Piciadamcunnington: by default it will install the one with the most greatest version number, which is usually what you want.00:05
adamcunningtonPici: ok great thanks, which one does it display description for though because apt-cache search looks like the core repository00:06
rocktopany ubuntu best torrent tracker please ?00:06
ikoniarocktop: do you actually want to know about ubuntu or centos ?00:07
Piciadamcunnington: take a look at apt-cache policy's output to determine where it is looking00:07
ikoniarocktop: they have quite different packages available, so I'm just asking you to clarify00:07
rocktopikonia:  I have both00:07
ikoniarocktop: are you trying to use them together or totally seperate ?00:07
rocktopikonia:  any one available will be the good00:07
ikoniarocktop: what sort of functionality do you want as "best" is pretty open ?00:07
adamcunningtonPici: yea, i checked it out in synaptics, thanks mate00:08
rocktopikonia:  I don't find anything for centos , and I am looking some one for ubuntu00:08
ikoniarocktop: search for "torrent" in the package manager to get pretty much all available options00:08
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ikoniarocktop: but if you want specific advice then you'll need to call out your requirements00:08
rocktopikonia:  No Matches found00:09
ikoniarocktop: that seems very unlikley that there are no matches for the word torrent00:09
rocktopikonia:  I run now my centos machine00:10
rocktopikonia:  is there anything for centos ?00:10
ikoniarocktop: thats not really going to help you - you said you wanted ubuntu00:10
ikoniarocktop: #centos is the centos channel, that's why I asked if you wanted centos or ubuntu help00:10
=== bill is now known as Guest15253
rocktopikonia:  ok thank you00:11
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
Syntheadhow can I get the .deb files from this without adding a repo to my system? https://launchpad.net/~mqchael/+archive/pipelight00:19
usr13Synthead: WHy not add a repo?00:20
=== hippiehunter_ is now known as hippiehunter
=== Bean is now known as Yoda3890
Yoda3890Anyone here... I seem to be having intermittent issues with my computer when I enter my password for any reason (login, sudo, unlock). The system seems to "hang" for a bit (30s to a min?) before successfully authenticating my password. "gnome-screensaver-command -d" works just fine when the system is "hanging." In a terminal with sudo I get an error saying it failed to contact kerberos.mit.edu becuase the connection timed out.00:31
Yoda3890Okay, I don't think I'm seeing any messages here. Gonna quit and reconnect under my actual login and repost question.00:34
nbros652Anyone here... I seem to be having intermittent issues with my computer when I enter my password for any reason (login, sudo, unlock). The system seems to "hang" for a bit (30s to a min?) before successfully authenticating my password. "gnome-screensaver-command -d" works just fine when the system is "hanging." In a terminal with sudo I get an error saying it failed to contact kerberos.mit.edu becuase the connection timed out.00:36
theTroyhow to print out what dd reads from the disk? And could I start dd from half-way? (I got a new HDD want to check there is no data on it)00:36
daftykinstheTroy: brand new or second hand new?00:37
theTroydaftykins: brand new, want to make sure its not a "returned" brand new drive00:38
daftykinsheh, the SMART data of power cycles might help with that00:38
daftykinswas it not in a sealed anti-static bag?00:38
theTroyUSB drive, ubuntu says SMART is not available00:38
theTroyToshiba 2TB from amazon..., wasnt sealed :)00:39
daftykinsoh 0o00:39
theTroythey never seal HDDs00:39
daftykinsso it's some kind of external thing?00:39
marcos_Boa noite.00:39
fibz_i need a wifi-N card that will work, plug and play in ubuntu. does any one know of a device that works for sure in 13.10 without having to mess with drivers or firmware or anything? i just want to plug it in and have it work. what wifi adapter will do this?00:40
theTroyUSB3 external drive, 2.5"00:40
isashaJust wondering, how come both chromium and firefox have such a hard time keeping up with my browsing on ubuntu, compared with os x?00:45
fibz_dont know. my xubuntu renders pages in firefox faster then windows or osx00:45
isashaOn the same laptop, under ubuntu things start to visibly slow down with just a few tabs open, whereas under os x I can have a hundred tabs open before any lag starts to come00:45
isashafurthermore, if I open a tab too many, the whole system hangs and I have to force shut it down00:46
isasha... aaand the problem now is that I force shut it down improperly and now it won't boot :/00:46
fibz_it sounds like a bigger problem than just loading pages less quickly00:46
isashayeah it does sound like that too00:47
adamcunningtonhow can i check pc specs from within ubuntu? specifically cpu00:47
isashacould it be related to available disk space?00:47
isashaadamcunnington: Hit Super (Start button in windows) , Type and and open System Monitor.00:48
adamcunningtonisasha: perfect thtnka00:48
isashano problem ;)00:48
fibz_im my experience, it's either a problem with the sata/ide controller, a problem with the cable, a problem with the hard drive, or it is just swapping too much. cant keep up with running the system and swap. but that may not be your problem. if you dont get an answer right away, i would take this problem to the forum00:49
OerHeksadamcunnington, lscpu00:49
HackerIIadamcunnington   cat /proc/cpuinfo00:50
* HackerII goes for coffee00:50
isashafibz_: it's an SSD and I believe it's directly connected to the mobo, and I don't have swap00:51
OerHeksHackerII, black please, and lshw is also fun00:51
fibz_that could be the issue. perhapse you should try adding a mechinical hard drive with a swap partition00:51
fibz_this laptop doesnt have swap and sometimes i have mouse lag00:52
isashaI... can't exactly add a hardrive to a laptop00:52
OerHeksNo swap, those issues fit perfect00:52
isashaWhen I was first setting it up with ubuntu people on here told me that swap isn't neccesary00:52
OerHeksisasha, depends how you ask that00:52
fibz_well it sounds like your FSB isnt able to keep up00:53
isashafront-side bus? I have no issues on os-x which runs of the same ssd00:53
fibz_because your OSX has a SWAP00:54
isashaso.... I should set up a swap partition for ubuntu?00:54
fibz_it would at least eliminate that as the issue00:54
hahahow strange it is! sometimes my ubuntu startup with command line ,sometimes xwindow00:55
fibz_your logs might tell you why00:56
isashahow big should my swap be fibz_ ? equivalent to my ram iirc?00:56
fibz_at least 2GB00:56
Zortoncompiz desktop environment gives some kinks, it did not work00:56
ZortonMe ... why did this happen?00:56
basketballhey does gnome-screensaver actually have a screensaver00:57
OerHeksbasketball, why, didn't you get any?00:58
basketballOerHeks,  how do i set yp a screensaver00:58
EminentDomaini'm having issues connecting to my windows share from ubuntu00:59
EminentDomainit keeps telling me to check my user information00:59
EminentDomainbut it's accurrate00:59
EminentDomaini'm using ubuntu desktop 12.0400:59
EminentDomaini went to file-->connect to server01:00
EminentDomainselected windows share01:00
EminentDomainentered server name01:00
fibz_you have password protected sharing enabled in the windows share EminentDomain01:00
EminentDomainfibz_ what?01:00
basketballhow do i set my pc up where when i press alt then a letter it types the spanish version of the letter   like in windows01:00
EminentDomainnot sure what you mean by password protected sharing01:01
EminentDomainit's a server 2008 machine i have EVERYONE set to full control01:01
EminentDomainbut besdies which i'm trying to connect as the administrator user01:01
fibz_are you on the same network? are you on the same workgroup? do you have samba installed? is filesharing enabled in windows? is password protected sharing enabled in windows EminentDomain?01:02
EminentDomainfibz_ yes same network01:02
EminentDomaini assume samba is installed by default with ubuntu desktop seeing as there is a built in option to connect to windows share in nautilus01:03
EminentDomainand filesharing is enabled seeing as other machines on the lan can access it01:03
EminentDomainan i have no clue what password protected sharing is in windows01:03
fibz_try sharing a folder in nautilus and make sure it doesnt ask to install anything01:03
fibz_well for windows support, you should ask in ##windows01:04
hahacheck your firewall?01:04
hahasetreinforce 0?01:04
EminentDomaini didn't ask in windows since i'm not having an issue with windows01:05
EminentDomainit's ubuntu that wont connect01:05
EminentDomainall my windows machines are working fine01:05
EminentDomaini just looked into the password protected sharing and it was off01:06
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fibz_as long as he can share a folder in nautilus and is on the same windows workgroup he should be able to access it by going to Go-> Location -> smb://2k8hostname/path/to/share01:06
EminentDomainhow do i change the workgroup in ubuntu tho?01:06
EminentDomainthat i am not sure of01:06
fibz_if you did not change the workgroup yourself then you are on the "WORKGROUP" workgroup01:06
EminentDomainmy server is on WORKGROUP01:06
basketballhow do i set my pc up where when i press alt then a letter it types the spanish version of the letter   like in windows01:08
EminentDomainok well looks like i got it working... not sure how01:11
EminentDomainwell it's not really working since i dont have permissions to do anything01:11
fibz_on which side?01:11
EminentDomainubuntu side01:11
EminentDomaincant copy or write anything to or from01:11
fibz_that would be the effective permissions on the server side which is ##windows01:12
fibz_##windows-server too01:12
EminentDomainnvm got it01:14
EminentDomainonce i enabled password protected it worked01:14
fibz_there we go01:15
EminentDomainsince i had to authenticate as a local windows user01:15
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Guest64197Hey all, I'm new to ubuntu just did my first new build and am checking out all the features01:24
adamcunningtonwhere can i modify the size of my partition?01:27
adamcunningtoni created it with lvm and have ran out of space! need to increase the partition size01:27
fibz_i would boot from the install DVD/USB and use gparted01:28
adamcunningtonfibz_: that sounds like a nightmare :| i just want to increase it01:30
cat_pantsanyone know how to write an ubuntu iso to a flash drive? I tried doing "dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb; sync" and I tried doing "cat ubuntu.iso > /dev/sdb; sync" as root of course, and I tried using Unetbootin, which seems way too buggy to use. Any other ideas? Am I supposed to format the usb drive before trying to dd to it? After writing data to my usb drive, the volume label doesn't show up in "fdisk -l"01:30
adamcunningtonapparently it's easy when using lvm01:30
cat_pantsbut it does show up in cfdisk for some reason01:30
advx_Good Morning all01:32
adamcunningtonusr13: are you there?01:33
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adamcunningtonGuys, how do i extend my disk volume :|01:35
psusicat_pants, did you verify the md5sum?01:37
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
adamcunningtonhelp, i have no space on my disk and can't find out how to extend it, everything online looks incredibly complicated01:44
somsipadamcunnington: fibz_ gave you the answer already. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm01:45
adamcunningtonsomsip: read it but looks really confusing01:45
somsipadamcunnington: that's how you do it01:45
adamcunningtonoh that was really easy01:47
adamcunningtonall the other guides / askubuntu answers i found were horrific01:47
fibz_your welcome01:49
Viskeeanyone get a .vce reader running in ubuntu with wine?01:49
ViskeeI'm getting a weird error message01:49
adamcunningtonsomsip: i used lvextend to increase the volume and it was succesfull but a disk usage analysis shows it's 100% still01:50
somsipadamcunnington: no idea. I don't use LVM01:50
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ryanxanyone on steam?01:56
somsip!anyone | ryanx01:57
ubotturyanx: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:57
Viskeeanyone have experience with vce readers in wine on ubuntu?01:58
earthianHello, Do you know how to disable the LSHIFT+RSHIFT keyboard layout switching in Gnome 3.8? It is not enabled anywhere but still works.. Bug??01:58
basketballhow do i open a sqlite2 file02:01
somsip!info sqlitebrowser | basketball02:02
ubottubasketball: sqlitebrowser (source: sqlitebrowser): GUI editor for SQLite databases. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.0~beta1+ds.1-3 (saucy), package size 166 kB, installed size 477 kB02:02
basketballsomsip,  how do i convert sqllite 2 to 302:07
ViskeeWhen it comes down to it, what's the difference between ubuntu and ubuntu paper?02:07
Viskeeubuntu server*02:08
somsipbasketball: I'd guess that you dump from 2 and read into 302:08
somsipViskee: maybe a bit out of date but possibly helpful http://is.gd/okXjIM02:08
FuuqUmiisthow well does Ubuntu work with external USB cards like those that are integrated into headphones and headsets?02:11
xanguaVisual`: if you mean packages, you can install any package from repositories regardless desktop or server02:15
basketballhey does gnome-screensaver actually have a screensaver or does it just turn a grey screen02:16
somsipbasketball: it has access to different screensavers that you can choose, or install new ones. 'dim' is the default IIRC02:17
23LAAI7GMHello, I just installed graphite on Ubuntu Server 13.10 and I'm getting "ImportError: No module named _cairo" when trying to render any graph. python -c "import cairo" works. Can someone please give me any tips of what can be wrong?02:17
basketballsomsip,  how do i install new ones and how do i configure it02:17
somsipbasketball: http://askubuntu.com/questions/292995/configure-screensaver-in-ubuntu02:17
basketballsomsip,  if i install xscreensaver then i cant use ctrl alt l02:18
somsipbasketball: I don't know what that is02:18
basketballsomsip,  lock screen02:18
MAbeeTT_nick MAbeeTT02:18
=== MAbeeTT_ is now known as MAbeeTT
somsip23LAAI7GM: possibly packaging bug https://answers.launchpad.net/graphite/+question/193989 POssible solution http://is.gd/LLIur002:20
somsipbasketball: possibly you need to replace the command invoked with CTRL ALT L with something that runs xscreensaver-command -lock. No idea personally, but inferred by http://is.gd/jRGi7C02:21
EminentDomainis there a utility like filezilla that supports webdav?02:22
EminentDomainin windows they have cyberduck02:23
somsipEminentDomain: possibly helpful - http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/WebDAV#WebDAV_Clients02:23
EminentDomainbut cant seem to find anything for ubuntu02:23
EminentDomainyea i'm using nautilus now trying to copy stuff... doesnt seem to be very accurrate but not sure02:24
EminentDomainin terms of speed and time that is02:24
EminentDomainin filezilla they show each file individually02:24
EminentDomain(same with cyberduck)02:24
EminentDomainperhaps the command line version might be better02:24
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=== Zachary_DuBois|A is now known as Zachary_DuBois
GoldStandardunraufamily hello02:30
eskrimaHi does anyone know where I can find great info and resources for programming. I'm new to it so I don't know what should I look for. Thanks02:35
GeekDudeDoes wilee_nilee still get on here frequently?02:35
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Zachary_DuBois|A
advx_bye 4 now02:36
=== techfilmer is now known as ^s
=== s is now known as Guest35381
icedwatereskrima: glad you're still here. Try stackoverflow.com and codecademy.com :) Also note that #ubuntu is meant primarily for ubuntu support, so please chat about other things at #ubuntu-offtopic.02:39
GeekDudeDoes wilee_nilee still hang around on here?02:40
eskrimaIcedwater ok. I will re member. Sorry02:41
=== ishanyx is now known as i
matfxHi i can't setup twitter on ubuntu 12.04.4 64 bit. Gwibber just say need SSL required. What should i do?02:42
eskrimaIcedwater :)02:42
icedwatereskrima: it's OK, since it's fairly quiet anyhow :)02:43
boyceyany Ruby programmer here ?02:44
eskrimaIcedwater yeah. Sometimes it's so crowded with questions that you don't know which to answer first02:45
funkyhey folks does zip preserves owners info or not?02:46
funkyI mean file owner02:46
funkyand does tinyupload works with wget?02:47
funkysome speedy share sites does not02:47
funkydo not02:47
=== ^s is now known as should
BeldarGeekDude, That was my nick, what's up?02:53
GeekDudeBeldar: Remember helping me get reboot working on an install a while back?02:54
BeldarGeekDude, I wish I could, hehe.02:54
boyceyanyone familiar with arduino here ?02:54
GeekDudeYou had me add something to the kernel parameters, iirc02:54
GeekDudeanyways, I just reformatted, and am having the same issue :/02:55
BeldarGeekDude, nomodeset?02:55
GeekDudeI'm fiddling with disabling acpi atm02:55
* GeekDude will try that next 02:55
BeldarGeekDude, Not a real area I have had to mess with is all.02:55
GeekDudeI added nomodeset at the end of the kernel params, accessed by pressing "e", but it gave me an error: unknown command `nomodeset'02:56
=== should is now known as ^s
BeldarGeekDude, Put it before no splas02:57
* GeekDude manually powers off system once again 02:57
funkywith hammer?02:58
GeekDudefunky: toe02:58
BeldarGeekDude, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nomodeset quiet splash"   with it added02:58
GeekDudeBeldar: I must be looking in the wrong place, because I don't see GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in here02:59
GeekDudealthough, nomodeset does ring a bell02:59
BeldarGeekDude, From the grub menu it looks different, the key is where "nomodeset quiet splash"03:00
BeldarGeekDude, The first example was the line in /etc/default/grub you would modify for permanent use03:01
BeldarThe mods go in that area like the acpi in whatever form that is added03:02
GeekDudeThis tut says to put them after the linux /boot line03:02
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
GeekDudeThere aren't any options there for me to start with, though03:03
BeldarGeekDude, That area in front of quiet splash is where you place these. If you want a text no splash boot remove quiet splash03:04
GeekDudeis that because I'm running server?03:04
BeldarGeekDude, Can I see the tutorial?03:04
BeldarGeekDude, The only difference here is I said before quiet splash, it shows after, same thing basically. I suspect explaining the problem to the channel might help you.03:06
GeekDudeAlso, best shutdown method? Shutdown -h 0, poweroff, halt, etc03:07
wjtaylorHow can I get libimobile4 on 12.04?03:08
wjtaylorlibimobiledevice4 ^^03:08
=== Zachary_DuBois|A is now known as Zachary_DuBois
GeekDudeHey channel! Any idea how to my hang-on-reboot problem? sudo poweroff works fine03:14
GeekDudesudo reboot hangs03:14
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
GeekDudeit hangs on [75.numbers] reboot: Restarting system03:17
GeekDudeadding "nomodeset apci=off noapic nolapic" doesn't seem to help me03:20
GeekDudeto the linux /boot line in the grub kernel settings03:20
Busybyeskiwhat's a solid weather program, that might have toolbar integration?03:22
BeldarGeekDude, This from the grub menu?03:23
GeekDudeBeldar: yeah. Highlight the default ubuntu boot and hit "e"03:23
BeldarGeekDude, Cool, the per-session mod.03:23
GeekDudeI'm testing until it works03:23
GeekDudeOH COOL!03:24
GeekDudereboot=bios fixed it03:24
densinhi all03:24
densinthis is suitable place for ask about network route in ubuntu ? or other channel ?03:25
cfhowlettdensin, this one or #ubuntu-server03:25
densinthank cfhowlett03:25
wjtayloris there a ppa for libimobiledevice for 12.0403:26
GeekDudewhoops, was waiting for grub, but got distracted. *restarts again*03:26
chaos7theoryWould this channel support PPA issues?03:31
cfhowlett!ppa|chaos7theory, generally best to get help from the ppa packager but go ahead and ask03:32
ubottuchaos7theory, generally best to get help from the ppa packager but go ahead and ask: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge03:32
cfhowlett*PPA's are unsupported*03:32
chaos7theoryAh, nevermind then xD03:33
chaos7theoryBeing I went to the mercurial channel but it's dead silent03:33
cfhowlettchaos7theory, forum/email support?03:33
chaos7theoryGoing to check there next03:33
chaos7theoryMainly it's the issue of the ppa version of mrcurial requiring an unnecessary amount of dependencies, including x1103:35
GeekDudeBeldar: It's all fixed now. I added the reboot=b option to the /etc/default/grub file. Works perfectly03:37
GeekDudeThanks for your time03:37
BeldarGeekDude, Good job, glad I could be here to see it.03:40
GeekDudeI don't think this is the same solution I used last time, but I like this one very much03:40
pranavi installed kubuntu iso for embedded device on my flash. evrything is fine, but ends with a busybox atop of bare kernel.03:40
GeekDudeWell, gotta jet03:40
Bublik2002anyone able to install the latest version of itunes on ubuntu? i tried it via play on linux and it gives me an error and doesnt want to install03:42
pranavhow can i transfer the std i/o to LCD ? please help03:42
ubottuBublik2002,: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee03:42
Bublik2002i know its not available but there are ways to install via playonlinux03:43
cfhowlettBublik2002, the LATEST itunes?  not going to happen.03:43
Bublik2002i get it there are good alternatives.. but i want to be able to stream itunes radio03:43
=== revor is now known as ravor
cfhowlettBublik2002, you're not reading.  the latest itunes *will not* be running on linux.  sorry.03:43
Bublik2002cfhowlett: so whats the latest version that can be installed? 10?03:44
cfhowlettBublik2002, earlier versions *may* run with 0-100% functionality03:44
Bublik2002can i run a server on my windows box that will let me stream itunes radio to my ubuntu box?03:45
cfhowlettBublik2002, do a search : install + itunes + ubuntu   for your alternatives03:45
cfhowlettstream + itunes + ubuntu is also a good search parameter03:46
=== ravor is now known as revix
pranavwhy do no1 ever talks in #ubuntu-arm03:49
=== revix is now known as revor
JavaNunesi want download the module bucetaosujo for kernel 3.903:50
ubottupranav,: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.03:50
cfhowlettpranav, see the wiki03:51
pranavhow to transfer std i/p o/p to LCD instead of serial console ?03:52
pranavi installed kubuntu on embdd device03:53
pranavhow to launch a new shell with output directed to a particualar ttyN ?03:58
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legrandinhey guys, is there a way to save my terminal setup when i restart my computer? i usually need a bunch open for development04:05
marzHow can I reset my compiz configurations? I've set everything transparent hence I can not see anything that is open04:14
Beldarmarz, What ubuntu release?04:16
whichDesktopwhich desktop has spaces where you can mouse to the corner and fan out all the apps?04:17
BeldarwhichDesktop, gnome shell does that.04:17
whichDesktopBeldar: is that gbuntu or something?04:18
GoldStandardim checking netstat and some program called dnsmasq is listening and contacting foreign address *:*, is this normal?04:18
GoldStandardthe address is actually*04:18
BeldarwhichDesktop, It's the gnome shell (desktop) the gnome developers release basically04:19
whichDesktopBeldar: so just download unity ubuntu and download gnome desktop?04:19
whichDesktopcan't i just download an iso with gnow in by default?04:19
whichDesktopBeldar: ^04:19
BeldarwhichDesktop, What release are you using?04:19
whichDesktopBeldar: idk yet04:19
alexandros_chelp, I am trying to upgrade my system but I keep getting untrusted source, does anyone know how I can fix this?04:20
whichDesktopBeldar: something stable for my asusq400a, i think i want to use the next LTS when it comes out next april, but for now something that's not gonna break on my machine like linux mint (mouse stopped working after a while and doesn't open teamviewer sometimes)04:20
Ben64alexandros_c: the first step is to pastebin the full command and error you are getting04:21
=== pc240 is now known as mapu
BeldarwhichDesktop, 12.04 and maybe 12.10 is sudo apt-get install gnome-shell later releases, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop04:21
=== mapu is now known as torontomapu
whichDesktopBeldar: what about 13?04:22
marzI was playing with compiz settings via the CCSM program. I accidentally tweaked it to make every transparent. How do I reset it?04:22
BeldarwhichDesktop, Most of that desktop is already there as gnome 3 under unity.04:22
BeldarwhichDesktop, See later releases.04:22
Beldarmarz, There is a reset, however if differs on the ubuntu releases, which are you running?04:24
whichDesktopBeldar: is 13 less stable than 12.04 or 12.1?04:24
marzBeldar: 12.04 64-bit. P.S. I already uninstalled the compizconfig-settings-manager04:24
BeldarwhichDesktop, Not answerable.04:24
alexandros_cBen64 here is the command and error https://gist.github.com/amcollie/936113204:25
Beldarmarz, That does no good, is it still gone, unity is a plugin in it, this unity?04:25
whichDesktopBeldar: why not04:25
marzBeldar: Nope, the unity of the other account04:25
BeldarwhichDesktop, It is an opinion, I don;t have one.04:25
=== Kat is now known as Guest31627
Beldarmarz, "the unity of the other account" what does that mean?04:26
justin_zwCorrect me if I'm wrong, but pages made with FormSpecialPage actually process the submitted data on the same page, right? So the onSubmit callback is suppoes to be doing whatever you wanted to do with that data?04:26
justin_zw(For example, for an email extension, I would send the email in onSubmit)04:27
marzBeldar: I'm not so sur emyself either. What I'm trying to say is when I logged in to my other account, the account where I used the CCSM, all the windows that I open are transparent.04:27
Beldarmarz, If compiz is correct unity --reset should work04:27
Beldarmarz, try in that account unity --reset   usually a reboot or logout is needed.04:28
marzBeldar: Can't do it in tty, I can't do it in GUI either since I can't see anything when I log in to the other account.04:28
Beldarmarz, No TTY from that account?04:29
=== pranav is now known as trap24
fletomI've tried installing 13.10 so many different ways on my Mac. No matter what I do it complains that it can't install the bootloader. Can anyone help?04:37
funkydoes tar preserve ownder and execute permissions?04:39
funkylol owner04:40
Ben64alexandros_c: you need to get the keys for those 3rd party repos you have added04:40
alexandros_c thanks for your help04:40
alexandros_cBen64, thanks for your help04:41
alexandros_calready did it04:41
Cha0i can not find my mobile's name in the list for installing ubuntu os on ubuntu site, is there any other way to find out?04:42
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
somsip!touch | Cha0 (if it's not there, it's not supported)04:44
ubottuCha0 (if it's not there, it's not supported): Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch04:44
justin_zw(For example, for an email extension, I would send the email in onSubmit)04:45
justin_zwWhoops, my bad04:45
justin_zwForgot this wasn't Skype.04:45
=== i is now known as ishanyx
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Zachary_DuBois|A
rafshi people. how do i disable the startup bluetooth every time i reboot the computer?04:58
rafsevery time i restart my computer bluetooth is connected05:00
jayarif my girls logged in, how can i access my folder via terminal?05:03
jayarmy home05:03
grahamsavagehey can anyone recommend a filenaming tool.. something with a UI and that supports regex?05:03
TheProfGood day.  I've been running ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my server for over a year very well. But now a recent reboot and my machine will not load: "Gave up waiting for root device" and "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/really-long-string does not exist." and drops me into a busy-box shell.  I'm the IT volunteer at this school so I'm looking for guidance please.05:04
somsipjayar: su -l jayar && cd05:04
somsipTheProf: sounds like a dead HD, bad connection, or similar05:05
crocketWhat feed aggregator do you recommend for ubuntu 13.10?05:05
TheProfsomsip, Hello.  The boot partition resides on a RAID1 controller.  The raid 1 says it's not degraded.  I suppose my question is - if the disk is dead, how did it boot up that far? Thank you05:06
somsipTheProf: no idea about raid, so I can't help further05:06
TheProfsomsip, That's no problem.  Assuming that it's just a regular drive, is there a recommended course of action to resolve this?05:08
somsipTheProf: check connections, check BIOS, check the HD in another machine, replace the HD. Something like that05:08
GoldStandardis it okay to trust ubuntu mirrors? also, each time i try to determine the best server using the "select best server" tool, it gives me a different result05:10
TheProfsomsip, OK I understand.  If I can access / on the failed drive on another machine, can I pull off certain configuration files to keep my users username and passwords?05:10
somsipGoldStandard: official mirrors are official. Network conditions may vary05:10
GoldStandardsomsip cool thanks05:11
GoldStandardsomsip are mirrors really that much faster than the main server?05:11
