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gerlowskijaHas anyone run into this error while running the autopilot tests for the ubuntu-weater-app: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7149450/03:13
DanChapmangood morning07:10
dholbachgood morning07:16
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JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Tuesday, and happy Tolkien Reading Day! :-D09:06
justCarakasGoodmorning JamesTait, thank you for sharing these things :)09:11
JamesTait:-O popey is a bot?09:14
nerochiarozsombi: hello, can you please confirm this bug that breaks gallery app, when you have some time ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/129683209:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 1296832 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "PinchArea always reports 1.0 scale when a MouseArea is inside of it" [Critical,New]09:30
dpmpopey, that's the bug I've got on my desktop with music: bug 129715909:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 1297159 in Ubuntu Music App "App does not start on the desktop: Lucene crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129715909:39
DanChapmanhow can i make the Ubuntu components visible in QtCreator, with cmake is there something similar to qmake's QML_IMPORT_PATH (the red underscores are frustrating me!)10:12
popeybzoltan: do you know the answer to DanChapman's question?10:19
bzoltanDanChapman: popey: let me check what is wrong ... it should be set by default10:20
DanChapmanbzoltan: thanks10:28
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dpmmzanetti, I think you reported this as a bug a while ago? ^^10:44
dpmre: cmake warnings on Ubuntu components imports10:45
mzanettiyeah, I did10:45
mzanettidon't think anyone looked at it yet10:45
dpmmzanetti, do you have the bug #?10:46
* mzanetti searches10:46
mzanettidpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/127118510:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 1271185 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[QtCreator] When using cmake, there is no way to set QML_IMPORT_PATH" [Undecided,New]10:47
dpmbzoltan, DanChapman ^10:48
dpmthanks mzanetti10:48
bzoltandpm: we are on it already10:48
DanChapmanthanks mzanetti dpm10:50
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gerlowskijacat on keyboard :-)12:22
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timppagetting random reboots with latest trusty, just to let you know...12:36
timppawith both n7 and n412:36
nik90zsombi: I am having a weird issue with Layouts. I defined the default layout as the phone form factor and defined a conditional tablet layout. However when I set the application's width and height higher than the phone dimensions so that on the desktop, it looks like a desktop app the items are not shown when I change from the desktop to the phone form12:52
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nik90zsombi: However if I set the default application width and height to be the same as the phone form factor and then switch from phone to tablet form factor, all items work properly12:53
nik90zsombi: any thoughts on why this might happen?12:53
zsombinik90: it would be nice to see this... I cannot really follow :)12:55
nik90zsombi: ;) .. let me create a video to illustrate the issue12:55
nik90zsombi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_LVmceGygw&feature=youtu.be13:04
zsombinik90: do you have the sources somewhere so I can check it?13:06
nik90zsombi: pushing now13:06
zsombinik90: perhaps you have something in the default layout which tricks you...13:07
nik90zsombi: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/cliffhanger/converge-main-tabs13:09
nik90zsombi: I don't know..it puzzles me as to why this happens only when setting the default application width and height to some value13:09
zsombinik90: where do you have the Layouts declared? in which file(s)?13:12
nik90zsombi: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~nik90/cliffhanger/converge-main-tabs/view/head:/ui/HomeTab.qml13:12
zsombiyeah, found it as well :)13:12
zsombinik90: ok, so you are moving the two Carousels and the test label, right?13:14
zsombinik90: in between layouts I mean13:15
nik90zsombi: yes13:15
nik90zsombi: in the default layout, all the carousel are shown. While in the tablet form, only 1 is shown for testing purposes13:16
zsombinik90: ok, I need to look into this deeper...13:17
nik90zsombi: ok13:18
