mterryrobert_ancell, heyo!  Is there going to be a lightdm release this week?00:18
robert_ancellmterry, I just made one02:07
* mterry hugs robert_ancell02:08
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pittiGood morning05:37
tjaaltonseb128: I guess it's a bit late to add new wacom stuff to u-s-d/u-c-c?09:15
seb128tjaalton, it sure is, you can try to make a case for it if the current one is buggy/limited and you are wanting to backport the update and test it though09:16
seb128good morning desktopers btw!09:16
seb128hey Laney09:16
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tjaaltonseb128: ok I'll give it a go09:20
seb128tjaalton, thanks09:20
Laneyooh final gnome tarballs09:49
Laneyjust in time for beta freeze, lovely09:49
mlankhorstor is it lovely? :P09:50
Laneyit means more people might get to have a look at the fancy generated autotools diffs09:50
Laneythink of all the brains that went in to creating that stuff09:51
Laneygood to take the time to appreciate it every now and again09:51
CrazyLemonhey guys09:53
CrazyLemonwhen the next language update is due ?09:53
seb128CrazyLemon, we had one yesterday09:53
CrazyLemonseb128 yes - thats why i'm asking for the next one :D09:54
seb128not sure, after beta I guess09:54
CrazyLemonwell yesterdays update uses english strings that were already translated a long time ago09:55
seb128CrazyLemon, do you care about giving some details or trying to explain what's the issue?09:59
CrazyLemonseb128 well i can give you details.. the question is can you help me fix them or should i just report a bug and hope it will be fixed till the next language update09:59
CrazyLemonthe issue regards indicator-session package10:00
seb128pitti, hey10:00
seb128pitti, indicator-session.mo went missing in yesterdays langpack update, do you know what happened?10:00
pittihey seb12810:00
CrazyLemonwhich with yestardays update is totally in english10:00
pittiseb128: let me check10:01
seb128pitti, thanks10:01
pittiseb128: eek, yes, I do10:01
pittiseb128: it rebuilt the -base packages from an update tarball, so anything which didn't change in a long time got dropped10:02
ritzChrisTownsend, hi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/763148  wrt precise sru.10:02
pittiwhere did the beta-1 langpacks go to? that sounds broken10:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 763148 in Compiz Core "Adding/Removing an external monitor causes open windows to move to another workspace" [Medium,Fix committed]10:02
pittiseb128: that'll need a full rebuild, I'm afraid10:02
seb128pitti, ok, reassigned https://bugs.launchpad.net/langpack-o-matic/+bug/129711210:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 1297112 in langpack-o-matic "indicator-session.mo missing for gnome langpacks" [High,New]10:03
seb128pitti, can you trigger a full rebuild?10:03
pittiseb128: will do, see #u-devel (just confirmed with infinity)10:04
seb128CrazyLemon, ^10:09
CrazyLemonseb128 well first of all - that was fast :)  thanks seb128 and pitti :)10:09
pittiCrazyLemon: thanks for pointing this out10:09
seb128CrazyLemon, yw, thanks for reporting the issue!10:09
CrazyLemonshould i give you more work ? because i just saw ritz's link :)10:10
LaneyCrazyLemon: you'd make a good manager10:10
CrazyLemonLaney :))10:10
ritzCrazyLemon,  hi :)10:11
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seb128attente, hey, can you stack https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/unity-gtk-module/1294947-fix-mnemonics  on https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/unity-gtk-module/1208019? I tried to put a landing for those but they conflict in unity-gtk-menu-item.c10:50
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ochosihey seb12811:15
ochosi(and everyone else :))11:15
seb128ochosi, hello11:15
ochosiseb128: i quickly wanted to ask you how you're handling ibus now in unity/ubuntu. i saw it's still in the seed, but from the icon-patch we did yesterday i reckoned you don't use it anymore11:16
ochosi(and we're having troubles/bugs with it in xubuntu, so we're wondering what you guys are doing, considering to just follow your lead)11:17
seb128we do use it11:17
seb128we don't use the indicator though11:17
ochosiso it's installed by default and also autostarted by default?11:17
seb128we have indicator-keyboard and unity-control-center driving it11:17
seb128yes, I think im-config starts it11:17