somsipTheProf: trying in anpther machine will isolate whether it's a HD issue or a HD controller/mobo issue (or possibly something else that isn't directly the HD's fault)05:11
somsipGoldStandard: depends on network conditions. I do't use US servers because I don't like in the US, for example05:12
GoldStandardsomsip i see, thanks05:13
=== abdul is now known as Guest807
VoyageI cant speak by my microphone pluged in. but the built in micro phone of my laptop works. I have toogled the audio settings but no use. any one has a clue?05:14
betty_Hi. I recently have my ubuntu crash and fail to load afterwards. I don't know what could have happened as I didn't do any changes to the system, or even download new things. When I boot my computer, it goes to wear the login screen is supposed to be and gives me the 'The system is running in low-graphics mode' error. I've googled it, some people recommend editing the greeter. (check, set to unity-greeter). Checked root directory for h05:14
betty_CONT: ing). Check nvidia drivers (check, reinstalled stable version)05:14
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
notworkingHey, can someone maybe help me? Having trouble installing ubuntu05:23
notworkingI'm trying to install Ubuntu / xUbuntu on a 10 year old pc with 1.5gb ram, however it always freezes ~ 30 seconds after the reboot, what am I doing wrong? Tried usb installation, live cd installation, and wubi05:29
notworkingI'm trying to install Ubuntu / xUbuntu on a 10 year old pc with 1.5gb ram, however it always freezes ~ 30 seconds after the reboot, what am I doing wrong? Tried usb installation, live cd installation, and wubi05:32
jonnedoes anyone know how to get multitouch working on a laptop touchpad? I know it's worked, but i never got it to work again after reinstalling ubuntu.05:32
jonnenone of the config tools seem to recognise it05:32
jonneit won't even do the swiping the side to scroll thing05:33
cdoublejjwhat version of Open GL does Ubuntu 14.04 LTS use?05:34
jonnenotworking, do you get grub?05:34
jonnecan you boot into recovery mode?05:35
notworkingjonne, i don't think so, I'm only following the steps on the ubuntu homepage05:36
jonneso, after the BIOS starts you just get a black screen?05:36
notworkingNo,  get the choice to use the old OS, which i want top get rid of, and ubuntu/xubuntu, then when i choose ubuntu/xubuntu, i have the "loading/working"-screen of those and after 30 seconds that freezes up (the animation that something is going on stops)05:38
notworkingjonne did you get to read what i wrote last or should i repeat?05:41
jonnenotworking, i got a call, sorry05:42
CarlFKnotworking: "get the choice to use the old OS"   says something about grub, right?  if so, you should also have a rescue mode choice, or advanced options05:42
jonneafter picking the xubuntu option, just press esc, you should see grub05:43
jonnewhat processor does the pc have?05:43
notworkingpentium D05:43
Beldarcdoublejj, 14.04 is on #ubuntu+105:43
jonnei believe ubuntu recentlishly dropped support for older x86 archs05:44
notworkingso i should try an older build?05:44
jonnelooking up some stuff to see if i'm not talking out of my ass, hold on05:45
Beldarnotworking, You check the sum of the iso?05:46
jonneso yeah, that was 4 years ago05:46
jonnelooks like lubuntu still supports i586 (which is what you're on)05:46
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest40820
jonnenotworking ^05:47
notworkingalright so I'll try out Lubuntu then! thanks jonne05:48
jonneno worries05:49
notworkinghowever I am abit confused, as all the requirements sites just stated the ram needed, nothing about certain hardware05:49
zsw__im trying to install kali through usb and i have a 4GB stick and a 3GB kali linux iso and its still not createable05:51
jonneyeah, they say minimum p4, 1Ghz, which is weird05:51
jonnemaybe they never updated it?05:52
zsw__jonne: me?05:52
jonneHowever, Ubuntu precise will not run on i586 or earlier processors. Despite the architecture name "i386", support for actual 80386 processors (and their clones) was dropped with the Sarge (r3.1) release of Debian05:53
jonneah crap, he left05:53
kopasetikHi all, have you heard about the GnuTLS crypto bug?05:53
noobuntuHI, so I need to change current partition which is Ubuntu is installed on to NTSF. I'm wondering if I go to disks->change partitiion type, will it successfully reformat and allow my window discs to install os on it?05:57
Beldarkopasetik, Not a support issue is all.05:57
Beldarnoobuntu, You can make a ntfs in linux or on the install.05:58
noobuntuSo after I change the partition type, it won't just "corrupt" and shut off and be unable to change OS, correct? I'm changing the type while on the same OS.06:00
kopasetikwell, don't i need to install a new version of the app?06:00
kopasetikor will ubuntu roll out an update automatically?06:00
TheProfsomsip, Hello - I was able to determine the drive is working fine.  Are there other reasons I'd get that message "Gave up waiting for root device"?06:01
CarlFKnoobuntu: changing the partition type will be ignored by all the things.06:03
grahamsavagefor filesystems.. is ext4 the only reasonable choice for stability etc?06:08
LaibschI'm trying to record the audio from a webinar. I am using gnome-sound-recorder to do that. The problem is that the sound from the microphone always gets mixed in, resulting in background noise.  What do I need to do (in precise, if that matters) to prevent this?06:11
CarlFKgrahamsavage: heh... this is 2 years old, but kinda answers your question http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?p=22655883&sid=0f21c68879c68921142f1e7826a2a0fe#p2265588306:12
CarlFKnoobuntu: if you are hoping to change ntfs to ext4 .. I would be very surprised if you can do that without backing, mkfs, restore.  "in place upgrade" is what you want, and all I can find is ext3 to 4, like mentioned in the link I just posted06:14
grahamsavageCarlFK: ah so now it's down to BTRFS and Ext406:15
jozefkWhy 12.10 is still supported?06:19
Beldarjozefk, why do you care?06:20
Beldarlook up ubuntu release schedules06:21
jozefkBecause I see in channel topic but in Ubuntu release schedule it says 9 months06:22
Beldarwe are just short of 9 months since release06:24
BeldarApril 201406:24
jozefkIt has been more than a year already06:26
=== icedwater is now known as thetup
qinjozefk, Beldar: interesting, cant find any docs about 9 and 18 months support. And fact that 13.04 killed just two months before LTS is somehow puzzling too06:28
=== thetup is now known as icedwater
qinjozefk: oh, "Older releases may have different support length."06:31
zztrI'm coming back to Ubuntu from Fedora and remembering the main thing that drove me mad. out of date packages. Is there a way for me to get apt-get to install the latest stable release of things like postgresql, mercurial, and clojure? Why are the installed versions years old?06:31
Ububashiptables: Why do they work so well on my Dell (12.04 LTS) and not my Mac (12.04 LTS)?06:32
gordonjcpzztr: have you installed the LTS version?06:32
zztrgordonjcp: yes06:33
gordonjcpzztr: well, there you go06:33
gordonjcpthat's *the whole bloody point* of LTS06:33
gordonjcpthe versions *do not change* during the lifecycle of the release06:33
zztrgordonjcp: so lts doesn't maintain it's package repo?06:33
qinzztr: did you know that Ubuntu do not roll?06:33
UbubashAnybody good with iptables?06:33
gordonjcpzztr: the packages are always the absolute latest patched up to date versions *of the release versions*06:33
SwedeMikezztr: they bug fix, they don't upgrade. it's stable, not new features.06:34
gordonjcpzztr: although the packages are kept patched, the versions *do not change*06:34
CarlFKzztr: all the releases keep the feature sets stable.  to get new features, upgrade to a new release06:34
gordonjcpzztr: not like for example Arch, where you can expect it to break *something* once a week06:34
nateman264hello all06:34
zztrokay. well thanks for the explanation CarlFK gordonjcp and SwedeMike. Is there a repository I can add that will get me newer stuff?06:36
gordonjcpzztr: the idea is that you don't have packages constantly changing major version numbers and breaking configs06:36
gordonjcpzztr: you could try switching to 13.10, or looking for PPAs06:36
gordonjcpzztr: what are you trying to install?06:36
nateman264If there is anyone on that can answer my questions, would you answer please? I need to find out what ubuntu version I need to run on my 686 CPU computer...06:36
CarlFKzztr: I have had good luck using a PPAs for apps I care about, like vagrant and openshot06:36
gordonjcpnateman264: the instructions are right there on the download page06:37
zztrgordonjcp: 13.10 did not work with bluetooth on the ultrabook i need to have ubuntu on06:37
gordonjcpnateman264: you want a 32-bit version06:37
nateman264okay, thank you very much06:37
gordonjcpzztr: but older versions do?06:37
zztrCarlFK: so i have to get a different ppa for each piece of software?06:37
zztrgordonjcp: yes. odd i know, but true06:37
gordonjcpnateman264: depending on how old the machine is and what CPU it has, you might need a non-PAE system, so possibly mini.iso06:37
CarlFKzztr: for each that you want cutting edge06:38
gordonjcpzztr: have you filed a bug?06:38
zztrgordonjcp: no i'm trying to just get something working. not a lot of time on my hands06:38
gordonjcpzztr: if you don't file a bug, it'll never get fixed and when 12.04 goes away you'll be just as stuck06:39
CarlFKzztr: I completely don't care about the latest breakthroughs in pdf viewing ;)06:39
FuuqUmiistnateman264 just install Lubuntu and your computer should be find06:39
gordonjcpzztr: tl;dr if you find a problem and don't file a bug, you're just whining and you should shut up06:39
nateman264hmm? it's a dell optiplex GX27006:39
* zztr quits whining06:40
FuuqUmiistnateman264 yeah install Lubuntu on that, its a Pentium 4 @ 2.8GHz right?06:42
FuuqUmiistLubuntu is a lightweight version of Ubuntu06:42
gordonjcpit's also buggy as hell06:42
FuuqUmiistnateman264 or if you want more features install Linux Mint XFCE version06:43
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:44
SwedeMikezzzgeoffb: you can check out backports, but I doubt it'll have those kinds of packages.06:44
gordonjcpLXDE is hilarious06:44
FuuqUmiistbut it will be speedier on Lubuntu, you will have have to customize more on what software you want to run on it06:44
heyHeyhow do I install gnome on 12.04.4 ? apt-get install gnome?06:44
gordonjcpFuuqUmiist: it might be if he's got a very fast machine with a lot of RAM06:44
gordonjcpmy machine is pretty low-spec so I just stick to normal Unity06:45
FuuqUmiistLubuntu will be much faster than Ubuntu with Unity06:45
gordonjcpFuuqUmiist: only on a fast machine06:45
=== amritanshu_RnD is now known as Guest551
gordonjcpFuuqUmiist: my core 2 duo with 8GB can *just about* run LXDE but it crashes all the time06:46
heyHeygordonjcp: FuuqUmiist how do I install gnome on 12.04.4 ? apt-get install gnome?06:46
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome06:46
FuuqUmiistno, the min hardware requirements for Lubuntu are almost the same as Windows XP06:46
gordonjcpFuuqUmiist: what's Windows XP like?06:46
gordonjcpFuuqUmiist: I find that LXDE runs out of memory and crashes all the time06:46
heyHeygordonjcp: I just did apt-get install gnome, am I breaking my machine, what should I do?06:47
FuuqUmiistgordonjcp the newer version should be better06:47
gordonjcpheyHey: did you follow the instructions on the factoid?06:47
gordonjcpFuuqUmiist: to be honest I'm unlikely to try it again06:47
heyHeygordonjcp: i did install gnome before you told me06:47
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.06:47
gordonjcpheyHey: I don't use gnome and haven't for years06:47
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
gordonjcpFuuqUmiist: Unity works well enough and LXDE doesn't06:48
onltyhow about XFCE06:48
gordonjcpit's okay if you've got nothing better06:48
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels06:48
heyHeygordonjcp: should I cancel "apt-get install gnome"? let it finish? do i need to install gnome-shell after, or might it be contained within "install gnome"06:48
gordonjcpheyHey: no idea06:48
gordonjcpheyHey: it'll probably pull down much the same stuff06:48
FuuqUmiistif you use XFCE use Linux Mint, apparently Xubuntu uses more resources06:49
gordonjcpMint doesn't have an IRC channel though06:49
gordonjcpwell, not on Freenode06:49
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
gordonjcpI really can't see what's so good about Mint06:50
pandy_Русские есть!?06:50
gordonjcp!ru | pandy_06:50
ubottupandy_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:50
staticdheyHey: gnome includes gnome shell afaict06:50
pandy_ /join #ubuntu-ru06:50
FuuqUmiist... /server irc.spotchat.org #linuxmint-help06:50
FuuqUmiistshould work i think06:51
heyHeystaticd: so I'm just installing extra shiz that I might not need, but am not breaking my machine?06:51
heyHeystaticd: gordonjcp and how do I enable gnome and take off unity?06:51
staticdheyHey: in theory it should not break anything.06:52
heyHeystaticd: i see it download inkscape06:52
=== mozzarella is now known as YourFavoriteBot
nateman264do I still get the 32-bit?06:52
staticdheyHey: I installed GS the same way06:52
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
heyHeystaticd: ok cool, how do I enable it06:52
=== YourFavoriteBot is now known as mozzarella
heyHeygnome shell i.e.06:52
heyHeystaticd: ^06:52
staticdheyHey: when you reboot, the lightdm login screen will have a little button near the username. clicking on it will allow you to log in to a unity or through GS for your session06:54
TheProfsomsip, I solved it temporarily - I needed to select an earlier version of the boot up image in grub.  No idea why it worked.  But that's OK for now.06:54
staticdheyHey: if that works fine through a few log in log out / reboot cycles then you can think of uninstalling unity..06:55
heyHeystaticd: cool thanks!06:55
Lorith[Alpha]anyone tried openkore? need help over here~06:55
staticdheyHey: but if you are not pressed for space.. let it lie.. you just log into your previous choice by default.. so pretend unity is not there.. spare you a lot of greif if the uninstall goes wrong06:56
heyHeystaticd: proli ill do :) thanks!06:57
=== mozzarella is now known as bro
heyHeyhelpful hippo06:57
staticdsure.. g'luck06:57
staticdall: I wanted to know how to file a bug against the trusty iso so that the virtualbox drivers can be added to it..06:58
staticdanyone has any suggestions how?06:58
staticdclicking on the reportbug link on the launchpad page takes me the help page06:58
=== Ser|Away is now known as Sereil
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
chaos7theoryIs it possible to do IME input on the TTY without x-server?07:42
jnhghyI have squid on a ubuntu and I've set another ubuntu box to use the first one as proxy server (I've set it only for http and https -not for ftp or socks ports) but now I have an issue with thunderbird, it seems I can receive emails but I can't send, I've googled the issue and found that the iptables of the server might block smtp but at this point I'm kind of lost ... can anybody help?07:44
tripelb12.04 the panel marker for networking vanished. (and it still hangs in downloading adobe flash)07:55
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=== VoidWhisperer is now known as Guest90540
billybig2hey all, is anyone here familiar with python 2.7.3 and the futures module?08:11
billybig2im not a python guru at all and am stumped08:11
billybig2i've installed python-concurrent.futures but get an error when i try to run a script that has import futures08:12
billybig2  File "ircbot.py", line 5, in <module>08:13
billybig2    import futures08:13
billybig2ImportError: No module named futures08:13
=== jayne_ is now known as jayne
billybig2do i have to reload anything python related after installing a module?08:13
=== Guest60220 is now known as mg_
somsipbillybig2: try the #python channel08:17
* Jurgen|Cloud sgopt TBloemink08:22
nikolamI reported bug about (ana)cron daily and other jobs,  using 'find' util that searches BTRFS subvolume snapshots , even those snapshots contain same data as filesystem itself.. If you like that not happening, please add something in the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/anacron/+bug/128810608:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1288106 in anacron (Ubuntu) "Regular 'find' searches of cron jobs, should not search BTRFS snapshots " [Undecided,New]08:23
tripelbaski.g agai. after. etsp08:27
=== GeertJohan|zZzZ is now known as GeertJohan
tripelb12.04 the panel marker for networking vanished. (and it still hangs in downloading adobe flash)08:27
llutznikolam: check  PRUNEPATHS, PRUNEFS in /etc/updatedb.conf08:29
tasslehoffI have some applications installed in non-standard locations, and have symlinks to them in ~/bin. Where should I add this to PATH to make sure various launchers know of it? /etc/profile?08:36
somsiptasslehoff: ~/.bashrc normally08:38
drugaddictlinux is for niggers08:41
tasslehoffsomsip: but then e.g. the "Run Application" in gnome does not know the path?08:45
somsiptasslehoff: I have no idea how gnome works in that respect, so I can't help further08:46
llutztasslehoff: aren't those launchers using *.desktop files in */share/apllications and not stuff from $PATH?08:47
CaelumI'm following an arch guide and it says to make a file in /etc/tmpfiles.d/ but there is no such directory on ubuntu, what is the equivalent?08:48
llutzCaelum: to do what?08:48
somsipCaelum: what's the link for the guide?08:48
Caelumllutz: this part here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Acer_C720_Chromebook#Fixing_suspend08:49
tasslehoffllutz: yeah. it actually looks like it has picked up my applications, and that the problem is something else.08:50
tasslehoffllutz: the apps are installed to /opt, and have created the proper *.desktop files08:50
somsipCaelum: I'd suggest you find a guide for ubuntu. There may be more in that guide that is Arch specific looking at it briefly08:51
llutzCaelum: look at /etc/pm/ if you need to run scripts on sleep/resume08:53
Caelumllutz: yeah I got that part, but what is this weird conf files for tmpfiles.d, maybe I don't need it08:53
Caelumah looks like a systemd thing08:54
llutzCaelum: arch uses systemd and other mechanisms to sleep/resume, that has nothing in common with *buntu. i'd guess that guide is senseless for you08:54
Caelumllutz: no there's lots of other useful stuff in there08:55
llutzCaelum: if you need that unbind/bind part for ehci, look at /etc/pm/sleep/*08:55
Caelumok thank you08:56
llutzCaelum: arch wiki always has nice ideas, unfortunately you have to rethink them if you want to use them in other distros. you cannot use them 1:108:57
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g0neanyone got any decent xterm defaults they can share? looking for a dark bg and small font09:02
=== fallout is now known as Guest52675
=== Layke is now known as Guest94085
Voyageusing kubuntu,  I cant speak by my microphone pluged in. but the built in micro phone of my laptop works. I have toogled the audio settings but no use. any one has a clue?  I used  pavucontrol but  cant work with any drop down option in pavucontrol...  any other way to see if my audio can work?09:03
iptableg0ne, use putty emulator ;)09:03
iptableVoyage, is the external mic a mini-jack or an USB?09:04
Voyageiptable,  external mic09:06
Voyageits like a long thing thing plugged into the mic port09:06
iptableVoyage, I do understand it's external. Question is, is it a USB external, or mini-jack? I.e. rectangle plugin or a small round one?09:07
Voyageits not usb for sure09:07
iptableVoyage, in that case, when you plug it in, your motherboard automatically switches sound from built-in microphone to external microphone. There is no sftware control for it09:08
Voyageya, the internal mic works ok. but when I plug the external, it doesnot works.09:08
iptableVoyage, it means, as soon as the mic is plugged in, it should be working instead of the internal one. The software doesn't know if anything is plugged in or not. It's hardware controlled.09:08
Voyagewhat can be the reason09:08
iptableVoyage, 1. faulty microphone, or 2. faulty/loose connection on your computer09:09
Voyageno, its not hardware issue09:09
iptableVoyage, test with another external microphone to find out which one is at fault. Alternatively get a USB microphone. These work very well and you can switch to them using pavucontrol at your heart's content.09:09
Voyageas I have a wired problem in windows 7. there, the mic works, but headphones dont. its really strange09:09
Voyageiptable,  I have dont testing another mic.09:10
Voyagesame for all09:10
iptableVoyage, it IS hardware issue. Software, as stated, has got nothing to do with it.09:10
iptableVoyage, hardware automatically switches inputs. Tried wiggling it a bit while recordign sound?09:10
Voyageiptable,  if it was hardware issue. the external mic should not have worked in windows 709:10
majodiptable: that nick is really confusing :)09:10
Voyageiptable,  tried wigling. yes.09:10
iptablemajod, just 1 table, I'm not greedy. When my nick was iptables, I got pinged whenever someone mentioned them.09:11
Voyageiptable,  if it was hardware issue. the external mic should not have worked in windows 7  . < do I have a point?09:11
iptableVoyage, how many sound cards does pavucontrol see?09:11
Voyagelet me see09:11
iptableVoyage, not necessarily. are you sure you plugged it in to mic control and not accidentally to sound OUT?09:11
VoyageI used sound input09:12
VoyageI can see  microphone, internal microphone, line in.       none worked09:12
Voyageiptable,  ^09:12
iptableVoyage, uhm, what actual inputs/outputs do you have on your motherboard?09:13
gfhhhjwhat the09:13
gfhhhjcommand for update09:13
Voyageiptable,  output is one headphone port. input is one mic port09:14
iptableVoyage, only 2 ports?09:14
Voyageiptable,  yes09:14
iptableVoyage, and does pavucontrol otherwise change sound settings for you (like volume)?09:14
Voyageit does09:15
g0nehow do i list all muh fonts09:15
iptableVoyage, so mic goes into input and you set it as "Microphone".09:15
g0necan i preview them?09:15
Voyageiptable,  affirmative09:15
Caelumbut there are better progs09:16
Caelumg0ne: try terminator09:16
iptableVoyage, so, in pavucontrol, you go to the "input devices" tab and make sure the "port" is set to microphone. check all ports for the sake of it.09:16
Caelumg0ne: konsole is also nice09:16
iptableVoyage, also, once selected each port, change volume a bit to make sure it volumizes it before testing.09:17
=== pseudo is now known as pseudo_opcode
=== hello_world is now known as super-g
iptableVoyage, also in "Configuration" tab, make sure your audio is set as "analogue stereo duplex"09:20
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Voyageiptable,  the mic switches when i plug in the external. switches means from internal to external but the volumn dont change while i speak in the external one\09:20
iptableVoyage, I know. but sometimes the volume control might not be reading it right after plugin. can you just try?09:21
iptableVoyage, and also click on "fallback" button in "input devices" section. Are you sure you chosen "duplex" as I told you?09:21
iptableVoyage, and one last thing, if you unplug both the speakers and the microphone and then plug only microphone in, does it work then?09:21
iptableVoyage, and it one thing doesn't work in windows, while another in ubuntu, and both of the same sound card, it looks like some screwed up hardware, and that would be hardware issue, with sofwtare not being able to find out how the hell it's meant to work...09:22
ktosiekHi! Is anyone here using the Ubuntu-provided redmine?09:23
ktosiekHow can I add custom plugins to it? Do I have to package them?09:23
Voyageiptable,  nice point. let me check09:23
=== soee_ is now known as soee
ompalanyone using reviewboard09:25
Caelummy pref programs seem to be doubled in cinnamon09:26
Voyageiptable,  didnt worked09:26
tripelb12.04 the panel marker for networking vanished. (and it still hangs in downloading adobe flash)09:26
iptableVoyage, I would still blame the hardware. Looks like it's got some control modes messed up. you could maybe get it to work if you try enough times... try changing from "duplex" to "input" in configuration tab and playing with that. at some point you will get mic to work, but no sound then :D09:26
Caelumah there we go, I had gnome-control-center installed09:27
iptableCaelum, haha, had same issue. Using Cinnamon on 14.04 here09:27
Voyageiptable,  hm09:28
maxiaojunwhy unity cannot be used for xrdp?09:28
Voyageiptable,  thanks09:28
iptableVoyage, no problem. I would complain to HW vendor if you can and get antoher machine (if it's new).09:29
Voyageiptable,  i see when external mic is selected. the volumn goes up and down. but not according to my voice. and I dont hear anything in the recording. else than distortion09:29
iptableVoyage, it could be that the solders are loose on the ports, causing a short circuit and you can only get one to work.09:29
iptableVoyage, that would be the short circuit I just said about. looks like a goner09:30
Voyageiptable,  strange that linux and windows make work the opposit09:30
Voyagethe mic works in windows 7 but not the hadphone09:30
iptableVoyage, they use different settings. you could get linux to be working as windows is, but by default it's the other way09:30
iptableVoyage, for £5 / $8 you can pickup a USB sound card that does wonders, including mic and output.09:31
kdworakHi Guys, I have a problem with the `df -h|grep /dev/map|awk {'print $3'}' command, im getting the out put but with an error like so: -bash: 2.0G: command not found09:31
Voyageiptable,  oh09:31
iptableVoyage, that's what I had to do on my old laptop. Altohugh nowadays I just use USB mic and USB headsets. easier.09:31
Voyageiptable,  so the USB soundcard would be needing no drivers and will be wonderful/ working even the motherboard jacks are shot circuted09:31
maxiaojunwhy unity cannot be used for xrdp?09:32
iptablekdworak: wrong ''09:32
iptablekdworak: df -h|grep /dev/map|awk '{print $3}'09:32
iptableVoyage, yes09:32
ubottumaxiaojun,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:32
Voyageiptable,  thanks09:33
=== cisco is now known as Guest13915
iptableVoyage, basically, in ubuntu you just switch sound card to the USB one and it ignores the built-in sound card. problem solved.09:33
=== Guest13915 is now known as uk
maxiaojuncfhowlett_: wtf?09:33
iptableVoyage, by jjust clicking "Fallback" next to the USB sound card. It is as simple as that.09:33
kdworakiptable: Still the same output09:33
yanazI have a problem with left bar - it is showing no icons. Im total ubuntu/linux noob09:33
cfhowlett_maxiaojun, my mistake.  nvrmnd09:33
=== uk is now known as Guest35524
iptablekdworak, nope, this command works for me. df -h|grep /dev/map|awk '{print $3}'09:34
iptablekdworak, I have a feeling you are not giving me the whole command, jus a snippet09:34
Guest35524peru mattada koppe09:34
j2kpatila kuthare.............09:35
=== Guest35524 is now known as sreekanth
kdworakiptable: No iptable the rest of the story as they say is that im asking a question that has nothing to do with ubuntu, im practicing bash scripting on centOS virtual machines09:35
iptablekdworak, that doesn't matter. it would still work.09:35
iptablekdworak, have you tried copy-pasting what I have just given you into command prompt and just running it.09:36
j2knjan ivide ver chilath nokuva.............09:36
iptablekdworak, or are you putting the command in ``? looks like you are doing something dodgy around the command itself. the command works.09:36
kdworakiptable: yes command is inside ``09:36
iptablekdworak, that's your problem09:37
iptablekdworak, as I said, the command works. why on earth are you putting it in ``?09:37
kdworakiptable: i thought u had to use those for multiple commands09:37
kdworakiptable: noobness09:37
iptablekdworak, no. you use ``, if you want to execute that first and then execcute the OUTPUT of it09:37
kdworakiptable: ahh that makes sense09:38
iptablekdworak, so you were ending up executing your command and then trying to execute the output of it (which was 2.0G, and that command doesn't exist)09:38
kdworakiptable: let me try and get back to u09:38
kdworakiptable: makes sense!09:38
iptablekdworak, you would only use `` to save result to variable. e.g. SIZE=`command`09:38
kdworakright i was making a variable for a script09:38
iptablekdworak, although, in current time you are supposed to use this instead: SIZE=$(command)09:38
kdworakiptable: oh thats different09:39
iptablekdworak, SIZE=$(df -h|grep /dev/map|awk '{print $3}'); echo ${SIZE}09:39
kdworakiptable: inside ()?09:39
iptablekdworak, inside $()09:39
kdworakiptable: awesome09:39
iptablekdworak, instead of ``. welcome to the 21st century09:39
kdworakiptable: lol yup you were right09:40
iptablekdworak, I know :P09:40
kdworakiptable: haha, thank you so much man!09:40
kdworakim gonna stick around ill have more questions09:41
iptablekdworak, cool. just ping me when you need to.09:41
kdworakiptable: does it ping when i use ur name?09:41
iptablekdworak, yes it does09:42
=== super-g is now known as super_g
cm13g09Morning all, trying to preseed a RAID1 installation and failing....09:46
cm13g09My Preseed is at http://pastebin.com/a21yyqj809:47
kdworakiptable: can you give me that example again?  the one with the updated way to make that variable09:48
iptablekdworak, SIZE=$(df -h|grep /dev/map|awk '{print $3}'); echo ${SIZE}09:49
kdworakiptable: ahh ok i see where i have it wrong09:50
