xnoxali1234: it's easier to parse files /usr/share/unity/indicators/*, make a list of processes and exec all of them / sigterm and kill them.00:00
xnoxali1234: also, without dbus activation there is nothing to activate indicators with if they auto shutdown.00:00
xnoxali1234: honestly using upstart for indicators is a massive overkill.00:01
ali1234i don't really care as long as it works :/00:05
ali1234we use upstart for session init anyway, and it seems to work okay there with the workaround00:05
xnoxali1234: real session init is different, as the startup and shutdown events are different and there is more of them.00:21
xnoxali1234: for "indicator-session" tedg crippled that work a fair amount.00:22
pittiGood morning05:28
Mirvdarn, with arm64 the 10GB size limit of the PPA came to full05:29
Mirvand morning05:29
darkxstpitti, hey06:28
darkxstok to change gnome-session instance to use XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP instead of DESKTOP_SESSION?06:29
darkxstthe current code makes no sense, given only gnome + gnome-classic should be using g-s-d06:29
pittihey darkxst06:31
pittidarkxst: hm, I don't think I can give a qualified answer to that immediately06:32
pittidarkxst: you mean $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is an "official" one, and $DESKTOP_SESSION is an Ubuntu-ism?06:32
darkxstDESKTOP_SESSION is just the session name06:33
pittiwhich components set these? I guess lightdm/gdm are involved with that?06:33
darkxstu-s-d is start on INSTANCE=ubuntu06:33
pittior is that just purely {gnome,ubuntu}-session?06:33
darkxstbut other sessions will need u-s-d06:33
darkxstyes they are set by lightdm/gdm06:33
pittidarkxst: i. e. you are running /usr/share/xsessions/$DESKTOP_SESSION.desktop ?06:34
pittiand lightdm/gdm set that?06:34
darkxstpitti, mitya57 has (or is in the process of) switched gnome-flashback to XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity06:35
darkxstbut it still starts g-s-d, rather than u-s-d06:35
darkxstdue the gnome-session instance in upstart being based of DESKTOP_SESSION06:35
pittidarkxst: so $DESKTOP_SESSION is set by the login manager, while $XDG_C_D is set by gnome/ubuntu-session itself?06:36
darkxstthey are both set by login manager, but desktop_session is just the session name06:36
darkxstXDG_C_D will either be Unity or GNOME06:36
pittiExec=gnome-session --session=ubuntu06:37
pittii. e.  ubuntu.desktop actually starts unity, and never gnome06:37
pittiI had expected this to say Exec=ubuntu-session now, after the split?06:37
pittidarkxst: so /usr/share/xsessions/ubuntu.desktop says --session=ubuntu, what does that mean?06:38
pittidarkxst: it sounds a bit recursive :)06:39
pittidarkxst: anyway, you understand this a lot more than I do, so if it's the right thing to do and doesn't break anything existing, go ahead06:41
darkxstpitti, ubuntu-session only provides the desktop file, that is called by --session=ubuntu06:41
pitti(I'm just curious how it works these days)06:41
pittidarkxst: right, my question is why --session=ubuntu is *in* ubuntu.desktop -- at this point we already know that we want the ubuntu session06:41
pittii. e. that --session=ubuntu obviously does something else than selecting a session .desktop06:42
darkxstthere are two different session desktop files06:42
darkxstone for xsession and one for gnome-session06:42
pittiaah, /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/ubuntu.session06:42
pittidarkxst: so lightdm/gdm read /usr/share/xsessions/, the user chooses "ubuntu", /u/s/xsessions/ubuntu.desktop starts gnome-session --session=ubuntu06:43
darkxstXDG_C_D (in upstart jobs) is set from X-LightDM-DesktopName06:43
pittidarkxst: and this reads /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/ubuntu.session and thus starts u-settings-daemon, compiz, and sets XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=<DesktopName>, i. e. "Unity"?06:44
pittidoes that sound right?06:44
darkxstpitti, nope, upstart jobs don't see gnome-session variables06:44
pittidarkxst: right, I mean just in terms of how the session is choosen and started (ignoring upstart jobs)06:45
darkxstwell yes, although u-s-d and g-s-d are started by upstart06:45
darkxstcompiz, gnome-shell etc get start via gnome-session06:46
pittiah yes; the above clearly wasn't complicated enough yet :-)06:46
pittidarkxst: thanks for the heads-up06:46
pittidarkxst: so X-LightDM-DesktopName=Unity is the thing which gets exported to $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP, and that's what upstart jobs see?06:46
pitti(is it just me, or does that whole thing contain about two more layers of indirection than one can grasp?)06:47
pittiinstance $DESKTOP_SESSION06:48
pittiexec gnome-session --session=$DESKTOP_SESSION06:48
pittiok, so it seems this circumvents/overrides what's in /usr/share/xsessions/ubuntu.desktop?06:48
darkxstseemingly, but regardless the 'instance' is unrelated to the exec06:50
darkxstbut DESKTOP_SESSION still comes from /usr/share/xsessions/ubuntu.desktop06:52
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Sweetsharkseb128: I just closed bug 739184 as "wontfix" in LibreOffice as the last comment clearly indicates its an issue in indicator-appmenu. This was the hightest heat bug in LibreOffice and still is the second highest heat bug in indicator-appmenu now and has been around since 2011 ...09:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 739184 in unity (Ubuntu) "[Libreoffice] Mnemonics do not work in Unity" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73918409:20
seb128Sweetshark, ok, thanks09:21
Sweetsharkseb128: anything possible to maybe priotize this? it seems to be one of these "wont touch this" things ...09:21
Sweetshark(TBH I dont think it will be solved for LTS, but still ...)09:22
seb128Sweetshark, it's supposed to be fixed in trusty I think, seems to work for me09:23
Sweetsharkseb128: oh? yey! ;)09:24
seb128Sweetshark, it was fixed in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/7.1.2+14.04.20140214.1-0ubuntu109:25
