shaunoread that as 'for 11 years' :(00:03
maps|wrk11 years ..cant afford that much time off;p00:05
bigcalmshauno: ta for pdfunite. Yes it was installed. Possibly from the last time I needed to join up my pay slips as well :)00:14
pooky2483186Can anyone help me, I'm currently using web based irc and have Quassel installed and dont know how to find this irc in Quassel?00:15
daftykins"find this IRC" ?00:15
daftykinsas in connect to freenode?00:15
pooky2483186There i a search bar but on ehtering something, nothing happens!00:16
bigcalmpooky2483186: a good GUI IRC client is xchat. You can then connect to freenode and then #ubunutu-uk00:16
bigcalmAh, Quassel is another IRC client00:17
* bigcalm goes to sleep00:17
pooky2483186will just have a look if its in muon (im using Kubuntu)00:17
pooky2483186found and just installing it now00:19
pooky2483186leaving web based IRC and attempting to join using xchat...00:21
maps|wrkhm wonder what happened00:25
pooky248321I'm back, it's quite hard to get the hang of...00:27
pooky248321Easier than Quassel tho'00:28
pooky248321 I'm back, it's quite hard to get the hang of...00:28
pooky248321Anyone here?00:31
maps|wrkhey pooky24832100:31
maps|wrkyouve got 2 sessions open it seems!00:32
pooky248321just going to get back out of thw web version...00:32
pooky248321has the other one gone?00:32
pooky248321just seen it above in this window00:33
pooky248321first time I've ventured onto IRC00:33
pooky248321brings back memories of going on BBS'es in the 90's lol00:34
maps|wrknot a new nerd then:D00:34
maps|wrksome people i know..infact most haven't even heard of IRC let alone BBS00:34
pooky248321nope, I got started with a ZX-81 lol00:34
pooky248321my dad got me hooked on computing00:34
maps|wrkon xubuntu now or was it kubuntu you said?00:34
maps|wrkah xubuntu here=]00:35
pooky248321I first switched from XP to Ubuntu (11.10)00:35
maps|wrkI use XP at work still ;/00:35
pooky248321I tried it on CD first and loved it so much I instantly decied to wipe XP00:36
maps|wrkwindows 7 on  my  netbook ( mapps ) and Linux on my desktop00:36
maps|wrkim running xubuntu on a real  old machine..and im running apache/openvpn/mariadb/qwebirc (which im using now through apache)00:36
maps|wrkshoutcast etc00:36
daftykinswin7 netbook, ouch00:36
maps|wrkit works fine00:37
daftykinshow much RAM?00:37
pooky248321My machine is 8 years old00:37
maps|wrkhad it 4 years? honestly dont think its been off more than a few hours takje iut hoime its on take it abroad battery then plug00:37
maps|wrk2gig daftykins00:37
pooky248321startes with 1Gb then up to 3 and then over to Ubuntu so upgraded to the max 8Gb00:37
daftykinsah, almost bearable then00:37
maps|wrkhey pooky248321  my dell desktop running xubuntu is prob about 8/9 yrs old:p but it runs everything i said above and works fine..sits there chugging away;p00:37
pooky248321I cant believe how good 'buntu is00:38
pooky248321I remember using 'nix back in the early 90's00:38
pooky248321while doing a programming course00:38
maps|wrkthink rh was first i used00:39
pooky248321and the terminal 'way' stuck in my head and prevented me from switching until an old schoolmate persuaded me to try it00:39
pooky248321best thing I did, would have cost me £1200 to go Win700:40
maps|wrkwell yea way more flexibility00:40
maps|wrklol  checked my auth.log same IP trying ssh every 10mins00:41
pooky248321I used to live in fear of the BSOD lol00:41
maps|wrkmight just block it outright now..fai2vban wont pick it up[ as it's only once every 10mins or so00:41
pooky248321Hey, I just remembered, I've got some Xubuntu stickers00:43
maps|wrki had ubuntu ones00:43
maps|wrkgot them on my case;p00:43
pooky248321BTW, I'm System76's uk Ubuntu sticker outlet00:43
pooky248321A contact in US sent me some00:44
pooky248321Already sent 1 lot to a girl00:44
pooky248321got 3 left00:44
pooky248321theyre good quality ones00:45
maps|wrkmine are wearing away had them on the pc for years00:45
maps|wrkauthentic old heh00:45
pooky248321which ones? K or X00:45
pooky248321sorry, U or X00:45
maps|wrkPLain generic U00:46
maps|wrkhmm having trouble with my shellinabox00:46
pooky248321If you want, just send me a SAE and I will send back with new stickers00:46
maps|wrk:D brb just gotta restart chrome00:46
pooky248321just been looking at the other IRC program and I need to enter server address for irc.freenode.com but dont know where to get it?00:57
maps|wrkirc.freenode.net is the address00:58
pooky248321it's all new to me ...00:58
daftykinsnah it's not really00:58
daftykinsthere's a proper 'chatsomething' .freenode.net that gives you the proper server rotation i think00:59
daftykinsthere we go00:59
maps|wrkgah but daftykins  irc.freenode would do;p01:00
maps|wrkits what i connect to:) then it connects elsewhere01:00
pooky248321I'll have to explore them laters01:00
pooky248321On abt the stickers, it you want more, just look on system76's web site for my address01:01
pooky248321ask me01:01
daftykinslook at this, shutdown the two office PCs and as if by magic - http://www.thinkbroadband.com/ping/share/de004f24c8feb5d8408d296a9ed65fc5.html01:02
daftykinsi can't think what the hell was going on01:02
pooky248321I also advertise the fat that I give away the stickers on my G+, twitter and fb accounts01:02
maps|wrkim wondering whats going on my end too01:03
maps|wrkdiddledan:  and someone could traceroute to me hops with *** and when i traceroute anywhere loads of *** hops and not reaching the ip!!01:03
pooky248321I'll make a note of chat.freenode.net and try it later01:06
maps|wrki dont have time for g+/twitter/facebook ..id be tio overwhlemed with irc too01:06
maps|wrkdaftykins:  you use any?01:06
pooky248321I dont go on them very much, cant be bothered most of the time, too much else to do01:06
daftykinsi've a facebook account where i put holiday pics up for friends, sometimes receive messages from friends who are now moved and marrying out as far as Australia, but can't stand it personally01:07
daftykinsi avoid it as much as possible01:07
daftykinsG+ i'm avoiding signing up to aaaaand twitter i find just a bit daft01:07
pooky248321anyways, as my address is already in the public domain (system76) it's...01:08
daftykinsalthough i'm finding a lot of online services have service status twitter feeds that could be quite useful01:08
pooky248321P Maddison01:08
pooky248321The Bungalow01:08
pooky248321Bradley STreet01:08
pooky248321DE22 1GL01:08
