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short_samHey guys question when I look at the evernote service file it specifies it kind of as it's own plugin... so when i'm trying to use something such as say google do I need to define my own custom service to utilize Youtube?02:17
dholbachgood morning07:39
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy St Piran's Day! :-D09:25
mihirpopey: WebbyIT are we meeting in Today's meeting ?09:31
mihirsorry , tomorrow's09:31
KHendrikzbenjamin, do you have some time?09:45
zbenjaminKHendrik: shoot09:45
KHendrikI started over again with my project since it was still using the formats of the old templates without cmake. And I want to do it right ths time... Right now I have the tabbed template with backend and when i hit run it asks for a executable last time i edited the Makefile to include a job run which pointed to qmlrunner but how would i normally do this?09:47
zbenjaminyou have to hit F12 instead of the normal run button09:50
zbenjaminproper run support is what i'm working on atm09:50
KHendrikohh ok didn't know that09:51
KHendrikargh F12 is guake ok will disable that09:51
KHendrikThat doesn't seem to have any effect F12 does nothing09:53
KHendrikzbenjamin, any idea what could be wrong?09:58
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rpadovanimihir: yap, there will be also Bartosz10:12
mihirWebbyIT: cool :)10:12
rpadovanimihir: when you have time, could you please review10:14
rpadovaniand https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/128694610:14
rpadovani? thanks :-)10:14
KHendrikok right now I'm trying run on device this is the error i get: [11:27:39] cat: ubuntu-sdk-13.10-armhf/click_package/backend-tabbed-test.desktop: No such file or directory10:28
KHendrikdoes anyone have any ideas10:28
mihirWebbyIT: Done :)10:48
m-b-oHas anyone experience with WorkerScript and the things that can go wrong with it?10:59
m-b-othen please have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bug/128744610:59
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1287446 in Ubuntu Weather App "Sometimes, the temperature and conditions are not shown" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:59
rpadovanithanks mihir :-)10:59
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KHendrikzbenjamin, do i need a special version not in the ppa for f12 to work?11:59
zbenjaminKHendrik: sorry its Ctrl+F1212:00
zbenjaminKHendrik: look in the Build -> Ubuntu Menu12:00
KHendrikok thats for run on device now i get this error:  cat: ubuntu-sdk-13.10-armhf/click_package/backend-tabbed-test.desktop: No such file or directory12:01
zbenjaminKHendrik: did you do build in chroot? Right Click on the project -> build in chroot12:02
KHendrikzbenjamin, I get an access not authorized error "I: You do not have permission to access the schroot service.12:04
KHendrikI: This failure will be reported."12:04
KHendrikzbenjamin, I already get that error during clean "/usr/share/qtcreator/ubuntu/scripts/qtc_chroot_make armhf ubuntu-sdk-13.10 trusty clean"12:11
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zbenjaminKHendrik: aaa that one12:15
zbenjaminKHendrik: edit /etc/schroot/chroot.d/click-ubuntu-sdk-13.10-armhf and replace root with your username12:15
zbenjaminKHendrik: sorry thats a bug in the click creation that has not been resolved yet12:16
KHendrikahh i see should i replace every occurence of root?12:17
KHendrikzbenjamin, ok build in chroot now works but run on device still doesn't12:24
zbenjaminKHendrik: what happens?12:24
KHendrikusr/share/qtcreator/ubuntu/scripts/qtc_device_run_app finished with code 25512:25
zbenjaminhmm nothing more?12:25
KHendrikwait i will paste it its to long12:25
zbenjaminKHendrik: on the devices mod, does it say your device is ready for development?12:26
KHendrikzbenjamin, yes and i can run on device with qml only app12:26
zbenjaminKHendrik: weird it seems the arguments to qmlscene are wrong, did you change the desktop file?12:28
KHendrikzbenjamin, no I didn't touch it it is just a clean project with backend and tabbed interface12:31
zbenjaminKHendrik: weird... what image version do you have on the device?12:31
zbenjaminrevision i mean12:33
zbenjaminshould be in settings -> about device -> OS12:33
zbenjaminok that is new enough ;)12:34
zbenjaminthere should be a folder called /home/phablet/dev_tmp12:35
zbenjaminin there should be your project, check out the exec in the desktop file there. if it looks wrong12:36
KHendrikzbenjamin, a desktop file should end on .desktop right?12:38
KHendrikok found it nevermind12:39
KHendrikzbenjamin, hmm doesn't look obviously wrong to me http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038317/12:44