Sweetsharkseb128: cool, anyone wanting to claim ownership of the bug and collect the karma for the fix? (its still in state confirmed/triaged in unity/indicator-appmenu on launchpad)09:27
seb128Sweetshark, I just close it09:28
Sweetsharkseb128: ok.09:28
seb128but karma goes to attente who fixed it ;-)09:28
seb128you can assign to him to reflect that09:28
* Sweetshark hugs attente.09:28
Sweetsharkseb128: done09:31
seb128Sweetshark, thanks09:31
pittihey seb12809:35
pittimoin moin seb12809:36
Sweetsharkmoin moin pitti ;)09:36
seb128pitti, hey, wie gehts?09:36
pittigut, danke!09:36
seb128larsu, mdeslaur, others annoyed by that: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-001/ has a compiz version supposed to fix the "shrinking" windows, if somebody want to test it09:49
seb128https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-008/ has "unity as lock screen"09:49
seb128which might be another good one09:49
* seb128 opts in for both09:50
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seb128dpm, hey10:42
seb128dpm, how are you?10:43
dpmhey seb128, good, good, and you?10:43
seb128dpm, if I go to http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.04/qml/ui-toolkit/overview-ubuntu-sdk.html and click on "resources" in the top titles that gives me a page not found error, is that known?10:43
seb128dpm, I'm good thanks10:43
dpmseb128, those urls are deprecated. We're keeping them because things like scopes documentation haven't been imported into d.u.c yet. Try using http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/qml/api/ instead10:45
dpmwe should be taking down the deprecated ones, yes10:45
seb128it's unfortunate because those are the first results in google for "ubuntu ui toolkit"10:45
seb128the first and only one on the first page10:46
dpmyeah :/10:47
* dpm notes down a point for discussion in the docs session at UDS10:47
dpmseb128, updated the WIs on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-1403-dev-doc-next-steps10:51
seb128dpm, thanks10:51
seb128bregma, Trevinho: silo 1 (the compiz fix) looks good to me (been running it for some hours), you guys should land it ;-) (the lockscreen has some issues though, cf my email, so maybe not that one yet)11:34
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bregmaseb128, I'm getting an unusually high number of AP test failures with that landing, I'm moving testing to a different machine and rerunning to see if it's just a messed-up test environment11:36
seb128bregma, the compiz one or the unity one?11:36
bregmaseb128, I have both, which means rerunning with just the compiz one on a cleaner machine11:36
seb128I wouldn't be surprised if the unity one had issues11:37
bregmaon the other hand, the lock screen seems to work when tested manually11:37
seb128the minimize animation looks different to me for example11:37
seb128but maybe that one is just me, I don't minimize often, I hit it by error a bit earlier11:38
seb128lock screen works nicely indeed ;-)11:38
mdeslaurseb128: new compiz seems great, thanks! (thanks Trevinho!)11:42
Saviqseb128, you knowing the desktop... it seems like some windows (nautilus, xchat-gnome for me) again shrink on opening, most probably due to menu bar going away (into the global bar)12:12
SaviqI remember that bug from days back, it seems to be here again12:12
seb128Saviq, https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-001/+sourcepub/4010774/+listing-archive-extra12:13
seb128bug 120430712:13
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1204307 in Compiz "Regression: The size of all windows grows by the size of the decoration each time Compiz gets restarted" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120430712:13
Saviqseb128, I'm not sure that's that...12:14
seb128the bug referenced is wrong12:14
seb128Saviq, well, if if what you describe is "windows shrink by their decoration height", that's fixed in that ci train landing12:15
Saviqseb128, ok12:15
* Saviq gets that12:15
seb128Saviq, you can install compiz and verify ;-)12:15
seb128Saviq, eperm on that url12:15
SaviqI'm doing just that :)12:15
Trevinhomdeslaur: yw... Sorry for delay, but I've a list full of things, and deadlines approaching :P12:21
mdeslaurTrevinho: np, I know how it is :)12:23
Saviqseb128, grr, anyway, it's fixed12:31
seb128Saviq, why "grrr" then? ;-)12:32
Saviqseb128, grrr for perms ;)12:32
seb128good it's fixed ;-)12:32
Saviqseb128, how about nautilus hanging on opening new window when gvfs times out? i.e. gvfs-mounted ssh connection goes away for whatever reason, clicking the nautilus icon results in the "hourglass" icon indefinitely12:33
Trevinhoseb128: ah I've a question for you: what is the most safe way to detect a guest session?12:33
seb128Saviq, I don't know about this one, feel free to open a bug with a stacktrace of the hang12:34
seb128Trevinho, I've no idea, that's one for robert_ancell rather ;-)12:35
Trevinhoseb128: ok, thanks, as for now I've used the "guest-" prefix trick... but not the best thing probably12:35
Saviqseb128, well, it's not actually hanging... it's just waiting for gvfs... I did apport-bug --hanging and bug #1290835 is the result12:36
seb128Saviq, thanks (I see what you mean)12:36
Trevinhoseb128: do we also want to see the switch to guest in the locker?12:48
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seb128Trevinho, no strong opinion on this one, it's available from the greeter12:56
Trevinhoseb128: unfortunately not to patch all the indicators to support a new kind of indicator, for now we've to use a workaround in unity: we load indicators in lockscreen_mode if any is available, otherwise we fallback to greeter mode, but is not the nices solution13:02
seb128Trevinho, that seems a good way to deal with the transition13:03
Trevinhoseb128: yeah it would have been nicer if indicator_ng_new_for_profile would have returned a null if the profile is not available, but it doesn't seem to be the case... :/13:03
Trevinholarsu: ^ I guess you don't want to do that as the profile might be available anyway or is it a bug?13:05
