pittiGood morning06:03
elfymorning DanChapman07:03
DanChapmangood morning elfy :-)07:04
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jodhpitti: hi - is the Depends: in d/tests/control as functional as d/control (the dep8 spec does not say)? Specifically, can I use architecture specifications?09:48
pittijodh: it gets passed to pbuilder-satisfydepends, so it ought to work09:56
jodhpitti: ok, thanks. Would be good to have the spec updated on that point.09:57
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pittijibel: there are a couple of -ppc64 tests on http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Trusty/view/AutoPkgTest/10:17
pittijibel: did you add them on purpose, or did they somehow reappear from two weeks ago?10:17
pittijibel: i. e. should we just delete them again?10:17
pittiah no, they are from Feb 21, I assume I can kill them10:18
jibelpitti, I didn't readded them, they can be deleted.10:20
pittijibel: yup, done10:20
jibelpitti, actually I don't know how they have been recreated, i'll investigate further10:20
pittijibel: they got created during the sprint (last run Feb 21), apparently they just recently (re-)appeared in the private jenkins view10:21
jibelj-lallement@tachash:/var/lib/jenkins/QA/logs/trusty$ grep ppc64 run-jenkins.trusty.2014030*|grep -v ppc64el10:21
jibelpitti, not created by adt-britney10:23
pittijodh: tested, Depends: foo [armhf] works10:23
pittijodh: the doc says10:24
pitti  Depends: <dpkg dependency field syntax>10:24
jibeljenkins' search box, most useless search box I know10:24
pittijodh: I don't think we want to copy the dpkg spec there? (alternatives, versions, architectures, etc., it's quite complex)10:24
jodhpitti: ack - I'm re-running my tests and it has correctly handled multiple architectures being specified.10:25
jodhpitti: true, but the doc then goes on to talk about dep8-specific depends syntax. I'm not suggesting you copy the dpkg spec, simply that the text of that depends section maybe refers to the relevant section of Debian policy and states that the following special syntax enhances the usual depends syntax (ie @, and @builddeps@).10:27
pittijodh: like http://paste.ubuntu.com/7037777/ ?10:29
jodhpitti: Yes - maybe, "This supports all features of dpkg dependencies, see <https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html>. The following additional syntax is permittted:".10:32
pittijodh: done in http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git;a=commitdiff;h=bca85ac10:34
jodhpitti: great - thanks!!10:35
davmor2Morning all10:58
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elopiorobotfuel: all tests are passing now here:14:40
elopiocan you give it another look please?14:41
* robotfuel looks14:41
elopioballoons: ^ you too, if you have time. That branch was actually your request :)14:42
balloonselopio, yep, can't wait to have a look15:06
rvrNow live: http://summit.ubuntu.com/appdevweek-1403/meeting/22131/making-the-perfect-user-acceptance-test/16:03
elfyballoons: when you're up and about - got a bit of an issue with the tracker16:07
balloonselfy, shoot17:05
elfyballoons: can you go here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds/57247/testcases17:05
elfywe have the same issue going on with 32bit too17:05
elfybut basically reports are being duplicated across the normal upgrade and the LTS upgrade test17:06
elfyas always elfy finds something strange to upset balloons day with ;)17:06
elfyI'm juts going afk for 30 minutes or so17:07
disc0techballoons, when you have a few minutes, DanChapman and I were talking earlier about the best way to install packages required for the test (e.g. icecast for setting up a local internet radio station, to test rhythmbox's ability to play internet radio17:26
disc0techCan be done via test-runner, but we were thinking it should be done in the test using a call to a bash script17:26
balloonsdisc0tech, ohh.. interesting. I suppose I would list it as a dependency perhaps17:30
balloonselfy, ohh. I see now, yes thats a problem17:31
* elfy is pleased that it's not his eyes :)17:33
disc0techWhere would you list such a dependency, balloons?17:33
elfyballoons: I don't suppose anyone else has noticed that - only ubuntu and us have upgrade tests for the LTS and the normal upgrade17:37
balloonsstgraber, can you have a look at elfy's issue? Is there something odd about why we're duplicating results in both places? It is using the same testcase for both17:37
stgraberseems perfectly fine to me17:39
stgraberresults are stored on a buildid+testcaseid basis17:39
stgraberif you have the same testcase linked twice through two testsuites, it's normal that you see the duplication17:40
elfyso we'll have to create new ones just for the lts to lts upgrade test?17:40
balloonselfy, stgraber ty.. so that's it17:43
elfyballoons: I'll try and do a MP later for two new testcases for upgrade and upgrade(image) so that we can use the new ones for LTS perhaps17:43
balloonselfy, sounds perfect. thanks for noticing17:43
elfyballoons: are agreed that we use the new ones for LTS?17:46
elfyballoons: https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/upgrades/+merge/20951417:51
elfyI'm back off for a bit now17:51
balloonselfy, these are simply duplicates?17:59
elfyif there's anything wrong - it's wrong in the originals :p17:59
balloonselfy, I would suggest simply changing to only check for lts17:59
balloons+ <dd>If you have upgraded from a lts release to lts release, terminal will show Prompt=lts</dd>18:00
balloonsand tweak the normal ones to only check for normal18:00
balloonsmake sense?18:00
elfynone at all - that just means we've got testcases that say something but the tracker still won't differentiate - they need to have different testcaseid18:01
balloonselfy, ?18:01
elfyI'm trying to do half a dozen things here - mostly in real life - I don't understand what you mean - and if it means fiddling with the mp then it will have to wait18:02
elfywhat I'm not sure of is why we need to write anything in the testcase when the testcase will be in the tracker under LTS and the name is LTS18:04
balloonselfy, we'll chat later. .I'm feeling the same. I was asking you to modify the expectations for the test check at the end to only refer to lts. And for the other test case, to only refer to normal releases. I'll try and leave a helpful comment18:12
forestpiskiekids trying to guess passwords, turn machines off in a panic thinking you'd not notice ...19:08
elfyballoons: I think I see what you were getting at - I pushed it again19:20
robotfuelelopio: I've approved your MP from earlier.19:56
elfyballoons: and again when I saw the second comment ... should be right now20:01
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balloonsty elfy :-) approved21:53

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