huwshimihatch: Here we go: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/19300:14
hatchhuwshimi looking00:41
hatchlookin good00:41
hatchI'll do the review in a bit00:41
hatchhuwshimi the ci failed00:42
huwshimihatch: Yeah, was just looking at that. It's as if I didn't get the module-debug.js update...00:43
hatchyou need to add the extension file into merge-files00:43
hatchyou'll see a huge list of them00:43
huwshimiAh I see00:44
huwshimihatch: I've got another change to make before you can do a full review anyway, so hold off on that.00:44
hatchyes it's sad that I knew these things00:44
hatchyeah no problem00:45
hatchhuwshimi ready for review?01:13
huwshimihatch: Not quite, just adding tests for events01:14
hatchok np, I may not get to a review for tonight then01:14
huwshimihatch: It might be done it two mins...01:15
hatchoh ok01:15
hatchwell ping me and I'll try and get to it :)01:15
huwshimihatch: Just rebase and pushing now.01:20
huwshimihatch: Ready! https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/19301:22
hatchohhh kay01:22
hatchon it01:22
huwshimihatch: Just going to have lunch so I'll fix up after that.01:44
huwshimihatch: Thanks heaps for reviewing01:44
hatchhuwshimi no problem - it's a pretty nit picky review :P01:45
hatchI'm just doing a qa now01:45
huwshimihatch: That's fine, happy to have that kind of review01:50
hatchcool :) I should do more of them lying on the couch hah01:51
hatchhuwshimi ohh, I'm nto sure if you noticed but we upgraded node while youw ere gone01:51
huwshimihatch: Ah right, means we can move to sass right?01:53
hatchI believe that was the holdup you mentioned - so I'm taking your word on it01:53
huwshimihatch: Nice, thanks!01:54
rick_h_hatch: thanks for hanging on and reviewing appreciate it01:54
rick_h_hatch: but don't run too long01:54
rick_h_thanks for the awesome updates huwshimi, I think this will work out much nicer to build on top of01:54
rick_h_really nice base01:55
huwshimirick_h_: Great!01:56
hatchparty on!01:57
huwshimirick_h_: I'm going to fix up this branch and then would you be happy for me to get scss working again?01:57
huwshimiI guess my next branch to work on is "create machine panel view" which requires the header to have landed.01:58
huwshimiBut, not sure if I can tackle that without an imp call01:59
rick_h_huwshimi: as much as I <3 scss > less the machine view/inspector stuff is priority02:00
rick_h_huwshimi: I assigned a small bug your way from luca today or last night if you get a chance to look 02:00
huwshimirick_h_: No problems. I'll take a look at the bug.02:00
rick_h_huwshimi: and then yea, the machine panel view I think would be next to go, it fits in somewhat with what hatch is working on02:00
rick_h_huwshimi: noticed you had hte wrong card there for your task02:03
rick_h_swapped those over02:03
rick_h_huwshimi: so yea, there's two other machine view component cards after this one. 02:04
rick_h_huwshimi: but please feel free to add a scss conversion to the slack lane and if you get stuck on something sometime it'd be a cool background task02:04
huwshimiOK sure02:05
rick_h_night all, sleepy techie...02:05
huwshimirick_h_: Night!02:05
* frankban lunches12:27
rick_h_frankban: thanks for looking into that issue. I'm glad the original assignee has spoken up now12:36
jcastrorick_h_, rails/example-scalable is missing from the web UI13:26
jcastroexists in the store afaict13:26
rick_h_jcastro: k, looking13:26
rick_h_jcastro: full url?13:27
rick_h_jcastro: added a card to try to get it investigated. I'm out on an intro sprint this week so might be a day/two to get a good look. 13:31
rick_h_jcastro: nothing obvious wrong, proof's, etc13:31
rick_h_jcastro: but it loads on staging so it's something with production and the awesome black box there13:32
rick_h_bwuhahaha http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/:flags:/il/mv/13:51
rick_h_starting to look like something13:51
rick_h_that doesn't do anything at all, but it looks :)13:51
hatchwith these short names we have to be sure we grep for flags.il 14:03
frankbanand the fiber connection appears to be working (he said)14:06
frankbanrick_h_: 1.17.6 is in trusty. I am starting quickstart QA on it14:16
jcastrorick_h_, don't forget to remove ~charmers from bundles too!14:21
frankban... and it failed14:23
