Valduarehi guys00:14
lazyPowerAllo Valduare00:14
Valduarelooking into this maas and juju stuff tonight :)00:14
Valduarewishing I had spare hardware to test on00:14
lazyPowerI've you've got a single beefy machine you can try out MAAS in avirtual machine00:15
Valduarethat I dont00:15
ValduareI run amde350 proc board00:15
Valduaredoes juju and these charms play nicely with arm too?00:16
lazyPowerI dont have an answer for that...00:16
lazyPowerBut I can get back to you tomorrow00:17
Valduarelooking forward to the day when I could use things like mk902 for small server farm heh00:18
lazyPowerIdeally thats just compilation time magic and some PPA's00:19
lazyPowerbuild an arm compiler farm, and start porting packages.00:19
lazyPowerthere's already some ARM support in the ubuntu archives00:19
Valduarebeyond my skillset00:20
davecheneyValduare: yes, charms work on arm systems00:22
Valduaredavecheney: I was just talking to one of the guys in #maas about arm devices for maas as well00:23
Valduarelooks like things are getting pretty close to a guy like me being able to set something up heh00:23
davecheneyValduare: there aren't a lot in the realm that mortals ca nafford00:23
davecheneybut there are server options like hp's moonshot00:23
davecheneyand the calexeda machines [rip]00:24
Valduaredavecheney: I use a gigabyte ga-e350n board with 16 gigs of ram hosting 14 vm’s right now00:24
davecheneymaas requires that the machines can netboot and have an LOM00:24
davecheneya LOM00:24
davecheneybut you can always use the manual provider to enroll machines that you've already setup00:24
davecheneyLOM == iLO == IPMI == Lights out management00:25
davecheneyIBM call them service processors00:25
davecheneydell call's them DRACs00:25
Valduarewith these arm units using half watt idle can maas be configured to not try and shut them down?00:25
davecheneyValduare: skip maas00:25
davecheneyuse the manual privcer00:25
lazyPowerdavecheney: whats the benefit to skipping maas? Less to worry about being ported or....00:36
lazyPowermy knowledge of arm in the realm of ubuntu is sadly limited. I'll add it ot my required reading list.00:36
sarnoldI suspect its because maas is mostly useful if you want to turn machines off and on :)00:39
sarnoldif they're just going to be on all the time, why bother?00:39
Valduareisnt it also for if you want a baremetal server for something ?00:40
Valduareand then roll it back “into the cloud"00:40
davecheneyValduare: /s/cloud/butt/00:41
davecheneymaas lets you treat raw tin like virtual machines00:41
davecheneyso you can 'checkout', or 'reserve' a raw hardware which is running *exactly* the same cloud image that you find on any of our CPC partners00:42
davecheney(certified public cloud)00:42
lazyPowerI get the purpose of MAAS as a whole, i was just curious about skipping it as the provisioner.00:42
lazyPowerI'm actually pining over a VMAAS setup for some reason00:42
lazyPower(mostly because I want to learn more about maas)00:42
davecheneylazyPower: we skip the privisioner because there is no maas provider for little arm boards00:43
davecheneyrpi, bbb, pandaboard etc don't have a management nic00:43
davecheneyso we can't remote power them or remote netboot them00:43
davecheneyat the moment00:43
davecheneymost of the parts exist if you're prepared to work at it00:43
davecheneyfor instance the arm builders that ubuntu uses are remotely powered00:43
lazyPowerahhh ok - i've been in talks with marco about it, and the dual nic was a blocker for my suggested rpi setup00:44
davecheneyand you can use uboot (grub for arm device)00:44
lazyPowermakes sense00:44
davecheneyto netboot00:44
davecheneybut as a function of time == money00:44
davecheneythis would never be more than a side project00:44
davecheneyit's easier to just use the ssh provider00:45
davecheneyand skip maas00:45
lazyPowerI'm considering picking up a few BBB boards and building a micro cluster out of them for some in home apps, and power down my beefy quad core to save on power.00:45
lazyPowerit doesn't take much to run python code00:45
ValduarelazyPower: look into mk90200:45
davecheneylazyPower: meh, just rent a digital ocean server for 5 bucks a month00:46
Valduaremuch more for your money than BBB00:46
lazyPowerdavecheney: these are apps that are specific to my house, and not suited for the cloud. I dont want to run my garage door opener on DO :P00:46
davecheneylazyPower: don't you trust the cloud ?00:46
lazyPowernot with the keys to my house, nope nope00:46
davecheneyValduare: /s/cloud/butt/00:46
lazyPowerWith my RSS Reader and blog, you bet.00:46
sarnolddavecheney: lol00:48
davecheneylazyPower: the BBB is a great first choice00:50
davecheneylittle bit faster than the Rpi00:51
davecheneyand you get a little bit of built in flash00:51
lazyPowerYea, the 1g of on board memory is what akes me happy00:51
davecheneyit's 512mb00:51
lazyPowertheres a 1g bbb board i thought00:51
davecheneyORLY ?00:51
* davecheney googles00:51
davecheneyyup, 512mb00:52
lazyPowergah, nope, says 512 in the read out00:52
sarnoldthese things look nice compared to the pandaboard es I've got: http://cubox-i.com/table/00:52
davecheneyBBB will run at 1Ghz with enough current, or 550mhz with USB 500ma00:52
