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didrockshey Saviq! I think you saw thomi's answer, but I think he's mixing 2 issues08:38
Saviqdidrocks, yeah08:38
didrocksthere is actually an AP test reliably failing now08:38
didrocksI think we should first focus on that one to avoid misunderstanding :)08:38
Saviqdidrocks, I just replied to the post - should be fixed now08:38
Saviqdidrocks, it was failing on uitk08:39
Saviqdidrocks, not having transitioned to py308:39
Saviqwhich happened yesterday AFAICT08:39
didrockslet me look08:39
didrocksok, it's in #22108:39
didrockslet me look at the test result :)08:39
didrocksonce ci.ubuntu.com loaded08:39
didrocksah indeed :)08:40
didrocksthanks Saviq!08:40
didrocksSaviq: btw, not sure you have time, but did you gave a look at the theme?08:40
Saviqdidrocks, I did, and we tweaked some things with Mathieu, but we had to file bug #128423508:41
ubot5bug 1284235 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Icon has to be sized explicitly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128423508:41
Saviqdidrocks, I actually pushed the fixes to your branch already08:42
Saviqdidrocks, but also Mathieu had to add some symlinks and such, we were missing battery charging icons - maybe you can check with him if the package should get updated?08:43
didrocksSaviq: yeah, I told him about the battery, I didn't update the package08:43
didrocksSaviq: ok, so basically, we can have a silo with the theme change today08:43
didrocks(even without the sdk fix?)08:43
Saviqdidrocks, yeah, he agreed to squish them08:43
Saviqdidrocks, that I didn't know before http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/221:20140305:20140304/6988/unity8/853561/08:44
didrocksSaviq: if only the .crash file was per test and not per testsuite …08:44
Saviqdidrocks, that's not the crash, for sure08:44
Saviqdidrocks, I'll look into it08:45
didrocksbecause he was able to kill the apps?08:45
didrocksor you think autopilot doesn't return "" if the app didn't answer?08:45
Saviqdidrocks, it should raise I think, if the test app failed08:45
Saviqdidrocks, anyway, I'll see if I can repro - I got 100% on Qt 5.2 though, will run it a few times to see if it's reliable08:46
didrocksSaviq: ok :)08:46
tsdgeosSaviq: the bluetooth crash is gone, now there should be a x misplacement of the highlight when disabling it08:46
didrocksSaviq: keep me posted, once you know about that one, we'll see if we can set a silo for the theme + unity8 + system settings08:47
Saviqtsdgeos, you can't even see it on the phone - the page is gone as soon as you touch it08:47
Saviqtsdgeos, at least I couldn't08:47
tsdgeosSaviq: but open the indicators again08:47
Saviqtsdgeos, ah you mean that the tab bar is misplaced? yes08:47
tsdgeosthe orange bar highlight under the icon08:47
tsdgeosit'll be misplaced08:47
Saviqah that08:47
tsdgeoshttps://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/indicator_highlight_x_position/+merge/209400 fixes it08:48
Saviqwill try and see, autopiloting now08:48
CimiSaviq, ciao :) we forgot this https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/new-scopes.carousel-dinamic-fallback/+merge/20745108:57
SaviqCimi, we didn't forget ;)08:57
SaviqCimi, I'm cleaning up new-scopes and looking into how we're going to merge it all into trunk, so I have my eyes on your branch08:58
tsdgeosSaviq: are you aware of my cleanup branch?08:59
Saviqtsdgeos, btw, checklist for your MP please08:59
tsdgeosSaviq: it's there08:59
* Saviq refreshes08:59
CimiSaviq, I'm trying to catch up after mwc/holidays09:00
Saviqtsdgeos, it's marked WiP https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/new-scopes-cleanup/+merge/207921 :)09:00
CimiSaviq, what's current priority for us?09:00
SaviqCimi, getting Qt 5.2 in, then new scopes and right edge09:00
Saviqtsdgeos, also, I didn't see the gradient changes in there?09:00
tsdgeosSaviq: because it is WiP (i.e. the plan was to get all the tests working and they don't yet), just making sure you're not doing the same work again09:01
Saviqtsdgeos, ah no no09:01
tsdgeoslet me re-merge it09:01
Saviqtsdgeos, I'm just looking into what's in new-scopes and what of that should go away (native orientation stuff) or get into separate MPs into trunk09:01
Saviqtsdgeos, one such would I think be sidestage-over-dash, which could go into trunk I think (after having added some tests)09:02