frankbanguihelp trusty users: have you encountered this issue before? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7151411/14:24
hatchI've run into quite a few odd issues with juju-core in the 1.17.x branches - hoping they all get resolved before 1.18 :)14:33
frankbanhatch: yeah, I am trying to figure out if this should block the quickstart release14:34
hatchit doesn't look like a quickstart bug14:35
hatchit looks like a core bug14:35
frankbanhatch: precisely14:36
frankbanasked on #juju-dev14:36
hatchfrankban the first thing they will ask is 'is there anything in the logs' so you might as well check there first :)14:39
frankbanhatch: I am checking if this also affects saucy14:40
hatchearly access "Go In Action" http://manning.com/ketelsen/ looks like there are only two chapters available so far14:40
jcastrorick_h_, does drag and dropping a bundle with multiple stanzas work yet?14:41
jcastrobasically, the design people need to get updated pictures for the juju flyer14:41
hatchgeorge co....stanza?14:41
hatchjcastro do you mean stanza wrt multiple bundles in one deployer file?14:42
hatchif so, no it's not supported yet14:42
jcastroso basically, the rails bundle is undeployable14:42
hatchwell I thought that the charmstore splits them up?14:43
jcastroyeah but the design people are likely using the GUI14:43
hatchI mean - I was under the impression that the charmstore splits them up so the search results should show multiple bundles in the result list14:44
jcastrooh hey14:45
jcastrodoes it work on comingsoon?14:45
hatchwhen I search for rails there is a single recommended bundle14:46
jcastroright, but the 2nd one is missing14:46
hatchahh so it only takes the first one14:46
jcastrorails:example-simple is there, rails:example-scalable is not14:46
hatchyeah looks like a charmworld feature isn't there14:47
hatchthe gui just shows what it's given14:47
Makyojujugui call in 1014:50
hatchman that call comes up quick now14:51
Makyojujugui callin 214:58
benjiI was just kicked out of the call.  Trying to reconnect.15:07
Makyoafk a few minutes15:13
hatch__benji since you switched to this new camera you have been having a lot of video issues15:16
=== hatch__ is now known as hatch
hatchnew and unimproved? :)15:17
benjihatch: yep (but today's camera was the old one)15:17
hatchohh interesting, it seemed to freeze just like the 'new' one15:17
hatchmaybe a trusty driver issue?15:18
rick_h_jcastro: yes, it's undeployable atm. We won't have multiple dropping support for a while15:19
rick_h_jcastro: we should be able to start looking at it later today/tomorrow. 15:19
hatchnew HTC One15:37
* hatch looks at mine.....looks at the new one15:37
frankbanjujugui: http://jujugui.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/juju-quickstart-1-2-0-released/15:48
frankbanhazmat, marcoceppi: I just updated the juju stable PPA with the backported packages of deployer (0.3.4) and jujuclient (0.17.5)15:48
hatchahhhh my brain does not work like browser.js15:50
rick_h_frankban: woot!15:54
rick_h_frankban: once it hits pypi can you ping james page and look into getting an updated upload to trusty and talk to him about closing out our FFE bug for it15:54
rick_h_hatch: :P15:54
rick_h_hatch: ignore routes, they don't exist 15:55
rick_h_it's magic :)15:55
frankbanrick_h_: it's already on pypi, pinged rbasak about that15:55
rick_h_as soon as you touch routes you get hit in the head by double dispatch and life sucks15:55
rick_h_frankban: ok awesome thanks15:55
hatchsounds like we should fix double dispatch :)15:55
rick_h_hatch: it's already fixed for you as long as you stay away from routes15:56
rick_h_hatch: mission accomplished, plus we need more state than a url/route can handle so you can't get rid of it anyway15:56
rick_h_jcastro: that quickstart release removes ~charmers15:57
rick_h_jcastro: and we've updated the deploy instructions in the gui and should be release later this week 15:57
hatchI guess I prefer the router to be explicit '/inspector/:service/:unit' for example15:57
rick_h_that's fine15:57
rick_h_but don't think route, it's state15:57
hatchright but the route can call a single method instead of one who's 100 lines long and has way too many responsibilities 15:58
rick_h_which 100 line method?15:58
rick_h_*cough* there isn't one *cough*15:58
hatchsidebar + routeView is over 100 lines15:58
rick_h_that's two functions :)15:58
hatchsidebar is only 4 lines shorter than 100 lines15:58
