dholbachgood morning07:39
JHOSMANHi, I'm administrator of Ubuntu Colombia and want to know how we can delete this post from the mailing list as the person who sent it down your personal data and want the content to be removed.13:48
geniiHi... I'm curious why the Copenhagen event for Ubuntu Global Jam is listed under "Events in countries without continents" ... "Events without countries" ... Because I'm pretty sure Copenhagen is in the country of Denmark, which in turn is part of the continent of Europe ....  this is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2656/20:08
pleia2probably a good question for #ubuntu-dk20:09
pleia2I think it means the venue doesn't have a country listed20:10
geniipleia2: Just thought it was odd :)20:16
pleia2it happens20:17
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HakanSHow do you appoint moderators in your loco forums?21:25
pleia2HakanS: on ubuntuforums.org?21:26
pleia2HakanS: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216405221:27
geniipleia2: I went to their channel and left a message about it ..in English since I don't speak Danish ( quite yet ...) but hopefully someone will see it.21:27
HakanSWe have our own forum on our own server.21:28
pleia2HakanS: hm, ask the person who runs the forum software for your team?21:28
HakanSWe have a discussion in our loco about this. Some want the Loco Team Leader to have the authority to appoint and remove moderators. I wanted to se how other locos do.21:32
pleia2oh, I see21:33
pleia2people in our team volunteer to moderate, if we know them and think they're a generally helpful person we'll add them21:33
HakanSpleia2: Do you have many complaints about the moderation?21:36
pleia2HakanS: nope, none21:36
pleia2we're a pretty friendly crowd though21:36
geniiHakanS: In my loco ( Ubuntu Canada ) we pretty much have our Team Leader and a couple others who are allowed to delegate things like website editing access, forum moderation, and so on.21:41
HakanSgenii: How do you appoint the Team Leader? In our LoCo the TL is elected every year.21:44
geniiHakanS: When the group began, the Team Leader was the person who began the group. Since then, we vote. No specific term though, so Team Leader remains unless they leave for some reason or else everyone becomes dissatisfied and then demands a vote21:47
pleia2we vote for leadership too21:48
HakanSIn our LoCo we have said that the Team Leader role is more of coordinator who give support when eg the website group needs some help.22:07
HakanS Now some people (3-4) want the Team Leader to be the person who is responsible for that the different teams (website editing, forum moderators, marketing team) in our loco do what they have planned. 22:10
HakanSThey mean that the Team Leader therefore must have bigger authority to appoint and remove the members in these teams.22:14
HakanSWhat do you think about that?22:15
pleia2HakanS: so the loco-council can be called in to arbitrate disagreements/problems within teams when these kinds of things come up and the team members can't respolve it themselves22:33
ubot2`The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, costales, jose, SergioMeneses, skellat and PabloRubianes - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com22:34
HakanSpleia2: Thanks22:36

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