this time.. and see.. I cannot understand why, I mean the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file is OK, but the actual grub menu (upon reboot) does not  list the contents.12:48
xutlany changes with respect to broadcom wifi chips driver in 14.04 ?12:56
BluesKajxutl, 14.04 ubiquity installer detected my bcm wifi chip and enabled it during the install12:59
BluesKajand I was able to enable it, to be more precise, xutl13:00
xutlBluesKaj: currently in 13.10, my bcm 4313 wifi chip is detected with brcmsmac driver but the range is very limited, it doesn't connected if away for more than 4feets so I have to manually enable wl driver for longer distance13:02
xsachai have another laptop with a bcm chip and it has worked in ubuntu since ~ 12.1013:03
xutlxsacha: there are a lot of different bcm chips with different drivers, mine is bcm 4313 chip13:03
xsachapretty sure mine is 431013:04
xsachait's 6 years old13:04
BluesKajxutl, mine is the BCM4313 too ,and it's working on 14.04 (KDE desktop/Kubuntu) just fine13:09
xsachai remember that much earlier (12.04) i needed to extract the firmware first or something13:13
xutlBluesKaj: just fine is a generic term, mine also works just fine, but speed and distance are two different things of top priority after card is detected, brcmsmac driver gives gud speed but not full to over 3 feets only, while wl driver covers long range but with half speed (speed meaning half of internet bandwidth speed)13:15
BluesKajxutl, check the power settings and channel on the router, sometimes there are options to increase the broadcast power and use a higher numbered channel like 9 instead of 6 which is usually the default13:18
xutlBluesKaj: lol, I saw channel 1 as default in every router, I changed it to channel 9 but afterwards changed it to channel 613:20
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pappu-bhaiya-ki-BluesKaj: problem is not with wouter, but of internet bandwidth, if I use windows than I get full bandwidith speed13:22
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BluesKajpatdk-wk,, make up your mind about your nick , choose one and keep it13:25
BluesKajor jai-pappu ^13:25
BluesKajsry patdk-wk13:26
jai-pappuBluesKaj: what ? lol13:26
jai-pappuBluesKaj: I was showing my nephw, how to change nicks13:27
BluesKajno matter, you can use nickerv help in the server text to do that13:27
BluesKajchanging nicks 3 times is poor conduct, makes for a confusing chat13:29
jai-pappuI know, anyways13:29
xsachajust got a random crash in unity while trying to open an app via the launcher13:44
xsachaand it told me it couldn't report it because i had packaged out of date13:45
xsachai updated literally 10 minutes ago :|13:45
patdk-wkbut I like my nick :)13:50
xsachahmmm a few gl updates13:53
sgo11hi, I am using ubuntu gnome 14.04 beta1. The known issue says it does not support nvidia-prime. Then how can I use nvidia driver without prime support? OR will nvidia-driver work in ubuntu-gnome 14.04 beta1 without nvidia-prime? I tried to sudo apt-get install nvidia-331. it automatically installs nvidia-prime for me, then I can not enter my system.13:57
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jdrabhi guys does unity(7) in 14.04 need "indirect context rendering support" ? i don't understand what it exactly is or how it works but for me unity on 14.04 does not work :/14:03
jdrabunity_support_test http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038608/14:03
jdraboh and btw "does not work" means there is no window decoration,panel,launcher absolutelly nothing :/14:03
BluesKajpatdk-wk, that message wasn't meant for you. Sorry, my mistake. :)14:06
DJonessgo11: Is that a specific issue for your graphics card? I did an install for a dual graphics (intel/nvidia 750M) at the weekend and didn't have any issues, I did install nvidia-prime14:06
patdk-wkI know :)14:07
EchostormAnyone know if the teamspeak 3 client can be found in any ppa?14:07
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EchostormJust installed 14.04 earlier, it's been stable so far14:09
sgo11DJones, this is for ubuntu gnome. Are you using ubuntu gnome? thanks.14:13
xutl14.04 has unity or gnome as shell ?14:14
sgo11DJones, that belongs to the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-prime/+bug/1262068 it says it release fixed. does it mean I can get the fix by doing "apt-get upgrade"? thanks.14:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1262068 in Ubuntu GNOME "nvidia-prime should support gdm also" [Medium,Triaged]14:15
DJonessgo11: No, mine is a straight Ubuntu with unity install14:25
sgo11DJones, ok. that is gnome specific. gdm issue. I think it gets fixed. will try apt-get upgrade. thanks.14:26
DJonessgo11: The bug report seems to suggest that it should work with Gnome, but only if its not an optimus/dual graphics machine14:27
sgo11DJones, ok. so I don't know what to do then. just wait until it gets fixed? :)14:30
xsachai just got an update to bash on 14.04 and it has ruined autocomplete14:50
utackdid anyone else get stuck at the login screen with the newest version?15:20
utackafter entering the password it gets stuck. though i can use the top bar to reboot etc15:21
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elgohi, how do i disable the desktop icons on 14.04 desktop?16:47
k1ldoesnt unity-tweak-tool got a setting for that?16:48
elgok1l: i've not found anything related yet16:52
k1lsystem-desktop symbols. then click on the symbols in the first tab16:53
elgok1l: add more icons, doesn't remove existing. desktop shows  $home/*16:54
k1lthan you did change that somewhere before?16:55
elgok1l: fresh default installation, about 15 minutes old16:55
k1lthat should be ~/Desktop16:56
elgounsetting XDG-DESKTOP_DIR did it16:59
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belgianguycan I run 14.04 without giving up on my 13.10 ?19:01
belgianguyIIRC, it usually removes those older versions19:01
belgianguybut I'm quite eager to try 14.0419:02
bekksbelgianguy: No, you cant. Either you upgrade or you dont.19:02
belgianguybekks: hmm, then I'll have to wait some :) betting the main dev machine on it wouldn't be that wise19:03
Volkodavbelgianguy you can dual boot along 13.1019:13
belgianguyVolkodav: I might boot it off USB to see what's it like19:14
Volkodavbut if real install works good for you may copy your home partition to it and hence migrate to it19:18
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pietro10apt-get dist-upgrade wants to now install a package I do not want. Is there a way I can find out which updated package now requires that one?21:53
pietro10actually it seems to be a recommended package; hm...21:53
pietro10oh it's libreoffice21:56
pietro10yeah well ahead of you there, but thanks22:01
pietro10it was libreoffice so eh22:01
kzettsHi, Im trying to boot the xubuntu 14.04 cd, and it is saying /casper/vmlinuz not found.23:44
kzettsI md5'd the iso23:44
kzettsand everything is fine23:44
kzettsburnt a second disk23:44
kzettsno effect23:44
kzettsIs the iso broken?23:44
FernandoMiguelkzetts: can you try an older build?23:50

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