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zsombinik90: btw, the comments you had for the two alarm MRs I had are not related to those MRs... System Settings TZ change is broken as well.13:19
nik90zsombi: ah okay13:19
zsombinik90: if you change the TZ in the setings, you will see that the label showing the current TZ is also intact, or shows completely wrong value13:19
nik90zsombi: in that case your MP is good since the correct time were shown in the indicator if I remember without doing any TZ changes.13:20
zsombinik90: and it would be wise to land those MRs as we're gonna get things piling...13:20
nik90zsombi: yes13:20
zsombiyeps, those were right. Only TZ change seems to be broken big time13:21
nik90zsombi: I will test your branch one last time now after installing the deb package on my phone and then comment the MR. Sound good?13:21
zsombinik90: I'd have to resync with trunk... they are pretty outdated...13:22
nik90zsombi: ok13:22
zsombinik90: I'll be back in ~10-15 mins, I'll let U know when you can start testing13:22
nik90zsombi: ok..I need to go out in 15 mins..just leave a message here13:23
balloonsgerlowskija, did you get sorted out yesterday?14:13
balloonsI think we left it unfinished, I can't remember. You need the emulator installed14:13
m-b-owrong window, sorry :)14:13
gerlowskijaI fixed the problem I was having with getting the packages installed (or at least I think I did).14:15
gerlowskijaBut now I've moved onto getting different test failures when I run the autopilot tests for the weather app14:16
gerlowskijaHaven't looked into them too much yet though, I might be able to sort it out on my own.  (At work now so I can't really look at what the problem was)14:16
gerlowskijathanks for asking though.14:17
balloonsyou are most welcome.. having AP run them is the first step :-)14:17
dpmmorning balloons, thanks for the update on Reminders tests. You were mentioning that you had a workaround for the blocker, but I wanted to make sure I understood the issue. You said AP started the app fine when running manually, but not when ran automatically - I'm not sure I got the second part. You mean Jenkins running the tests?14:19
balloonsdpm, nope as part of the testcase.. the app isn't getting the -q for the qml file and doesn't load any14:20
dpmballoons, could you describe exactly how you run it in both cases (the one that works and the one that doesn't), perhaps on a pastebin?14:21
balloonsdpm, it's all in the merge14:22
dpmballoons, thanks. Could you nevertheless show me the command line you used? I'm not quite sure what "have the tests launch via launch_test_local" means14:24
balloonsautopilot launch -i Qt ../../src/app/reminders -testability -q ../../src/app/qml/reminders.qml14:26
balloonsyou don't need the -testability, heh14:26
dpmballoons, thanks. So this one is the one that fails?14:27
balloonsnope, works as expected14:27
balloonsthe test in the merge fails14:27
dpmballoons, ok, so the test ran by Jenkins on the MP review is what fails?14:28
balloonsdpm, the merge is to demonstrate the issue with trying to run the tests locally14:29
balloonsif we're not loading the local qml files, we can't really write a test14:29
balloonsthe workaround is to set the launch_dir to be something that the reminders binary will automatically pick up14:29
dpmballoons, do you have a few mins for a hangout?14:29
balloonsdpm, if you are wondering what has to happen, I was looking at main.cpp and adding more logging to see why the arg isn't being picked up14:30
gerlowskijabaloons: Yep.  I'm still very much just getting myself bootstrapped/setup.  Was hoping to be all ready to start helping out this week for the HackDays thing, but wasn't meant to be.  If I can bug you with another question though, once I do get set up...what's a good place to start? (is there a list of low-hanging-fruit-type bugs around, or somethin14:30
gerlowskijag similar?)14:30
balloonsin the interim we can set the launch_dir and it will works (by default reminders looks for the qml in /qml/reminders.qml if you remember)14:30
gerlowskijaYikes, misspelled balloons:14:30
dpmgerlowskija, yes! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize14:32
balloonsgerlowskija, yes all the apps this week have some work that could be done. You could for instance add tests for a couple calendar features that still need it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1188818 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/118881914:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1188818 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Autopilot Testcase Needed: Test remove event" [High,Incomplete]14:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1188819 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Autopilot Testcase Needed: Test edit event" [Critical,Triaged]14:32