rick_h_and I admit that the sidebar function can be broken up into smaller bits15:58
rick_h_hatch: heh, yea and it's commented to high heaven15:59
rick_h_shall I go look at other methods in other bits of the code? 100 lines eh?15:59
hatchI still think that the router should be the source of truth15:59
rick_h_hatch: and that can't happen15:59
rick_h_it's not smart enough15:59
hatchwhy can't the router call a method which updates the state?16:00
rick_h_hatch: we can chat about it if you want. I'll tell you where the router falls short for our uses and why state still needs to be there even in a non-double dispatch world16:00
rick_h_because not every thing we draw is/should/can be in the url16:00
hatchright but anything touching the router is from the url16:01
rick_h_what tab is selected in the inspector? How about which tab in the service details popout? 16:01
rick_h_man, the router isn't official in any other code in the GUI. Why is it NOW a problem? I mean what in the inspector, service view, etc deals with it?16:01
hatchright, and those can be separate methods which update the state and don't need to touch the router16:01
rick_h_right, so forget the route and just deal with state. Have one source of truth. 16:01
rick_h_if you split up into a bunch of routes with state and async renders for those route callbacks it'll be hell 16:02
rick_h_I've been down that road with the browser16:02
rick_h_that's even before double dispatch16:02
rick_h_it's more complex then a todo app :)16:03
hatchright but right now it's impossible to tell what routes are support or, looking at a url, what is supposed to happen without parsing through many lines of code16:03
rick_h_ok, I'll give you that's fair. 16:03
hatchI think a lot of what we are doing can be done with 'middleware' routes and then specific ones with defined methods16:04
rick_h_the discoverabiity/etc isn't as easy with routes, but it wouldn't be anyway. 16:04
rick_h_hatch: right, if we rewrite everything, remove double disptach, and get to some ideal state it might be cool and work out better. 16:04
rick_h_but it's a LONG way from where the world is now16:04
hatchbut I think we can handle double dispatch with middleware16:04
rick_h_and it's not something we've got the bandwidth to fix between now and vegas16:04
hatchis what I'm saying16:04
rick_h_that's what the state does16:04
rick_h_it already deals with double dispatch as a middle layer16:05
rick_h_so why is it so bad to work with?16:05
hatchI think that the routes should call specific methods to update the state, then a middleware layer to check if it's the same, if it is, then don't next()16:05
hatchso then we maintain the state funcitonality16:06
hatchwhich we both agree is necessary16:06
hatchbut we have meaningful routes16:06
rick_h_hatch: maybe, we can talk about it16:08
rick_h_hatch: I've got to get ready to head out to lunch with ramm16:08
hatchyeah np I'm implementing it as it is16:08
rick_h_hatch: I don't mean to be a pita, but it seems that rewriting what's working and is well documented and tested and not a complete mental nightmare seems a bit overkill but maybe I'm too close to it16:09
rick_h_hatch: we can try to setup some time to look at a proof of concept for reworking it some, but we just spent 2 weeks fixing the inspector to be easier to work with and I don't think we've got the bandwidth to do the same to the browser.js 16:09
hatchyeah that's fine16:09
hatchit would probably take us at least a week if not two to rewrite this too16:10
hatchwe definitely can't do it before vegas16:10
kadams54Alrighty, rick_h_ and I are afk for lunch16:11
hatchI still have two more keybase.io invites if anyone wants16:24
hatchgood nuf? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s219/sh/9a098cc5-6ee6-4770-928c-b44856f06eca/4b02fa5abc7f79a5c0266ceb527c963916:40
hatchMakyo do you know if we could have a url for the ghost inspector?16:42
hatchI'm trying to figure out the best way to update the state and it seems like a url would be the best16:42
Makyohatch, Not sure I think that's a very good idea.16:42
MakyoIt's not a bad one, it's just showing transient local state in the URL (which can be shared)16:43
hatchso here is the issue...the user drags and drops a charm on the canvas, the drop event comes form the canvas16:43
