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arch_ruleshello could i have some ubuntu touch help xD00:40
arch_ruleswhat terminal does ubuntu touch 14.04 use?00:41
arch_rules what terminal does ubuntu touch 14.04 use?00:44
dakerarch_rules: a specific QML app wit konsole plugin00:44
arch_rulesthank you00:45
arch_rulesotherwise im getting board of using adb all the time00:45
dakerkonsole plugi https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-terminal-dev/ubuntu-terminal-app/plugin/files00:46
arch_ruleswhat is the pakage name for the ubuntu terminal app in the repo01:05
dakeri am not really sure if it's present in the main repo01:07
arch_rulesbecause the app in the system wont launch01:08
arch_rulesand cya xD01:08
dakeryou mean on the phone ?01:08
cwayneterminal app isn't in the repos as its a click pacakge01:21
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Asifany one tell me that how i port ubuntu touch in Nokia lumia 52004:09
RAOFAsif: With difficulty - the first part would be to get an Android 4.4 install on it, which you'll need to break the bootloader to do.04:11
RAOFAsif: Unless someone has published a jailbreak for the Lumias that I'm not aware of :)04:11
RAOFAsif: A reasonable answer to “how do I port Ubuntu Touch to the Nokia Lumias” is “you can't”.04:20
RAOFAsif: *If* you can break the firmware to load arbitrary code, the next step is to get an Android 4.4 image running on the hardware, which will likely require kernel patches and may require reverse-engineering some drivers.04:22
RAOFAsif: *Then* it's easy :)04:22
Asif_but microsoft  make it so secure to jailbreakit04:23
RAOFAsif_: Right. Which is why a reasonable answer is “you *can't* port to the Lumias”.04:25
dholbachgood morning07:46
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dholbachralsina_, beuno: should we have a discussion at next week's UDS about software store plans/roadmap?08:53
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy St Piran's Day! :-D09:24
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davmor2Morning all10:58
madax12345Hi !11:26
madax12345Can I install ubuntu phone OS on my Samsuns S2 ?11:26
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ralsina_dholbach: yes we should12:09
ralsina_dholbach: I mean we should have a discussion at UDS about software store plans/etc12:09
dholbachralsina_, ok cool12:10
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dholbachralsina_, beuno: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-1403-software-store-roadmap :)12:50
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ralsina_dholbach: thanks!12:51
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beunodholbach, thanks!13:02
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cwaynemardy, hey,t hanks for merging that stuff!  I got an account-plugin on my phone created by a click package! :D13:29
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mardycwayne: actually, it got reverted :-(13:39
mardycwayne: we'll land it after Qt 5.213:39
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cwaynei was so excited too13:41
cwaynemardy, so when i did have it installed, i couldn't see any accounts in my app, so I assume there's some app-side changes that I'd need to make?13:43
cwayneor was it just broken13:43
mardycwayne: with the new OA, now when you create an account by default all services are disabled13:46
mardycwayne: the app needs to request access to the accounts13:47
mardycwayne: let me find a useful link...13:47
cwaynemardy, so that's with the account-application hook right?13:47
cwayneor is there something int he actual qml that needs doing13:47
mardycwayne: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/friends-app/app-access/+merge/19836513:47
mardycwayne: something in the QML13:47
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mardycwayne: see the Setup element13:47
mardycwayne: and notice that its exec() method gets called13:47
mardycwayne: basically, you set a provider ID in this Setup element, and when you call exec(), OA will be invoked and propmt the user to give your application access to an account of that type13:48
mardycwayne: either by enabling a service on an existing account, or by creating a new account13:49
cwaynemardy, ah, ok13:49
cwayneso can you still get a list of accounts first, to choose which one to use?13:49
mardycwayne: yes, but if you app was never authorized to use an account, this list will be empty13:50
mardycwayne: does your app support a single account provider, or many ones?13:51
cwayneah ok, so how do i get the initial authorization to use an account then13:51
cwaynemardy, just one13:51
mardycwayne: something like: Setup { id: accountSetup; applicationId: "myapp"; providerId: "facebook" }13:52