balloonsmusic has some too :-) https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bugs?field.tag=needs-autopilot-test14:33
balloonsgerlowskija, if you like weather the _search_for_city  function needs to use textfield helper14:34
balloonsthat should be a simple tweak as well. Not sure if a bug got filed for that yet.. I'll do it now :)14:35
dpmballoons, not sure if you saw my ping earlier on, would you be up for a quick hangout?14:41
nerochiaroom26er: https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/gallery-app/gallery-app-album-navigation/+merge/21017814:41
balloonsdpm, sure14:52
dpmballoons, great, sent you the link, thanks!14:54
balloonsi'm in14:54
nik90t1mp: Is the "See More | See less" widget seen in the app preview in the new unity scopes part of the SDK?15:01
balloonsmzanetti, reminders isn't processing the -q argument properly and is failing to run with my specified qml file. I was told qt5.2 fixes some of this weirdness: http://www.ics.com/blog/whats-new-qt-52-qcommandlineparser#.UzGY2nV_vNU15:04
balloonscan you look to tweaking reminders parser to use qt5.2 goodies?15:05
balloonsor anyone else who wants a simple task for the hack day :-)15:05
t1mpnik90: I don't think so15:05
t1mpnik90: are you referring to the "My apps >" header that you can click to see more/less apps?15:05
mzanettiah cool! the QCommandLineParser finally landed :D15:06
nik90t1mp: no I am not referring to the "My apps >" header...within the app preview scope, it now shows "Show more | show less" if the app description is long15:06
nik90t1mp: Does this seem like a valid SDK widget? In which case should I report a bug?15:07
t1mpnik90: can you tell me what to tap on so I can see the "show more | show less"?15:08
nik90t1mp: sure..In the app lens, long hold an app to see its description15:08
t1mpnik90: ah I found it in the uClick app description15:08
t1mpnik90: that's not in the SDK.15:09
t1mpnik90: I don't think it is an important thing for UITK15:09
t1mpnik90: but if you think it is important, you can report it as "Wishlist" and add a few use cases to convince us :)15:09
nik90t1mp: ah ok..I will ask around the other app devs and see if they want it as well ;)15:09
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binarykingthe rules for the app showdown says that if one has attained 13 years of age but is younger than 18 years then he should contact Ubuntu, this case implies for me but I don't understand who to contact?16:18
t1mppopey: ^?16:18
popeythanks t1mp16:19
popeydholbach: did you write that?16:19
popey(assume it's lawyerspeak)16:20
dholbachpopey, no, I didn't16:23
mzanettiballoons: ping16:24
dholbachpopey, hang on, let me check it again16:24
balloonsmzanetti, pong16:24
mzanettiballoons: so. just compiled and built reminders, passing -q manually seems to work fine. tried to run the autopilot tests, but it complains that the click package can't be found16:25
balloonsmzanetti, did you read the log of comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/reminders-app/notebook-list-test/+merge/212251?16:26
dholbachbinaryking, point 14. on http://developer.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/AppShowdown-Termsofentry.pdf lists a couple of ways to get in touch16:26
mzanettiballoons: yes16:27
mzanettiballoons: what is that "test_dump"? don't have that here16:27
binarykingdholbach: ah, I see …… sorry, my bad :P16:27
dholbachno worries16:27
balloonsmzanetti, it's in the merge.. it's simply dumping the dbus tree to illustrate the issue16:28
balloonsnot really important persay16:28
mzanettiballoons: but I guess that's not really related to this particular problem anyways... I want to reproduce the failure you have16:28
balloonsmzanetti, you can do so by branching that and running a test16:28
mzanettiballoons: RuntimeError: Unable to find package 'com.ubuntu.reminders-app' in the click manifest.16:28
binarykingdholbach: I had one more query, can we port an open source app to which I contribute to and am a Mac maintainer?16:29
mzanettinot sure why it tries to run a click package16:29
balloonsmzanetti, it looks for local, installed, then falls back to click16:29
balloonsno idea either16:29
dholbachbinaryking, sure - that sounds only reasonable to me :)16:29
mzanettiballoons: how do you run the tests in here?16:29
binarykingcool! thanks dholbach!16:30