sarnoldcheaper -and- faster...00:52
davecheneysarnold: oh no00:52
davecheneynot the cubox i00:52
davecheneythe biuld quality makes dollar store kids toys look solid00:53
davecheneyi have one00:53
sarnoldoh no!00:53
sarnoldit's almost like $55 isn't a good price for a computer :)00:53
davecheneyconsider the udoo board00:53
davecheneythey support ubuntu now00:54
davecheneyidentical hardware (iMX.6) to the cubox00:54
Valduareguys guys… have you seen the mk902 specs?00:54
davecheneyA10/A20 I think00:54
lazyPowerhaha Valduare, you sound like a broken record. Are you a share holder with the mk902?00:55
davecheneyValduare: looks nice00:55
Valduarejust cant wait to get one ordered :P00:55
Valduaregranted most of the community around the mk devices are home theatre box types00:56
Valduarebut the hardware runs ubuntu quite nicely00:56
davecheneyValduare: i was thinking of the older mk800 series devices which were HDMI stick type things00:56
ValduareI have a bunch of mk808 sticks00:56
Valduarejust returned an mk802 cozyswan clone to amazon, deciding wether to put the money towards an mk902 or ram upgrade for my laptop00:57
lazyPowerhmm... $110 pc...00:58
lazyPowersarnold: sold, i want one of these cuboxi's01:07
lazyPoweractually, ~ 5 of them to be exact.01:07
sarnoldlazyPower: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=74112701:08
davecheneytheir current kernel01:09
davecheneyin fact all the iMX6 kernels are OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD01:09
lazyPowerbummer :|01:10
lazyPoweryou know, i dont think buliding that would be all that crazy, and cloud storage is cheap...01:11
lazyPowerhowever, just about every update ever run would cause it to break stuff01:11
lazyPowernevermind, i'm wishful thinking again01:11
* sarnold giggles, "butt storage"01:12
lazyPowerVatt is this s/cloud/butt/ thing that seems to have taken off. Did i miss a warthogs post or something?01:12
davecheneylazyPower: welcome to the internet01:13
sarnoldlazyPower: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cloud-to-butt-plus/01:13
sarnolddiversity! firefox -and- chrome are covered :)01:13
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Valduareso these charms02:24
Valduarehow are they made02:24
davecheneyValduare: charms are a collecton of shell scripts02:30
davecheneyin a tarball02:30
davecheneywith names like02:31
Valduareso all the normal commands i’d do to provision a servr just wraped up in a shell ?02:32
davecheneyValduare: exactly02:32
Valduareso not something you’d do for if your just provisioning 2 or 3 of a certain webapp etc? :P02:32
davecheneyValduare: sure02:33
davecheneybut the thing is02:33
davecheneyyou can use other peoples charms02:33
davecheneyin fact02:33
davecheneyyou shold02:33
davecheneycharms encapsulate the best practice of configuring a particular service02:33
davecheneyneed mysql02:33
davecheneydeploy the mysql charm02:33
davecheneyneed rabbit mq02:33
davecheneydeploy the rabbit mq charm02:33
davecheneyneed an openstack install02:33
davecheneydeploy the openstack charms, or all in one as a bundle02:34
Valduareare these charms checked over and scrutinized?02:34
davecheneyValduare: of course02:34
Valduareis there place I can search what charms are available02:38
Valduarelooking for a canvas server specifically - instructure learning management system02:38
davecheneyValduare: sure, https://jujucharms.com/02:38
davecheneyi don't think we have had a canvas charm contributed02:39
Valduareits pretty fancy lms02:39
lazyPowerValduare: actually - to build on davecheney's answer, you're not just dropping shell scripts. We actually encourage users to use configuration management tools if you're already familiar with them02:46
lazyPowerif you look at the rails charm, it uses chef. The puppet master server, puppet master.   I'm getting fairly handy with ansible in a few of my newer iterations on charms02:47
lazyPowers/, puppet master/puppet/02:47
Valduarei’ve never done anything more than follow a blog post guide for setting up what Im looking to do heh02:47
lazyPowerwelp, you're 80% of the way there. Encapsulate teh logics into idempotent bash scripts, and segregate the logic into the proper hooks and you've got a charm.02:48
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josehey! in the case I want to deploy rabbitmq-server, do I need to deploy ceph-client or hacluster?04:33
davecheneyjose: not unless you need those services04:35
josedavecheney: cool, thanks~04:35
joseI'm in the middle of an attempt to write a Reddit charm - it's more hard than what I initially thought04:35
davecheneyreddit ?04:36
joseyep, what powers reddit.com, it's open source :)04:37
sarnoldcool :)04:37
davecheneyjose: right, are you deploying reddit with juju ?04:37
jose(I didn't know about it until a while ago)04:37
josedavecheney: not yet, I'm in the process of writing the charm still04:37
josebut that would be the final purpose, yes04:38
davecheneyyou've come to the right channel then04:38
joseoh, oh, are you a charmer?04:38
davecheneysome think i am, i think they are mistaken04:40
josemind doing a review of a charm?04:40
davecheneyjose: sure I can take a quick look04:41
joseawesome :)04:41