llutz awk doesn't need grep, awk '/dev\/map/ {print $3}'09:54
Walex2iptable: kdworak: more directly: stat -f -c %f ...09:55
iptableWalex2, spoiling the fun for someone learning to script? :P09:55
Walex2iptable: :-)09:56
kdworakllutz: nice short cut, but i gotta learn how to walk before i can run09:57
jattis there already an update for gnutls on 12.04?09:57
kdworakllutz: although it would really impress my teacher09:58
kdworakllutz: so i can pipe df -h directly to awk?09:58
llutzkdworak: df -h|awk '/dev\/map/ {print $3}'09:59
kdworakllutz: the \ is needed?09:59
llutzkdworak: yes to escape the /10:00
llutzkdworak: imho it hasn't to do with "running", just learn from beginning the possibilities of some tools and avoid using more code than needed10:01
=== herb_ is now known as herb
kdworakllutz: yeah thats what ive been told, if you dont need an else statement even for practice, dont code it in10:02
kdworakllutz: hey can u display that example for me again10:03
llutzkdworak: SIZE=$(df -h|awk '/dev\/map/ {print $3}')10:03
kdworakllutz: thank u10:04
kdworakllutz: its giving me a an error10:05
kdworakllutz: /dev\/map10:05
kdworakunterminated regexp10:06
llutzkdworak:  /dev\/map/     missing trailing slash?10:06
=== billybig2 is now known as billybigrigger
kdworakllutz: hahaha YES10:06
neuromute9hey folks, when I add a samba share using nautilus, where is the configuration stored? It isn't in the /etc/samba/smb.cnf file10:07
kdworakllutz: but why does it have to be there, the line starts with /dev/mapper not /dev/map/ ?10:07
llutzkdworak: it matches map10:08
llutz kdworak the two slashes are just borders for the awk search-pattern10:08
fabrizio__CIAO AMICI10:09
fabrizio__Where are you form?10:10
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra
llutzkdworak: tells awk: "search for the pattern between this two slashes"   thats why you have to escate slashes \/ if you want to search for them10:10
fabrizio__Hi man10:10
andreiccgwho can give some help with sql ?10:12
kdworakllutz: so how come we dont have to escate the first / like so: df -h|awk '\/dev\/map/ {print $3}' ?10:12
fabrizio__No sql sorry10:12
llutzkdworak: the first slash isn't part of /dev/map   its just the "pattern starts here" slash for awk, confusing, but...10:12
llutzkdworak: so basically you search for dev/map   not /dev/map10:13
kdworakllutz: i think i kind of get it10:13
Caelumthis thing crashes when I try to hibernate10:14
kdworakllutz: so technically if i wanted to search for /dev/map could i do what i stated?  '\/dev\/map/ ?10:14
llutzkdworak: /\/dev\/map/ . unfortunately awk cannot (?) use different chars for that, only slashes. unlike sed10:14
kdworakllutz: oh wow /\/dev/map/  ?  that makes sense now10:15
g0nedo you guys know what mp3 player this is? http://a.pomf.se/uwaqmt.png10:15
llutzkdworak: /\/dev\/map/10:16
llutzkdworak: 1st and last char has to be unescaped slash. all slashes within have to be escaped10:16
Caelumoh it didn't crash10:16
kdworakllutz: ok got it10:16
Caelumman it's so annoying switching between systems with different hotkeys for everything10:17
llutzkdworak: there is #awk on freenode, they are much better in explaining this than i am10:17
Caelummac, windows, linux10:17
kdworakllutz: you are explaining it very well, plus i have a simple script i have been tasked with, show how much disk usage is being used, what file is using the most, what pid is using the most amount of cpu, and are the LAMP stack services running10:19
=== tcpman is now known as Guest2798
kdworakllutz: you got me covered so far, i will stick around im sure ill have more questions10:20
kdworakllutz: i need help but at the same time i dont want the anwser handed to me10:21
okkangalis there anyone from turkey10:21
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.10:22
kdworakllutz: im sure my next questions will be about the10:22
kdworakllutz: about the du command10:22
kdworakllutz: next task is to display the file using the most disk space10:22
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko10:24
llutzkdworak: tons of ways, good luck :)10:25
* cm13g09 is having "fun" with an HP ML320e G8 v210:26
pandario1ubuntu is for noobs10:27
iptablepandario1, like you? try ##troll10:27
ubottupandario1,: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt10:28
ubottupandario1,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.10:28
pandario1iptable, nobody is  in there!10:28
iptablelol. that's the point of the channel. you are free to troll there as much as you want10:28
llutzdon't feed the troll10:28
pandario1ubuntu is not as popular anymore!10:29
ikoniapandario1: only warning - stop it10:29
ikoniapandario1: this is a support channel, please use it for support only10:29
iptablekdworak, while read fn; do SIZE=$(stat -c %s ${fn}); echo "${SIZE} ${fn}"; done < <(find /dev/map -type f) |sort -n |tail -110:31
iptablekdworak, will find the biggest file in /dev/map10:32
llutziptable: "find /dev/map -type f" <- unlikely10:33
iptablellutz, well, if he got files in there, then yes. The rquest clearly said "display the file using most disk space"10:34
iptablellutz, if he wants block devices or other special just modify the type in find command to whatever.10:34
iptablellutz, it's a script to build on for whatever purpose.10:34
kdworakiptable: thanks ma10:34
andreiccgwho can help to join with sql channel ?10:35
ikoniaandreiccg: the guys in #freenode can10:35
JustMozzyhi guys. I am having some trouble with samba and performance. anyone knows ways to improve read/write times?10:35
andreiccgk thanks10:36
llutziptable: gnu-find cannot act on (virtual) blockdevices10:36
g0nedo you guys know what mp3 player this is? http://a.pomf.se/uwaqmt.png10:36
iptablellutz, really? It works here on all /dev/ files...10:36
kdworakllutz: no wonder im getting nothing from find....10:38
kdworakiptable: can u display that example again please?10:38
DJonesg0ne: It looks like mdp listed on here http://askubuntu.com/questions/44443/command-line-audio-players10:38
g0neDJones: thx10:39
llutziptable: "find --version"10:39
geirhaa bit uncommon to have regular files in /dev I think10:39
iptablellutz, GNU findutils (find) 4.4.210:39
llutziptable: same here, still no way10:40
kdworakgeirha: its just an example10:40
iptablegeirha, that's not the point. one can change -type f to -type c, etc. but apparently, that won't work in /dev according to some10:40
iptablellutz, it works here10:40
geirhathat would make more sense, yes10:40
iptablellutz, I can't help it. Would you like me to break it so that it's consistent with what you are seeing10:40
=== mk3548208_ is now known as mk3548208
geirhaI'm unfamiliar with /dev/map  what is that really?10:42
llutziptable: sry i meant, still no way _here_10:43
iptablellutz, oh. ok. for some reason works perfect here10:44
llutziptable:just to make clear: you can use like "find /dev/sdXY -type xxx " with success? odd10:44
geirhawith -type b you should get one result at least :)10:45
iptablellutz, no, I can't. That will obviously fail10:46
llutzgeirha: sure, but only that and never any other content10:46
=== makije|away is now known as makije
iptablellutz, but that wasn't what the user wanted.10:46
iptablellutz, you are overinventing it10:46
kdworakiptable: can u post that example u gave me again please?10:46
iptablellutz, that's all the user wanted10:46
iptablekdworak, don't you have like ... chat history and scroll-up?10:47
iptablekdworak, while read fn; do SIZE=$(stat -c %s ${fn}); echo "${SIZE} ${fn}"; done < <(find /dev/map -type f) |sort -n |tail -110:47
kdworakiptable: im running irssi so no.. or i dont know how10:47
iptablekdworak, you will need to adjust 1. /dev/map to chosen directory and 2. -type f to chosen type. f is file,  etc. man find to see all types.10:47
geirhaI've never seen /dev/map/, what is it used for?10:47
llutzkdworak: pgup10:47
kdworakiptable: i apologize10:47
kdworakllutz: there it is10:48
iptablekdworak, uhm, either learn irssi (and yes, it has got chat history), or use something more suited for GUI users I would say10:48
kdworakiptable: just learned how to scroll10:48
iptablekdworak, cool10:48
kdworakiptable: no more repeats10:48
iptablekdworak, cool10:48
g0nehow can i tell what resolution im at10:49
llutzg0ne:  xrandr10:49
llutzor xdpyinfo |grep dimen10:50
=== patrick_ is now known as trickster888
jamie792can someone suggest an irc client that "notifies" (like notify-send from libnotify-bin) when you get a mention on a channel?  smuxi does this but has a huge memory footprint and crashes every couple of days11:14
Kellygood morning can someone assist me? I am new to ubuntu........I could watch videos on you tube with 11 but when i upgraded to ubuntu I am no longer able to watch videos....i installed VLC but that didnt seem to help me.11:15
hillarymy screen keeps freezing while using libre writer ubuntu 12.0411:15
xeniKelly: have you tried switching your youtube to HTML5 video11:16
Kellyxeni...i didnt see that option on youtube..but i will look again11:16
xeniKelly: in my knowledge, otherwise you need shockwave flash installed to watch youtube11:16
xeniKelly: Which web browser did you try youtube with?11:17
Kellyreally bummed out...it was working fine in ubuntu 1111:18
xeniKelly: didn't it say anything about missing plugins or something like that11:18
Kellynot this time...but going to go there and look again11:18
xeniKelly: Okay, please report back when you have done that11:19
Kelly:)  checking now...thank yu11:19
geirhaKelly: It could be config from older firefox messing up your current firefox; to test this theory, switch to a guest user and see if you can watch youtube from there.11:19
geirha*the guest user11:20
hillaryIs this sreen freezing normal for ubuntu 12.04 libre writer while copy pasting?11:21
mr_64br13lhillary: Nope.11:21
GouthamHello o/11:22
hillary mr_64br13l: what could i be missing then11:22
GouthamI need a small help in ubuntu 13.1011:22
GouthamAnyone ?11:23
DJonesGoutham: You need to ask your question before people will know whether they're able to help11:23
Kellynot being given any option at youtube for html5   ...the area where video screen is ..is white..it flashes black like it wants to play but goes back to white.....btw...where do you determine what version of ubuntu you have running....from software center it says my pc is up to date11:23
DJonesGoutham: Just ask it in the channel and hopefully somebody will be able to help11:24
bazhang!version | Kelly11:24
ubottuKelly: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »11:24
GouthamIts not a problem in ubuntu, just need a help. I am using Windows 8 and Ubuntu 13.10. Windows 8 is now corrupted and I need to access some files in its partition thru Ubuntu to recover it.11:24
DhammaManwhat have you tried yet Gou?11:25
GouthamWhile Mounting it shows the hibernation or fast resume11:25
GouthamThough they are not enabled11:26
GouthamSince i have accessed them many times11:26
mr_64br13lhillary: I think some sort of unsolved bug.11:26
DhammaManYeah I've never heard of that11:26
cfhowlettGoutham, you may be jammed.  if windows exited while it was hibernated/suspended, ubuntu is not going to override that11:26
GouthamSo is there someway to force mount or something so that I can recover some files11:26
DhammaManIsn't there a closed bit when hybernating?11:27
GouthamI cant access windows 8 anymore as its corrupted11:27
cfhowlettGoutham, only way i've seen is to reboot windows and exit properly ...11:27
Gouthamstuck in windows 8 logo11:27
grahamsavagetrying to create an ext4 partition using disk util and i get this https://gist.github.com/anonymous/726472b46fa1c339dc4c11:27
DhammaManf9 after post then safemode11:27
cfhowlettGoutham, immediately after ubuntu installation?11:27
grahamsavageany idea what i'm doing wrong?11:27
GouthamWindows 8 ISO file is in the Windows 8 parition11:27
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Gouthamcfhowlett, I am using Ubuntu and Windows 8 alongside for months with accessing Win8 parition thru mount.11:29
GouthamBut since WIndows 8 is corrupted and the Wind8 ISO file is in the WIndows 8 partition.11:29
cfhowlettGoutham, ah, so not actually booting win8?11:29
GouthamI just need to reinstall windows 8 since some software installtion corrupted it11:29
GouthamAnd the windows 8 installation iso files is stuck in the Win8 partition11:30
MonkeyDustGoutham  how is that ubuntu related?11:30
GouthamAnd i thought i can recover it thru Ubuntu but I cant mount11:30
DhammaMansudo nautilus11:30
DhammaManright no11:30
xeniso yet another Kelly gets his youtube working and there is no thank yous or anything11:31
GouthamMonkeyDust, I used to access windows 8 partition thru mount and i am thinking of doing it to take the Windows 8 iso file to repair it but mounting it now shows hibernation error ;(11:31
DhammaManexact error:11:31
GouthamSo is there some command to force mount11:31
GouthamError mounting /dev/sda3 at /media/goutham/Goutham: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0177" "/dev/sda3" "/media/goutham/Goutham"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).11:31
GouthamMetadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.11:31
GouthamFailed to mount '/dev/sda3': Operation not permitted11:31
GouthamThe NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown11:31
GouthamWindows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting), or mount the volume11:31
DhammaManwell mount -f /dev/sdx11:31
Gouthamread-only with the 'ro' mount option.11:31
MonkeyDustGoutham  and use !paste for multi-line messages11:32
DhammaMansudo mount /dev/sda (to whatever mount point11:33
Kellyugg....signed in as a guest...same issue...my firefox says version 27.0.0111:33
DhammaManuse option -f11:33
DhammaMansudo mount -f /dev/sda1 mountpoint/11:34
mr_64br13lKelly: What issue?11:34
MonkeyDustKelly  what's your issue?11:34
Kellyyoutube not letting me play videos11:34
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
mr_64br13lKelly: Do you have flash?11:34
Kellynot sure...how do i install it?11:34
MonkeyDustKelly  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras11:34
DhammaManSo who here knows iptables?11:34
mr_64br13lKelly: Use google chrome, it comes pre installed with adobe flash.11:35
GouthamNope still shows the error ;(11:35
bazhangDhammaMan, try #netfilter11:35
Kellyfirefox was working with older unsupported version of ubuntu11:35
DhammaManty bazhang11:35
mr_64br13lKelly: Its not a firefox problem, the pronlem is lack of flash.11:36
DhammaManNobody awake in #netfilter11:37
parapandear folks can someone please explain how come my CPU supports PAE instructions, I've installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS v3 2 weeks ago / I manually installed pae kernel ......but still my system doesn't see the 4 GB of RAM ???11:37
MonkeyDustDhammaMan  you have waited only a few seconds11:38
Kablami have a q question i used dd to clone my xbmc server startupdisk (/dev/sdf /dev/sda) but wheni boot from the clone it wont autostart xbmc anymore so i guess its not a exact clone...any ideas what to do?11:38
DhammaManparapan; I saw you, I just don't know.11:39
Kellyok wll sign out as a guest and try resisteicted extras installl11:39
DhammaMannight all11:39
GouthamUsed sudo mount -f /dev/sda1 mnt/11:42
GouthamBut i cant find the mounted partition in mnt folder11:43
Kablamtry /mnt11:43
pranavi cannot find my wireless network created by netgear router when i do >scan in wpa_cli11:44
hillarywhen copying content with graphics it takes time to finish in libre office writer 20.04. and the screen keeps freezing. what could be really the problem here?11:45
kingplusplusPlease i have an Ubuntu server running, connect via ssh, how can i login to the server and run a commandline program which takes hours to finish processing its task? But also, i want to close the terminal from my system and be able to login later to see the progress of the program running11:45
Gouthammount: according to mtab, /dev/sda2 is already mounted on /mnt11:45
GouthamKablam, ^11:45
GouthamBut there is nothing in mnt11:45
DJones!screen | kingplusplus11:45
ubottukingplusplus: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen11:45
llutzkingplusplus: use screen11:45
DJoneskingplusplus: Basically, SSH into the server, start screen, then run your command inside screen, you can then close the ssh session, come back later, ssh back in, connect to the screen session and your command will still be running11:47
MonkeyDust<3 screen11:47
awakeningcant bind buttons via xwacomset on my tablet, anyone had the same problem?11:47
Kablamgoutham do "cd /media" then "mkdir harddrive" then " sudo mount -f /dev/sda1 /media/harddrive"11:47
Kablamthen it should be in /media/harddrive11:48
awakeningit supposed to echo the command i bound, but i'm getting nothing11:49
Kablamoo and set corect permission for that harddrive folder11:49
awakeningoh you gotta be kidding me, now its working >_>11:50
MonkeyDustawakening  that's how good this channel is11:50
awakeningyeah =)11:50
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LaibschI'm trying to record the audio from a webinar. I am using gnome-sound-recorder to do that. The problem is that the sound from the microphone always gets mixed in, resulting in background noise.  What do I need to do (in precise, if that matters) to prevent this?11:51
=== hello_world is now known as super-g
MonkeyDustLaibsch  in a terminal, type alsamixer, disable mic boost11:52
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makijekingplusplus, you can use something like screen, for example, "screen -R <jobname> <command>" then detach it with CTRL+A+D and reattach using "screen -R <jobname>"11:56
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=== unforgiven512_ is now known as unforgiven512
makijekingplusplus, sorry, dont add the <command>... use like "screen -R <jobname>" then when screen opens type your command..11:56
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wsnipexkingplusplus, nohup11:56
wsnipexor screen11:56
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DJonesmakije: You'll have to repost that message, they were part of the netsplit11:56
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makijeDJones, I will, will wait a little more time until it settles..11:57
=== aljosa_ is now known as aljosa
=== swaagie_ is now known as swaagie
DJonesmakije: Yeah, don't blame you, certainly splitsville at the minute11:58
=== gonyere_ is now known as gonyere
makijeDJones, I know, for sure it is11:58
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kingpluspluswsnipex, thanks would look into it11:58
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makijekingplusplus, It seems you found a solution elsewhere during the netslit but you can use screen use it like "screen -R <jobname>" then when screen opens type your command.. Detach using CTRL+A+D, reattach with "screen -R <jobname>"12:00
Kellyugg very frustrated ...i did the sudo apt  get install ubuntu restricted extras.....everything installed ok....still not able to watch youtube videos...is there a way to install flash directly?12:00
kingplusplusmakije thats wonderful command problem solved12:01
=== dean|away is now known as dean
makijekingplusplus, thats great :)12:01
Kellyat youtube i dont see the option for html5  is it hidden somewhere?12:02
=== karthus` is now known as karthus
hateballKelly: Browse to https://www.youtube.com/html5 and enable it12:02
mr_64br13l1Kelly: I told you to install Google chrome, that will solve all your problems.12:02
Kellyi dont want to use chrome.... been down that road  already12:03
jackmr_64br13l1: confirmed. best browser.12:03
mr_64br13l1Kelly: Thats the only way to be on the latest version of flash.12:04
=== ValicekB_ is now known as ValicekB
DJonesKelly: You could try "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer"12:05
Kellyi will try that..i dont understand why the old version of ubuntu worked fine...then the upgraded version gives you headaches?12:06
mr_64br13l1Kelly: Get a head massage. (;12:07
cm13g09Bah, just hit this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/47716712:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 477167 in debian-installer (Debian) "can't set bootable flag when partitioning during install" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:08
Kellyat terminal it says my flash is already the newest version12:08
mr_64br13l1Kelly: Adobe ahs quit support for flash, so its not the latest.12:09
Guest1234567I am getting the following error at boot: stopping block the moutning even for nfs filesystems until statd is ru. What can i do?12:09
Kellyso chrome is the only sollution?12:09
mr_64br13l1Kelly: Yep.12:09
Kellysudo apt-get google-chrome-install?12:10
MonkeyDustKelly  or chromium-browser12:10
Guest1234567I am getting the following error at boot: stopping block the mounting even for nfs filesystems until statd is running, can someone help me my server isnt booting atm and i need it up asap.12:10
DJonesKelly: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser12:10
llutz"already the newest version" is an apt message and means "newest version available in repos", not newest version on earth12:11
mr_64br13l1Kelly: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/12:11
jackreal pkgname is google-chrome-stable12:11
jackif you download from google12:12
justaguyThose repo's of ubutnu12:12
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
justaguyhmm, weird, the belgium repo's of ubuntuu are SLOWER then the netherlannds repo's12:12
Guest1234567I am getting the following error at boot: stopping block the mounting even for nfs filesystems until statd is running, can someone help me my server isnt booting atm and i need it up asap.12:12
Kellyif this does not work i think i may just install the old unsupported version of ubuntu again12:12
mr_64br13l1Kelly: Google Chrome will end your headache for once and for all.12:13
jackjustaguy, no surprise... .nl->.be is multiple gigabits12:13
justaguyi get 1MB to NL repo's, only 182KB/s to belgium repo's12:14
jacktheir .be server might be slammed atm12:14
justaguyjack: nah, belgium has very slow and retarded ISP's12:15
jackok, that too12:15
justaguystuff like datalimits and blocking portforwarding on ports below 102412:15
mr_64br13l1justaguy: Thats the best thing business wise.12:16
justaguymr_64br13l1: yep, there are 2 main big isp's , belgacom and telenet, i'm with telenet and they are stupid with datalimits and portforwarding blocks, but belgacom isn't12:16
justaguybut belgacom is crap quality in my city, so i'm just forced to use telenet :s12:17
justaguyand only have 150GB/month :d12:17
mr_64br13l1Too less.12:17
ChrisHI need to upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to the pre-release of Ubuntu 14.04LTS, anyone a link a hand on release notes, howto? I was unable to find anything other then "upgrade-manager -d and click in the GUI"12:18
cm13g09ChrisH: I suspect do-release-upgrade will also have the necessary flags12:18
cm13g09That is, assuming you want to command line upgrdae12:19
Kellyit looks like google chrome stable is available from the ubuntu software center12:19
Kellyinstalling google crap now12:20
ChrisHcm13g09: CLI is prefered. And do-release-upgrade will offer the prelease of 14.04LTS?12:20
Kellysad day when mozzila removed from my system12:20
cm13g09ChrisH: I suspect so - but I'd need to check command line options12:20
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Kellywhat a bunch of poo.....chrome loaded and installed but will not start  wth12:24
Kellywhat is the new version of Debian using as a defalt browser to watch videos on the internet such as youtube?12:26
mr_64br13l1Kelly: epiphany12:27
Kellyand it works right out of the box per se? with fresh install of debian?12:28
mr_64br13l1Kelly: It works but it is useless for both of us because we use youtube.12:28
rommelKelly, dont you have to install adobe for that to work12:29
Kellyi am so frustrated with ubuntu right now.....i dont know why my video is not working.......ubuntu went backwards?12:30
mr_64br13l1Kelly: I am using a deraivative of Ubuntu.12:30
linuxzymaybe you shoud change a video player12:31
Kellychrome will not work...wth...12:31
fidelKelly: if you are still about youtube - i assume flash might be your issue. mind trying chrome? should come with a working version of flash out of the box12:31
fidelups - really?12:31
jackmr_64br13l1, mint?12:32
mr_64br13l1jack: Elemntary Os12:32
jackok - is it good?12:33
Kellyi tried VLC, chrome , updated ubuntu restricted extras.........   i cant be the only person with  these issues...running older pc12:33
jacki might try it too12:33
linuxzypear os is good too12:34
mr_64br13l1Elementary os looks gorgeous compared to others.12:34
mr_64br13l1Pear os support has ended.12:34
linuxzylike mac os12:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:34
rommelmr_64br13l1, what de does elementary use12:34
mr_64br13l1rommel: pm me, CAnt talk about other distros here.12:35
llutztake it to #elementary12:35
linuxzyubunutu is a litter ,,,12:35
linuxzyi have to use ubunutu to learn Linux &C12:36
mr_64br13l1linuxzy: How are you learning it?12:37
rommelfirst i have tried ubuntu... been a day now and after the nightmarish install that has no intractive interface to speak of it seems ok if you like things that just kind of work.12:37
linuxzyi have teacher12:37
Kellybs  if ubuntu cant play videos...this is a major problem for those of us who upload videos for a living.....there has to be a fix to this12:38
rommelKelly, it does so it is something foobar on your box12:38
Kellyit was working just fine with ubuntu 1112:38
rommeli am using 13.something and it is working12:39
mr_64br13l113 is not LTS12:39
linuxzy12.04 is LTS12:39
mr_64br13l1LTZ is always better for daily use.12:40
rommeli am not sure what that means but 12. install dvd locked up on the laptop... so 13 it was12:40
Kellyat my terminal....nothing happens if i type version12:40
wc-ithow to connect to server12:40
MonkeyDustKelly  cat /etc/issue12:40
MonkeyDustKelly  or lsb_release -sd12:41
rommelmr_64br13l1, heh i have been running gentoo and funtoo now for almost 12 yrs... i think it is a matter of effort12:41
mr_64br13l1Kelly: lsb_release -a12:41
mr_64br13l1rommel: What effort are you talking about?12:42
Kellycommand not found12:42
mr_64br13l1try mine12:42
MonkeyDustKelly  try   cat /etc/issue12:43
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
Kellyty 12.04.4 lts12:44
LaibschMonkeyDust: thank you for that hint. I have two entries for Mic boost there: "Mic Boost" and "Internal Mic Boost".  I set them both to 0 and that resulted in a recording with a lower audio level but still the background noise :-(12:44
=== JoshStrobl is now known as JoshStrobl|AFK
Kellyi dont know what to do......wipe out ubuntu and go with another distros?12:45
MonkeyDustKelly  what do you want to achieve?12:45
Kellychrome not working...installed it...i need to upload and play teaching videos at youtube12:46
linuxzyremove it and reinstall it12:46
MonkeyDustKelly  sudo apt-get install chromium-browser12:47
linuxzyyes ,ups12:47
linuxzyi learnd this just today12:47
Tryackeryop !12:50
mr_64br13l1chromium is nto chrome.12:50
thoonaiheyho, I want to restrict user rights, so users cannot start a program like virtualbox12:51
thoonaiany idea how I get this properly working?12:51
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+112:51
llutzthoonai: don't add them to the vboxusers group12:51
thoonaillutz: that doestn work :/12:52
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases12:52
xutlrelease date for 14.04 ?12:52
thoonaimy user is not in the vboxusers group and still is allowed to start virtualbox and start a vm12:52
llutzxutl: april12:52
xutlllutz: april what ?12:52
llutzxutl: april 201412:52
DJonesxutl: Something like 25th April, may be a few days either side though12:52
xutl25th hmm12:53
DJonesxutl: Actually, 17th12:53
xutlany changes with respect to braodcom wifi chips driver in 14.04 ?12:53
GouthamI am going reinstall Windows 812:53
GouthamWill it affect ubuntu?12:53
GouthamI mean the boot menu12:54
thoonaiat least XP and 7 did, so I expect it will too12:54
MonkeyDustxutl  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule12:54
thoonaiwindows uses its own bootloader afaik12:54
xutlany changes with respect to broadcom wifi chips driver in 14.04 ?12:54
GouthamI installed Ubuntu 13.10 in my laptop along with Windows 8 reading some tutorial. Now my Win8 is corrupted and i am installing it again12:55
MonkeyDustxutl better ask in #ubuntu+112:55
thoonaiGoutham: you may have to reinstall grub after your win install12:55
Gouthamthoonai how can i i install grub.12:55
Gouthamsorry. I did that somehow reading online. Is there a  link bro you can suggest12:55
Gouthamor I will find in google12:55
GouthamMine is older laptop12:56
GouthamSo i think its easy12:56
linuxzyyou can use a NTtools to fix the boot menu12:56
thoonaiGoutham: you can boot a live cd and get to the command line and execute grub-install12:56
sewoI have installed apache 2.4, and then from the installed files I deleted one file, that I would like to look into again, how can I do this without installing again ?12:56
Gouthamthoonai, Shall i follow it ^12:57
thoonaiGoutham: looks fine for me12:57
Gouthamthank you bro12:58
newbie34while typing varible names with underscores i often leave shift pressed after underscore, so visible_data_ becomes visible_Data_12:59
newbie34is there a way i can hook linux keyboard handling? ( i wish to make any uppercase letter pressed immidietly after underscore to be lowercase no matter what )12:59
Kellyok that install of chrome work...it now opens but at youtube it says could not install the plugin    UGGGGG12:59