MakyoSo if you have a ghost inspector open and try to share the URL with someone else, it'll fail.16:43
hatchit now needs to go up to the browser subapp to render the inspector16:43
hatchwell...it would open a inspector to deploy that charm16:44
MakyoWith no drop position info.16:44
hatchahh right16:44
MakyoOr any changes the user has made to config16:44
hatchthe path from the canvas to the browser sidebar is not a clear one :)16:44
MakyoYeah, that's fair :/16:44
MakyoEvents? :D16:44
* Makyo ducks16:44
hatchcould fire an event but that's a long way16:44
hatchcould pass a method down16:45
hatchbut not sure if that's any better than an event 16:45
hatchit's like using a really long stick to poke a switch heh16:45
hatchupdating the url could 'just work' but I see what you're saying16:46
hatchwe could include positional information in the url16:46
hatchbut I guess that would be weird back-button functionality 16:47
hatchwe could pop it out of the history heh16:48
hatchok I think I know what i'll do16:48
MakyoUsing the URL as an event dispatcher? :P16:49
hatchlol 16:49
hatchI'll move the inspector creation code from environment.js into browser.js and then fire an event from the canvas > app > browser16:50
hatchthe event targets should allow that pretty trivially right now16:50
hatchthere are a bunch of events from the canvas to the inspector16:50
hatchwe need a better transport mechanism16:52
hatchevents it is16:59
hatchwe need a indexdb juju environment so we can test this new inspector stuff without being in a real env17:13
hatchit's impossible right now to see /inspector/:service work in the simulator 17:14
hatchI wonder how hard that would be....17:14
hatchprobably not horrible17:14
arosalesrick_h_: re the rails bundle error. If trunk is working correctly and you have that running locally can you help us get a screen shot of the rails bundle with all green?17:18
arosalesrick_h_: the need here is to get a design a good screen shot for the flyers going to GopherCon and OSCON17:19
hatcharosales he is out for lunch atm17:23
hatchshould be back rather soonish17:23
arosaleshatch: thanks for the info.17:24
hatchheh - showing the service relation menu has been creating inspectors17:48
hatchstealth bug....17:48
hatchkadams54 good lunch?17:53
kadams54Yeah. Yelp did not lead us astray.17:54
hatchI get left overs17:54
kadams54Chinese leftovers?17:54
rick_h_arosales: k, yes. We can get a screenshot. Will take a few 18:00
rick_h_hatch: I don't think that the ghost inspector would be url-able? 18:01
hatchkadams54 home made stir fry...so sort of asiany18:01
rick_h_hatch: sorry catching up on log18:01
hatchrick_h_ yeah I've done some uglyness to get the topology into the browser18:01
hatchI think it's just something we will have to deal with18:01
rick_h_hatch: k, these are the pain points for sure. 18:01
hatchit's all commented up 18:01
rick_h_hatch: this is where I was expecting the main work in the move to be 18:02
rick_h_hatch: k18:02
hatchrick_h_ current wip https://github.com/hatched/juju-gui/compare/prep-charmbrowser?expand=1 18:02
hatchin case you were curious18:03
rick_h_hatch: k, looking while I get a gui up for arosales 18:03
arosalesrick_h_: thanks. I also sent a mail with instructions and needs18:03
arosalesjcastro: ^18:04
jcastrorick_h_, we need one of each bundle, mongodb:cluster and rails:example:scalable18:04
rick_h_jcastro: ok, but you've got the mongodb cluster right?18:05
jcastrorails:example-scalable rather18:05
jcastronot with the new sidebar no18:05
rick_h_new sidebar?18:05
jcastroon the left18:05
jcastrothe inspector 18:05
rick_h_well that doesn't exist yet18:05
rick_h_that's WIP18:05
jcastroyeah it's for the flyer so we want it to be as close to the future as possible18:05
rick_h_jcastro: k18:06
arosalesrick_h_: in the email Spencer had some examples of the sidebar bits18:07
rick_h_arosales: yes, he's designing stuff but we don't have it implemented. It's what we're doing for 14.05 right now18:07
rick_h_arosales: do you have this email? I'm not seeing it18:07
rick_h_arosales: sorry found it18:08
arosalesrick_h_: email subj = "Fwd: Images for flyer"18:08
rick_h_arosales: yes, there's no pic in there though. I don't know what spencer is sending you18:09
arosalesrick_h_: sent w/ attachment18:10
rick_h_heh yea see it. Those are pure design mock ups. I can't recreate that with a bundle and such and live data18:10