maps|wrkyea i agree daftykins  for service status and companies can be good but the selfies and boring statuses01:08
maps|wrkare utterly useless01:08
pooky248321I find twatter boring too01:08
daftykinsseems twitter is used for local events too, which i had no idea about01:08
daftykinsi often wonder how my friends know some things are going on locally that i don't01:09
pooky248321yeahm there are <some> good local feeds01:09
daftykinse.g. cakes sold in the market (area of town, here) on Fridays :O01:09
pooky248321even the police 'tweet' lol01:09
maps|wrkas do TFL01:09
maps|wrktfl have a social media dept for busses/trains etc01:09
maps|wrkand sure ok i can kinda see that being of some use01:10
pooky248321I've even seen some small businesses in Derby use twitter too01:10
pooky248321..and the Council01:11
maps|wrkI like howq people are regarded as01:11
maps|wrk'social media experts'01:11
maps|wrk'social media strategist;01:11
maps|wrklike..uh seriously01:11
pooky248321they think theyre instant experts...01:12
daftykinsthey're always the lairy types that get themselves fired from jobs for tweeting about their speeding ;)01:12
daftykinsanyway must sleep, g'night \o01:12
maps|wrkremember the young police so who tweeted about taking drugs and stuff lol01:12
pooky248321s'ok, nice chatting.01:13
maps|wrkwork in the am daftykins ?01:13
pooky248321dont forget to send for some free stickers01:13
daftykinsmaps|wrk: well i may need to go investigate why that small office's connection mystically pings nicely now that the two office PCs are off01:13
pooky248321don't remember that one, when was that>01:13
maps|wrkuh im sure youve checked01:13
maps|wrkbut malware some kinda bot draining the bw?01:14
daftykinslooked all clean to me01:14
maps|wrkalways quiet here after midnight :)01:15
daftykinscheck out ##club-nomicon if you want a bit of all-time activity01:16
daftykinsnot exactly on-message though01:16
maps|wrkquick q01:16
maps|wrksee that? what are those kinda menus referred to01:16
maps|wrkconsole based menu? text based hm01:16
maps|wrkreferred to as even01:17
pooky248321I'm gonna pop off now, gotta get some sleep, may be back later today testing IRC01:17
daftykinshmm, 'tis the kinda options you get when configuring a package01:17
maps|wrkcya pooky24832101:17
daftykinsthe dpkg-reconfigure type01:17
maps|wrkyea in this case its just an informational thing01:17
daftykinsnot sure on a proper way to refer01:17
maps|wrki just wondered what theyre known as:)01:17
maps|wrksomething for me to google and search01:18
maps|wrkduring my boredom heh01:18
maps|wrkanyway yea cya ..only be me still awake01:19
pooky248321nite all....01:19
=== Seeker`_ is now known as Seeker`
MooDoomorning all06:45
jussimorning all, morning MooDoo07:25
jussithis is interesting07:25
mappsmaybe  www.toyota.co.th has been exploited07:59
mapps203.155.20.20 - - [05/Mar/2014:06:51:30 +0000] "GET /phpTest/zologize/axa.php HT                                   TP/1.1" 404 22208:00
jussimaybe you have been exploited...  ? :D08:01
mappssurely not as thats the IP trying it on my machine08:03
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:08
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:08
MooDoomorning SuperMatt how are you sir08:37
MooDoowow 9am and everyone comes in lol09:01
jussiMooDoo: rush hour! :P09:01
bashrcideally I should maybe have irssi running as a daemon so that I'm permanently logged in09:10
MooDooI just leave mine running in a screen session on my server that I ssh too09:11
bashrcyeah I should probably do that too09:11
=== JamesTai1 is now known as JamesTait
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy St Piran's Day! :-D09:24
=== JamesTait is now known as Guest6374
jussiJamesTait: and just who was this saint Piranha?09:24
=== Guest6374 is now known as JamesTait
JamesTaitjussi, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Piran%27s_Day09:26
MartijnVdSPiranhas in Cornwall?09:26
jussiooh, patron saint of tin miners...09:26
jussithat deserves a play of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR5BiJCkZMI09:27
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:11
davmor2Morning all10:58
MooDoomorning davmor210:59
jussiits davmor2!!!11:00
* jussi runs...11:00
bigcalmjussi: why are running towards davmor2?11:03
jussibigcalm: no, you misunderstood... we are running _AWAY_ from davmor2 - he is a very scary man... :P :D11:03
* jussi tacklehugs davmor211:04
diddledantacklehugging?! that's serious stuff right there!11:04
jussididdledan: yep...  :D11:04
* davmor2 stands here wondering why jussi is hugging his legs11:04
MooDooyou're all nutters11:04
jussiMooDoo: thanks for the compliment11:05
davmor2MooDoo: 'ow do11:05
MooDoodavmor2: gret lad11:05
jussidavmor2: Im not hugging your legs - in australian football a tackle cant be around the legs... :D11:06
MooDoojussi: he's saying that as you're as short a**e ;)11:07
jussiMooDoo: unlike you, davmor2 has actually met me11:08
MooDoorats lol11:08
MooDoojust teasing any way11:08
MooDoothen again,  you could still be a short a**e ;)11:08
jussishort is not a word I would use to describe me...11:08
diddledanomg, like people actually do meatspace things?!11:08
diddledanIRL is scary11:09
MooDooshiver ;)11:10
davmor2MooDoo: yeah you think he is crazy on the channel, man you should see him go in real life, He's a crazy crazy man :D11:10
jussididdledan: ahh... yeah, but canonical was paying...11:10
jussidavmor2: awwww....11:10
davmor2jussi: you seem disappointed did I miss a crazy?11:11
jussidavmor2: more than one... :D11:11
jussidavmor2: see, heres an illustration of my crazyness... I REALLY ACTUALLY *HUGGED* gord allot!11:12
davmor2jussi: yeah but did you take one of his Japanese sweets, you're not crazy till you have, man they did taste like they were sugar coated vomit didn't they bigcalm11:13
jussidavmor2: ok, I think I managed to avoid those, thank god11:17
davmor2jussi: :D11:17
jussimind, we got a gift from a customer once, they were candies... I took one... oh dear sweet flying spaghetti monster... they were sweet in the middle, but hot on the outside - the hottest chemical crap Ive ever tasted... OUCH!111:18
bigcalmDo not accept sweets from Allot11:20
jussiis gord still working at canonical ?11:21
bigcalmHaven't heard from him in ages11:22
foobarryhe only used irc while canonical employee. i feel used :(11:25
popeyno he didnt11:25
popeyhe was on irc long before he was at canonical11:25