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KHendrikzbenjamin, fixed it!! For some reason you cant use hyphen in the project name or it will fail.12:54
zbenjaminKHendrik: awesome!12:54
zbenjaminKHendrik: good to know thx12:54
KHendrikzbenjamin, Thank you for your help12:55
zbenjaminKHendrik: no prob12:55
zbenjaminKHendrik: ask again if you need more :)12:55
KHendrikzbenjamin, sure will do12:55
KHendrikzbenjamin, one more question right away :) how do i switch from the 13.10 sdk to 14.0413:00
dpmnik90, are you still planning the Ubuntu App Dev School? What was the date again?13:21
nik90dpm: tomorrow 14:00 UTC13:26
nik90dpm: oh sry I was referring to the app dev week :P13:26
nik90dpm: I am still discussing with the dutch loco about the app dev school13:27
dpmnik90, let me know if there is anything I can help with13:27
nik90dpm: but most likely in May (during the release party of 14.04)13:27
nik90dpm: ok13:27
dpmnik90, I'm just drafting the blog post, but here are some pics from the app dev school in Barcelona last weekend: http://www.flickr.com/photos/david-planella/sets/7215764175129884413:28
nik90dpm: wow pretty cool!13:29
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mzanettiballoons: ping13:41
zbenjaminKHendrik: you don't atm13:47
zbenjaminKHendrik: not in creator yet13:47
KHendrikahh ok13:48
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matavacano one here....14:01
dholbachso folks... if you have questions for Zsombor, please ask them and prefix them with QUESTION:14:03
mzanettirpadovani: o/14:13
rpadovanimzanetti: yeah, at least we are here :-) In about an hour I return home and update the code14:16
mzanettirpadovani: cool, no need to hurry14:17
dholbachany questions for Zsombor so far?14:19
nik90QUESTION: Can you change properties of UI elements defined in the default layout like color, text etc in a conditional layout?14:21
ahayzenQUESTION: can you provide transitions between different layouts?14:25
nik90QUESTION: Is it possible to define tabs or pagestack in a conditional layout? For instance, in a phone a tabs interface might make sense while in a tablet, one might like to hide the tabs and show them as column instead.14:26
dholbachany more questions?14:29
dholbach.. while we have Zsombor here :)(14:29
nik90QUESTION: In the future, can we expect predefined phone, tablet, and desktop conditions that we can use to trigger different conditional layouts?14:31
nik90QUESTION: When defining an item only in a particular conditional layout, does that item get unloaded from memory automatically when switching to other layouts? Or should I do that manually?14:35
dholbachany more questions?14:38
nik90I am out of questions :D14:39
dholbachis Zsombor breaking up for anyone else?14:40
dholbachor is it just me?14:40
nik90seems good to me14:40
nik90okay now he is broken14:40
nik90dholbach: can you ask him to repeat it14:41
dholbachsorry for the break up14:43
ahayzenthanks guys :)14:43
zsombi1nik90: dholbach: ahayzen: my gtalk plugin was eating 170% of my cpu time...14:43
nik90thnx zsombi1 dholbach14:43
dholbachhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-1403-uitk was probably the session zsombi1 was referring to14:43
dholbachalthough I might have misunderstood14:43
dholbachzsombi1, 170%? that's nothing :-P14:43
nik90zsombi1: yeah it does that sometimes..so annoying14:44
dholbachmy CPU temp is still up at 75°C14:44
zsombi1dholbach: yes, this is the BP I was talking about14:44
dholbachso everyone who's interested in it can go and subscribe to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-1403-uitk :)14:44
dholbachthanks again zsombi114:44
zsombi1dholbach: welcome guys! any questions, feel free to post!14:45
dpmeveryone ready for the next session on testing with qmlrunner?14:56
* mzanetti is (hopefully)14:57
dpmplease prefix any questions with QUESTION:15:01
dpmand feel free to ask them at any time15:01
balloonswahoo :-)15:01
KHendrikuhh the lag15:02
dpmtest all the things! \o/15:02
dpmI'll be monitoring IRC, so feel free to ping me and I'll forward the questions to Michael15:03
elopiothe stream is getting stuck for me :(15:05
balloonstry opening the stream on youtube directly.. might help http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=Pj1hV93icRU15:08
m-b-oballoons: are you around?15:15
balloonsm-b-o, I am indeed15:16
m-b-oballoons: is the Qt version on the new proposed images 5.2.1?15:16
m-b-owhere this bug occurs15:16
balloonsm-b-o, we're moving to 5.2.1. do you think this is a problem from it?15:17
m-b-oyes, I'm pretty sure15:17
m-b-oI've added some comments to the bug15:17
elopiom-b-o, balloons: on 5.2.1 we are seeing the same error, but more often. But I reported the bug using 5.0.15:18
m-b-othere are probably tow different errors15:18
KHendrikQUESTION: Can you run the tests from QTCreator or do you always need to use the console?15:20