larsuTrevinho: indicatorng has a failable constructor, it should return NULL when it can't find the profile13:07
larsuif not, that would be a bug13:07
Trevinholarsu: it doesn't :(13:07
Trevinholarsu: it always returns a valid indicator...13:08
larsuTrevinho: ah indeed. It fails when it can't load the file, but not if it can't load the profile13:08
larsuI think that's dumb. Let me see why I did it that way (and change it if I can)13:08
Trevinholarsu: thanks13:08
larsuTrevinho: hm, there's a comment in there that non-existant profiles are handled by returning a valid indicator but leaving it empty13:09
larsuand I think I did that because otherwise panels would have to deal with that13:10
Trevinholarsu: mh, probably but... the fact is that also valid indicators are not empty, so it's hard do get which one is valid or not13:10
TrevinhoI mean, they get filled by signals..13:10
larsuTrevinho: why do you want to know?13:10
Trevinholarsu: since I want to add a new lockscren profile, but falling back to greeter if that is not avaialbe13:11
Trevinho(not to patch all the indicators)13:11
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Trevinholarsu: i guess all the panels handle possible null values on return I think, btw...13:12
Trevinhoas indicators might always not be installed13:12
larsubut I don't like the idea of panels implementing fallbacks13:12
larsuthen we'd have them in two places13:12
larsuwhy don't you just patch the indicator files?13:12
Trevinholarsu: yeah, so... is it that enough or should I also patch the code?13:13
larsuTrevinho: no, I prefer to keep it this way now that I remember why I did it. Feel free to ping me with the MRs for quick approval (I can also help out if you don't have the time. let me know)13:14
larsuMRs for indicator files, I mean ;)13:14
Trevinholarsu: ok, thank... an help would be appreciated, yes :P13:15
Trevinholarsu: probably some custom modes should be applied to indicator keyboard (that is showing all the things always) and indicator-session (on which I'm working on now)13:16
larsuTrevinho: simply have a [lock_screen] profile which points to [greeter]? For which indicators?13:16
Trevinholarsu: all :)13:17
Trevinhoa part from messaging13:17
larsuTrevinho: dude.13:17
larsuif I apply the fallback to all, just use the other profile13:17
Trevinholarsu: yes, sure...13:17
Trevinholarsu: I meant that for indicator-session I need to make the desktop_lockscreen profile a little different13:17
Trevinhothat's what I'm doing now13:18
Trevinholarsu: so, just need datetime, keyboard power and sound13:18
larsuTrevinho: okay, will do.,13:19
Trevinho(keyboard to be fixed later, btw)13:19
Trevinholarsu: thanks a lot13:19
larsuTrevinho: I wonder if we should have a default ObjectPath, so that keyboard can have the same thing on all profiles13:19
larsuprobably not worth it though, as most indicators will be slightly different on the profiles13:20
Trevinholarsu: keyboard need not to show some options in lockscreen mode (the ones to open options)...13:20
larsuah okay13:20
larsuthere you go :)13:20
Trevinholarsu: is currently doing that in greeter, but not showing since.. well it's thte greeter :)13:21
larsuTrevinho: lockscreen or lock_screen?13:22
seb128Trevinho, larsu: speaking of sound, what should be the behaviour on the lock screen? Having the play/pause controls is somewhat nice, but having the players listed means anyone can start those...13:22
Trevinholarsu: I've called it desktop_lockscreen13:22
larsuTrevinho: okay13:22
Trevinhoseb128: probably showing the one playuing only13:22
larsuseb128: is there a bug about that?13:22
seb128larsu, not yet, I just noticed, I'm going to open one13:23
larsucool, I'll fix it later13:23
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larsuTrevinho: MRs are up13:30
Trevinholarsu: cool, approving in a sec13:30
Trevinhobregma: we'd need also these http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7073548/ in the ppa, and soon to rebuild unity...13:33
Trevinhoseb128: as for the session indicator, do we want a list of users (as it happens with  desktop) or just a way to switch to greeter to select user?13:41
seb128Trevinho, I'm not a designer :p I'm happy with any of those solutions13:41
seb128I still think that design is wrong btw13:41
seb128imho we need an element next to the password entry to send to the greeter13:41
seb128it's really unconvenient to go all the way to the menu for that13:42
Trevinhoseb128: mh well, it might be, but it wouldn't be consistent with desktop still13:42
Trevinhoimho the lockscreen should be user-centric, switching is just something that might happen13:43
seb128desktop doesn't have a password entry in the middle :p13:43
seb128yeah, maybe13:43
attenteTrevinho: hey, about https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/compiz/1284532/+merge/208908/comments/495199, is that unity profile also used for flashback?13:45
Trevinhoattente: no, but the gsettings are shared between profiles by default13:53
Trevinhoattente: so basically the gsettings defaults should have all we need, then you can use migration scripts to add/remove things per profile13:54
Trevinhonot the best thing, but what we've to deal with13:54
attenteTrevinho: ok, thanks13:57
Trevinhoseb128: we should probably handle differnetly the case where w've multiple users: in that case we show a "Lock/Switch Account…" label... and that's fine, but  I think we should use a different callback then (so use unity greeter by default)14:00
seb128om26er, there?14:02
om26erseb128, hello14:02
seb128om26er, hey14:03
seb128om26er, could you rebase https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu-system-settings/pep8_pyflakes_fix/+merge/207966 on https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-system-settings/migration-script-no-crash/+merge/210005 ?14:03
seb128om26er, I'm trying to do a landing, we have a bunch of changes in the queue, but those 2 conflicts14:03
seb128om26er, should be a trivial change, but Laney is off on holidays so yours need to be rebased14:04