foobarryi mean, he stopped after he left ;)11:25
popeyhe's not been "online" much at all11:26
popeyI don't think he even runs Ubuntu at all anymore.11:27
foobarrywhat else is there?11:27
popeywell indeed11:27
lubotu3The Real Ale Train. A yearly Ubuntu UK loco event to celebrate friends, trains and ale. 21st September 2013, Hampshire, UK: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/11:27
bigcalmTime to organise one for this year11:28
bigcalmAnybody interested?11:28
bigcalmDo we want to do September again?11:29
TheOpenSourcererWhy not run a short doodle poll for a few dates... Find out which is most popular11:29
bigcalmA what poll?11:29
popeybest way to find out what dates people can agree on11:30
* bigcalm visits11:30
TheOpenSourcererZOMG! You'd not heard of doodle polls before bigcalm?11:30
shaunobasically: ponies11:32
jussiI think the url speaks for itsself... http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-cats-dogs-stuck-furniture-animal-fails/11:32
bigcalmNot knowing when oggcamp might be is tricky11:39
marxjohnsonbigcalm: If/when we discuss Oggcamp we do make an effort to avoid clashing with other community events11:40
popeyyou should spread that around the loco11:40
bigcalmpopey: writing an email now11:41
diddledanshauno: ponies?11:41
bigcalmmarxjohnson: good to know :)11:41
* jussi notes he is waiting for a pm from popey :)11:41
popeyyeah, it's in progress11:43
popeysept 13 it is then. that was easy11:48
bigcalmJust the 3 of us?11:48
bigcalmEmail sent to the list, hope it's adequate11:48
popeywell you haven't filled it in yet, so only Alan's allowed currently11:49
bigcalmMaybe I should have checked with Hayley 1st11:49
bigcalmWould hate not being able to attend after organising it11:49
popeynice url in the mail ☻11:50
bigcalmOh ffs11:50
bigcalmShould have just copied it from the address bar, not the doodle page11:51
=== chalcedony` is now known as chalcedony
bigcalmThink I should tweet this or just keep it to here and the ml?11:57
bigcalmOh, you've done it :)11:58
MooDooYAY RAT!!!!!12:01
MooDoonot that I ever go to them lol12:01
bigcalmIt's good to see your interest12:02
MooDooI might even see if it's possible to go to this one.12:02
davmor2bigcalm: you don't want to tweet it, my god you'll attract the weirdos...... oh wait you mentioned it here too late :D12:02
MooDoodavmor2: oh shut it chief weirdo sir ;)12:03
popeyanyone here on precise or saucy?12:04
popeyor both ☻12:04
* davmor2 looks in the other direction12:05
bigcalmIf 13.10 is one of those, yes12:05
nigelbdo you need a desktop or server?12:05
bigcalmI never keep track of the names12:05
davmor2popey: I might have both12:05
foobarryi'm on precise12:05
foobarryoh i'm on elementary..sorry12:05
popeydavmor2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038169/ can you test that?12:06
popeywell, anyone12:06
popey13.10 or 12.04 based systems should work with the above instructions.12:06
bigcalmWhat's -s ?12:07
bigcalmAh, simulate12:07
bigcalm13.10 desktop12:09
davmor2I can try flashing a device if you like12:09
davmor2popey: ^12:10
davmor2popey: I have a couple :)12:10
popey\o/ that worked, thanks bigcalm12:15
popeyjust need to test 12.04 now12:15
davmor2popey: doing that now12:17
davmor2popey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038206/  on precise12:20
diddledanI wonder how likely it is for xp-EOL to finally rid me of IE6 hell?12:20
foobarrydidn't XP actually increase recentyl?12:20
foobarrysudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:popey/touch12:21
davmor2diddledan: just because microsoft aren't supporting it doesn't mean it won't remain installed on peoples systems :P12:21
diddledandavmor2: just because I'm paranoid doens't mean they're NOT after me! :-p12:22
davmor2diddledan: sssssshhhhh they are I have the memo!12:22
MartijnVdSdiddledan: your being paranoid and them being after you are unrelated variables :)12:23
davmor2popey: is that what you were after?  It looks like you will either need to include the android tools or link to the original phablet ppa first to ensure the android bits are in place :)12:25
popeythe phablet ppa doesn't have android tools12:25
davmor2popey: I thought they did12:26
bashrcmost people don't care about MS support anyway.  I rang up MS support once in a business capacity, but they weren't much use12:26
popeyno, they're in the archive12:26
popeybut not for 12.0412:26
* popey adds that to the ppa12:26
davmor2popey: ah okay12:26
awilkins'tis not support, 'tis security patches12:27
davmor2popey: let me remove this then and I'll try it again once it is all built12:27
awilkinsAlthough I suppose my Windows machines stay pretty clean even though I never install a virus scanner on them12:27
popeyk, ta12:27
bashrcbut old XP systems accumulating malware is a good thing.  More potential Linux converts12:27
diddledanmalware is never a good thing IMO12:28
awilkinsI converted my dear old mum to Linux ages ago12:28
awilkinsAlas, something broke her display drivers12:28
MartijnVdSI just switched a cousin to Ubuntu because of unfixable XP issues12:28
bashrcThat's often the way it goes12:28
awilkinsAnd she's been without a desktop for some weeks... I need to set up remote support for her next time I visit12:28
awilkinsPort mapped through her router and such12:29
jussiawilkins: why bother? chrome remote desktop...12:30
awilkinsjussi, That's the point - her desktop isn't loading, no X session, no chrome, nada12:31
davmor2MartijnVdS: \o/12:31
jussiawilkins: oh cripes... that bad...12:31
awilkinsjussi, first port of call I need a SSH session to poke around in it12:31
awilkinsWell, I expect it will be when / if I visit her for Easter12:31
awilkinsI did suggest videoconferencing support via her Galaxy Tab but that wasn't met with much enthusiasm12:32
jussidamn chrome has changed things! I want my applications back :(12:32
jussiawilkins: ssh access sounds much more fun...12:33
MartijnVdSjussi: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheyChangedItNowItSucks12:33
jussiMartijnVdS: exactly! :P12:33
awilkinsjussi, I always put sshd on all my machines even if it's technically a security hole12:33
awilkinsjussi, Not like there is a port mapped to it through my router12:33
MartijnVdSawilkins: I always configure my sshds to only accept keys and put my key in ~/.authorized_keys12:34
awilkinsMartijnVdS, My router's sshd is configured like that12:34
awilkinsThe rest still accept password wuth12:34
jussiyeah, thats definitle the best way12:34