tsdgeosprobably could yes09:03
tsdgeoshave to check if i'm using something from new-scopes specific09:03
Saviqtsdgeos, think we could add a test for lp:~aacid/unity8/indicator_highlight_x_position ?09:05
tsdgeosSaviq: we could, have to code a fake indicator that hides itself when clicking on it, not sure if it's worth the hassle tbh09:07
Saviqtsdgeos, does it need to be "when clicking on it"? I mean just for the highlight09:07
Saviqtsdgeos, shouldn't it be "focus an indicator, remove it, check highlight"?09:07
tsdgeosSaviq: sure, but the highlight only gets of sync when you're doing something like the bluetooth indicator (and you're using Qt 5.2.1)09:08
Saviqtsdgeos, k09:08
tsdgeosotherwise it would be a test that doesn't test what the code fixes09:08
tsdgeosSaviq: so what do we do with https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/bring_hud_quit_back/+merge/203020 ? do i get it out of WIP or just discard it?09:16
CimiSaviq, hud going away from the bottom?09:21
tsdgeosCimi: yep, see https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/disable-hud/+merge/20922609:25
tsdgeosmzanetti: i'm surprised the hud autopilot tests didn't fail in https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/disable-hud/+merge/20922609:26
Cimitsdgeos, ok that I noticed hud being confusugint at mwc09:26
Cimitsdgeos, do we have another design?09:26
mzanettitsdgeos: I disabled them09:26
tsdgeosmzanetti: ah right, can't read09:26
mzanettitsdgeos: I renamed them from test_hud.py to disabled_test_hud.py09:26
tsdgeosCimi: don't know tbh09:27
mzanettiits a bit small in the diff09:27
mzanettidid our autopilot tests get more unstable lately?09:28
tsdgeosmzanetti: on plain unity8 or in the new-scopes one?09:29
tsdgeosmzanetti: added a needs fixing to that disable hud thing09:29
tsdgeosmzanetti: though maybe you can just let it live09:29
seb128pete-woods, hey, could you have a look to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evince/+bug/1288025? That seems a regression in the "new" hud (new as the new codebase, not in a recent update)09:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1288025 in evince (Ubuntu) "HUD entries don't get activated with gmenumodel" [High,Confirmed]09:29
mzanettitsdgeos: thanks. good catch. will fix09:30
tsdgeosmzanetti: do you think you should make the hud plugin not compile too?09:30
tsdgeosmzanetti: i.e. plugins/HudClient/09:30
mzanettitsdgeos: hmm... I really don't know... will ask Saviq on this09:30
mzanettiI mean, it will come back at some point09:31
mzanettiso the plugin will probably still be needed09:31
pete-woodsseb128: sure, will look into it09:40
seb128pete-woods, thanks09:40
pete-woodsseb128: can confirm that I can reproduce it with evince09:41
Saviqtsdgeos, re: hud quit, we can merge it, it's not gonna be in use, but at least it'd be in sync with the backend if/when we want to bring it back09:46
tsdgeosSaviq: ok, i'll put it to needs review then09:47
Saviqmzanetti, leave the plugin be, it's not being loaded so it's fine, we'd only save minimal build time09:50
SaviqCimi, no new design yet, no09:50
mzanettiSaviq: ack09:58
maxbHello, is unity the correct package to report a bug against if it goes away way setting UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 ?10:00
maxbUgh, I should have proofread that sentence10:01
maxbHello, is unity the correct package to report a bug against if it goes away when UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 is set?10:01
Saviqmaxb, "it goes away" meaning unity crashes? if so, you should have a related .crash file (compiz probably) in /var/crash10:03
maxbSorry, I mean "the bug no longer manifests"10:03
Saviqmaxb, what bug is that?10:03
maxbgnome-terminal has a setting to disable menu access keys. It is no longer honoured in trusty10:03
RAOFYeah, that's kinda annoying.10:04
Saviqmaxb, yeah, that sounds like a unity bug indeed10:04
* maxb does the 'also affects' thing10:05
* apw has some HUD keybinding issues, which is suspect are actually upgrade of settings not working issues:10:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1288154 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD keybindings change not working correctly" [Undecided,New]10:08
seb128Trevinho, bregma, ChrisTownsend: ^10:10
larsumaxb: what's the bug # for that? I remember somebody discussing this recently10:11
