alteregoathose DRM-Intel kernels are for intel cpu only? or do they support Radeon too?00:29
rwwone would presume they're for Intel GPUs00:30
rwwperhaps you should ask the person who made them?00:30
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds00:30
Daekdroomdrm-intel- is interesting for those that need new features from the DRM for Intel cards.00:31
Daekdroomdrm-next I think is for Radeon cards, possibly Nvidia opensource drivers, but I'm not sure about that.00:31
alteregoafor my opinion drm should be the way to go for future desktop ubuntu versions, people don't have to fiddle around with GPU acceleration, it just works...00:39
DaekdroomI'm not sure I understand you. Both closed-source binaries (which do not use DRM, despite complying with DRI) and open-source drivers (DRM+ DRI) use GPU acceleration.00:49
alteregoaafaik DRM = Direct render Manager00:51
alteregoayou can access GPGPU in user mode00:51
DaekdroomI don't understand how DRM means "not having to fiddle with GPU acceleration"00:51
DaekdroomUnless you mean fetching and installing drivers.00:52
alteregoanever heard drm kernel using cs because intel gpu drivers are opened...`00:52
alteregoae.g a program in userspace could access higher level gpu w/o xorg in between or something00:52
DaekdroomOh. So you're talking about apps? I thought it referred to end-users.00:54
DaekdroomYup. Wayland (and Mir, for Ubuntu) should simplify GPU acceleration by quite a lot once they're mature.00:56
alteregoayeah but they are based on drm afaik00:56
DaekdroomI wouldn't say based, but they do rely on it for the open-source drivers.00:57
DaekdroomEither way, AMD and Nvidia can decide to support Wayland and/or Mir on their drivers without using DRM.00:57
alteregoaok but for my opinion this is the way to go - it simplify a lot of things for end users00:58
alteregoanvidia sucks00:58
saiarcot895Is it standard for LTS released to be released as development releases one month prior to the offical launch?01:08
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hydesandGorgon: I'm not very "in" in Ubuntu development, but I've never heard of Ubuntu "development releases". But there's the normal alpha(s)-beta(s)-relasecandidate(s) cycle.06:57
hydesandGorgon: argh, ignore above06:58
hydesleepy eyes + tab completion, when responsing to someone who wasn't in the channel any more. sorry06:58
prainworkergood mornin  g ! yesterday night i try to install the pkg ubuntu restricted extras it did fail to install and now software store is not working any more please help08:42
prainworkerhow to i clean up my pkg list08:43
huayraI have a regression in my Thinkpad X201 which is really annoying09:31
huayrawhen in my docking the computer work pretty good, but when I take it out most works, besides the screen brightness adjustmnet09:32
huayraI mean, it shows as if it adjusting it, but it keeps the monitor to a low level brightness and never goes up (or even changes)09:32
huayraI thought I would ask here before going bug hunting09:33
utacklinux 3.14 will likely be released next weekend. kernel freeze is arpil 3rd. let's hope for the best09:45
starratsI hope someone is here this morning that can help me with my logon problem(s)?  My problem is when I try to logon on to the little password screen my cursor freezes/locks up and will not mover off the little window, have tried everything I know to release the cursor. I end up doing a hard shutdown to reboot and try again and this has been numerous lately, please someone if you know a solution please let me know and thank you.11:42
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:44
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starratsI hope someone is here this morning that can help me with my logon problem(s)?  My problem is when I try to logon on to the little password screen my cursor freezes/locks up and will not mover off the little window, have tried everything I know to release the cursor. I end up doing a hard shutdown to reboot and try again and this has been numerous lately, please someone if you know a solution please let me know and thank you.12:19
kjetil_starrats: Have you tried to restart psmouse12:27
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starratskjetil:  psmouse?12:34
starratskjetil:  I have a laptop with a 'mousepad'12:36
kjetil_starrats: first modprobe -r psmouse  an then modprobe  psmouse      as root12:38
kjetil_starrats: psmouse is the kernel module driving your mouse12:39
starratsah okay will try that12:39
starratskjetil:  just did those two commands in root and I did not get any response from term is this good or bad, I'm new in the cli but learning.12:44
kjetil_starrats: this is normaly good, no response is "not bad"12:46
kjetil_starrats: did your mouse come to life?12:46
starratswell I have no mouse just a mousepad as you find on a laptop12:47