ochosihmm i see. on its own, ibus seems to change the layout upon login (e.g. from en_US to en_UK or vice versa)11:18
ochosiwith unity-control-center driving it, you mostly mean the ibus-settings-dialog being accessible from there, right?11:18
ochosiyeah, also previously, there didn't use to be a trayicon, at least not by default. somehow we get the trayicon and the layout change now (we obviously haven't changed anything wrt ibus)11:19
seb128not only the ibus config dialog11:19
seb128but the control center "text input" let you add input sources11:20
seb128which are combinaison or xkb layout and ibus engines11:20
seb128like if you look for chinese you are going to get e.g chinese (pinyin)11:20
seb128if you select it, it configures both the layout and ibus to use pinyin11:20
seb128then you can click on the icon that call the ibus dialog to tweak specific options if needed...11:21
ochosiso that part is integrated in unity-control-center directly codewise?11:22
ochosi(we have ibus prefs and im-config, from what i see)11:22
seb128I'm not sure about the specific, attente would be a better person to ask11:23
seb128I think u-c-c writes the configs11:23
ochosiok, ty11:23
ochosiwill interrogate him then :)11:23
seb128indicator-keyboard/unity-settings-daemon do the handling of keys to switch, etc11:23
seb128u-s-d is also what applies the config on login I think11:23
ochosiok, so i guess if we'd want to use indicator-keyboard, we'd need to use unity-s-d as well, right?11:24
ochosii guess it doesn't work without u-s-d11:24
ochosithat's good to know11:24
seb128you are probably better off just using the ibus notification area icon11:24
ochosinot sure that one is really necessary by default11:25
ochosiit's only useful for ppl with >1 kb-layouts/input-langs, no?11:25
ochosithose have to set up ibus anyway, then they can also activate the trayicon, i'd say11:25
ochosi(for multiple layouts, i mean)11:25
ochosithanks for the info!11:26
ochosithis was already quite helpful11:26
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ritzseb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/1188571, wrt precise12:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1188571 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu Precise) "The list of printers should be searchable/sortable " [Wishlist,Triaged]12:00
ritzlooks fine for sru ?12:03
seb128ritz, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/165158344/gtk%2B3.0_3.4.2-0ubuntu0.7_source.changes12:04
seb128ritz, it's in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=112:04
seb128needs somebody from the SRU team to review though12:05
ritzseb128, thanks :)12:05
dpmhi Trevinho, does unity-control-center appear translated on your desktop?12:10
dpmI'm asking also re: bug 129705312:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1297053 in Unity Control Center "[UIFe/FFe] Add Window Contents scaling options to Display panel" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129705312:10
dpmright now it appears completely untranslated on mine12:11
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tjaaltonseb128: looks like the newer wacom plugin would need newer GnomeRR api from gnome-desktop12:15
seb128tjaalton, :-(12:15
seb128dpm, u-c-c is translated there12:16
seb128dpm, dpkg -S unity-control-center.mo | grep -ca? (assuming you are using ca)12:16
dpmseb128, ok, I've also noticed there was a recent langpack update I've just installed, so I'll log out and back in first to see if that fixes it for me12:17
dpmyeah, using ca :)12:17
seb128dpm, no need to log out of u-c-c12:17
seb128that's an app, not a system service12:17
seb128just close and reopen it12:17
dpmno luck, then. The "Appearance" string also appears untranslated12:18
dpmit might actually be a case of really visible strings not being translated12:18
dpmbut Launchpad times out on me and I cannot check out which ones are untranslated12:19
seb128dpm, do you have the .mo ?12:19
dpmchecking now...12:19
Laneypitti: hrm, I just got a cron email from fstrim-all on my newly-upgraded panda12:19
seb128dpm, just try to gettext -d unity-control-center <String>12:19
Laneyis that intended?12:19
Laneydevice /dev/disk/by-uuid/2d68bff4-43a4-4100-8f8e-73d0fea4a83f is not a drive that is known-safe for trimming12:19
Laneydevice /dev/sda1 is not a drive that is known-safe for trimming12:19
pittiLaney: hm, I fixed that in the latest util-linux; which version do you have?12:20