awilkinsMartijnVdS, periodically try to get the servers at work configured like that too but they're all Windows bods here and they look at you a bit funny when you tell them to generate an SSH key12:35
awilkinsAnd then put a blank passphrase on it (d'oh!)12:35
jussiso, youtube concert recommendation (and if you can find it in HD somewhere,  buy it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dV6vbb1YqI&list=PL95B72524344FBA4712:36
jussithe description? "The year is 1985. It's sunset on Sydney Harbour. This is Midnight Oil, in concert on Goat Island."12:37
popeydavmor2: try now, android-tools is there12:37
davmor2popey: will do12:37
popeydavmor2: i lied, still building12:37
popey\o/ done12:38
dogmatic69Just upgraded to Virgins 152Mb line \o/12:40
bigcalmI just scrolled though the solar system12:40
davmor2dogmatic69: how much is that costing you?12:40
bigcalmSo bored I am going back to to work12:40
dogmatic69davmor2:  with TV XL, phone and internet its £6512:41
davmor2dogmatic69: nice12:42
bigcalmIs the TiVo worth getting?12:42
dogmatic69davmor2:  I only had TV / internet at 100, was 75. They called and upgraded me, and lowered the price12:42
dogmatic69bigcalm:  tivo > sky12:43
popeywow, thats less than I'm paying for 60Mb12:43
davmor2dogmatic69: no virgin12:43
popeyand XL12:43
bigcalmdogmatic69: we have the v+ hd box, is it worth getting the tivi?12:43
dogmatic69bigcalm:  depends I guess. I like that tivo is hackable...12:43
dogmatic69eg: insert 3TB drive on the 500GB model ;)12:44
popeydavmor2: did it work? ☻12:44
davmor2popey: that's what I'm thinking, then I realised I have tivo, extra hd box, unlimited 07 calls,  caller id......12:44
dogmatic69and it records 3 channels while watching a 4th12:44
davmor2popey: update manager is doing it's think and locking up the apt channel give me a few and I'll get back to you12:45
dogmatic69bigcalm:  it also has a SOAP service, so you could change channels over network12:45
davmor2bigcalm: I love out tivo12:45
bigcalmdogmatic69: heh, nutty12:46
bigcalmFound out that we'd lose our mates rates if we ever moved house. Guess we'll not be moving then12:46
davmor2bigcalm: it's easier to navigate, the thumbs up on favourites mean there is a constantly updating channel of shows you like and ones similar to the shows you like, perfect on a sunday when there is naff all on12:47
dogmatic69ye, the recomendations are pretty good12:47
bigcalmdavmor2: that does sound good12:47
dogmatic69it just records random crap incase you are board12:47
=== alan_g_ is now known as alan_g
bigcalmThat's somewhat amusing12:53
bigcalmA larger version: http://ilesinge.itch.io/flappy-braille12:54
jussiI like the cloud service idea. cable company gives you some randomly huge space in its data center, and you can record whatever you want, and its all on the servers there. then you can watch it from whatever $device you have.  (actually I think its more they have one copy of everything and you get to mark the times in that to record, but yeah)12:55
popeyhaha, spooky, gord just tweeted at me ☻12:55
jussipopey: hehe12:55
bigcalmHe's alive!12:56
davmor2popey: looks to be working12:56
foobarryThe BBC is considering making BBC Three a wholly online channel in an attempt to cut costs, according to reports.12:56
foobarrygord is alive!12:56
jussipopey: he is reading the logs! :P12:56
MartijnVdSpopey: looks like your new profile pic :)12:56
MartijnVdSfoobarry: it's the worst BBC TV channel, not much lost.12:56
foobarrytrue. it has some programmes i don't admit to wtching12:57
foobarrydespatch war rocket ajax to bring back his body!12:57
davmor2popey: looks to be working now, also gord is right that is you dude it's just missing a beachball12:57
foobarryso is that pic from south park, or really a popey pic12:57
davmor2popey: yeap that is showing help now12:59
foobarryuncanny likeness12:59
popeydavmor2: thanks!12:59
davmor2popey: did you want me to try and flash a device with it?12:59
popeyif you fancy, sure ☻12:59
popeyits Go, so in theory it should all "just work"13:00
foobarryi sometimes watch drunk people on sun,sea,festivals and suspicious parents13:00
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
davmor2popey: yeah and of course nobody has been bitten by assumptions before ever have they ;)13:01
diddledan"assumption is the mother of all flipups"13:02
foobarrysee this underwater cable map? http://submarine-cable-map-2014.telegeography.com/13:02
bigcalmdavmor2: remind me to skype one of my clients in .au at about 9 or 10 pm tonight :)13:02
davmor2bigcalm: no :P13:03
bigcalmBut the LUG is just an extended workplace now ;)13:03
davmor2bigcalm: set an alarm on your phone :)13:03
* bigcalm writes an email instead13:04
davmor2popey: Yay spinny ubuntu logo13:04
jussimy secret nasty tv habit is those acution shows... "Storage hunters" - but sssh, dont tell anyone13:04
foobarrysaw a guy smoking an e-cig on the tube. looked weird.13:05
bigcalmI really hope this meeting with the IFA doesn't take too long. I want to relax at the LUG tonight13:05
diddledanspinny ubuntu?!13:05
davmor2diddledan: popey knows13:05
foobarryjussi: sorry to break it to you but storage hunters is a complete fake13:05
jussifoobarry: Im aware of that fact13:05
foobarryso was i after 2 mins of watching it ;)13:06
daftykinsjust don't tell him about wrestling13:06
jussifoobarry: it just makes the admission worse...13:06
davmor2foobarry: next you'll be saying wrestling isn't real13:06
foobarryor x-factor-idol13:06
jussidaftykins: I hate wrestling13:06
daftykinsdavmor2: lol ^513:06
jussifoobarry: you mean autotune-factor ?13:07
davmor2daftykins: damn you beat me to it :)13:07
diddledanfoobarry: Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice13:07
foobarrymy hairdresser made a mistake and gave me a square head haircut. i asked her to fix the simon cowell style13:07
popeyThe only thing i watch on telly at the moment are Jon Stewart Daily Show, Come Dine With Me and You've Been framed13:07
davmor2diddledan: I think you missed ballroom of the end of the last one13:07
foobarrypopey: musketeers is quite good saturday night cheese13:08
diddledandavmor2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Kay's_Britain's_Got_the_Pop_Factor..._and_Possibly_a_New_Celebrity_Jesus_Christ_Soapstar_Superstar_Strictly_on_Ice13:08
foobarryhairdresser then said "simon cowell, he's got a fine head of hair"13:08
popeymmmm cheese13:08