kjetil_starrats: but can you move your curser after you resarted psmouse12:49
starratsthe only way I could see if this worked would be to reboot the laptop12:49
starratsthe cursor is moving quite nice12:50
kjetil_starrats: restarting psmouse shuld have the same efect as rebooting12:50
starratswell mousepad seems to be working fine atm but my true test is to reboot and see if it freezes or not, that has been the only problem I have with the cursor at start-up12:53
kjetil_starrats: this will probably not solve your problem it will only point you in a direction when figuring out what the reason is for the curser locks up. and save you from rebooting12:53
starratsah ok12:54
kjetil_starrats: starrats when i had this problem i fount it helped turning down the use of desktop effects.12:54
starratsdesktop effects?12:55
elfysettings - window manager tweaks - compositor - turn it off12:55
elfystarrats: people are more likely to assume you're using ubuntu if you don't mention anything12:56
elfyor what they are using12:56
starratsah ok12:56
starratsI'm using pre-release xubuntu 14.04, sorry forgot that12:57
starratsthe compositor was not enabled when i just looked elfy13:01
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nicklas_hello, ubuntu 14.04 will have nvidia optimus support?13:56
DJonesnicklas_: I've got a laptop with intel/nvidia 750M graphics, I installed 14.04 and it worked fine for intel, then installed the nvidia-prime drivers, rebooted & it worked flawlessly13:58
DJonesI can switch between intel & nvidia using the nvidia controls app (with reboot/relogin)13:59
oxsynOn 14.04 when I run apt-get dist-upgrade, my custom compiled vim binary in /usr/local/bin is removed from the system and my update-alternatives configuration is reset. Is this the way it's supposed to act?13:59
nicklas_DJones: so no need for bumblebee from ubuntu 14.04?13:59
DJonesnicklas_: No, none at all13:59
DJonesnicklas_: Mine was a fresh install and hadn't had bumblebee installed, but I presume if you've already had that installed, you need to completely remove it first14:01
nicklas_DJones: i have a new asus netbook, bought it without checking that it had optimus, if a had known that, i would have gone with a stationary computer instead (desktop). i wiped the ssd and hdd, and therefore removed the windows 8 recovery partition, and installed xubuntu, and found that i couldnt install the nvidia driver :-/ but ok, then i think i will wait for 14.04 and go with prime, install and upgrade when release, and then in14:03
nicklas_DJones: i have nothing installed atm, at work, my computer is at home14:03
DJonesnicklas_: As far as I know, prime will also work with 13.1014:04
DJonesnicklas_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics14:04
nicklas_DJones: but how do i install prime? will it be available to install via the additional drivers tab? or will it be in repos?14:04
nicklas_DJones: also, will prime be the default? or is it just temporary like bumblebee, until there is a better solution? also, will it install the fast switch thingy, in panel?14:06
DJonesnicklas_: I'm not sure about the additional drivers tab, I just did it from a terminal, sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 (I think) nvidia-prime and reboot14:06
DJonesI suspect prime is going to be a long term solution14:07
DJonesProbably still a work in progress with further improvements to come14:08
nicklas_thanks for all the info, need to go :-)14:08
DJonesGood luck & you're welcome14:08
cyberalex4lifehello, I am trying to change themes on trusty with unity-tweak-tool and ubuntu-tweak14:41
cyberalex4lifebut I can't change them sepparetly, only icons14:42
darthanubismaybe kind of early for that no?14:44
darthanubisI have tweak installed but have not done too much with it at this point14:45
cyberalex4lifeat least trusty seems more stable than saucy when released14:46
darthanubisI was going to ask about how it feels to others14:46
darthanubisand to me, it seems ok so far14:46
darthanubisgnome-screensavers was broken last week14:46
darthanubisbut it seems fixed now14:46
darthanubisThat was my only bug14:46
cyberalex4lifewell, I would prefer gnome-shell over unity14:46
darthanubisthen use it14:47
cyberalex4lifethe reason why I am on unity is that nvidia-prime is on unity14:47
cyberalex4lifeand could not successfully change gdm with lightdm14:47
darthanubisI dropped nvidia after issues with my xbmc box14:47
darthanubislaptops are all intel14:48
cyberalex4lifewell it has some tearing effect with nvidia prime14:48
cyberalex4lifeand you better not change any nvidia settings at all. had problems with that14:50
cyberalex4lifethe main reason why I do not like unity now is that is too glossy and messes with my eyes, so that's why I want to play with themes14:51
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pepeeif linux 3.14.0 is released next week, will we have it in trusty?17:34