rick_h_arosales: jcastro http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/rails-bundle-screenshot.png chop and use it as you see fit. 18:13
rick_h_arosales: jcastro since it loads on staging I just deployed the gui into a lxc environment and changed the config for "charmworld-url"  juju set juju-gui charmworld-url="http://staging.jujucharms.com/" 18:13
rick_h_for reference if you need something like this and I'm afk/etc18:13
hatchrick_h_ if you zoom out does it show the bottom of the bundle vis?18:14
arosalesrick_h_: ok so jcastro you should be able to do this for mongo with the config settings18:15
hatchthat's one heck of a bundle heh18:15
rick_h_arosales: we shouldn't need it for mongodb. That one is ingested and working fine18:15
rick_h_you can do that on comingsoon or jujucharms.com18:15
jcastroyeah mongodb isn't a problem18:17
jcastroit's rails that was the problem18:17
arosalesjcastro: but you still need the new sidebar for mongo, which sounds like we can get a comingsoon18:18
rick_h_arosales: that is not true18:18
arosalesrick_h_: /me just going off what jcastro sayd he has in terms of side bars18:19
marcoceppirick_h_: if we delete a branch from launchpad will the charm be removed from charmworld?18:29
rick_h_marcoceppi: no, but we're getting a removal UI in charmworld to help with this18:29
rick_h_marcoceppi: it's committed but not deployed yet18:30
rick_h_marcoceppi: should get a deploy out this week with it18:30
marcoceppirick_h_: anything we can do in the mean time?18:30
rick_h_marcoceppi: what's the details around it?18:30
* hatch stepping out for some lunch errands18:30
jcastrorick_h_, fixed that cassandra README issue, I'm going to file a bug on charm-tools to check for that18:42
rick_h_jcastro: k thanks. Sorry to punt on it18:45
jcastroit's fine, it's a subtle thing that we should be enforcing in policy anyway18:46
hatchrick_h_ I'm replying to your comments - which one is `il` again? lol (the problem with too short flags)19:06
MakyoInspector Left19:09
rick_h_hatch: ok cool, chat after you go through them?19:10
hatchok then yes19:10
rick_h_hatch: sorry, pm'd you in invisible space :)19:10
hatchahh dinging all over the place19:10
hatchrick_h_ yep, you made some good points here19:11
hatchrick_h_ https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpj84oalco0dv6t5k2st3lgk?hl=en19:13
hatchthere is a warning on ABS glue "do not smoke"19:14
hatchw t h19:14
rick_h_hatch: joining19:19
hatchrick_h_ what article is jc talking about?19:48
hatchon the tweeters19:48
rick_h_hatch: sec otp19:49
hatchsure np19:51
kadams54rick_h_ mentioned a utility for quickly injecting HTML fixtures into the container; I need a reminder what that is?20:07
rick_h_kadams54: makeContainer20:08
Makyojujugui feeling wretched, going to sit on the deck for a few, won't be around for pings.20:21
hatchokee cya20:21
kadams54rest up20:21
rick_h_Makyo: hope you feel better20:21
rick_h_hatch: benji did you guys have the LoC numbers you were chatting about the other day still?20:25
rick_h_actually, should have those in the irc log20:26
hatchnot sure what you're referring to20:27
rick_h_hatch: weren't you and benji looking at how many lines of code was in the gui20:28
rick_h_hatch: oh, your blog post! that's right20:28
hatchohh yeah20:29
benjiI can find them in my IRC log, but apparently you found them20:29
rick_h_thanks guy, I just nabbed them from hatch's blog post20:29
rick_h_EOD bring me home20:29
hatchman the internet is trippin that FB bought Oculus21:59
hatchmorning huwshimi 22:02
huwshimirick_h_: Do you know what the card "create machine panel header view/widget" is? It sounds very much like the card I just completed. I know you switched them over because I took the wrong card.22:08
huwshimihatch: Any ideas ^22:15
hatchumm looking22:15
hatchnot a clue22:16
hatchthey look the same-ish22:16
hatchhuwshimi the blocked card in Project 1 is no longer blocked22:18
hatchyou could do that?22:18
huwshimihatch: Yeah, that's my plan, I just wanted to know if I should do that other card first as it seems related...22:19
hatchyeah I can't figure out what it's pointing to that's not what you just did22:19
hatchI don't see any other 'header' in the mockups22:19
huwshimihatch: Your official EOD is not for a couple of hours right?22:21
rick_h_huwshimi: that one is the header control in the machine view panel22:23