jussiwe have a finnish comedy called "putous" which is really good, but you need language capabilities for that...13:09
davmor2popey: so though all that all you saw was Cheese13:09
diddledanjussi: languages suck13:09
jussistill funny that popey's website got shared by $famous_person the other day...13:09
foobarrypopey: dinner date > come dine w/me13:09
diddledanwhich famous person?13:10
foobarrytop gear is quite funny13:10
jussididdledan: really, some random that I forget who it was. :P13:11
daftykinsas long as you can suspend the same amount of disbelief as for the aforementioned programs13:11
foobarryits a pantomime13:11
daftykinsand put up with men acting like children13:11
jussiI think they were poking fun at some other famous person13:11
foobarrymore like chuckle borthers13:11
daftykinsoh and have a slightly chavvy interest in cars ;)13:12
foobarrynope, more women i know enjoy TG than men13:12
foobarryfor the silly antics13:12
popeydaftykins: https://twitter.com/popey/status/44007675867968307213:12
popeydaftykins: https://t.co/3zlf6fZG0x13:12
diddledancute kitty13:13
foobarrysoft kitty13:13
daftykinspopey: heh :)13:14
jussidoes someone want to do my job for a day? :D13:14
daftykinslittle ball of fur13:14
daftykinserr what is it? :D13:14
daftykinsi'd say possibly...13:14
jussidaftykins: Im a sales guy for a software company13:15
daftykinsaaah... they would not make any sales with me around13:15
MartijnVdSjussi: so you tell customers that things are possible, and then the devs HAVE to deliver, no matter what?13:15
popey"It's crap, don't buy it, here's a link to pirate bay"13:15
daftykins"can't get that? here's a download i hosted myself"13:15
jussiwe mostly do open source stuff...13:15
MartijnVdS"It makes coffee too!"13:15
popey"The proprietary stuff is better, here's a key"13:16
foobarryjust read the man page and you don't need to buy it13:16
foobarry"let me sell you some free software"13:16
popeyHappy birthday TheOpenSourcerer !13:16
jussioh, you all are in such fine voice today, its fun :)13:16
jussioh dear, someone is having a birthday?  where is the cake?13:17
foobarrylots of people i talk to in my job are discovering the best product in their cateogry is also free13:17
TheOpenSourcererMany thanks popey13:17
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: Happy birthday!13:17
lubotu3PIE PIE PIE, mmm PI PI PI http://ikanobori.jp/storage/pi_e.jpg or http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3663/3358637054_9f756a3615.jpg13:17
TheOpenSourcererJust had a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle for my lunch :-D13:17
diddledanit was mine yesterday and nobody mentioned it :-p13:17
TheOpenSourcerer"Livin' the dream, Oh yes."13:17
foobarrybirthday season13:17
diddledanTheOpenSourcerer: you'll have the squits tonight then?13:18
daftykinshaha does anyone see the obvious mistake in that pi cake?13:18
popeyI have a chicken & cheese sandwich13:18
daftykinssomeone put the first 5 in the sequence on backwards!13:18
jussimines on 4/4 so I have told you now, better all send me lots of presents!13:18
foobarryate a pasty. regret it13:18
popeyjussi: so is mine13:18
jussipopey: yep :D13:18
daftykinsi already had my birthday :(13:18
popeydaftykins: have another13:18
foobarrymy anuual increment was last week13:18
daftykinsoooh \o/13:18
jussidaftykins: dont worry, youll likely have another13:18
foobarrygot amazon vouchers from everyone13:19
jussifoobarry: I want amazon vouchers!13:19
foobarryneed to spend them on replacing stuff the thieves stole :(13:19
diddledanapparently the people who have the most birthdays are statistically more likely to live longer13:19
popeyI would prefer if people buy me stuff on amazon wishlist13:19
foobarrybecause insurance is a scam13:19
jussidaftykins: hehe13:19
foobarrymy wishlist is usually quite bare13:19
foobarryi have a private wishlist so people don't accidentally buy me things i'm bookmarking13:20
jussihrm, theres an idea... instead of having those "give em a few cents" buttons on websites, people should publish wishlists for items they need, preferably with explanations behind them "if I had this, then Id like to do X+Y+Z". then people could buy said items for  the developer because of work they had done, or work they would do with the said device...13:24
jussihalf kickstarter/half donation13:25
daftykinsi think they did that on LAS once, he needed new storage for the video editing of the show, so he put up the items he wanted and people gift bought them13:26
daftykinseach person had their name kept on the disk they'd bought :D13:27
jussidaftykins: yeah, Ive seen it done on an adhoc basis, but it could be cool to put up some sort of website to do it...13:27
daftykinsugh - someone i knows website is down but the person hosting it is absolutely useless at contact13:29
daftykinshe still hasn't replied to an email of mine from last April...13:29
popeyremoved 4 pairs of headphones from my wishlist13:30
popeyi have 4 quadcopters on it ☻13:30
DJonesHeh, Dell trying to charge £16.25 to install Mozilla Firefox web browser when you specify your machine http://regmedia.co.uk/2014/03/05/firefox.png13:32
jussiDJones: hahaha, epic13:32
daftykinsDJones: what's that discount of yours? :)13:33
ali1234microsoft need to take a hard line with that stuff13:33
jussiDJones: but is it real?13:33
ali1234build a "reset to factory" tool in to windows13:33
ali1234instead of charging $100 for it13:34
DJonesdaftykins: Wasn't my screenshot, link came from El Reg13:34
jussijust seems weird there are 2 boxes with "thank you for choosing dell"13:34
daftykinsDJones: oh yeah silly me, despite reading the domain i didn't connect those two thoughts together D:13:34
diddledanali1234: windows 8 has that13:34
DJonesI wonder if they charge the same to install Google Chrome13:34
ali1234diddledan: why aren't they advertising it everywhere then?13:34
ali1234btw when i say "reset to factory" i mean it would remove any and all OEM software13:35
daftykinsthat'd be nice13:35
ali1234it would be the same as if you had just installed windows from the retail CD13:35
daftykinsthough it'd also kinda put me out of a job ;)13:35
=== dwatkins_ is now known as dwatkins
foobarrydoes anyone here use pinterest?13:36
ali1234diddledan: "Applications that came with your PC and apps you've installed from the Windows Store will be reinstalled."13:36
daftykins^was just about to paste that13:37
daftykinsit's just the same factory image restore that put all the crapware back on13:37
