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ubottuPessimist called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:56
* Pici sighs14:56
geniiWe're gonna need more coffee14:57
* h00k gets coffee14:57
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JoeSomebodywhy is a super simple question unanswered in ubuntu channel? could it be i was right? some op here is making sure i am not only discriminiated against a few years ago, but now as well?21:45
JoeSomebodyyes i WAS testing21:45
JoeSomebodyyes you all failed21:46
ikoniawhat are you talking about ?21:46
* Pici has no idea either21:47
ikoniaI see you talking in ubuntu getting help,21:47
ikoniaJoeSomebody: what's up ? what's the problem ?21:49
ikoniaJoeSomebody: are you there ?21:58
phunyguy@mark #ubuntu-offtopic Guest27024 is cowtoe, not banned anymore, but same IPv6.  They never acknowledged that they would behave, but they weren't here for a while.  Should keep an eye on them.22:09
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:09
ikoniaJoeSomebody: I'm going to remove you from the channel as you don't appear active, but if you want to explain what you're struggling with, you're welcome back when you are free22:10
geniiikonia: That was uncharacteristically diplomatic of you ;)22:13
PiciI think it was normal ikonia :)22:14
bazhangdoes kali use e17 or something?23:32
geniiNo <bleeping> clue23:33
jpdsbleeping or bleep?23:38
bazhangjoe king23:41
bazhang"are you joe king?"23:41
Unit193Gnome fallback.23:46
bazhang"potential troublemaker" spot on23:55

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