Kellyshockwave flash not loading on chrome13:00
thoonaillutz: any idea besides deleting the users from vboxusers group?13:00
thoonaianyone an idea how to restrict users to execute programs like virtualbox?13:01
jamescarrGNUTLS is unpatched in 12.0413:01
przemekhello any ideas how to remove ssd disk password left by ex customer ,ssd model - toshiba 128 gb :(13:01
ChrisHthoonai: remove the package! Better explain why you want to do that.13:06
Kellyok......another ubuntu user frustrated and left hanging ............the future is microsoft?  Nooooooo!!!113:08
thoonaiChrisH: I want to allow users to work with one virtual machine which settings are set up to protect the host network. but the user should not be allowed to create any other machine or change the settings13:08
pierreN_hi! after an upgrade i've got the no screen found error when trying to run startx. i don't even have a clue how to start debugging this. any help please? :)13:10
thoonaiChrisH: the idea was to create a script with setuid for the user vbox which should be the only one able to do all the stuff with virtualbox13:11
thoonaipierreN_: first: does your graphics card is there?13:11
pierreN_i think it bugs to load the GLX extension (i.e. Loading extension GLX \n (EE)) but i don't know why now13:12
=== berend is now known as Guest70589
pierreN_thoonai: yes, just tried an aptitude dist-upgrade rebooted and...13:12
pierreN_thoonai: in the past there was /etc/X11/xorg.conf but it seems to have disappear...13:13
pierreN_(i mean like at least 5 years ago i can't really find where to configure X now)13:14
thoonaipierreN_: tbh I think that X is the pure evil13:14
=== Spamoi is now known as Gofiouckurself
=== Gofiouckurself is now known as Spamoi
pierreN_thoonai: yup buut... ^13:15
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
thoonaiChrisH: ?13:17
ChrisHthoonai: as long as you allow the user to start vbox he will be able to install/create a new VM into his home. But you can start their VMs automagically using vbox-headless (IIRC). Forget aboyt the IP, accidently paste13:18
=== DEREK| is now known as [Derek]
pierreN_thoonai: just was the driver missing. haem. thanks.13:19
thoonaipierreN_: sorry for not being that helpfull :)13:19
thoonaiChrisH: how do I disallow users to use vbox?13:21
thoonaitaking them out of vboxusers does not work13:21
thoonaiI actually tried that13:21
cy3g2halp! I made the incredibly stupid move of installing 13.04 and now I'm not getting updates anymore. And I don't have a lot of time to re-configure everything. :\13:22
cy3g2I have quite a bit of stuff installed from PPA's and stuff and that makes it more complicated.13:23
DJonescy3g2: 13.04 is EOL, thats probably why you're not getting updates13:23
cy3g2DJones: I know. I was dumb to choose a non-LTS release.13:23
cy3g2*for choosing13:23
skramer_cy3g2: no problem, just upgrade to 13.1013:23
ChrisHthoonai: depending on your users group: chmod 700 $VBOXBINARY might be an option13:24
cy3g2skramer_: I'm afraid it would brake something. :(13:24
=== codethough is now known as codethought
hje841How can I visualize data in with GTK+ 3?13:24
unixfreakWith `iwconfig' output, what would be the cause of "Invalid Misc" being above zero?13:24
skramer_cy3g2:on my laptop I have Kubuntu 13.10, it once had been 11.10 and I simply upgraded whenever new version was released. No problems so far...13:26
thoonaiChrisH: thanks13:26
thoonaiChrisH: I'll try that13:26
cy3g2skramer_: I have had bad experiences with upgrading in the past. :(13:26
=== sparty_ is now known as sparty
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
cy3g2I guess I should just build a new second computer with an identical configuration and install everything on that and then copy all the data files over...13:28
skramer_cy3g2: Hmm..., that sounds like a good idea ;)13:28
cy3g2I can't believe it's already 2014 and there's no reliable way to upgrade without the fear of something breaking.13:29
thoonaiChrisH: thx much a lot :)13:31
cy3g2How likely is it that I would get haxx0red if I stay on the vulnerable system until the next proper LTS release comes out? :\13:31
=== dwatkins_ is now known as dwatkins
juliobuenos días?13:37
Hanumaanhow to mount drives which are not yet mounted in fstab ? I mean how to mount only newly added drives in fstab ?13:38
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest13958
ChrisHHanumaan: mount -a will try to mount all and skoip the mounted with: allready mounted. Plan b mount /some/mount/point/from/fstab13:41
kingplusplusplease how do i login after creating a user in Ubuntu Server, i used the "useradd testers" command and can't login i am getting permission denied on the ssh13:43
=== root_ is now known as Guest90953
=== UNK_SYN_ACK is now known as MrQuist
userwhat is the command to start the powersetting thing? I am using i3wm, and want it to stop going into hibernation (it just freezes when it does)13:46
=== user_ is now known as laricia
lariciaoi marcelo13:51
sgo11hi, if I run "sudo dmidecode --type memory" , it returns "Number Of Devices: 4". does it mean I have 4 RAM slots? I remembered the last time I opened the cover, it just has two RAM slots if my memory is not wrong. thanks.13:55
kingplusplushey anyone know how to copy all txt in a file to clipboard in vi? i tried :%y+ it says Invalid register13:56
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
kingplusplushey anyone know how to copy all txt in a file to clipboard in vi? i tried :%y+ it says Invalid register name13:59
kingplusplushey anyone know how to copy all txt in a file to clipboard in vi? i tried :%y+ it says Invalid register name14:01
sgo11kingplusplus, first select the text, and then "+y for pasting with ctrl+v. "*y for pasting with middle mouse button.14:03
sgo11I mean ctrl+v in other applications like browser.14:03
kingplusplussgo11, how do i copy all text?14:04
cfhowlettkingplusplus, select + right click + copy14:04
sgo11kingplusplus, first select them. I am not vim expert. for me, I will do this: ESC, gg (to top), v (to select mode), G (to bottom), then "+y or "*y14:06
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=== jack is now known as Guest58661
leshasteis there a java profile in ubuntu?14:11
leshasteprofiler I mean14:11
stianhjleshaste: like http://visualvm.java.net?14:13
stianhjit's in the repos14:14
Kullyanyone have any experience placing two ubuntu distrobutions on a lan in aws?14:18
luftcan I get some help on iptables forwarding?14:19
leshastestianhj, thanks14:20
luftI have a guest vm with qemu that is accessible at
alok99I don't remember who I spoke with briefly yesterday about Ubuntu on an iMac14:21
luftit has a webserver on it, and I can download the home webpage with the host machine with wget
alok99but I got it working14:21
lufti want to forward requests on port 60213 on the host machine to
lufti tried these rules but they didn't work when I tried "wget localhost:60213" on the host machine14:22
luftiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth0 --dport 60213 -j DNAT --to && iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -i virbr0 -d --dport 80 -j ACCEPT14:24
kingplusplussorry when vim says 27 lines yanked i think it means its on clipboard, but when i paste the data i get different stuff pasted14:24
ActionParsnipkingplusplus: are you pasting into vim?14:25
kingplusplusActionParsnip, actually am pasting into nano14:25
kingplusplusActionParsnip, i want to copy and paste from local host to remote host14:26
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
leshastestianhj, how do you start it?14:28
bananapiedupingping_ hi14:29
pooky248321To ALL from UK. I am the UK supplier of FREE Ubuntu Stickers (powered By & Ubuntu 'Key')14:29
pooky248321My address is already in the public domain (on System76's website)14:29
pooky248321P Maddison14:29
pooky248321The Bungalow14:29
pooky248321Bradley Street14:29
pooky248321DE22 1GL14:29
SirLagzpooky248321: do you send overseas ?14:29
somsip!spam | pooky24832114:29
ubottupooky248321: Please don't spam14:29
bananapie!spam ubottu14:30
pooky248321these are free14:30
somsipSirLagz: this is not the place. take it to pm14:30
dupingping!spam | pooky24832114:30
ubottupooky248321: Please don't spam14:30
somsippooky248321: no ads here14:30
SirLagzsomsip: sorry14:30
somsippooky248321: thank you14:30
=== Lol is now known as Guest66546
dupingpinghi who is ubuntu developer?14:31
Pessimistdupingping, canonical14:31
bananapiedupingping_ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment14:32
ubottuCanonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/14:32
dupingpingHi, who is know that proxy protocol?14:33
ubottuSeveral Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak14:33
ashishwhat is best option for amd4000 series card in dabian for best performance14:33
=== ashish is now known as Guest93441
dupingping@ashish I don't know.14:34
cfhowlettashish, ask the #debian channel14:34
dupingpingok, ashish.14:34
dupingpinggo over there.14:34
Guest93441dupingping, i m using ubuntu thats why asked here14:35
=== Neozonz|Discx2 is now known as Guest28154
PessimistGuest93441, http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/14:37
dupingpingGuest93441 what?14:39
dupingpingI'm a recovery exporter14:42
dupingpingI'm a recovery expert14:42
somsipdupingping: do you have a support question or are you here to help others?14:43
dupingpingI saw14:43
dupingpinga question, today.14:43
somsipdupingping: please keep on the topic of support in here. Anything else can go in #ubuntu-offtopic14:43
dupingpingI am going to reply about that.14:44
dupingpingThat problem is one about lost data.14:44
dupingpingsomsip It's not able?14:45
majodhello. mi trying to install ubuntu 12.04, after i boot the installation and i press "try ubuntu", my ethernet is not detected at all. should i try to install it, or it wont work anyway?14:45
masoodanyone knows samba here to ask my question?14:45
somsipdupingping: the question makes no sense. You need to ask it differently14:45
somsip!anyone | masood14:45
ubottumasood: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:45
cfhowlettmajod, install without ethernet and configure it after installation.14:45
majodcfhowlett, and how?14:46
majodwithout internet14:46
cfhowlettmajod, did you finish installing?14:46
majodi didnt even start14:46
cfhowlettmajod, you do NOT need the internet to install.14:46
majodi know14:46
majodi meant, how do i troubleshoot without internet?14:46
majodi have no idea what to do with it14:46
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:47
cfhowlettmajod, after you've finished installing, come back to this channel14:47
masoodplease help, samba does not work. binding to ldap server failed!14:48
majodallright, i come back with my internet not working14:48
masoodlib/smbldap.c:(smbldap_connect_system)failed to bind to server ldapi:/// with dn="uid=samba,ou=system-accounts,dc=example,dc=com" Error: Invalid credentials14:48
masoodI use Ubuntu 12.04, openldap 2.4.28, samba 3.6.314:48
Pessimistmasood, Error: Invalid credentials14:48
psdnIf I cmake, make, and install a program from commandline, how do I remove it if I choose to reinstall??14:49
JustMozzyhey guys. shouldn't apache be by default able to write to tmp?14:49
somsipJustMozzy: /tmp should be 77714:49
masoodI set password for samba by smbpasswd -w14:49
Picimasood: looks to me that you don't have a ldap server defined there.14:49
usr13_luft: Why not tell the webserver to listen on port 60213?14:50
JustMozzysomsip: it is but for some reason... wait not apache but ruby is not able to write to it14:50
Pessimistpsdn, that's why you use a package manager. If a program = one binary file in /usr/bin then you can just remove it, else it's hard14:50
luftusr13_: because the webserver in question is on a vm14:50
Guest93441how to install amd4000 sries driver in ubuntu13.1014:50
masoodPici: I have, and ldapsearch -x works14:50
usr13_luft: Why does that matter?14:50
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=== frecel_ is now known as frecel
psdnpackage manager was several version behind. Had to do it by hand.14:51
somsipJustMozzy: maybe #ruby would be a better place to ask. You could prepare a pastebin of the error and post it here in case, but...14:51
terhoinstalling Zentyal server and drinking coffee :314:51
usr13_luft: What OS is the host and what OS is the guest?14:52
JustMozzysomsip: never mind. just deleted everything in /tmp and it worked... odd14:52
luftusr13_: host is ubuntu, guest is fedora 2014:52
Pessimistpsdn, most of the time there is a ppa with the up-to-date version of the software because Ubuntu is the most popular gnu/linux distribution14:52
usr13_luft: And the webserver is listening on ?14:53
dupingpingall men14:54
dupingpingI know you as ...14:55
usr13_luft: And the webserver is listening on  Right?14:55
somsip!ot | dupingping14:55
ubottudupingping: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:55
luftusr13_: the guest vm is at on the host, and yes I can wget
Picidupingping: you seem to have the enter key confused with the spacebar.  You can put more than 3 words on a line.14:55
Pessimistwe need to notify the ops about dupingping14:55
somsipPessimist: Pici is one14:56
dupingpingAh, I understood.14:56
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!14:56
PiciPessimist: yes?14:56
h00kPessimist: it's not quite an emergency :(14:56
* cfhowlett agrees14:57
usr13_luft: And you are trying to implement the rules on the guest machine.  Right?14:57
luftusr13_: I'm trying to get the host machine to forward requests on port 60213 to the guest machine14:58
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dry[1]hi. what's currently the best software on ubuntu to create games for android?14:59
badasshow can i do a conditional statement in bash to compare the md5sum of a file to a static string?14:59
badassif [[ $(md5sum filename) == "abcdefghijklmnop1234567890" ]]; then echo 'hello'; fi14:59
badasssomething like that14:59
Guest93441how to install amd4000 sries driver in ubuntu13.1015:00
cfhowlettbadass, ask the !bash channel    ?15:00
usr13_luft: I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle.  The guest machine is listening to the outside too, so you need to just concentrate on the guest machine.  Again;  Why not just make the webserver listen on the port you want it to?15:00
=== Guest28154 is now known as Neozonz
jpdsbadass: Put the sums in a file and use; md5sum -c $FILE; echo $?15:00
usr13_luft: But, I may not be understanding exactly what you really want to do, (because you've not explained in detail what the circumstances are and what it is you really are trying to to here).15:02
usr13_to do here15:02
usr13_not "to to here"15:02
luftusr13_: how would the guest machine be listening outside the host's network? it's in NAT mode15:03
usr13_luft: Well, it shouldn't be15:03
usr13_luft: Should be bridged15:04
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=== andrewjs18_ is now known as andrewjs18
luftbridged requires a lot more changes of the host server, which I would prefer not to do since I'm not too familiar with it15:04
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
usr13_luft: I don't know that it really requires a lot more changes, but to my way of thinking, that's what you need, because if it were bridged, the guest would be listening independly to the outside.15:05
usr13_luft: And then the router would be forwarding a port to it.15:06
usr13_luft: Right?15:06
luftusr13_: that's problem #2, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it15:07
usr13_luft: Looks like you're already on that bridge ;015:07
luftusr13_: the host machine already has an apache2 server bound to 8015:08
luftright now I'm just trying to get the vm's apache accessible from the host's IP address15:08
lufton the host15:08
usr13_luft: Ok, then, I'm a bit confused as to why you would have 2 servers running on the same network?15:09
luftthen I'll open the port when I'm happy15:09
usr13_luft: Why two web-servers?15:09
luftusr13_: host machine's apache2 is the production server, vm is test server15:09
usr13_luft: If it is the test server, why does it need outside access?15:10
luftjust so my lab members can test it easily instead of downloading and installing libvirtd etc etc15:10
usr13_luft: Ok15:11
usr13_luft: And lab members are on the other side of the same router.  Right?15:11
usr13_luft: In that case, you should probably have an alias on another IP for it.15:12
usr13_luft: So instead of just a different port, use a different IP address.15:13
usr13_luft: Ok?15:13
luftusr13_: I don't know if I have enough control over the network at the moment to perform such a change15:14
usr13_luft: You don't have access to another IP address?15:14
usr13_luft: ...because that's all you need, is one more IP address.  Right?15:15
luftusr13_: wouldn't that alias have to be added to another machine?15:16
usr13_luft: Well, the way you are doing it now, you could just add it to the host, and then forward it's port 80 traffic as you are tryint to do now, (only much simplier). Right?15:17
usr13_luft: At any rate, just using another IP address is the way to go.15:17
luftwhere would I add the alias?15:18
usr13_luft: Well, it's up to you, but if what you say is true, that the host is dong nat to the VM guest, then do it on the host, eth0:015:18
sidiHi. I'm currently looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_privilege_authorization_features and it seems to suggest that on *buntu systems, when an admin requires privilege escalation to root to perform an admin task, their password is asked instead of the root password. I seem to recall *buntu does not necessarily have a root password. Could anybody confirm whether it is indeed the user's password being asked?15:19
usr13_luft: Do you have an IP?15:19
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:19
cfhowlettsidi, sudoers have a password.  if you're doing a privileged task, the sudo password will be requested15:19
luftusr13_: I have a static ip assigned to eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces15:19
sidicfhowlett, thanks. do you know if there's any documentation why this is considered a better practice than a root password?15:20
cfhowlettsidi, I know there is documentation/justification somewhere - can't advise further.  sorry.15:21
nico__hi everyone15:22
nico__i was wondering if someone can help me15:22
MonkeyDustnico__  let's hear it15:22
nico__im trying to use the hangout chrome extension like a desktop app for ubuntu unity15:23
nico__i wan to be able to set the windows in "always on top" and "follows" me in every desktop that im working at15:24
sidicfhowlett, np, thanks.15:24
nico__i know that this can be done with cynamon or open box15:24
luftusr13_: I tried the bridging as you suggested and now the vm has no network: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7038996/15:24
nico__but i like to do it with unity15:24
luftI followed this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KvmWithBridge15:24
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nico__MonkeyDust: do you think that someone can help me with that?15:27
MonkeyDustnico__  no idea, never heard of it15:28
usr13_luft: Well, you have the same IP for both15:28
luftusr13_: oh the guide says to delete the definition of eth0 :X15:31
usr13_luft: I don't understand that guide at all15:31
luftusr13_: this is what I was afraid of, if I mess up the network config of this server, I dunno where it is and I only have an SSH connection to it and a lot of people depend on it for work15:32
usr13_luft: Then just put it back the way you had it.15:33
usr13_luft: (But what I just suggested was to leave it as you have it, (in nat mode), and create an alias on the host for the other webserver, and use iptables rule to forward the alias IP's port 80 traffic to the already existing guest interface.)15:37
=== makije is now known as makije|away
usr13_luft: And you certainly did not tell us that you only have ssh access to this computer.15:39
dry[1]hi. what's currently the most popular software on ubuntu to create games for android?15:39
geniidry[1]: I would guess Eclipse15:39
luftusr13_: as far as I know. there's a lot I still don't know about this server and the 1 or 2 people who know anything about it don't seem to know too much either15:40
dry[1]genii: what do you think about stencyl?15:43
=== brandom_ is now known as brandom
odisaHello. I have an extra monitor connected to my laptop. Where can I find the best guide to have the external monitor display a different workspace?15:43
geniidry[1]: No opinion yet, since this is the first I've heard of it15:44
usr13_luft: Well, you and/or them, are going to learn a few things ASAP ;)15:45
MonkeyDustdry[1]  i guess you better ask in #ubuntu-app-devel15:45
dry[1]MonkeyDust: thx15:46
usr13_luft: until you lear to operate the VM, use another PC for the test server.15:46
geniidry[1]: There is also of course #android-dev ;)15:46
dry[1]genii: thx :)15:46
usr13_luft: And also remember that if you implement an iptables rule that doesn't work, back it out again before continuing.  (change the -A to -D).15:47
luftusr13_: yeah I have been15:48
luftI'm gonna go ahead and log for the day and try again tomorrow15:49
usr13_luft: FYI there is also #Netfilter  (you could ask questions there too).15:50
luftkk i will15:50
usr13_luft: Ok, good luck with it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.15:51
ChrisHcm13g09: Upgrade was successfully.. thanks15:51
cm13g09ChrisH: excellent :)  glad it worked15:53
=== The_Doctor is now known as Adran
Indy_A couple years ago (or, when Unity first made it into Ubuntu) I stopped using Ubuntu and switched back to windows after 3 years of linux use... Unity had some hideous graphical and usability bugs15:54
Indy_where i couldnt find solution, nor google or irc, forums etc15:54
Indy_i m gonna try with the new LTS... lets hope i dont get failed again :/15:54
ActionParsnipIndy_: you dont have to use Unity......15:54
brunoaisdoes anyone know how can I get the list of files a process has tried to open so far and failed to open?15:54
usr13_Indy_: Why didn't you try another Desktop Environmnent?15:54
brunoaisif it is impossible, is there a way to attach a listener to such thing to a program to which I can't start directly?15:55
tmmunqyeah... i dont... i tried for a couple weeks but was constantly running into problems.15:55
Indy_ActionParsnip: ok15:55
ActionParsnipIndy_: If you dont like Unity, don't use it, use a different shell like Gnome-shell. Or you can switch entirely to KDE, XFCE, LXDE and so on.15:55
brunoais(e.g. this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/191964/how-do-i-know-which-file-a-program-is-trying-to-access  does not work for me)15:55
ActionParsnipIndy_: is your dislike of Unity why you switch from Ubuntu?15:55
Indy_not dislike15:55
usr13_Indy_: If you did not like Unity, there was xfce lxde kde etc. etc.15:55
Indy_unusability in my case back then15:55
Indy_there were some serious bugs15:55
ActionParsnipIndy_: thats fine. Again, you dont have to use Unity15:55
Indy_anyway, all I wanted to say15:56
ActionParsnipIndy_: so why didnt you just switch session?15:56
MonkeyDustIndy_  if you don't like unity, don't use it... install and use something else15:56
ActionParsnipIndy_: is that seriously your thought process...?15:56
Indy_was I really wanted the whole process to be smooth and seamless, not for me, I could find a solution, but for the end user15:56
ActionParsnipIndy_: it is, install a new desktop, log off, log in to the new. Done15:56
MonkeyDustIndy_  http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg15:57
Indy_how much point is there for my grandma to use ubuntu if she has to switch from unity to another cause of unusability? shouldnt she just press the button and everything works?15:57
Indy_while the competition (windows, mac) is what it is15:57
ActionParsnipIndy_: the session per user is remembered, so she'll just log in and get the sesison she used last15:57
MonkeyDustIndy_  logout, switch, login, that's all there's to it15:57
ActionParsnipIndy_: each user can use a different desktop if you want15:57
usr13_Indy_: You find something you like and stick with it.15:58
ActionParsnipIndy_: if you want a windowsy feel, instal kubuntu, it uses KDE instead of Gnome15:58
Indy_no i dont want a windowsy feel i like gnome15:58
Indy_i didnt say that for myself i said it for all potential end users15:58
ActionParsnipIndy_: then install Cinammon, its in the default repos15:58
usr13_Indy_: If you like gnome use it, (or xfce)15:59
usr13_Indy_: Or yea, Cinammon15:59
Indy_and as i said, it wasn't a matter of likeness etc, there were some plain, heavy usability bugs15:59
ActionParsnipIndy_: the OS is very customisable, its like switching back to Windows because Firefox is the default web browser and you perfer Chrome15:59
Indy_and as i recall it wasn't as simple as "swicth DE option, logoff then login" cause that process had some bugs too15:59
ActionParsnipIndy_: the desktop is as changable as a web browser15:59
Indy_i am talking about 3-4 versions ago16:00
Indy_when unity first made it in16:00
ActionParsnipIndy_: its been like this since day 016:00
Indy_all I am saying is I really hope those bold bugs are absent now16:00
ActionParsnipIndy_: this is linux, where choice is champion16:00
trijntjeIndy_: the best way to help other users is to file bugs when you encounter problems, not complain about them 2 years later16:00
usr13_Indy_: I think that the point we are trying to make is that this is not a cookie-cutter OS, there are *many* options.16:00
Indy_trijntje: my smartass friend i did and did and did by bug report grew white beard16:00
ActionParsnipIndy_: so can you see why switching back to windows, burely due to a dislike of Unity is quite hilarious16:01
Indy_i didnt do it cause of that (only)16:01
Indy_and i didnt exactly "switch"16:02
usr13_Indy_: What *exactly* did you do?16:02
Indy_i only had ubuntu on disk, and that (plus) some other things) made me dual boot with windows16:02
Indy_and the sad part is, that windows seemed much more seamless to use, without all those accessibility and usability bugs, my ubuntu installation was facing at that time16:02
Indy_and I am very much worried that if i was (subconsciously) discouraged like this16:03
Indy_imagine about end user16:03
usr13_Indy_: Did you look at the link that MonkeyDust sent you?  ( http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg  )16:03
Indy_you dont get my point guys16:03
Indy_I am just expressing my worry here16:03
Indy_that me, who i love linux open source etc, having the choice of dual boot, made me over time and time and time16:04
Indy_to use windows more --> to 100% :/16:04
MonkeyDustIndy_  thank you for sharing your feelings with the channel, but also accept and try our suggestions16:04
Indy_cause of accessibility smoothness usability issues16:04
Indy_which i hope there are not present this time16:04
usr13_Indy_: What do you have installed now?16:04
Indy_MonkeyDust: sure16:04
Indy_usr13_: why does it matter?16:05
Indy_anyway, I didnt want to bitch or anything really :)16:05
usr13_Indy_: It matters because if we do not even know what you have installed, how can we give you any specific advise on what to do with it?16:05
Indy_I am gonna get the LTS when it comes out, and I will tell impressions, I am hoping and I am optimistic :)16:05
Indy_usr13_: i didnt come here asking for advice :)16:06
Indy_I just wanted to share this thought :/16:06
Indy_and concern16:06
MonkeyDustIndy_  next time, don't use this channel for it16:06
usr13_Indy_: YOu can install 12.04.4 now and upgrade in April.16:06
abadayhello! How do I change in grub menu so that I can boot directly in bash so I can remove the password of root?16:07
Indy_MonkeyDust: and which one to use then?16:07
MonkeyDustabaday  try recovery mode16:07
Indy_usr13_: I know but I choose not to, in order to emulate a "total end user's experience from scratch"16:07
MonkeyDustIndy_  #ubuntu-offtopic for discussions16:07
Indy_u got it..16:08
whoeverwhen i hit alt:tab all of the little icons look the same16:08
whoeveris this normal on 13.1016:08
usr13_Indy_: Or you can join  #ubuntu+1 and ask about the possibilities of installing 14.04 now.16:08
Indy_usr13_: thanks16:09
bugs_buggerhi there. does anybody know, how i can reset python3 to the default repository version(3.3.2) after having upgraded it compiling from newer sources(3.3.4)? apt-get --reinstall install wont reset the version16:09
usr13_Indy_: NP16:09
abadayMonkeyDust: I tried recovery mode, but it was only in read-only mode, so I cant change anything16:09
trijntjeabaday: what are you trying to achieve?16:10
abadaytrijntje: change password of root, I locked myself out16:10
usr13_!root | abaday16:11
ubottuabaday: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:11
trijntjeabaday: of root or of the sudo user?16:11
brunoaisdoes anyone know how can I get the list of files a process has tried to open so far and failed to open?16:11
brunoaisif it is impossible, is there a way to attach a listener to such thing to a program to which I can't start directly?16:11
MonkeyDustabaday  while in lightdm menu, hit ctrl alt F1 ... or is that not what you mean?16:11
usr13_!password | abaday16:11
ubottuabaday: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords16:11
usr13_MonkeyDust: I'm pretty sure what he has done is just forgot his password, so he just needs to follow the steps for password recovery.16:12
abadaymy only other user than root has been removed from sudoers16:12
brunoaisusr13_, if you REEEEALLY want to sdo stuff as root, then use:16:12
brunoaissudo su16:12
usr13_abaday: Did you enable the root account?16:12