dholbachrock on! :)16:30
mzanettiballoons: I enter tests/autopilot and then call "autopilot run reminders"16:30
balloonsyep, run with -v so you can see more output16:30
balloonsusing autopilot list reminders, you can see the specify tests16:30
balloonsand run only one if you wish16:30
mzanettiballoons: sure...  so I'm wondering why it tries to launch the click package here... maybe because I'm doing out of source builds?16:32
balloonsmzanetti, I believe it's doing that because you don't have an installed version of reminders, and you didn't build a local binary16:32
mzanettiI did build a local binary16:32
mzanettibut ok, in a subdir16:33
balloonsare you positive? does it exist under /src/app?16:33
mzanettiwhich imho should be supported by the autopilot launch logic16:33
balloonsmzanetti, ahh I see what you said16:33
balloonsyes, it's going to look in a specific place under /src/app16:33
mzanettiok. yeah. looking better now16:33
balloonsas far as supporting more scenarios, let's get this one working :-)16:34
mzanettifair enough :D16:35
balloonsso are you seeing the issue?16:40
balloonsmzanetti, the application log doesn't appear unless there is a failure when run in text mode16:40
mzanettiballoons, dpm: This should help https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/fix-autopilot-launch/+merge/21267116:42
mzanettiyou called this:16:43
mzanettireminders-app "-q ../some/path.qml"16:43
mzanettinote quotes16:43
mzanettinote the quotes16:43
balloonsohh.. reminders requires -q ""16:43
mzanettiwell, I think that's pretty much standard, no?16:44
balloonsof course.. but you just don't see the issue with Launching process: ['../../src/app/reminders', '-testability', ' -q /usr/share/reminders/qml/reminders.qml']16:44
balloonsdoesn't work right off16:46
mzanettistill not working?16:46
mzanettiit started to add a note here16:46
balloonsohh my bad still16:47
balloonswell wait, no. I had something wrong still, but the incoming arg isn't correct16:47
balloonsI'm not passing the installed qml file, I'm passing the local16:48
balloonsyea, does not work here16:49
mzanettithis is what I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/715204216:49
balloonsthat's what we should see16:49
mzanettiwell, but according to your output, autopilot calls the installed one16:50
balloonsstarting from trunk, let me confirm16:50
balloonsmzanetti, your output is what we would expect and what we want16:50
mzanettiballoons: all I did was to branch carla's branch, build it with "cmake . && make -j9"16:50
balloonsbut it's not doing that for me, at least after my mucking16:51
mzanettithen execute tests with: cd tests/autopilot && autopilot run -v reminders.tests.test_reminders.TestMainWindow.test_add_note16:51
balloonsyep, I'll confirm and then assume i changed something for the worse16:52
balloonsthough I've no idea hoiw16:52
balloonsk, not sure what I did to break it16:53
balloonswe'll merge your mp to trunk and move on16:53
balloonswell ty mzanetti16:55
mzanettiworking now?16:56
balloonsyep.. my local changes bungled things.. her branch works fine with your tweak16:56
mzanettiok, cool16:56
dpmthanks a lot mzanetti and balloons, it looks we're now unblocked for Reminders tests?17:27
balloonsdpm, yes17:31
dpmexcellent :)17:35
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elopionerochiaro: can you review this, please? https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/notes-app/unskip_bug1288876/+merge/21269218:43
ahayzent1mp, ping19:11
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nik90popey: Do you know anyone who is familiar with the HUD and using it in the app?20:17
popeynot heavily.20:17
nik90popey: In the clock app the HUD doesnt work as expected. In fact even the default Quit button is not shown20:17
ahayzenkalikiana, ping20:45
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balloonsajalkane, so I guess we simply copy /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/org/nemomobile/folderlistmodel/libnemofolderlistmodel.so ?21:44
popeyballoons: not on an arm device, ajalkane is using the emulator21:44
ajalkaneso it must be platform dependent what to copy21:44
balloonsright.. heh21:45
ajalkanebasically I guess it must be existing already and somehow "dependency" specified21:45
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ajalkaneIf the problem I'm having is resolved, please ping me... with instructions of what to do (for example update file manager code and rebuild)21:50
ajalkaneGone for now21:51
balloonsajalkane, ohh21:51