pittiLaney: (fixed in 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu18)12:20
LaneyI might not have that12:20
dpmseb128, ok, the .mo file is there, so it's probably the strings not having been actually translated and thus a false alarm12:21
seb128dpm, good12:21
dpmseb128, another question: on Nautilus, do you have the top File, Edit, View, Go menus translated?12:21
seb128dpm, no, I was just starting looking at that12:22
seb128it's weird because e.g "Bookmark" is translated12:22
dpmyeah, and the submenus are translated too12:22
Laneypitti: ah yes, I have 16 & that's fixed in 1712:22
Laneycarry on :)12:22
ritzLaney, aah, fstrim file corruption bug12:23
ritzfstrim can corrupt fs on heavy io loads12:23
ritzon certain sd12:23
LaneyIt only runs on known good ssd12:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 1259829 in linux (Ubuntu) " htree_dirblock_to_tree:920: inode #53629599: block 214443464: comm rm: bad entry in directory: rec_len % 4 != 0 - offset=0(0), inode=1667681412, rec_len=45654, name_len=39" [Low,Triaged]12:24
* ritz checks cron log12:25
ritznm, I am daft12:27
seb128dpm, seems like the nautilus issue was just outdated translations, works with yesterday's langpack update (nautilus -q & nautilus)12:31
dpmseb128, yep, works here too, thanks!12:32
tjaaltonseb128: hmm looks like it could work without the api changes, but where did data/org.*.in go from g-s-d?12:39
tjaaltonshipped by g-s-d it seems12:50
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* Laney ships alm13:34
Laneythat was fun :P13:34
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tjaaltonLaney: so #1228765 doesn't seem to be happening for T14:11
tjaaltonbug #122876514:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1228765 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Implement DisplayConfig dbus interface and transition to gnome-desktop 3.10" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122876514:12
tjaaltongotta love descriptive git commits msgs by hadess..14:16
tjaaltonanyway, wacom backport from 3.10 to u-s-d seems to be easy without the gnomerr api changes, but u-c-c would be messier14:17
TrevinhoLaney, seb128: have you seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-control-center/+bug/1297053 ? Is it fine?14:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1297053 in Unity Control Center "[UIFe/FFe] Add Window Contents scaling options to Display panel" [Undecided,In progress]14:20
qenghoHow did cavemen live without "bzr bd-do"?14:33
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LaneyTrevinho: fine by me - GunnarHj might be able to help you from the docs side14:54
LaneyTrevinho: have you asked mpt to have a look at the current implementation?14:54
GunnarHjTrevinho, Laney: The desktop guide does (unfortunately) not describe the new scaling feature anyway. There is just a hint on the "What's new" page, and it won't be affected by this change.14:58
TrevinhoGunnarHj: thanks for the info14:58
LaneyGunnarHj: okay, please comment on the bug/list saying that if you can14:58
TrevinhoLaney: no, then... mpt :) ? ^14:58
GunnarHjLaney: Will do.14:59
mptTrevinho, woohoo!14:59
mptTrevinho, what is the text of all the options in the “Scale for window contents” menu?14:59
Trevinhompt: let me grab a screenshot, but the monitor names15:00
Laneytjaalton: Probably not, I think they were going to look into forking the library into two parallel installable pacakges for T if anything15:00
Laneybut that's no good for u-c-c15:00
Trevinhompt: and "smallest size available"15:00
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tjaaltonLaney: right15:01
LaneyTrevinho: is there a way to have no scaling there?15:02
Laneyor is that what smallest size does maybe15:02
TrevinhoLaney: it is...15:02
mptTrevinho, “Largest” and “Smallest” are pretty confusing words here … You might have a large display with a small ui-scale, or vice versa15:03
TrevinhoLaney: I mean, the smallest size is generally 1... if yuou don't play with options... btw I could add a "Don't scale" option also15:03
Trevinhompt: yeah... I need help with wording there... I asked Laney and he proposed that, so I accepted15:04
mptIt’s a tough wording question15:04
LaneyI couldn't think of anything really good15:05
Trevinhompt: that's the list btw http://i.imgur.com/bT6lGzK.png15:05