balloonsdpm ^^15:21
m-b-oelopio balloons: or there is problem which occurs more often with the JS engine used in Qt5.215:22
dpmthanks balloons :)15:23
dpmKHendrik, answering it right now15:23
nik90is the stream down for anyone else?15:25
Mark_KIt is down for me.15:25
balloonsstream dropped15:25
nik90dpm: ^^15:26
KHendrikyep stream is dead15:26
dpmseems to be ok on the hangout itself15:26
dpmlet me see if I can figure out what's going on15:26
marcinellothe stream is down for me too :(15:26
KHendrikon youtube it dropped after i hope that answ... dead15:26
nik90dpm: We get the message "We are experiencing technical difficulties"15:27
KHendrikconfirmed technical difficulties here too15:27
dpmhm, there's not much I can do in that case, the hangout seems to be ok :/15:27
davmor2balloons: dpm: down for me too15:29
dpmthe hangout now stopped15:29
mzanettisorry... What was the last thing you've seen?15:30
dpmbear with us guys...15:30
mzanettinik90: you seem to be the first one that dropped out. what was the last thing you received?15:31
KHendrikmzanetti, i heard i hope that answered your question and than it stopped15:31
mzanettiheh, ok15:31
mzanettiwhile dpm is setting it up again, KHendrik, did that answer your question?15:32
KHendrikmzanetti, yes it did thank you :)15:32
balloonsm-b-o, so you have everything you need in exploring what15:32
balloons's happening with weather?15:32
m-b-oballoons: ?15:32
balloonsm-b-o, sorry sentence got cut. I saw your comments on the bug report. Do you have everything you need to fix the issues or no? I also opened a bug you can try and recreate: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bug/128798215:33
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1287982 in Ubuntu Weather App "Refreshing when no weather data is found crashes the app" [Undecided,New]15:33
balloonssounds like not everyone has the issue tho so ;-)15:34
m-b-oballoons: I doubt I could fix the issue since it's a platform bug. I could perhaps make a workaround, but earliest friday I think15:35
balloonsm-b-o, why do you say it's a platform bug? because the worker sometimes doesn't execute properly?15:35
dpmdavmor2, KHendrik, nik90, stream should be live again15:36
Mark_KI see the stream.15:36
m-b-oballons: yes, I do think so. And the same data put in the worker sometimes fails, sometimes works15:36
davmor2Yeap I see it but had to refresh15:37
KHendrikdpm yes works fine15:37
nik90dpm: thnx15:37
m-b-oballoons: and I couldn't reporduce it on 5.0, but on 5.2 and 5.2 has a new js engine15:37
dpmMark_K, KHendrik, davmor2, thanks for confirming guys15:37
balloonsm-b-o, can we swap the target for the bug then to 5.2 issues?15:37
KHendrikdpm, you're welcome15:38
m-b-oballoons: I would be pleased if somebody could confirm what  the same15:38
nik90dpm: QUESTION: For the test_clearButton() testcase, what is the advantage of using qmltestrunner over autopilot?15:39
balloonsm-b-o, well I'm concerned because elopio says it happens to him on 5.0. All my devices are newer than that, as I suspect yours is now15:39
elopioballoons: how are you installing qt5.2 on your device? using timo's PPA?15:40
nik90QUESTION: Where can we find documentation for the UbuntuTestCase helper functions like keyClick, testCompare and so on?15:40
m-b-oelopio balloons: r219 isn't qt5.2?15:41
davmor2elopio: do you mean 5.0 or the default that is in a standard image?15:41
elopiodavmor2: isn't the default 5.0?15:41
balloonswell true.. 5.0 != image default..I guess it's 5.0.x?15:41
davmor2m-b-o: no  r219 is default 5.2.1 isn't landed yet15:41
elopionow I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the stream.15:42
davmor2elopio: 5.0.2 = default on qtquick15:43
aquariusgoldarnit, I missed the responsive layouts session. Watching now. :)15:43
elopiowell, yes, close enough15:43
m-b-odavmor2 ok thanks15:43
elopiom-b-o: if you want to try with 5.2.1, you will need https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta215:45
dpmnik90, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/TestCase/ there are some docs there15:45
nik90dpm: thnx15:46
m-b-oelopio: no, thought r219 is 1t5.2.1 already, so it wouldn't make sense.15:46
elopiom-b-o: no, r219 it's not 5.2.1 yet.15:47
m-b-oelopio balloons: will try to make a workaround, but this can not happen until friday. Still seems to me like a bug in Qt itself.15:47
elopiom-b-o: I'm not in a hurry. Once we have reported a bug and started working on identify the causes, I think it should take whatever it takes to get a nice fix.15:49
elopiobut, you know, not everybody thinks this way :)15:49
elopiom-b-o: thanks a lot for looking into it.15:50
m-b-oelopio: alright :)15:50
dry[1]hi. what's currently the most popular software on ubuntu to create games for android?15:50