usr13_abaday: Or did you just dissable sudo on your account?16:13
brunoaisdoes anyone know how can I get the list of files a process has tried to open so far and failed to open?16:14
brunoaisif it is impossible, is there a way to attach a listener to such thing to a program to which I can't start directly?16:14
brunoais(e.g. this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/191964/how-do-i-know-which-file-a-program-is-trying-to-access  does not work for me)16:15
abadayusr13_: I disabled sudo on my account16:15
Picibrunoais: strace can do that, but it is really verbose.16:15
usr13_abaday: What version of Ubuntu do you have?16:15
brunoaisPici, I have no probs with being verbose.16:16
abaday13.10 usr13_16:16
brunoaisPici, Can I use it with a process name instead of a processid?16:16
allyaii get http://imgur.com/cInP4tF when i try to boot my windows drive without my ubuntu drive plugged in. how do i fix it?16:16
=== webfox_ is now known as webfox
brunoaisI dunno which of the processes is doing it I just know the name16:17
brunoaisPici, it has a long list of pids each time it opens16:17
usr13_abaday: Ok and you said that when you went into recovery mode, it was read only?16:17
usr13_abaday: mount -o rw,remount /16:18
usr13_abaday: adduser username sudo replacing username with your user name16:18
usr13_abaday: You should at that point see a message saying 'adding user' followed by 'done'16:19
Picibrunoais: if it is opening child processes, you can use the -f option to automatically pull them in as they open or you can use pidof and multiple -p options to specify multiple pids.  (the manpage explains this)16:19
brunoaisPici, ok. maybe I can trace from the launcher16:20
usr13_abaday: But I'm curious as to why it is in read only mode.  Not sure why that is.16:20
allyaianyone know?16:20
abadayusr13_:  worked thanks!16:20
usr13_abaday: Ok good.16:20
JoeSomebodyhi, gnome fans (i assume) i need help , kde seems pretty flaky on hdmi stuff, now that i am using something with an hdmi, maybe i need to revisit gnome (i was sorta against the lack of customizability if you remember) is hdmi gonna behave any better on gnome? :)16:21
JoeSomebodyis there a ubuntu channel for tv stuff?16:22
usr13_JoeSomebody: For TV stuff, press power button on your remote control.  (sorry couldn't resist)16:23
bugs_buggerdoes anybody know, how i can reset python3 to the default repository version(3.3.2) after having upgraded it compiling from newer sources(3.3.4)? apt-get --reinstall install wont reset the version16:24
andres_Hola - hello16:25
lalatenduMandres_, hi16:25
andres_do you speak spanish?16:26
usr13_JoeSomebody: Well, I thought I might keep the conversation alive until someone saw it and came up with a solution for you. But I'd say just try anoter DE and see.  Try xfce maybe?16:26
JoeSomebodytried nvidia and radeon, both,  and three kde distros, i am convinced the hdmi in linux is a bit flaky (or at least kde)16:26
allyaillutz told me this yesterday but i never got the chance to see how to fix:16:26
allyai[17:02] <llutz> allyai: grub needs the grub-files on your ubuntu-disk16:26
allyai[17:02] <llutz> allyai: no ubuntu-disk -> no bootmanager16:26
usr13_JoeSomebody: YOu may be right (about kde).16:27
usr13_JoeSomebody: I would expect Nvidia would work ok.16:27
allyaiwhy do i need grub to boot windows though?16:27
JoeSomebodyi s there a rolling release ubuntu of some kind?16:27
PiciJoeSomebody: no16:27
Callan_I believe the ubuntu download link is down for some reason16:28
usr13_allyai: Because grub is the default boot loader, (and it is easier that way).16:28
JoeSomebodycan i upgrade xbmc within ubuntu 13.10?16:28
GeekDudeIf I'm aiming for lightweight, but with html5 support, I'd be wanting midori?16:28
Callan_Is anyone else having trouble downloading Ubuntu off the site? or the mirror?16:28
mr_64br13lGeekDude: Yep.16:29
allyaiso how do i boot into windows without my ubuntu drive in then?16:29
JoeSomebodyxbmcbuntu passed all tests, but no DE16:29
usr13_allyai: What kind of drive is it?  USB?16:29
JoeSomebodylikes the hardware16:29
allyaiive got two hard drives. one with windows 7 and the other with ubuntu16:29
allyaionly two sata ports, and ive got some data on some other drives i want to get off.16:30
usr13_allyai: Why would you unplug one of the drives?16:30
allyaibut i cant boot into windows or ubuntu without both of those drives plugged in16:30
allyaiwhat do you mean?16:30
usr13_allyai: Why are you unplugging the drive that has Ubuntu on it?16:30
allyaito plug in a drive that i need data off of16:31
usr13_allyai: Ok, I think this is what you need:  (a USB HD adapter, http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-to-IDE-SATA-S-ATA-2-5-3-5-HD-HDD-Adapter-Cable-/180550148600?pt=US_Drive_Cables_dapters&hash=item2a09a0a1f8 )16:32
usr13_(everyone needs one of those...)  ^^^^^^^^16:33
latterahttp://ix.io/aX0 <- why do programs fail to link with libcheck, even when I'm including the right dependencies?16:34
GeekDudeThe page 'file:///user/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html' could not be loaded16:34
geniiusr13_: Yes, I keep 2 of those in my kit :)16:34
GeekDudeI suppose that's because I'm on server instead of desktop?16:34
iptableGeekDude, the file on your computer doesn't exist.16:34
iptableGeekDude, also it's /usr/share, not /user16:34
usr13_allyai: Otherwise, plug the drive into another PC and copy the files across the network.16:34
allyaiusr13_: i was gonna just get a pci cardf with the sata ports. but is there a way to fix this now?16:34
usr13_allyai: Yea, use another PC.16:35
usr13_allyai: But the USB adapter is the best solution for sure.16:35
GeekDudeiptable: I meant /usr. That's the message that displays when loading midori web browser16:35
SpudguyHi guys. I have an Ubuntu laptop, I'm connected via wifi to a Comcast Xfinity connection. I can't resolve DNS or even ping IPs. So far I've managed to add onto the DNS list of nm-tool but I'm now completely stuck.16:35
usr13_Spudguy: How is that?16:36
ActionParsnipSpudguy: can you ping your router's internal ip?16:36
usr13_Spudguy: Not sure about "add onto the DNS list of nm-tool" What is that all about?16:36
allyaihow about that?16:37
usr13_Spudguy: Wouldn't you just add  "nameserver"  to /etc/resolv.conf ?16:37
SpudguyThe only connection I can make is to, and that's loading in the browser16:37
usr13_Spudguy: Or the network-manager?16:37
SpudguyI did it via the network manager16:37
GeekDudeSpudguy: what's on
SpudguyThe router UI16:37
usr13_Spudguy: Oh ok.16:37
n0x_42I have shared directory and I need all created files/sub-directories to automatically have read/write for a specific group. How can I do that?16:38
SpudguySorry, I just said nm-tool as they seems to validate adding the server went through16:38
usr13_Spudguy: Sorry I didn't get that, "nm-tool"="netowrk-manager"16:38
SpudguySorry. I added via network manager, but verified with nm-tool.16:38
usr13_Spudguy: Are you sure DNS is your problem?16:39
n0x_42Right now, the group only has read access.16:39
usr13_Spudguy: route -n16:39
SpudguyWell all other devices on the network are working16:39
GeekDudemidori has built in adblock? Sweet16:39
SpudguyI have my routing table up, what am I looking for?16:39
usr13_Spudguy: What does   route -n    say?  (Does it give you the IP of your router as the default gateway?)16:39
SpudguyYup, the first in the list shows my gateway IP16:40
usr13_Spudguy: ping   #Can you ping your nameserver of choice?16:40
Spudguydest:, gateway, genmask
SpudguyCan't ping
usr13_Spudguy: Can you ping ?16:41
GeekDudewhat is
usr13_Spudguy: ping av.com    #Can you ping that?16:41
jiminihey there, I guess I have a problem with gnome keyring. I use Xubuntu and one or two months ago, I only had to enter one of my pgp-keys once, afterwards it was "unlocked" for a couple of hours. now I have to enter the pgp-key with every e-mail I write. since I do not know, where to start my search for the reason, I hope someone can help me :)16:42
SpudguyUnknown host.16:42
usr13_Spudguy: Then you did not really add as your nameserver, or you need to restart the network or reconnect or something ...16:42
usr13_Spudguy: host av.com   #What does that say?16:43
Spudguytimed out16:43
usr13_Spudguy: All I can tell you is that you are not resolving domain names.  Don't know why, but you could just add nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf for temporary fix.16:44
latterastrange... my program compiles fine with libcheck if compiled with clang, but not with gcc16:44
usr13_Spudguy: cat /etc/resolv.conf   #What does it give for nameserver?16:44
iptableGeekDude, how should I know what is your that's your infrastructure16:45
usr13_Spudguy: gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf16:46
usr13_Spudguy: And add line at the bottom:  nameserver
GeekDudeiptable: I was trying to ask spudguy what was so special at that let it *just* it load. doesn't appear to be a valid ip for me16:47
usr13_or just change to
Spudguyleave search as it is?16:47
usr13_GeekDude: That is apparently his router, (and you would not see it).16:47
iptableGeekDude, and are LAN IPs (internal IPs). it depends on what your router is set to.16:47
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usr13_Spudguy: *is* your gateway router's IP.  Right?16:48
GeekDudeiptable: ah16:48
iptableSpudguy, if you cannot ping, then DNS is NOT the issue16:48
buerHi, i have a problem with X starting i have working xorg.conf and when i start i from shell it works but when machine boot its defaults to xoorg.conf.failsafe which shows balnk screen ... i pulled out nvidia graphics and trying to run form onboard intel grapohics16:48
GeekDudeusr13_: My gateway is, iirc. Unless I am misunderstanding16:48
usr13_Spudguy: Ok, so can you ping av.com now?16:48
SpudguyNope. Nor
MonkeyDustGeekDude  enter in your browser's address bar, what does that show16:49
usr13_Spudguy: Oh I missed that.  YOu can *not* ping
iptableusr13_, Spudguy said he cannot ping It means there is no internet connection. It's not DNS issue.16:49
GeekDudeMonkeyDust: that's the router's config page16:49
iptableSpudguy, do you have internet connection on your router?16:49
usr13_iptable: Yes, you are correct.16:49
SpudguyYeah, I'm talking to you from a windows 8 laptop on it, and my phone/tablet are on it too16:49
latterawhat's the proper way to link in libcheck?16:49
usr13_Spudguy: DNS is *not* your issue.16:49
MonkeyDustGeekDude  great, that's a start, now what does the internet status say16:50
SpudguyOh okay\16:50
iptableSpudguy, can you access the router's config page using the web browser, by going to from that affected machine?16:50
usr13_Spudguy: So what is the default gateway on that machine?16:50
GeekDudeMonkeyDust: I'm not having network issues, I was trying to ask Spudguy about his16:50
MonkeyDustGeekDude  oh, so i'm addressing the wrong guy?16:50
buerany ideas why ubuntu starts with xorg.conf.failsafe when i have working xorg.conf16:51
iptableSpudguy, ok, first things first. on the window machine: ipconfig - tell me what the IP and GW are as well as network.16:51
GeekDudeMonkeyDust: Spudguy is the guy with the problem. He can't ping/connect to anything but his router (, which I didn't know was his router until just a second ago when usr13 and iptabl explained it to me16:51
iptableSpudguy, then tell me what the details are on the linux machine (execute: "ifconfig" and "ip route ls")16:52
Spudguygateway on windows is, IP is
iptableSpudguy, and on the linux machine?16:52
usr13_Spudguy: ipconfig /all #On the connected MS Windows machine, see what IP info it has.16:53
iptableSpudguy, I need the IP using ifconfig and the "default route" bit from ip route ls.16:53
oscalationwhats the proper term for Unity? Is it referred to as a desktop enviroment, or is it a suite of tools?16:53
oscalation"range of technolgies "16:53
buerso true16:53
iptableoscalation, "User Interface", or otherwise "shell interface"16:54
Gotoleirunning 12.04, and gnome-settings-daemon's update last night killed the volume media keys16:54
usr13_Spudguy: Do you have the Ubuntu PC set to a static IP or is it doing DHCP and getting IP info from the router?16:54
oscalationiptable: ty16:54
SpudguyIP info? Sorry, not sure what you mean? On the windows machine, what do you need other than the IP/Gateway?16:54
n0x_42Is it possible to set the owner of created files as a group?16:54
SpudguyUbuntu is on DHCP16:54
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iptableSpudguy, I don't need to know if it's on DHCP or not. I need to know what IP and GW are reported using the following commands on: 1. windows: ifconfig, 2. linux: ifconfig; ip route ls16:55
usr13_Spudguy: IP info = IP address, default gateway, and DNS IP's  (It's what you get when a PC queries a router)16:55
jonnyw2k-workoscalation, Unity is a shell interface for the GNOME desktop environment developed by Canonical Ltd.16:55
oscalationany ubuntu plannet bloggers around?16:55
iptableSpudguy, dhcp will still get IP you know.16:55
iptablejonnyw2k-work, nice, you found the same wikipedia article that I did :P16:56
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MonkeyDustwikipedia knows all16:56
Spudguyifconfig ipv4 is and ip route ls =
usr13_iptable: He already said that he can ping the router ( and that it is listed as his default gw.  I'm thinking he has netfilter issue16:57
usr13_Spudguy: iptables -L16:58
iptableusr13_, just because one can ping doesn't mean he is on the same network. there are some terrible netmask issues one can have.16:58
iptableusr13_, it's either iptables OR IPv616:58
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Spudguyusr13_: iptables -L is blank16:59
usr13_Spudguy: ifconfig16:59
iptableSpudguy, ok, so you got IP on same network. You can ping the router. Can you connect to the router's web interface using browser by going to
SpudguyYes, I can iptable16:59
iptableSpudguy, so you can connect all the way to the router, but can't reach after the router, interesting. Any VPN setup, anything like that?17:00
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SpudguyNot that I'm aware of. I mean my phone and tablet connected automatically.17:00
usr13_Spudguy: Tell us what IP address the Ubuntu machine is using and what it's netmask is17:00
SpudguyBoth android btw17:00
iptableSpudguy, also, please check if you got IPv6 using ifconfig17:00
gcbirzanWhy would that matter?17:00
usr13_Spudguy: ifconfig |grep Bcast:17:01
iptablegcbirzan, IPv6? because I've seem machines stop working too many times with IPv6 - because router thinks it can do IPv6 but cannot and messes stuff up17:01
gcbirzaniptable: This doesn't matter when you try to ping IPs.17:01
iptableSpudguy, are you sure you don't have any MAC/IP filtering configured in your router? looks like some added security since you last added a new device.17:02
Spudguyinet addr: Bcast: Mask:
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iptablegcbirzan, I think you will find it can. I know, rediculous as it seems, it can.17:02
gcbirzaniptable: I think you'll find that it can't.17:02
iptablegcbirzan, tell that to the issues I have seen. disabling IPv6 and suddenly being able to ping is things I have seen.17:03
gcbirzanProbably domain names.17:03
iptableSpudguy, so, iptables rules are empty, IP configuration is OK, you cannot ping
iptablegcbirzan, I'm not that daft...17:03
SpudguyOooh, I just saw on the router config ipv6 is ticket as enabled.17:03
Spudguyand LAN is set to stateless17:03
usr13_Spudguy: ping -c3
Voyageis it possible to make my /home encrypted and other sudoers cant get into it. BUT the applications can (like apache and other s. e.g apache may want to look for web pages in my /home)17:04
iptableSpudguy, what usr13_ said. does that work?17:04
gcbirzanAlso, do a traceroute -n, Spudguy17:04
usr13_Spudguy: Can you ping  or ?17:04
SpudguyWell, 3 send 100% loss17:04
usr13_Spudguy: But you *can* ping  Right?17:04
Spudguy4.2.2.2 loss17:04
MonkeyDustSpudguy  is it a wireless connection?17:05
iptableSpudguy, so you can access LAN but not WAN from your machine. It's either 1. IPv6 weirdness, or 2. some kind of MAC/IP filtering you got enabled o nthe router17:05
MonkeyDustSpudguy  have you tried with cable, too?17:05
gcbirzanSpudguy: Also, try to ping from your windows machine.17:05
usr13_Spudguy: firefox  #And look at the router's configuration menu. There must be something the router is doing to block your access.17:05
SpudguyAnd traceroute for some reason needs an apt-get, which I can't do atm17:05
iptableSpudguy, and what MonkeyDust said. try cable for troubleshooting17:06
usr13_iptable is correct17:06
MonkeyDustSpudguy  methinks you have a wifi problem, not an internet problem17:06
gcbirzanhow can...17:06
SpudguyI can ping the ubuntu from windows17:06
gcbirzanSpudguy: Also, in route -n, is the interface for the default route the correct one?17:07
iptableSpudguy, so, can you access internet on ubuntu using cable?17:07
usr13_iptable: You must be right, it's either IPv6 weirdness or (more likely)> the router is blocking him.17:07
gcbirzanSpudguy: (i.e. the same as for
SpudguyI can't test cable right now. :(17:07
SpudguyI wish I could.17:07
MonkeyDustSpudguy  most probably, a cable would solve your connection problem17:08
SpudguyOn the router config, there's no MAC filtering.17:08
iptableusr13_, yes. Spudguy check the router config for wireless. make sure there is no MAC filtering etc.17:08
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SpudguyAnd I can do all this from the ubuntu - check the router config etc.17:08
iptableSpudguy, and no VLANs and network isolation, etc17:08
usr13_Spudguy: Try wired connection...17:08
iptableSpudguy, silly question, have you tried turning it off and on again (both router and ubuntu)?17:08
gcbirzanSpudguy: Also, a cheap traceroute is ping -t 1, look at the IP that says TTL exceede, then use -t 2 and so on, until it stops replying17:09
SpudguyNot the router, but yes Ubuntu. I figure the router doesn't need reloading as I can get a connection17:09
iptableSpudguy, how about "the router software is so bad it has stopped routing new machines to internet"?17:10
usr13_Spudguy: Power cycle the router, I've seen unexplained problems go away after re-starting the router, (in which case, it's probably starting to give out on you and you shoul probably shop for another one).17:10
SpudguyWiFi has no MAC filter, and the security is WPA/WPA2-PSK-TKIP/AES17:10
SpudguyOkay, I'll reboot it now. Back in a few17:10
MonkeyDustSpudguy  and somehow find a cable17:11
tmmunq"the router software is so bad it has stopped routing new machines to internet" if you get this a lot, its time to get a router that can handle your network17:11
iptableusr13_, I wouldn't blame the ubuntu box. it looks like 100% an issue with the router. I mean, ubuntu can connect to the router no problem.17:11
iptableSpudguy, uhm, question, can you ping from the windows machine?17:11
iptableSpudguy, your router might be blocking internet pings...17:12
usr13_iptable: Yep17:12
jwashhi everyone, i'm making a live cd of my installation, i'm chrooted into it, i'm having a fstab error, has anyone dealt with this before: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7039505/17:12
iptableusr13_, OR, possibly, his router doesn't allow internet PING and all our tests we invalid... haha.17:12
iptableusr13_, should have done instead: dig@ google.com17:13
Voyageis it possible to make my /home encrypted and other sudoers cant get into it. BUT the applications can (like apache and other s. e.g apache may want to look for web pages in my /home)17:13
iptableusr13_, altough his ISP might be blocking direct DNS.17:13
GeekDudeiptable: Why is that even an option? ICMP is the most benevolent force I can concieve17:13
usr13_iptable: Also a possibility17:13
iptableGeekDude, https://www.google.co.uk/#q=icmp+flood17:13
iptableusr13_, should test by asking him to access IP using browser.17:14
usr13_iptable: Some routers will block DNS port to inside and limit you to only using the router's caching nameserver.17:14
gcbirzaniptable: wow, really17:14
gcbirzanwelcome to the 90s?17:14
spudguyBack. No change.17:14
iptableusr13_, in case I'm not here, he can try accessing the browser once his router reboots: - should say "Access Denied". If it does, it IS a DNS issue17:14
GeekDudespudguy: What's your router's model?17:14
gcbirzanpeople who block ICMP are either incompetent, or just want to hide their network topology17:14
gcbirzanspudguy: Did you see my suggestion about using ping?17:15
usr13_spudguy: iptable  has some other tests for you.17:15
iptablegcbirzan, welcome to 21st century consumers ripped off with cheap £5 routers17:15
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lmatOh, just read that GnuTLS flaw... neato! ...am I being hacked now ?17:15
gcbirzaniptable: Um, you said that the reason it's blocked is ICMP flood, not shit routers17:15
* lmat watches top for the rest of the day17:15
iptablespudguy, open the web browser, and try to go to
gcbirzanlmat: not sure anyone actually uses gnutls :P17:15
spudguyon it17:15
GeekDudeiptable: The solution to ICMP ddos is to disable icmp by default?17:16
iptablegcbirzan, no, that that's why they block ICMP. To avoid floods. some do anyways.17:16
spudguyUnable to connect to the internet17:16
gcbirzanif you're using ICMP to DDoS you're doing it wrong :P17:16
GeekDudeThat seems unlikely to be an issue17:16
iptablespudguy, actually says that when you type that in to your browser17:16
usr13_spudguy: firefox ?17:16
GeekDudemore likely to just be annoying for anyone trying to test a net connection17:16
spudguyChrome just says "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET"17:17
spudguyI'll check FF17:17
MonkeyDustspudguy  find a cable, then try or ask again17:17
gcbirzanGeekDude: yeah. also, ping -R is awesome17:17
iptablespudguy, don't use chrome for testing. use firefox17:17
iptablespudguy, and in main address bar type in:
usr13_spudguy: Can you ping from any of the other PCs?17:17
iptablespudguy, and tell us if it says "Access Denied"17:17
usr13_spudguy: Yea, do as iptable said17:18
spudguyYes on Ping from windows, still loading on Firefox17:18
zetterwhat's a good webcam recording application for linux mint?17:18
spudguyJust an infinite 'connecting' screen17:18
GeekDudegcbirzan: google dns blocks pings with the -R option :P17:19
gcbirzanGeekDude: I know17:19
usr13_spudguy: I would just type it from terminal:  firefox
babyeatersorry all17:19
gcbirzanGeekDude: But it's still useful17:19
spudguyUuuh, "(process17:19
iptablespudguy, so, you do have only LAN connection from ubuntu. No internet. Ok, and all the route and IP is correct.17:20
usr13_spudguy: So ff will not connect to  ?17:20
spudguyNope. No connection.17:20
GeekDudegcbirzan: So it's like a combined tracroute and ping? or am I misunderstanding17:20
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iptableusr13_, no, I would see it. I'm sitting next to :D17:20
gcbirzanGeekDude: It is, but, it also shows you return path.17:20
GeekDudewow, the path seems to change a lot17:21
GeekDudeat least between me and a certain site17:21
iptablespudguy, so, start playing with router settings. looks like 1. maybe authentication method not supported on ubuntu, 2. some kind of blocking/filtering on WiFi, 3. some kind of network isolation on WiFi, 4. IPv6 hell17:21
usr13_spudguy: What is your outside IP?17:21
Mqriushttp://arstechnica.com/security/2014/03/critical-crypto-bug-leaves-linux-hundreds-of-apps-open-to-eavesdropping/ Assuming I need to be extremely paranoid because there's money involved: is it safe to boot my ubuntu, and just run updates via the gui? I don't need to do any manual actions to check GPG signatures or anything right?17:21
gcbirzanGeekDude: Try ping -R www.myisp.whatever, it's very very useful to debug stuff in your own network17:22
gcbirzanGeekDude: I mean, when you're the ISP :P17:22
iptablespudguy, go to www.linuxtoolz.net from a working machine and it shows you your IP at the bottom of the ppage17:22
GeekDudegcbirzan: I'm not usually an ISP17:22
usr13_spudguy: You might try a traceroute to the outside IP17:23
iptablespudguy, from ubuntu, ping
iptablespudguy, from ubuntu, ping
iptablespudguy, I got tcpdump set. I'll tell you if anything gets out from that ubuntu17:23
spudguy2 secs, for some reason the router had my Ubuntu on reserved, changed to DHCP17:23
gcbirzanGeekDude: anyway, one day it might come in handy, since there's no other way to get the reverse path without control of the other node17:24
usr13_spudguy: or traceroute to your ISPs site17:24
iptableusr13_, hold on, I had to put my router interface in promisc mode to do tcpdump :D17:24
spudguyNo ping to
GeekDudegcbirzan: thanks17:24
iptablespudguy, try ping from windows machine17:24
usr13_spudguy: YOu could do a traceroute to anything you want from another PC and then find the last hop before it goes outside your ISPs routers and try one of those inside ones.17:25
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spudguyTimed out from Win17:25
iptablespudguy, yes, I'm blocking your pings. Just wanted to see if you will hit my firewall17:25
iptablespudguy, and you didn't. at all. check your external IP17:26
iptablespudguy, but anyways, it's some weird router config. I told you all the options. It's not ubuntu issue in itself.17:26
iptableusr13_, spudguy fried internet connection altogether?17:28
usr13_iptable: YOu are correct, *if* the default route on his other PCs is the same as the Ubuntu PC and they can get out and Ubuntu cant, (it has to be router blocking him).17:28
iptableusr13_, yes. well, he has confirmed that the GW on all machines is I'm just not convinced he did indeed check it...17:28
usr13_Yea, spundguy is gone.17:28
oscalationanyone here that writes on ubuntu plannet?17:29
iptableusr13_, as soon as I told him his external IP is not his external IP?17:29
usr13_When he gets back from the store with his new router, I'm pretty sure he will have it fixed ;)17:29
usr13_iptable: What?17:29
Spudguy0My windows now can't connect to the irc17:29
Spudguy0On my phone haha17:30
usr13_iptable: I did not look to see where he was from....17:30
iptableSpudguy0, ok, fix your router.17:30
usr13_iptable: Did you do a whois on him?17:30
iptableSpudguy0, reset router config to defaults and configure WiFi password again and try to connect?17:30
Spudguy0Did you dos me?!17:30
iptableSpudguy0, no. I don't do that.17:30
iptableSpudguy0, my network is too precious17:31
tsarGreetings. I've loaded Ubuntu 13.10 from usb (with unetbootin) and calling fsck with any parameters gives this output: "fsck from util-linux 2.20.1", how can I check my disks?17:31
Spudguy0Okay, so start am I doing now?17:31
Spudguy0So what*17:31
usr13_Spudguy0: You might just try truning off encryption17:32
iptabletsar, install util-linux package17:32
Spudguy0Turn off AES for the wifi?17:32
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usr13_Spudguy0: Yea, I just thought you might try truning off the encryption, see if that does anything.17:33
iptableSpudguy0, yes. or maybe try turning off everything, router reset to defaults and try again. it IS something to do with the router. and disable IPv6 on it for testing as well.17:33
tsariptable, it is installed by default17:33
iptabletsar, fsck /dev/sda1 ?17:34
iptabletsar, you need to tell it which partition it's checking17:34
Spudguy1Still not working17:34
usr13_Spudguy0: Just dissable security for the WiFi and see if that does anything.17:34
JoeSomebodyhow do i make firefox open link in a libreoffoce spreadsheet?17:35
JoeSomebodyit should open by a click but nope17:35
usr13_Spudguy1: Well, do as iptable says and set the router to default and start over.  BTW, what is the make and model of your router?17:35
JoeSomebodyctrl-click still nothing17:35
lmatgcbirzan: http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/03/critical-crypto-bug-leaves-linux-hundreds-of-apps-open-to-eavesdropping/17:35
SpudguyUbuntu won't even connect to it now.17:36
SpudguyNothing will.17:36
iptableSpudguy, won't connect to what now nothing will?17:37
usr13_Spudguy1: You have to tell it to not use encryption.17:37
iptableSpudguy, did you like, reset to factory defaults or something? when doing changes, you need to "forget network" on the clients and reconnect from start.17:37
iptableSpudguy, you did try to do that on ubuntu too?17:37
usr13_Spudguy1: You dissabled securty on WiFi. Right?17:37
JoeSomebodyhow do i make firefox open link in a libreoffoce spreadsheet? it should open by a click but nope, ctrl-click also no .  is there settings set to a bad browser maybe? is firefox default?17:38
gcbirzanlmat: Sure, but is anyone actually using gnutls?17:38
iptableJoeSomebody, shift+click or alt+click checked?17:38
iptableJoeSomebody, google "open link from libreoffice spreadsheet"?17:38
usr13_JoeSomebody: Set firefox as your default browser17:38
tsariptable, thank you. And how can I make it run some full test? It finishes in a moment.17:39
SpudguyConnected, but same issues.17:39
gcbirzanokay, wget. who uses wget :P17:39
SpudguyPutting security back on.17:39
JoeSomebodyit just works in kde so yes i do not know how17:39
hapxdHi , anyone here running apache on 13.10 , what do you also get funny errors if you do17:39
hapxdapache2 -V17:39
hapxdAH00111: Config variable ${APACHE_LOG_DIR} is not defined17:39
hapxdAH00526: Syntax error on line 74 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:17:39
hapxdInvalid Mutex directory in argument file:${APACHE_LOCK_DIR}17:39
iptabletsar, that's it. it's not fat32 you know... it's ext filesystem17:39
=== dunnopia is now known as danopia
