thewrathhow can i change the owner of a branch from a user to a team?02:57
thewrathnevermind i found it03:04
thewrathif anyone is there i have a few quetions03:11
wgrantthewrath: Hi.03:14
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josewgrant: thank you for handling the ticket05:41
gijzelaarI’m working on automating our github release process and uploading to our PPA. I’ve written down our steps here: http://tinyurl.com/ohvdn88 . I was curious if other people have done similar work before I reinvent the wheel.11:38
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edakiriNow there is both Staging and QAStaging. What is the difference?20:05
cjwatsonstaging and qastaging have both existed for years, so I don't know why you say "now"20:14
cjwatsonoh they left20:16
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marcoceppiokay, I'm seeing something weird in LP22:22
marcoceppineed some help figuring it out22:22
marcoceppihttps://code.launchpad.net/charms/precise/+source/assaultcube there's these code branches, and there's lp:charms/assaultcube which is owned by ~charmers22:22
marcoceppiHowever, at the bottom it says it's registered by Robert Ayres22:23
marcoceppiand I can't delete the branch because of some stacking error22:23
wgrantmarcoceppi: What's the actual problem? What are you trying to do?22:28
marcoceppiwgrant: the issue is users are getting permission errors when trying to create merge proposals to it, and I can't delete that branch22:29
marcoceppithose are my two problems at the momen22:29
wgrantThat sounds like one problem (the permission errors), with a potential solution that doesn't work.22:30
marcoceppiwgrant: yes22:30
wgrantWhat are the specific steps to reproduce the permission error?22:30
marcoceppiwgrant: jose is trying to merge jose is trying to merge https://code.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/assaultcube/1297529-fix in to the branch, I watched him via screencast click on his branch, click propose for merging, enter a description,  commit message, hit propose and get the warning popup22:31
marcoceppijose: can you copy and paste that message ^?22:31
josesure, give me one second22:31
josemarcoceppi: oh, it's... fixed22:32
marcoceppithe fact that we can't delete the branch (as a ~charmer) worries me as well22:32
marcoceppijose: wat22:33
josethis is SO weird22:33
wgrantmarcoceppi: The deletion thing is not a permission problem. It's because other branches are stacked on it -- that is, they refer to its data so they are quicker to push and smaller.22:34
wgrantFor that reason you wouldn't delete a branch that had been a trunk.22:34
wgrantYou might unset it as the trunk, rename it, and set it to Abandoned.22:35
wgrantBut deletion is dangerous and forbidden until the branches stacked on it are unstacked.22:35
marcoceppiwgrant: interesting22:35
marcoceppiwgrant: I know another user was getting permission errors earlier, these seem transient now22:37
wgrantLet me know if it happens again.22:39
marcoceppiwgrant: will do22:39
Patrickdkis package uploading broken?23:48
Patrickdkuploading stuff, but not getting any email notifications23:48

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