om26erseb128, will do that in 20mins, in a standup. is that fine ?14:04
seb128om26er, sure, thanks14:04
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Trevinholarsu: here you are https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/indicator-session/lockscreen-mode/+merge/21041514:07
larsuTrevinho: charles maintains session. I'd be happier if he did the review14:07
larsu(looks good to me though)14:07
Trevinholarsu: ah sure... I can wait charles review then :)14:08
Trevinhocharles: let me know if you prefer to move things in a different function, instead of these "ifs" based on profile...14:08
seb128sil2100, didrocks, pitti, others: want to test https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-009/ ? should fix unity grabbing the keybinding from your command line IRC clients14:18
pittiseb128: ah, I remember that I once had that problem (grabbing alt+left/right/up), but I don't remember any more how I worked around it14:24
pittiseb128: i. e. what do I need to do to undo this workaround?14:24
seb128pitti, dunno, that bug is new from trusty, if your workaround is old it's probably not the same issue14:24
pittiseb128: it happened maybe three weeks ago or so?14:25
seb128pitti, the issue there is things like "ctrl-<letter>" activating a menu item rather than the feature they are mapped to in e.g irssi14:25
seb128pitti, right14:25
sil2100seb128: oh, it's built, testing then!14:25
seb128did you remap your keybindings? or disabled the integrated menu?14:25
pittiah, I noticed that alt+b now opens the terminal menu instead of my previous keybinding to put the window to the back14:25
pittiseb128: I remapped that wm function to ctrl+b14:25
pittiI didn't think that was a bug14:26
pittiit definitively grabbed alt+cursor as well, but I can't say any more what the workaround was14:26
seb128pitti, that seems different from conflict with local commands and menu14:26
seb128hum, k14:26
slowconhey guys. looking to downgrade from unity to lxde14:33
slowconwould you suggest rebuilding the server?14:33
seb128slowcon, hey, wrong channel, #ubuntu for user questions14:33
slowconthanks seb12814:34
larsuseb128: is bug #1290067 about there not being a "New Empty Document" thing anymore?14:34
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1290067 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "New File menu in nautilus (ubuntu session) is missing option to create a 'New Document'" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129006714:34
seb128larsu, yes14:35
sil2100seb128: tested it quickly locally on guest session and it seems to fix the issue \o/14:35
sil2100seb128: unity-gtk-module that is14:36
seb128sil2100, thanks, landing that then (I tested with other apps/normal usecases here)14:36
sil2100seb128: thank you!14:37
seb128sil2100, credits go to attente for doing all the work, I'm just doing the landing14:38
sil2100attente: thanks for fixing, it's so good to have irssi working nicely with my terminal again14:39
attentesil2100: seb128: thanks for landing ;)14:41
seb128attente, yw! I didn't block on the one desrt started reviewing, we can do another for that one when it's ready14:41
attenteseb128: yeah, not worried since it's low priority14:43
desrtthe use_underline one?14:44
attentedesrt: yeah14:47
desrtattente: replied again14:48
xnoxnew wallpapers are up on the bug report =) \o/14:48
desrtmy brain is not working well this week :(14:48
seb128xnox, nice, who is uploading?14:48
seb128xnox, btw did you manage to help mpt with his upgrade issues?14:48
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mptseb128, we’re still in the middle of upgrading14:49
seb128mpt, I though you were done upgrading but the machine wouldn't boot anymore14:49
xnoxseb128: no idea, the tarball is up on the bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-wallpapers/+bug/1275798 I've never done fresh series of wallpapers.14:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1275798 in ubuntu-wallpapers (Ubuntu) "14.04 wallpapers package" [Undecided,New]14:49
xnoxseb128: we are booted into trusty14:49
mptseb128, that was because the upgrade got stuck part-way14:49
seb128oh :/14:49
seb128kenvandine, who does wallpapers updates nowadays? still you? ;-) see ^14:50
kenvandinesure :)14:50
xnoxseb128: yeah, new kernel wasn't installed, grub was out-of-sync and most packages were unpacked but not configured =/ a complete mess. and ifupdown did a confffile prompt =/14:50
seb128kenvandine, thanks ;-)14:51
mptseb128, so I was right about the conf file prompt after all14:51
seb128mpt, seems so14:51
om26erseb128, i merged with that branch but pep8 fails on the migrator script with: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7073921/14:53
om26erI had to: from __future__ import print_function14:53
om26eris that fine to keep that in ?14:53
seb128om26er, seems fine to me, if that makes it happy14:58
charlesTrevinho: if the changes were bigger, it would make more sense to split the new profile out into separate code... but I'm ok with the if's you've got in that MR14:59
Trevinhocharles: nice :)14:59
charlesTrevinho: thanks for the patch :)14:59
Trevinhocharles: yw15:00
om26erseb128, btw a first attempt to improve those tests is also ready. https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu-system-settings/fix_tests/+merge/21010215:03
ritz_cyphermox,  hi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/1116317 . planning to push the debian patch in ?15:05
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1116317 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu Raring) "[ffe] allow option to create user connections by default" [Medium,In progress]15:05
seb128om26er, yeah, I saw, it's a lot of changes, would be nice to have smaller merge proposal with limited scope15:06
om26erits still 25% of it ;)15:06
seb128still, you mix different improvements and it's not easy to understand where you are going/why you are changing things15:07
om26erI tried to differentiate everything in each commit15:08