Trevinhompt: as for the alignment I wasn't unsure if you preferred the sacle items to be centered or left-aligned... I made them centered at the beginning then moved to the left... to match the rest...15:08
mptTrevinho, how about changing “Scale for window contents matches:” to “Scale all window contents to match:” …15:08
Trevinhook, sure15:08
mptThen change “Largest available size” to “Display with largest controls”15:08
mptand change “Smallest available size” to “Display with smallest controls”15:08
mptDoes that make sense?15:08
Trevinhoyeah... That's good for me15:09
Trevinhompt: thanks15:09
mptTrevinho, your horizontal alignment is good, it just looks messed up because of the vertical spacing I think15:09
Trevinhompt: yes, in fact that's the same I thought15:10
mpt“Scale for menu and title bars:” is closer to the menu above it than to the slider it actually applies to15:10
Trevinhoyeah, that's the thing15:10
Trevinhoajnd that's caused by the gtkscale...15:10
mptIz mostly theme boog15:11
TrevinhoI can see if I can change the thing, but I guess there's no a clean way...15:11
mptOur popup menus are too tall and our switches are too short15:11
mptPopup menus by default should be exactly the same height as command buttons15:12
Trevinhompt: ah, Iv'e also just noticed that the sticky edges control is not fileld in vertical way as the toggle for the display is...15:14
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TrevinhoI should fix it.... I guess15:14
mptTrevinho, yes, it’s rather unattractive to have two switches that are different sizes in the same panel :)15:15
Trevinhompt: yeah.. :)15:15
mptMaking a switch a non-default size should be hard, but it seems GTK makes it really easy15:16
Trevinhompt: ah... now I've the opposite problem...15:18
Trevinhompt: the sticky edge toggle gets the same height of the rotation combo15:19
Trevinhompt: and that's even bad I think...15:19
mptTrevinho, are the menus their natural height? Is anything making them taller?15:19
Trevinhothat's the natural hieght15:20
Trevinhompt: and that's what makes the table to grow15:20
larsumpt: you need to go out of your way to size a switch differently: either set its expand properties to true (they are false by default) or pack it in a box that expands its children (which none except single-child-boxes do by default)15:20
mptHm, yes, they’re the same height in other panels15:20
Trevinhompt: the fact is, if I make them to expand I'm getting this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~3v1n0/shots/Schermata%20da%202014-03-25%2016:21:55.png15:22
Trevinhoand that's bad15:22
Trevinhoso let me see how it works by setting the monitor toggle to the same size15:23
mptlarsu, ok, well I see the problem in “Online Accounts”, in “Security & Privacy” > “Files & Applications” vs. “Search”, in “Network”, and in current Trusty “Screen Display” … It’s pretty common.15:24
mptTrevinho, the second switch has gone from being shorter to being taller than the first :)15:26
Trevinhompt: yeah, that's the problem i was telling15:26
Trevinhompt: and that's because we're in a table... so for some reason, if I set it to use its natural size it gets too small, if it expands it gets too big15:26
larsumpt: fair enough :/ I wonder how much blame we can lay on the toolkit though, but you're right, it's certinaly not 'none'15:27
mptTrevinho, I don’t think the natural size being too small is your fault, that’s the theme’s fault. Better to figure out how to make the first one the same size. :)15:27
Trevinhoah, mh,let me ssee something15:27
seb128hey, it's meeting time:!15:30
* qengho casts Summon Desktop Team.15:30
seb128qengho, Sweetshark, mlankhorst, Laney, tkamppeter__, desrt, attente, larsu, kenvandine: hey15:30
didrocksqengho: a chrome cast? :)15:31
Trevinhompt: Here's with same height... http://people.ubuntu.com/~3v1n0/shots/Schermata%20da%202014-03-25%2016:30:18.png15:31
Trevinhompt: but the monitor toggle becomes smaller...15:31
larsumeeting \o/15:31
Trevinhompt: of course I could request a minimum height for both, but hardcoding sizes is not something I like, and also it won't properly work when the ui is scaled15:32
seb128Trevinho, mpt: can you continue on another channel please? we have a meeting starting here15:32
seb128ok, let's get started15:32
Trevinhoseb128: ook :)15:32
seb128I hope everybody is fine and ready for trusty beta and bugfixing until release15:32
seb128qengho, hey, your turn!15:32
qenghodone: kept Cr up to date.15:33