balloonspopey, you have his mail? his problem should be solved as soon as the click package issue it solved as far as I understand it21:51
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popeyballoons: yes. his nickname at gmail dot com22:15
gerlowskijaHas anyone run into a DBusException when running the autopilot tests for the ubuntu-weather-app.  I tried to run the tests after an install and most of the tests (21/23) failed with a message similar to: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153594/22:17
gerlowskijaballoons: This is the error I mentioned earlier in the day (if you're still around, and have any suggestions).22:18
balloonsgerlowskija, what does the screen look like?22:18
balloonswhat version of the image are you running?22:19
balloonsthere was an issue that looked very similar to this that used to affect all apps22:19
balloonsit was with the image itself, apps failed to load22:19
gerlowskijaThe screen of the app itself?  It pops up with the weather for London/Hamburg/wherever.  Then in most of the tests the app screen "grey's-out" in the typical "this program isn't responding" sense.22:21
gerlowskijaand the image version?  How can I check that? I'm not very sure what you mean?  You mean the version of the app?22:21
balloonsgerlowskija, interesting22:25
balloonsgerlowskija, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TouchTesting#Which_build_am_I_running.3F22:27
balloonsgerlowskija, I mean the image itself ^^22:27
gerlowskijaHmm..I'm running the apps on my desktop PC (or trying to at least ;-p).  Are those instructions relevant for desktop runs?22:30
gerlowskijaI ran "adb shell cat /etc/media-info", and got "error: device not found"..which makes sense since I haven't set up an emulator, or tried using an actual device.22:31
gerlowskija(At least it makes sense given my understanding of things).  Do I need an emulator set up to run the autopilot tests?22:32
balloonsgerlowskija, lol22:34
balloonsgerlowskija, ahh, you are simply running on the desktop22:34
balloonsgerlowskija, are you on trusty?22:34
gerlowskijaNope, I'm on saucy22:36
gerlowskijaI want to move to running things on an emulator, I figured it'd be an easier first step to get things set up on the desktop though.22:37
balloonsgerlowskija, right atm the moment the desktop is better than using the emulator22:42
balloonsit's not quite ready for primtetime22:42
balloonsbut I do remember you are running an older version of autopilot. Regardless, gerlowskija do you see the same error each time you run the tests? does the test it fails on change?22:43
balloonsagain I believe it's a bug that has to do with how the apps are launched, and it's reflective of the tests. I'm guessing you are still seeing it because of the older versions of things22:44
balloonsgerlowskija, could you upgrade to 14.04 on that box?22:45
gerlowskijaYeah, I could give that a try.  Is there a better place to get the image from than here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ ?22:49
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nadrimajstorHello everyone...22:54
nadrimajstorI'we bricked my emulator. ;(22:54
nadrimajstorOn the serious side: Had anyone make it to work from QtCreator?22:55
nadrimajstorLike the guide said... It took a while to start... But I only have a black screen. :(22:56
sarnoldnadrimajstor: how long have you waited? I understand it is slow.22:57
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nadrimajstorSame issue in 12.04 and in 14.04 inside VBox22:57
nadrimajstorIt is now more than a hour of waiting :/22:57
balloonsgerlowskija, you can dist-upgrade to it22:58
balloonsgerlowskija, update-manager -c -d22:58
balloonsnadrimajstor, what's it doing?22:59
nadrimajstorWell... I did not strace it to see... But it looks like siting idle. :|23:01
gerlowskijaballoons: nice, I learned a new trick haha.23:02
nadrimajstorIn the log tab, last messages are: ...device version detected. Check if the device is connected to a network.23:03
nadrimajstorI told you I'we bricked it :D23:03
nadrimajstorI'm so capable that I will broke even steel vices :d23:04
balloonsnadrimajstor, haha :-)23:06
balloonsnadrimajstor, try again and if it doesn't work it might just not work for you23:06
balloonsit's still a WIP, but althought slow I've had success23:06
balloonshave you tried the x86 emulator?23:06
nadrimajstorx86 emulator?23:07
* nadrimajstor noob23:07
nadrimajstorNice... Thank you balloons :)23:09
netcurlidoes the x86 emulator use qt 5.2 already?23:09

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