om26erseb128, I can try to divide it, though most of it is only changing the test_about which I think makes sense to change together15:09
seb128om26er, ok, I guess I'm going to try to spend time understanding where you are going and why then15:09
seb128om26er, it would help if you would put that in the description15:09
seb128om26er, hum, did the pyflake merge request url change? did you superseed the previous one?15:10
seb128om26er, what is invalid on https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu-system-settings/pep8_pyflakes_fix/+merge/207966 ?15:10
om26erseb128, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu-system-settings/pep8_pyflakes_fix/+merge/21043015:10
om26erseb128, I had to do a resubmit because didn't find a way to add laney's branch as prerequisite for already proposed branch15:11
seb128om26er, right, that's really annoying, I had the old URL in a CI train landing silo, I need to ask for a silo reconfiguration if you change the url15:11
seb128that's fine then, I'm keeping the old one15:11
seb128they merge in order15:11
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seb128tedg, attente: indicator-keyboard doesn't seem to have an upstart script or autostart, is that wanted?16:09
seb128(I guess it's working through dbus activation)16:09
tedgseb128, Yeah, MR proposed, waiting for silo.16:10
seb128tedg, oh ok, you included it with the start changes?16:10
tedgseb128, Yeah, makes every indicator the same. :-)16:10
mptxnox, those erlang packages were used by couchdb, which I guess was left over from Ubuntu One16:20
xnoxmpt: =)16:21
seb128we need to do a better job at cleaning stuff on upgrade16:21
mptxnox, the new person to review visual design changes is Jouni Helminen16:28
xnoxmpt: cool.16:29
xnoxseb128: Laney: experiencing high-dpi on markm's machine is cool. So it's bare-metal now, and after scaling gnome and unity all is good, but we don't have a scaling web-browser. Both firefox and chromium use gtk2?! and webbrowser-app/qt5 is not picking up scaling either =(16:38
xnoxooh, i'll try out epiphany-browser, maybe that would work?!16:39
seb128xnox, qengho is working on hidpi support in chromium, he has a ppa for it16:39
Trevinholarsu: I saw you've an ubuntu-themes patch waiting, I?ve one that is going to be ready in few minutes as well, I guess we can just make one landing together, isn't i?16:39
xnoxseb128: oh, cool. Link? i'd like markm to try that out.16:40
seb128xnox, https://launchpad.net/~cmiller/+archive/chromium-browser-dev-daily16:40
larsuTrevinho: yes. There'll be another one coming as well16:40
seb128Trevinho, yeah, don't worry, no theme landing today, we can do one tomorrow or later in the week16:41
Trevinhoseb128: well, it's UIF coming, and this needs to go in before, isn't it: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/ubuntu-themes/borderless-decorations16:41
seb128Trevinho, right, UIF is thursday, so still some days to land16:42
seb128Trevinho, we already did a theme landing today, we can do another one tomorrow16:42
Trevinhoalso today is my last day for this week, so... Although I might be somewhat available, I'm not here by day16:42
seb128Trevinho, oh, urg, I hope the lockscreen is in shape/others unity member can get it through16:44
seb128Trevinho, enjoy your days off!16:44
seb128Trevinho, can you get somebody to review/approve the theme change btw? maybe a designer?16:44
Trevinhoseb128: the lockscreen is in shape I think... and andyrock could check it in case anyway. Anyway, if there are problems I'll surely check what happens in the evening (I'm going to ski, so... in the eveing there's always time for some rest :P)16:46
seb128Trevinho, ;-)16:46
Trevinhoseb128: as for the theme changes, I've done them with jounih16:46
seb128ok, good16:46
seb128so just get him to approve it ;-)16:46
TrevinhoI should probably mention it on the MR16:46
seb128bregma, so what's the landing status for the lockscreen? do you need help?16:55
seb128bregma, Laney said it needs to land by wednesday for the ffe to be valid, I don't see that happening if we don't make a push for it16:56
bregmaseb128, I'm redoing the AP tests, now that the compiz landing is out of the way ... takes a couple of hours for a complete run16:59
seb128bregma, well, we know that we are going to need to add indicators to that landing slot, we should do that now and ask for a reconfigure16:59
seb128bregma, there is no point to wait for the autopilot results to do that17:00
bregmammm, true17:00
seb128that would get use closer from testing a full set17:00
seb128even if we need another round when you get the results of the tests17:00
seb128bregma, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7074536/ imho17:02
bregmaseb128, how can you answer questions I'm typing before I even hit enter?17:02
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Trevinholol, well I also pasted that before... probably it got lost :)17:40
Trevinhobregma: the lockscreen packages were building because the commit message missing. I've fixed them17:57
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seb128Trevinho, seems like he already kicked a retry ;-)18:00
bregmasome indicators are getting a depwait on ppc64el: missing liburl-dispatcher1-dev18:19
seb128bregma, that's fine, it's normal state in the archive as well18:22
seb128it boils down to qt5 missing on those archs, britney is going to be fine with it since it's not a regression18:23
bregmathat britney, she's such a sport sometimes18:23
bregmausually she is not my friend at all18:23
seb128yeah that happens when you are not nice to her... ;-)18:24
bregmaseb128, my AP test runs with the lockscreen silo on a clean(er) machine look good: assuming the latest indicator changes conform, will we be OK to land this change?18:35
seb128bregma, seems good to me yes, I've been running that ppa all day and I didn't notice issues (out of the indicators which are building atm)18:36
* didrocks waves good evening and good night!18:40
BigWhaleBorderless gnome terminal will hurt my productivity. Just so you ALL know this. ;)18:42