davecheneyif you want a proper review, why not consider submitting it to the store04:41
josehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1199052 and https://code.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/mailman/trunk04:41
_mup_Bug #1199052: New charm: mailman <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1199052>04:41
josewell, I already have, but it's still on the queue04:41
jose11 days as of today04:41
AskUbuntuError in creating juju bootstrap | http://askubuntu.com/q/43885105:01
josedavecheney: did you get to take a peek?05:05
davecheneyjose: i had a little look05:10
davecheneyit's late in my work day05:10
joseoh, I thought you were down under05:10
* jose has to stop making assumptions05:10
davecheneyjose: i am05:10
josewell, anyways :)05:11
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AskUbuntuHow to restart OpenStack services after restart/logout? | http://askubuntu.com/q/43887106:51
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themonkmarcoceppi: hi08:35
themonkmarcoceppi: i am facing problem in charm relation08:36
themonkmarcoceppi: i am setting private ip and server port in relation set in relation-joined of provider charm but cant get it in requere charm relation joined/changed using relation get08:38
themonki am facing problem in charm relation08:38
themonki am setting private ip and server port in relation set in relation-joined of provider charm but cant get it in require charm relation joined/changed using relation-get08:38
josethemonk: mind if I take a look at the code?08:59
joseis it in LP somewhere?08:59
jamespageif there are any charmers around with some time I need a review of:10:13
jamespageaside from active-active, the other two branchs have been in use in OpenStack CI for the last week10:14
jamespagenope - they are all in use in the CI environment10:16
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marcoceppijamespage: reviewing now10:45
jamespagemarcoceppi, thanks10:45
marcoceppijamespage: icehouse branch gives me conflicts, it apparently does something different than the first neutron-packages branch10:52
jamespagemarcoceppi, most likely yes10:52
marcoceppiI can resolve the diference really quickly if you tell me which to go with10:52
marcoceppijamespage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7150639/10:52
marcoceppiI'm guessing MERGE-SOURCE is the way to go10:52
jamespagemarcoceppi, that is odd - I thought that icehouse had that branch merged10:53
jamespagemarcoceppi, but yes MERGE_SOURCE is good10:53
marcoceppifwiw, it's the only conflict I got10:53
marcoceppijamespage: ack, will resolve10:53
jamespagethat has the change to accomodate the 3.13 kernel10:53
jamespagemarcoceppi, apologues - these have stacked up a bit10:53
marcoceppijamespage: np, seems like a lot of good work though10:54
jamespagemarcoceppi, more to come10:54
jamespagessl-everywhere man!10:54
marcoceppijamespage: ping me if you need more charm-helpers merges this week10:54
jamespagemarcoceppi, will do10:54
jamespagemarcoceppi, if you fancy another quicky - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/source-take-two/+merge/21257610:58
jamespagethat should unblock mbruzek's test failures for his tests branch10:58
jamespagemarcoceppi, just read that back10:58
jamespagemarcoceppi, I have a full charm-helpers redux backed up so need to get that and mbruzek's stuff landed10:59
marcoceppijamespage: so source is no longer immutable for rabbitmq-server charm?10:59
jamespagemarcoceppi, you can change it on the fly!11:00
marcoceppi\o/ jamespage thanks for that, appreciate it will review after the icehouse branch11:00
jamespagemarcoceppi, of course for the majority of time, this will not do much11:00
jamespageunless a new rabbitmq is avaliable.11:00
marcoceppiI'll just drop that little note in the readme when I review it11:01
jamespagemarcoceppi, ah - good idea11:02
jamespageI can update that now11:02
jamespagemarcoceppi, notes added to README11:08
marcoceppijamespage: Oh, brilliant, thank you!11:08
marcoceppilazyPower: hey, can you put a few charms in the top of your queue for reviewing today?11:10
zchanderping lazyPower11:21
overm1ndI'm a bit confused, what happen if I put phpmyadmin service on the same machine as wordpress?11:32
overm1ndsome times it works some times it doesn't11:32
overm1ndchecking for the open port is not a requirement for the charm?11:32
marcoceppioverm1nd: it's typically /never/ a good idea to use the --to flag without isolation11:38
marcoceppicharms are created with the idea that they have the entire machine at their control11:38
overm1ndwhat you mean for isolation?11:39
marcoceppicase in point, by default WordPress uses nginx, php5-fpm and phpmyadmin uses apache2 and mod-php511:39
marcoceppioverm1nd: using either --to lxc: or --to kvm:11:39
marcoceppiwhere it will create a new LXC or KVM instance on the machine, so --to lxc:1 will create a new LXC container on machine 111:40
overm1ndso it will isolate the service11:40
marcoceppioverm1nd: yeah, in a container/vm instead of directly placing it on the machine11:41
marcoceppiif you're going for density, that's the way to go11:41
overm1ndI have some early feedback from yesterday about juju11:41
