cmaloneyid like that01:37
cmaloneyplaying with Juice01:38
cmaloneyreset my ohone and decided to give it a go01:38
cmaloneyso far so good01:38
rick_h_<3 that ssh client. works great on the tablet with a keyboard. Actually done some work that way.01:39
cmaloneywell the sharing the public key via dropbox sold it01:40
rick_h_ah nice01:40
cmaloneythe other thing is having a relatively full keyboard.01:40
rick_h_yea, I like the ctrl-alt keys up on the screen01:40
rick_h_I use it for irc and can 'alt-4' for changing channels01:40
cmaloneyyeah, it's definitely a keeper01:41
rick_h_damn this GSoC thing is exhausting but exciting01:52
rick_h_we're running out of bugs to fix hah01:52
rick_h_and they're starting to get into the cool work now01:52
rick_h_doing really useful stuff01:52
rick_h_we'll have a user stats chart soon and the delete all branch is almost ready to land to fix that issue of importing private stuff on accident01:53
rick_h_all from students doing some great stuff. With tests, and documentation01:53
rick_h_I've got 2,899 bookmarks. https://bmark.us/api/v1/admin/stats/bmarkcount?api_key=01:55
cmaloneyThat's brilliant01:55
rick_h_stick your api_key at the end to see01:55
cmaloneyI'd love to know why we're getting mdlug stuff on the MUG mailing list.01:55
rick_h_I keep wanting to say smoething01:56
rick_h_mug is not a shared group and I've got no interest in seeing this stuff01:56
rick_h_honestly, I've buried most mug mail because of it01:56
rick_h_sorry, with that url you have to change the username as well :/01:57
cmaloneyI just sent a note to the list.01:59
cmaloneyoh, nice on the tablet02:21
rick_h_thanks for the email02:26
widoxrick_h_: I love the pull request summary for #32602:26
widoxFunctions in place02:26
widoxComment added02:26
rick_h_yea, rebased it down for him. It took some mentoring02:27
widoxoh, and "Fixing things"02:27
rick_h_great one02:27
widoxgood stuff02:27
rick_h_https://github.com/bookieio/Bookie/commit/a24ec64d42dd2e2fdba6af43eb297bd38b4a9bfc was the one commit that actually hit02:27
widoxa pretty beefy one still02:28
rick_h_yea, it's good stuff. He worked hard across several days to put it all up together.02:29
rick_h_he's at the top of the student list so far02:29
widoxI can't keep track of what's going on in #bookie02:30
rick_h_heh, me either :P02:30
widoxeverytime I peek in there the scrollback is crazy02:30
rick_h_and it's my job02:30
rick_h_I feel bad because names have dropped off. I can't keep track of who did what02:30
rick_h_hmm, wtf why did it work for me and that request failed02:31
widoxrick_h_: I broke bmark.us02:31
rick_h_and my patience with the lesser students is strained02:31
rick_h_widox: yea, see that.02:31
rick_h_wonder why it worked for me but not you02:32
widoxrick_h_: I can totally see that02:32
rick_h_ah, I didn't supply dates02:32
widoxrick_h_: if I leave off the start_date its ok02:32
rick_h_bah, ok well branch landed, first bug02:32
rick_h_He'll have work to do :)02:32
widoxrick_h_: I'll file a bug02:32
rick_h_widox: cool thanks. THen I don't have to :)02:33
rick_h_still, good stuff. It'll be cool to start to add some user stats and such.02:34
cmaloney1544 bookmarks.02:34
widox1287 here02:46
cmaloneyGood morning12:07
cmaloneyGoing to go get my blood drawn this morning so enjoying my morning glass of water.12:08
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brouschrick_h_ is going to have his own Indian outsourcing army by the end of GSoC13:45
rick_h_bookie takes over the world...13:45
mrgoodcatyou're going to become the delicious of india13:46
mrgoodcatthat would actually be really awesome13:46
mrgoodcatsell to google. retire to beach.13:46
brouschIn India13:46
mrgoodcatof course. where you have attained celebrity status13:46
mrgoodcatcameo appearance in bollywood films13:47
brouschGrow 2 extra arms from the pollution13:47
mrgoodcatnow you're a god13:47
brouschcmaloney: I find myself tucking the back of my ankles under the ball today to give me a more chair-like perch14:19
rick_h_brousch: yea, but that's bad14:31