seb128Trevinho, ^18:43
TrevinhoBigWhale: just open a tab and you'd get borders :P18:44
* BigWhale bursts into tears.18:45
seb128lol, I don't even notice the difference, tell how much I care about details ;-)18:45
Trevinhoseb128: only because you're not running it... I *KNOW* that you'll find any bug at any pixel once relased (or just before) :)18:46
BigWhaleWhen we had borderless windows in 10.11? 11.04? I had a lot of trouble with overlapping terminal windows.18:46
seb128Trevinho, I'm running it, I build your branch before approving the change18:47
ali1234i can highly recommend terminator as a replacement for gnome-terminal18:47
Trevinhoseb128: ah, ok then :)18:47
seb128Trevinho, it's in a landing slot now btw18:47
Trevinhoseb128: ah, cool :)18:47
BigWhaleali1234, google is useless for this... :> All I get are cyborgs.18:47
ali1234it's in the respositories18:48
ali1234or however you spell it :)18:48
seb128Trevinho, but yeah, it feels weird, I'm noticing it on nautilus more ;-)18:48
BigWhaleali1234, I have to see the screenshots first! :))18:48
Trevinhoseb128: that's your spot...18:48
Trevinhoseb128: ah, I see the silo failed because gnome-screensaver... should we add the  MR instead?18:49
seb128Trevinho, dunno, that seems like a bug in the CI script, gnome-screensaver is listed in the "sources"18:50
ali1234BigWhale: http://gnometerminator.blogspot.co.uk/p/introduction.html18:50
Trevinhoseb128: is that blocking anything or can be considered a "warning"?18:50
seb128Trevinho, we can overwrite it, seems a buggy warning18:51
Trevinhoseb128: also in the ppa there are some dep-wait for ppc64el...18:52
BigWhaleali1234, it does look interesting18:52
BigWhalerunning it now18:52
ali1234the window splitting is very useful18:52
seb128Trevinho, yeah, qt5 is missing on those archs, same in trusty, not an issue18:52
seb128Trevinho, who change unity/compiz in a way that made update-manager not resizable? ;-)18:53
Trevinhoseb128: I've no idea... who was that bad guy?!18:53
* Trevinho ops...18:53
seb128do you hate us? ;-)18:54
Trevinhoseb128: well, no really I don't know18:54
Trevinhoseb128: ah, well the fact is that window is not resizable in terms of hints18:54
seb128right, but compiz used to ignore that (I think)18:55
Trevinhoseb128: well, more than non-resizalbe is non-maximizable18:55
Trevinhomh, it looks like a bug :P18:55
TrevinhoI never use it, so i didn't notice :P18:56
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Trevinhoseb128: funny thing is taht if you maximize the update-manager (double clicking on the decoration), then once restored is resizable19:12
Trevinhoseb128: so, I guess it's something like that it doesn't notify us properly when it changes its alowed actions19:12
Trevinhoor, we don't update when it asks (afaik I ignored some changes that were duplicated)19:12
bregmaseb128, indicator changes in the lockscreen seem good now, have you tested them too?19:33
seb128bregma, hey, just had dinner, let me upgrade19:41
seb128bregma, Trevinho: so, I updated, looks fine, out of the fact that indicator-sound|power|keyboard lets you run some apps from the locked screen (they open behind the lock but you can spam the session)19:52
seb128bregma, Trevinho: I wouldn't block landing on that (we had too much delay) but that's something that should be addressed in the next days if you can (I know Trevinho is off until eow)19:53
seb128bregma, Trevinho: +1 from me for landing assuming somebody is going to follow up on those (we can help if needed)19:53
bregmaI see that from the keyboard, but sound just has volume for me19:54
seb128does it has any player in your session?19:54
seb128if no, start rhythmbox or totem and close it, they get added the first time you run them ;-)19:55
bregmaah, OK, I don't have a player on that system19:55
seb128but that's a bug for us, larsu said he would have a look, I need to open a bug about it19:56
* larsu will have a look tomorrow19:56
seb128larsu, you shouldn't be around anymore!19:56
seb128larsu, you fixed too many bugs for a day, go enjoy your evening ;-)19:56
Trevinhoseb128: yeah, let's land it now :)19:57
larsuseb128: I am (as much as I can with my knee). What are you still doing here?19:57
Trevinhoseb128: the indicator things are easily fixable now19:57
Trevinhoseb128: since all needs to define custom states for desktop_lockscreen19:57
seb128larsu, hum, me? let's pretend I didn't say anything :p19:57
Trevinhoand larsu can do it :P19:58
Trevinho(or we can also :))19:58
* larsu hides19:58
seb128in fact indicator-power opens gnome-power-manager on the greeter as well19:58
seb128I though charles fixed that one19:58
seb128bregma, Trevinho: let's land it19:59
Trevinhoseb128: yeah19:59
seb128Trevinho, don't worry about indicators, those are minors issue we can sort for you19:59
charleshurm, I don't think I've seen that ticketed before19:59
seb128Trevinho, enjoy the skiing ;-)19:59
bregmaseb128, I'm just doing a quick sanity test on the phone, because of the ABI change19:59
Trevinhoseb128: thanks :)19:59
seb128bregma, that makes sense19:59
charlesseb128: the fixed one you're thinking of is "Add Event..." opening evolution in the datetime indicator19:59
bregmadidrocks made me19:59
charlesseb128: could you ticket the indicator-power one?20:00
seb128charles, like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-power/+bug/1256872 that I opened on 2013-12-02. ;-)20:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1256872 in indicator-power (Ubuntu) "shouldn't open battery statistics dialog on the greeter" [High,New]20:00
seb128charles, I though you guys picked them all/fixed the "open on greeter" issues for some reason, sorry for not checking earlier20:01
seb128charles, I think you fixed at least the session running g-c-c, I didn't check if that was true for the other ones20:01
charlesseb128: !20:02
charlesthank you20:02
seb128charles, yw ;-)20:02
seb128oh, robert_ancell just joined20:02
seb128robert_ancell, hey20:03