overm1ndI was expecting more "stability" in the sense of coerence between states11:42
marcoceppioverm1nd: how so?11:42
overm1ndafter one day of juju deploy I see that some time if you push a service with resolved11:43
overm1ndit works11:43
overm1ndeven if the juju resolved before was not11:43
marcoceppioverm1nd: so you're having charms in an error state after a "long running deployment"?11:43
overm1ndmmm no11:43
overm1ndbut is I change a little the order of commands11:44
overm1ndI see different results11:44
marcoceppiwell, that /shouldn't/ happen. charms are designed to be idempotent11:44
overm1ndyes I was expecting it11:45
marcoceppihowever, some charms are a bit old and outdated and may not work like we expect. Which charms are you having issues with?11:45
overm1ndI have the feeling that not all charms are destroying everithing on the machine11:45
overm1ndI experimented with haproxy worpress phpmyadmin11:46
overm1ndjuju-gui and mysql11:46
overm1ndI opened a bug for wp11:46
marcoceppioverm1nd: ah, I see that bug, thanks11:47
marcoceppioverm1nd: destroy service doesn't actually clean up the machine11:47
overm1ndagain I'm not a guru so take it with care11:47
marcoceppibut the install hoook isn't being robust enough11:47
marcoceppioverm1nd: typically, you would terminate-machine to remove the machine, then deploy on a clean machine11:48
overm1ndin italiy we say "pinze" :P11:48
overm1ndok noted11:48
marcoceppibut that's a bug in wp as well as the hook isn't really being idempotent, so I'll address that11:48
overm1ndsome charms does not have any info about the address to use them11:48
marcoceppioverm1nd: how so?11:49
overm1ndlike phpmyadmin, munin11:49
overm1ndlike the url to access to the interface11:49
marcoceppiAll charms can query their address information with `unit-get private-address`, unit-get public-address`11:49
overm1ndseems obviuos but I had to dig in the config on the node machine to understant the url11:50
overm1ndI didn't know11:50
overm1ndanother note: why the juju-gui does not say the number of the machine?11:51
overm1ndI think its a really useful info11:51
marcoceppioverm1nd: becuase you're looking at a service overview, not a machine view11:51
marcoceppioverm1nd: there's working being done to show a machine view of the deployment11:51
overm1ndmy next step is to start writing a charm11:53
overm1ndI want to have revive-server (ex openx)11:53
overm1ndbut I still to understand juju more11:55
overm1ndI was not able to use haproxy11:55
overm1ndas a frontend for more than 1 service11:55
overm1ndmaybe I didn't getr the point11:55
overm1ndI'm used to have an I density service server by my own11:56
overm1ndjuju seems to waste a lot of resources :P11:56
overm1ndhigh* density*11:57
marcoceppioverm1nd: you can, but you have to configure haproxy a little more to do multiple services11:57
marcoceppioverm1nd: well, juju was designed with high-scale cloud deployments in mind, so if you're looking to manage a smaller pool of resources you have to bend a few things in juju11:58
overm1ndis ok to deploy with juju and than configure the machine itself by hand?11:58
marcoceppioverm1nd: you typically wouldn't do that11:58
marcoceppiwhat do you need to configure outside of juju?11:58
overm1ndfor example11:59
overm1ndhow can I create a subdomani on apache server and deploy a simple php app?11:59
overm1ndI think juju is for doing way bigger deployment than what I need12:00
overm1ndbut I woiuld like to use it at least as scalable backend of frontend for other services12:01
marcoceppioverm1nd: deploying a simple php app would be one of two ways12:01
* overm1nd listening 12:01
marcoceppieither build a subordinate charm to the apache2 charm, or build a standalone charm that installs apache2 and php and your app12:02
overm1ndi don't know uet what is a subordinate charm12:02
* overm1nd reading docs 12:02
marcoceppioverm1nd: subordinate charm is a charm that co-exists with another charm on a deployment, it's a way to extend fucntionality that complements a service12:02
overm1ndsounds what I need12:03
* marcoceppi nods12:03
overm1ndlast question I promise12:04
marcoceppiso, you can make a charm that deploys on top of the apache2 charm, which will put your app in, say, /var/www/<app> creates a new virtual host in /etc/apache2/sites-available, enables that  vhost, etc12:04
marcoceppioverm1nd: you can ask as many questions as you need!12:04
overm1ndthis is a type of charm I will try first to write12:04
overm1ndthe question is: if a service is stuck in pending12:05
overm1ndwhat can I do? resolve do nothing12:05
overm1ndbecause is not an error state12:05
overm1ndand I can not debug using putty :P12:05
marcoceppioverm1nd: pending likely means the machine is still starting, juju failed to install on the machine, or something else that's bad12:05
marcoceppioverm1nd: typically, if a machine is pending more than 10 mins something went wrong12:05
marcoceppiand juju isn't actually set up on that machine12:06
overm1ndI think I will try to debug from a wirtual machine12:07
overm1ndbut is the juju env portable?12:07
overm1ndI mean the machine I use to give commands12:08
overm1ndif I want to manage the cluster from another pc can I move juju?12:09