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larsumaxb: the problem is that unity grabs those keys before gnome-terminal sees them10:11
maxbbug 128220310:11
ubot5bug 1282203 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "gnome-terminal not respecting "Enable menu access keys" setting, inside the Unity desktop environment." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128220310:11
larsuand of course unity doesn't know about the setting...10:11
larsumaxb: thanks10:11
larsumaxb: are you sure about that? I still get the keys when setting UBUNTU_MENUPROXY10:14
maxbget the keys?10:14
larsumenu access keys are still enabled10:14
larsuwhich makes sense, I don't think anything looks at that env variable in the gmenumodel case10:15
larsuah wait, it is still using unity-gtk-module10:16
seb128larsu, maxb: is the bug you discuss the one fixed by https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/unity-gtk-module/gtk-enable-mnemonics/+merge/207752 ?10:16
maxbUBUNTU_MENUPROXY=1 (default) - the setting to disable the keys doesn't work, things like Alt+E are intercepted and not passed to my irssi;  UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 - the Alt+E keypress and similar do make it through to my irssi10:16
larsuseb128: thanks :)10:17
seb128we should land that soon, it's just waiting for desrt to do another review round10:17
seb128but he said he wouldn't block it further in the previous review so it should be ready10:17
maxbThat looks nice.10:19
* maxb dupes the other bug10:19
mhr3_seb128, ping? oh dpkg master, would you know how can i get demangled c++ names in .symbols file?10:19
maxboh, someone got there first :-)10:19
seb128mhr3_, not sure there is a good solution for c++ symbols, I just know "they are so annoying to deal with that we often end of not having a .symbols"10:20
seb128mhr3_, better to ask didrocks, he's probably more aware of the current status there10:20
mhr3_didrocks, oh dpkg master, share your endless wisdom please10:21
didrocksmhr3_: seb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/FAQ#I.27m_exposing_a_new_C.2BAC8-C.2B-.2B-_symbols_in_my_library.2C_it_seems_that_some_packaging_changes_are_needed.2BICY-10:21
didrockssee "NB! For C++ the diff will be using mangled symbol names, but if you pipe the diff through C++filt, you can get the demangled name. For example if the diff has a clearly C++ symbol like this one:10:21
RAOFdidrocks is too fast!10:22
RAOFmhr3_: Also, “man dpkg-gensymbols” /c++10:22
seb128didrocks, thanks10:22
mhr3_the sed there is just magical10:26
tsdgeospete-woods: hud-service at 100% again :-/11:06
tsdgeosand back to 0%11:08
pete-woodstsdgeos: strange indeed11:10
pete-woodsit's definitely something to do with dbusmenu-qt's dbusmenuimporter, I'm starting to develop the motivation to give it some serious attention11:11
tsdgeospete-woods: actually my computer went trough a massive swap to disk spell11:23
tsdgeosso may have been that11:23
tsdgeosended with 2G of swap disk used11:23
pete-woodstsdgeos: fingers crossed!11:23
tsdgeosmeaning my computer was kind of unresponsive for a good 5 mins :D11:23
tsdgeosyeah compiling qtwebkit is something i have to learn not to do so often :D11:23
pete-woodssince I stuck 16GB of RAM in my computer (for a grand total of £50 IIRC) I don't seem to use swap any more11:24
pete-woodsyeah, that's like compiling openoffice!11:24
dandradermzanetti, ping11:44
mzanettidandrader: hi11:45
dandradermzanetti, hi. about your unity8/right-edge-2 branch. It works fine on tablet?11:45
mzanettidandrader: it should, yes. The sidestage is not perfect, but I think its not much worse that the trunk version11:45
anpokI currently try to resolve some issues we have with the input_region functionality of mir surfaces..11:46
anpokI just saw that unity mir also exposes that functionality in MirSurface.11:47
dandradermzanetti, ok. I'm using it as the starting point for a unity8 version that works as a mir compositor.11:47
mzanettidandrader: \o/11:47
dandraderfyi, as you were away late last week11:47
mzanettidandrader: please let me know how it works, and feel free to ping me about issues or other questions you have with it11:48
anpokSo I wonder what is the expectation here. When the Surface moves around.. should those regions move together with the surface?11:48