rick_h_I have a foot stool thing to help me stop that14:31
rick_h_it's not good to do the tucking, should have the feet square in front of you14:31
cmaloneybrousch: Yeah, some days I tuck as well for a little more support.14:44
cmaloneybut like rick_h_ says, taht's not the way of it.14:44
cmaloneyThis is going to get ugly: Windows XP still has 29% marketshare.14:57
brouschWhere are the worldwide Ubuntu Installfests?14:59
brouschShuttleworth should be at half-chub promoting such a thing14:59
cmaloneySometimes I wish websites would update more often15:08
cmaloneyJust signed up for a mailing list so I could "win" a copy of the Yes remastered albums (1967-1987)15:08
cmaloneyWhich would be awesome15:08
cmaloneyThey let me know they'll announce the winners in December.15:08
cmaloneySomething tells me that's not Dec 2014.15:09
brouschWebsite Copyright 199815:10
cmaloneybrousch: No, it's not that bad.15:11
brouschCreated with FrontPage 9715:12
cmaloneyjcastro: wb. :)15:22
jcastrosorry, this wasn't in my autojoin when I did a reinstall15:22
cmaloneyWe might forgive you. :)15:23
rick_h_not likely :P15:23
jrwrenjcastro: !!! zomg I missed you so much!15:23
jrwrenjcastro: i went to fanzoo on wednesday, and AGAIN jeff asked about you.15:24
jrwrenI didn't know you were out of nation. that would have been a good excuse.15:24
rick_h_gah, teenage girls at the coffee shop actually telling each other "Oh I just did xxx ell-oh-ell"15:30
rick_h_saying out lol in speach is strange15:30
rick_h_and I'm an old old man15:30
jcastroor you could just, I dunno, laugh  out loud for real15:30
jrwreni only say LOLZ outloud sarcastically15:31
cmaloneyI only guffaw uproariously.15:32
rick_h_guffaw, I wonder if any of them would recognize that word15:33
brouschI have heard people say "haxor"15:34
cmaloneyOnly one way to find out. :)15:34
ColonelPanic001I've said "haxor" out loud, but only ironically, if that helps15:34
jrwrenanyone know why isc-bind's host links to libxml2?16:01
rick_h_I had to do a double take at first: http://blog.trello.com/trello-for-kindle-is-here/16:13
rick_h_"wtf why would I want to trello from my kindle"16:13
brouschWhy wouldn't you?16:13
rick_h_because I'm not sure e-ink support drag and drop :P16:18
rick_h_I don't think of kindles as tablets, just e-ink readers16:19
brouschAh, I think of them as slightly wonky Android tablets16:20
mrgoodcatdid CHC start early last week?20:06
rick_h_mrgoodcat: yep20:07
rick_h_last one of the month starts at 7pm20:07
mrgoodcatwhy is that?20:07
mrgoodcatjust to confuse me?20:07
rick_h_pretty much20:07
rick_h_because it's nice once a month to have extra hacking time20:07
mrgoodcatgot it. because i showed up early by chance and you all beat me there20:10
rick_h_hah, we'll never let you get there first!20:10
mrgoodcati picked up "learning python the hard way - second edition"20:11
mrgoodcatanybody have any experience with that particular book?20:11
dzhothis is one of the zed shaw things, right?20:13
cmaloneyYeah, that's the one20:16
cmaloneyI leafed through it20:17
cmaloneyLooked OK, but a little basic20:17
cmaloneybut for someoene who is motivated it should be OK20:17
jrwrenIIRC its a good book.20:17
jrwrenused to be free online.20:18
jrwrenits only tip of the iceberg python20:18
jrwrenbut its a very solid tip and foundation :)20:18
jrwrenmixing metaphors sucks20:18
mrgoodcati'm not sure i like it so far20:23
mrgoodcati think it assumes you've never programmed before20:23
mrgoodcatand yes it is zed shaw20:24
jrwrenhe wrote it for never programmed before people.20:25
jrwrenif you have programmed before, you don't need a python book.20:25
jrwrenyou need pep8 and pyflakes20:25
jrwrenand some code reviews20:25
rick_h_no python book will really get you into python that well20:25
rick_h_I went through a ton of them20:25
jrwrenas did I20:25
jrwrenand most of them suck.20:25
jrwrenat best, you find one that doesn't suck20:25
jrwrenbut none are good20:25
rick_h_python is very much a 'JFDI' language20:25
rick_h_and use others to get feedback on the 'better' ways to do things20:26