jussiDJones: if its real its old - thats the old dell website (or so it seems)13:38
DJonesjussi: Was just trying the website, it doesn't even have an "Other software" option now, plus the prices are slightly lower13:38
Daraeljussi: It's real, all right.  I remember seeing it when I was helping someone spec up a PC.  Had me doing a mixture of laughing and headdesking.13:40
foobarrycan someone explain pinterest to me?13:40
diddledanfoobarry: near as I can work out, it's facebook without any of your friends13:41
DJonesjussi: It is real, http://configure.euro.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=uk&cs=ukbsdt1&fb=1&l=en&model_id=optiplex-7010&oc=sm002d70108sff1&s=bsd&vw=classic13:41
ali1234foobarry: it's 4chan for women13:41
Daraelfoobarry: Yes.  Presumably there exists someone in the world who can explain pinterest to thee.13:41
DJonesIts still showing up13:41
MooDoopah today sucks13:41
DJonesjussi: Near the bottom on the Accessories page13:42
foobarryDarael: need proof13:42
Daraelfoobarry: Well, I'd consider trying to work it out myself, but I'm in text-mode and staying that way for a while13:43
foobarryunsure if its a shop window /wish list for girls or just some people like to display pictures of pretty things13:43
MartijnVdSfoobarry: mostly (2) but also (1)13:43
ali1234foobarry: it's literally 4chan for soccer moms13:43
jussiDJones: wow, so it is!13:43
foobarrymy wife explained it in a way that miht be useful to me13:43
ali1234it's an image board where people repost pictures they found on the internet13:43
foobarryfor visual bookamrking of ideas13:43
foobarryi.e  planning a wedding, post on the wedding board (need friends)13:44
daftykinsfoobarry: i've never even seen it XD13:45
foobarryor for me, planning a new airfix build, posting images on my research page of photos of completed lancasters, and reference pics from the war etc13:45
foobarrywhich would be useful to me13:45
foobarrybut i started and got bogged down13:45
foobarrybecause i was searching inside pinterest rather than pinning from outside13:45
ali1234like 4chan, pinterest has very little "OC"13:46
foobarrywhich is like a retweet13:46
foobarry4chan is reddit for ugly kids?13:46
diddledanthe kill bill soundtrack is epicly awesome13:47
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
daftykins^ yes :D13:47
daftykinsthe rza stuff can be easily removed however13:47
diddledanin fact kill bill is epically awesome, too13:48
diddledana masterpiece one might say13:48
daftykinsnothing Tarantino i've seen really has any faults13:49
daftykinsReservoir Dogs took until i was older to watch properly though as it's not really too engaging...13:49
foobarryand its horrible13:50
daftykinsnot a fan?13:50
foobarryi may be in the minority though13:51
ali1234tarantino only recently figured out how to make a 90 minute movie with a beginning, middle, and end13:51
foobarryan outlier13:51
ali1234that's not to say his stuff is bad13:51
daftykinsy'mean instead of messing around back and forth in time all the time? :)13:51
ali1234yes, or making two movies instead of one13:51
ali1234or making three half hour shorts and calling it a movie13:52
ali1234or having a beginning and a middle and not knowing how to finish it13:52
foobarryi think i finally deleted inglourious without watching it13:52
foobarryyanks and war films and truth don't usually mix13:53
daftykinsali1234: unfortunately the constantly negative opinions of things tend to grate on everyone you share them with13:53
popeylooks fun13:55
jussibritish war films from the 50s/60's were good... :D13:55
* foobarry is excited about this http://dambustersblog.com/category/bbmf/13:55
jussifoobarry: oooh, you are an aviation buff also? :D13:56
MooDoodamn that new game from mr langridge!13:56
foobarryjussi: not a buff but a fan of wwi and wwii planes mainly13:56
foobarryamazing they made the plane for the war, not expecting it to fly another 70 years13:57
jussiahh fair enough. I enjoy them also :)13:57
foobarrywhats not to like ;)13:57
foobarryfaily faily faily14:48
foobarryIBM IMM214:48
diplohi guys14:54
foobarryhello diplodocus14:54
diploNot ubuntu related, but knowledgable heads en all14:54
* diddledan lols14:54
diploIf I add our router in resolv.conf for dns pinging externally works etc14:54
diddledanthat's a great joke14:55
diploLogin times are about 5-10 seconds for password prompt14:55
foobarrydns , reverse dns, ldap14:55
diploRemove entries from ifcfg-eth0 or resolv.conf logins times are instant but can't go externally14:55
diddledanthat'll be reverse dns issues14:55
MartijnVdSis your hostname not known in DNS?14:55
foobarryor /etc/hosts14:56
diploIt is in /etc/hosts14:56
MartijnVdSit's likely a DNS server that's not answering instead of going "NXDOMAIN"14:56
diploIt isn't in etc/hosts!14:57
diploI misread it14:57
diddledanoh gentoo, you can and you took without giving, but I love you anyway, oh gentoo14:58
diddledanseriously, why can't I convince $important_person to upgrade to ubuntu?!14:58
diploSo the DNS server is basically a draytek router so I'm guessing using one of the small caching things and usese the ISP external ones14:59
diploAdding into /etc/hosts has made no difference on the server14:59
daftykinsdiddledan: from?14:59
foobarrygentoo does not belong in enterprise14:59
foobarryor in the home :P14:59
diddledandaftykins: gentoo14:59
diddledanthe thing is, I get the impression that I'm the only one that cares about security patching these ancient boxes15:01
diddledanif it were clear that we were going to upgrade then I'd be more lax about maintenance but they're really outdated (like over a year) and there's no sign we're coming off gentoo so someone needs to update them15:03
MartijnVdSdiddledan: sounds like time for a new job?15:04
daftykinsdiddledan: nobody's interested in ok'ing the time to slowly transition everything off them?15:05
diddledan"they work"15:06
daftykinsno external services i take it?15:06
bashrcgentoo users are hard to persuade.  Once you've become addicted to compiling...15:07
diddledanyes there are external services15:07
diddledanincluding some very outdated java/tomcats15:08
daftykinsoh dear, those would probably be hell to change15:08
MartijnVdSMake it a business case15:09
MartijnVdS"Money lost if hacked (reputation damage, lost customers, etc.)" vs cost of upgrade15:09
bashrcoutdated stuff will have security holes15:09