mardycwayne: so, if your account list is empty, you can then call accountSetup.exec()13:52
cwaynemardy, so i can just call that when my app starts13:52
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mardycwayne: no, better call it only if the account list is empty13:56
mardycwayne: though as a user, I'd rather like have a screen which tells me "You have no accounts for MyApp; press here to configure one"13:57
cwaynemardy, ah, that makes sense13:59
cwaynemardy, once it gets in, could you update this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/336069/how-do-i-use-oauth-from-an-ubuntu-touch-app13:59
cwaynei know that's where i got my info from :)13:59
mardycwayne: I'll try :-)14:02
mardycwayne: I'll write a long blog post about it14:03
cwaynemardy, great :)  for now i'll try it out here, and i'll let you know if i can get it working14:04
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cwaynemardy, so I think i've gotten kinda close, by copying your app-access MP from reminders-app :D  but clicking the 'add account' button does nothing, I suppose I should now wait til this is actually merged/promoted14:36
cwayneaquarius, hey, are you actually working on that component store thing for developers?14:36
cwayneif so, i think a 'choose an online account to sign in with' page would be an amazingly good thing to have there14:37
mardycwayne: what version of u-s-s-o-a do you have installed?14:37
cwaynemardy, 0.3+14.04.20140304-0ubuntu114:38
mardycwayne: mmm... then it should work14:38
mardycwayne: try this:14:39
mardycwayne: killall online-accounts-ui14:39
mardycwayne: export OAU_DAEMON_TIMEOUT=900014:39
mardycwayne: export OAU_LOGGING_LEVEL=214:39
mardycwayne: online-accounts-ui --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/online-accounts-ui.desktop14:40
mardycwayne: and try again?14:40
mardyLaney: hi! renato_ confirms that the new SyncEvolution is working fine14:44
Laneymardy: ok, will upload it shortly then14:44
cwaynemardy, ah, so now with click-package online-accounts, the provider has to be the click name14:45
cwayneso for example instead of provider:'fitbit' i now need provder 'com.ubuntu.developer.cwayne18.fitbit_provider'14:45
mardycwayne: yes, without the version number14:46
mardycwayne: correct14:46
mardycwayne: are you 18 y.o. or born in 1918? ;-)14:46
renato_mardy, cwayne, but the old way still working?14:47
tedgmandel, Is there a design spec for the download manager? Trying to gather transfer menu requirements.14:47
renato_mardy, for example the sync monitor still a debian package14:47
cwaynemardy, lol, born on the 18th of may :)14:47
cwaynemardy, so this brings me to add an account, how would i enable an account i've already added from u-s-s-o-a for example?14:47
mandeltedg, are you talking about a design ui spec? or a technical one?14:47
tedgmandel, Well, both if they exist :-)14:49
Laneyboiko: bfiller: Do you have some time to test landing-002?14:49
tedgmandel, What can I ask for?  ;-)14:49
LaneyIt's the tones-in-accountsservice MP that I did a few weeks ago14:50
Laneytrying to land it now14:50
bfillerLaney: sure I can test that today, boiko  you should as well14:50
boikoLaney: yep, will do14:50
LaneyI put some manual testing notes on there14:50
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mandeltedg, there is no ui design afaik, there is a blueprint for the qml work for udm (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-1311-udm-sdk) and wiki docs for the dbus api (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DownloadService)14:51
mandeltedg, you can also find a doc folder with the xml definitions for the dbus interface and a dia diagram with a descrition of a state machine that represents a download (in lp:ubuntu-download-manager)14:52
tedgmandel, Cool, thanks!14:53
mandeltedg, but, you can ask me everything you want, there are changes Ihave not been able to do due to lack of hours in a day :-/14:54
tedgmandel, Sure, I just feel a bit behind on what is happening there. Trying to catch up.14:55
tedgmandel, Trying to figure out how the transfer indicator should work.14:55
cwaynemardy, ok so i can add an account, but it never shows up in my list still, maybe cus i'm missing the .application hook?14:55
tedgmandel, It seems like download service is a major part of it.14:55
mandeltedg, wanna do a hangout?14:56
mandeltedg, I can explain more or less what udm does right and does wrong (I think there is room for improvement)14:56
tedgmandel, Uhm, eventually, I'm not sure I know enough to ask questions yet :-)14:56
* tedg really knows the name more than anything right now.14:56
mandeltedg, well, I can give you a super quick over view, that will give you a head start, rather than read the code14:58