jrwrenwhat python really needs is an 'Effective Python'20:26
rick_h_yea, there have been a couple tries. advanced python, etc20:26
rick_h_but none of them beta witing and reviweing code for the same time it'd take you to read the book20:26
rick_h_beat vs beta doh20:26
jrwrenits also confused by differing values.20:27
jrwrenif you are writing something to be widely used, you might want to target many python versions.20:27
jrwrenwhich raises a whole anotehr bowl of concerns.20:27
jrwrenif you are like me, you really only care about 2.7, with the fact that you'll move to 3.4 or 3.4+ someday in the back of your head.20:27
mrgoodcatwell since i'm starting now doesn't it make sense to begin with 3?20:29
mrgoodcator is 2.7 such an industry standard that i absolutely must learn it?20:29
rick_h_start with 320:29
rick_h_you can get close enough with 2.7 and 3.3 or whatever20:29
rick_h_but that's my my opinion20:30
rick_h_as someone still writing py2 :/20:30
mrgoodcathow different is it?20:30
mrgoodcatwill _most_ py2 code run fine in py3 and vice versa?20:30
rick_h_from 2.7, it's close. But you have to know the things to do to make it run in both20:31
mrgoodcatwell then i'm just going to ignore 2 for now20:31
jrwreni agree, start with 3.3, adopt 3.4 as soon as it is released.20:32
jrwrenonly worry about 2.x if you have to.20:32
jrwrenthe rules to port code to 2.7 is pretty easy.20:32
jrwrengoing older than 2.7 gets more sketchy, but given 2.6 is unsupported, you should never have to worry about it20:33
jrwrenand you likely won't have to ever deal with 2.720:33
rick_h_yea, it's actually a good time to get into python20:33
jrwreni just live in perptual legacy.20:33
rick_h_the last couple of years have been ugh20:33
jrwrenits a GREAT time.20:34
jrwrenI would have hated python if I came in in the 2.4 & 2.5 times.20:34
jrwrenthe garbage collection was stupid and crap.20:34
jrwrenat least now it makes sense.20:34
jrwrenwhen 3.4 comes out with async its going to still  be one of the best languages EVER!20:35
rick_h_yea, definitely, though I'm more excited when the libraries move to using async20:36
jrwrenrequests using async would be a big deal.20:38
jrwrenurllib too.20:38
jrwrenits something that was great that .net did when C# got it.20:38
mrgoodcatwell i'll see you at chc. time for me to go21:06
rick_h_yea, with Bookie I care about urllib and wish it was less painful. Deal in urls a lot21:07
rick_h_ouch, someone wit hover 4k bookmarks just imported. go celery go21:07
rick_h_damn, too many keyboards I can't line up my spaces on any of them today21:08
rick_h_with over21:08
mrgoodcatdoes urllib open urls or parse them?21:08
rick_h_opens/fetches content21:08
rick_h_parsing is breadability21:08
mrgoodcatso its basically curl for python21:08
rick_h_oh, you mean parse the url into parts?21:08
jrwrenanother strange dynamic link of the day. why does nginx link to libfreetypoe and libpng12 ?21:09
rick_h_urllib does some of that, there's different things for it. quote_qs and url_parse can be in odd places. I always have to look them up21:09
rick_h_jrwren: it's stats/reporting page? Doesn't nginx have a states control page available?21:09
jrwrenmrgoodcat: no, curl for python is curl for python, aka pycurl. I use that a lot :)21:09
jrwrenrick_h_: good point.21:10
mrgoodcatthen why use urllib?21:10
rick_h_because pycurl is an external dep, needs to be compiled, doesn't work on all systems, etc21:10
jrwrenbecause its built in. pycurl is external module21:10
mrgoodcatthen why would you use pycurl?21:12
mrgoodcatit must exist for a reason21:12
rick_h_because it's curl, it's awesome. It supports every damn part of http and more you can want21:12
jrwrensame reasons you might link to libcurl in a C program v. using a socket and writing GET yourself.21:17
jrwrencookie handling, ssl auth handling, pycurl does it all :)21:17
jrwrenif you are just going 1 url get, pycurl is likely overkill.21:18
jrwrenif you are doing 1000, 1/4 of which to ssl client certificate auth, pycurl really shines :p21:19

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