qenghodone: explored synaptics history and decided two-finger pinch on touchpads won't be a feature of Cr or anything else soon.15:33
qenghoin-progress: polishing touch-screen UI for Cr.15:33
qenghoto-do: re-explore Cr configuration of DPI settings to make it real-time instead of start-up time.15:33
qenghohelp!: Think about a PPAPI flash-package downloader to mitigate upcoming NPAPI death. May be download GOOG Chrome, extract? So ugly. Alternatives?15:33
seb128qengho, having dpi dynamic would be nice indeed ;-)15:34
qenghoseb128: I think gsettings watching can fit in Cr's execution model.  Could be tricky.15:35
seb128I've no clever suggestion for your last point, good luck with that ... maybe email ubuntu-devel@ if you need some input?15:35
seb128qengho, otherwise everything looks on track for release on the chromium front?15:36
qenghoYes.  Looks promising.15:36
seb128Sweetshark, hey15:36
seb128no Sweetshark?15:37
seb128mlankhorst, hey15:37
mlankhorst16:34 -!- hey, triaging bugs, fixing piglit crashing bugs, fixing some bugs and hopefully getting my optimus code ready for upstream kernel15:38
seb128how is xorg looking for the release?15:38
seb128what's the bug situation?15:38
mlankhorstwell the xv bug is fixed, still too many bugs for my liking. :-( might upload 1.15.1rc115:38
seb128when is 1.15.1 due?15:39
mlankhorstweek or 2?15:39
mlankhorstand hoping for FFe for synaptics to fix some touch bugs15:39
seb128so 1.15.1 might be there for the lts release?15:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 1294515 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "FFE: new upstream version to support touchpads on newer Lenovo models" [Undecided,In progress]15:40
seb128mlankhorst, thanks15:40
* Sweetshark is late, didnt watch IRC15:41
seb128Sweetshark, you need a calendar or a phone or an alarm or something ;-)15:42
seb128Sweetshark, your turn15:42
Sweetsharkye- regression fix galore15:42
Sweetshark- did 4.3.1~rc1 to prereleases, waiting for rc2 (tag expected today)15:42
Sweetshark- check LO-voikko build breaker15:42
Sweetshark- backported commit, prepared hopefully final 3.5.7/precise SRU with two fixes15:42
Sweetshark- QA/triage/bugmangling15:42
Sweetshark- verified autopkgtests to run again in VM \o/15:42
seb128Sweetshark, is rc2 going to trusty?15:43
Sweetsharkseb128: yes it should15:43
seb128what's the libreoffice situation for release? is there any bug you are worried about?15:43
seb128ok, let me know if you need sponsoring15:43
Sweetsharkseb128: writer and impress are good, calc has still some ~30 regressions -- upstream is working on that.15:44
seb128let's see what they manage to get for 4.3.115:44
seb128we still have SRUs otherwise15:44
seb128Sweetshark, thanks15:44
seb128Laney, hey15:45
Laneywhat up15:45
Laney• Various fixes to activity-log-manager15:45
Laney• Investigate nautilus bug (bgo #708282)15:45
Laney• u-s-s review click package MP, give some comments15:45
Laney• Investigate time & date panel in u-s-s not working properly, turns out to be a Qt 5.2 bug https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-3768315:45
Laney• GNOME updates p11-kit (file conflict inherited from Debian, fix & forward there) & pango1.015:45
Laney• farstream-0.2 ftbfs, gtk-doc usual woes; forward upstream15:45
Laney• Update webkit, ftbfs on armhf, bug in gcc-4.8 http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=6061715:45
Laney• Usual FFe reviews, now with added queue review fun (frozen from now to release)15:45
ubot2gcc.gnu.org bug 60617 in target "[4.8 Regression] unable to find a register to spill in class 'LO_REGS'" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:45
seb128Laney, thanks for picking in the trusty tagged bugslist ;-) (I should add some more there)15:47
seb128Laney, is there anything that worry you for release from your ubuntu-release viewpoint?15:47
Laneylock screen ...15:48
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Laneyother than that there's not much on the list, just the hidpi stuff really15:49
seb128hidpi doesn't worry me much15:49
seb128I'm still wondering if the lockscreen is worth it15:49
seb128or if we should rollback15:49
Laneythat's not a worry, just a thing left to do15:49
Laneyyeah ...15:49
seb128it feels nice to use though15:49
kenvandineit is nice15:50
seb128even if mpt doesn't like having lock screen and greeter looking similar because of the confusion it creates (I really hate the gnome-screensaver grey rectangle UI)15:50