marcoceppioverm1nd: yes12:14
overm1ndbecause from putty mtux does not work12:14
overm1ndor I am not lucky :P12:15
overm1ndthank you very much for your suggestions marcoceppi I will try them12:23
lazyPowermarcoceppi: sure12:38
lazyPowerzchander: pong12:38
marcoceppilazyPower: sd-agent, importio if you would please <312:39
lazyPowermarcoceppi: dd-agent you mean?12:39
marcoceppilazyPower: nope, sd-agent12:40
lazyPowerah ok, see it12:40
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tvansteenburghcan someone remind me which apt-repo to add to get juju-devel?13:16
tvansteenburghmarcoceppi told me i get 3 months of dumb questions for free, so i'm starting right away13:17
marcoceppitvansteenburgh: I was kidding about the three months ;)13:17
marcoceppitvansteenburgh: and it's not a dumb question! ppa:juju/devel13:18
tvansteenburghthanks :D13:18
lazyPowerwesleymason: great work on the server density charm.13:19
lazyPowerhaha, he's callin you out marcoceppi13:19
wesleymasonlazyPower: cheers, I noticed you open an account, assumed you were testing :)13:19
lazyPoweri like this guy already13:19
lazyPowerwesleymason: theres just one thing stopping it from going to the charmstore. I left notes on the bug13:19
jcastrocan anyone find the rails scalable example bundle?13:19
lazyPowerits literally a one liner 30 second fix.13:19
wesleymasonlazyPower: awesome, cheers, I'll talk a look in a bit13:20
jcastroman, awesome, lazyPower, someone added ceph support to owncloud13:20
lazyPowerjcastro: it appears to be missing. I'm only getting the rails-single.13:20
lazyPowerjcastro: that was zchander :)13:20
jcastrozchander, nice!13:20
lazyPowerour community is bringing the heat with these new MP's in the Q13:21
jcastrowesleymason, I think you have my email right? I can send you a juju shirt for your charm, just jet me along your address and size.13:21
jcastrozchander, you too! my address is jorge@ubuntu.com13:21
jcastrolazyPower, importio is still waiting too13:22
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lazyPowerjcastro: next in the Q13:22
jcastroman, a good week in submissions!13:22
wesleymasonjcastro: w00t, thanks!13:22
jcastrolazyPower, ping me when you promulgate server density, I'd like to blog it13:23
lazyPowerjcastro: pending a one liner from wesleymason, then give me a minute thirty and you'll have it.13:23
lazyPowerso draft away senor13:24
noodles775sinzui: Hi, if you have a chance, let me know what I missed with https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1297201 that it's incomplete.13:24
_mup_Bug #1297201: Can not bootstrap after upgrade to 1.17.6 <juju-core:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1297201>13:24
sinzuinoodles775,  apt-cache policy juju-local13:24
wesleymasonlazyPower: quick question because I couldn't find a very solid answer in the the interface docs, if I change the requires def to "serverdensity" on line 15, it using the juju-info interface is still fine, correct?13:25
lazyPowerthe relationship name should *never* be juju-info, as thats reserved13:25
lazyPowerbut the interface is fine being juju-info, that just means you haven't defined a specific interface for the relationship and to use the default.13:26
sinzuinoodles775, do you get your packages from the devel ppa or ubuntu. Mayne ubuntu has a bad package. I cannot help with that, but I can let someone know13:26
wesleymasonlazyPower: makes sense, thanks13:26
marcoceppiwesleymason: there's also a "local-monitors" interface, that charms like nagios and munin are using13:26
lazyPowerwesleymason: suggestion on improvement for the docs? I know the relationship stuff can get a bit confusing - since I've been staring at them for 3 months, i feel like i've got a decent grasp on them  and your feedback is pure gold.13:26
beunoo/ wesleymason13:26
jcastroyeah you're supposed to be able to swap in serverdensity for any one of those tools right?13:27
marcoceppiwhere charms will tell the subordinate what services to actually monitor, not sure if that's relevant for the SD charm or not, but thought you might want to know13:27
wesleymasonaha, I was looking for something like that, might be more appropriate13:27
marcoceppiwesleymason: it could definetly be a post-store revision13:27
noodles775sinzui: Ah - I see. I'd updated juju-core, but it didn't (and couldn't know to) update juju-local. I should have done it the other way around. Thanks.13:27
marcoceppiwesleymason: as is this works, I can dig up the local-monitors docs for you if you'd like13:28
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: yeah, I'll have a think on the best one later13:28
sinzuinoodles775, well I don't think you should need to. upgrade should have noticed there was a newer juju-local13:28
wesleymasonlazyPower: I'll put my thoughts together tonight and mail you something13:28
marcoceppiwesleymason: cool, I'll open a bug on lp when this is promulgated to track it's progress, etc13:28
lazyPowerwesleymason: ta! I appreciate the feedback13:28
wesleymasonlazyPower: pushed some changes13:35
zchanderlazyPower: Today I made some additional changes for the ownCloud charm and the Merge Proposal did work :D13:36
