brainwashanyone in the mood to mark 2 bug reports as "won't fix"?00:48
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LarryThi there. Something about glib-critical bug when launching application from within terminal on ubuntu 14.04 i386 ?19:22
brainwashLarryT: which application exactly?19:27
LarryTI run gparted compilled from git, and it returns this warning : Source ID xxx was not found when attempting to remove it19:27
LarryTSorry, I must go. I will be back in a half19:28
brainwashcan anyone help me with changing the status of 2 older bug reports please?19:34
LarryTbrainwash : I am back19:55
brainwashLarryT: welcome back :)19:55
LarryTthx ;)19:56
brainwashI'm pretty sure that I have seen a similar warning recently, so some bug report might already exist19:56
brainwashnot gparted specific19:57
LarryTYes you are right : with gnome-control-center on x64. But I just would like to report that this bug doesnt seem to come from gnome-control-center, like on x64, because this package is NOT on i38619:58
LarryTand yes : not gparted specific. We just need e2fsprogs 1.48.9 to test gparted factures...19:59
LarryTI mean 1.42.9 e2fsprogs19:59
brainwashI'm afraid that I don't know how I could help you20:00
brainwashyou should file a bug report I guess, if you haven't done it yet20:01
LarryTno problem. My goal was just to say that it doesnot come from gnome-control-center on i386. It is just to share what I notice :). I thing that it is a bit stupid not to share this.20:02
LarryTabout the bug report, I wonder if it was important to file this bug... You seem to think it is ?20:02
LarryTI was afraid to report a kind of duplicate bug20:03
brainwashnothing wrong with reporting it, it can be marked as duplicate one afterwards in case a report already exists20:04
brainwashand has been found yet20:04
LarryTok. thx brainwash. bye. The best for you :)20:04
brainwashLarryT: you're welcome :)20:06
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