dandradermzanetti, I spent  a lot of time just adapting to the unity-api changes it needs11:48
mzanettidandrader: right... I did some changes there too11:48
mzanettidandrader: mostly about the screenshotting stuff. but afaiu that would go away again, right?11:49
anpokhence those coordinates in the input regions are trated as being inside the local co-ordinate system of the surface11:49
dandradermzanetti, well, I think there would still be screenshotting for the dash thumbnails11:49
mzanettidandrader: hmm... really? I would probably just drop that altoghether and put the real surfaces in there too (if thats ok from a resource consumption pov)11:50
mzanettianpok: I'd say yes, that's how qml works at least11:51
anpokgood - makes my live simpler too11:51
mzanettianpok: I think dandrader can help with details on this11:51
anpokdandrader: if thats not the expected behavior unity-mir would have to change when we also support free floating windows..11:52
Saviqtsdgeos, re: see-through main stage... maybe base your work on mzanetti's branch?11:53
anpokdandrader: up to now input_region was in global co-ordinate system.. and nobody updates it when surfaces move around - so I think it is a simpler behavior to have them specified as local co-ordinates11:53
dandraderanpok, as a side note: "Input regions" won't be used anymore once we move to have unity8 as the mir compositor.11:53
mzanettiSaviq: tsdgeos: my branch does that already. If there's only a side stage app running, you can see the dash background and interacti with that11:53
Saviqmzanetti, so that needs fixing, you shouldn't be able to interact with it, at least that's what we did for MWC11:54
anpokdandrader: ok - means you are fine with local..?11:54
* dandrader looks at the MirSurface vs input_region code11:54
mzanettiSaviq: huh?11:54
mzanettiSaviq: why wouldn't you be able to interact with it?11:54
dandraderanpok, give me a minute to look at the code11:54
tsdgeosmzanetti: darken the dash and clicking on it hides the sidestage11:54
tsdgeosthat's what the new-scopes branch did11:55
Saviqmzanetti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/112766511:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1127665 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[SIDESTAGE] Dash isn't visible when only sidestage app running " [Medium,In progress]11:55
tsdgeosSaviq: mzanetti: so what do i do? stop the separate merge altogether since mzanetti's branch already kind of does it? or?11:55
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Saviqmzanetti, that's obviously kind of tangential, with the rehaul of tablet right edge and side stage...11:55
Saviqtsdgeos, sounds like it11:55
mzanettireally... ok... well, will change it then... but I really liked that I can launch another app from the dash even though the SS is open11:56
mzanettiyou still could drag the sidestage away with the draghandle11:56
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Saviqmzanetti, do you know if it's like that in the new sidestage/right-edge design?11:56
dandraderanpok, right, input areas are in the local coordinate system of the surface they belong to11:57
mzanettiSaviq: I don't think the spec specifies that at all. It felt like the proper thing to me to do it that way.11:57
mzanettiwill check back with design11:57
Saviqmzanetti, please do, mention that bug - maybe it needs overturning11:57
anpokdandrader: good. thanks for looking.11:58
Saviqmzanetti, and mark your branch for that bug, please, too11:58
dandraderanpok, or at least that's how unity-mir and unity8 expects them to be11:58
tsdgeosok, then this one was fast :D11:58
mzanettitsdgeos: so yeah. please don't do anything related to this anywhere else than on top of my branches11:58
tsdgeosmzanetti: i'll leave it to you i guess :)11:58
tsdgeossince you kind of have it done anyway11:58
anpokwill try to fulfill that expectation11:59
mzanettiSaviq: re your comment on the hud branch: do I read it correctly that you've added the first comment by mistake and revoked the Needs Fixing with the abstain comment?12:10
Saviqmzanetti, yes12:10
Saviqmzanetti, the "abstain" I believe means that I abstain from the vote, not to abstain with the branch ;)12:10
mzanettiyeah, didn't want to add 5 function decorators when there's only hud tests in the whole file anyways12:11