zchanderThanks for your information13:36
lazyPowerwesleymason: excellent. One thing for you to be aware of, if you go the route of  local-monitors you will want ot *Add* the relationship instead of changing this one.13:36
lazyPowerthat way you maintain compat with existing deployments.13:36
lazyPowerzchander: awesome!13:36
wesleymasonlazyPower: ah, noted13:36
lazyPowerglad its sorted :)13:36
lazyPowerwesleymason: thanks for the quick turn around. Promulgating now13:37
zchanderAnyone familiar with File_sender? (https://www.assembla.com/spaces/file_sender/wiki)13:37
wesleymasonbtw - I gave an unconf talk at PHP NE Conference 2014 the other week on Juju, wrote it up about an hour before giving it, and gave a live demo of deploying a PHP app as a service on the local provider that all worked like a charm: http://1stvamp.github.io/phpne-2014-juju-talk/13:38
lazyPowerjcastro: read wesleymason's comment here, this will get you excited ^13:40
overm1ndzchander I appreciate your work on owncloud but why not seafile?13:45
overm1ndseems less popular but more mature13:45
overm1ndI don't know file_sender13:46
marcoceppioverm1nd: you could add it :)13:46
overm1ndehehe too much stuff to do on juju for know :P13:47
zchanderoverm1nd: It was something I found via Google and it was already a charm. ;) It made my life a bit easier :D13:54
overm1ndok, I wanted only to suggest you better alternatives13:55
overm1ndI digged in to the sync world recently13:56
jcastrois owncloud still an old version in the charm? we should fix that13:59
jcastrolazyPower, hey before you promulgate serverdensity check the README, the usage section needs some markdown love for the commands14:00
lazyPowerjcastro: already promulgated, and it renders correct in uberwriter14:00
jcastrobut not in the store?14:01
lazyPowerweak sauce14:01
lazyPoweri cant wait until our docs are in markdown14:01
lazyPoweri'll just run the readme's through that and get a 1:1 comparison14:01
lazyPowerapparently my tools support more flavors of markdown than you can shake a stick at14:02
jcastrowe should specifically do github-markdown14:02
jcastroor whatever the defacto standard is14:02
wesleymasonGHFM is fairly defacto, for better or worse14:03
marcoceppijcastro: the md docs I'm working on are doing GFM, with a few extras14:04
marcoceppijcastro: it looks like charmworld has a bit of a back log? check again in about 10 mins14:06
jcastroyeah that was my plan14:06
jcastrorails/example-complex is missing too14:06
jcastroI told rick about it14:06
zchanderjcastro: I have included the 6.0.2 version in my ‘version’14:12
themonkjose: ok i will14:16
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overm1ndguys is there an up-to-date juju windows client? on the site is 1.16.614:43
marcoceppioverm1nd: 1.16.6 is the lastest stable juju client14:47
marcoceppiwe don't build devel windows clients14:48
overm1ndah ok14:48
marcoceppinor do we put devel releases of juju client in homebrew14:48
overm1ndso is the enviroment file grammare change a bit since last rel?14:48
overm1ndI get no registered provider for manual14:49
overm1ndwhen I try to import my juju conf from another machine14:50
marcoceppioverm1nd: yeah, the provider name changes from null to manual in 1.16 -> 1.1714:54
overm1ndok thx14:54
marcoceppiwesleymason: jcastro: serverdensity is in charm store, fyi https://jujucharms.com/precise/serverdensity/14:59
bloodearnestwesleymason: nice work15:12
wesleymasonbloodearnest: ta15:13
jcastrolazyPower, hey what was our TLDR for the sample rails app?15:15
lazyPowerjcastro: I don't think we have one atm. I haven't had a chance to circle back on it15:16
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marcoceppihazmat: question about deployer using the -o flag. If a charm doesn't have that key that I'm overriding will it fail or will it just press on?15:47
marcoceppiI'm assuming the latter, but just want to confirm15:47
frankbanrbasak: we just released a new version of juju-quickstart: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/juju-quickstart15:50
rbasakfrankban: thanks! We're in feature freeze now though. We need an exception I guess?16:04
frankbanrbasak: I think we already asked for an exception, rick_h_ ^^^16:05
rick_h_rbasak: yes, there's an existing exception, sec I'll get the link16:05
rbasakI see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju-quickstart/+bug/128263016:06
_mup_Bug #1282630: [FFE] remove sudo support <juju-quickstart (Ubuntu):New> <juju-quickstart (Ubuntu Trusty):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1282630>16:06
_mup_Bug #1282630: [FFE] remove sudo support <juju-quickstart (Ubuntu):New> <juju-quickstart (Ubuntu Trusty):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1282630>16:06
rbasakThat's to drop sudo support though, not for a new upstream release.16:06
rick_h_it ended up juju released an interim release that has our support and we don't need to wait for 1.1816:06
rbasakI don't see a problem getting an FFe for a new upstream release, but we probably need to modify that existing one or something.16:06
rick_h_rbasak: sorry, this release drops the sudo support since 1.17.6 has the fixes we needed that were originally targeted at 1.1816:07