mandeltedg, but whatever is better for you14:58
tedgmandel, Sure, let's try it.14:58
mandeltedg, ok, lets do it now if you can, that way we have the transfers indicator after and we get there with more info and better ideas14:59
bfillertedg, mandel : there is a UI design for both the transfer indicator and content hub integration in the browser15:00
bfillertedg: you need links?15:00
tedgbfiller, Please!15:00
bfillerone sec15:02
mardycwayne: oh, yes, you definitely need an .application file15:08
cwaynefigured as much :)15:08
cwaynealthough i added it, and now clicking add account does nothing15:09
cwaynewhere would issues be logged?15:09
cwayneok, so i got it back to being able to add an account, still empty though, maybe i have a broken .application15:11
SFiegehi @ all15:17
SFiegei have an question is it posible to install java to ubuntu touch?15:18
ograyou can make the image writable and install openjdk from the archive15:22
ogra(i remember someone ran a tomcat server that way on his phone)15:22
SFiegehm i need oracle java i want to try unicenta on the nexus 7 unicenta needs java from oracle15:24
popeySFiege: you can actually package up a jvm if your app needs it15:31
popeySFiege: the Bitcoin app in the store is a qml app which has a C++ plugin calling some java nonsense, and ships with a full jvm15:31
TrueNhero1hi how could i install the touch interface on pc?15:32
SFiegeok, where can i get more information to do some thinks like the bitcoin app15:33
TrueNhero1is for enhaced the rdp from android experience15:33
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popeySFiege: you could download the app from the store and pick it apart15:40
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mhall119didrocks: I'm starting to feel like an Android user, complaining about my phone not getting any OS updates in days :(15:49
didrocksmhall119: well, don't tell me :p15:49
mhall119but you're my dealer15:50
mhall119I mean, um, ...15:50
aquariushe's just trying to get you on to the stronger more dangerous stuff15:50
aquarius-proposed ;)15:50
didrocksmhall119: heh :)15:50
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mptWhat component/package in Ubuntu Touch is responsible for the screen rotation?16:44
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davmor2mpt: qtsensors maybe16:53
mptdavmor2, maybe, though that has no open bug reports16:54
ograis that a requirement ?16:55
k1la software without bugs doesnt exist, so yeah :)16:57
pmcgowanmpt, I think unity8 does the detection using the sensor service saviq would know17:00
mptThanks pmcgowan, I marked bug 1288332 as involving unity8 then17:01
ubot5bug 1288332 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Orientation lock not implemented (rotation/portrait lock)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128833217:01
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nik90hey guys I heard that image #220 and above is running Qt 5.2. Is that true?17:04
nik90also when can we expect Qt 5.2 to be pushed into the trusty archive17:04
ograwhoever told you that was lying :)17:04
ograsoon :)17:05
nik90ogra: ah...17:05
* nik90 wished it was true17:05
ograits already banging at the door ... we just havent opened it yet :)17:06
kenvandinei think the door is unlocked now, just not opened yet :)17:07
ograyeah ... getting closer every minute :)17:07
geniiDoes anyone know yet the specs of the Meizu and BQ handsets?17:12
ogragenii, meizu will be MX3 ... most likely like it is today ... bq ... not yet17:14
geniiogra: Cool, thanks17:14
balloonsrenato_, keep in touch on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1285958. Let me know if you need help testing, etc :-)17:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1285958 in qtorganizer5-eds (Ubuntu) "Reccuring Alarm can't be set for sunday" [High,Confirmed]17:15
ogrageez, keep it !17:15
ograwho wants to get alarms on a sunday !17:15
ograsell it as a feature :)17:16
balloonslol ogra17:16
nik90ogra: and guess what we had AP tests failing only on Saturday and Sunday..How convenient for me :D17:17
geniiogra: But what if it's recurring alarms to remind you to attend chirch service? ;)17:19
ogramy church around the corner has its own alarm clock ...17:21
ograthey have put it in a tower17:21
Saviqpmcgowan, mpt, rotation is done entirely in the toolkit right now17:33
Saviqwill be mediated through unity8 later when we implement rotation locking and such17:34
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mx6523does anyone know what happened to the ubuntu wiki? i want to learn about the process of porting ubuntu touch18:05
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mx6523oh, according to isup.me, wiki.ubuntu.com is up? i wonder why i can't access it18:07