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mzanettiCimi: what exactly does the BottomBarVisiblityCommunicatorShell do? iirc you created that one12:14
tsdgeosmzanetti: it talks to the sdk toolbar12:15
tsdgeosand tells it to show/go away/stuff12:16
Saviqtsdgeos, re: fixing screenshot.visible - I just removed it 'cause it's wrong12:16
tsdgeosSaviq: want me to have a look at LVWPH tests with 5.2?12:16
mzanettitsdgeos: so the question is: If I remove that , will that break something the SDK expects?12:16
Saviqtsdgeos, it's always meant to be visible, AFAICT12:16
Saviqtsdgeos, will have a look again12:16
Saviqtsdgeos, but yes, please have a look at those12:16
tsdgeosmzanetti: no, it will just not talk to their end12:16
tsdgeosmzanetti: though maybe something will be waiting to the dbus name to appear12:17
tsdgeosmaybe just leave it in12:17
Saviqtsdgeos, for an even easier way to reproduce some issues with the tests (that I would like to get rid of (the issues)):12:17
tsdgeosor remove it from both places12:17
Saviqxvfb-run -s "-screen 0 1024x768x24" make -C builddir qmltests12:17
mzanettimhm... Saviq, are we sure we don't need the bottombar stuff any more? I could also drop it from the SDK in that case12:18
Saviqmzanetti, there's no new design yet12:18
mzanettiso better leave it for now?12:18
Saviqmzanetti, but I doubt it's going to come back into the bottom edge12:18
Saviqmzanetti, so sounds like it can be safely removed from there, too12:18
mzanettiok then. I'll drop stuff12:19
tsdgeosSaviq: ok12:19
Saviqtsdgeos, LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 might be you're on nvidia or fglrx or some such12:19
Saviqtsdgeos, any fixes - just push to the same branch12:19
Saviqs/be/be needed/12:20
mhr3_Saviq, got my msg yesterday about gotoScope?12:44
Saviqdandrader, hey, could you please extract the rotated DDA changes and MP them into trunk?12:44
Saviqmhr3_, don't think I did12:44
mhr3_Saviq, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038320/12:44
didrocksSaviq: are you sure it's supposed to be fixed by the sdk? #221 has latest sdk and it's still failing: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/221:20140305:20140304/6988/unity8/853561/12:44
Saviqdidrocks, I told you that failure is not something I understand12:45
Saviqdidrocks, and couldn't reproduce locally12:45
Saviqdidrocks, it *could* be that the app crashed, and so it didn't focus12:45
didrocksSaviq: ok12:45
dandraderSaviq, aren't hey all in tunk already?12:45
dandraderSaviq, revision 72112:47
Saviqdandrader, right, that explains things!12:47
Saviqdandrader, as you were ;)12:47
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dandradermzanetti, trying to build your unity-scopes-shell/activate-appid-2 branch on the device: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038367/12:55
dandradermzanetti, what am I missing?12:55
Saviqmhr3_, no, I won't invalidate it12:57
Saviqmhr3_, at least I don't think I will, but to get it displayed in the UI we might need some code12:57
Saviqmhr3_, so... I think it'd be fine if you dealt with it internally12:57
Saviqmhr3_, that would work later for annotations, too12:58
mhr3_Saviq, ok, that feature should be deployed on the server soon, so we'll see how much it (doesn't) works :)12:58
Saviqmhr3_, indeed12:58
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Saviqtsdgeos, did you put the gradient changes somewhere in the end?13:02
Saviqtsdgeos, I'm feeling like we should just commit it to new-scopes separately from the cleanup13:02
dandradermzanetti, so in src/Unity/scopes-ng/scope.cpp:166  -> s/Handled/HideDash ?13:08
mzanettidandrader: not sure what you're talking about. let me check the code13:08
dandradermzanetti, just try compiling that branch on the latest device image13:09
mzanettihmm... don't really see yet how that would be related to scopes-ng, but /me tries13:10
dandradermzanetti, ahh, I think that's because I'm trying to use your branch directly instead of merging it with trunk13:15
mzanettidandrader: which indicates that I need to merge my branches and update them. will do so. thanks13:16
Saviqmhr3_, btw, can we s/template/renderer/ in -scopes? or are you really friendly with the "renderer" name?13:16
Saviqmake that s/renderer/template/13:17
mhr3_Saviq,  idont like template cause it's c++ keyword :P13:17
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Saviqmhr3_, ugh, categoryTemplate then?13:18