kenvandinewindows 95 :)15:50
seb128Laney, thanks15:50
seb128tkamppeter, hey15:50
LaneySome of the bugs are things you can't really have though15:50
tkamppeter- Google Summer of Code 2014: Student applications closed, for OpenPrinting I got students for implementing IPP-over-USB and for working on the color management support in CUPS.15:50
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Released 1.0.49 with fixes in the pdftops filter to make Toshiba PostScript printers work.15:50
tkamppeter- foomatic-db: Uploaded current version with latest printer support.15:50
tkamppeter- ghostscript, foomatic-db-engine: bug fix updates.15:50
tkamppeter- Bugs.15:50
seb128Laney, you mean?15:51
seb128tkamppeter, nice work on bugfixes, keep those coming for the LTS ;-)15:52
LaneyI mean that there are bugs that need to be fixed15:52
seb128oh, right, I misparsed it on first read15:52
seb128tkamppeter, thanks15:52
seb128desrt, hey15:52
desrtmostly smoketesting the gnome release this past week15:52
desrtand figuring out bugs15:53
desrtbut also managed to get more work done on gmaincontext redo.... including solving the tricky lock/free race issues once and for all (i hope)15:53
seb128desrt, nice work on the gsettings bugfix, seems to be working from an e.u.c review15:55
desrtoh.  good.15:55
desrtlooks like 2.40 ended up being a pretty decent release in terms of no big bleeders15:55
desrt(oh ya... also did releases) ;)15:55
seb128yeah, nothing to complain about15:55
desrtexcept some file monitors :)15:55
seb128Laney, I guess you are going to handle the glib/dconf updates?15:55
seb128desrt, right...15:56
seb128Laney, thanks15:56
seb128desrt, thanks15:56
seb128attente, hey, not sure if you are around (guess not if you are still in the same tz), just pinging in case ;-)15:56
seb128ok, probably sleeping, no worry15:57
seb128larsu, your turn then!15:57
larsubug fixes! (in a slightly shorter week due to Friday off)15:57
larsulet me thing ... in the messaging menu: align application shortcuts correctly15:57
larsusound menu: fix animation in the play button when starting a player from there, investigate a crash, and fix focus indication15:58
larsuthat last one is still wip, just talked to matthew about how to implement it correctly15:58
larsuI think that's about it for the week?!15:58
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seb128it feels like you had some other bugfixing in themes/indicators15:59
seb128but I didn't keep track exactly15:59
seb128larsu, thanks ;-)15:59
larsuthere was some icon stuff15:59
LaneyFilter for [Merge] lp:~larsu in your emails, that's what I usually do :P15:59
larsuand the volume notification in i-sound honors allow-amplified now16:00
larsumeh, stuff like that16:00
larsuLaney: good idea, thanks16:00
seb128larsu, thanks16:00
* desrt wonders why Laney watches for larsu's merges16:00
seb128kenvandine, your turn16:00
kenvandineContent hub features have landed!16:00
kenvandine * Found a few bugs during the landing that didn't effect the default apps, I have fixes prepared to land this week.16:00
kenvandine * Download manager integration is starting now16:00
larsudesrt: Laney watches us all.16:00
kenvandine /EOF16:00
Laneydesrt: salary review!16:00
seb128kenvandine, good job on landing the content-hub work!16:01
kenvandinethx :)16:01
seb128kenvandine, I saw some people mentioning config issues, do you have an hand on that?16:01
larsufor some reason, I read that as celery review and was confused...16:01
kenvandinenow to keep the landings smaller16:01
kenvandineseb128, not sure what's up with that... i'm investigating16:01
kenvandineseb128, i suspect those were people that might have been testing the gallery switch to click landing16:01
kenvandineto test that the default had to be tweaked16:02
kenvandinebut can't confirm16:02
seb128kenvandine, thanks16:02
seb128ok, my turn16:02
seb128• split user avatar icons from g-c-c in a new binary so u-c-c can recommend those16:02
seb128• some desktop updates and bugfixes16:02
seb128• reviewed/tested ubuntu-system-settings change (mostly the click integration)16:02
seb128• lot of bug triage, e.u.c and launchpad review16:02
seb128• helped people to test/land their fixes (indicators mostly)16:02
seb128some testing of the current trusty with a look to translations as well (we usually spot untranslatable strings, etc only at the end of the cycle when we stop having outdated templates and the remaining non translated strings are bugs)16:04
