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rigoi have a cubieboard1. i installed this: lubuntu-server-13.06-v1.01 which runs the 3.4.43+ kernel what has no apt-get installable headers. but i need a kernel with headers to install the liplinian driver package.10:00
ogra_so ask the person that created your image10:01
rigocan i install kernel on it? how?10:01
ogra_(this is not an ubuntu image, someone externally has built it )10:01
rigowhy on earth are there kernels without headers anyway? :D10:03
ogra_there definitely are headers ... the person who created your kernel surely has them :)10:04
ogra_(or had at least, when the kernel was built)10:04
rigoim just confused.. i downloaded loads of images for the cubieboard1 but all are running on this headerless kernel. (i mean it doesnt have like not apt-get installable which is for me linux noob the only way to get i guess)10:06
ogra_well, there are no official images for the cubieboard from ubuntu ... and there is no kernel for it in the ubuntu archive10:10
ogra_if some third person creates an image at home we cant help much, you need to find that person to give you the headers10:10
ogra_or the kernel source ...10:10
rigoi will. and i will http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsXKAtpLm4I10:13
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awakecodingI'd like to package my software for distribution on ubuntu for ARM15:21
awakecodingwith ubuntu-based ARM thin clients in mind15:21
awakecodingwhich versions of ubuntu should I target, which variants of ARM should I build for?15:21
awakecodingand especially, which ARM systems are the most well supported by  ubuntu. I'm looking for a system that would actually have proper GPU acceleration15:22
hrwawakecoding: target: trusty (as development) and saucy (as latest released) at least. may also consider precise (last lts)16:14
hrwand care about armhf16:14
awakecodinghrw: ok, thanks. are there qemu images available? what's the best way to cross-compile?16:15
hrwI do not track ubuntu development for quite long time16:15
hrwthere are some armhf images but how to run them in qemu? provide own kernel probably16:15
awakecodingis there a recommended platform for using ubuntu on ARM?16:17
awakecodingI was asking yesterday in #linaro and even today GPU acceleration is a huge issue on the vast majority of linux boards16:18
awakecodingno GPU acceleration == it's going to suck as a thin client16:18
hrwdefine GPU acceleration16:21
hrw2D? 3D as OpenGL? 3D as OpenGLES?16:21
awakecodinghrw: mostly 2D, but 3D affects the general usage of the desktop, especially with unity16:25
hrwfor unity I would go to local store and buy x86 hardware16:25
hrwbut I am known as not a fan of unity16:25
awakecodingputting unity aside, let's say it's used with a more lightweight desktop, if the X11 environment is unaccelerated, it's still going to cause performance problems16:26
awakecodingtake the utilite pro for instance, I've got one of those, it's pretty neat, but no GPU acceleration is a bummer: http://utilite-computer.com/web/utilite-models16:31
awakecodingif it had GPU acceleration I could make an amazing thin client out of it16:31

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