josenigelb: don't vanish from the world!04:11
mhall119nigelb could never vanish, he's just gracing some other open source community with his talent :)04:33
nigelbjose: of course I'm not vanishing!06:23
nigelbalso, yes, what mhall119 said.06:23
nigelbI'll still be in a few ubuntu channels, like this one. I can't forget you guys.06:23
* jose hugs nigelb06:23
nigelbI just feel like I shouldn't be keeping my membership.06:23
* nigelb hugs jose 06:23
joseso, I still owe you a beer for helping me out with summit a year or two ago :P06:24
nigelbhah, it's was long ago enough that I don't remember06:24
nigelbbut I will take the beer :D06:25
josewell, it was long ago enough that I was using JoseeAntonioR06:26
nigelbI remember that!06:27
pleia2it was like 3 weeks ago06:27
josehey, it's not my fault that staff doesn't want to drop jose06:29
* jussi waves to pleia2, nigelb and jose06:30
josehey jussi!06:30
nigelbpleia2: lol06:30
nigelbhello jussi :)06:30
jussihrrr. I hate it when you have a wonderful tool, but it misses one tiny bit of functionality, and you have no idea how to add it...06:31
josemaybe there's a script to add it as a plug-in?06:33
dholbachgood morning07:39
jussimorning dholbach!07:39
dholbachhi jussi07:41
elfyhi dholbach jussi07:42
jussiheya elfy07:42
dholbachhi elfy07:43
dpmmorning dholbach07:45
dpmmorning all07:45
dholbachhola dpm07:46
dholbachdpm, como estas?07:46
dpmdholbach, bien, bien, y tu?07:47
dholbachbien tambiƩn :)07:49
dholbachdpm, sollen wir mal ein paar Takte telefonieren?07:50
dpmdholbach, klar. Um 9:00 ging's bei dir?07:51
dpmok, brb, reboot07:54
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dholbachall right - see you guys around! have a great rest of your day! :)17:01
josemhall119: hey, still having the dev update, right?17:06
josewell, engineering17:06
mhall119jose: as far as I know, I sent a reminder email to everyone earlier today17:08
joseawesome then :)17:09
josemhall119: hey, forgot to mention, now the events are listed on the my_live_events youtube page and you just click 'start the hangout'17:38
josepopey: hey, can we re-confirm the dates for the app design clinics?17:40
mhall119jose: you've set it up already?17:47
josemhall119: yep, just a matter of clicking that button17:47
mhall119cool, thanks17:47
josein case it's cancelled/delayed, we can put an announcement on the video17:48
josejono: ping, have a min?21:00
jonojose, hopping on a call, but feel free to type21:00
josejono: hey, I was wondering if we could re-schedule our call for when you had time on the week21:01
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