rbasakAnd explain what exactly changed, etc.16:07
rbasakrick_h_: please could you document that in the bug? Then we'll need a release team ack.16:07
rick_h_rbasak: ok will do16:07
rick_h_frankban: can you catagog the fix in there and mention the retarget from 1.18 to 1.17.616:07
frankbanrick_h_: sure16:08
rbasakfrankban: a summary of everything that changed from the previous release, please.16:08
frankbanrbasak: will do16:09
jcastrohey guys, so mbruzek and I are modifying a charm for a local deployment16:15
mbruzekbut we are still seeing the old hook get run.16:16
jcastrohow do we increment the charm version? juju always wants to deploy the charm without our local changes16:16
jcastrowe've tried `juju deploy -u`16:16
Fishy__delete charm cache if you want to be sure ?16:16
jcastrodo we just bump `revision` up manually?16:16
jcastrothe -u is what clears the cache afaict16:17
josejcastro: I always have to destroy my environment and bootstrap again when doing that, if you have a clue it'd be nice to know16:19
marcoceppijcastro: what version juju?16:20
marcoceppi1.17 or 1.16?16:20
jcastroyeah we've done that, I am suspecting our JUJU_REPOSITORY is pointing to the wrong place16:20
joseoh, bah, I'm using 1.1616:21
marcoceppijcastro: then -u is being depricated and not needed16:21
marcoceppijcastro: are you switching from charmstore to local?16:21
marcoceppijcastro: or has this always been local?16:21
marcoceppijcastro: have you used --switch yet?16:21
jcastroit's always been local16:21
marcoceppijcastro: ah, okay16:22
jcastroso basically, we are editing the charm on disk16:22
marcoceppijcastro: what does juju status show the charm revision at?16:22
jcastroit's supposed to be 616:22
marcoceppijcastro: is revision file set to 6?16:22
jcastroit is now16:22
jcastroit was not before16:22
marcoceppijcastro: try doing upgrade-charm now16:22
marcoceppiif that doesn't work then your JUJU_REPOSITORY might not be set properly, but juju should have complained about that16:22
jcastrofound the issue16:24
jcastrowe were deploying from the pristine upstream charm, and not from our local repository where we made the changes16:25
jcastrojose, juju upgrade-charm normally is what you do16:25
josejcastro: even if there's no upgrade-charm hook?16:25
jcastroI'll let you know next time, already started over16:27
lazyPowerjose: who am I meeting with re: open week presentation in :30?16:27
joselazyPower: that's in a month still16:28
jose22 April at 18 UTC16:28
lazyPoweri thought it was today!16:28
lazyPowerclearly I'm on-the-ball16:28
josewe like to plan things with time :)16:28
lazyPowerand i see on the table on the wiki page, i was anticipating this being shoot from the hip16:29
joseI'll still get to all of you guys who will be presenting to let you know who your contact during the event will be16:29
joseI haven't got my university schedule yet, so I can't promise anything16:30
lazyPowerjose: welp the fact its not today buys me tons of time. Roger dodger16:30
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josemaybe some time to promulgate the mailman charm? :P16:31
lazyPowerYour review will be before I EOD :)16:31
lazyPoweryou've waited patiently16:31
lazyPowerthat has merit in my book16:31
josewell, I'll continue looking into this reddit charm, install hook fails :P16:32
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jamespagemarcoceppi, you rock - thanks for the reviews and merges today!16:48
jcastromarcoceppi, found the problem16:48
jcastroyou won't believe it16:48
jcastroIt's forgettable enough that I felt the need to write it down16:49
marcoceppijcastro: wat16:49
jcastroour hooks were all files16:49
jcastrobecause scp follows links, it doesn't copy them over16:49
jcastroso any charm you copy over with scp that has symlinks for hooks = ouch16:49
marcoceppijcastro: interesting16:49
jcastroyou need to either rsync or tar-then-scp16:49
marcoceppirsync ftw16:50
Fishy__cobbler is ruining my life16:58
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josePagekite charm submitted!17:42
lazyPowerinteresting solution17:51
lazyPowerbookmarking pagekite for later reference17:51
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Fishy__should I worry about this18:36
Fishy__juju bootstrap WARNING no tools available, attempting to retrieve from https://juju-dist.s3.amazonaws.com/ WARNING picked arbitrary tools &{"1.16.6-precise-amd64" "" "60a008598b13effa46ee50fa13bbe9601ad1018bbb5d9eda379f117e14f145ec" %!q(int64=4666968)}18:37
marcoceppiFishy__: no, that's just a warning18:51
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* zchander won't be scripting/hacking/copying/coding tonight. Just relaxing on the couch with a PS3 controller in my hands ;)19:12
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FishyDo I need a certain # of nodes enlisted before I can use juju maas?19:23
FishyI have 1 now and status fails19:23
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marcoceppiFishy: you need probably two nodes19:30
marcoceppione for bootstrap19:30
marcoceppione for a service19:30
Fishycan I make local LXC nodes and have them enlist with maas?19:34
Fishyrunning out of space to put laptops on my desk19:34