dpmany questions on the session or testing/QA in general you guys want to ask Michael while he's here?15:53
dpmwe've got about 5 minutes15:53
elopioI missed it all :'(15:55
balloonsm-b-o, I would like to see an honest fix as well. I feel like there's a bug or two within the app that will take some time to hash out, but it's the best way.. no reason to hack or make workarounds15:55
elopioI'll make my questions tomorrow.15:55
balloonselopio, dholbach is going to do the session with you now15:56
dholbachelopio, yep, sent you the hangout URL in a private message15:56
elopioI'm ready, I hope my connection is too.15:56
KHendrikThanks very much nice Session.15:56
dholbach*cross fingers*15:56
elopiodholbach: I see no invitation.15:57
nik90mzanetti: thnx for the session. Very informative!15:58
mzanettiyw :)15:58
m-b-oballoons: me too. there are some other stuff I'm already refactoring which should imporove things. But this particular bug with the worker script will be hard to fix without some duct tape... sorry15:58
balloonsm-b-o, I guess the point is if it's a bug in platform, I'd like to pass it along15:59
mzanettidpm: balloons: btw. here's a side product of my preparation for the qmltestrunner session: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/ubuntu-sdk-tutorials/use-ubuntutestcase/+merge/20945516:01
nik90alrite elopio bring it on with the user acceptance tests :D16:01
mzanettiplease review when you have some time16:01
nik90dholbach: u r live16:01
* dholbach hugs nik9016:01
dpmmzanetti, nice, will approve once I've finished my next call16:02
balloonsmzanetti, :-)16:02
KHendrikLaTeX ftw16:03
m-b-oballoons: yes, but to pass judgement about it I'm not capable of. My guts tell me, it's a platform bug. But that doesn't count :)16:03
dholbachare there any questions for Leo already?16:13
dholbachany questions for Leo? (please prefix with QUESTION:, so we can pick it up more easily)16:37
nik90QUESTION: Are individual applications expected to generate sphinx documentation to help new developers with writing tests? Or is this more for Autopilot itself?16:44
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nik90QUESTION: In the Address book example, while writing autopilot tests for the address book, how do you access the gallery UI elements? Can Autopilot access them despite being in a new app?16:48
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dholbachnik90, looks like Leo can't hear me ;-)16:49
nik90dholbach: oh16:53
MaheshKDo we have example scripts to try?16:56
dholbachMaheshK, https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/+junk/talks might have some more pointers as well16:57
dholbachany more questions for Leo?16:57
MaheshKThank you16:58
rvrelopio: clap clap clap16:59
nik90elopio, dholbach: Thnx for the session.17:00
dholbachelopio, good work :)17:00
elopionik90: thanks to you for all the good examples to show around :)17:00
nik90elopio: hehe .. well you helped me get there. so thank you as well17:01
candelibasHi everyone.I have installed Ubuntu SDK but when I create HTML5 App and try to run it gives me error (ubuntu-html5-app-launcher)17:01
mhall119if anybody has questions for alex or david, ask them here starting with "QUESTION:"17:09
dbarth-onairhi everyone17:20
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dbarth-onairplease share questions about the examples alex is doing17:20
rvrBig enough :)17:35
dbarth-onairrvr: too big? ;) maybe he can scale that down a bit17:36
kenvandinealex-abreu, that is fixed in our pending branches, knownSourcesForType will return the default as well17:46
dbarth-onairkenvandine: ah cool, i think that's easier this way17:47
dbarth-onairbut it's good to know that there is a distinction17:47
dbarth-onairand a way to get the default one in just one go17:47
kenvandineit's even easier now... with the api changes17:47
kenvandinewow... i am like 4 minutes behind on the video...17:50
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short_samCan someone help me with my authentication token after making my own account plugin? It's supposed to grab the token but it does nothing it just sits there after the user logs in...18:35
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KHendrikmzanetti, will the first half of the qmltestrunner session be available as a recording or is that one lost?21:21
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borenHi, is there a way to add email to a contact in addressbook using Qt.openUrlExternally? It seems that currently only phone-number is supported.22:04
Brayden_Looking for some information on the OS for Galaxy Nexus22:33
drodriguezpadillQUESTION: How can I get items on a page to stay in the center, even if the orientation or size of the display varies?23:14

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