rick_h_huwshimi: that's at the top of all 3 columns in the machine view22:23
rick_h_huwshimi: let me know if you want to chat on it22:23
hatchthere is no header for the three columns22:23
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah, an imp call would be good.22:24
huwshimirick_h_: Want me to invite you?22:24
hatchmind if I join?22:24
rick_h_huwshimi: k sec 22:24
rick_h_sure 22:24
hatchohh NOW i see the header22:24
* hatch doesn't think this is a very good ux 22:25
* hatch hopes he is reading it wrong22:25
* hatch probably is22:25
rick_h_huwshimi: link?22:25
hatchhe has to invite bcus he is from his tablet22:26
huwshimirick_h_: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B5yaFXSrLF38aVk4ZXJZY0tJZWJTUy1GVXlScmZRS21rUFJv/edit22:26
hatchI wonder if the machine view would be a good candidate for another instance of the viewlet-manager. With the header as a view and each column could be it's own view22:43
hatchthen it would be another `new machineView()` to make the whole thing22:44
hatchthat can be pieced together at a later time22:46
huwshimihatch: What approach would you take to get other views to render to the new content panel?22:57
hatchmaybe now would be a good time to do the viewlet manager 22:58
hatchlet me stare at this mockup for a bit22:58
hatchok so I have a different idea on how to do this23:00
hatcheach column, including the header is a view (it will likely share a bunch of code via extensions) 23:01
hatchthose views would be rendered and instantiated by a viewlet-manager instance much like the inspector instances are23:01
hatchthere would be a 'right hand panel' subclass of viewlet-manager and then the machine view and charm details would subclass that again23:02
hatch(identical to how the inspector viewlet managers work)23:02
hatchyep that's how I'd do it23:02
hatch^ huwshimi  does that mean anything to you? you weren't here for that stuff :)23:03
huwshimihatch: It doesn't mean much :)23:03
hatchhmm ok ok - well... 23:04
hatchI would like another opinion on this before I send you down this path23:05
rick_h_hatch: we can take the view that huwshimi has and work with it. The viewlet-manager idea is interesting. I'm not up on what's left in the manager vs not so we should look into it23:05
huwshimihatch: Well, I understand what you're saying, I just don't know how to implement it :)23:06
rick_h_hatch: so I'd suggest huw just work on the skeleton views23:06
rick_h_and then we'd pull it in/incorporate for full interaction/switching/etc23:06
hatchright....ok umm23:06
* hatch thinks23:06
rick_h_hatch: but I don't think the viewlet manager would do well with multiple views available at the same time on the same slot23:06
rick_h_hatch: as it is now23:06
rick_h_hatch: so there's some things to think through and I would think they don't need to block huw up23:06
hatchwell each column would be it's own slot23:06
hatchoh yeah for sure23:07
rick_h_hatch: right, but how would you layer for animation the views in the slots?23:07
rick_h_anyway, it's well past EOD and I need to go away before my family shoots me23:07
hatchhuwshimi ok make three views which represent each column23:07
rick_h_but my thought on the matter since you bring it up :)23:07
hatchrick_h_ :) thx we can chat soon on it23:07
hatchhuwshimi quick call?23:08
hatcheasier than typing :)23:08
huwshimihatch: I'm a little hesitant to put too much work into it until you and rick have bashed it all out...23:10
huwshimihatch: I think I'll create a base view for now and get the header widgets working etc.23:11
huwshimihatch: And then hopefully by the time I'm done there will be a better picture of how the rest should be structured...23:11
huwshimiSound OK?23:11
hatchso build it in a way that each header is separate and not a row23:12
hatchelse we won't be able to split it up into three columns23:12
huwshimihatch: Well, each header will be an instance of a widget23:12
hatchhmm 23:13
hatchI'd go view in this case23:13
huwshimiI have a bug I need to fix before I work on this stuff anyway23:13
hatchalright, I'm going to step away for a bit but ping if you want to chat23:14
huwshimihatch: Thanks :)23:15
* huwshimi heads to the coffee shop for a bit.23:17
rick_h_hatch: https://algorithms.rdio.com/post/make/ is the article I RT on twitter that someone eles saw23:48

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