seb128robert_ancell, we are talking about landing https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-008 to distro (unity lock screen) ... +1 0 -1 ?20:03
robert_ancellI didn't run it locally but +1 for the concept20:04
seb128bregma, k, click the button, if it goes wrong just blame it on robert_ancell, he gave a +120:04
robert_ancellyeah, I'll just fix it quick before you wake up :)20:04
seb128robert_ancell, done with lightdm fixes? ;-)20:05
robert_ancellnever done...20:05
robert_ancellseb128, have you noticed an improvement in user switching?20:05
seb128do you still have some stuff that are important there?20:05
robert_ancellseb128, there's an odd bug that's occuring in SuSE that I want to fix in-case it's hitting some of our users20:06
seb128robert_ancell, did you see my email? the "wipe your session" issue is fixed ;-)20:06
seb128oh, which one?20:06
robert_ancellseb128, the session ends up with a different Xauthority to the server20:06
seb128is that one of those "can't login anymore"?20:06
robert_ancellbug 126022020:07
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1260220 in Suse "Greeter and other clients cannot connect to X server" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126022020:07
seb128doesn't seem nice20:07
robert_ancellNever seen it myself20:07
seb128I don't think I've seen ubuntu reports about that20:07
robert_ancellseb128, me neither. But it might be something that's just less likely in Ubuntu so would like to find the cause20:08
robert_ancellseb128, oh, I found out why we weren't showing up in "last" - we weren't writing to wtmp/btmp. Man those interfaces are awful20:08
robert_ancellSo that one's in the queue20:08
seb128that didn't make it to your upload today?20:08
robert_ancellno, that will be in the next one20:08
seb128I saw the mps and the upload, but I didn't look at the times20:08
seb128can you comment on the GNOME bug I pointed you at/close it?20:09
robert_ancellyeah, I will do. Tell them to remove that hack :)20:09
seb128I need to drop the change from u-c-c I guess, it makes every sudo session being listed20:09
seb128they didn't take it20:09
robert_ancellyes, the pts thing is really wrong20:09
robert_ancellbut it's really all heuristics trying to interpret what utmp records actually mean20:09
seb128we are the only ones who have it, Laney made me add it because otherwise the history was empty20:10
robert_ancellbecause there's no standard20:10
seb128yeah :/20:10
robert_ancellseb128, oh, I was wondering what should replace it, since CK had a history but it seems like logind has nothing20:10
robert_ancellhave you heard of any new "session history" service?20:10
seb128no I didn't20:10
seb128you should ask lennart ;-)20:11
robert_ancellIt seems to me that the login history should come from logind and the failed login records should come from PAM20:11
robert_ancelland utmp/wtmp/btmp should all die a fiery death20:11
seb128that would work for me, I don't even know why we have so many similar but different files to start with20:12
bregmaseb128, phone seems sane enough, I shall press the button20:14
robert_ancellseb128, so they can all get out of sync of course!20:15
seb128bregma, doit!20:15
seb128robert_ancell, yeah :/20:15
bregmawell, that was disappointing20:15
seb128robert_ancell, btw, did you see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-greeter/+bug/1255558/comments/53 ?20:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1255558 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Can't type my password after cold boot" [High,Triaged]20:15
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, looking at u-g now. Fixing the double authenticate bug at the moment20:15
robert_ancellbregma, btw, is someone going to fix the hud opening all the time when pressing alt-d in a browser? or alt-b in jed? So annoying...20:17
robert_ancellIt seems to be any alt key combination that is not exposed as a menu20:18
seb128robert_ancell, when did that start?20:18
robert_ancellseb128, when the LIM was enabled I think20:18
bregmasounds like sonething attente would be involved in, alt-key grabbing?20:18
seb128robert_ancell, hum, I would think it's likely "when we moved key grabbing from g-s-d to unity"20:18
seb128which attente did this cycle20:19
seb128well, some people complained also that super-<something> started opening the dash again( which apparently was fixed in previous cycle)20:20
seb128those "make the difference between a tap and a combinaison" are not really reliable :/20:20
bregmait's difficult to discern a user's intent20:21
ochosiseb128: seems like adding the user to the "audio" group is enough to keep music playback alive when using the greeter as lockscreen (i.e. with VT switch)20:29
seb128ochosi, nice ;-)20:31
ochosiseb128: we'll do a new dev-release of light-locker which will help a bit for now, it'll lock the session but only switch to the greeter once you "wake it up", i.e. by touching the mouse or so. so only then would the music stop (without the audio-group)20:33
seb128ochosi, that sounds like a cool hack, though it might lead to some weird effects (like things not being consistent between "I didn't touch the computer for 10 minutes" and "I moved the mouse and then didn't touch it for 10 minutes again" for example)20:34
seb128but those are issues we identified with the greeter as lock screen anyway20:35
ochosiseb128: yup true, which is why it's only optional20:35
seb128like the "suspend after idle" user settings not being respected20:35
seb128still unsure what I like more20:35
seb128it seems we are going for the "lock screen being the greeter" on ubuntu touch, but as a side effect people start pushing code that "write user datas to accountsservice so the greeter can read those"20:36
seb128like we are soon pushing the current playing though there20:36
seb128so the greeter can display it20:36
seb128or the sound status (so if you mute from the greeter the session is silent as well on login)20:37
ochosiseb128: so that's not becoming ambigious with multiple running user-sessions?20:42