usr13_Spudguy: You have a very wierd problem.  When did this happen?  (When did you notice it not connecting?)17:42
Spudguy1Back on the windows machine.17:42
Spudguy1No changes.17:42
usr13_Spudguy1 You have a very wierd problem.  When did this happen?  (When did you notice it not connecting?)17:42
Spudguy1This is a new network for my Ubuntu17:43
usr13_Spudguy1 "Back on the windows machine"?  What were you on before?17:43
Spudguy1I'm from the UK, had to make a last minute trip to the US yesterday17:43
Spudguy1My phone.17:43
usr13_Oh ok.17:43
Spudguy1The router is not listing the Ubuntu as an online device.17:44
Spudguy1Only my tablet and the windows laptop17:44
jhutchinsSpudguy1: Might be something interesting in dmesg.17:44
Spudguy1However, I'm seeing this from my ubuntu, as I'm on the router config page using it17:45
usr13_Spudguy1: I wonder if it could be an IP address conflict.  If you have a MS Windows and a Linux machine on the same IP, the Linux one will give up and quit.17:45
usr13_Spudguy1: You might try a different IP address.17:46
usr13_Spudguy1: You can see your mac adress there, right?17:46
iptableSpudguy1, obviously, there is WiFi issue between your router and ubuntu. and it looks like your router doesn't like the ubuntu. could be the channels, 5Ghz vs 2.4Ghz, or some network isolation settings "most likely", or IPv6 vwhich you didn't disable still, etc.17:46
usr13_Spudguy1: Another thing you could try is spoofing the mac address to something else.17:46
iptableSpudguy1, as stated, reset router to factory defaults and try again. it's a cheap router issue.17:47
Spudguy1Okay, will do.17:47
Spudguy1Back after that.17:47
usr13_Spudguy1: I would try anothe IP address and/or another MAC address.17:47
daliti installed lxde-desktop in ubuntu12.04 and removed it later. but the lubuntu startup screen  always opens up when i boot.17:48
dalitwhat 2 do?17:48
adamcunningtonHow can I integrate terminal into my desktop?17:49
daliti just want ubuntu start up (that pinkish startup)17:49
usr13_dalit: Well, it's just that the screen has changed, not sure how to set it back, but it logs you into Unity again, right?17:49
MonkeyDustdalit  paste this line in a terminal      sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth17:49
subz3r0dalit: same issue here ;) but had no time to research and fix it yet :)17:49
iptabledalit, "lubuntu startup screen"? you mean the wallpaper?17:49
dalitusr13 : right17:50
subz3r0dalit: also have some applications left on the system from lubuntu desktop :>17:50
iptabledalit, you mean login screen totally changed, or that the wallpaper changed but login screen still looks the same?17:51
dalitiptable : the to and fro motion of a bar which tells us to wait when booting17:51
iptabledalit, there is a bar which tells us to wait when booting?17:51
iptabledalit, at which point? you mean BEFORE the login screen?17:52
dalitMonkeyDust : choosed /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.plymouth as my selection17:52
JoeSomebodyyou guys are so helpful17:52
usr13_dalit: YOu might try:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm17:52
JoeSomebodyopen calc link in firefox17:52
dalitiptable : actually idont login , its automatic17:52
MonkeyDustJoeSomebody  that'w why this is a help channel17:53
dalitMonkeyDust : will it do?17:53
daliti will try17:53
=== Neozonz is now known as Guest64214
iptabledalit, ok, so the boot screen BEFORE login altogether. the one that on "windows" would show a windows logo while booting?17:53
iptabledalit, that's plymouth17:53
daftykinsdamn it, i thought this was a HINDER channel17:53
usr13_dalit: I don't know if it will change the login screen, but it might:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm17:53
MonkeyDustdalit  simply paste rhe line i suggested17:53
adamcunningtonIs it possible to integrate my terminal into my desktop so i can just type on my home screen and interact?17:53
JoeSomebodyfor some it is a help channel17:53
dalitiptable : exactly , now you r getting it17:53
iptabledalit, you need to reconfigure plymouth to different animation17:54
JoeSomebodyseems a bit unhelpful for ME17:54
dalitMonkeyDust : ya i did so and selected /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.plymouth as my choice17:54
iptabledalit, http://askubuntu.com/questions/201129/how-to-change-boot-animation and also http://www.noobslab.com/2011/11/install-plymouth-manager-and-change.html17:54
iptabledalit, and also http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/install-change-boot-screen-theme-ubuntu-13-04/17:55
dalitiptable : thanks 4 searching17:55
iptabledalit, altogether, to apply plymouth changes, you need to regenerate initramfs, with sudo update-initramfs -u ;)17:55
dalitMonkeyDust : u hit the bulls eye17:55
dalitiptable : did it. now rebooting17:56
dalitguys , if i dont reply after this <as i m rebooting> , consider it a sucess. ThankUall :)17:57
iptableI wish I could have a nice booting screen... plymouth won't work well with my nvidia drivers :D So I settled to full-on boot display.17:57
iptabledalit, no probs17:57
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someone_hello ubuntu17:59
MonkeyDustdalit  glad i could help17:59
quenodehow to play .wmv on 13.10@amd64 ?  ubuntu-restricted-extra does no have w64codecs ?18:00
MonkeyDustquenode  Totem plays .wmv files here18:01
someone_I'm trying to get collectd set up to collect some stats from computers on my home network, and have run into a snag with the version in the repo, it's old. Mostly this isn't a big deal except that it seams that newer versions can't talk to it. If I build it from source, I lose all the init scripts and things end up all over the place. Is there an easy way to drop in a newer version but keep the structure of the repo package?18:01
quenodeMonkeyDust: Nop it does not18:01
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MonkeyDustquenode  any error messages?18:02
quenodeMonkeyDust: you need w32codecs or w64codecs mediaubuntu no more18:03
SpudguyIT WORLED18:03
SpudguyWorked, even.18:03
SpudguyI'm now on my Ubuntu laptop18:04
gordonjcpSpudguy: rockin'18:04
SpudguyThank you so much for all your help18:04
iptableSpudguy, that's after a full router factory reset?18:04
MonkeyDustSpudguy  what was the trick?18:04
venzenhi people, i'm probably the 100th person to ask but is there any update on the gnuTLS vulnerability...18:05
SpudguyYup. I reset the router to factory, logged in via the Windows, reconfigured the SSID and Password to exactly as they were and then came back to my laptop and tried to load google.com18:05
SpudguyIt worked18:05
quenodeMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7039786/18:05
SpudguySo, what exactly was the issue?18:05
SpudguyJust a shitty router?18:05
iptableSpudguy, yes. shitty router.18:06
SpudguyFucking Comcast.18:06
iptableSpudguy, glad we could assist ;)18:06
SpudguyThanks again.18:06
MonkeyDustquenode  my guess: it's not a .wmv fiel, even if it has that extension18:07
* iptable goes to have a life18:07
SpudguyRight, now I can get on with some CW18:07
SpudguyThank you guys so much again, you were awesome. Thanks for being patient.18:07
iptableno probs. have fun18:08
quenodeMonkeyDust:Could be but , sound works18:08
EminentDomainhey guys...  how do I get my network folders to show up on the sidebar when i go to open a file18:08
EminentDomainyou know how it lists all the locations on the left... I cant seem to find network locations18:08
quenodeEminentDomain: What are u using (ctrl+l)18:09
=== [1]PxlVision is now known as PxlVision
EminentDomainwhat do you mean what am I using?18:09
EminentDomainubuntu 12.0418:09
quenodeEminentDomain: nautilus ?18:09
EminentDomainoh yes nautilus18:09
EminentDomainthe thing is if i go to places it shows up18:09
EminentDomainbut when i use other applications (like the backup) I cant select a network location18:09
EminentDomainor whatever it's called18:10
EminentDomainI am wanting to copy files from a smb share which I have mounted in Nautilus to a webdav share, but I cant select the SMB share18:10
EminentDomainand i'm not exactly sure where it is mounted18:10
quenodeEminentDomain: It just uses link smb://server/location - for wins. Maybe you can't copy from one webdav to smb volume.18:11
someone_EminentDomain: anything here? ~/.cache/gvfs18:12
EminentDomainquenode i was trying to copy using nautilus and it was working until it stopped18:12
EminentDomainit crashed18:12
dgarstangI'm trying to use debootstrap. I rsynced archive.ubuntu.com, and pointed to it with file:/// but it's complaining it can't download the files. Best I can tell, the directory structure is the same.18:12
quenodeEminentDomain: try running nautilus from console so we can see what is the problem.18:14
EminentDomainguenode how do i do that?18:14
EminentDomainalso it may take a while to generate the issue18:15
EminentDomainit copied 50GB before it errored out18:15
quenodeEminentDomain: gnome-terminal -> nautilus18:15
dgarstangI'm trying to use debootstrap. I rsynced archive.ubuntu.com, and pointed to it with file:/// but it's complaining it can't download the files. Best I can tell, the directory structure is the same.18:15
EminentDomainquenode.. ok.. i did that and all it did was closed the terminal window18:16
EminentDomainoh no it didnt18:16
EminentDomainits still there18:16
quenodedgarstang: what is the error ?18:16
EminentDomainbut it just brought me back to username@host:~$18:16
husnainlatifhi, where can i see the changelog for ubuntu 14.04 beta ?18:16
dgarstangquenode: it errors out on every package starting with 'Retrieving adduser' then 'Couldn't download package adduser (ver 3.113ubuntu2 arc all)'18:18
MonkeyDusthusnainlatif  any "what's new" can tell you that18:18
dgarstangquenode: running with debootstrap --verbose --variant=buildd --arch amd64 precise /var/chroot/precise file:///data/mirror/ubuntu/18:18
quenodedgarstang: did you run it again18:20
dgarstangquenode: I've run it a bunch of times18:20
dgarstangquenode: ran the rsync a few more times to make sure it was complete.18:20
quenodedgarstang: and u always have the same error18:21
dgarstangquenode: Yah18:21
dgarstangquenode: looking at strace here18:21
EminentDomainquenode i got the error actually18:21
EminentDomainit says There was an error copying the file into davs//user@webdav.opendrive.com/xbmc/xbmc/movies18:22
pratzHello guys18:22
EminentDomainif i click on "Show more details" I get Error in Stream Protocol: end of stream18:22
=== whiskers75_ is now known as whiskers75
EminentDomainthen i got an error from gvfsd-dav18:23
pratzI am using Ubuntu 12.04, so I have python 2.7. I want to install python 3.3, but primary should be python 2.7 and secondary should be python 3.318:23
pratzIs there any good article to do this ?18:23
EminentDomainthat says "Your Computer does not havce enough free memory to automatically analyze the problem and send a report to the developers18:23
EminentDomaini have 4GB of RAM18:23
bekksEminentDomain: And how many free memory and free space do you have?18:23
=== whiskers75 is now known as Guest37853
quenodeEminentDomain: Well I have 16GB and some times don't have enough :(18:24
EminentDomainwell i'm only copying files18:24
bekksEminentDomain: That doesnt answer my question. :)18:24
EminentDomainbekks well the cloud storage is unlimited so hard say18:24
EminentDomainbut i'm moving 2.5TB18:24
bekksEminentDomain: The cloud storage is irrelevant.18:24
quenodeEminentDomain: free space :)18:25
EminentDomainwell thats where i'm copying to18:25
bekksEminentDomain: How much free space and free memoty do you have on YOUR computer?18:25
EminentDomainwhy is that relevant?18:25
bekksOr at the computer where that error appears.18:25
EminentDomaini have 40GB of HD18:25
quenodeEminentDomain: it's is18:25
bekks40GB free?18:25
EminentDomain38.78GB free18:25
quenodeEminentDomain: your computers is copy files18:25
bekksOn which filesystem?18:26
quenodeEminentDomain: copying18:26
EminentDomainon my local hard drive18:26
bekksOn which filesystem?18:26
quenodeEminentDomain: df -h18:26
quenodeEminentDomain: in terminal18:26
EminentDomaindoesnt say the format i assume ext418:26
=== Guest37853 is now known as whiskers75
bekks /dev/sda1 is a partition. Which filesystem has 38GB free?18:26
bekksPastebin df -h please.18:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:27
EminentDomainhold a sec18:27
quenodeEminentDomain: !pastebin18:27
EminentDomaini know18:28
EminentDomaini got it18:28
EminentDomainalready typed that18:28
EminentDomainthats the paste18:28
EminentDomain36G free18:28
EminentDomaini was incorrect18:28
EminentDomainbut i'm not copying from that drive or to that drive18:28
bekksEminentDomain: Dont use enter as a punctuation sign. And pastebin "free -m" too.18:28
=== g_ is now known as Guest47137
quenodeEminentDomain: we know that18:28
EminentDomaini'm copying from a smb share to a cloud storage18:28
quenodeEminentDomain:what is the largest file you are copying ?18:29
jwashhi everyone, i'm making a live cd of my installation, i'm chrooted into it, i'm having a fstab error, has anyone dealt with this before: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7039505/18:30
EminentDomainmaybe 8GB18:30
EminentDomainno larger than that18:30
quenodeEminentDomain: try only that18:30
EminentDomaingive me one sec18:30
SpudguyI have a red triangle with an exclamation point through it right now, it's telling me my update info is out of date, but "show updates" just tells me my software is up to date?18:31
bekksSpudguy: run in a terminal: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:32
=== dino823 is now known as dino82
quenodejwash: what you fstab says ?18:32
onefoxhello is there a way i can log the raw output from /dev/usb/lp0 (a printer) to a file ? or redirect it to lpr -oraw ?18:33
ActionParsnipSpudguy: did the command clear the error?18:33
SpudguyYup. Thank you. :)18:34
abadayhow to I save my aliases?18:34
lmatabaday: Stick them in ~/.bashrc ?18:34
SpudguyI'm a complete linux noob, but I'm stuck with it for 2 weeks. I think I'm going to learn a lot.18:34
lmatonefox: What do you mean by "the output of"? That lp0 is a device file, right ?18:34
lmatonefox: It has no output ?18:34
jwashqenode: fstab is blank18:34
jwashqenode: didn't get copiede18:34
jwashshould i use the fstab from my hd installation?18:35
onefoxlmat yes its a printer but its not working on this port have to use lpr to print the data18:35
lmatonefox: check /var/log :)  and dmesg ?18:35
jwashwill that mess up my live cd?18:35
lmatonefox: So you don't care about the logging, you just want it to work ?18:35
lmatonefox: You're right, monitoring the logging is an excellent first step :)18:36
SpudguyAnother quick one, how do I save an SFTP folder to my explorer side-bar?18:36
SpudguySorry if I have the wrong terminology, I'm a windows scrub18:36
lmatonefox: I would check in /var/log/dmesg and the like.18:36
lmatSpudguy: heh :) replace "explorer" with "unity" and you may be on the right track ^_^18:36
SpudguyOh wow18:37
SpudguyCtrl D. Sick.18:37
onefoxlmat yes i the first place,  the big picture problem is that i have software who can only give me serial and raw output but the usb driver don't except this ... i can't print link echo "test" > /dev/usb/lp018:37
xdgfedrghi, please can anyone confirm, that this link works? http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent download does not start to me, so i need to confirm its a problem on my end of the line18:37
SpudguyYeah, just learned about Unity bookmarks. Now I just wish I was getting more than 160kbs on my transfers haha18:37
lmatonefox: Do you have any way to print to the printer ? (lpr?)18:37
SpudguyI think that's a server issue though, it's always slow in the US but great in the UK.18:37
lmatonefox: Oh, I don't think you're supposed to be able to do that!18:38
lmatonefox: You need to    lpr -P printername  (I don't know the format of printername, perhaps /dev/usb/lp0 would work ?)18:38
onefoxlmat i can print with lpr -p NAME FILE18:38
lmatonefox: Oh. Sounds like you're set? ^_^18:38
snek@xdgfedrg testing torrent now18:38
snek@xdgfedrg works just fine, coming in right away at 7MB/s18:38
xdgfedrgsnek: thx18:39
lmatonefox: If you really like '<' or '|', you could     lpr -P printername < file; or   cat file | lpr -P printername   :D18:39
onefoxlmat that worked but the software can only print to /dev/usb/lp0 or COM1 COM3 LPT118:39
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snekif you have torrent troubles try enabling UPNP in your router and in your torrent client18:40
SpudguyThere's a little email icon in the top bar, clicking it just says "Avaliable" and shit like that, how can I either remove this or have it notify me of Gmail emails?18:40
lmatonefox: OOOOHHH....18:40
onefoxlmat so i cant decide where the software stream goes but it has to go to lpr i think ...18:40
lmatonefox: So, what if you put a symlink at /dev/usb/lp0 ? (don't try it yet!)18:40
lmatonefox: Could you convince the software to go to /dev/usb/lp1 ? ^_^18:41
onefoxlmat my first try would it be to caputre the output from the software in a file and than print that file with lpr18:41
onefoxlmat sure18:41
lmatonefox: I'm guessing the software expects a device file to be there. Even if you18:41
lmatonefox: Yeah, that's probably the right way to go ^_^ Okay, back to where you started.18:41
lmatonefox: So, you need to put a PDF printer at  /dev/usb/lp018:42
onefoxlmat on dev usb lp0 is the real printer ^ i have /dev/usb where i can send the raw data from the software to18:42
lmatonefox: So if we were to install a pdf printer to  /dev/usb/lp1, this would take care of you ?18:43
onefoxlmat dev/usb/lp1 is free i mean lp0 is the printer18:43
dgarstangIs there a way I can get a subset of archive.ubuntu.com... just enough for debootstrap without downloading 10 billion gigs of stuff first?18:43
onefoxlmat i could try is there an easy way to do so ?18:43
onefoxlmat let me google ;)18:43
lmatonefox: I'm looking, too ^_^18:44
onefoxlmat thanks18:44
lmatonefox: Looks like a standard approach is to convert your file to PS then convert to PDF. But this isn't what you want.18:44
OntologicalIs there a channel I can join to help install Ubuntu on Macbook?18:47
lmatonefox: hmm, not seeing anything particularly promising...18:47
onefoxlmat yes me too :/18:47
lmatonefox: nature calls!18:48
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n0x_42I'm trying to set up acl on ubuntu. What exactly do I need to add to /etc/fstab?18:50
=== anna is now known as Guest77422
bekks!acl | n0x_4218:50
bekkshmm. No factoid.18:50
n0x_42I mean, I was using the ubuntu guide but wasn't getting the right results18:51
bekksn0x_42: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissionsACLs18:51
netameta__how do i check which OS linux is installed on a machine i logged in through ssh anyone ?18:52
n0x_42Right, when I remount I get an error saying line 10 in /tec/fstab is bad.18:52
Ontologicalnetameta__: uname -a18:52
bekksn0x_42: Then show uss line 10.18:53
mao2Is there a way for me to add a new disk to my system and for it to appear as logically part of the same partition?18:53
Ontologicalnetameta__: lsb_release -a18:53
bekksmao2: No. You can use LVM.18:53
netameta__Thanks ontological18:53
bekksowlbread: Nope.18:53
netameta__Both helped18:53
n0x_42UUID=XXXX / ext4 defaults,acl errors=remount-ro 0 118:53
Mic_Kingi get a boot failure message on start up with the message insert system disk and press enter18:54
n0x_42I added defualts,acl to the original file.18:54
mao2bekks: does LVM work if one disk is already in use? It's a home media server, and I want to extend the space18:54
bekksn0x_42: There is a , missing after acl18:54
bekksmao2: LVM only works for that usecase if you are already using LVM.18:54
bekksn0x_42: The guid told you to add "acl" to the options, not to add "defaults,acl " before errors=remount-ro18:55
Ontologicalmao2: You need to de-activate LVM before adding a PV to it.18:55
mao2bekks: I'm already using LVM for full disk encryption (per the install disk). I should be able to "extend" the LVM to the new disk?18:56
Ontologicalmao2: Using the recovery boot option is handy for this, as it shouldn't mount your LVMs18:56
bekksmao2: I never dealt with encrypted LVM, sorry.18:56
n0x_42Ok, the example was throwing me off, thanks.18:56
Ontologicalmao2: Yes, that's the point, but not necessarily while the LVM is live.  Have you seen system-config-lvm package?18:56
Ontologicalmao2: But, might I recommend you have to LVM's?  One for your system and a separate one for data18:57
OntologicalThat way, you can easily modify the media LVM by simply unmounting all of the volumes18:57
Ontologicalyou have two LVMs*18:57
=== vnazarenko is now known as codeberry
Ontologicallvm_system w. lvm_system_crypt and lvm_media with lvm_media_crypt.  make sense, mao2 ?18:58
Ontologicalmao2: I recommend the splitting of your LVMs.  It will allow you to use system-config-lvm, which will really make LVM easier for you.18:59
mao2Ontological: So resizing the one LVM, and then putting the other half of this disk (with the data) on the new LVM?18:59
=== marlinc_ is now known as Marlinc
OntologicalIf the remaining data is large enough to make it worthwhile, yes.  Otherwise, It'd probably best to keep that one drive entirely your system drive.  I say this because in the future, you can then remove the media lvm hdds with much ease, but you might not need that capability.19:00
Ontologicalmao2: ^19:01
=== __gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
OntologicalSo, 1TB system drive, 2TB media drive.  6mo from now, you purchase another 2TB drive and add it (very simply) to the media lvm mao219:01
gmachine_24greetings earthlings. I elected to encrypt my home folder on a recent ubuntu install. I assume all sub-folders and files will be encrypted as well. Is this true?19:02
OntologicalBut, mao2, you're more than welcome to do what you said, if that's what makes the most sense to you19:02
Ontologicalgmachine_24: /home/USERNAME is encrypted recursively for the USERNAME, yes.19:02
mao2Ontological: Hm, good point. So I should create a new LVM on the new PV, and then rsync over the data from LVM1 to LVM219:02
OntologicalYou can rsync or use dd (if you're brave and want to do it how people would probably recommend)19:03
Ontologicalmao2: ^19:03
mustmodifyWhen I use ssh, sometimes server names are autocompleted. Sometimes they are not. Why?19:03
Voyageis it possible to make my /home encrypted and other sudoers cant get into it. BUT the applications can (like apache and other s. e.g apache may want to look for web pages in my /home)19:03
Ontologicalmustmodify: Because you have things in your ~/.ssh/config file19:03
mao2Ontological: does dd work at the file level? I only want to move some of the LVM19:03
Ontologicaldd would not allow you to copy files, only.  It would be used to copy an entire partition or entire drive onto another device19:04
tmmunqVoyage: that user would always need to be logged in so the files are decrypted19:04
mao2Ontological: ok, thanks19:04
mustmodifyOntological: wc -l ~/.ssh/config wc: /home/jw/.ssh/config: No such file or directory19:04
Ontologicalbut you could then expand that partition on the new drive, mao219:04
gmachine_24Ontological: thanks........19:04
Ontologicalmao2: If you're familiar with rsync, you'll be at less of a chance of losing your data if you just use rsync19:04
Ontologicalmustmodify: Could it be ssh-agent, then?19:05
mao2Ontological: just not sure the fastest way to move my media files onto the new drive. I want to leave the rest of the data on the system lvm19:05
OntologicalIf the files are part of your root filesystem, then rsync is a good option once you've set the second lvm up19:06
Voyagetmmunq,  if the user is logged in. how and why can apache see his files?19:06
l3dxI just installed cinnamon following this guide, and as seen on the screenshots the mint-logo is used. anyone using cinnamon and/or knows how to get a moro ubuntu look? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-cinnamon-desktop-environment-in-ubuntu-13-10-saucy-salamander.html19:06
Voyagetmmunq,  I mean, apache is a user like any other user in ubuntu. why it can get into some ones elses /home19:07
mustmodifyOntological: How would I know?19:07
gmachine_24mao2 I came in late here but I use rsync to back up files/folders that I add to frequently . . via a cron job; I've given up on clonezilla as I always have a difficult time figuring out which drive is the source and which is the target - unless I disconnect all the other drives and that's a real pain19:07
=== Guest94085 is now known as Layke
bekksVoyage: Because the permissions on /home/USERNAME arent 0700.19:08
Ontologicall3dx: Iono why, but Linux Mint has a channel #Linuxmint-help and #cinnamon on irc.spotchat.org19:08
Ontologicalmustmodify: I don't use ssh-agent and don't know if it's capable of doing what you're saying, but it's my best guess.19:08
netameta__To make a backup of entier /var/www folder would it be better to tar or zip ?19:09
bekksnetameta__: Doesnt matter actually.19:09
mustmodifyOntological: OK it's a lead, better than nothing. :)19:09
netameta__Thanks bekks19:09
adamcunningtonHow can I integrate terminal into my desktop so that I can interact with it straight off my home screen? I've seen others do it, is it easy?19:09
Voyagebekks,  right. so any other user can see my  /home too. when I am logged in?19:09
bekksVoyage: Yes. Thats the default setting.19:10
gmachine_24adamcunnington, sorry to be dense, but what is it you want to do? add a terminal short-cut to your desktop?19:10
adamcunningtongmachine_24: no, actually have terminal embedded in my desktop. Imagine logging in and being able to type straight away, with terminal output integrated into desktop background (if that makes sense)19:11
Voyagebekks,  ok. I have amazon ec2. I can get in by a key that I got from the website. can I create another user that just can login by his password, rather than the key?19:11
bekksVoyage: I dont know anything about EC2. If you have a full root account, you cant create a new user.19:11
gcbirzanCan someone explain to me why linux-image* doesn't recommend or suggest, at the very least, linux-image-extra*?19:12
Voyagebekks,  secondly, if the other user is a sudoer, and a dir in my /home is 0700 permissioned. can he , in any way, get into that dir?19:12
bekksVoyage: Sure.19:12
VoyageIf you have a full root account, you _cant _create a new user. ?19:12
bekksVoyage: sudo -i and having the root privileges, he can get anywhere.19:12
bekksVoyage: If you have a full root acount, you can create a new user.19:13
netameta__Whats wrong with zip -qr /var/smalldir ? am i missing something ?19:13
bekksnetameta__: You are missing the zip file name.19:13
gmachine_24adamcunnington: perhaps this will help http://askubuntu.com/questions/48321/how-do-i-start-applications-automatically-on-login19:13
Voyagebekks,  hm. so he cant get in the encrypted dir for sure. ok how can I encrypt a dir. rather my /home. so that it only decrypts for me when I am logged in?19:14
netameta__Like : zip -qr /var/smalldir somefileName.zip ?19:14
Voyagebekks,  is there a way/19:14
bekksVoyage: If the encrypted user is logged in, he (the second user having sudo) can get into the first users data.19:14
Voyagebekks,  ok. I understand that.19:15
bekksVoyage: ecryptfs is what de/encrypts a /home when the user logs in.19:15
Voyagebekks,  it can also do that to a normal dir?19:15
bekksVoyage: ecryptfs doesnt make any sense without encryption.19:16
Voyagebekks,  it can also do that to a normal dir? like /home/me/somedir/someotherdir19:16
bekksVoyage: ecryptfs doesnt make any sense without encryption.19:16
Keanu73how to reset my ubuntu password19:16
Voyagebekks,  didnt got you?19:17
bekksAnd manually, you can setup ecryptfs for any directory you want.19:17
bekks(in your home).19:17
Voyageoh ok19:17
Voyagebekks,  I had experience with truecrypt. that decrypts the files on runtime.  but if ubuntu / ecryptfs decrypts ALL the files in /home on login. thats a bad idea. isnt it?19:18
Voyageruntime == when they are accessed19:18
bekksVoyage: I dont care about encryption, honestly.19:18
Keanu73bekks: ahem19:18
Keanu73be at attention please19:18
* Keanu73 sighs and thinks of how to reset his ubuntu password19:19
* Keanu73 doesn't know how to reset his ubuntu password19:19
surfergirlI cannot ssh from newly built ubuntu and centos systems into a RHEL5 server though it works for existing systems, anyone know what needs to be done?  (I already confirmed there is nothing in hosts.allow nor hosts.deny on the server.  There is nothing in the firewall nor network ACLs blocking this either.)19:19
gcbirzanWhat happens when you try19:19
bekkssurfergirl: Define "I cannot" please.19:19
Keanu73excuse me, does anyone know how to reset my ubuntu password19:20
netameta__when i type stat -filename, the size is in what measurment units ?19:21
gcbirzannetameta__: Bytes?19:21
gcbirzanThough, I assume you mean stat filename19:21
Voyagebekks,  ok19:21
netameta__so devid by 8 to get MBs yea ?19:21
surfergirlKeanu73: did you try passwd?19:21
bekksnetameta__: No.19:21
gcbirzannetameta__: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_prefix19:21
bekksnetameta__: Divide by 1024*1024 to get MB.19:22
Keanu73is passwd a utility?19:22
gcbirzanNo, divide by 1000*1000 to get MB.19:22
gcbirzanDamn infidels19:22
Keanu73I can't access utilities when I'm locked out of my ubuntu account19:22
netameta__Thanks bekks and gcbrizan for the refference will read19:22
Keanu73tell me the way of the boot thing19:22
Keanu73I forgot it19:22
gcbirzanI use init=/bin/bash19:22
Voyagehow to add user?  the better way I mean.  adduser or useradd19:23
dino82They're the same19:23