seb128is there any other topic/comment/question this week?16:04
Laneyyeah, there's some ubuntu-desktop-trusty bugs that could do with being assigned ;-)16:04
seb128Laney, yeah, let have a look to the list again, I usually assign easy bugfixes/bugs that have an obvious owner16:06
seb128it's less easy to do for stuff like "shutdown doesn't ask for confirmation when other users are logged in"16:06
seb128ok, seems like we are done with the meeting at least16:06
seb128thanks everyone16:06
* kenvandine waves16:07
TrevinhoLaney: fyi mpt approved the MP16:33
LaneyTrevinho: neat so you just need translation guys I guess16:34
Laneynot sure who that is, maybe dpm16:34
dpmwhat's up?16:34
Laneydo you know who can do translation team acks for UIF exceptions?16:35
dpmfolks in the ubuntu-translators ML, including myself. Is this the UIF I was pinging Trevinho about this morning?16:36
Trevinhodpm: oh, I didn't see any pings :o16:36
Laneydpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-control-center/+bug/129705316:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 1297053 in Unity Control Center "[UIFe/FFe] Add Window Contents scaling options to Display panel" [Undecided,In progress]16:36
dpmTrevinho, Laney, ack'ed it16:39
Trevinhodpm: ta16:40
Trevinhonow it's seb128's turn, on code :)16:40
LaneyNo rush really, should wait until after beta16:41
TrevinhoLaney: yes indeed16:41
TrevinhoLaney: so... I'd need now one more and the last UIF.... :P as with the new decorations the  "Force quit window" dialog is not shown anymore (thus it's a regression), and so I need to move it to unity. This doesn't bring any new feature, but the strings needs to be moved inside the unity pkg16:43
LaneyTrevinho: I don't think that would need an exception16:44
LaneyThe string should already be translated in the langpack16:44
TrevinhoLaney: the fact is that I would like to change the strings to match design...16:44
Laneyis it important enough to break translations?16:45
TrevinhoLaney: well, it would be nice, but let me see how things might come with old strings16:46
TrevinhoLaney: the fact that the strings were in compiz instead that in unity doesn't affect it, then right?16:46
LaneyTrevinho: they should be consolodated into the langpacks, so no16:49
Trevinhook, nice16:49
seb128Trevinho, sorry, was in a call17:17
Trevinhoseb128: no problem, take your time with that MR :)17:17
seb128Laney, Trevinho: seems like we could land that work for beta still17:17
seb128not other image than Ubuntu ses u-c-c17:18
seb128well, we can land it in proposed and discuss let it in if there is a respin17:18
seb128Laney, wdyt?17:18
Laneynot true17:18
Laneyat least edubuntu and kylin will have it17:18
seb128Laney, ?17:18
seb128hum, apt-cache depends doesn't ...17:19
Laneythey have ubuntu-desktop17:19
seb128oh they are based on ubuntu-desktop right?17:19
Laneyuse seeded-in-ubuntu!17:19
seb128lol, thanks, I was looking for that command17:19
seb128I tried whereis but it didn't do what I wanted :p17:19
Laneyhuh, that's a weird command17:20
Laneywhy do you want to know the path to the man page?17:20
seb128well, that doesn't change the "we can land that in proposed" suggestion ;-)17:20
Laneyyou can land it in the queue and then the release team can choose to take it or not17:20
kenvandineseb128, with the latest unity8 changes, the background isn't shown... at all17:20
seb128kenvandine, right, "by design" :/17:21
LaneyI just noticed that17:21
seb128I need to talk to mpt about updating the settings design17:21
Laneyummmm seriously?17:21
kenvandineso are we dropping that from uss?17:21
seb128well, we keep the greeter config one17:21
Laneywhy did we spend so much time doing stuff with design17:21
seb128so content-hub is still being used :p17:21
kenvandineit's nice for the greeter17:21
seb128well, most of it is still useful for the greeter17:21
kenvandinebut weird to not be able to see that otherwise :/17:21
seb128it's just that we are down from 2 icons to 117:21
kenvandineit'll make the background panel simpler17:22
seb128they rational is that images don't give enough content to see the lenses content17:22
seb128"their rational is that images don't give enough contrast to see the lenses content"17:22
seb128from what I understood17:22
LaneyI managed to have one that I liked :|17:22