ochosii mean, will you have to update the indicators to actually reflect the accountsservice information from the currently selected user on the greeter?20:42
seb128ochosi, that's a bit weird, but the datas are by user, same way we current have the wallpaper matching the selected user20:43
ochosiseb128: so, just a random scenario. two users (A, B) are logged in. A has music playback, locks session, then B logs in -> music playback of A stops (i would assume)20:44
ochosithen B starts music playback, locks the session20:44
ochosiwhose music is playing? I would presume B's because he was the "last"20:44
ochosithen user A is selected in the user-list/combobox20:44
ochosimusic-playback of B pauses and A's recommences?20:45
charlesdoes anyone in-channel have a bluetooth keyboard or mouse whose battery shows up in the power indicator? If so, could you pastebin me the output of "upower --dump" ?20:45
ochosi(i.e. greeter DJ?)20:45
ochosicharles: i assume "(not present)" doesnt count?20:45
cyphermoxcharles I can get that for you tonight possibly20:46
kenvandinecharles, i do20:47
seb128ochosi, yeah, those scenarios are a bit undefined...20:47
kenvandinecharles, ^^ that's with a wireless mouse20:48
charleskenvandine: thank you!20:48
ochosiseb128: which is why i think that stopping music-playback on lock is generally not such a bad idea on a system with >1 users20:48
seb128right "on system with > 1 users"20:48
seb128but you end up on "lock screen and greeter are not the same thing, on system with 1 user you would only ever see the lock screen"20:49
TheMuso`I remind you guys of this, WRT audio: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup?highlight=%28audio%29%7C%28group%2920:49
seb128which is in session20:49
dobeyoh what beauty are these appropriately sized windows20:51
ochosiTheMuso`: yeah, adding myself to the audio group enabled contineous audio-playback when locking with light-locker for me20:51
TheMuso`ochosi: I guess my point was we shouldn't be using the audio group.20:51
TheMuso`I thought that giving that link would explain things somewhat more concisely than I could.20:52
attenterobert_ancell: i can't seem to replicate that problem20:52
robert_ancellattente, so if you open chrome/firefox and press alt-d it always focusses the URL entry?20:57
attenterobert_ancell: i get a dialog that says "Open Web Location" in firfox20:57
attenterobert_ancell: in jed, it pops up the buffers menu20:58
robert_ancellhmm, not for me20:59
robert_ancellany settings I can reset?20:59
seb128robert_ancell, attente: the jed case might be the fix from unity-gtk-module that landed today20:59
attenterobert_ancell: chromium-browser focuses the URL entry20:59
robert_ancellI'll try the update20:59
seb128the update is not going to resolve firefox issues though21:00
TheMuso`I know for one that if you disable alt shortcut keys for the menus in gnome-terminal, using alt + E etc to go to menus still works...21:00
attentei guess if u-g-m fixes it, then it wouldn't open the hud, but open a menu instead?21:00
seb128oh, that's good point :/21:00
seb128ignore me then21:00
attentesounds like it's at the compiz level unfortunately... :(21:00
seb128robert_ancell, does it happen in a guest session?21:01
TheMuso`Bug 128908921:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1289089 in Unity "Menus still accessible via keyboard shortcut even when keyboard shortcuts for menus in gnome-terminal are disabled." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128908921:01
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robert_ancellhmm, guest not working it seems21:02
seb128the guest session, or alt-d in firefox in guest? (if that's supposed to do something, doesn't in french locale)21:04
robert_ancellthe guest session21:05
robert_ancellalt-d focusses the url entry21:05
attenterobert_ancell: do you have anything set in /org/gnome/desktop/input-sources/xkb-options?21:15
robert_ancellattente, looking21:16
robert_ancellattente, it's set, but to []21:16
robert_ancellattente, just playing with it now, it only happens if you press alt-d quickly. If I do alt (wait) d it works fine21:17
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seb128Trevinho, bregma: hum, just a note, the theme update is slightly buggy, if you use the light theme the wm decorations show black for like a fraction of second before being being decorated with their normal color21:57
seb128Trevinho, that doesn't happen without your changes from today :/21:57
seb128bregma, the unity ppc64el retry worked, seems like you can publish the silo22:17
Trevinhoseb128: that's already fixed in a branch I've22:19
seb128Trevinho, theme one or unity?22:20
Trevinhoseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/128746422:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1287464 in Unity "Fake decorations on spread flickers the first time they've been selected" [Medium,In progress]22:20
robert_ancellattente, confirmed the jed issue is fixed with update. Still seeing it in Chrome though22:20
Trevinhothat's the same isue, fixed in unity some days ago, but I had to wait the lockscreen to land22:20
seb128Trevinho, that's happening on the normal session every time the windows gets the focus and it wasn't happening before your theme update, are you sure it's the same issue?22:21
seb128Trevinho, ok22:21
Trevinhotooltips / QL shadows should be tuned also22:21
Trevinhoseb128: yes22:21
seb128bregma, land the lockscreen so you can another one with the fixes then ;-)22:21
attenterobert_ancell: a bit strange, i'm not sure why that would've fixed jed22:23
robert_ancellattente, the unity-gtk3-module as seb128 suggested?22:23
attenterobert_ancell: yeah, but that fix was for preventing the menu bar from activating, not for anything related to hud22:24
seb128_Trevinho, sorry, I'm not on a stable connection atm ... good to see those fixes lined up, you should merge propose them though, so they can be landing after the lockscreen one ;-)22:25
Trevinhoseb128_: mh I planeed to add something else there... but ok, I see if I can22:25
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