wuxiaoyiypwong   your IM  is ibus?00:45
ypwongwuxiaoyi, yes01:52
wuxiaoyiso  you should make install fcitx01:53
ypwongwuxiaoyi, can I just apt-get install some packages to satisfy it?01:53
ypwongwuxiaoyi, I need to get the fcitx source code?01:54
wuxiaoyiThe best method is using ubuntukylin01:56
wuxiaoyiyou can try to compile the fcitx source code on ubuntu01:59
wuxiaoyiyou can apt-get install fcitx on ubuntu01:59
wuxiaoyithen switching fcitx02:00
ypwongwuxiaoyi, but you know, when we build the package, we can't recompile fcitx at the same time.02:16
wuxiaoyifcitx depend some package02:37
wuxiaoyiso   sudo apt-get install fcitx in Terminal02:38
ypwongwuxiaoyi, I already have fcitx installed02:42
ypwongbut the compile still fails02:43
wuxiaoyisorry ! we must test it.02:46
freeflyingwuxiaoyi:  sudo apt-get build-dep install you build dependency02:47
wuxiaoyiit is ok  in ubuntukylin02:47
freeflyingwuxiaoyi: Not install binary does the job02:47
freeflyingwuxiaoyi: It not specific to any diversity, it's principal in deb world02:48
wuxiaoyiok  thanks, Try to do it later02:56
ypwongfreeflying, how's Macao? have you met Hugh?03:24
ypwongfrom his facebook status, seems he's there03:25
freeflyingypwong: He just arrived this morning, had a quick chat, need to catch up later03:26
ypwongfreeflying, say hello to him03:27
freeflyingypwong: Sure03:27
ypwongwuxiaoyi, hi08:00
wuxiaoyiypwong, hi08:00
ypwongwuxiaoyi, sorry I can't type chinese now. Are you free to do a short sync up with fanjun and me now on the phone?08:01
ypwongwuxiaoyi, don't worry if you are busy08:04
ypwongwuxiaoyi, fcitx-libs-dev08:28
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