MartijnVdSif upgrade < bad stuff, they will choose to upgrade15:10
MartijnVdSunless they're bad business people15:10
foobarrya company very close to me got hacked by anon15:10
foobarrypost hack reaction is very ££15:11
MartijnVdSinclude that in the business case15:11
MartijnVdSAlso, getting hacked might have "legal" consequences, wrt. data protection, informing people/authorities, etc15:12
foobarryand all IT staff diverting duties for 4 weeks15:12
diploIt wasn't any of the above btw15:12
diploIt was the way putty trys all the different auth methods that took the time15:12
diploAll other clients were quick :/15:12
foobarryssh -vv15:13
dwatkinsall the Vs15:15
dwatkinsssh -vvv15:15
foobarryssh - \o/15:16
dwatkinsif only15:16
daftykinsvee vee15:16
foobarryi have that game somewhere15:16
bashrcwhat so the v's do?15:16
MartijnVdSin steam, probably15:16
daftykinsincrease the verbosity cap'n15:17
foobarrywhat are the android HIB games liek this week?15:17
MartijnVdSfoobarry: HIB?15:17
foobarryhumble bundle15:17
dwatkinsHumble Indie Bundle15:17
diddledanshe has'ne got the vee, cap'n15:19
foobarrydoes firefox not even try to restore pages anymore after closure?15:19
dwatkinsmy firefox says it's embarassed15:22
dwatkinsfull power to the diagnostic information, Scotty!15:22
daftykinsfoobarry: it's not the default setting15:24
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
foobarryoh, they changed it then?15:47
diddledanI think it depends how it exited15:47
bigcalmdirecthex: yeoldesteamos-release4-20140108u1.iso - last activity 13 minutes ago - surprised that people are still downloading it16:02
directhexbigcalm, yeah... don't think it even works anymore16:02
bigcalmWith a 93.6 ratio, I wonder if my ISP dislike me16:03
directhexbigcalm, valve have superceded it for everything except ntfs resizing16:03
daftykinsdirecthex: so you won't be doing anything further?16:03
directhexdaftykins, it's tough to justify, i guess. and i *really* need test hardware to make further strides16:05
directhexthe steam box i was promised never materialized. i have a controller, but that's it16:05
bigcalmHow's the controller?16:07
directhexodd. interesting. too big for the wife.16:08
directhexmore games need to natively support it, it's not quite tweakable enough for the keyboard & mouse mapping mode to work well in many games yet16:08
diplodirecthex: Probably because it was referenced in linuxformat last month16:23
bigcalmLinux Voice?16:23
diploKeep forgetting to unsub :)16:24
bigcalmAh, the name was kept. Everybody was sacked and they started Linux Voice?16:28
popeyThey resigned I thought.16:30
bashrclinux format is no more?16:30
popeyno, its still being published16:31
popeyjust that the 3 people who used to write most of it, left the company and started linux voice16:32
popeyso now linux format is being written by people who aren't linux people, but people who write mags for the company on other topics16:32
bigcalmHow's that working out for them?16:32
bashrcthat sounds insane16:33
popeydunno, i dont read LF16:33
bashrcdo they all use Windows XP?16:33
popeyno idea16:33
foobarrysounds like most mags16:33
foobarrywent into a big whsmith the other day and the range of mags is amazing16:34
foobarry6 mags on "so you just bought a kindle"16:35
foobarrythey seem to churn out pulp article16:35
foobarryi subscrbied to a photo mag once and the articles just recycled after a few months16:36
foobarrysame for "so you're having a baby! magazine"16:36
dwatkinswow, WH Smith still exists?16:36
bashrcyes, I've been in recently to buy a pen16:37
foobarrymagazines are good source of light reading material16:37
foobarrybut i flicked through a few and found no real content16:37
foobarrylinux format was there, idn't bother flicking16:37
bigcalmLots of wedding mags. Which my wife still likes to buy even after we got wed :|16:37
dwatkinsI can't remember the last time I bought a magazine.16:38
foobarryzinio sucks as you can't keep the mag16:38
foobarrywhen they go bust16:38
foobarrypinterest seems better tahn wedding mags16:38
dwatkinsthis is a concern for all such delivery systems, from Kindle to Woodwing.16:38
foobarrylwn.net is too ££ really16:38
foobarry$7 is more than a mag16:38
foobarrylinux journal went to a paid pdf model16:39
bashrcand Linux Voice?16:39
popeyI have lwn.net via ubuntu membership16:41
directhexi have lwn.net from like 3 paid sponsorships16:46
directhexi think ubuntu's paying for the moment though16:46
bashrcI also have a lwn.net subscription16:49
diddledanso whoever has chrome(ium) open up the javascript console and type "true / false" and hit enter :-p17:17
bigcalmInfinity, woo17:22
diddledancolleague is debating what it should really be17:22
popeydiddledan: what does it do?17:26
diddledantells you the result is infinity17:26
ali1234it should really be a math exception17:28
ali1234if you type 1 / 0 you also get infinity, which is just flat wrong17:30
bigcalmSame in Firefox17:32
ali1234of course, the incorrect behaviour is defined by javascript17:33
ali1234it casts true to 1 and false to 0 then does 1 / 017:33
ali1234(and then gives the wrong answer anyway, lol)17:34
daftykinsjust filmed a wee shaky-cam video of me riding back from a large supermarket, past all the queues of cars mindlessly trudging the couple of miles home17:34
daftykinsthey form a good couple of miles of solid queue all the way out of town up the east coast of the island17:35
bashrcin cities walking is often faster than driving17:46
popeydaftykins: is your video sped up?17:59
popey(it is when I play it, oddly)17:59
popeyhmm, only sped up in mplayer18:00
daftykinsnope all standard from a Nexus 418:00
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maphmmhm fail2ban sees to have ignored a ew ips18:18
mapMar  5 10:31:58 frogs sshd[28296]: Failed password for root from port 3068 ssh218:18
map7l entries and ip not banned18:18
daftykinsdepends on the timeout you configure with fail2ban as to how long to blacklist a given IP for18:20
mapit looks like only 7 seconds between all the fals18:20
daftykinsmmm no doubt a bot probing you18:21
ali1234or a alien18:22
daftykinsan alien bot probing you18:29
mapi had maxretry set to 318:49
mapand findtime during this period as 60018:50
map3 attempts in 20seconds and it ignored it18:51
=== marlinc_ is now known as Marlinc
davmor2MooDoo: why would anyone talk winders :P19:10
MartijnVdS^ XP to Ubuntu, by Computerphile19:32
daftykinsthat's substantially longer opening My Computer than i'd expect from THAT machine ;)19:40
