wrsthowdy FredN01:02
FredNhowdy wrst01:23
wrstall going well FredN?01:25
FredNyes thanks01:33
FredNand you?01:33
wrstyep doing well, actually have a few moments of free time and wasting them all wondering what I should be doing with it :)01:35
FredNhaha happens to me everyday01:40
wrstwell guess its good to have multiple interest :)01:55
cyberangerwrst: agreed, learn how to make your own cell phone tower, watch the bbc from the us, research good security practices for device security02:10
cyberangergreat to diversify02:10
wrstoh me you will get me on device security went back to google android on my nexus 502:20
wrsthavimg trouble with wifi on cm02:20
cyberangercould be worse02:29
wrstoh yeah the difference in CM and stock android on the N5 are not much some of the little tweaks I like02:40
wrsthowdy Omnifrog02:46
Omnifroghiya wrst02:46
wrsthow are you doing?02:46
OmnifrogI am covered with poison oak/ivy/sumac rashes >_>02:47
Omnifrogmy efforts to beat the spring growth by working on the fence project failed to prevent this infection of the chemical kind :(02:49
wrstOmnifrog: :( not cool02:49
OmnifrogI generally get some level of contamination every year but this is the worst ever02:50
wrsthard to beleive that is the case when we just had most of the snow/ice melt away today02:50
wrstthat stinks02:50
OmnifrogI know, right!02:50
OmnifrogI didn't think there was any risk as there are no leaves02:51
wrstI never would have imagined there would have been02:52
Omnifrogso I didn't bother with my usual protection of tube socks with the toes cut off02:52
Omnifrogbut sadly this is not the case02:52
wrsthow bad does it bother you?02:53
Omnifrogwhat ever I came in contact with is driving me nuts02:53
Omnifrogmy arms are covered in bumps and welts02:53
OmnifrogI have paper towels layed out on my desk to absorb the ... icky discharge?02:55
Omnifrogand to prevent the spread of the poison oils02:55
Omnifrogso gross '02:55
wrstgoodness... do you have to yell unclean, unclean when you get close to others? :)02:57
OmnifrogI do02:58
wrstbut really that's some nasty stuff to have I guess maybe its better than having it when its hot outside. not that there is ever a good time to have it02:58
Omnifrogwhen I hugged my son goodnight I gave him a long distance pat02:59
Omnifrogwell, I gotta be back out there tomorrow but I'll be wearing lots of socks03:00
Omnifrogit'll be cold though so I'mthankfull for that03:00
wrstsocks won't be so bad with it being cold :)03:13
wrstOmnifrog:  hope you get to feeling better soon I think I'm going to check out for the night03:14
Omnifrogthanks wrst03:19
OmnifrogI don't feel too bad03:19
OmnifrogI'm somewhat used to the trials and tribulations of the forest03:19
wrstgood morning or time appropriate greeting :) elacheche15:24
cyberangergreetings wrst is time appropriate15:35
wrstcyberanger: but its not as fun :)15:46
wrstand good morning :D15:47
cyberangergreetings wrst15:50
wrstall going well?15:50
cyberangergoing well15:55
cyberangermorning elacheche15:55
cyberangerguess it's afternoon there15:56
elachechehey wrst cyberanger :)16:06
elachecheyep it's afternoon :)16:06
elachechehow are you guys?16:06
wrstdoing well elacheche, and you?16:09
elachecheGood :) thx16:10
elachechewrst, are planning to host an UGJ this year?16:21
wrstcool I just threw 14.04 on a machine and have been trying it out. not bad16:23
elachecheI didn't try it yet.. Maybe I'll try it with the Team during UGJ 14.0416:24

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