ClientAliveWhere do you find the network manager for kubuntu desktop? I've never used it before.01:27
ClientAliveI'm running it live to try it out01:28
mechanaanyone wanna help me with a network issue?\03:43
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BluesKaj'Morning folks11:44
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kyfellaAny of ya'll around?  This is what I am currently running. $ cat /etc/lsb-release DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=13.10 DISTRIB_CODENAME=saucy DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 13.10"17:43
kyfellaCan someone give me an idea?  I had to rebuild 13.10, because something funky was going on.  My mounted USB drive keeps disconnecting overnight for some reason.  I am thinking maybe power saving settings but not sure.  Any ideas of what I can look for?17:44
ClientAliveI'm new to kde and I accidentally deleted this thing (I don't even know what it's called) but it had a bunch of my stuff on it. Can I get it back?17:50
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kyfellaClient, do you mean you deleted your irc client?17:55
kyfellaIf anyone sends me a message, give me a few minutes to respond.  I am between here and 3 servers17:56
ClientAliveI found it17:57
kyfellaso your good client?17:57
ClientAliveIn the initial install of kubuntu 13.10 it had this panel looking thing on the desktop that you could put stuff on (directories or files or whatever).17:58
kyfellaoh yea, I NEVER use that irritating thing17:58
ClientAliveYou can't see it now (after I clicked something like "remove *" in the context menu earlier). but I found the contents in dolphin17:59
ClientAliveso yeah, I got it  :)17:59
kyfellaI always just hit the X on that thing and remove it18:01
kyfellait gets in my way.  I like a nice clean desktop to work with18:01
kyfellaanyone have ne ideas on my external USB connection issue?18:03
kyfellait never did that before I rebuilt 13.10, so I am assuming I missed a setting somewhere in the system settigns18:03
Kuberboefola alll18:08
ClientAliveoh fuck!18:13
ClientAliveI guess i really don't know about kde. I was messing around with this thing ('activities' or something) and it changed my entired desktop/sytem alltogether18:14
ClientAliveI clicked something and the whole thing changed before my eyeas18:14
BluesKaj!activities | ClientAlive18:16
BluesKaj!info activities | ClientAlive18:16
ubottuClientAlive: Package activities does not exist in saucy18:16
BluesKajsomeons should update the infobot18:17
BluesKajClientAlive, http://askubuntu.com/questions/253990/what-is-a-activity-in-kde-and-what-can-i-do-with-it18:18
ClientAliveOh wow18:23
ClientAliveNow I'm gonna end up switching to kde myself  :)18:23
BluesKajI prefer the virtual desktop pagers myself, to me the activities section is redundant18:24
ClientAliveWhat that thread explains is exactly what I spent 3 wks wrangling ubuntu into doing with unity18:27
ClientAliveif I'd have know that's how kde worked I'd probably have been using it all along18:28
ClientAliveall these years I mean18:28
BluesKajkde doesn't get the hype unity does, since ubuntu is a much larger community18:31
Dr_Noi want to thank the creators and developers of xubuntu, robustness with elegance in the linux world18:35
Dr_Nowell done xubuntu!18:36
BluesKajDr_No, congratulate them in #xubuntu18:36
Dr_NoBluesKaj: :) yes18:37
BluesKajthis is #Kubuntu18:37
Dr_Noof course, my apologies18:40
ClientAliveIs there any way to get that first thing back? That thing that looks like a panel on my desktop and I can put dirs on it?18:42
ClientAliveI see the old ones contents in Desktop in the file manager but it does not appear on the desktop like it did before18:42
ClientAliveor, what is the thing even called so I could google how to create one18:46
BluesKajsorry ClientAlive, it's usually the first thing I dump from the desktop, so i can't recall the name either18:48
BluesKajwhat would you use it for ?18:49
qdataClientAlive: unlock widgets, right click on desktop, and look for a drop down at the Layout at the top18:49
ClientAliveqdata: what about layout now?18:52
ClientAlivein the context menu?18:52
qdatain that drop down is the type of desktop - I think when you change the desktop type you can make that folder thingy again, but I don't really know how as it's the first thing I get rid of too18:52
ClientAliveok, well I liked it cause I could include stuff for my customer there who's never used this (kubuntu) before18:53
ClientAliveI thought there would be something about making it viewable in some system setting somewhere or in the folder properties, Idk.18:54
qdatafirst thing I do is change my desktop to the old default type from the folder desktop type that is how it is when you first install18:57
qdatabut I think it's the desktop type that you need to change18:57
qdataah ok - got it - after you change the desktop type to folder then add the folder plasma widget to the desktop18:59
EvilRoeyhey all what's the SSH flag for just forwarding a port on another system and not opening a new shell on it?19:04
qdatayou can then configure that plasma widget when you hover over it and the config bar comes up click on the wrench icon and select the 'Show the desktop folder' radio button19:05
qdataand it will be like before19:05
ClientAliveqdata: thx. gonna start that right now19:22
ClientAliveqdata: I don't know how to do any of those things. I've worked with kde for like 20 min so fa19:24
BluesKajClientAlive, http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/desktop.php19:27
qdataClientAlive: KDE can be daunting to a new user, because it can be configured so many ways - it takes using it for a while with a corresponding learning curve, but that's exactly what I've always liked and aprreciatted about it19:30
ClientAlivethx BluesKaj: qdata:19:40
ClientAliveI gotta get the thing into my guy's hands and get paid tho. Ya know?  :)19:40
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steve_testing from new system. Are people seeing this?20:30
qdatasteve_: if you see it we see it; that's the way irc works20:42
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ClientAliveI run ubuntu 13.10. Would making my system into kubuntu just amount to installing kde window manager?23:36
monkeyjuicesudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop23:44

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