mx6523okay, i accessed the wiki by using a proxy.. what in the world?18:11
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ograslangasek, wow, upstart-monitor behaves pretty odd on Ubuntu Touch19:04
ogra(even --help is ignored)19:04
slangasekogra: it's a gtk application, as I recall?19:17
ograthe manpage talks about --no-gui19:17
slangasekdunno then19:17
ograbut i dont even get it to display the usage info19:17
ograit jumps directly into Gtk execution19:18
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ograslangasek, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7040149/19:20
slangasekogra: so you appear to not be passing --no-gui here19:20
ogragives the same output19:20
ograwith --no-gui19:21
slangasekogra: ok, well, clearly a bug then, please file a bug report19:28
ograwill do19:28
barrymandel: hi there, did you find out anything?20:01
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dobeyhow do i get the new scopes on the current image?20:42
mandelbarry, I did, will have a fix very soon :)20:43
barrymandel: awesome.  i'll test it out as soon as it's ready, and we'll try to get the new udm and si in a landing silo20:44
nomadshi i just installed ubuntu touch on a galaxy nexus but its frozen how can i restart the galaxy nexus20:47
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SFiegehi @ all21:35
SFiegeis there any way to start an sh script on an tablet21:35
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SFiegesome one how can help me21:52
stgraberTassadar: I think I processed all your merge proposals now, let me know if you still have some changes on your side.22:03
TassadarI do, but I don't think you want those in trunk22:03
Tassadarstgraber: see last two or three commits to https://code.launchpad.net/~vbocek/+junk/system-image-server-tasemnice22:04
Tassadarone is grabbing version number from other s-i server and aborting build if there is no new version on that server22:05
Tassadarand second is applying "patches" to the rootfs downloaded via remote-system-image generator22:06
stgraberTassadar: why aren't you just building another tarball with those patches, similar to what I do with the keyring tarball? that'd save you a whole lot of uncompress/compress time22:14
TassadarI overwrite files in rootfs with another tarball -> the fixes get into ubuntu rootfs -> I remove those files from that additional tarball I created22:15
Tassadarwon't that remove those files?22:15
barrymandel: let me know when you have a source package ready and i'll upload it to my testing ppa: https://launchpad.net/~barry/+archive/systemimage22:15
Tassadarlike, the delta from that will have them as "removed", won't it?22:15
barrymandel: and we'll see if the armhf builder can build it :/22:15
stgraberTassadar: hmm, yeah and I can't think of a nice way around this... I guess if we ever get into that case with the production server I'd have to introduce some kind of whitelist of files which did move between tarballs and have the delta generator only includes things that aren't in that list into remove_list22:21
Tassadarstgraber: by the way, does the renaming of s-i channels means I have to change something on my s-i server? Apart from changing the addresses of s-i.u.com in config to include /ubuntu-touch/ before the redirections get removed?22:23
stgraberTassadar: that should be all you'll have to do. I believe the remote-system-image code parses channels.json and index.json properly so it should follow the redirect just fine.22:34
Tassadarcool, thanks22:34
ddssswhat 10 in tablet to buy that has good ubuntu-touch support?22:45
geniiNexus? ;)22:50
ddsssgenii, didnt they drop nexus 10?22:58
geniiddsss: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install indicates active development for the 10", 7" ( codename Grouper) is deprecated though22:59
ddsssgenii, not sure: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Ubuntu-Touch-drops-Nexus-7-and-10-support-wont-add-Nexus-5-support-yet_id5134323:00
geniiddsss: First I'd heard23:03
ddsssgenii, k. thanks ill recheck23:06
arch_ruleshow can i get phablet flash to work23:38
popeyarch_rules: we recommend ubuntu-device-flash now, not phablet-flash23:39
popeyarch_rules: ubuntu-device-flash is a golang binary, so should be fairly easy to get working on arch (assuming from your nickname that's what you're using)23:39
arch_rulesIt is for the flipped-vision (htc desire z). it is recommended to use phablet-flash community --wipe -d vision23:40
popeyah, okay.23:40
arch_rulesi am in trusty daily on this laptop. arch is on my desktop23:40
popeyI haven't used phablet-flash with a community spin, sorry.23:41
arch_rulesk thanks anyway23:41

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