aljosascrolling is to fast w/ touchpad, tried using synclient to fix it but didn't work. any other tools to fix scrolling speed?17:39
k1l_pepee: no. but features  or fixes get backported17:43
pepeek1l_, ah, ok17:45
Fudgeare there any users here that use Orca17:53
FudgeBug #129742917:53
ubottubug 1297429 in unity (Ubuntu) "Using Firefox with Gnome-Orca the caret becomes unresponsive and Orca access keys such as headings buttons edit fields stop responding." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129742917:53
Fudgelooking for someoen to confirm this bug for me please17:54
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bluefrogdon't knw how orca works but so far it seems pretty bad in firefox18:41
johnjohn101getting close20:15
wolfy1339i cant check for updates at all, when i do "apt-get update" i get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153061/20:27
pepeewolfy1339, that looks like connection problems from your side20:45
wolfy1339it's not... i can open it in a browser just fine, and i'm on irc right now on the pc concerned... so defenetly not that20:48
wolfy1339pepee it can't be connection problems because i can access the repo's in my browser just fine...20:53
pepeewolfy1339, are you using a proxy?21:01
wolfy1339pepee, no21:02
pepeewolfy1339, no idea, sorry21:05
johnjohn101what are the chances of kernel 3.14 if it's released next week?21:11
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CraHanDoes anyone happen to know if there's any way to suppress the 'wireless networks available' and 'you've been disconnected' notifications when you reach the login screen in 14.04?21:53
CraHanI know you can use dconf as a user, but that only changes the setting for that specific user.21:54
CraHanI haven't found how to change a dconf setting globally (if that's even possible)21:54
BeldarCraHan, I on occasion run gksudo dconf-editor in the cli when needed but be careful.22:12
CraHanBeldar: thanks for the tip. Got it working by sudo'ing to the lightdm account and using gsettings to set the correct dconf key22:18
CraHanOf course an option to disable wireless at the lightdm login screen would be an ideal solution for me22:22
bluefrogwolfy1339, have a look at the conf files  in /etc/apt. you must have done something with them22:35
wolfy1339no i didn't22:35
bluefrogthen ask ovh what's wrong with their repo22:37
bluefrogand by the way 13.10 is dead no?22:38
bluefrogwell you are trying to update a machine held by ovh, no?22:39
bluefrogthis machine is not at your house, correct?22:39
wolfy1339it is at my house, and it's 14.022:40
bluefrogthen it's funny. when did you install 14.04 and how did you do it?22:40
bluefrogbecause you're trying to access an ovh machine22:40
bluefrogand you're trying to reach the 13.10 repo22:41
bluefroghttp://ppa.launchpad.net saucy Release.gpg22:41
wolfy1339yes for some packages, that don't have trusty versions22:42
bluefrogyour config is all mixed up. time to do a clean install22:42
wolfy1339clean install of what? my whole system?22:42
bluefrogand what       grep -r 7808 /etc/apt/*   gives?22:43
wolfy1339grep: /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg: Permission denied22:45
bluefrogdo you have your own repo?22:45
wolfy1339my own repo?22:46
bluefrogaptcacher or something like that22:46
bluefrogthen a ghost is in your machine22:50
wolfy1339a ghost?22:50
bluefrogpastebin your /etc/apt/source.list22:51
bluefrogsomeone has changed the repo. as it's not me and you say it's not you then it has to be a ghost22:52
wolfy1339the only thing i've done is add repo's through system settings... other than that nothing else i have touched22:53
bluefrogand possibly do as well   sudo updatedb && locate apt.conf22:53
bluefrogpastebin your /etc/apt/source.list22:53
bluefrogwolfy1339, sources.list is good so you have a proxy declared somewhere in your machine22:56
pepeethat one is down.. but the others should work22:56
k1lremove the non ubuntu stuff form that sources.list22:56
k1land dont mix 13.10 packages into your 14.04 system22:57
k1lthat has to get wrong. but dont blame ubuntu for that22:57
wolfy1339i checked, and there's one but it should have been disabled when i put the setting as "none"22:57
Ben64what is the preferred way of getting a classic gnome look and feel on trusty?22:57
wolfy1339i cleared it22:58
bluefrogwolfy1339, obviously it's not disabled for apt22:58
k1lBen64: the gnome-fallback thing? no matter what its called now22:58
Ben64yeah i'm not sure what its called now22:58
Ben6412.04 i installed gnome-panel and it did it22:58
wolfy1339k thx22:58
Ben64i think theres a new method, build into gnome3?22:58
k1lwolfy1339: set a # in front of that lines (or remove the lines). then run a sudo apt-get update22:58
bluefrogbad wolfy, he's gone23:05

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