kenvandineon the phone i think i might buy it... it can be tough to read stuff if the wallpaper doesn't provide enough contrast17:23
kenvandinebut i think for convergence, we need it17:23
kenvandineso i guess we can't drop it from uss17:23
kenvandinejust tweak it ;)17:23
seb128well, I guess that's where one those cases where unity8 is going to adapt to the factor17:23
seb128we are going to need different UIs for different factors anyway17:23
kenvandineso we need designs :)17:23
seb128right, I'm opening a bug17:24
kenvandinei'll take that one when we have designs17:24
kenvandineit is nicer for viewing content17:24
Laneyif you like being blinded by a bright grey17:25
Laneyso I'll stop working on my secret clone of pattrn then17:26
seb128kenvandine, Laney, mpt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/129741817:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1297418 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[background] needs updated design, since unity8-phone stopped supporting custom background images" [Undecided,New]17:27
seb128Saviq, do you have a point to a design document/discussion about the unity8 side of the change?17:29
LaneyI'm mailing ubuntu-phone17:29
seb128Laney, thanks17:29
kenvandineseb128, thx17:32
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attenteochosi: hi, what ibus problems are you encountering?20:38
ochosihey attente20:39
ochosithanks for getting back to me!20:39
ochosiwe're seeing an odd bug in xubuntu with ibus currently, where ppl who select a en_GB kb-layout in ubiquity end up with en_US in the session20:40
ochosiso i was wondering whether something changed in how ibus handles the kb-layouts20:40
ochosithat's why i asked seb128 about unity's use of ibus before20:41
ochosi(i initially had thought you don't use it anymore, because you have indicator-keyboard, didn't know that works with ibus)20:41
attenteochosi: seems quite strange if it's only affecting keyboard layouts, i guess that should be strictly a unity-settings-daemon problem20:44
attenteindicator-keyboard is really just a front-end for triggering layout/IM changes in u-s-d20:45
ochosiattente: hmyeah, we don't have unity-settings-daemon in xubuntu obviously20:45
attenteochosi: oh, sorry, i'm not sure what's the equivalent in xfce20:45
ochosibut that one isn't really interacting with ibus i think20:46
attenteochosi: yeah, i'm not sure if that's an ibus problem at all20:46
ochosiso what we're seeing is that the ibus trayicon pops up in the session and shows a different layout (en_US) than what localectl returns (en_GB)20:47
ochosiand xfsettingsd is configured to use the "system settings" (which i'd presume is what localectl returns)20:47
attenteochosi: is the keyboard layout actually the GB one? i mean is the problem only that the ibus indicator is displaying differently?20:54
ochosiattente: no, the kb-layout is US (so what ibus displays)20:55
ochosiattente: but lightdm-gtk-greeter gets en_UK20:56
ochosiso it is set to en_UK in the system somehow, but overridden later20:56
elfyand simply purging ibus stops the issue20:57
attentehmm, so wouldn't that mean ibus is actually working correctly in this case?20:57
attenteelfy: oh, does it?20:57
attentehmm.. i see20:57
elfyit is definitely not what we used to see prior to ibus ending up on the panel20:57
elfyI would have mentioned it before - ochosi will bear testament to me going on when needed ;)20:58
* ochosi bears testament20:59
attenteochosi: do you know what's pulling in ibus under xubuntu?21:03
ochosiattente: we have had it in our seeds forever21:04
ochosiwe could drop it, but somehow everyone is seeding it21:04
ochosii guess that's the main reason for us to seed it as well21:05
elfyattente: in a meeting we had last week micahg thought maybe that it was the change to 1.5.5 - possible regression21:08
attenteelfy: sounds like it :(21:10
attenteelfy: any way to test an older package?21:10
elfyI think21:10
elfywe did try last Thursday but got nowhere21:11
attenteelfy: when did you first notice the problem?21:12
elfyI know it's anecdotal - but I remember the bug hitting us - it was me that reported it and it was just after that 1.5.521:12
elfybug 128463521:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1284635 in ibus (Ubuntu) "Keyboard layout changes after login" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128463521:12
ochosii wonder whether ibus has any logs21:13

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