Saviqmhr3_, we're naming it template everywhere else...13:18
mhr3_i don't really care that much, if you want it renamed, so be it13:20
Saviqmhr3_, I just wanted it to be consistent13:21
pstolowskisil2100, ping13:24
sil2100pstolowski: pong13:25
sil2100What's up?13:25
pstolowskisil2100, hey, is lp:~sil2100/unity-scopes-api/dependencies still needed?13:26
Saviqtsdgeos, how about https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/fix-new-scopes-tab-name-missing/+merge/206162 - do we want that separate into trunk, or maybe an actual bug against uitk?13:26
sil2100pstolowski: uuuh, what the heck is that?13:26
sil2100I would say no, but let me check13:26
pstolowskisil2100, you tell me :) https://code.launchpad.net/unity-scopes-api13:26
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mzanettidandrader|afk: I've merged trunk13:34
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jdrabhi guys does unity(7) in 14.04 need "indirect context rendering support" ? i don't understand what it exactly is or how it works but for me unity on 14.04 does not work :/13:54
jdrabunity_support_test http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038608/13:56
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jdraboh and btw "does not work" means there is no window decoration,panel,launcher absolutelly nothing :/13:59
tsdgeosSaviq: i was told that tabs are going away14:01
tsdgeoslike in the whole uitk14:02
tsdgeosand thus made no sense to open bugs against it14:02
tsdgeosor that's what i understood14:02
Saviqtsdgeos, ok, think it makes sense to merge it separately from new-scopes?14:02
tsdgeosSaviq: the bugfix? don't know, i think the fact that we use new-scopes made the bug much more promiment14:03
tsdgeosi can almost never see it in trunk14:03
tsdgeosbut quite often in new-scopes14:03
tsdgeosSaviq: not sure what you mean with the gradient changes14:04
Saviqtsdgeos, I sent you a diff last week or something14:04
tsdgeosah yes14:04
Saviqtsdgeos, that was moving the gradients back from DashRenderer (and ...Apps.qml) to GenericScopeView14:04
tsdgeosit's on the cleanup branch14:04
tsdgeosi think14:04
Saviqtsdgeos, didn't see it there14:04
tsdgeosor maybe it's in the seemore branch14:04
tsdgeosit's in the seemore14:05
Saviqtsdgeos, I'll just pull that one commit into new-scopes14:05
tsdgeosSaviq: sure14:05
Saviqtsdgeos, as it annoys me ;)14:06
tsdgeoslol, i just found a nice bug in QGLXPbuffer that basically makes the xcb plugin make uninitialized memory accesses on every single app start :D14:07
tsdgeoswonder how we don't get much more crashes14:08
seb128bregma, andyrock: what's the status of the lock screen? still trying to land it for the lts?14:12
bregmaseb128, there's a weird problem in the jenkins builds, but at this point I'm starting it through the prep for the next ci-train landing14:13
bregmawhich means I buildm install, and test locally14:13
bregmaand we need to coordinate changes to the other packages with you14:14
bregmashall we try to land all changes in the same silo?14:15
dandradermzanetti, about your right-edge-2 branch (on a tablet): I launch two main stage apps. One of them is being displayed. what should happen on a right-edge drag?14:16
Saviqtsdgeos, Cimi, btw, I've cleaned up new-scopes for merging (still a few minor things to do), please (re)base your new-scopes-related branches on that, MP into trunk with that one as prerequisite14:16
tsdgeosSaviq: okidoki14:16
Saviqa simple merge from it should work14:16
tsdgeosSaviq: you think we should backport https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,80007 ? see comment from Laszlo Agocs14:17
seb128bregma, yes, having somebody from your team commenting on the ffe to reply to Laney's comments would be nice (I would like to know as well what components need to be patch and in which way, and what happens if somebody want to go back to use g-s for some reason)14:17
mzanettidandrader: hmm... well, what should happen is that the app spread comes in... but that's not there yet14:17
Saviqtsdgeos, sounds like yeah, let's14:18
Saviqtsdgeos, for your cleanup branch... think we should merge it into the above or separate MP for just the cleanup?14:18
mzanettidandrader: want me to implement a temporary right edge behavior for now?14:18
tsdgeosSaviq: "merge it into the above" ? what is "the above"?14:18
