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qwebirc99070I have an older pc AMD based tat will only boot from CD,  is there a program that can span the ios file to two disks ??19:13
qwebirc99070Could you make available a CD ver of the ios ??19:15
tgm4883not that I know of19:15
tgm4883Can't do that either, I'm not sure it would even be possible19:16
tgm4883Can you burn it to a dvd?19:16
qwebirc99070yes but the machine won't boot from it19:16
tgm4883how old is this machine?19:17
qwebirc99070abit AMD 340019:17
Kwisher_wrkqwebirc99070: check out plop bootloader, it will allow older pc's to boot from usb19:18
qwebirc99070It will boot from usb but only floppy, zip,  and a couply others19:19
qwebirc99070I haven't tryed usb HD yet but I don't think it's supported19:20
Kwisher_wrkqwebirc99070: plop will make it possible to boot from a usb19:21
Kwisher_wrkif the pc will boot from a usb natively, what's the problem?19:21
qwebirc99070I have the ios on a thumb drive, so I will give it a try19:21
Kwisher_wrkyou have to create a bootable usb, not just copy the iso to it19:22
qwebirc99070it's looking for a floppy drive not the thumb drive19:23
qwebirc99070the thumb drive is bootable19:23
Kwisher_wrkyou usually have to set the boot options in the bios or press a key to bring up a boot menu19:23
qwebirc99070I used the pendrive app to make a bootable thumb drive19:24
qwebirc99070done that19:24
Kwisher_wrkif all else fails, download the plop iso and burn it to cd and boot form it19:24
qwebirc99070I'll try it,19:25

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