Fishy+ i dont want to waste hardware nodes for bootstrap19:34
Fishywant them LXCs i would think19:34
marcoceppiFishy: not lxc, but qemu/kvm, yes19:36
Fishyvirtual box?19:42
marcoceppiFishy: no, not really19:44
marcoceppivirtual box and MAAS don't work together very well19:44
sarnoldvirtualbox's main selling point seemed to be that you got something slightly better than vnc for graphics...19:45
Fishyyah I can just point and click admin it in 30 seconds19:45
sarnoldyou don't really care about graphics in this case, right? might as well pick the more stable / easier / lighter-weight kvm..19:45
tvansteenburghwwitzel3, you're doing maas with virtualbox aren't you?19:45
Fishyin the past week I have already learned openVZ and LXC19:45
marcoceppiFishy: there's a GUI tool for KVM if you want to try that19:45
Fishytrying to avoid a 3rd VM provider ;)19:46
marcoceppiOpenVZ isn't very good because it relies on an older kernel19:46
Fishyya we want to get rid of it19:46
marcoceppiVirtuozzo, their commercial product, is much better19:46
Fishybut some old stuff is on it19:46
marcoceppithere's virt-manager or somethign like that, which is a GUI to qemu/kvm19:46
marcoceppiit's like virtualbox, only better ;)19:46
marcoceppiqemu/kvm at least, and it's compatibile with MAAS19:47
Fishyok, installing19:47
Fishyqemu and kvm are the same thing?19:48
marcoceppiwell, for now yes19:48
marcoceppiqemu is a generic machine emulator, kvm is the underlying provisioner19:48
marcoceppiso, MAAS can talk to QEMU which can talk to KVM, and virt-manager is the GUI to create KVM machines19:49
marcoceppiKVM virtual machines are isolated like virtualbox machines, so you have that full level of virtualization19:49
marcoceppiit's just a chain of tools to do stuff19:49
Fishyso i need to make a bridge19:51
Fishynat wont do pxe19:52
marcoceppiFishy: it's not that heavy19:52
marcoceppiQEMU/KVM think of it as one tool19:52
marcoceppiit's your virtualizer19:53
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Fishymaas keeps shutting off my servers (that are enlisted but not yet in use)21:24
Fishyhow rude21:24
marcoceppiFishy: that's by design :)21:29
Fishyand the idea is to use WOL when they are needed?21:30
marcoceppiWOL or whatever power management tool, IMPI, AMT, QEMU, etc21:30
Fishyheres to hoping one of them works ;)21:31
Fishywent up from 1 node to 3 nodes, juju status still never returns21:31
Fishyok after 10 mins says21:34
FishyError details: no reachable servers21:34
Fishywhich seems to mean the WOL or whatever doesn't work21:35
marcoceppiFishy: does the machine in MAAS work with WOL?21:37
Fishy1 laptop and 2 kvm VMs21:38
Fishysee no reason why it wouldnt21:38
Fishyenabled in laptop bios21:38
josemarcoceppi: hey, it's good if I submit patches to the proof errors that are in the review queue?21:44
marcoceppijose: totally!21:45
josecool then, working on a couple atm :)21:45
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josewill file bugs too21:45
marcoceppijose: \o/21:46
lazyPowerjose: YES!!!21:53
lazyPowerthat would be amazing21:53
joselazyPower: well, I have some spare time before starting university and I'm a bit tired of checking and checking the reddit charm without results, so I'll do that instead :)21:54
joseabout the store errors, I can't do much - I can give you a clue that the postfix and mailman ones are because I changed my username21:54
snewpyis there a way to get the remote unit's IP address during a relation-joined event without specifically passing it as a relation property?21:58
josesnewpy: I believe `relation-get private-address` gives you that info21:59
snewpyawesome, thx!22:01
joselazyPower, marcoceppi: tells me that I don't have permissions to make an MP?22:06
marcoceppijose: how are you trying to propose merge?22:07
josemarcoceppi: with an MP22:07
joseor should it be done via a bug? (also filed one)22:07
marcoceppijose: that clears it up perfectly!22:07
marcoceppijose: so, what are the targets for the MP22:08
marcoceppiI'm trying to figure out why it's failing22:08
joseand lp:~jose/charms/precise/assaultcube/1297529-fix is the proposed branch22:08
marcoceppihuh, jose can we jump on a hangout so I can see your screen?22:09
marcoceppijose: one sec22:09
josemarcoceppi: I see a problem on the charm, does config.yaml allow a name that's 2 characters long?22:40
joseor there needs to be a minimum?22:40
marcoceppijose: no22:40
josewhat's the minimum?22:40
marcoceppineeds to be more than two characters, that's a yaml limitation22:40
joseok, thanks22:40
lazyPowerhey jose, i see you have the mailman charm listed as depends on:  lp:~jose/charms/precise/postfix/trunk22:42
lazyPowerbut there's no relationship for this dependency - was it planned but not implemented?22:42
joselazyPower: oh, that's not the case anymore22:42
lazyPowerack. I'll disregard22:43
josethanks :)22:43
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josehey guys, what should I do with a charm which has no maintainer? set the maintainer to charmers?23:42
lazyPowerjose: file a bug for needs maintainer against the charm23:51
joseok, in the meanwhile I'll fix the other stuff23:52

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