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ricotzdarkxst, hi06:08
ricotzdarkxst, your json-glib update is a bit broken06:09
ricotzlibjson-glib-1.0-0 is multiarch, so do NOT add "usr/bin/" to it06:09
ricotzthose need to go in a separate package or in the -dev package06:10
x-Nadarkxst, at least at some point it was said that Gnome 3.10 works only with GDM07:01
x-NaAnd I have tried filing bugs, they end up rejected or smth07:01
darkxstX-Na, gnome-shell depends on libgdm, however it does not require gdm07:16
x-NaOk, that is good to know, I need to try that out at some point07:26
x-NaOnly downside of not using gdm is that the "lock" option is missing from the menu, wife would rather use that than any shortcuts to lock the desktop07:26
x-NaBut I will anyways do a fresh install, just to see if it resolves this07:27
x-NaI could actually try it with the beta version of Ubuntu Gnome, I just need to hook the left over hdd07:27
darkxstx-Na, gdm is much more integrated, however the main features such as lock and user switching should work with lightdm, although i havent tested that for a while08:14
x-Nalock is missing with gnome 3.8 if not using gdm08:35
x-NaSo that is something that is missing already with 3.808:36
darkxstx-Na, it used to work I believe08:46
x-NaBefore 3.8, yes08:48
x-NaIt needs gdm from 3.8 upwards08:48
x-NaAfter upgrading to 13.10 that was the first thing my wife asked "Why is the lock option missing?"08:49
x-Naand I started googling and found out that it is shown only with gdm08:49
darkxstx-Na, assuming its still like that on 14.04, then please file a bug08:49
x-NaYou mean the user change?08:50
x-NaI filed a bug, but it got rejected08:50
darkxstwhere is the bug?08:50
x-NaI do not know, I just know that if I use GDM, whenever I select Switch user, I get the white screen08:51
x-NaI mean that GDM pops up just fine, but my desktop disappears on the background08:51
x-NaSo I can't really know which component has the bugs08:51
darkxstx-Na, all the above can be filed against gnome-shell08:52
x-NaOk, but I have tried that08:52
x-NaUsually it gets rejected with not enough information or similar08:52
darkxstthen provide clear steps to reproduce!08:52
x-NaNobody usually cares about multiple user setups08:52
darkxstand always use 'ubuntu-bug gnome-shell' to file, so that logs get attached08:53
x-NaBut I can't as it works for others, I believe08:53
x-NaThat is why I am here trying to figure out why it does not work for me08:53
darkxstI can't tell you anything without logs!08:53
x-NaAnd the problem is that I can't run ubuntu-bug when the problem occurs as I can't do anything on my desktop'08:54
darkxstswitch to a VT and run it from there08:55
darkxstit will upload and give you a link you can visit later to finish things off08:55
x-NaBut I bet it gets rejected, I am guessing it is something specific to my setup08:55
x-NaI just do not know what08:55
x-NaCould it be the screensaver / screenlock that causes this?08:56
darkxstbugs don't normally get rejected for lack of info, they get marked incomplete08:56
x-NaI mean it should lock my desktop when I select "Switch user", but it does not active08:56
x-NaWell the result is the same, it gets marked incomplete, but I do not have any way to make it complete :p08:56
darkxstx-Na, you attach the logs!08:57
darkxstwhen using gnome-shell/gdm screensaver is built into gnome-shell08:57
darkxstotherwise with lightdm, its probably gnome-screensaver08:57
x-NaOk, but could that be the culprit here08:58
darkxstlast time I checked they use the same d-bus interface08:59
x-NaI'll try to file a bug, once again, but I do not have my hopes up as I am guessing this is something that is happening only for me09:00
x-NaOr other people just have one user09:00
darkxstuser switching with gdm/gnome-shell works fine here, that is why I need to see logs!09:08
x-NaOn 3.8?09:14
x-Naor .310?09:14
darkxstx-Na, 3.1009:19
darkxstricotz, I see, thanks for fixing09:19
x-Nadarkxst, ok. It works on virtualbox too, but on my setup there is something different09:56
x-NaAnd that is one reason I do not know if the bug is the correct way rather than trying to figure out what is wrong with my setup09:56
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ricotzdarkxst, yw10:04
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Ferret86Hi, in 14.04 in my Gnome Extension I define a Dbus interface like this "const Iface = <interface name="org.example.MyInterface">...</interface>;" , it works fine in 13.10, but now I get a SyntaxError. I didn't find a related Bug Report on Launchpad, so did the way you are suppose to do that change or is this a Bug?11:39
mgedminlooks like you're embedding " quotes inside a "-quoted string without escaping them11:40
mgedminwhat language is this?11:40
Ferret86nono I just added these, it's gjs11:41
mgedminok, javascript11:42
mgedmintry const Iface = "<interface name='org.example.MyInterface'>...</interface>"; (also note ; goes outside the closing ")11:42
Ferret86yes I used the example from here https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-shell-list/2013-February/msg00059.html11:43
Ferret86ok I try11:43
mgedmineither that example is full of syntax errors or gjs enhances javascript syntax to parse xml snippets inline11:44
mgedminthis looks like a working example: https://github.com/GNOME/gnome-shell/blob/e70fd5a57a758b802a777f484e2947d0fb7c1e43/js/ui/status/location.js#L1511:46
mgedmindisclaimer: I never wrote a line of gjs code in my life11:47
Ferret86ok I try it out11:47
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Ferret86the last example did it thanks :)11:55
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x-Nadarkxst, I was able to file a bug -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/129738316:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1297383 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome-shell desktop is just a white blank screen after switching users" [Undecided,New]16:09
x-NaI do hope that would at least tell me what's wrong in my setup :P17:03
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jdmssmkrrInstalling Trusy Daily Beta in VMware Fusion... let's test :)17:59
jdmssmkrrTrusty Daily Build installs beautifully inside VMware Fusion. Tools are auto-installed, 3D accelleration works, quite a smooth desktop18:13
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dam-hello, I just installed last Ubuntu Gnome distribution (Gnome 3.8) and I have a strange behaviour with alt-tab. When an app is on full screen and that I press alt-tab, it goes to last position then. Does someone know how to fix that ?20:50
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darkxstx-Na, anychance you can get a backtrace?20:53
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darkxstx-Na, also please edit the Bug description with clear steps to reproduce23:03
darkxststarting from a fresh boot, so something like: Login User A -> Click Switch User from user menu -> gdm login screen? -> login User B -> whatever else... is required to produce crash23:08

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