pranavi installed kubuntu iso for embedded device on my flash. evrything is fine, but ends with a busybox atop of bare kernel.03:41
pranavhow can i transfer the std i/o to LCD ? please help03:42
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ValduareI have an mk802 that I'm trying to get picuntu going on17:17
Valduareapparently the internet has sped on past me cause all the guides and file links are for mk802 III and IV and all the future versions lol17:17
Valduareneeding some help17:17
ograValduare, did you try and picuntu forum, mailing list or channel ?17:28
Valduarewas not finding a channel17:28
Valduaredo you know what it is17:28
* ogra never heard of picuntu ... by the looks of it it seems to be very far from a default ubuntu setup with many hacks17:29
ValduareI have an mk802 clone17:30
Valduareneeds pressed into service to run a label printer17:30
ograwell, ask someone from picuntu ... nobody in here knows their installer scripts and hacks17:31
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