Keanu73gcbirzan: have a answer to my question?19:23
gcbirzanKeanu73: I just did. You add init=/bin/bash to your kernel command line, and it should let you in19:23
bekksgcbirzan: Damn infidel. Ubuntu isnt using the metric system, but it is using 1024 units. Check yourself with stat filename and bc.19:24
Keanu73but what's the boot key to access the boot menu?19:24
Keanu73and where is the kernel command line19:24
gcbirzanbekks: stat is using bytes, so no idea what you're talking about. Also, MB is, by definition, 1000*1000 bytes, regardless of what Ubuntu might think.19:25
Gotoleiis there a reason certain processes refuse to be started as jobs?  gedit &  detaches from the terminal properly, but  mousepad &  doesn't19:25
Keanu73gcbirzan: errm just tell me the proper way19:25
Gotoleiseems kinda random which ones do and don't behave19:25
Keanu73with the boot menu19:25
gcbirzanGotolei: Try looking into nohup.19:26
dino82Keanu this is a great question for google, will probably find everything you need on some superuser or stackoverflow post19:26
gcbirzanAlso, damnit, ifupdown is really retarded in ubuntu.19:27
Keanu73ah I found the article I found before19:27
Keanu73but how 2 boot into recovery mode19:27
Gotoleihm, still not doing what i want it to do19:27
gcbirzanHow does one change the MTU with this? using mtu blah in the interface in /etc/network/interfaces seems not to work19:27
_root_I need help on http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/117776/fvwm-howto-swallow19:28
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Gotoleii'm trying to find a command that runs in the background, so i can use it for kupfer19:28
=== optimae is now known as whiskers75
Gotoleiso far synapse is the only one that actually runs commands without opening a terminal19:28
gcbirzanoh, I get it.19:28
gcbirzanstatic is bad, actually :P19:28
gcbirzanOr, rather, manual...19:29
surfergirlbekks:  when I try to ssh I get either 3 password prompts followed by "Connection closed by" on some systems or simply the latter on most systems.19:29
bekkssurfergirl: Then your server most likely do not support password based authentication.19:29
bekkssurfergirl: Instead, it uses keybased auth, most likely.19:30
cyfordis there a command to map ubuntu one drives  on a system without ubuntu one installed?19:30
surfergirlbekks: The sshd_config file has PasswordAuthentication yes19:30
sjmikemWhy does my terminal not come to the foreground when I try to alt-tab to it?19:30
gcbirzanIf there's no password authentication, you don't get a password prompt19:30
surfergirlbekks: In any event, I cannot change the ssh server settings, I have to modify the clients only19:30
gcbirzansurfergirl: Check /var/log/auth on the server19:31
surfergirlgcbirzan: no file /var/log/auth19:32
gcbirzansurfergirl: Aha! It's /var/log/secure19:34
gcbirzanClose enough :P19:34
surfergirlOkay :)19:36
iburnsI have a foolish question. I'm installing digital signage that uses the latest version of Ubuntu. Because of the hardware I can't automatically detect the screen size, so it defaults to the wrong one.19:38
Gotoleinvm, kupfer has an execute command option which i guess works19:39
Gotoleiidk why it's not default but eh19:39
iburnsI'm trying to fix this by running a script using xrandr in cron but nothing seems to be happening, even though the script works when I run the command by itself.19:40
netameta__how can i list hidden files ? including .htaccess ..19:40
netameta__though ssh19:41
dino82netameta__  ls -la19:41
dino82-a flag is 'all' files19:41
netameta__Thanks dino19:41
gcbirzantechnically, it's -A19:42
et09my x server is just displaying "X Org X server (v) // Release date ..."19:42
dino82Yes, if you love the shift key, use -A19:42
et09but the computer is still responsive through SSH19:42
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et09can i get it back up?19:42
gcbirzandino82: caps lock!19:42
dino82Is CRUISE CONTROL for COOL19:43
iburnsCan anyone help me with a cron issue? I have a .sh script which is supposed to run on startup, but while it writes a log file nothing else happens. The command works when used outside of cron19:44
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llutziburns: make sure you use full pathes in the script or adjust crons $PATH19:44
et09iburns: permissions?  output redirection?19:45
iburnsThe script is one line. It's supposed to change the screen resolution on startup, so I used xrandr --output VGA2 --mode 1024x76819:46
iburnsoutput is redirected to the log file19:46
gcbirzaniburns: Try DISPLAY=:0.0 xrandr blah19:48
jackyour favorite mp3 player?19:50
jackirc client?19:51
genii!polls | jack19:51
ubottujack: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel.19:51
iburnsgcbirzan: didn't change anything19:52
16WAAZAXX Hello, I'm having a problem with my fingerprint-reader on Ubuntu 13.10. The device is a 138a:0005 using vfs301. Both fprint_demo and fingerprint-gui claims that this device is supported, but it appears that they only can read my fingerprint one time during the enroll process. It doesn't matter how many times I swipe my finger, I can't pass step 2. Someone please can point me out one direction or any tips?19:54
wafflejock16WAAZAXX: no idea but have you tried running the program from the terminal to see if it gives you any output19:56
16WAAZAXXwafflejock: yes, no output19:56
wafflejockiburns: it's a bit orthogonal to your current issue but if you haven't already I recommend checking out Screenly there's instructions to install on a minimal raspberry Pi wheezy image I'm sure it works elsewhere as well and has been pretty good about detecting screens for me19:59
wafflejockiburns: http://www.screenlyapp.com/ose.html20:00
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iburnswafflejock: looks great, but can't. We've already paid to develop the signs in another system20:03
wafflejockiburns: understandable just figured I'd throw it out there since I've had some moderate success playing with it and am planning to pitch it for some displays20:05
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sudormrfdoes anyone have any recommendations for an IPS package?20:13
adamcunningtonhow do i cd to a device directory?20:17
iburnsI'm having some problems with Cron. I have a script which runs by itself, but doesn't when run from cron20:20
OerHeksadamcunnington, depends where the device is mounted, networkshare under /mnt/  and other devices usually under /media/, so cd /media & ls20:20
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wafflejockiburns: does it use sudo?20:21
iburnswafflejock: no, it's just one line using xrandr20:22
OerHeksadamcunnington, good start to use terminal > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:22
iburnscron is running the script since the output is redirected to a logfile and I'm seeing the echo I put in20:22
iburns* * * * path/to/script > path/to/log20:23
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superkuhHi. Does anyone know of a guide to compiling the X stack (xorg-server most specifically) on Ubuntu and installing it?20:24
wafflejockiburns: http://www.codecoffee.com/tipsforlinux/articles/23.html20:24
wafflejockiburns: I'm not familiar with this issue but that looks like it might be the issue20:24
adamcunningtonoh god, i've just done a terrible thing20:25
adamcunningtoni just ran chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX,go-w /20:25
wafflejockoh no20:25
adamcunningtonchanged permissions of half of my system20:25
=== cody__ is now known as c_smith
adamcunningtonwas thinking / would be my current directory20:25
adamcunningtonwhat do?20:25
wafflejockhaha sorry20:25
OerHekswithout sudo?20:25
adamcunningtonwithout sudo20:25
adamcunningtonlooked like it mostly was doing stuff so sys/ before i stopped it20:26
hank6262hello is there a way to choose extra programs to install at time of ubuntu install beynd whats included on the install media?20:26
Caelummy touchpad and keyboard keep freezing up and not responding20:26
wafflejockadamcunnington: yeah you're probably gonna need to backup and reinstall though, would start backing things up ASAP if necessary20:26
adamcunningtonwafflejock: oh goodness, i got lucky20:26
Caelumlike almost every second20:26
OerHekshank6262, besides updates and some mediacodecs, no20:26
adamcunningtonwafflejock: "Operation denied on everything"20:26
Piciadamcunnington: without sudo it shouldn't have done anything.20:26
wafflejockoh well that's good20:27
adamcunningtonyea, i got lucky, thank goodness20:27
OerHekshank6262, not without a preseeding file20:27
wafflejockCaelum: USB or built in?20:27
hank6262ok cool because im gonna install ubuntu from an usb hd to a couple computers and wanted it to install some software at that time without having to go to the app store and find the program20:28
adamcunningtonNevertheless, my chmod command isn't working20:28
wafflejockadamcunnington: you must own the files to chmod or have to use sudo, and if you do be very careful :)20:28
adamcunningtonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7040481/ can anyone take a look? i want to 755 dirs and 644 files recursively20:28
Caelumwafflejock: builtin20:28
sudormrfdoes anyone have any recommendations for an IPS package?20:28
sudormrfI was thinking of using Snort, but if anyone else has any better recommendations, please let me know!20:29
Caelumwafflejock: like one second it responds and the next it doesn't20:29
Piciadamcunnington: this is an NTFS mounted partition?20:29
hank6262also does anyone know if the new jersey casios with the geo locator plguins work with firefox or chrome in ubuntu linux to play the games?20:29
adamcunningtonPici: yea20:29
adamcunningtonPici: does that change things?20:29
Piciadamcunnington: you should specify different options in either fstab or using a different mount command if this is temporary.20:30
adamcunningtonPici: it's permenant20:30
adamcunningtonPici: it's currently acting as my media server until i get monies together!"20:30
adamcunningtonPici: need my media server software to be able to detect the folders which it currently can't20:30
wafflejockCaelum: not sure you can usually lspci to see the specific built-in hardware and then probe more on the particular parts and the issue you're encountering20:30
wafflejockCaelum: if it's both the keyboard and mouse though I kinda wonder if it's really X or something else locking up20:31
Piciadamcunnington: you'll want to append the dir_mode=0755,file_mode=0644 options onto that device's option line in /etc/fstab20:31
superkuhHi. Does anyone know of a guide to configuration of and compilation of the X stack (xorg-server most specifically) on Ubuntu?20:31
adamcunningtonPici: sorry, can you explain, i don't know what that means20:31
wafflejockCaelum: you can use a terminal Ctrl+Alt+F1 to see that keyboard continues to respond consistently to narrow it down some20:31
wafflejockCaelum: Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get back to X20:32
Bashing-omadamcunnington: Pici :: "/media/Seagate Expansion Drive" -> escape the spaces in the name ???20:32
adamcunningtonBashing-om: how?20:33
adamcunningtonPici: this command; [Device] [Mount Point] [File System Type] [Options]?20:33
Bashing-omadamcunnington: Best practice is not to use spaces to start with, else /040 (??) to deal with the space. In linux a space is a delimeter.20:34
Piciadamcunnington: This is a sample fstab line from a samba/cifs share  I have mounted on a server here: https://gist.github.com/bnrubin/10cb82d6954e1e3355c720:34
=== y4h0_ is now known as dinogreen_rex
adamcunningtonBashing-om: so i'm to type /040 every time there should be a space?20:35
wafflejocksuperkuh: you might be better off trying one of the devel channels https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:35
adamcunningtonPici: forgive me, is this a terminal command, or a line that goes in a file that is saved in etc/fstab.d/?20:35
Bashing-omadamcunnington: yeah - to best I recall, there are other menas to deal with the spaces, however.20:35
Piciadamcunnington: it is a modification you would need to make to /etc/fstab on the line for your device that is likely already there.20:35
Picipersonally I prefer creating mount points without any spaces20:36
superkuhwafflejock, thanks.20:36
Bashing-omadamcunnington: nenas.means20:36
wafflejocksuperkuh: yup good luck I'm sure that'll be an adventure20:36
superkuhYeah. I know.20:36
reagaim trying to copy a large file from my flash drive and paste onto my main drive , but the paste option is greyed out. why?20:36
reagai dont understand why its greyed out20:36
llutzBashing-om: adamcunnington only in /etc/fstab you need to replace spaces with \040, on cli you use "\ "  or "path with spaces"20:36
reagaim new to ubuntu20:36
wafflejockreaga: you probably don' t have write permission to the folder20:37
reagai see...20:37
adamcunningtonllutz: ok thanks20:37
=== Batwolf is now known as R3DR0P
adamcunningtonPici: this looks comlex, don't understand the syntax and/or parameters20:37
wafflejockreaga: you can use Ctrl+L to change location in most of the GUI file explorers then navigate to ~20:37
usr13_adamcunnington: I use dashes instead of spaces in file names and directories, makes things easier in the long run. Like: Seagate-Expansion-Drive20:37
wafflejockreaga: ~ is a shortcut to your home folder for me /home/shaun/ you'll have write permissions there20:37
sudormrfso it looks like snort is being billed as an IPS and an IDS.  is this the recommended software package?20:38
adamcunningtonusr13_: i should probably just rename it to something decent anyway20:38
Piciadamcunnington: Can you pastebin the contents of your fstab? I can take a look and modify it so that it will do what you want.20:38
Bashing-om llutz Thanks for that - I avoid "spaces" personally, and have limited experience with "escaping" them .20:38
wafflejockreaga: if you want to know more about permissions check out, chmod, chown, and ls -al commands which let you modify permissions, change owner ship, and list folders/files with permission info20:38
usr13_adamcunnington: Yea, just rename it.  And I usually put my mount points in the /home/dir (just a little easier and /or more orderly to me)20:39
usr13_adamcunnington: pastebinit /etc/fstab  #And send us the URL20:39
adamcunningtonusr13_: can i just rename with mv?20:39
usr13_adamcunnington: Yes20:39
adamcunningtonusr13_: i haven't built /etc/fstab yet, i don't understand it20:39
usr13_adamcunnington: It has already ben built for you.  YOu only need to edit it and make any additions you want.20:40
llutzsudormrf: snort is GPL and in the repos, where did you see something about billing?20:40
geniiThe only usually confusing thing about fstab is the two numbers at the end20:40
usr13_adamcunnington: So show us what you have so far,  pastebinit /etc/fstab  #And send us the URL that gets gernerated.20:40
sudormrfllutz: not billed as in cost, billed as in advertised as.20:41
Bashing-omadamcunnington: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=283131 <-bodhi.zazen-Understanding fstab .20:41
adamcunningtonusr13_: can't move, permission denied20:41
adamcunningtonmv /media/Seagate\ Expansion\ Drive /media/ADAM-Media20:41
wafflejockadamcunnington: yeah since it's mounted without giving others permission you'd need to sudo it I believe20:41
usr13_adamcunnington: (That is one reason why I make my mount points in /home/dir)20:41
Picinot while mounted.20:41
adamcunningtonhow do i unmount it?20:42
sudormrfadamcunnington: umount20:42
adamcunningtonneed sudo?20:42
usr13_adamcunnington: And, if it is mounted now, not a good idea to mv it.20:42
sudormrfadamcunnington: maybe.20:42
adamcunningtoneugh command unmount not found20:42
wafflejockno n20:42
wafflejockit's goofy20:42
Piciadamcunnington: its umount, not unmount20:42
adamcunningtonoh, weird20:42
adamcunningtonthat's stupid20:42
usr13_adamcunnington: umount /media/Seagate\ Expansion\ Drive20:43
sudormrfnot stupid.20:43
adamcunningtonunmount is a word, umount isn't!20:43
wafflejockgotta keep you on your toes I guess... dunno perhaps there's a good reason20:43
usr13_adamcunnington: Well, you can change it if you want, we will leave it as it is.20:43
sudormrfadamcunnington: that is true, but there are reasons that these things were done.20:43
adamcunningtonbut once it's unmounted, i can no longer change name because it doesn't exist?!20:44
sudormrfadamcunnington: you can change the mount point.20:44
wafflejockadamcunnington: yeah you just want to unmount it then make a new folder to mount it20:44
wafflejockwith no spaces in it20:44
usr13_adamcunnington: Correct, (another reason to do mount points in /home/dir)20:44
adamcunningtoni come from windows so this idea of choosing where to mount something is totally new20:44
wafflejockthat'll make your life easier we thinks20:45
adamcunningtonso is it normal in linux to mount an external device within home/ ?20:45
usr13_adamcunnington: Any where you want, (it is up to you).20:45
wafflejockeh it depends on your use case, for what you're doing it makes sense20:45
wafflejockmost of the time I'm not dealing with mounting and unmounting things20:45
wafflejockbut occasionally it's helpful to setup a few things manually like mapping network drives20:45
adamcunningtonis it ok to be just inside /home/ or should it be deeper?20:45
usr13_adamcunnington: I just gave you a suggestion, (it is *my* preference).20:46
usr13_adamcunnington: /home/user-name-here20:46
sudormrfadamcunnington: whatever works for you.  you can literally mount it wherever you want to.20:46
adamcunningtonusr13_: oh by dir, you meant the name of it?20:46
Piciadamcunnington: it is normal to put it into /media/ usr13_ has his own preferences.20:46
sudormrfwhat Pici said20:46
usr13_/home/adamcunnington  (where adamcunnington is really your user name and the name of your directory in /home/20:47
OerHeksavoid mounting in /dev/urandom/20:47
adamcunningtonPici: ok i'll leave it in media20:47
adamcunningtonso to mount it, the first argument to the command is the filesystem, how do i know what that is?20:47
wafflejockadamcunnington: fstab is just a file that just helps to "automate" the process of doing the mount too just FYI so it's helpful if you want the config to stick20:47
adamcunningtonwafflejock: well i think that is my end goal, so can i just add a line to that?20:48
wafflejockadamcunnington: fdisk -l I believe20:48
usr13_Pici: I shouldn't have said anything.  I'm sorry.  I guess I complicated the heck out of things.  But in the long run, he may learn a bit more from it.20:48
sudormrfadamcunnington: let me provide you with a link20:48
adamcunningtonwafflejock: do i create my own file in etc/fstab.d/ if so what do i name it?20:48
Bashing-omadamcunnington: To confuse the mount issue more: https://help.ubuntu.comunity/Mount/ ...20:48
usr13_adamcunnington: just edit the oritinal one.20:48
wafflejockadamcunnington: sorry not too familiar with the details there, I think it used to just be one file, I haven't seen the folder version20:49
adamcunningtonhmm, didn't see a file in there, let me check again20:49
wafflejockseems in newer Ubuntu things are being split up more and more into folders though so that might be true20:49
sudormrfadamcunnington: http://kwilson.me.uk/blog/force-your-raspberry-pi-to-mount-an-external-usb-drive-every-time-it-starts-up/20:49
adamcunningtonyea, no files in there20:49
wafflejocklike X is split up a lot more now too I believe, and Apache config files are the same20:49
sudormrfthat is for debian, but in this case it will work for you20:49
sudormrfyou will need to know the file system your drive is formatted in20:49
adamcunningtonoh fstab file20:50
Piciadamcunnington: like I said earlier, you should already have an entry for this in /etc/fstab20:50
adamcunningtoni was looking at fstab.d20:50
wafflejockah k so still have the fstab file... yeah not familiar with fstab.d20:50
adamcunningtonprobably this one mv /media/Seagate\ Expansion\ Drive /media/ADAM-Media20:51
adamcunnington/dev/fd0        /media/floppy0  auto    rw,user,noauto,exec,utf820:51
Picino, that looks like a floppy drive to me.20:51
usr13_adamcunnington: pastebinit /etc/fstab  #And send us the URL20:51
wafflejockyeah floppy drive20:51
wafflejockif you do a sudo fdisk -l you'll see all the disks available20:52
adamcunningtonsurely it would say /media/Seagate Expansion Drive though?20:52
xubuntu959hi so i was installing fglrx for my drivers, i have amd radeon x1200 which is not supported by linux, and after installing fglrx i reeboted system and i got black screen and just nothing happens. what should i do?20:52
=== Guest44687 is now known as VoidWhisperer
adamcunnington/dev/sda2          501758  1953523711   976510977    5  Extended20:52
adamcunningtonwill paste20:53
sudormrfadamcunnington: not necessarily.20:53
sudormrfyes, please do20:53
usr13_!paste | adamcunnington20:53
ubottuadamcunnington: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:53
usr13_!pastebinit | adamcunnington20:53
ubottuadamcunnington: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:53
sudormrfadamcunnington: also do this pastebinit df20:53
adamcunningtonah, i will install pastebinit20:53
wafflejockadamcunnington: well there is a bit of complication in the fstab files too now, you can either specify with a device name like /dev/sda2 or you can specify with a UUID or block id, which you can get like blkid /dev/sda220:53
wafflejockeverything above is good though20:54
sudormrfadamcunnington: you shouldn't need to install it20:54
sudormrfadamcunnington: if you don't have a floppy drive you can comment out that line.20:54
adamcunningtonsudormrf: says i need to20:54
c_smithadamcunnington, /dev/seagate wouldn't actually appear in UNIX and UNIX-like systems, they're all names like /dev/sdxZ or /dev/sr0, /dev/cd0 /dev/loop0, etc20:54
adamcunningtonthis is complex! will get my head around it soon hopefully20:54
sudormrfadamcunnington: which version of ubuntu is this?20:54
sudormrfadamcunnington: this is how we learn20:54
sudormrfdon't get discouraged20:54
adamcunningtonok so just to recap my understanding, etc/fstab contains information about where stuff mounts, this is auto #-populated whenever you connect a new periphery / boot thing?20:55
sudormrfAFAIK pastebinit should be included in 12.04, but if it isn't just install it20:55
c_smithadamcunnington, the device names starts making more sense the more you work with them. :)20:55
wafflejockyeah mounting is a bit confusing on first go20:55
adamcunningtonwill my seagate expansion drive definitely be in that file, in which case i can just modify it or will i need to add it?20:55
sudormrfalso, take a look at that link I provided, that should help you.20:55
adamcunningtonsudormrf: helped a bit - trouble is when you're new, the docs are detailed but not aimed at people who are knew, they presuppose understanding20:56
sudormrfadamcunnington: unless you added the seagate drive to the fstab yourself it won't show up in there.20:56
c_smithadamcunnington, it'll be in a special device file that you need to mount.20:56
adamcunningtonat least a certain level which i'm on the borderline of so i mostly find these docs unhelpful at this stage but i know with time, it'll come20:56
adamcunningtonsudormrf: ok so do i need to find out exactly what it is called first?20:56
sudormrfadamcunnington: type df in a terminal window20:56
sudormrfadamcunnington: or sudo fdisk -l20:57
adamcunningtonsudo fdisk -l was far too verbose, df seems nice ;)20:57
usr13_adamcunnington: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit   #and send URL20:57
sudormrfadamcunnington: pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l.  it doesn't look like your drive is connected right now, but just to be sure.20:58
adamcunningtoni don't think df listed it20:58
adamcunningtondf only lists mounted stuff perhaps?20:58
wafflejockdisk usage20:58
wafflejockonly shows stuff mounted I believe20:58
sudormrfwafflejock: forgot he unmounted :O20:58
adamcunningtonwhat pastebinit command?20:58
wafflejockthe man command is your friend here too :) I couldn't remember what df was for the life of me20:59
adamcunningtonjust pastebinit on it's own? will that output whole terminal? i shall clear first20:59
adamcunningtonoh yea, keep forgetting about man20:59
sudormrfadamcunnington: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit   #and send URL20:59
adamcunningtontaking ages20:59
sudormrfthat's fine20:59
adamcunningtonwait, important that |pastebinit at end?21:00
adamcunningtoni just entered pastebinit after as separate line21:00
adamcunningtonwas probably waiting for input :P21:00
usr13_adamcunnington: Open a terminal, type:   "sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit"  (without quotes), hit Enter.  Send resulting URL (to us).21:00
usr13_adamcunnington: Ctrl-C21:00
adamcunningtoni got 2 errors by the way; http://paste.ubuntu.com/7040623/21:00
adamcunningtonignore that url21:00
adamcunningtonDisk /dev/mapper/ADAM--PC--vg-root doesn't contain a valid partition table21:00
adamcunningtonusr13_: yea i know ctrl c, one of the fisrt i learnt!21:01
adamcunningtonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7040636/ is output of disk21:01
bekksadamcunnington: Because that is a logical volume, not a disk.21:01
adamcunningtonis that error about not containing a valid partition table because it is a LVM21:01
bekksadamcunnington: Pastebin sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit as requested.21:01
adamcunningtonholy hec, i guessed df right and now this!21:01
adamcunningtonbekks: above21:01
sudormrfadamcunnington: how large is this seagate drive?21:03
adamcunningtonsudormrf: yea21:03
adamcunningtonsudormrf: it's not listed there?21:04
sudormrfadamcunnington: it is currently mounted to /dev/sdf21:04
adamcunningtonoh yes it is; sdf121:04
adamcunningtonsudormrf: you mean set to mount there? it's not mounted right now21:04
usr13_sudormrf: That's not a mount point, it's a device name.21:04
bekksIt isnt mounted to /dev/sdf, it is /dev/sdf - according to the other paste, it isnt mounted at all.21:04
adamcunningtonlet me have a go at this fstab line...21:04
sudormrfusr13_: err...yeah21:04
sudormrfadamcunnington: wait21:04
usr13_adamcunnington: Your external drive is 2TB?21:05
adamcunningtonis the number after not significant??21:05
adamcunningtonusr13_: yea21:05
adamcunningtonbecause it says /dev/sdfa121:05
usr13_/dev/sdf1  Yes21:05
sudormrfadamcunnington: the number indicates a partition number.21:05
usr13_adamcunnington: So you should mount it again and run blkid21:06
adamcunningtonusr13_: what does that do? why can't i just set the mount point?21:06
usr13_(I think it has to be mounted, wait, maybe not)21:06
sudormrfmay need sudo for blkid21:06
bekksYou dont need to mount it for running sudo blkid21:06
usr13_adamcunnington: blkid  | pastebinit21:06
bekksblkid needs sudo.21:06
adamcunningtonwhat does it do?21:06
sudormrfusr13_: sudo blkid21:06
usr13_adamcunnington: sudo blkid  | pastebinit21:06
sudormrfadamcunnington: it lists UUIDs and device names21:07
adamcunningtonah cool21:07
sudormrfand file system types and what not21:07
sudormrfdon't just do this stuff because we ask you.  examine the output as well.  it can only help you to learn :)21:07
adamcunningtonah that output is useful21:07
sudormrfok so the goal here is to mount this on the computer automatically?21:08
adamcunningtonsudormrf: mount point as media/ADAM-PC21:08
adamcunningtonsudormrf: the actual end goal is about chmod 755 and 644 files21:08
sudormrfadamcunnington: so have you already created the folder /media/ADAM-PC ?21:09
OerHekschmod 755 and 644 files on a NTFS partition?21:09
sudormrfOerHeks: one thing at a time. lel.21:09
=== makije|away is now known as makije
bekksOerHeks: NTFS does not understand linux permissions.21:09
usr13_adamcunnington: See my PM21:10
Picisudormrf: I previously suggested to use the file_mode and dir_mode options in the fstab file.21:10
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
sudormrfPici: yep21:10
Piciokay :)21:10
OerHeksbakks i know, but does adamcunnington know?21:10
adamcunningtonusr13_: thanks21:10
sudormrfadamcunnington: first, do this "mkdir /media/ADAM-PC" without quotes from a command line.21:10
adamcunningtonsudormrf: no, do i need to create it? will do that now21:11
sudormrfadamcunnington: after you have done that.  from a command line type "sudo gedit /etc/fstab"21:11
sudormrfadamcunnington: this will bring up a notepad with the fstab loaded21:11
sudormrfadamcunnington: at the bottom of this list type /dev/sdf1  /media/ADAM-PC  ntfs-3g  defaults 0 021:12
sudormrfguys correct me if that is wrong21:12
=== jamie is now known as Guest32252
sudormrfadamcunnington: save and exit the text editor.21:13
sudormrfadamcunnington: then from a command line type "sudo mount -a" without the quotes and let us know if you see any errors21:14
adamcunningtonsudormrf: thanks but aren't I using the UUID instead of dev/sdf1 or does it not matter?21:16
adamcunningtonsudormrf: also how does NTFS-3g differ from NTFS?21:16
mk2markHi guys21:17
mk2markI'm trying to turn off frequency scaling on ubuntu21:17
bekksadamcunnington: ntfs-3g is a userland application that enables read/write access onto a NTFS filesystem.21:17
sudormrfadamcunnington: you can if you want.  in the case of USB devices I am not sure if it is any better than using /dev/sdf1.  It wouldn't hurt though.  if you want to use the UUID instead, replace /dev/sdf1 with UUID= and the UUID of your device.21:18
adamcunningtonsudormrf: ok thanks, will leave as /dev/sdf1 more readable21:19
adamcunningtonbekks: is it better to be explicit with filesystem than just use auto? i would be devestated if anything happened to the contents of this external hdd21:20