mzanettiotherwise I would build the proper animation on top of that as soon as we got it merged14:18
mzanettidandrader: ^14:18
Saviqtsdgeos, new-scopes-clean-to-trunk14:18
Saviqtsdgeos, or maybe we could go for a split: test fixes and such in one branch, all red (removing unused files) separate?14:18
dandradermzanetti, no, it's fine. I just want to make sure that I'm getting what I'm supposed to get14:19
tsdgeosSaviq: that's what i had originally, and then you told me to batch it all :D14:19
Saviqtsdgeos, I know ;)14:19
tsdgeosSaviq: i don't mind either way14:19
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, let's merge it into one branch14:19
Saviqtsdgeos, btw, did you do something with DashFilterGrid? it looked to me like we could get rid of it, there's only CardFilterGrid using it now, so the wrapping can be gone probably14:20
mzanettidandrader: so basically the StageWithSideStage.qml is quick and dirty "make-it-look-similar-as-in-trunk" and really not polished. The rest should be production code tho.14:20
dandradermzanetti, ok.14:21
tsdgeosSaviq: i killed it in the SeeMore branch14:21
Saviqtsdgeos, ok14:21
Saviqtsdgeos, good enough14:21
tsdgeosMirv: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtbase-opensource-src/+bug/128827814:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1288278 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "Backport Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) fix" [Undecided,New]14:21
CimiSaviq, ok14:23
CimiSaviq, tsdgeos we review against 5.2 now?14:25
SaviqCimi, not yet14:25
SaviqCimi, or, well, against both, ideally14:25
CimiI am doing a review but I realised it doesn't work14:25
andyrockseb128, i fixed the failing tests14:26
andyrockbut jenkins fails for some reason14:26
andyrockseb128, can you trigger a re-build?14:27
seb128andyrock, good, what about the questions on the ffe/the impact on things that "call lockscreen"? do we need to patch them to use a new interface? does that let a fallback for people not using unity?14:27
tsdgeosCimi: what doesn't work?14:28
Cimitsdgeos, tests14:28
andyrockin teory we should patch gnome-session to provide a interface to lock the screen14:28
tsdgeosCimi: with 5.2.1? we're fixing some at https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/fix-5.2-tests/+merge/20905814:28
andyrockgnome-session should emit the logind signal14:28
andyrockand all the things that "call lockscreen" should use the gnome-session interface14:29
seb128andyrock, when I tried I ended up in cases where g-s was running as the lockscreen...14:29
seb128hum, k14:29
andyrockyeah but because you enabled it14:29
andyrockit's disabled by default14:29
SaviqCimi, standup,14:30
seb128andyrock, oh ok, well, I enabled it because after session restart ctrl-alt-L was giving me a gnome-screensaver lock14:31
andyrockyeah we should disable that shortcut14:32
andyrocksuper+l is the correct one14:32
seb128can we have both?14:33
seb128lot of people (me included) are used to ctrl-alt-L and would get confused if it stops working14:33
Cimidednick, didn't hear you well, can you paste me notes in pct?14:38
Saviqtsdgeos, how does testLauncher fail for you?14:48
tsdgeosSaviq: test_quicklist_positioning14:48
tsdgeosseems the flicking doesn't actully work14:49
tsdgeosusing 5.2.114:49
Saviqtsdgeos, passed fine here :/14:49
Saviqtsdgeos, I think I saw that failure under a different GRID_UNIT_PX though14:49
Saviqtsdgeos, ah now it failed14:49
Saviqok, so somewhat unreliable14:50
Saviqwe'll need to look at it14:50
Saviqdednick, the guy fixed his phone... but created a new thread every time he posted a message on the ML...14:51
Saviqdednick, https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg06744.html14:52
dednickSaviq: yeah, i saw that after I replied14:55
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah :-/14:58
apwdoes anyone know if it is possible to add a mouse binding to the title bar of a window in unity?15:05
apw(i am pretty sure i used to be able to bind mouse-2 on the title bar to "lower", but it is gone and i cannot remember how i might have done it)15:06
tsdgeosSaviq: lazyimage failed too15:07
Saviqtsdgeos, hmm fine here, too15:08
* Saviq tries under xvfb15:08
Saviqhmm works15:09
tsdgeosthis one http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038936/15:09
Saviqah got one to fail15:09