foobarry\"operation system not found"?19:44
daftykinshe doesn't know dd! ;)19:46
foobarrydd from windows...19:46
foobarryyou need rufus instead on windows19:46
daftykinsnah his own Dell to the left was ubuntu19:46
maps|wrkso i gotta question, daftykins  any idea why fail2ban seems to block people diddledan  tested it, as did someone else and i asked someone 2 mins ago all worked..but auth.log shows an IP doing 6 attemps in 16 seconds and didnt get banned..unless i read it wrong20:02
daftykinshrmm dunno, could be useful if you pastebin'd the log? removing anything personal ofc20:04
maps|wrkya will do in a sec, just having trouble for some reason shellinabox sometimes ends up displaying funky in the browser;/20:06
daftykinsi'm not familiar with that20:10
foobarrycheck now, is it in the ban list?20:14
foobarryCameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who famously accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea, said they used bitcoins to buy tickets for a high-altitude voyage on billionaire Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic commercial spaceflight venture.20:16
maps|wrkhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7040424/ auth.log  --- was a test from a friends box and fail2ban blocked the IP  but then didnt get blocked20:17
maps|wrkiptables -L output20:18
maps|wrkfoobarry:  did you try ssh ?20:18
maps|wrkso why did the 200. IP get blocked and the 83 IP get ignored20:19
MartijnVdSmaps|wrk: is there anything in fail2ban's logs?20:19
MartijnVdSmaps|wrk: /var/log/fail2ban.log20:19
maps|wrkwill check 2sec20:19
maps|wrkalso recently someone in .tr and its not  banned that IP20:20
maps|wrkMar 5 18:49:54 frogs sshd[5799]: Failed password for root from port 37164 ssh2 Mar 5 18:49:54 frogs sshd[5799]: Received disconnect from 11: Bye Bye [preauth] Mar 5 18:49:56 frogs sshd[5801]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for 83-178-238-213.ip.idealhosting.net.tr [213.238.178. 83] failed - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT! Mar 5 18:49:56 frogs sshd[5801]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname20:20
MartijnVdSmaps|wrk: if fail2ban.log isn't verbose enough, set fail2ban to a higher log level and restart it20:21
MartijnVdSbefore you restart20:21
MartijnVdScheck if it's actually running20:21
maps|wrkmark@frogs:~$ ps aux | grep fail root 5881 0.1 0.7 123852 7144 ? Sl 18:54 0:05 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/fail2ban-server -b -s /var/run/fail2 --says it is:| and MartijnVdS  it blocked the 200 ip so it mst be working20:22
maps|wrkwhats faillog in /var/log?20:23
MartijnVdSmaps|wrk: man faillog20:24
foobarryiptables -vnL will show any blocked IPs20:25
maps|wrk2014-03-05 19:10:24,170 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
maps|wrkah i know what it is i edited the config it had it set to like 300 seconds or whatever bann20:26
maps|wrk2014-03-05 18:50:02,931 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban 2014-03-05 18:54:18,565 fail2ban.server : INFO Stopping all jails 2014-03-05 18:54:18,764 fail2ban.jail : INFO Jail 'apache' stopped 2014-03-05 18:54:19,491 fail2ban.jail : INFO Jail 'apache-noscript' stopped 2014-03-05 18:54:20,132 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban 2014-03-05 18:54:20,143 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
maps|wrkso it banned then unbanned :)20:26
maps|wrkchanged it to 1728020:26
MartijnVdSjust never unblock20:33
maps|wrkit has an entry in the conf for a time20:35
maps|wrkthought i had to specify20:35
popeyI just got a google helpout invite21:40
ali1234when did you apply?21:40
ali1234or did you just get it randomly?21:40
popeyon day one21:40
popeyI think21:40
popeyor thereabouts21:40
ali1234i see21:41
maps|wrkis it not open for everyone? i thought helpout was where you pay for help from someone..21:41
maps|wrki want a google glass invite :D21:41
ali1234anyone can ask for help yes21:41
popeyyou need an invite to give help21:42
ali1234what are the rates like these days?21:43
maps|wrkid like help getting a google glass invite21:43
ali1234step 1 move to america21:46
ali1234preferably SF21:46
maps|wrkthat seems quite expensive in itself21:48
popeyHeh, yeah. They're just not selling them to anyone outside the US right now.21:48
maps|wrkI'd prefer someone just gives me one21:48
popeyGood luck with that.21:48
maps|wrkoh really, I read that people with google glass could invite someone else to join the program21:48
maps|wrkbut US only21:48
popeyQuestion 1: Do you have a greater social graph than Robert Scoble?21:49
popeyIf no, goodbye.21:49
maps|wrkWho was that retard women that had it..got in trouble for speeding whoile wearing it and cried all over the interweb about it21:50
maps|wrk There are about 10,000 Google Glass devices being tested nationwide and they will likely start being sold to the general public sometime this year.21:51
maps|wrkmore than i thought21:51
maps|wrkI think I'd probably buy one..although would be annoying if you couldnt use it EVERYWHERE21:51
ali1234i'd only buy it if they make a NHS/hipster edition21:52
maps|wrkNHS edition?21:53
maps|wrkyou mean basically for prescription glasses?21:53
ali1234i mean if they make a version that looks like NHS prescription glasses as worn by hipsters everywhere21:53
ali1234(note that i wouldn't actually do this)21:53
maps|wrkbig black rimmed?21:55
daftykinsmust be22:00
maps|wrki have cheapo normal glasses..only wear them like few mins a week anyway22:02
maps|wrkand ive broken few pairs by chucking them on the bed and forgetting..so fancy glasses..not for me:)22:02
maps|wrkhmm what rules should i use as default on iptablles i wonder23:25
maps|wrklol blocked myself when messing with iptables again23:48
maps|wrkhad to ssh in on my phone :)23:48
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
diddledanmaps|wrk: this on an ubuntu or ..?23:51
diddledanI've set up a travis-ci for WordPress on HHVM vs normal PHP: https://travis-ci.org/diddledan/wordpress-develop23:56
maps|wrkya on my ubuntu machine23:56
maps|wrklocked myself out lol23:56
diddledanmaps|wrk: you using ufw?23:56
maps|wrkwna was just messing via cmd line23:56
diddledanufw is about the only option that actually gets the rules reinserted at the right time on reboot23:57
diddledanother than coding your own upstart job, obv23:57

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