ProfessorKaos64Anyone here going to the Northeast GNU\Linux fest?03:31
lazyPowerProfessorKaos64: this is the first i've heard of it04:34
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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else13:12
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InHisNameMorning guys & gals15:05
InHisNameDidn't ubuntu used to support 18/36 months for each version/LTS ?    I'm seeing message for a month, now.  Ubuntu no longer supports 13.04 pop up.15:15
lazyPower_InHisName: uhh you should be supported until 201515:48
lazyPower_oh wait i was thinking of 12.0415:48
lazyPower_yeah raring was depreciated. the next LTS was targeted for Trusty - 14.0415:49
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square-r00tpleia2: how to filter tasks in taskwarrior *not* matching a certain tag in taskwarrior 2.x?20:39
pleia2square-r00t: I don't20:40
pleia2I am a simple user20:40
square-r00twhat's in the documentation doesn't work. my guess is it's different for 2.x20:42
jthanbut also paper++21:03

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