Saviqtsdgeos, try http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038941/15:10
Saviqtsdgeos, I had that for xvfb, but seems it might be needed for you as well15:10
tsdgeoslet's see15:10
tsdgeosSaviq: i can't make it to fail again so not sure if it fixes it :D15:16
Saviqtsdgeos, ;)15:17
Saviqtsdgeos, try under xvfb15:17
Saviqtsdgeos, but a waitForRendering() would be a better fix anyway15:17
tsdgeoshmmm actually i fails quite a bit on xvfb15:17
tsdgeosthe 10 seconds don't help either15:18
Saviqtsdgeos, just testLazyImage?15:18
tsdgeosactually i think it's the other way around15:18
Saviqhmm is fine here :/15:18
tsdgeosand the transition is already finished when it gets there15:18
tsdgeosi mean i upped the tryCompare to 20 secs15:18
tsdgeosand it's still failing15:19
Saviqtsdgeos, ok, will look into it15:19
tsdgeostell me if you need testing15:20
tsdgeossince it is quite stable here in failing15:20
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karnihey guys, can we have someone kick the phone-right-edge build? archive unity8 is again newer than the ppa15:37
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Saviqkarni, that's expected, we didn't want anything to replace the MWC builds (hence the devices were rid of the usual archive)15:41
Saviqkarni, we'll be merging right edge and new-scopes into trunk soon enough, is there anything in particular you're looking for?15:41
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karniSaviq: I see. nah, it's nothing critical.15:50
karniThanks :)15:50
mhr3didrocks, the instructions for the c++ symbols are awesome, unfortunately the diff generated by dh_makeshlibs is broken, it can't be just applied to the symbols file15:57
mhr3didrocks, i mean not even after passing it through c++filt15:58
didrocksmhr3: oh? weird, I've been using my own instructions for quite a while though15:58
mhr3didrocks, i just get hunk failed for everything it generates15:59
didrocksmhr3: hum, maybe for the first time, you should just copy and paste the whole generated file15:59
mhr3didrocks, yea sure, this is when the symbols change16:00
SaviqCimi, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/new-scopes.carousel-dinamic-fallback/+merge/207451/comments/49280416:05
CimiSaviq, ok16:06
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CimiSaviq, that you're awayre16:54
CimiSaviq, this logic comes from somewhere? https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/unity8/zoomImage/+merge/20794116:55
Cimifor pinch16:55
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SaviqCimi, not sure what you mean?17:31
* Saviq doesn't know AnimatedImage, though...17:31
SaviqI don't think that should be used17:32
CimiSaviq, I mean the js code I see here17:40
CimiSaviq, it has some magic numbers like 0.98 or 0.1 or such17:40
Cimiwondering who wrote the original code17:40
SaviqCimi, yeah, dunno, didn't look at it yet17:41
CimiSaviq, I can review the code17:41
CimiSaviq, just wondering if someone else already reviewed that17:42
SaviqCimi, would probably leave a comment if they did :)17:42
CimiSaviq, although it sounds reasonable to me having a pinch to zoom image component in the sdk17:42
SaviqCimi, indeed17:42
dandraderanyone knows what should I do when I start getting this on the device when runnint unity8?17:43
dandrader "** (process:2815): WARNING **: Unable to connect to Upstart bus: Could not connect: Connection refused"17:43
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Saviqdandrader, restart lightdm18:20
Saviqdandrader, means your user session died18:20
Saviqdandrader, if you get a init .crash file, report it, too18:20
dandraderSaviq, hmmm, I was trying out running "init --user" from a phablet ssh shell18:20
dandraderSaviq, seems to do the trick...18:21
dandraderSaviq, so we already have lightdm (system compositor) on the device?18:21
Saviqdandrader, yeah, that probably helps, too, although might be lost when you connect again18:21
Saviqdandrader, well, lightdm was there all the time, launching the user session without system compositor18:22
Saviqdandrader, but now we have unity-system-compositor enabled, too18:22
Saviqgreeter not split yet18:22
dandraderSaviq, and lightdm lives on the upstart system session so I should start it from a roo@device?18:23
Saviqdandrader, yes18:23
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