=== Rynofear is now known as Rynomster
bekksadamcunnington: You have been clearly advised on what to do, dont you? :)21:20
adamcunningtonbekks: yea i was just wondering if it's better to be explicit with filesystem or not21:20
sudormrfadamcunnington: use ntfs-3g as advised.21:20
adamcunningtonsudormrf: ok21:21
sudormrfadamcunnington: being explicit is never bad.21:21
sudormrfwell...not never.  but nearly never21:21
adamcunningtonntfs-3g not ntfs right?21:21
=== makije is now known as makije|away
adamcunningtonok thanks21:21
=== michael is now known as Guest95978
adamcunningtonah so the device label still appears in devices list but can access files from media/ADAM-PC, that expected?21:24
=== Guest95978 is now known as DhammaMan
adamcunningtonno errors though, thanks very much!21:24
sudormrfyep, expected21:24
adamcunningtonawesome thanks so much guys, solved my problem and learnt loads21:24
sudormrfadamcunnington: /dev/sdf is the name of the device.  you are just telling the OS where you want to find that device by pointing it to /media/ADAM-PC21:25
sudormrfwe are glad we could help out adam.21:26
DhammaManAnybody notice the "capta" question on the Software Solution Center21:28
DhammaManIs impossible to discern?21:28
PiciDhammaMan: can you rephrase that question?21:28
DhammaManI tried to rate software on the Software Center21:29
DhammaManNeed to be a member21:29
DhammaManfine but21:29
DhammaManWhen I tried to register, ...21:29
bekks!enter | DhammaMan21:29
ubottuDhammaMan: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:29
=== sysadmin is now known as VlanY
=== dean is now known as dean|away
PiciDhammaMan: you should be able to press the refresh button, it looks like two arrows circling each other on the CAPTCHA test to get a new image.21:30
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
DhammaManI know. Tried 7 times.21:30
DhammaManJust cant make out the grainy blures21:30
PiciDhammaMan: theres an audio version if you prefer21:31
sudormrfso can anyone recommend a good IPS package?  I was looking at Snort.  it looks like snort is being advertised as an IDS/IPS.  Not sure which of the features it is more heavy on.21:31
DhammaManGuess I am not human.21:31
DhammaManNo audio option was available.21:31
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
DhammaMansudomrf; sniffit21:32
sudormrfDhammaMan: checning :D21:32
sudormrfer...also checking21:32
houkouonchi-workis there anyway to mirror the ubuntu keyserver?21:34
reagai want to delete some files in my usr/bin directory, but the delet option isnt there21:34
reagahow do i delete stuff in ther21:34
sudormrfDhammaMan: sniffit looks kind of like wireshark21:34
sudormrfreaga: you need to be careful.21:35
sudormrfreaga: why not use something like apt-get remove? or are these files you placed there?21:35
reagai just selected the files pressed delete nothing happens21:36
reagai right click to select delte but its not there21:36
sudormrfreaga because you need to be a super user to do that21:37
sudormrfyou can do it from the CLI21:37
sudormrfreaga: first off, why are you trying to delete items from that folder and what exactly are you trying to delete?21:38
earthianHello, I am having an error when starting slapd (Open LDAP daemon v2.4.31): "ldif_read_file: Permission denied for "/etc/ldap/slapd.d/cn=config.ldif". The owner of that file is openldap and permission is 664 but still permission denied. Also I copied the entire config and database from a working server (v2.4.23). Any ideas what could be wrong there with the permissions?21:39
sudormrfit seems like you aren't too sure about what you are doing and if you go deleting things at random you can break things.21:39
bekkssudormrf: Beware of being called names when not sharing his opinion - just happened to me in #vbox ;)21:40
sudormrfbekks: haha ok :D21:40
unicornjedihello, i have a problem with ubuntu 13.10. My computer does not wake up properly from suspend. When I wake up the computer all I get is a black screen. The monitors do detect a video input though.21:47
DanaMHello, I am having a weird issue with DNS resolution. I am able to ping google.com from the command line but when going to google.com on firefox it tells me it cannot find the page21:48
DanaMI have verified the resolv.conf file and it has both google public dns servers21:49
DanaM8.8.8.8 and
unicornjediDanaM, please join ##networking21:49
tmmunqfirefox isnt getting proxied is it?21:49
Jordan_UDanaM: Does "wget google.com" work?21:49
DanaMno, i even installed chrome21:49
DanaMwget worked21:49
DanaMdownloaded index.html21:50
tmmunqextensions, whatever21:50
basketballhow do i sync the caps lock light on laptop and external keyboard21:50
DanaMvery strange21:50
DanaMand its pissing me off21:50
Jordan_UDanaM: OK, you might want to clean that up then (rm index.html). Please post a screenshot of a browser trying to access google.com and failing.21:51
Jordan_Uchiluk: With just "multiboot /boot/memtest86+_multiboot.bin", not "multiboot /boot/memtest86+_multiboot.bin console=ttyS0,115200n8" ?21:51
DanaMThat's not gonna help very much, all it says is that it can't find the server at www.google.com21:51
chilukJordan_U, I see you are switching channels on me... and yes the multiboot memtest86+_multiboot.bin    seems to be broken21:52
DanaMwhen i navigate to the IP address of google it resolves without issue21:52
ldcicconimy volume toggle has disappeared, and my volume/music buttons on my keyboard have stopped working. I am on 13.10. Does anyone know how to fix this?21:52
chilukas is the serial memtest currently21:52
ldcicconiIs there possibly a way to reset all audio stuff?21:52
Jordan_Uchiluk: Sorry, I actually just accidentily posted an old message :)21:52
chilukJordan_U, back to #grub?21:53
Jordan_Uchiluk: Sure, though I don't have any more suggestions for you in #grub at the moment.21:53
chilukhah no worries.21:53
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
roasted_hello friends21:56
roasted_Question - I'm running clusterssh, which opens an ssh terminal window to any number of systems I command. Right now I have 37 terminals open. Is there a way to make all currently open applications/windows auto resize themselves EQUALLY to fit the screen?21:56
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
Jordan_UJoeSomebody: It's hard for me to understand what you want from the way you phrased your question. Is this correct? : You have a URL in a cell in LibreOffice and you want to be able to be able to open that URL in a browser, without needed to manually copy and paste the URL into the browser?21:59
tiblockHi. I want to edit /etc/fstab to auto-mount partition on boot, i need "UUID", how i can list UUIDs for partitions?21:59
Jordan_Utiblock: sudo blkid22:00
tiblockJordan_U, thank you22:00
Jordan_Utiblock: You're welcome.22:00
basketballhow do i sync the caps lock light on laptop and external keyboard22:01
DomeMasterI just installed quake 3 arena22:02
DomeMasterit works great22:02
DomeMasterbut I want to change the config file22:02
DomeMasterbut I have no idea where its installed22:02
DomeMasterwhere a games normally installed on ubuntu?22:02
daftykinsopen a terminal, "sudo updatedb" then "locate <config file>" i think it was called q3config.cfg but that's a guess22:03
xenolyseWherever you place it. Youd conf should be in your home directory22:03
DomeMasterahh let me see thanks22:04
unicornjedihello, i have a problem with ubuntu 13.10. My computer does not wake up properly from suspend. When I wake up the computer all I get is a black screen. The monitors do detect a video input though.22:04
OerHeksDomeMaster, look in ~/.q3a/   (hidden)22:04
DomeMasteryeah you were right dude22:04
DomeMasterthanks OerHeks and xenolyse22:04
xenolyseDomeMaster: np22:05
OerHekshave fun22:05
DomeMasterI will :)22:05
unicornjediDomeMaster, :D22:05
Guest75104Im a bit fat22:05
DomeMasterright I'm off22:05
Guest75104wrong chan sorry22:05
DomeMastersorry for being so selfish/greedy I'm not sure of the word22:06
DomeMasterall I can say is I hope some karma comes back to you guys22:06
mljsimoneI have ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It comes with a old version of boost22:07
unicornjediso can anyone read me?22:07
mljsimoneWhat is the best way to install boost 1.55?22:08
mljsimoneunicornjedi: I can.22:08
=== brontosaurusrex_ is now known as brontosaurusrex
unicornjedimljsimone, ground control to major tom22:09
basketballwhen i press caps lock on my laptop how do i get the caps light lock to show up on usb keybopard and vice versa22:09
unicornjedibasketball, sorry I dont know22:11
NEoneHi. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I have seen my latest PHP is 5.3.10. Why does it not update to 5.4 or 5.5?22:12
adamcunningtoncan anyone help with virtualbox? the channel is fairly dead. I can't figure out how to get shared folders working and i'm not convinced it's installed properly on my guest even though i've done that twice; http://imgur.com/Bwqah5I22:12
adacMy new samsung printer has been detected via network. I added the printer but when I want to print then at the first momennt it seems that the printer has been contacted, but nothing is printed out. How can I debug this?22:12
Jordan_Uadamcunnington: What OS is on the host, and what OS is in the guest?22:14
sudormrfadamcunnington: NAT? Bridged? Host only? is the VM on the same machine as the host?22:15
tgm4883NEone, the version of PHP in 12.04 is 5.3. That means you will get fixes for it (which I'm assuming is stuff inside 5.3.x). You won't see a minor version upgrade until the next ubuntu release. IIRC, This is because minor versions of PHP have a tendency to have incompatibilities with stuff written against other versions22:15
tdannecyadac: Are you able to send a test print?22:15
NEonetgm4883: Can - and should I - upgrade php manually?22:16
tgm4883NEone, why would you want to do that?22:16
adactdannecy, nope. it says "job submitted as job id 120" and the printer seems to get a signal, but nothing gets printed out actually. I can also see no jobs on the printer queue22:17
NEoneI use that Ubuntu as a webserver and the developer is using a IDE and a framework which is optimized for code in php 5.422:17
Bashing-omNEone: I am not on 12.04 ATT, so can not confirm the version. Generally versions are frozen within a relesse to preserve stability. One Might upgrade an app through a PPA - for an experienced user as might cause breakage of your system.22:17
adamcunningtonJordan_U: ubuntu 12.04 host, win7 guest22:17
adamcunningtonsudormrf: not sure what the first 3 questions mean but yes the vm is on the same machine22:18
tgm4883NEone, personally, if it works on 5.3 then I would leave the OS at that.22:18
tdannecyadac: Pull up http://localhost:631/ in your browser and try to config the printer from there. Also, printers are notorious for being difficult. I'd suggest restarting that printer a few times for good luck.22:18
ldcicconiprinters are the worst things in existence22:18
adactdannecy, thanks mate. I will try out your suggestions22:18
tgm4883adamcunnington, are you using virtualbox from the ubuntu repos or from the oracle/virtualbox repos?22:19
adamcunningtontgm4883: ubuntu22:19
=== jack is now known as Guest76791
adamcunningtoni don't even know where to get access to the shared folders in windows7 (guest) - should it just be in my documents?22:19
adamcunningtonthe docs are terrible!22:19
NEoneOkay, will try if it works on php5.3 and otherwise will upgrade the Ubuntu version first:/ ...Thanks for your help, guys.22:19
tgm4883adamcunnington, it should be in "My Computer"22:19
adamcunningtontgm4883: ok, i don't think it's there22:19
tgm4883IIRC, it shows up as a drive letter. I don't use virtualbox anymore so I can't test it22:20
adamcunningtontgm4883: virtualbox additions is showing as a dvd in my computer - the icon is in the system tray though so it's installed22:20
adamcunningtontgm4883: on that note, can i stop that dvd appearing now that it's installed in the host22:20
tgm4883adamcunnington, yes, just disconnect the drive from the VM22:20
tgm4883err, disconnect the ISO I mean22:20
adamcunningtontgm4883: how do i do that?22:21
adamcunningtontgm4883: and then after, i guess i need to manually map the link, do you know how i do that?22:21
sudormrfadamcunnington: if you left it NATted then they are technically on different networks22:22
sudormrfand you likely won't be able to access the files22:22
adamcunningtonsudormrf: i don't know if i've done that, how do i check22:22
tgm4883adamcunnington, Devices > CD/DVD Devices > Remove disk from virtual drive22:22
sudormrfadamcunnington: that is the default behavior, so if you don't know, that is what it is doing.22:22
tgm4883sudormrf, god I'd hope virtualbox is smarter than that for shared folders22:23
adamcunningtontgm4883: thanks22:23
tgm4883adamcunnington, do you know where the virtualmachine settings are?22:23
adamcunningtontgm4883: yea22:24
adamcunningtontgm4883: thanks i've disconnected the drive, how can i sort out my shared folder issue now22:24
tgm4883adamcunnington, go into the settings, I need you to check two things22:24
adamcunningtontgm4883: ok22:24
tgm4883adamcunnington, yes, that is what we are checking22:24
tgm4883adamcunnington, first, under "Network", what does it say next to "Attached to:"22:24
adamcunningtontgm4883: NAT22:25
adamcunningtondo i want internal network or host only adapter?22:25
tgm4883adamcunnington, ok, at least for a test, can you change that to "Bridged Adapter"22:26
tgm4883adamcunnington, second, can you post a screenshot of "Shared Folders"22:26
adamcunningtontgm4883: yea will do now22:27
stunts513anyone else notice libguestfs-tools not working on 13.10 or is it just me?22:27
sudormrftgm4883: I am not sure if it is TBH.  I haven't really used it for this kind of stuff. haha.22:28
adamcunningtontgm4883: http://imgur.com/GySBAa022:28
mark4seems debian distributions do not ship with PAX patched kernels. does ubuntu?22:29
tgm4883adamcunnington, ok, that part looks good, were you able to switch the network to "Bridged Adapter"?22:29
adamcunningtontgm4883: yea i see it now, it's under network22:29
adamcunningtonthe shared folder that is22:29
tgm4883adamcunnington, awesome22:29
adamcunningtonthanks very much22:29
adamcunningtontgm4883: cheers man!22:29
tgm4883sudormrf, well I guess that settles it, VirtualBox isn't that smart22:30
tgm4883adamcunnington, yw22:30
adamcunningtontgm4883: is bridged network the right / fastest one then?22:30
jiomihello everyone, which tool is the best/most reliable to delete metadata from photos before uploading?22:30
adamcunningtonno way of me taking advantage of the fact that it's on the same machine so avoiding an internet network altogether22:30
mark4guess nobody here understands the question.. or doesnt know the answer ?22:30
tgm4883adamcunnington, "bridged adapter" basically makes it look like another machine on your network. eg. it will get it's IP address from your router/dhcp server22:30
tgm4883adamcunnington, it doesn't look like it if you want to use the shared folders feature22:31
adamcunningtontgm4883: ok - tbh i didn't chec under networks when it was connected via NAT before, shouldi revert and test it?22:31
tgm4883mark4, whats a pax patched kernel?  /me goes to google22:31
adamcunningtontgm4883: also, i don't appear to be able to write to it in the guest, only read22:31
tgm4883adamcunnington, it's worth a show22:31
mark4its a security feature22:32
adamcunningtontgm4883: ignore that22:32
adamcunningtontgm4883: just was taking a while to appear22:32
tgm4883mark4, is it short for something?22:33
adamcunningtontgm4883: nat works too, thanks22:33
tgm4883mark4, this is the best I can do  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features22:33
jiomihello everyone, which tool is the best/most reliable to delete metadata from photos before uploading?22:34
mark4PaX is a patch for the Linux kernel that implements least privilege protections for memory pages.22:34
sudormrftgm4883: heh.22:35
mark4so: debian ignores the FHS and does not support PAX security features... /facepalm22:35
mark4guess my projects are going to have a "does not support debian based distributions" clause22:36
mark4because im not fixing other peoples breakages in my code22:36
tdannecy!best | jiomi22:36
ubottujiomi: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel.22:36
jiomitdannecy, no poll is intended here. it was just a matter of saying. my preference is just reliability.22:37
jiomiI mentioned that I wanted to upload, and I dont want the accompanying metadata to be uploaded with the picture.22:38
jiomithat's my purpose.22:38
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sjmikemWhy does alt-tab sometimes not switch applications like it's supposed to?22:39
sjmikeme.g. sometimes I alt-tab to terminal but terminal doesn't come to foreground22:39
unicornjedijiomi, you could use gimp and edit the metadata there22:40
tdannecyjiomi: If you want to remove metadata from files, you should use a command line application called "exiftool". You can install it by running "sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl"22:40
jiomitdannecy, I found a tool named exiv222:40
tdannecyjiomi: Then, you can use exiftool by navigating to the directory and running "exiftool -all= *.jpg"22:41
adactdannecy, http://imgur.com/mFi47U1 but nothing is printed.22:41
aMonikerIs there a way to force mv to overwrite a directory instead of copying contents into it?22:41
aMonikeri.e. mv dir1 dir2 - I want dir1 to replace dir2, not be copied to dir2/dir122:41
Jordan_UaMoniker: mv doing an implicit rm -r sounds dangerous and wrong. Would it be enough for mv to warn you when the destination already exists and is a directory?22:42
aMonikerJordan_U: No. I want the implicit rm -r22:42
aMonikerit does this for files22:43
Jordan_UaMoniker: Why? What is your end goal? Would you be OK with creating your own command of a different name that does this?22:43
ianananananhow can i tell mptcp to stop doing whatever it's doing?22:43
aMonikerJordan_U: I'd rather use a builtin if there's one available22:44
unicornjedihello, i have a problem with ubuntu 13.10. My computer does not wake up properly from suspend. When I wake up the computer all I get is a black screen. The monitors do detect a video input though.22:44
ianananananif i can't control+c22:44
jiomitdannecy, is the  command in your last reply used for deleting metadata?22:44
jiomiI mean  "exiftool -all= *.jpg"22:44
unicornjedihere is a pastebin for /var/log/pm-suspend.log   and    sudo lspci -vnn | grep -A12 VGA     and    cat /proc/cmdline22:44
tdannecyjiomi: Yes. It should remove metadata from all jpg images within that directory.22:45
jiomiwhat if I want to remove it from a particular file?22:45
tdannecyadac: Which printer driver do you have installed for that printer?22:45
tdannecyjiomi: The command would then be "exiftool -all=YOUFRILENAME.jpg"22:46
jiomitdannecy, what if I want to remove it from a particular file?22:46
sergeymy wacom tablet isn't working on ubuntu 12.0422:47
sergeyit's a new version of wacom intuos tablet.22:47
adactdannecy, actually It was found via printer settings as a ntwork printer so I just used the standard driver I guess. I did not install one22:47
adacwhere can i see that?22:47
jiomitdannecy, thank you very much"22:47
tdannecyadac: Np22:47
tdannecyadac: You should change the printer drive by opening the printer settings, right clicking and going to properties, and selecting the "postscript-samsung" printer driver.22:48
Jordan_UaMoniker: There is only --no-target-directory, and that requires the target directory to be either non-existant or empty.22:48
tdannecyadac: It might be easier to remove the printer and add it again with the correct driver.22:48
aMonikerJordan_U: ok, I'll just mv the target, mv the replacement, and rm the old target22:48
jiomitdannecy, can I use this tool with .png files?22:48
jjavaholichow do you set /home/username as a windows share and how can i set up user username userpassward credentials that match?22:49
ianananananwrong window :322:49
gvoI have a strange networking problem.  I have a netbook running 12.04 and a desktop running the same.  The desktop refuses to connect to a specific router but will connect to another in the area.  The error message is "bad password".  The netbook will connect to either router with no problem.  The desktop is configured identical to the netbook.  I even copied and pasted the passwd to the...22:49
gvo...desktop to be sure.  Any ideas what might be wrong?22:50
ianananananwhat exactly happens when i mptcp -r?22:50
adactdannecy, can this be done also via cups webinterface?22:50
tdannecyjiomi: You should be able to by just switching the file name. It should be automatic with that extension. You can also run "man exiftool" to get the full arguments. Also check here to see the complete metadata tags in png files: http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/TagNames/PNG.html22:51
stunts513anybody know why the "disable touchpad while typing" option wouldnt be working when checked off?22:51
jiomitdannecy, i tried with a png file, and the response was "no file specified", then I saved it as "jpeg", and it gave the same error.22:51
tdannecyadac: You should be able to. I can't walk you through the specifics (because I don't have a printer installed on this unit), but the options should be relatively the same. You're looking to switch the drivers to "postscript-samsung" and you should be good to go.22:52
tdannecyjiomi: What's the exact command you ran in the Terminal?22:52
jiomi:~/Photos$ exiftool -all=mypicture.jpeg22:52
jiomitdannecy, it was   :~/Photos$ exiftool -all=mypicture.jpeg22:53
unicornjedidoes anyone have time later today to help me with this problem?22:53
adactdannecy, yes I just found it. it is pretty much self explaining. Thanks a lot mate!22:53
tdannecyadac: Np!22:54
unicornjedican anyone read me?22:54
tdannecyjiomi: Give me a minute.22:54
tdannecy!ask | unicornjedi22:54
ubottuunicornjedi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:54
unicornjediare you serious.... i said my problem 3 times22:55
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unicornjedihello, i have a problem with ubuntu 13.10. My computer does not wake up properly from suspend. When I wake up the computer all I get is a black screen. The monitors do detect a video input though.22:58
unicornjedihere is a pastebin for /var/log/pm-suspend.log   and    sudo lspci -vnn | grep -A12 VGA     and    cat /proc/cmdline22:58
unicornjedi http://paste.ubuntu.com/7041051/22:58
unicornjedi http://paste.ubuntu.com/7041084/22:58
unicornjedican anyone read what i just posted?22:58
tgm4883unicornjedi, yes22:59
tdannecyjiomi: If you're removing metadata, run "exiftool -all= YOURFILENAME.jpg". I forgot the space when I typed it earlier... Sorry about that.23:00
unicornjeditgm4883, thank you23:00
gkmngrgnhello I installed gnome3 from gnome3-team ppa repository and upgraded to ubuntu 14.04. now, unity does not start smoothly, there's a black screen: http://i.imgur.com/tBQweN0.png how can I fix this problem?23:00
tdannecyjiomi: That tool will remove the metadata from your original file and create a backup named "YOURFILENAME.jpg_original" in the same directory.23:01
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unicornjediif anyone has the solution to this problem, ill be back on this channel in 2 hours23:01
arayaqgkmngrgn: support for Ubuntu 14.04 isn't given in this channel until release date, maybe in ##ubuntu+1 they can help you23:02
tripelbMy panel icin for networking vanished and I would like it back.  (also adobe upgrade wont load, repeatedly) 12.04 Gnome-classic 12.0423:03
gkmngrgnarayaq, ok but I repeated this problem with 13.10. it's related with gnome3 repository and I tried to remove gnome3 packages. but it doesn't solve the problem.23:03
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arayaqgkmngrgn: that's part of the risks you assume when adding ppa's23:08
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adactdannecy, I chose this one: Driver:Samsung CLX-4190 Series , Postscript-Samsung 20140110 (OpenPrinting LSB 3.2) (color, 2-sided printing)   ...but sill no luck unfortuntaly23:09
adacDefaults:job-sheets=none, none media=na_letter_8.5x11in sides=one-sided23:09
dgarstangCan I do... apt-get install foo>=1.1 or similar?23:11
dgarstangI know I can do apt-get install foo==1.123:12
dgarstangor maybe it's just '='23:12
MonkeyDustdgarstang  apt-cache search foo | less ... then install whatever package you need23:14
tdannecyadac: Is this a network printer?23:15
dgarstangMonkeyDust: Trying to automate. sounds like scrapage is required23:15
adactdannecy, exactly. For now I choose to use ipp23:16
dgarstangMonkeyDust: that assumes that /bin/sort follows the same rules as ">"...23:16
tdannecyadac: I'm all out of options, but this forum post looks promising: http://www.devhardware.com/forums/peripherals-72/using-a-samsung-clx-3170-clx-3175fn-scanner-via-network-in-ubuntu-263036.html23:16
adactdannecy, thanks I will have a look at that!23:17
jjavaholicwhat is going wrong here: http://pastebin.com/cEda9fTE23:17
adactdannecy, one mor thing: could it be that the printing is somehow password protcted?23:17
basketballwhen i press caps lock button on usb keyboard how do i turn on the caps lock light on laptop23:17
tdannecyadac: I have no idea about what Samsung's setup would be. You might want to check their manuals? Sorry buddy. Not too sure about that.23:18
tripelbMy panel icin for networking vanished and I would like it back.  (also adobe upgrade wont load, repeatedly) 12.04 Gnome-classic 12.04  asking again after a half hour.23:18
jiomitdannecy, it is the same command as before. the space was there before23:19
OerHeksbasketball, press caps lock on laptop too23:19
basketballOerHeks,  how do i sync them23:19
jiomitdannecy, now it worked, thank you!23:20
skiftin mt web directory, at /var/www, i want to set it so when I create a directory, it keeps the 'www-data' user/group. I tried adding the sticky bit to the permissions, and shows 'rwsrwsr-w' but when I create a directory, it is still owned by me. the parent directory is 'www-data'23:20
tdannecyjiomi: Np!23:20
jiomitdannecy, it seems the extension is case sensitive, I had to enter Jpeg instead of jpeg23:20
tdannecyjiomi: Aha! Tricky little command...23:21
tdannecyjiomi: It's much easier to tab-complete the filename. That way you won't mess up the spelling.23:21
tdannecytripelb: If you're looking for the network indicator, it can be reinstalled by running "sudo apt-get install indicator-network". After that, log out and log back in.23:22
genii!info hexchat23:23
ubottuPackage hexchat does not exist in saucy23:23
genii!info hexchat trusty23:23
ubottuhexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 317 kB, installed size 1024 kB23:23
* genii smacks the bot23:24
jon__is this the channel for help?23:24
OerHeksjon__, as the topic says so23:25
jon__ah good because it was hard searching through the giant list of channels on irc23:26
jon__it's a feature of ubuntu to lower your brightness after a power failure or ur laptop right? or is it a thinkpad thing23:27
jon__because it lowered my brightness and usually i can turn it back, but this time i can't.23:27
zsw__how can i get the kali linux desktop inviroment23:27
Ben64zsw__: kali linux is not supported here, and not part of ubuntu23:28
geniizsw__: Why not go to their channel #kali-linux and ask there.23:29
zsw__i know but what sudo command would i use to download Kali desktop environment23:29
geniizsw__: Kali is it's own distribution with it's own install CD/DVD. You can't magically transform your Ubuntu into Kali by some package you install23:31
basketballhow do i sync the caps lock num lock and scroll lock lights on laptop and usb keyboard23:32
adactdannecy, yeah I'm moving back to the manuals :)23:32
geniizsw__: If you want Kali, go download whatever ISO image is for your system at http://www.kali.org/downloads/23:33
adacok got to go. thanks again tdannecy !23:33
zsw__i dont have a large eneugh usb to boot it on23:33
jiomitdannecy, it worked now. thank you very much!23:34
geniizsw__: Then i guess you're screwed until you have one23:35
jiomitdannecy, just one last question, is there a way to see if all metadata is deleted?23:35
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dgarstangcan I use file:/// in sources.list ?23:37
windowsany way to find terminal shorcut23:44
windowsin kubuntu23:44
OerHekswindows, konsole has no shortcut AFAIK, so you can make one23:44
geniiwindows: Rightclick on K menu... Edit applications... System... Konsole... "Advanced" tab on right... on bottom is where to make the shortcut23:46
basketballhow do i sync the caps indicator on the keyboard between usb keyboard and laptop keyboard23:47
geniiwindows: As well, for Kubuntu support, it is probably better to ask in the #kubuntu channel :)23:47
potentialI am a Ubuntu user and I have a privacy concern.23:48
potentialIs there any way to check if someone is accessing my personal data?23:50
=== Tex_Nick is now known as TxNk
potentialI take that as a "no".23:52
omg_scoutwhat do you mean personal data? Files?23:52
potentialyes, files, creative content.23:53
MonkeyDustpotential  why do you think someone is?23:54
potentialbecause I am the president of the United States of America, that's why.23:54
OerHekspotential, did you enable your firewall?23:57
potentialI thought Linux didn't need a "firewall".23:58
bazhang!ufw | potential23:59
ubottupotential: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo23:59

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